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Oh No Sally 11-15

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Sally was a little nervous. She had considered coming in her powered down form, but decided it was not Sally Clark who'd been invited to Pennsylvania Avenue, but O Girl: Mighty protector of the weak and helpless.

Approaching Washington she spotted the White House and made her way there. Sally hovered in the air, tapping her chin as she wondered whether to make her way to the main entrance of the building or the security checkpoint at the gate. But that gate was for road access, and she wasn't in a car. In a moment of genius, Sally shot down from the sky and landed on the President's helipad.

In an instant, and before she even took a step, she was surrounded by a security team.

"O Girl! We've been expecting you." The tall suit had to look up to make eye contact as he extended his hand.

"Oh good," breathed Sally in relief. "I wasn't sure where to land."

"If you'll follow me, I'll take you to the Oval Office."

"Thank you."

Speaking into his wrist, the man announced Sally's arrival as he strode before her into the building. Sally was silent, awed by where she was and somewhat nervous about why the President wanted to meet with her. She had overthrown a foreign power in the last few days and become a multi-billionaire in the process, and she was a little concerned that he had called her so he could tell her off. As nervous as she was, Sally found a comforting distraction taking in her surroundings. The building's interior was every bit as grand and stately as the outside suggested.

"In here, please," the over dressed security guard instructed, opening a door. "Someone will be along shortly to brief you on the formalities. This is a casual meeting, but there are still protocols."

"Um … okay." She had no idea what he was talking about, but Sally trusted him. He worked for the President, after all.


"Okay." The President took a deep breath. He had met with foreign leaders, stared down a hostile congress, and made a gun control speech in Alabama. But the woman about to walk in the door scared the shit out of him. "Bring her in."

The door opened and the President's aide gave a nod to the men outside. The small procession marched in, led by a very officious looking man with round spectacles.

"Mr. President, I give you O Girl."

"O Girl!" The President stood and walked around his large desk. He hadn't really considered how intimidating the tall and terrifyingly muscular woman would be. "It's nice to finally meet our first real superhero!"

The minute he extended his hand he wanted to pull it back. O Girl was very gentle, though, as she took it and gave it a shake.

"It's an honour, Mr President!"

"I've heard lots of good things about you."


"You've done some really good work."

O Girl smiled, and visibly relaxed. Noticing that her nipples were tenting her costume, the President suddenly found a need to be behind his desk.


"Oh yes." Sitting down and trying not to reveal how affected he was by her powerful presence, he straightened himself in his seat and got right to business. "We want to show out gratitude to you. You have ridden the world of a very dangerous menace, and we would like to make you an honorary US Marshal."

"You would?"

"It would mean you could actually arrest people. Of course, it also means you'd be called upon by us from time to time to do special missions."

"Really?" O Girl's smile grew a fraction larger. And as she took in what he was saying, so did everything else.

"Yes. You're country needs you, Sally Clark. Will you accept this call?"

This was totally unexpected. Sally had been terrified that he was going to tell her off for destroying so much of North Korea, or for taking so many lives in her single-handed war. But he was giving her a pat on the back! Sally felt a massive sense of relief wash over her, and then she swelled with pride. There was a crackle of energy as tiny strands of lightening danced over her flesh and she gently increased in height and added tonnes of mass to her prodigious frame.

"I don't know what to say!" she declared, beaming like a teachers pet.

"Say yes."

"Yes! Yes Sir, Mr President!"

Sally saluted and stood tall, the movement apparently accelerating her growth spurt to a finish. The aide was shunted almost off his feet by the release of energy, but said nothing. In fact, nobody spoke. Sally held the salute, standing straight and tall as her body stopped glowing waiting for a response that was not coming. Looking down at the President, who seemed a little smaller to her now, she realised he was just staring at her, his mouth open and his expression vacant.

"Um … Mr President?"

Turning to the aide, she noticed the small man had stained his trousers. So had everyone else she could see, or more to the point: everyone that could see her. Realising she was so pretty these men had lost their self control just looking at her, Sally made them twitch with another release as her power level increased even further. Giggling, and letting the silence go on for a full minute, Sally relented and with great effort reigned in her limitless potential until she shrank back to her original height.

"Sorry about that," she told them brightly. "I get stronger when I get happy. Or angry. Or sad. Or sometimes just because I want to."

Recovering, and grateful for his massive desk, the President tried to regain some dignity. "That's quite aright, Sally. Do you mind if I call you Sally?"

"Not at all, Mr President."

"Good. Now … we'll make it official a week from tomorrow. We're going to organise a presentation ceremony in your home town. How would feel about that?"

"That would awesome!"

"Well that's settled then. My aide, Gary here, will fill you in on the details. Thank you, O Girl. It means a lot to me that you've taken up this opportunity, and I think with you on out side terrorists and drug barons had best watch out."

"I won't let you down, Mr President!"

"I'm sure you won't. I'll let Gary take you from here. I have much work to do, you understand."

"Of course. And so do I! What do you want me to do first, Mr President?"

"Nothing for now. You should take a break and relax."

"Oh no! I couldn't take a break! There's so many weak and helpless people out there who need me! And now I've got a whole country to protect … not just one city!"

Gary led O Girl form the room, and as he shut the door the President collapsed into his seat and jerked his tie loose with a huge sigh of relief. Can't take a break … a whole country to protect. The President's mind began to race as it cleared, a process slowed a little by Sally's lingering scent. Giving her a badge had seemed like a really good idea when it put forward, but her words left him feeling more than a few doubts.

"What have I done?"


With a renewed sense of purpose, Sally was determined to quickly prove the President's faith was well placed. She made her way straight for the nearest drug den and touched down outside the thick security door.

The man standing in front of it took one look at her and ran, but when he rounded the side of the building she was somehow right in front of him. When his face collided with her chest he fell back with a broken nose and sprawled on the pavement.

"You're not going anywhere!" she declared, tearing a down-pipe from the wall and wrapping it around him.

Returning to the door, Sally destroying it with a tap of her finger. As she stepped inside she was peppered with a variety of bullets and shotgun pellets. She stood there, thoroughly enjoying herself in deadly hail, and thought about how much her beauty had affected the most powerful man in the world. If her charms alone were enough to silence the world's most respected leader, what could they do these scumbags? She decided to find out.

