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Returning Home

Written by Martino :: [Tuesday, 29 April 2014 00:23] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 10 May 2014 18:37]

Author’s Note: This is the last part of Lisa’s story. I’d be happy to read many reviews, also the critical ones by the people who voted “poor” in some of the last parts. I can only improve by learning. Thank you!

Although Lisa had not slept much during the night she did not feel tired at all. She followed Superman’s advice and secured Terra-Man’s cell by an alarm system. Furthermore she mind-commanded Terra-Man not to think about leaving.

When she was done she decided to deal with Terra-Man’s horse, which was kicking against the castle-walls with its hoofs. At seeing her it flew up and attacked her. Lisa evaded twice; after this she used her hypnotic abilities to calm the animal down. Then she searched her computer quickly for the most vulnerable parts of the body of a horse. When she was sure she flew over the animal and sat down on its back. The horse woke up from its hypnosis as it noticed a person who obviously was not its master trying to ride it.

While it was bucking, attempting to unseat her, Lisa rammed the toes of her feet into its sides. “You’ll have a good live if you obey” she whispered. “But if you don’t it will be painful.”

The horse obviously had felt pain but continued trying to pitch her, but Lisa used her flying powers successfully to avoid this. She remained on the back of the horse, no matter what it did.

It took about five minutes until the horse gave up but then it followed Lisa’s commands at once. She rode it around the African continent, landed accidentally here and there and even accomplished acrobatic feats: She did handstands and somersaults on the back of the horse or flew up, circling above, below or near the animal for some time and then landing on its back again.

She chucked the horse on its neck: “Good animal!” she whispered. “Now you’ve earned a good breakfast.” The horse seemed to have understood her as it flew without any command to a meadow in the savanna where it landed and started grassing.

Lisa took a picture of it in order to be able to find it as fast as possible wherever it might fly and flew to the next town in order to buy some food for her and her captive. Like always while she was flying she remained invisible to Terrestrial eyes. At approaching a town she noticed most women had their faces covered by veils. Not knowing anything about Islam she shook her head at seeing this but nevertheless got visible in an ankle-length dress with her face and hair covered, too. Quickly she found some shops where she, using her computer to tell her the necessary sentences in Arabic, bought the food she wanted. No sooner had she done this than she made herself invisible again, flew to the place in the savanna where the flying horse was still grassing, mind-commanded it to follow her and flew back to her palace.

When she looked into Terra-Man’s cell she found he was good-looking and thought it would not be too difficult to make him want her, too. She prepared a breakfast table, changed into an ultra-short skirt, a skintight top and high-heeled shoes and opened his cell. Really Terra-Man was horny once he saw her in this outfit though he recognized the girl who had defeated and caught him. Lisa did not have to hypnotize him in any way.

Hi there, my dear Toby!” she fluted. “Let’s have a good breakfast together and then do what both of us want.”

She did not have to tell this twice. He followed her into the dining-room where they had breakfast. Lisa enjoyed it although there were lots of dishes which were new to her and Terra-Man seemed to enjoy it, too, although he became more impatient the longer the breakfast took. Lisa ignored him, although she had to fight her own horniness, too.

They went to her bedroom without speaking too much. At once they got naked, embraced and kissed. Lisa noticed Terra-Man was much weaker than Superman but he was strong and firm enough not to get hurt neither by her embraces nor by the fire-wave she caused. She made him hit her breasts to raise her lust; he got hurt every time his fists made contact with her invulnerable skin but the damage was not really serious.

They continued until he was spent. Then Lisa carried him into his cell with him no more being able to withstand. She shut the door carefully and went back to the bedroom where she slept the siesta.

She was woken up by a signal from her computer and got surprised when she heard her father’s voice: “Hi pumpkin! Everything okay?”

Could not be better, Dad!” she answered. “Where are you?”

Relatively near. We’ll be on Earth in about one or two hours. If everything goes well we can be back home in some weeks. I’m really happy to hear you’re okay. – And I’ll bring a surprise for you with me.”

She saw on the screen he was sitting behind the steering engine of a spaceship and wearing his uniform. Apart from him and the engine she could not make out anything. Mind-reading while skyping was impossible, too and she doubted whether her computer was able to search the ship.

I’m happy to see you again and waiting impatiently for your surprise” she answered, happy her father could not read her mind either. Of course she was happy to meet her father, her aunt and uncle and all her friends again and glad her father did not seem to be angry with her but she had got used to be an unstoppable Super-Girl on Earth and did not like the idea that on Sverkcheloy she would be a normal girl again. She wanted to stay as long as possible.

On Earth there are so many interesting things, Dad. You’ll surely want to get to know everything from nearby” she tried to convince her father.

We’ll see. When we land you’ll be able to tell and show them to us. See you tonight!”

Bye, Dad!”

