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Miss Dynamo, Part 4

Written by shadoolord1979 :: [Sunday, 18 May 2014 13:39] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 18 May 2014 18:19]

“Did you see Miss Dynamo lift that oil tanker out of the water in the storm off the coast of South Africa yesterday? She is so awesome! How she does what she does … all those feats of super strength …”

“I know man. I would so love to have her as an assistant to serve me! I would love to have her massage my body all day, personally.”

“Still though, what her employer is doing is just as amazing. He managed to talk the leaders of Iran and Iraq into a permanent peace treaty that they will genuinely support, and they agreed to a disarming of their weapons too. He does more than the President does. Personally, I would vote him into the White House if he said he would nominate himself for the office.”

“True. I would too. How about when he went to that war zone in Africa and got two of the most stubborn dictators down there to stop their civil war? It served to make other leaders down there think about serious peace talks as well. He is a miracle worker if you ask me. He must have some power to do all that stuff just by talking to them. He has to.”

“It is hard to believe that he does things no one else can do, on his own too. Who knows? He says he can’t use his powers anymore, but I have a hard time believing that as well.”


Sitting in front of a computer screen, bored as she was, talking to the organizers of a meeting Daniel would have in Sydney, Australia. Rebecca was getting everything set up. She didn’t sound bored on the phone as the other assistant Linda was amazed by how much focus Rebecca showed the last two visits Daniel had planned. She didn’t ask Linda to help her out, and they decided to split the work equally as well. Linda took care of direct meetings and traveled with Daniel to his meetings as well, doing the work in the field. Rebecca worked on what was done in the office, taking phone calls and maintaining the website where people would contact Daniel, and monitoring the emails he got as well. Most of the time.

“So the place you want to have the event happen at isn’t ready yet. When will it be ready for my employer? He is eager to speak to the people down there, since it’s only is second visit down there in the last 8 months.”

“I know that, but it isn’t ready now. We have a concert planned there at the moment. We will let you know when it will be ready for you. Still, if I can say this, I like how you save all of those people yesterday from the chemical fire in Pittsburgh.”

“Don’t worry about it. It is what I do okay. Thanks for the compliment though.”

“Does his wife feel like he is focused on you more than her? Seriously, someone as sexy as you are must be leaving her burning with envy.”

“She and I have a good understanding, okay? Don’t worry about it. I won’t try to get too close to him out of respect for her, though. Is that all you wanted to talk about?”

“Pretty much. But have you heard about the annual auction for a date with you coming up? I’ll be looking to win your heart.”

“That’s so sweet, but I’m only doing it for the charity, okay? The money will benefit a lot of homeless and hungry children. I’m not fond the idea personally. Anyhow, I’ll see you later, Mr. Snyder, okay?”

As she ended the call, thoughts of a date with some horrible guy she hated coming up was really getting on Rebecca’s last nerve. She couldn’t focus as pissed off as she was at the idea, making her wonder why she even let her husband talk her into it.

“Don’t be so sad. You’re helping the kids for one night of, well … torture.”

“I know Linda but that vacation he had planned for me was too much to turn down. Not having to fly anywhere, or do anything … and having him do everything for a week at our favourite resort in Indonesia. The thought of that, and having him to myself for that long, is like a dream come true for me. It is a shame that I have to deal with a stranger that will be focused on my body more than than my personality. Danny loves me for both of these things, not one or the other.”

“It can’t be helped. How many times do you think your date will be focused on your face and not your breasts?”

“I would say probably no more than 5 times. That’s only if I remind them of it. If I don’t say anything to them about it, I don’t doubt they won’t even bother to lift their eyes at all. If they do, they’ll look so silly as they try to play it off … make it seem like they’re being polite about it. Sometimes being psychic sucks. You should take part in this silly thing, too. I know you go out with guys on the side, and you handle it much better than I would. Especially when the guy is a complete dope.”

“It takes time to get used to it. Besides I’m just the secretary, you’re the person every woman wants to be, and every guy wants to be with.”

“Yay! Lucky me. I don’t mind playing with them sometimes, but in all honesty … I wouldn’t even consider dating any other guy aside from my Danny. Not ever. Regardless of how considerate they are. Tell me why I even allowed myself to be bribed again?”

“Because you will get a week with Daniel where you won’t have to do anything aside from enjoying yourself together in Indonesia, that’s why. It’s that 5 star A-list resort. Only the wealthiest A-list celebrities get into that place. Is that enough for you? Or is it the fact that those millions of dollar spent will save all those kids?”