Remaining at the same height this time, Sally watched the desperate thugs as they kept trying their luck with guns and rapidly increased her beauty. Having done it before she knew exactly how it was done now, and it had a truly remarkable affect on the intended targets. As she approached a certain point they lowered their guns one by one, some even stepping out from the covered positions to gawk openly. Then she hit that certain point, and almost as one they shuddered with release. But she didn't stop there. In fact, she sped things up and watched them struggle to look away. There were several grunts from around the room, two fell to their knees soon followed by the rest. She sped the process up again, amused by the fact they were all completely hypnotised by her perfection.

One of them cried out and collapsed. Two made a move to grab her, and she fought her instincts to knock them flying. But the touch of her skin proved far more deadly than her any physical violence. They held on as long as they could, but their speeding hearts gave out and they fell dead at her feet.

Reaching out in curiosity, Sally laid a fingertip on a convulsing man. He jerked, and collapsed. She stepped up to another and put her boobs in his face, then she increased the pace once more and studied him as he stared at her. She didn't need to touch him. He dropped dead.

"I'm just amazing!" Sally mused, impressed that she was now so gorgeous she was fatal. "What do they mean, IF looks could kill?"

She had intended to take these men to justice, but Sally wasn't all that upset as she left the deceased drug dealer and called the police from a payphone. She really, really didn't like drug dealers, and it very rarely that they survived an encounter with O Girl. At least, she mused, they were all still in one piece. It was usually a lot messier when she took out a dealer …


The fire had been raging for two days before it hit the news. It was burning in the wilderness, miles from anywhere or anyone, and headed into the desert. When it hit the desert that should have been the end of it. But on the third day the wind changed, and with that so did everything else. Fire-fighters went from watching the blaze, waiting for it burn out, to desperately trying to stop the fire front from devouring several communities.

Sally hovered over the flames, unaware that the column of rising heat should have cooked her, and thought about how to handle this. The fire was massive. Then she recalled a movie she'd once that involved a big fire and a person with similar, if dramatically less potent, abilities as her own. She needed a big body of water to freeze … where was she going to get that? Sally slapped her forehead. California was on the coast … there was plenty of water to freeze there!

She quickly made for the coast, instantly booming through the sound barrier and not decelerating until she came to sudden stop above the rolling waved. Now, if she remembered right, in the movie the hero had blown ice cold air over the surface and frozen a thin layer of a lake. Sally started to blow as if cooling hot soup, but only managed to whip up some dramatic waves. She concentrated hard into making her breath as cold as she could, and though she did not have the ability a moment ago, found to her delight that her breath quickly dropped in temperature … and kept dropping.

The ocean stopped rolling, and the air became filled with the sound of cracking ice as the waves before her rolled up one more time and froze in place. Sally kept blowing until she had created an iceberg roughly the size of the fire, which was many thousands of hectares. Diving into the water at the edge of the vast disk, Sally sought the base so she could lift it. Unfortunately, she had frozen not just the water's surface, but all the water beneath it, right to the ocean floor.

Impressed at her accomplishment, Sally pointed a finger and released a bubbling stream of super-charged particles. With one negligent sweep she cut a slab about a hundred feet thick off the top and imagined it rising high into the air. Reality complied, and the huge slab of ice floated up into the sky. Hovering up under the centre Sally tripled her already more than adequate strength and took the weight with one hand. It was a little unbalanced, but held together as she zoomed back to the fire.

Centring herself over the large angry bushfire, Sally watched as the ice started to melt and fall like rain. It was quite pretty, but in the movie the hero hadn't held the ice, they had dropped it. So that's just Sally did. Believing the ice would melt as it fell, Sally released beams of raw power from he hands and tunnelled quickly through the ice to come out into the sunlight above. She watched the vast slab fall beneath her, expecting it to become rain and put out the entire fire. Instead, it stayed intact. The crash of the impact was devastating the landscape. Sally had dropped the equivalent of a small mountain range, and it crushed anything beneath it.

Sally shrugged. It had worked, the fire was out. Using laserbeams straight from her eyes, Sally sent a blinding blast into the ice … but it proved excessive. The centre of the ice became superheated, and after just a few seconds the entire ice shelf Sally had made exploded violently, releasing both super-hot steam clouds and deadly shards of ice in all directions. Sally laughed and stretched to enjoy the icicle massage.


As one of the best known hosts of night time television, there had been little doubt the world's newest and most powerful celebrity would make an appearance at some point. Letterman hoped the guest he was about to introduce hadn't seen all those opening monologues over the last few weeks.

"My first guest this evening is someone you're all familiar with. She made headlines recently when she generously paid her home city 100 million dollars, conquered North Korea single handedly, and just today 'helped' put out a massive and dangerous fire in California. A few days ago the President announced that she's going to be made a US Marshal at a special ceremony in a few days, and we're lucky enough to have her here tonight. and here she is! O Girl, ladies and gentlemen!"

Sally walked out onto the band, only a few noted into "Greatest American Hero" faltered as everyone in the room was hit by O Girl's dominating sexuality. She had wanted to make a big impact, but realised she had overdone it a little. Easing up on them, she stood before a stunned Dave Letterman and gauged his heart-rate as she lowered the effect of her enhanced beauty. As she had been instructed, and once she reeled her sensuality to a safe level, she gave the recovering presenter a quick hug. He was supposed to hug her back, but his arms just hung there as shook with fear and lust.

"Hello, Dave!"

"Um … Hello!" Letterman straightened his jacket. He'd had many beautiful starlets walk onto his set, but none had ever thrown him like that. "Take a seat!"

Sally sat down on the couch as Letterman sat back down at his desk.

"So how do you like New York?"

"It's awesome!" Sally told him with a smile. "There's a lot to do here."

A small cheer went up from the audience.

"That's true. So what have done so far? Been to the Empire State?"

Sally giggled. "I don't mean touristy stuff," she explained. "I mean work stuff."

"Work stuff, like saving kittens from trees?"

