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Not the One – Return to Earth – Chapter 01-04

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Not the One – Return to Earth

by Dru

Chapter 1

Kethlen rocketed out of the black hole, checking to ensure his dark armour was intact. Though the unique metal was forged by his own immeasurable power, he had doubted it would survive the journey as well as well as it proved to. Congratulating himself on another job well done, he set about his business.

The message he had received, transmitted somehow through the wall of the black hole, had been just the thing he needed to break a cycle of boredom that had stretched for what threatened to be an eternity. It was a message which contained three revelations: that there were intelligent beings beyond his known universe, that they had a ring which bestowed the same powers as his own, and that Kethlen could travel there through the black-hole.

A plan had formed quickly in his mind. Unknown to poor Kethlen, it was plan many had tried before him.

It was remarkable to see so many similarities between his current surroundings and his own universe. But as similar as it was, his deep scan of this alien environment reminded him he was definitely far from home.

“Where are you?” he wondered, unable to find what he thought would be easily located.

After several hours drifting through the void searching for evidence of the Unchosen, and of the council that had asked for his help, Kethlen decided that much had transpired since he had received the council’s telepathic message. He was starting to wonder just how much had changed when he spotted the unique radiation signature he had been looking for. It was very thin, as though the woman he knew must have laid it had been travelling very fast. But he could follow it. The trail led to another black-hole.

“Are they all portals?” he wondered. “Every one of them?”

Confident after easily conquering the last black-hole, Kethlen dove through this one at a greater pace, allowing the intense forces to pull him faster and faster into the core, then using every ounce of power he could muster to escape the other side.

“Too easy,” he murmured, impressed by his own ridiculous abilities. As usual.

Following the trail that had brought him here, Kethlen found his target quickly. Using the momentum he had built and managed to maintain, it took him only few minutes to cross the universe and enter the enormous galaxy the Unchosen was playing in. Kethlen smiled. She was doing much as he had thought … enjoying her dominance over everything around her in an orgy of battle. Kethlen couldn’t help but like her a little, but his plan to kill her and take the ring was foremost on his mind as he crossed the void toward the surging world of mechanized warfare.

The Unchosen stood completely encircled by machines of war. Even the air above her was crowded with various flying weapons platforms. From the microscopic to miniature, from big to gargantuan, her foes were throwing everything they had at her.

Kethlen watched her dance through her obscenely over-matched enemy with such clear joy in her movements that it was hard to stop her fun. Steeling himself, and filling his body with power, Kethlen proceeded on for the kill.

Approaching the planet without slowing, he rotated and aimed his feet at her.

“Die, bitch!”

The impact resulted in a catastrophic explosion, reducing the entire planet to fragments and scattering the army. As Kethlen rocketed through the other side of the planet, he rubbed his healing shins and looked around through the chunks of debris to find the corpse of his quarry. Then he saw her, and he felt a little jab of fear.

She hovered calmly about thirty meters away, hands on her hips, a look of mild amusement mixed with chilling menace adding to the raw beauty of her hypnotic features.

“Did you call me a bitch?”

Without any hesitation, Kethlen surged at her again. This time he dug deeper, wanting to be sure. This time he put his feet right into her face … only she moved at the last second.

“You did, didn’t you?”

Now she was behind him. He grunted once, and started another attempt when he was stopped.

“Sorry, but I can’t have you dashing about while I’m talking to you. I was having a lot of fun …”

Kethlen groaned and struggled to move, but he was held fast by her power. As he writhed about trying vainly to escape, his armour creaked and began to deform.

“… and you just come blasting in like a fucking cowboy, insult me, and destroy my toys. Want to tell me what your problem is?”

Kethlen felt her release his head and he stared at her in open fear. She was exerting forces greater than the black holes he had travelled through, and she was showing no sign at all of the effort.

“You are not the one …”

“Hold it. I know what you’re going to say.”

As she spoke to him, Kethlen started to study her more closely. Each moment that he examined her, he discovered new depths to her truly astonishing beauty.

“You’re here on a mission to save my universe from me, because I’m not qualified to wield the power of the ring. The Council of the Twelve summoned you, and you just couldn’t bear the thought of minding your own damn business, so here you are. I’ve heard it all a hundred times.”

Kethlen shuddered as the incredibly attractive creature before him moaned and increased her strength a thousand-fold, allowing her muscles to gently fill out.

“A-hundred-and-ninety-two times, to be exact.”

“Please … let me go …”

Suddenly Kethlen was free.

“There you go.”

The next five minutes were the longest of Kethlen’s unimaginably extended life. He made for home, breaking all his previous speed records. Bang! Though the first hole, through the second, and across his home universe to the secluded and isolated solar system he had first enslaved all those countless eons ago.

He touched down in his private courtyard, startling his slaves by his unexpected arrival.

“My lord! …”

“Not now!” he declared, wanting to escape to his private chambers before anyone could see how terrified he was. But he did manage to keep arrogance in his strut as he entered the building and left the horror of his day outside.

He made his way through the many rooms he rarely used and finally opened the door to his massive bedroom.

“Love what you’ve done with the place.”