“Right. I’m really going to hate this experience a lot,” Rebecca said with a sigh, but Linda was there to keep her upbeat.

“Don’t be so sad, though. It’s been a year since you got you powers, and you handled yourself very well considering what you and Daniel went through up to this point.”

“I know. But I don’t want to be stuck with a guy I know I am really going to hate, even for one night. I’m sorry … but I can’t get over that.”

“In that case, you’ll have to figure it out on your own, because I have to fly over to Australia and see the potential venue for myself before as I talk to the people there personally. Don’t get too down on yourself, now.”

“I’ll try, but it will be very difficult for me not to do that.”

As Linda walked out of the office, Rebecca really needed a good pick-me-up, and whenever that happened it meant only one thing. Going over to the lockers in the back of the office, where her costume was, she went into the bathroom to strip herself of her office attire, admiring her nude body for a few moments before she put on her super hero costume and did some more sexy poses in it. Walking to the secret elevator that allowed for an emergency escape, she took it up to the abandoned military base at ground level and flew off at hyper sonic speed, going straight up into space for the fun of it. Looking down upon the Earth she loved the view she had of it, knowing she would never have to worry about suffocating in space or freezing in its extremely cold environment.

“Watching the Earth from space always helps to calm me down when I’m having a bad day. Watching the stars up here is good too. While I am up here I think I’ll pay some old friends a visit to make sure they’re doing what I told them some time ago. Just because they can get away with fault machines once doesn’t mean I will let them get away with it twice.”

Allowing herself to free-fall from space, allowing the heat and friction to try cooking her alive, she even closed her eyes until she was about 10,000 feet up before she took off to a major shipping yard in Louisiana and her target.

The shipping yard was a very busy place as all kinds of activities were underway when Rebecca, aka Miss Dynamo, landed in the middle it in her skintight and sexy outfit looking for someone. It made everyone wonder what she was doing here. She would make her way to the offices of the maker of a couple of ships that had faulty engines, and she looked like she was out for blood too. Ripping the door off of their office and tossing it aside, she went straight for the head guy in charge. She completely ignored every other person watching her. When the door to the head guy’s office was punched through and Rebecca charged in, he knew he was in for trouble. She barged in mad enough to explode.

“What are you doing here?”

“Why indeed? On two separate occasions I had to bail your company out and take care of some ships with some issues with their engines and navigational systems. They seem to fail too often. I saw the faulty engines made the same way as the one that blew up about seven days ago, just waiting to cause another accident. I wanted to see that issue fixed.”

“I am sorry. The budget wouldn’t allow for full scale repairs as you want. It can’t be helped! And only this has only happened to two ship when we have so many!”

“The error can be corrected, though, so it doesn’t happen again. I understand if you didn’t know about these issues ahead of time, okay? That’s why I didn’t get mad the first time. The second time it happened for exactly the same reason as the first … now that pissed me off. I am not the kinder and gentler Mr. Dynamo that will just let these things fly. I want to see action that might make these things not occur so often, otherwise I won’t save the next ship! And I’ve seen quite a few ships that looked like they could be the next victim of your negligence all over the world.”

“Okay. What do you want us to do? Grow money in our backyards? Because we just can’t do it.”

“Are you sure. I happened to be a decent hacker and I got some interesting financial reports regarding your company. You saved quite a bit of money this quarter on miscellaneous cut-backs to necessary repairs from the budget. The offices I saw your company have aside from this shabby office here are quite glamorous and expensive-looking. I understand making your corporate offices look presentable for potential clients, okay? But it looks a little too good and you spend more money on that with every passing quarter compared to what you spend on ship maintenance daily.”

“This is ridiculous! So you’re telling me, us, how to run a national ship making company now?”

“I’m saying you could be focusing your effort more in areas that more important. You lost quite a bit money on the bottom line from those 2 incidents, and had to pay out quite a bit in reconciliation to the families affected. If you just paid more attention to important stuff, things would be so much better. The companies I’ve told about their issue before that fixed things are seeing bigger profit margins now than they ever did, even though it cost them more money initially to make it happen. Keeping costs down to maintain your own offices with bigger TV’s and better furniture won’t cut it with me.”