"Like breaking up drug rings, stopping muggers, chasing down reckless drivers … that sort of thing."

"I see. Have you done any of those things?"

"All of them."

"And what's your favourite?"

"The drug rings."

"Is that because you don't like drug dealers?"

"Yea. And because they're always well armed."

"You know, most law enforcement officers, and they do a fine job by the way, prefer unarmed offenders."

"Really? That's probably because they're as weak and helpless as the bad guys!"

"Okay. I guess compared to you just about everybody must seem weak and helpless."

"Oh yes. You really don't know what it's like to be so awesomely strong. And when you can bounce bullets of your skin it's actually quite nice to get shot at."


"For sure! It's wonderful!"

"In Korea they shot you with a nuclear missile. How was that?"

"Great. I'm going to go get the rest of them."

"The rest of them?"

"Yea. It was really, really nice … being blown up by a nuke is the best thing so far. I want to get the rest of them so I can do it again."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"Oh no! It's quite safe. Wanna see?"

"Um … I don't think that would be necessary."

"No! Really … it's no trouble. How about we cut to a commercial for a sec?"

"Well I …"

Sally vanished.

Leaving a large hole in the studio ceiling, Sally rocketed into the atmosphere. As she reached a safe altitude she amped her self up, again and again and again. An instant later she was over the ruins of a bunker in North Korea. UN forces had seized control, but the small occupying force at the site just watched as a twelve foot tall O Girl calmly smashed her way deep into the underground structure and helped herself to a selection of large nuclear devices. Choosing a small briefcase bomb, Sally gave those watching a quick wave and made her way back across the world to New York. Before returning to the studio, Sally shrank back to her regular O Girl size. She made sure to keep all the power though, as she didn't want this demonstration to go wrong.

To those watching, it looked like she just reappeared on the couch.

"I'm back!"

"Where did you go?"

"North Korea. I got a bomb. There's a few more I'll get later."

"Why did you get a bomb?"

"Let me show you how safe nuclear explosions are for me!"

Sally pressed a few buttons. It took her a few guesses before she she found the activation switch. Dave jumped back in horror as the thing started beeping. Sally tossed it up into the air and held it there, holding a hand out to show everyone she was controlling it as it hovered motionless in the air.

"O Girl! What the fuck are you doing?"

"Just relax, Dave," Sally giggled. "You look funny when you get pissed off."

There was a flash, and everyone (including Letterman) screamed in terror as the device detonated. But no-one was killed or injured. Instead of destroying the whole room, and the surrounding city, the blast was somehow confined to a beachball-sized sphere, churning brightly in the air above Sally.

"HA! Scared you!"

Sally found it easy to contain the explosion with her mind, just as she assumed she could.

"Are you doing that?"

"Of course! I can control the explosion with my mind."

"You can?"

"Oh yes! It's quite easy! I don't even have to try."

"And how long will that burn for?"

"I don't know. I've never done it before."


"It's the first time I ever tried this."

Dave went white, and sat down. This woman was dangerous.

"Um … what are you going to do with it?"

"Don't worry!"

The churning ball, the heat from which Sally also kept contained, compressed as she applied impossible pressure on it. Crushed by the force of her will to the size of a pill, Sally moved it toward her mouth and parted her lips to allow it entry. Releasing her mental hold over it, she felt the explosion boom in her mouth. At her ridiculous power level, the forces failed even puff her cheeks. She swallowed her whole thing.


"Um … that's … impressive."

"Thank you Dave!"

"Well there you go, ladies and gentlemen! O Girl just … ate a nuclear weapon! Isn't that amazing?"

There was an unenthusiastic cheer.

"I wanted to talk to you about something," Dave told her, changing the subject. "Because I don't think you're aware of this and I want to see what you think."


"Have ever heard of The O-Zone?"

"Isn't that something to with old fridges and spray cans?"

"No. It's a website that's devoted to you."

"I have my own website?"

"It's a site run by people who are fans of yours. They write blogs and stories about you."

"Sounds really cool!"

"Yea, great. But listen … they write fantasies of making love to you."

"They what?"

"Yea. Some of them are quite romantic. Others not so much."


"How do you feel about that? Being the object of male fantasies?"

Sally thought for a moment, unaware that her small flush of arousal at the thought of a website run by men who loved her was giving Dave mild headspins. "It's nice. I think it's lovely."

"I was reading yesterday that the fire-fighters in California are unhappy with the way you helped."

"They're just embarrassed how easily I took care of things," Sally explained.

"They say you caused more devastation than the fire."

"I know. But the fire was spreading, and it had to be stopped!"

"You seem like the kind of girl who'll help out no matter what."

"Why thank you Dave! That's really sweet."

"Yea … sweet. You pay for damages yourself now. But since that happened you seem to be cutting loose even more. Doesn't that seem a little expensive?"

"Oh no! I've got tonnes of money! It feels really good now I don't have to worry so much about destroying stuff! Now that I'm paying my own way it doesn't matter if I have to wreck something."

"I saw some footage of you stopping a guy who ran a red light this morning. Tell the audience what you did there."

"He was driving like a maniac! I kicked his car over a few times, got him out of it and crushed it for him. He won't be doing that again!"

"Who pays for that?"


"His car. If he's not insured, do you pay for that?"

Sally laughed. "Oh, Dave! You sure are funny."

"Yea … I'm a barrel of laughs. What are you going to do when you get your badge?"

"Whatever the President wants! And I got some evil-doers who I need to catch up with."


"Yea. Someone found out who I was and tried to break into my house and kidnap me!"


"Yea! I let the last one know I was coming for his boss, and I'm going to start looking for him as soon as I get my Badge on Saturday."

"He better watch out."

"He can if he wants. But there's nothing he can do!"


The FBI director swallowed hard.

"We need to get word to her, explain ourselves."

The survivor from that day at O Girl's house shifted nervously. "I'm not going."

"No. I want you on a plane to somewhere out of the way until I can sort this out."

"She won't listen."

"She's an official part of the team as of Saturday. She'll listen to us then."

"Sure she will."