Kethlen nearly lost his footing when she spoke. The Unchosen was lying on his bed being attended to by his two personal favourite sex-slaves. The harem girls were so completely engrossed in the task of manipulating pleasure from the Unchosen’s shamelessly revealed and painfully perfect body that they made no acknowledgement of their over-bearing master.

“How …”

“I’ve been waiting for you, Kethlen.”

He cowered. “You know my name?”

“I know everything about you, cutie. How you betrayed your people, how you betrayed yourself … and how you wanted to betray the Council of Twelve. Ah, yes. I know what you want. You want what I have. So did they.”

The Unchosen paused to encourage the two slaves with a sultry look. They proceeded with even greater enthusiasm. “Some of them really were trying to help. But most, so far, have been just like you, handsome.”

She sighed contentedly as the massage began to work wonders on her endorphin levels. She sensed her orgasm was close now.

Kethlen was smart enough to see how bad the situation was. If she had already killed the number of ring-bearers she had claimed, he was even more at her mercy than his slaves were to his. That was not a comforting thought. “What are you going to do?”

“Mmmm. These two really are very good. I see why you like them. I’m going to punish you, asshole. But first …”

The Unchosen closed her eyes and applied her own far stronger hands to bring herself over the top. The resulting release of pure unbridled sexual energy sent Kethlen tumbling helplessly through his universe, reducing his private solar system to base particles and reaching halfway to the next before the blast faded. When he finally regained control, Kethlen was stunned to see his tormentor hovering right there, her incredible physique proudly displayed in a platinum bikini. But he was a little confused by the presence of the two harem girls.

“Wha …”

“You never did work out how to share your things.” The Unchosen gifted her plaything with a genuine smile. “These girls have talents, Kethlen. They know how to make a man happy, as you know.”

“How is it they live?” he demanded.

“They aren’t the delicate flowers they once were. Did it ever occur to you that you can make others better as easily as you can yourself? I made them as powerful as you.”

Somehow, they were all now standing in a dense forest somewhere Kethlen found distantly familiar.

“Do you like your master, ladies?”

“No. He’s cruel.”

“He hurts us. He killed our family.”

A clearing slowly grew around them as the trees were bulldozed backward by an unseen force.

“Why then do you serve him?”

“He is a god. We can do nothing but obey.”

Kelthen tried to speak, but found himself unable to.

“That has changed.”

“Did you take his power away, Goddess?”

The Unchosen grimaced a bit at being called a goddess, but let it go.

“No.” She cast him a raised eyebrow. “Not yet. He’s still just as powerful as before.”

The two gorgeous former slaves shrank in disappointment.

“You now share his power.” The Unchosen turned to watch Kethlen very closely as she made her next move. “In fact, why don’t you have a little more?”

Kethlen’s eyes filled with wonder, then fear, as his two favourite harem girls transformed before him. Their bodies gently thickening, their muscles swelling in unison with new strength and power. Both girls went wide eyed as the new wonderful sensations overwhelmed them. When the Unchosen was done, the two harem girls were both a foot taller and covered in very threatening, extremely solid muscle. Somehow, Kethlen realised, far from losing any of their beauty both were exponentially more alluring with their new supernaturally-powerful physiques.

“What do you think? Think you’ll enjoy playing with your slaves now, master?”

Kethlen gulped as the two girls joyfully ran hands over each other?s bodies, rubbing and squeezing their muscles with unbridled glee.

“Don’t worry. I only gave them about ten ring’s-worth each. They’ll have no trouble showing you a good time. Will you girls?”

Neither seemed to notice the question. “I had no idea being powerful felt so … so fucking good!” one of them was saying, thumping her abdominal wall with blows so strong that Kethlen could actually see the new treeline a hundred feet away shaking.

“Okay. I surrender.”

The Unchosen let out a chilling laugh. “You what?”

“I don’t want you to let them loose on me … you can have the ring.”

“I know.”

Kethlen started to remove his ring.

“Oh no you don’t.”

To his surprise, the ring melted into his flesh.

“Hey! How did you do that?”

“I made your subconscious do it for me. I can’t have you taking that off and ending the girls’ fun, now can I?”

Kethlen stepped away, the inescapable horror of his true plight dawning on him. “Don’t you want the ring?”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’ll get it later. Say, in a thousand years or so.”

“No! Please no!”

“What’s wrong, Kethlen? I’m being very generous, don’t you think? Sure, I’m going to trap you on this jungle world when I leave. But you get to keep the ring, and I’m letting you keep your favourite sex-slaves for company. I even improved their physical condition for you!”

“Look at them! They?re huge!”

“And you wanna know something? They are so much stronger than you think, you cannot imagine the power they contain. Think about it for it a minute, Kethlen. You had one ring, and with it ruled the universe for how long? These two have ten-times that power. And they’re going to use it all on you.”

Kethlen started to fly away, but felt a vice clamp so firmly on his ankle that he howled in pain.

“Going somewhere?”

One of the girls had caught him and, try as he might, he could not lift away from her. She was too heavy, and far, far too strong. With flick of will, she sent him into the ground.

The Unchosen decided it was time to leave. “I’ll be back for my ring, Kethlen.