As angry as the man was, he was talking to Miss Dynamo. He couldn’t do or say anything about it to her, and she said she would visit the shareholders about it later that day before walking out of the office. Going to New York, home of the corporate office of the company, she looked to find where the primary stockholders were. Rebecca took them, placing them on top of a building even as they were eating with some friends. The two older looking shareholders didn’t know what had happened, and saw Rebecca there with a look of seriousness on her features.

“I don’t get it. Why are we here?”

“Why indeed? You people need to get it in your heads that if you want a safer world your corporations will have to adapt to it, and make their world safe on your level the same way the normal people are doing. I don’t see that in you. All I see in you, like I do most CEOs and businessmen, is greed. All you want is money, and you don’t care nearly so much as you should about making the world better. My employer is making his mark with the normal people, and the progress is evident even though it will take time to show. Personally, I think you people tend to be the real issue.”

“Another fundamentalist! You need to understand that money is main thing here. People that have more of it will win at the end of the day. Your predecessor tried to talk to us about it, but deep down everything you and he says is flawed. This is a world dominated by greed, and money is just the way it works. Kill me, and someone else will take my place and do the same thing! Ships my company makes are flawed, sure! Just like everything else! So why should I just put everything I have into making the perfect ship with no issues?”

“You should listen to the people I talked into actually listening to me. They make more money now than they ever did, and they make better products as well. They lost money in the first quarter of it all with all the money they had to invest, but they benefitted from it after that.”

“Not every company can afford to go into the red like that! Have you ever thought of that? Unless the government you work for is willing to help us out, running a business isn’t exactly an easy thing to do woman. What would you know about that?”

“What indeed? Did you know that your financial adviser has a record of making companies go under more than once? He may be a good friend of yours, and you may be willing to overlook what he does, but you should look to replace him with a more competent person. Anyway, I’ll just leave your fancy next-generation ships that steer themselves and power themselves to kill people then. That might get you to listen. Have fun up here! I’m leaving now. Talking to you people always gives me a headache.”

“You are going to at least get us back where we were, right? Where are we now?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, personally. You should have some time to think about what I said up here, and remember if I know your ships are in danger I won’t save them. So you will have to suffer.”

“You know how conceited and evil that sounds, right? You’re no better than any other person.”

“Good and evil are relative to what you believe, remember that. I hope you enjoy the air up here guys! I am here to help you, and if you at least tried to listen I would have been easier on you … but boneheads like you don’t like listening and it takes a major catastrophe to make you even pay attention.”

Flying away leaving the two men there, ignoring their screams, she headed to another company that had clear issues. In this case they dealt with weapons. The company in question, Ormatech, had an incident where weapons were stolen because of their lackluster security, and Rebecca had then been forced to get them back, taking on the terrorists that obtained them. She had been targeted by the weapons the whole time, but they didn’t leave any damage as she scared them silly with her invulnerable body. Hovering by the window of the CEO’s office, looking like she might smash through the bullet proof glass was enough to scare them as the young looking red head in her tight body suit was eventually invited inside and even given some tea.

“We thank you for getting those weapons back for us when you did. We’ve done thorough investigations into the security system as it was back then, and upgraded it so it wouldn’t happen that way again.”

“But the person that opened the way for them disabled the power to the building using an EMP weapon, if I recall, and they had a guy on the inside too,” she pointed out, sipping on her tea and crossing her legs as she observed the guy in front her struggle to stay calm as sexy as she was.

“We know that, and we replaced our entire security staff, since we didn’t know who did it officially. I can assure you we want to solve the problem.”

“Then why do you feel the need to focus so much on weaponizing everything so much? The reason they take your weapons and not the weapons sold in the black market is because your weapons are easier to access. The black market isn’t always easy to reach, and they limit the damage of their goods.”

“We make them for the government, for them to use. This isn’t about what we want, we are only accommodating our main buyers. That is why we do it. The US government wants them ready to use right away whenever they want. If we limited what they could do, like we wanted, we wouldn’t win contracts to make weapons for them and the money they provide us is crucial for our future.”

“That is where the problem lies then. You need government money, and in order to make it happen you make them easier for the enemy to destroy cities with, and so on.”

“That is the reality of the situation. So what should we do?”

“Just firm up the security. And you could ask for more help from the government to make sure the goods aren’t so easy to steal at least.”

“We do try. They don’t like replying to those inquiries. By contract we are supposed to do all that, and if we refused that they would have given the government contract to someone else.”

“That’s just like them, isn’t it? Passing blame on to someone else so they aren’t liable for anything if something goes wrong! I might have to talk to them again, but they’re more boneheaded and deaf than half of the stupid corporations I deal with that all refuse to put in the time or money to make better products.”