It was Sally's big day. They had wanted her to come to a rehearsal, but Sally refused, not seeing the point in practising taking a badge off someone. So all she really knew was that she was supposed to show up as Sally Clarke, take an oath, receive the badge from the Governor, ceremoniously change into Marshal O Girl for the first time, and then make a little speech if she wanted to.

Sally hadn't driven her little Honda for a while, and was ind of relieved when she pulled into the parking space and got out. She had forgotten how much she hated traffic. Walking down into the park she was amazed by how many people had shown up. It gave her a little flutter of happiness. Walking through the crowd, none of them recognised her. She made her way to the stage, where a security guard stopped her.

"I'm sorry Miss. This is a restricted area."

"It's me!" Sally beamed at him, allowing a little of her energy to dance in her eyes.

"O Girl? I'm sorry! I didn't recognise you. The VIP tent is that one over there behind the stage."

"Thank you!"

Sally entered the tent, and was soon dragged over to have make-up applied. An official was speaking to the whole time as the lady preparing to do her make-up held her brush and regarded Sally for a moment of assessment. There wasn't anything for her to do.

"Have you got all that?" the official asked.

"Sure," Sally replied.

"Well?" he asked the make-up lady. "Are you going to just stand there?"

"She's done," the artist confessed, having not touched her. The official looked at Sally's perfect features and understood perfectly what she meant.

"Okay. We're on in ten minutes."

A short time later Sally was seated on the stage with several other VIP's, and the Governor was making a speech about "Rocky starts" and "Smoother roads ahead". But Sally wasn't listening to him. She was listening to a large group of people chanting in protest. They held signs like "We don't need a hero" and "O Girl? Oh-No!". Sally leaned to the lady beside here.

"What's with them?"

"They don't like you," the woman explained matter-of-factly.

"Then why are they here?" Sally wondered.

"They want to let you know they don't you."

Sally frowned. How could anyone not like her? All she did was help!

"And now, I'd like O Girl to step up here and take the oath."

O Girl got up, trying to ignore the angry boos from the protesters, and repeated the oath the Governor gave her.

"And here, Marshal O Girl, is you're new badge. May you serve and protect the people the United States for many years to come!"

Sally smiled, and took the badge. Almost as soon as she did, something slammed into the side of her head, knocking her down. Whatever it was had shattered against her head, and Governor fell down wounded. Realising she had just been shot, and by a very high calibre rifle, Sally grew angry. Even as she got up on her knees the change began. It was not an explosive change, but a slow one that seemed to move with her growing rage. The crowd watched as Sally stood up, her O Girl outfit seemed to grow slowly from her sundress and her arms and legs steadily thickened as her height increased. Two more heavy bullets sparked off her chest and forehead, but Sally was far too powerful now to even really feel the impacts, let alone be knocked back down.

In an instant she found the gunman. He had set himself up in a tall building across from the park, having cut a hole for his rifle in the glass. The large barrel, smoking from the recent discharge, pulled back into the hole as the gunman made his escape.

"Oh no you don't!" Sally declared, her change complete. She said her magic word anyway, and there was release that would have knocked down everyone on the stage with her if they had not already taken a dive for cover. Standing nine feet tall with steam rolling off her massive frame, O Girl took to the sky and smashed her way through glass and concrete to take hole of the gunman and hoist him into the air. Her had crushed his bones to dust and he screamed as she turned him to face the glowing coals of her eyes. "Who do you work for?"

"I represent the people of this world who don't want you around!" the agonised shooter proclaimed. "No-one should have the kind of power you do!"

Sally frowned at him. "If that were really true," Sally told him quietly, "Then I wouldn't be able to do this."

Sally spent the next several minutes slowly taking her attacker apart with her bare hands. The fact that he'd shot Sally Clarke and not O Girl infuriated her to no end, and she was not about to forgive him for that. When she was done, there was quite a mess. But when she slowly made her way back to the stage she was perfectly clean and unblemished as always.

"Sorry about that!" she told the crowd, picking her badge up from the stage floor. "He won't be shooting any more bullets!"

The cheer that went up was almost equalled by the protesting boos. Sally frowned at the gathering of unhappy people. Couldn't they see she just wanted to help?

"What's you're problem?" she asked them, her unaided voice easily heard over the din.

"We don't want a hero!" one of them called out.

"Go back to where you came from, you alien bitch!"

"Alien?" Sally was shocked they would think she wasn't human.

"We don't want you!"

Now that Sally knew wasn't true. "Really? You don't want me?"

"That's right!"

They began a chant of "Hell No: O Girl blows!"

Sally felt a little bit of sadness creeping in, but it was overridden by a desire to prove these naysayers wrong.

"You do want me!" she informed them, her voice powerfully drowning out their combined efforts. "You just don't know it yet!"

Sally stood before them with her hands on her hips and poured on the power. The protestors stopped waving their banners as Sally became beautiful, then incredible beautiful, and then ridiculously sexy. The chants wavered and dropped to a hushed whisper as the entire crowd fell completely silent. The news cameras captured the entire scene, relaying as a live feed all over the nation. Nobody watching was able to even blink and Sally showed the whole country how hypnotic her beauty could be.

"How about now?"

The protesters were silent. Even the women among them were completely cowed by O Girl's dominating presence, their bodies experiencing multiple orgasms as the men largely fell to their knees. No-one answered.

"If you ask me," Sally intoned confidently, "I'll lay down this badge and give up my powers! What do you say?"

They said nothing, unable to think about anything other than how far beyond perfect she had just become.

"That's what I thought!" Sally beamed, happy to have so quickly changed their minds. She took the badge and held it on her left boob, pressing it into the shiny dark fabric. It glowed as she imagined it becoming one with her outfit, and when she pulled her hand away the badge had somehow permanently bonded with her uniform. "It is with great honour I accept this badge, and I promise that from now on I shall not rest until the whole country is free from crime and terrorists!"


Sally looked at the screen for a long time. Is that what these people really felt about her, she wondered? After seeing the venom in the eyes of those protesters, it made her warm inside as she ran her gaze over the front page of the O Zone. There were pictures of her captured during her adventures, and a long list of blog entries with titles like "Making Love to O Girl" and "O Girl's incredible abs". After feeling the hate earlier, she was glad to see there were some who could not disagree more with her detractor. The people on this site appeared to really love her, and her terrifying abilities.