Have fun!”

“Wait! Don’t leave me with them! They’ll kill me!”

“Probably a lot more than once, but that’s the price you pay for interrupting my game. And you’ll heal. And heal, and heal … no matter what they do to you.”

“Please …”

But she was gone. Kethlen was alone with the two giant harem girls, both of whom were inching toward him, their footsteps shaking the earth, their over-powered frames rising and falling with each breath.

“Time for your massage, master …”

Susan erected a barrier around the planet to make Kethlen’s prison complete, then drifted through the void of the alien universe and pondered her next move. She had played in Roan’s universe for longer than she thought. Doing a few sums in her head she realised it had been years. And while a large number of ring-bearers, apparently intent on increasing their obscene power, had interrupted her fun, Kethlen had brought it to a complete stop.

“Bastard,” she thought, glancing back to see the two women playfully drawing screams from him. “You deserve worse.”

She briefly considered remaining in Kethlen’s universe for a while, but there wasn’t much left after his long reign to be of any interest to her.

“I think it’s time I went home.”

Saying it aloud made up her mind. It was time. Time to return to Earth …

Chapter 2

Susan orbited the planet, having already decided what she was going to do, and now wondering where to do it. Being a Sydney girl her first impulse was to start in Australia. But if she wanted to really make a statement, why not a big powerhouse like America? Or China? England perhaps? As the continents rolled under her she found it impossible to pick one.

Suddenly the choice was clear, and as the atmosphere ignited around her she giggled to think it hadn’t occurred to her much sooner.


It had already been a hectic day. Even though barely a half-hour had passed since the UN general assembly had reconvened after lunch, many delegates were already putting documents into their briefcases and making calls to arrange early pick-ups. The only people who were enjoying the Iranian representative’s tirade were those in the media booths.

“I think he’s going to spit again.”

“There it goes! Ha! Sonofabitch’s just getting his groove on.”

“I think you’re right Charlie. How long was it last time?”

“Where did he get that tie?”

Before Charlie’s friend could decide on a witty response, there was a tremendous boom and the building shook. Everything went silent, not a single person moved for several seconds. Even the agitated speaker, so animated a moment before, was absolutely still.


BOOM! The ceiling collapsed over a vacant area of floor near the front of the conference hall. The figure that drifted through the opening and landed on the floor hypnotised the entire assembly with her remarkable physique and jaw-dropping beauty.

Charlie was just as stunned as everyone else. He later described his experience in an article as euphoric. So did everyone else.

The woman smiled, raising heartbeats, and made her way to the central podium. The Iranian delegate stumbled backward as she approached and fell awkwardly. He was both deeply offended by her glamorous choice of bikini, and deeply aroused by her shameless display of unattainable perfection. As she spoke into the microphone he shuddered and completely forgot about how offended he was.

“People of Earth! I am the Unchosen One. But I am giving you the chance to choose me.”


Susan looked around at her silent audience, relishing the moment before continuing. It was a good thing she did. Though she thought she had been careful orchestrating the voice that would command the world, it dawned on her that she had in fact overdone the sexual undertones. She adjusted her tone before proceeding with her ultimatum.

“I am the most powerful being in this universe, and I have decided to start doing something constructive. I’m building an empire.”


Charlie shook his head as the unlikely intruder began declaring her intentions, finding he was suddenly able to listen without ejaculating. His mind started working again, and he felt a chill as her words echoed around the chamber and through his ear-piece.

“I’m offering you this choice: Acknowledge me as supreme ruler of the world, and accept me as your kind and loving Empress … or acknowledge me as the Unchosen, and accept my unforgiving punishment.”

A guard elbowed one of his fellows, and drew his weapon.

“That’s enough! Show’s over!”

She turned her head and showed him a chillingly inviting half-smile.

“What exactly do you think you’ll achieve with that?” Before he could answer, the guards trigger finger took on a mind of its own and squeezed off the entire cartridge of 9mm bullets. Two or three of them sparked off her shining metallic two-piece. The rest made a sound unlike any ricochet the trained marksman had heard before as they met, and were turned away by, her glistening tanned flesh.

Charlie gulped. What was going on here? “This is like a fucked-up episode of I Dream of Jeannie …”

“Fuck me; Charlie … did that just happen?”

“Yeah Hank. I think it did.”

The woman continued to speak, ignoring the dumb-founded guard.

“Notice I’m letting that man live? That’s because he didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t know what he was up against. None of you do. I wouldn’t want your choice to be uniformed, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to pick a country, and show you exactly how I’m going to deal with those who do not kneel before their Empress.”

There were gasps, and one scream, as the self-proclaimed “Unchosen One” lifted both feet from the floor and drifted out above the fearful faces.

“I shall return in one year’s time for your answer. Observe me. Watch … and you shall see how easy your choice really is.”

And she was gone.

Charlie pulled out his AA pendant, and rubbed it with his thumb. “You know what, Hank. I think I need drink.”

“First round’s on me partner …”


Susan hovered over her intended target pondering the best method for seizing control of the country below. She could easily just cut off the snake’s head, and become dictator in the time it would take her to go buy some milk in her previous life. But she was keen to make a show of it. She had, after all, invited the world to watch. And if she was going to give them a show Susan wanted to give one that would really blow their minds.