Lisa flew out looking for a place where they could have dinner. As she had built her palace in the mid of the desert it took her about half a minute to find a bigger city. In the centre all women had their faces covered as she had seen it already in the morning. She did not feel like clothing this way neither she wanted to draw more attention than necessary, so she decided to leave.

When she was already about to fly she noticed some masked men entering a building with a cross on its door. “Allahu akbar!” the men shouted and added something what Lisa’s computer translated as “Death to the Infidels!” Recognizing the men were carrying dynamite she landed and stood in the door of the building.

What do you want, you whore? You’ll have to die with all the Infidels!”

No, I won’t” Lisa answered calmly, separating the dynamite from his belt by her telekinesis. “It’s your choice: Put this stupid stuff down and run away – or die.”

I don’t know who you are, but we don’t feel the death” the other man answered aiming his gun at her. She let him fire with her body relaxed in order to let the bullets fall to the ground instead of bouncing back directly to him. Casually she caught some, showed them to him, made his gun fly into her hand and squeezed it until it was no bigger than one of the bullets.

Do you see now what your playthings can do against me? Now run and leave your kind alone!”

The two men attacked her simultaneously and fell to the ground senseless as soon as they made contact with her invulnerable body.

She read their minds but did not understand their beliefs: They wanted to kill all of the people inside the building, which was called a church, because they believed in God in a different way and they firmly believed to have sex with 70 virgins as soon as they died.

If you choose this way you’ll die painfully and only from the hands of one woman who isn’t a virgin, either” she whispered cruelly. “But I won’t deny you some sex.”

She took them to her palace, jailed them and flew back. She scanned the cities she saw for women`s dresses and did not stop before she had crossed the Mediterranean Sea and arrived in a country where she did not have to veil her face. She found out the country’s name was Greece and very soon made out a luxurious restaurant where to go with her Dad. She had a late lunch to test the quality of the food and was content.

Just some minutes after she had come back to her palace she heard her father’s voice again: “We’re nearly there now! Don’t watch the screen on your computer!”

Everything had gone well. As Lisa had said and the computers had calculated they could fly and breath the air around Earth without any problems. Captain Jason had ordered Private Noora and Spaceman Zaid on the ship and taken Sonia and Ian with him. The three of them made themselves invisible as soon as they entered in Earth’s atmosphere.

Look out for some Terran bodies!” he commanded. “We don’t want to draw attention, so when we are on Earth we’ve got to look like Earthlings.”

Yes, sir” Sonia and Ian answered simultaneously. They already had watched Terrans on the board computer and chosen the outfit they wanted to wear.

Thanks to the computer systems they had no trouble to find Lisa’s palace. Captain Jason smiled when he saw his daughter standing on the roof. Scanning the region he saw there were nearly no Earthlings but nevertheless he decided to be careful. He landed next to his daughter who had already seen there were people flying nearby, made himself visible in white trousers, a blue shirt and a white hat on his head and embraced Lisa as soon as he was standing next to her.

Welcome to my home, Daddy” Lisa greeted him, smiling. “I hope you had a good journey?!”

Oh, my girl! How much have we been afraid for you! How good to see you again healthy and happy!”

Not only this! I’ve built my own residence here – but that’s kind of longer story.”

Okay, tell it to us later. Can you already see your surprise?”

He had not paid attention to where Sonia was. She had become visible behind him, wearing a jeans skirt and a pink top, her hair long and brown as it was by nature and her eyelashes prolonged as she had seen was common among Terran girls.

It’s you, my love!” Lisa flew into her arms and kissed her again and again. “That’s the best surprise I can imagine.”

At last we see each other again, my sweetheart!” Sonia kissed Lisa again. “But as your dad said: You’ll have to tell us lots of things – and I’m curious, too, what I can do here. ­– And this is Ian, my comrade.”

Your … have you …”

I’ve enlisted because it’s been the only way to see you again soon. And I haven’t regretted it at all. The army has helped me to find two very important people, one who I’ve loved since we were children and another who I’ve just started to love!” She kissed Ian.


There hasn’t been a boy so far who has meant as much for me as him.”

So I hope we’ll get to know and like each other” Ian said. “For I’m a soldier and a man with principles – and my future wife’s huk**y’a is a very important person for me.”

To Lisa it all seemed unimaginable: It made her joyful Sonia was happy but something like a wedding seemed to be far for her.

Let’s go down!” she suggested. They floated through the palace and Lisa showed them what she already had constructed and what she was going to construct. She also told them about Terra-Man and the two terrorists.

I think it’ll be best to hear the story from the beginning” her father commented.

Okay, but I can’t offer you anything at the moment. Perhaps we can talk during dinner.”

He shook his head: “No, Lisa! There are lots of things we can’t talk about with Earthlings around.”

In fact we can, Dad. On Earth they have lots of different languages. The Earthlings won`t notice we’re aliens if we talk in Sverkcheloian – and they won’t understand a word either.

She told them though about her relationship with Superman before they left.

You seem to feel some love, too, don’t you, darling?” Sonia commented.