Sally clicked the 'Sign In or Register' button, and started filling out the necessary information so she could access the site and see just exactly what a thread called "Making Love to O Girl" contained.


(also by Random1208)


Sally was more than a little curious about the O-Zone, and the O-Zone was more than a little curious about her. So when the founder of the website noticed her joining and asked for a one-on-one interview she agreed.

The man wore only a t-shirt and shorts inside his apartment. It was almost as if he didn't expect a visitor, but clearly did since he had invited her himself. He charmed her for a little under an hour, making her relaxed and comfortable, and then dropped a big one. "So would you like to get naked for your fans? We never did like those tights you wear," the fetishist asked with a combination of eagerness and arousal.

A video camera sat several feet away on a tripod.

Sally smiled. She knew what he wanted, and she was very proud of her dominating beauty, but she'd never done this sort of thing. "I don't know about getting nekked. I'm a good girl! Is that thing on?"

Sally's breasts expand a little with pride at thought of how much the O-Zone membership would appreciate this little film.

"It sure is," the man answered with a giggle. "Come on. My site is members-only and I screen everyone myself. We're all hardcore fans."

She was used to people fearing her, not admiring her like this. "Well … I don't know. Members only you say? I've never taken my suit off fully amped before."

"Yeah. And you have to apply to be a member. Part of the online application form requires a thousand-word essay explaining how sexy they think you are. And I follow up with a two-hour interview."

"I've screened 238 members into my site."

"Really? 238? That many? I wonder if I can …"

"Can what?" the man asked with an expectant smile.

Sally bit her lip and closed her eyes. Suddenly the room was bright as her outfit started to glow from within. Then it dissolved away to nothing, melting from her flesh and vanishing to leave her flawless skin fully exposed. Aware of nudity, Sally amped her sex appeal up so as not dissapoint her fans.

"Ahh," the man sighed as he looked at her. "Every bit as beautiful as I thought."

Sally smiled warmly. Doing this would have been a nightmare before becoming O Girl. Now her only fear whether they could take it, and if anyone watching this video had heart conditions.

"Why thank you." She amped herself up again, and made her boobs a little bigger. "I've been working on my figure."

The man clearly had an erection under his shorts and seemed shameless about it, so it appeared he was able to handle her nakedness. Sally smiled, and hoped the man would have enough control to ask his questions. She could ease up on him, but she was sure he'd be disapointed if she did.

"Umm … eyes are up here," Sally quipped, not that she really minded the attention at all.

The man exhibited an iron will which sprung from the fulfilment of half a dozen fantasies and looked her in the eyes again, fully cogent and ready to question her. "So how long ago did you stop being human?"

"Stop being human? I never thought of it that way. Three months ago, or there's about." Was she human anymore? Sally pondered that in silence for a moment.

"You're better than a human," the man explained. "Calling you human insults what you've become. So how did you get this way?"

"I like you. You say nice things," Sally beamed, literally radiating happiness. "I don't really know how … my memory is a bit fuzzy. But one minute I'm getting fired for showing up late, and the next I was standing in rubble. Is it important, you think?"

"I'd sure say so. My members and I are going to fap to this conversation for years," he answered in reference to the video camera. "But I'd say it's important for another reason," he added with some sign of intelligence showing through his sex-saturated words and face. "Someone may want to become as powerful as you are. In fact I'm sure lots of people would want that."

"Mmmm. Maybe. But how can find out now? I mean … whatever happened was three months ago, and when I try to think about it I can't really remember."

"Well what do you remember?"

Sally thought really hard. "I don't know. You ever wish you had a time machine? You know … so you could back and look at things you can't remember?"

"Well maybe not to remember things … but maybe if I'd studied harder in school I'd have more money now," the man answered with a laugh.

"Are there any limits to your power?"

"No," Sally told him cheerfully. "That's an easy one! I can get strong as I want!"

"I'm glad to hear that. But actually," the man elaborated, "I meant to ask whether you've ever actually tried time travel."

"Well … no." Sally's eyes sparkled, and she seemed to be thinking about something when she suddenly vanished, leaving the man all alone.

And then she was back again.

"Wow! I know what happened now!" She sat silently processing what she had just been through. The man gave a funny look, which another man would recognise as resisting the urge to ejaculate. "And … what … happened exactly?"

"Sorry! I was just thinking how amazing I am! I can travel in time! Did you see that?"

"You are. And I did."

"I'm more amazing than that! I gave MYSELF my powers!" she declared proudly, her muscles thickening as she thumbed her boob. "I couldn't remember 'cause I made myself forget!"

"Why?" the man reflexively asked.

"Because it was too early. I don't think I was s'posed to be there. When I hugged myself, it felt like something was trying to rip me apart from inside!"

The fetishist tried to figure out what she meant. "So … you tried to protect yourself from a time paradox, but when you created one it didn't actually do anything to you?"

"I'm still here, aren't I!" Sally declared, not understanding what he meant. "So I'm pretty smart, hey?"

The man ignored the question as rhetorical and pressed further on the subject of her time travel. "So how did your past-self react to you?"

"I was really pleased to see myself! I think I turned myself on." Sally blushed.

"What did you say to yourself?"

"I couldn't say much of anything at first. Then I kept asking myself questions. Does that make me crazy? Having a conversation with myself?"

"Not under these circumstances," the fetishist answered. "But please, tell us how it went."

"I asked myself, like, what the fuck, and told myself 'I know, right?'. Then she … me … well … she asked me if I wanted to go back to my … I mean … her … place, and that's when I told her I was me, I mean … her. I mean … I told her she was me.

"Go on."

"And she got all, like, embarrassed, and said how hot I was, and I said, 'I know, right?', and she, I mean I … no … she asked me who won Daytona. I said … I don't know … and she was like, Of course not, I hate Nascar. Then I told her to get ready, because these powers are awesome. Ask me how awesome they are."

The man smiled. "How awesome are they?"