One solitary superwoman demolishing a military powerhouse of millions would be a good show. And she knew it would be fun to take them one-on-multitude. A lot of fun. But she wasn’t going to settle for a good show. And she wanted more than just a lot of fun. Why she should do all the work? Why shouldn’t she enjoy the show as much everyone else?


The soldiers had been in town for three days. But they had really only needed three hours to accomplish their mission.

The captain of the tank-crew had been punished in the past for such behaviour. Now he was commanded to rape. Now he was encouraged to indulge in his sadistic games with prisoners. For now his role had changed. He had been brought into the fold, and now he was one of the most feared men in North Korea.

“Tell me again. I want to hear the truth this time.” The young woman he was “interviewing” wept uncontrollably. IN the dank room with her were the undignified corpses of her two older siblings. Blood still oozed from their wounds, but it no longer pulsed or surged as it had when the captain’s sword had first taken their lives.

“My father is loyal! He never said those things …” The captain shook his head and grinned with terrifying evil.

“I hope you don’t think I’m not enjoying this, you little whore. This is what I do for fun. And I get paid damn well. Don’t you understand your position? I don’t fucking care if your father was loyal to the Leader! The truth is I know full well he was.”

He took a seat on a plain wooden chair, identical to the one his current victim was tied to, and leaned back producing a rather large cigar. He liked cigars for two reasons, Smoking being his second-favourite.

“There’s nothing I want to do more right now than show you a good time. Well, show myself a good-time. But you can stop me. All you have to do is sign the confession. Sign the confession and I’ll need to keep you alive. I’ll have to treat you nice. I won’t like it. But I have to follow orders.”

“My family did nothing!”

“Didn’t I tell you I don’t care?” He lit his cigar and puffed a cloud of thick smoke over her. “I did. I’m sure I did.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I honestly don’t know. Wait. That’s not true. I’m doing this because I have been ordered to.” Without any warning, he thrust the lit-end of his cigar into her thigh, his grin returning more savage than before as he enjoyed her screams.

Then everything changed, and the vicious torturer’s life was turned upside-down. Even he pushed the cigar and twisted it cruelly into her skin; he felt it being pushed out of the shallow hole it had been melting. The girl stopped crying out, whimpered for a moment, and then stopped that too.

Withdrawing the cigar the captain sensed something was very wrong. Something was very unnatural. Then his torture victim made a noise that both infuriated and confused him. She moaned in pleasure. Looking at her face, he could see a helpless smile cross her swollen bloodied lips. As he looked at her smile he could see the swelling he caused with a strong back-hand just minutes before slowly shrink. By the time her lips were back to their former seductive glory, all the bruising on her face, and the dark marks that blighted almost every inch of her body, had completely faded away.

The captain jumped to his feet, his fury waned and his confusion deepened. This made no sense. Even the fresh and dangerously deep cigar burn had somehow completely healed, though he could still smell that horrible cooked-flesh odour he had grown to love.

“What’s happening,” she murmured, “I feel … different. What are you doing to me?” The captain felt a cold chill grip his stomach as he watched the woman change before his very eyes. He thought it a trick of light at first, but was unable to cling to this hope for very long. Her slim, rather delicate frame was filling out. The pace of her transformation was astonishing. IN the space of three breaths he watched her grow muscles that simply glowed with power. She gained a decade of conditioning. Her silky soft skin was now stretched over a body that overflowed with raw physical power.

Instinctively, as her bonds lost the fight to maintain a hold on her thickening wrists and forearms, the captain swiftly drew his polished swords and brought it down across her neck. A painful shockwave ran up the blade and into his hands, very nearly breaking his wrists as the sword bounced off her.

“I don’t understand …” she said dreamily, examining the new muscle-tone of her freshly freed arms.

Not waiting until she did understand, the captain whipped out his pistol and shot her, point-blank, in the forehead. The gun exploded in his hand, claiming two of his fingers and maiming him for life. Not that it would be something he would have to worry about very long.

“You shot me,” she said, with a voice that was cold and steady. “You shot me in the head. And I’m not dead.” She rose to her feet, all the pain and all the fear now gone forever from her life.

The captain fled the room. “Start the tank!” he ordered.

“But, captain …”


As his man prepared to protest again, the little seventeen-year-old the captain had been toying with burst from the building and struck him dumb with the spectacle of her awesome body. She hadn’t quite fit through the small door, but the exploding brickwork around the frame did not slow her calm stride.

The girl could feel the power flowing through her. She could sense its awesome immensity. And somehow she knew the tank that the terrified captain and his crew piled into was no threat to her now.

“Get it going!”

“One moment, captain …”

The large Russian-built tank burst into life, and lurched forward down the street.

“What’s going on?”

The captain didn’t know what to say for the first time in many years.

The girl still didn’t understand what was going on any more than the captain did. The only idea she had her head right now was avenging her slain family. She glared at the escaping tank, and issued a blood-curdling war cry as she stormed after it.