Lisa shook her head: “I admire him for what he does for this planet – and he’s really great in bed, too. But love – in a way I could imagine him as my children’s father: No!”

They flew to Greece and Lisa told them how great the cuisine on Earth was. They all agreed as soon as the appetizers were served.

In the restaurant a band played Syrtaki and most people did not concentrate on the little group. So they changed to their native language. Lisa told them about the Energy project, too.

Maybe it is interesting to get to know Terrestrial computer systems and ways of thinking although they’re inferior. It would not the first time scientists have enhanced primitive technologies” her father commented.

I’ve saved all the data on my computer” Lisa answered. “So you can have them – and also all the weapons I’ve taken. But another thing: I think I’ll have to go back with you and then I’m going to enlist, too.” She looked at Sonia. “We’ve done everything together so far.”

Her father shook his head: “Sonia and Ian are in my company and I can’t be my own daughter’s commander. One day perhaps you’ll serve together but not now.”

Lisa was disappointed but did not let him notice: “And I hope I’ll be able to get back to Earth one day.”

You can do what you want as soon as you’re adult” her father answered. “Except while in the army. But you’ll have to do it on your own. We won’t found a colony on Earth. So you’ll have to care for the teleportation yourself.”

Now Lisa got really disappointed. “And why not?”

Because there’s no sense in it. You know well how expensive teleportation is. On Earth there is nothing we need at the moment. If you want, you may return one day, but keep in your mind private teleportation is very expensive and it might be a decision for life.”

My dearest, you can’t do that” Sonia shouted. “Do you want to leave me back alone? And don’t you want to take part when I, when we, marry? Or see our children? My love, don’t” She embraced and kissed Lisa, who started crying.

Later in the evening she offered Terra-Man to Sonia: “He’s a crook, but he’s good in bed, too – if you, Ian, don’t matter.”

Sonia answered before Ian: “Tonight we’ll share one bed, Lisa, love. And this is nothing anybody can forbid us.”

When the coffees and the bill came Sonia’s computer rang. She looked at the screen, sighed and opened the contact: “Recruit Sonia, first division, third brigade, second battalion, second company at your service, Madam!” Then her superior spoke for quite some time.

Yes, we’ve found her. Everything okay, I think we can stay here as long as it is necessary. – Of course, Madam!” She handed it over to Lisa’s father: “Colonel Smeralda speaking. She plans to approach without teleporting so she’ll here in three or four days. She wants to know if we can stay here until the day after tomorrow and then come towards them.”

Tell her this is no problem!” he said without touching the machine.

Yes, Sir!” Sonia crossed her arms as she had learned to do when talking to a superior and informed the colonel.

Well done, Recruit Sonia!” Captain Jason said when the colonel was off-line.

Tha … why?”

She has probably called you because she’s seen your relationship with Ian and probably found out the one between you two girls. So she’s tested you if you behave as you’ve learned. Any superior must always be able to rely on his or her subordinates – and therefore, pumpkin” he turned to Lisa: “You’ll have to change your behavior if you really want to join the army. Leaving a spaceship without permission is something absolutely impossible.”

Ok, I’m sorry, Dad!”

She flew to the Fortress of Solitude, together with Sonia, to make some miniature beds. Back in her palace she told Ian about Supergirl and Wonder Woman. “I’m sure Sonia won’t mind … They’ll survive a night with you while a Terran woman won’t.” She showed him their pictures on her computer. Really he searched for the two women on his.

Sonia and Lisa slept together not caring about what the men did. When Lisa awoke, however, there was no Wonder Woman and no Supergirl nearby.

She decided she had to inform Superman. As soon as the sun rose in America she flew to Metropolis and found him in his office. She hypnotized him to change into his Super suit and follow her.

She told him she would leave and invited him for her last night on Earth. “I’ll miss you” she said. “You’re a great man although you’ve lost the fight against me. But I think we’ll be able to stay in contact via your computer.”

He asked her some questions about how the prison for Terra-Man worked. When he thought he had understood he added: “I hope we’ll stay in contact because you’re such a clever girl. But…we’re...”

From different cultures. I know. From tomorrow on your dear little Lois won’t have to share you with me any more and I’ll meet some guys who think about sex the same way I do.”

Superman joined her in the evening and talked to her father, too. They found out Kryptonians and Sverkcheloians had known about each others’ existence but not have many contacts – a distance of some millions of light-years is much, even for super-powered people.

Again it did not cost her much effort to make him sleep with her. He only had some trouble as he saw Sonia and Ian having sex together near them.

After breakfast, however, he said goodbye fast.

Lisa was crying when her father told her to get ready to fly to the ship that would carry them to the big army spaceship. Her father, Sonia and Ian told her all the good things she would be able to do at home, but she had become fond of Earth and got used to being super – she would have to learn to have to walk on ground and to deal with people who matched her strength and abilities again.

I’ll come back some day” she whispered while they were flying away.


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