"So f*&king awesome I could never explain it right!" Sally declared with gusto. "You know how awesome mac and cheese is right? Well … it's way awesomer than that! I showed myself how I can pick up trucks and toss them around, and broke a few on her to show her how cool being invulnerable is. Then she broke a few on me, and we played catch for a while. Then the cops came, and I shut them up by showing her how our beauty works. She liked that. I mean, I guess I liked that. Especially when I did it back to myself. Want to see how hot I can get? Actually … maybe that's not a good idea."

The man raised his hand as if to politely decline. "There's a certain point beyond which beauty can distract from other things in life. Like how awesome your power is in general."

"Yea … that and I could kill you!"

The man nodded slowly. "But is there anything you can't do?"

"I've never thought about it."

"Well I have an idea for you, if you'd like to try something out."

Sally seemed to get a little excited, and a few tiny strands of excess power arced across her chest. "Oh, Yes please!"

"Why don't you tell your power to multiply both itself and your control over it infinitely without changing your size or appearance? We can watch what happens together."

"Mmmm," Sally tapped her knee. "I'm sure what you mean. Do mean like this?" Sally started to glow. Then she started to grow. Then she started to shrink. Then she got painfully beautiful. Then her beauty seemed reel itself in while her muscles continued to thicken. Then her muscles stopped growing, and shrank, but somehow it was clear she was still piling on more and more physical strength.

"Can you describe what's happening?" The man's willpower somehow allowed him to endure the sight of her beauty without losing his higher brain functions.

"Mmmm. I can't begin to say!" Sally declared, her voice getting more alluring through each syllable.

"Do you like it?"

"It's really nice!" She was clearly getting turned on, and the process seemed to accelerate. She began to radiate heat.

"So … you can feel yourself getting more powerful?"

"Let me see if I can get a little more! Oh yes! It feels terrific. Like I got more and more energy. I could run around the world a billion times and not get tired. Oh..make that two billion … three now." She made a bicep, and lightning arced over its surface. The lightening intensified and the air in the room became infused with her presence. The man watched simultaneously transfixed and yet determined not to go insane. "See if you can get to infinite power," he encouraged. "But with infinite control at the same time so you don't destroy anything you don't want to."

"Mmm. I can feel it filling me up. SO much power. So MUCH!" The air steamed around her, and her eyes were glowing coals.

"When your power and control get to infinity, just keep it there. Sound good?"

She could feel the increasing pressure within begin to grow, and made herself stronger to hold it in and keep her size and shape. "I don't want to stop. It feel so GOOD. Mmrgh"

Her eyes seemed to clear.

"Why the hell would you want to stop?" the man laughed. "We'd all love to be in your place." He watched her ascend to infinite power.

"There. I made my brain better so we talk more! I don't think this is going to stop anytime soon." She lowered her arm, but the crackling lightening was all over her now.

"How long do you think it'll take for you to reach infinite power?"

"How about we keep going, and I'll let you know when I can't accelerate the increase any more?"

Sally had been doubling the inflow every few heartbeats, and didn't feel any need to stop doing that yet.

"Sounds good. But for the record, I hope you'll keep your power at infinity once it gets there."

"I haven't been this strong before. I don't think I'll ever stop getting stronger. Like, ever. I'll try quadrupling the inflow every tenth of a second and see if that works."

"Sounds great!"

"How strong are you so far?"

Sally kept the power firmly inside her, and exponentially increased her physical strength over and over.

"How long is a piece of string?"

The man chuckled. "Depends on the string."

"I'm about twenty thousand times stronger than the whole planet."

"Ooops! Make that 200000 times. A million …"

She stretched, clearly very very aroused now.

"I'm glad I'm able to witness you enjoy your power this much for the first time. I'm honored I gave you the idea to do this."

"There just seems to always be a lot more."

"Yea," sally breathed, very comfortable with her steady increase in power now. "Thank you. You're smart."

"Thank you. You're strong and beautiful."

"Forty billion times stronger than the whole planet! Should I stop now? I don't think it'll stop until I want it to."

"Of course not! Just keep increasing it until it reaches infinity. It feels good for you, right?"

"I don't think you can reach infinity. But I'll keep trying!" Sally beamed, and allowed him to egg her on, now squaring the power increase with every heartbeat.

"Do you want to ask me about something else?"

"What kind of man do you like?"

"I like men who are polite, and have a sense of humour. I don't like men who think they're too smart. I don't like rude people. I like men who know how to be good to me."

"How about me?"

"You're nice. I like your hair."

"And do I know how to be good to you?"

Sally giggled. "You tell me."

"I think I can come up with a few ways for us to have fun," the man answered playfully.

"Well … not with that camera on, buster," she told him with a sneaky smile.

"Aww, are you really going to deprive your biggest fans of your first sex video?" The man stood and stepped over to her slowly.

"I could deprive them of a lot more than that!" Sally pointed out. She applied her imagination to stop the fellow in his tracks, while playfully massaging his entire body.

"You like that?" Sally smiled at the camera. Part of her screamed at her in horror that she was even thinking about this. "Is that going out live?"

"Yeah. 138 of my members called in sick to their jobs for this."

"Really? That's a lot."

Once upon a time, Sally would never dream of doing something like this. She was a good girl. She didn't do sex tapes. But right now she drunk on her own limitless power.

"I bet your strength is so vast by now you've exceeded numbers. Men like us would sacrifice more than you can imagine to be around someone like you."

He didn't know it, but the man had found the only way left for Sally to get intoxicated. She started to run her hands up and down her body, making very strange and almost deafening sounds with the immense pressure.

"Get ready then, buster. I hope you make it through this."

"I'm ready … even if I won't."

Rather than release him, Sally employed her mind to lift him up. If there was one thing she did really well, it was giving head. She was very careful, but she still made him wince with the vacuum. Using all that experience, combined with her mind and her physical power, she brought all her skills to bear.

The man glanced down and saw that he was naked, which explained how she was able to take his member into her mouth without doing anything about his pants. The man groaned immediately at the intensity of the stimulation.

"I'm pretty good at this, don't worry … you'll get your clothes back." She lowered him to the floor, careful not to hurt him. He was nice, after all. "You got something for me?" she asked, releasing him.