Chapter 3

As the tank lumbered down the road the turret span around to face the girl. There was a load boom as it fired, and the girl cried out and crossed her arms over her head as the shell collided with her. When the smoke cleared enough the gunner saw her smiling.

“She’s … still there.”

Deciding not to let them get the chance to reload the girl bolted after the tank and took hold of the armour, her feminine hands crushing into the cold metal with ease and bringing the tank to ground-churning halt. She was astounded at the ease she had in raising the tank into the air above her, letting go to balance it comfortable with one hand, despite the awkward angle. With a grunt she tossed the vehicle into the mountains, mountains whose peaks only just tipped the horizon.


Susan was pleased at how quickly her first soldier took to her new abilities. She continued to watch as the girl proceeded to tear the rest of the army unit deployed in village to pieces. This was going to work very well.

Moving on to another settlement Susan found a prison.


The prison was filled with dissidents and the unwanted. Scanning the warden’s mind she selected two prisoners in particular for special attention. Two Canadian backpackers who had entered the country though the mountains. The funny thing was, it was their guide’s fault, not theirs.


“How many times can I tell them the same thing?” Rhonda was asking.

“I’m just wondering if anyone else knows we’re here,” Jessie wondered mournfully. “At least we’re together.”

“For now. But they’ll be splitting us up, you bet your life.” Suddenly Rhonda swooned, nearly falling over. “Whoah … what was that?”

“I don’t know,” Jessie told her, her own wave of giddiness just as powerful.

“Hey … you’re … you’re growing!”

Rhonda heard the seams of her outfit give way before she knew what was happening. She was already fit, but as her height increased her muscles thickened with a power that made her head spin like a top. Then clarity returned, and she looked over at a taller and clearly stronger Jessie, who had also torn free of her prisoner’s uniform.

“What the hell?”

Jessie stood up, her fingers pressing into her freshly cut abdominal wall.

“Oh my god! I can’t even make a dent in these!” Rhonda reached out and pressed a finger into her friends stomach before she even though about what she was doing. Then she pressed the same finger into her own newly defined abs.

A guard was suddenly brandishing a machine gun at them from outside the bars of the cell. He was clearly very upset with them.

“Hey! What you do to your clothes!”

“Calm down! We don’t know what happened!”

You get dressed! Now!” His words were not backed up by his wandering eye.

Before the girls could respond, five more men came charging in with drawn weapons. The one in charge gestured at another man who shoved a key in the lock and opened the cell.

“We show you what happens to women who don’t like clothes.” Rhonda looked on in horror as the men gathered around the prettier Jessie and prepared to rape her. Jessie’s expression changed from fearful to curious as they laid their hands crudely on her body and tried to force her down. She hardly felt their feeble attempts at all.

“You will not resist!” the head-rapist commanded.

Jessie didn’t pay him any attention as she watched those who wrestled with her turn bright red with effort. Curious, she placed a hand on one of them and gave him a shove. The result astounded everyone. The poor fellow was slammed into the bars so hard he became wedged between them, and it would require a lot of effort to later remove him.


At that point the guns started to go off. But rather than the painful cries of two young women, the guards themselves were the ones soon screaming in agony as their own bullets bounced off the two girls. For a moment the cell was filled with shattered pieces of lead. Only two guards survived. Amazed by what just happened, Rhonda picked one of the wounded survivors up off the floor like a he was bag of crisps.

“He’s so light!”

“He’s not light … I think we’re strong.”


“Look at yourself!” Jessie reminded her. “You like a god-damned athlete from hell.”

“I s’pose. But how?”

“Who cares?” Jessie asked. “They can’t hurt us. Let’s go!” Rhonda watched as Jessie ignored the open cell door and parted the thick bars beside it was casual ease. Impressed by the show of strength, Rhonda made a hole beside Jessie’s.

Guards flooded the corridor as they made their way toward an exit. Bullets and tear gas were about as effective as spitballs and purified oxygen. Jessie took to them with blows that reduced them to clouds of mist.

“Wow! We’re not just strong! We’re like super-fucking-man!” Rhonda backhanded a guard, shattering his jaw and launching him into his helpless allies.

“You’re right!” She punched the wall, making a hole two metres wide. “Maybe even stronger.”

“I wish we had some clothes, though.”


Susan, watching from above, decided to grant Jessie her wish. Her army of souped up soldiers should have some sort of uniform. She closed her eyes and fashioned a bikini of suitable style. As she did, Rhonda and Jessie were both startled by a bright flash as the tiny garments Susan dreamt up appeared on their bodies.


“Did you do that?” Rhonda demanded, looking down and running her hands over her the shiny triangles covering her nipples.

“I don’t know!”

Given how bizarre it was that they both had the bodies of Greek gods, and physical power beyond the dreams of any ancient deity, the sudden appearance of clothes seemed unimportant.

“C’mon! Let’s go get as many as of those bastards as we can find!”

“I don’t know, Jessie. What if this is one of those ‘easy-come; easy-go’ thingies?”

“Rhonda … for whatever reason, we’ve been turned into gods. Gods. Don’t you get it? You don’t have anything to fear from these guys now. You’re bulletproof, and stronger then superman. They have to do the second-guessing, girl. Not us.”

A strange feeling came over Rhonda. Something was telling her that Jessie was right. Something was saying, and she could almost hear the voice, that she had nothing to worry about … that all this power was not going to vanish. Something told her to stop being a timid mouse and become the terrifying lion that she now was.

“Okay, super-Jessie!” she declared, putting her hands on her hips. “Lead the way!”


Looking down from on high, Susan monitored the minds of the guards and revelled in the fear and awe her creations inspired in them. She had only given the three soldiers she had made a tiny fraction of the power she had at her command. As she watched she became aware of a spark of energy entering the universe two billion light years away.

She smiled. Every time Susan defeated a ring-bearer she thought it would be the last. Each one assumed defeating her would be easy, having not faced a real challenge since acquiring their rings, and whether their intentions were good or evil, each one increased her power immeasurably. While Rhonda and Jessie made their way through the thick walls and heavily armed guards far below, Susan closed her eyes and slyly scanned the mind of the powerful being streaking toward the source of the message that brought them here. Like all the others it was a humanoid being with slight variations. She let this one discover that those who summoned him were dead before trapping within an imaginary cage.

“I’m kind of busy,” she told him, transmitting the thought instantly into his head across the vast distance. “But if you don’t mind waiting for a few years, I’ll be more than happy to discuss whatever it is you came her for then, okay?”

“What? Where are you!” the panicked ring-bearer demanded, desperately trying to escape his invisible prison to no avail.

“Don’t worry. I won’t leave you there.”


The ring-bearer was startled as reality shifted around him, and suddenly he was on the surface of a planet, and the dust of the destroyed system he’d been was gone. In front of him stood two massive women dressed in clothes that highlighted their mind-numbing physical beauty. One was holding a small man while the other was playing with his crotch. The man was large, but looked tiny the arms of the two women. A voice so loud it made both men cover their ears boomed across the planet.

“I have another guest for you, ladies. Please show him the same respect you have for your former master.”

“Help me!” Kethlen demanded, his eyes pleading as he struggled to free himself.

Holding Kethlen with a single hand, one of the girls stood with a smile.

“He’s the same as Kethlen!” she declared, examining the new arrival.

The other girl clapped her hands with glee, knocking her new toy to ground with the force of the impact. “Now we have one each! Can I play with him first?”

“Not fair!”

Realising things were not looking good for him, the ring-bearer made for the heavens. Before he got a body-length from the ground the one holding Kethlen had grasped him by the ankle with her free hand. She slammed him into the ground, lifted him, and slammed him twice more.

“Okay. You can have first go,” she decided, holding the recovering man out to her friend.

“Thank you! We can swap tomorrow!”


Rhonda was in no doubt now. Jessie was right … they were not merely superhuman. They were gods. The wall were like cheap polystyrene sets, offering such little resistance to her new strength that she didn’t bother knocking them down anymore. She just walked through them as though they weren’t there. She felt the concrete hold up briefly, pressing back on her chest pleasantly for a moment before exploding out with a rewarding amount of noise and dust. The faces of those watching was priceless as they peppered her with bullets. One of the officers even tried his sword on Jessie, only to have himself decapitated after s full minute of free hits. She had taken his head clean off with a back-handed slap.

It was the hand-grenades that really convinced Rhonda of her own divinity, though. Rolling under feet unnoticed, the first grenade exploded before she knew it was there. The surprise of the explosion made her heart jump, and the release of adrenaline seemed to slow reality itself as the shockwave tore up the floor and washed over her. She could actual see the pressure wave as it slowly moved out like a bubble, as though she were watching a Mythbusters episode. And much to her surprise, it felt fantastically good.

“Let’s free everyone!” she suggested, hoisting another hapless guard as he continued to blast away with his sidearm into her stomach and face.

“Sounds like fun!” Jessie agreed, tossing a large chunk of concrete she had torn from the wall at a group of soldiers.

Stepping into a corridor of cells, Rhonda held her arms out wide and strode forward, tearing all the bars from their welds as she went as though opening curtains. To her impossible strength that’s just what it felt like. Jessie went into another wing, pushing cell doors open as she went, tearing the bolts apart with no effort whatsoever.


Two weeks later Susan had granted power to an army of ten girls. She had left them to their devices, staying out of the conflict as chaos ensued. She wanted to see what her girls would accomplish on their own, and she was not disappointed with the result. There was absolutely nothing that the regime could do to stop the ten women from tearing down the existing power structure. It could have happened much faster, but Susan was happy to let them work independently. Ten battle fronts opened up across the country as Kim Jong-Un surrounded all the women with his massive armies. And the women relished every moment as they proved again and again the futility of resisting.

Turning her attention back to the world outside Korea, Susan was disappointed that the news people seemed to be missing the point. What was being reported outside Korea was that whatever was happening there was a good thing. Susan decided it was time she offered the rest of the world an explanation as to exactly why ten unarmed super-powerful women were taking apart the North Korean dictatorship, just to clarify the situation.