"Yeah, at least three loads." He immediately began to fondle her breasts.

"This is the most powerful body in the whole world … maybe even the universe. And for the next … however long it takes … it's all yours!"

Sally relaxed, and prepared to let the man have his way with her.

"Better yet, why don't you create a love nest for us where we can have sex and enjoy your power all the time?" The man reluctantly withdrew his penis, laid her on her back and prepared to enter her missionary-style.

"Create a love nest? I never tried anything like …" the room dissolved around them, and reformed into a copy of Sally's dream bedroom. " … that."

They weren't just in a different room. They were on top of a mountain in some unknown range, in fact … a range that had not existed before. The sun was setting.

"Much, much better." He entered her. "Mmmm," he hummed in obvious approval.

A gentle breeze hit them as the walls fell away and the room opened up to the world around them.

"I'm amazing," Sally observed, pulling him in for a very careful kiss.

He began to pump her, more or less oblivious to their surroundings except if they might interfere with his dream come true in some way.

"Got any other impossibilities for me crack?"

"It's possible for you, but give up being a superhero and just have sex with me all day," he grunted excitedly as he pumped her. With her hyper-sensitivity, Sally began to have an orgasm with each thrust. His suggestion appealed to her. "I've got nothing on," she told him, beginning to massage him with her insides.

"Think you can last a day?"

"I can if you want me to."

"Let's see about that."

Sally shut her eyes, and started to increase her partners stamina and strength.

"That's better. You feel that?"

The man nodded with a grunt. "You like talking about your power, don't you?"

Sally giggled. "Honey … power is what I am. Wanna see proof?"

He grinned widely. "Then you like talking about yourself, don't you baby?"

The mountains in the distance shook and tore themselves free, and started floating in the air slowly orbiting their location. "I am amazing. Aren't I? Did you want to talk about someone else?"

"You certainly are amazing. And if you're power, then I'd listen to you talk about yourself for the rest of my life."

"Be careful what you wish for," she warned mischievously. "One wrong move on my part right now and the whole world ends … including you."

"Silly goddess. You could just re-create it any way you want."

Sally got a funny glint in her eye.

"How do you know I haven't already?"

"I won't unless I look, but I don't really feel like looking anywhere other than your gorgeous face and body right now."

"Smart fella," she told him warmly. "You wouldn't recognise this place anyway. But don't worry … I can get us back home anytime I want. Do you want a drink?"

"How about you stop time here so we can have sex for a few thousand years," I say beaming a smile which wouldn't be possible without my enhanced stamina.

"You're not as ambitious as I thought," Sally pouted. "Do you know what eternity is? Want to find out?"

"I'd love to."

Sally grinned. She had not stopped increasing her power level yet, or his. He could never catch up now, she would always be billions of times more powerful, but he was powerful enough for this. She stayed with him through eternity not once, but several times over. Sometimes allowing him to have his way, sometimes having her way. After the third eternity of lovemaking, watching the universe blink in and out existence, Sally asked him again. "Had enough yet, lover-boy?

"Nope," he laughed. "Why would I? Speaking of not having enough of things, how powerful do you feel so far?"

"Still going, baby. I haven't stopped getting stronger. Every time my heart beats, I get stronger ten times faster."

"That's a good goddess. Keep basking in your unimaginable power," he encouraged as he massaged her breasts.

Sally smiled. "You're so naughty."

"Am I ambitious enough for you?"

"You know what, baby? I think you just might be."

He triggered yet another set of mutual, impossibly wonderful full-body orgasms in both of them and leaned down to engage in a nice long french kiss.

"I can answer that question now," she told him sweetly.

"Which one was that again?"

"When you asked me if you knew how to be good to me."

"Before we spent thirteen thousand eternities together."

"Ah. Well, please go ahead," he breathed just a few inches from her face as he waited for a chance to french kiss her.

"And yea. You do know how."

"Then Sally, will you be my girlfriend?"

Sally pouted. "Just a girlfriend? That's all you want after thirteen thousand eternities together?"

He smiled broadly. "Life partner," he teased. It's not like marriage had any meaning for them other than what they gave to it, since they existed outside of human society.

Sally smiled. "Let me sleep on it for a eon or so," she told him seductively, engaging quickly in another round of fellatio. He quickly orgasmed again, but since their stamina were both essentially endless he just shot rope after rope into her velvety, inviting mouth for her to swallow.

Sally knew she had to stop eventually and get back to the real world. As she continued to enjoy the mind-blowing sex she started to wish she could be in two in places at once. The next thing she knew was standing over herself, watching as she had her partner ravished each other. She could sense both of her selves at the same time, which was a little odd at first but seemed quite natural when she thought about it. Deciding that she really should get back to her new job as a US Marshal, the standing Sally disappeared from the mountaintop love nest and returned to the time and place she had been before bending reality. Leaving her copy in the love nest, Sally turned off her lover's camera and went on about her day.


(For Scott_R)


Bill had prepared himself for the meeting this morning as best he could. The new offices of The O Girl Foundation had been completed, and it was time for Sally to come in and see what her billions had bought. He hadn't seen her for a few days, not since watching the astounding spectacle she made of herself crushing the will of the protesters with a display of sexual power that had been the topic of news headlines around the globe. Since taking up her badge she had not stopped proving herself worthy of it.

As much as he had prepared himself, when Sally calmly entered the polished marble conference room his jaw dropped open. She seemed a little shorter than the last he had been in her presence, but the aura of power around her had somehow intensified. She was a vision of contentment, the smallest hint of a smile playing constantly at the corners of her mouth and her eyes aglow with happiness.

"Good morning, Bill! It's a lovely day, isn't it?"

"Um … it sure is. How do you, um, like the place?"

"I don't see why I need three floors."

"Well, we have to plan for expansion. You see …"

"It's okay! You're the businessy guy. Where are the paperworks you want me to sign?"

"It's all here." Bill tapped a finger on a tall pile of documents. Sally moved in close to him, picked up a pen and became a blur as she turned over the pages and signed wherever Bill had placed a post-it note. She put the pen down before Bill's hand had reached his coffee mug. "Um … don't you want to read those?"

"I did!" Sally assured him. "I still don't understand it all, but I made sure to read it … just you said last time."

"Yes, well … thank you."

"Is there anything else you wanted?"

"Well … we're started to get a build-up of mail for you."


"In your office."

Sally beamed, and swelled a little. "Really? I have an office?"

"Um … it's upstairs. Do you want me to …"

Sally was gone, leaving a trail of smoke rising from the floor. And then she returned, just as quickly.

"I love it! It's huge!"


"I read all the letters." Sally frowned, her bright uniform fading a little. "Some people really do hate me. But then," the bright colours flashed back, "lots of people are sending me fan-mail, aren't they?"

"They sure are." Bill was not game to tell her that the staff had picked through the mail to remove any message of hate with a return address. Proving that people who write negative letters aren't really very smart, it had been just about all of them. "But I want to talk to you about mounting a PR campaign."

"A PR what?"

"A public relations campaign. To lift your image, and make use of your profile. I want to hire someone for you who knows about that sort of thing."


"I think we can increase your popularity if we had someone to manage your media profile."

"Um … okay. But isn't being in the news every hour enough?"

"Sally, a lot of that stuff is working against you."


"With someone to manage regular press releases, we can run a campaign to make the world see you in the light we want you to be seen in. I also think it would be a good idea to improve your international profile as well."

"You what now?"

"Since Korea, there's been a lot of global interest. I think you should do something to show them you're not the bloodthirsty monster they say you are."

"Who says?"

"I … um … look: We've been approached by a group of Japanese lobbyists who have asked you for help, and I think it would be a good idea."

"I freed North Korea from a terrible dictatorship!" Sally declared proudly "What's so bloodthirsty about that?"

"How much do you know about Fukushima?"

"Not much," Sally told him. "I don't eat much fish."

"Not … that's sushi. You remember that tsunami in Japan? The explosions at the Fukushima nuclear power station?"

"I heard something about that …"

"They're asking you to sort it out, and I think it could really help your image."

"Well … okay. What do I have to do?"

"I don't know. But we can arrange a meeting and find out."

Sally frowned. "I think I'll go have look for myself. You have a meeting if you like."

Before Bill could protest, Sally had turned into a blur and left the room. He picked himself and sighed. Pressing a button on the intercom he summoned his secretary to clean up and organise the scattered paperwork.


Sally approached the Japanese coast, her powerful eyes quickly locating the Fukushima power plant and she hovered over the scene, amazed by the number of water tanks. As many as there were, and not all of them were yet full, there were foundation dug for many more.

The internet search she had popped home to do had revealed a lot of information that her mind had quickly digested. Sally had no idea what to do at first. All this contaminated material, and 3 reactors producing more all the time. Then she had an idea. It was a simple idea, but one that she though might work.

Sally approached the first reactor, smashing her way into the dark complex and hovering beside it for a moment before trying her idea. She wasn't sure if this would work, and she wasn't looking forward to how the molten rods of nuclear fuel would taste. Speeding herself up, wanting to get this over with quickly, Sally started to eat. If anyone had been watching, it would have appeared that the entire reactor, housing and all, had simply vanished.

Sally wiped a bit of molten reactor out of the corner of her mouth, and licked it off her finger.

"Mmmm. That tastes quite nice."

Sally moved on to consume the next two at a pace that enabled the monitoring team to realise just exactly what she was doing.

Even though Sally had now eaten many tonnes of metal and radioactive material, she didn't feel full or bloated. Her body seemed to have no trouble dealing with it at all. She hovered clear of the reactor buildings and realised the solution to the water problem was just as easy to fix. She approached the first tank with caution, landing beside it and standing at it's base. It towered over her. Leaning forward, Sally pressed her lips up to the tank and tried to poke her tongue through it. It was too thick, though, so she just locked her lips over the surface and started to suck. The tank popped a hole instantly, and Sally sucked the water out so fast it imploded. When it did, Sally upped the pressure and watched as the whole tank and its contents disappeared into her mouth.

"That was easy!"

The monitoring team watched in awe as tank after tank vanished. The whole process took just shy of ninety seconds. Admiring her work, proud to have once again so easily solved such a complicated problem, Sally noticed there was still a lot of contaminated ground water. She aimed herself at the ground and dove deep into the aquifer beneath the plant, and started to suck. It seemed like such a simple plan, what could possibly go wrong?

Alarms sounded all over the plant as the ground began to gently shake. The tremor escalated very quickly. Before anyone could react buildings began to crack as great fissures opened up in the earth all around the complex. With little further warning the Fukushima power plant and a considerable amount of the surrounding countryside churned itself into violent maelstrom and sank into a cast sinkhole.

Flying up over the crater as the ocean rushed to fill it, Sally patted her flat stomach with satisfaction. It wasn't likely they would have asked her to do it this way, but Sally was a little pleased with herself. She watched the disaster zone become a beautiful lake, and felt quite proud of her accomplishment.

"That was easy!" Sally mused, though she wasn't really surprised.


Bill's secretary snapped him out of his daze by pointing at the skyline outside the window.

"Oh no!"

That said, she ducked under the desk. Bill was not surprised when Sally shatter the window and touched down gently on the carpet.

"I've sorted out that Fukushima thing."


"It's all sorted. Problem solved."

"What did you …" he was afraid to ask …"do?"

"Well, I just sucked it all up in the end. Could have saved myself a lot of time if I just did that at the start."

"Um … yea."

Bill just looked at her. He wasn't sure he really wanted to know, but felt certain is he turned on his TV O Girl would be the subject of special bulletin right now on at least three channels. He'd find out soon enough.

"If you get any more requests like that, I want to know … okay?"

"Well … there was that charity thing I wanted to talk about before you rushed off."

"What charity thing?"

"Well … apparently there was some bet made by the Chairman of the NFL that he could field a team that could beat O Girl. Some charities got together and took him up on it. They've drummed up a big media circus about it, and it looks like the guy will have to pony-up a million dollars to a few high-profile charities."

"I'll do it!"

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