Chapter 4

Charlie was shaking. Usually press briefings like these were noisy excited affairs, but today it was very subdued. No-one wanted to be up front. Instead, the sound engineers had plonked microphones all around the lectern and ran cables as long as they could. Today the first six rows of chairs were bare. His boss had begged him to take the job, and Charlie had secured a pay rise out of agreeing. Right now, as he sat waiting for the Unchosen to appear, he was cursing his stupidity. A fifty-buck a week raise was not really worth much if you were dead …

Then she appeared he forgot what he had been so worried about. Floating down to touch her feet gently before the lectern, the Unchosen was so perfectly beautiful his heart skipped a bit and sped up as his whole body became alive, her presence igniting his entire being with lust.

“Thank you for coming.”

That voice of hers was just like expensive cognac. It soothed his mind but made the burning within him far more intense. He felt her words much more than heard them. They all did.

“There seems to be some confusion in reports I’m seeing,” Susan told the hypnotised gathering. “So I have summoned you all so I can set the record straight. It seems that you believe that I am behind the war taking place in North Korea, and that I have empowered those women so that I can make the world a better place. You seem to believe that I am helping you all get rid of a dangerous enemy. You are right about one thing. I am the one who made those women invincible. And yea … they are totally invincible in every sense of the word. I assure you any one of them on their own could accomplish the task. But I am not doing this for you. Remember what I said at the UN. This is my demonstration of what is coming to all who will not recognise me as their Empress. Those women have only a fraction of the power I possess, but you will see that for yourselves before long. I want you all to watch and learn, is that understood? I am not here to save anyone. I am not here to help. Frankly I never understood people who run around helping others, spouting shit like “I’m only here to help others!”. What a load of rubbish! I mean, if I was only here to help others, then what the fuck are you all here for? I’m doing this for me. Understood? Questions?”

No-one spoke for a moment, but eventually a nervous woman from CBS stood and cleared her throat.

“Um … did you really make those women invincible?” Susan smiled at the mousy reporter. A quick incursion into her mind saw that the woman was here because she was an intern, and nobody else wanted to come. Susan also saw the real reason for the question.

“I have enough power at my disposal to make every living person on Earth a billion times stronger than those women are. I assure you it requires no effort. Would you like a demonstration?”

Charlie was sitting right next to the girl from CBS, and had been resisting the urge to slide a few seats over from the moment she had stood up. He regretted not doing so when the Unchosen raised her left hand and shot a bolt of light at the impish reporter. There was a muffle whomp and Charlie found himself thrown into the wall along with another two of his colleagues. Everyone got back to their feet and beheld the CBS girl with wide eyes.

“Oh my god,” breathed Charlie, pressing back against the wall with his attention darting between the incredible beauty of the Unchosen and the intimidating amazon warrior the CBS girl had become. She was easily a foot taller than anyone in the room now, and her humble clothes were replaced by a thick gold bikini that appeared to made from solid metal. She was looking down at her body in awe, apparently afraid to touch herself in case she broke this wonderful spell.

“See? And that’s nothing.”

“Um … am I going to stay like this?”

“Do want to?”

“I think I do. It feels … good.”

Susan smiled, and gave her a bit more.

“Then you can keep it for a while.”

“Do I have to, you know … do your bidding and stuff?”

“Sort of,” Susan told her mysteriously. “I want you to enjoy yourself. You’re twice as strong now as any of those girls in North Korea. The only price for this power is that you must use it.”

“To do what?”

“Whatever you want, silly! I want you to show people how wonderful is it be you. One day I may offer this power to everyone on Earth … but not yet. I want them to beg me for it first.” Susan turned to look at Charlie, making him wet himself. “You were there the other day. I remember you. Do you understand, Charlie? Do you think I’m a hero?”

Charlie gulped, and shook his head.

“Good. Go tell them.”


Rhonda was taken by surprise as a tank flew into her back at Mach 6. It was reduced to particles against her unforgiving body.


Darting a few hundred feet to the left Rhonda grabbed a tank of her own, stopping briefly to let them shoot her in the face with the main gun before hefting it in right hand and turning to spot Jessie, who was still laughing at Rhonda after the debris from the tank thrown at her had settled on the ground.

“This is awesome!” Jessie declared gleefully, bullets constantly pinging off her flesh, explosions throwing debris through the air between them.

“Don’t try changing the subject!” Rhonda told her, playfully hurling the tank at her friend so fast that the armour began to melt before the impact obliterated the tank completely. Jessie stepped forward out of the explosion, a rocket propelled grenade somehow in her hand. She hurled it Rhonda, who laughed as it detonated violently right on her chest. “Bitch!”

“Let’s go that way. I can hear another battle going on over there.” The girls became a blur, smashing quickly through the barriers the Koreans had set up to keep them in place. When they reached the other battlefield they found another girl dressed just as they were facing off alone against another large army. They watched a while as long rows of artillery launched useless volleys at the girl as she made a mess of there big military base.

“She looks like us,” Jessie observed. “Do you think she knows what’s going on?”

“Let’s go ask her.”

“Let’s take out those big guns first.”

“No … I like it when they shoot us.”

Jessie shrugged. She had to admit, it did feel good.

Making their way quickly down to the battlefield, the girls slowed when they entered the field of fire. They wanted to enjoy the blasts, and didn’t want to startle the other girl … not if she was as powerful as they were.

“Hi!” Rhonda waved.

The girl was a local, and her striking beauty was quite exotic to the Canadian duo. The Korean girl tilted head.

“You’re speaking English,” she accused.

“So are you.”

“No I’m not … I don’t even understand English.”

“Um … hello? You’re speaking it.”

“I’m Jessie!” Jessie happily informed the gorgeous Korean, holding out her hand. The other girl just looked at it.

“Did Americans make me strong?” she asked, sounding almost disappointed.

“I don’t think so. Anyway … we’re from Canada.”

“I’ve never heard of Canada.”

“I can hear another battle over there,” Jessie observed, already started move that way.

“Really?” Seeing that this girl had no answers, Rhonda was quick to follow. But she turned just before tearing aware to the east and beckoned to the girl.

“Come with us.”

The girl gave her nod. “Just give me a moment, Canadian.” The girl ran up to a wrecked tank and began tearing handfuls of armour from it, each handful being quickly thrown at the circle of troops and armaments all around them. Not need the whole minute the girls quickly caught up with Jessie, who was jogging along just under the speed of sound impatiently waiting for her friend to catch up.


CBS intern Elizabeth Trubelle was over the moon. The power flowing through her body would have given Zeus himself head-spins, and she could do whatever she wanted with it. The only price of having this power was that she must she use it, and use it she would. She didn’t even bother going back to the office, or even telling her crew she was leaving.

Not that they needed to be told. As soon as the Unchosen had left, all eyes in the silent room were on the towering young intern. The aura of power around her was almost physical, her hypnotic beauty simply painful for anybody who beheld her shamelessly revealed body for too long. She smiled, and ran a hand over her stomach. Thumping it, she giggled as the shockwave knocked several people over.

“This is awesome!” she declared, not bothering to pick up her purse as she headed toward the door. Pushing it open as she had on the way in the door frame shattered along with the door itself, but she didn’t mind. She walked on down the hall and made for the exit. She didn’t know how long she had … but she was going to take advantage of her power while she had it. Approaching the exit, a security guard and several men in suits moved to stop her.

“Hold it there, Miss. We need to have a word.” Finding that her strength gave her a new confidence, Liz found the imposing guards amusing.

“We all have needs. Mine aren’t the same as yours!” They stepped up, but Liz brushed them aside. She occidentally launched the biggest one into the wall. He didn’t move. A tazer came out, and the pins tried to dig into Liz’s side. It fell away, bouncing off. But Liz caught it, smiling as electricity played over her teeth.

“That actually feels nice.”

Before the charge ran dry, Liz reached out and zapped both the guards and the suited men. Laughing even as men surrounded her and drew their guns, Liz put her hands on her hips and they opened fire. It felt GREAT! But it didn’t last long. The gunmen just stared with open mouths, none of them s stupid as to bother reloading, but none smart enough to work out what was going on.

“If that’s all you’ve got, well … I feel sorry for you!” Ignoring the flabbergasted security team, Liz walked out onto the street. Everything stopped. She was just so beautiful now that no-one could ignore her. She stood there and listened. Her hearing was astounding. She searched the whole state of Alabama, over two hundred miles away, with just the power of her souped up ears and found her target in mere seconds. Walking out into the street she bent her knees a little, and then launched into the sky with such force that the road ripped up under where she had stood, the destruction ranging out to take down a building and collapse the sewer system.

Her ability to gauge the leap came just as easy as know how to absorb the impact when she landed outside the bar in which her ex-boyfriend was drinking. It wasn’t a reasonable hour, but that had never stopped him.

“Holy shit!”

A group of bikers strode toward her and grunted their approval of her flawless and intriguing physique.

“Ain’t you a fine piece of ass!” one declared, stepping right up.

“I’m just here for Harry,” she warned.

“Well … we got a lot more to offer!”

“Sure you do.” Not wasting time on these usually menacing men, Liz took a breath and blasted them across the car park. The force of her breath, though she somehow wasn’t surprised, ripped up the cars and the asphalt under them, carrying everything off into the distance.

Liz stood in front of the bar as people came out to investigate the unholy ruckus. She waited, but Harry was not among them.

“My truck!”

Everyone was angry and confused. The scene was hard to comprehend, but everyone soon agreed the tall well-built sex-bomb was clearly the cause, they rounded on her. Some even picked up weapons. Liz ignored the menacing crowd, seeking only one of them … and he was too weak to come out. Just before the first man swung a fist at her. She called out to her ex.


It wasn’t as forceful as directly blowing on them, but the mob was swept away just as effectively. Only, with such a relatively smaller amount energy behind it most survived this time. Unfortunately the volume of Liz’s voice rendered them completely deaf. The front of the bar shook, the sign fell down, and people were now moving away from Liz as fast as they could.


Satisfied that she gotten the message across, and leaving a superpowered wrecking ball to give them a constant personal reminder, Susan returned to North Korea. Her girls were starting to find each other now, many of them now fighting together against the confused military dictatorship. It was time to talk to them, and tell them of the long and glorious future she had planned for them all.

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