“You should be able to talk them into it at some point, because we agree with what you say entirely and with making them unusable until they are in the secret government facilities in question. But they want to have a certain level of control, and these weapons are taken before they can be secured.”

“I can see you people have tried to listen, okay? And I admire that. I will check up on you later then. There is always something isn’t there? I swear, all I ask is that people try to account for their mistakes! And no-one wants to do that well enough,” she said, leaving the facility and holding her head, pissed as ever and kicking doors down on her way as she walked out of building.

Flying back to her office after getting another promise from another company about necessary improvements, she still wasn’t happy about it. Daniel was in the office when she got back, arriving through the secret elevator as she waved at her husband.

“Where did you go today?”

“To try to talk some sense into people about making a change. Seriously! It seems like the major corporations are scared to pay for the changes needed, always insisting they need more money or claiming they can’t do anything from their end.”

“That is how they are, Rebecca. They are all about making money, and only that. They don’t like having a quarter or two where they lose money at all, and even for the few companies that gave in and listened, those that are benefiting from it now, it isn’t enough for them. I know how it is. That’s why I focus on the people more … they will listen. The corporations, however, will not.”

“Most of them want to change and make a better world but they are so wrapped up about the money part that it pisses me off. They all mismanage their finances, and claim they have no money when it’s their own fault they don’t have any of it to begin with.”

“I like that you try to respect them, but you will have to be forceful to make them listen. If you want to be a little rough with them I am not saying you can’t. It’s nice that you are trying to respect my words.”

“If I had my way I would torture them … but I want to try to follow your example too, and respect them … but they make it so hard to do that! They always come up with the same excuses every time. I want to have the same success you are right now, but it isn’t working. What’s your secret?”

“You have to sneak though. Perhaps you should talk to the friend I talk to that works here about how to do this stuff. You would be able to torture them, and it would still be considered somewhat respectable as well.”

“I don’t get it how do you do so much and be so respectful while you do it. Seriously. It’s like those people I talk to don’t care enough.”

“Now you see why I did what I did in the very beginning. The normal folk listen to me, and I can see them responding to me. I knew it would take awhile, and it would have taken longer if I were to target the corporations too.”

“Okay. What would you have done regarding them?”

“I would let the people force them to change their ways. I knew it would be hard to get them to see past the dollar signs in their eyes. I still respect you for what you are trying to do. And I hope you try to be civil and respectful to the potential date for the auction.”

“I will just say this: If I have to do anything during our little vacation afterward, you can forget about the sex you like so much when I power down for you ahead of time. You will be living out in the forest of the island, too … and you won’t be allowed to be as close as 100 feet from the house. I really mean that, too.”

“I know it sucks, but we have keep up the appearances.”

“I don’t care. That’s all I’m saying … and we better have the best room in that resort with the best employees there serving us. If we don’t, heads are going to roll. I might not let you back in the house for at least a few months, as pissed as I am now. Thinking about those stupid horny men in that auction.” She delivered her warning with her arms crossed, looking away from Daniel with an obviously angry look on her face.

“You sure are taking it well, if that’s the case. I hope things turn out well then. I have to get myself ready for the trip to Sydney. My last trip there was one of the best visits I ever had.”

Rebecca refused to speak to her husband while he was in the office. He would leave eventually, completely giving up trying to get through to his wife.


As the time got close to the big event, when the moment the woman of honor would arrive to be auctioned off to the most eligible bachelor in New York, the Radio City Music Hall was rocking. The rich and wealthy arrived ready to spend their money, all hoping to get their shot with the sexiest woman on the planet for a day, and all for charity.

“The scene here is crazy here in New York City, as Miss Dynamo is expected to show up to give herself to the richest man here, all proceeds for children’s charities … and the number of A list celebs that are coming here continue to grow. We even have people from other countries coming in as well. In order to make sure the people aren’t looking to kill her here, every person had to scanned and checked out before they got their tickets. Then again, how could they even hope to harm her? We have seen her comfortably survive the strongest weapons available. I would like to see someone try to harm her if they managed to sneak in … oh well.”

The media was looking to talk to all of the prospective males they could, and they were all eager to beat each other as well.

“Only, if their potential girlfriends and other female celebs had thought of this, I doubt any respectable woman attached to any of these men would even agree to it … then again being as close Daniel Stowe is to his assistant, I’m surprised that he agrees to this. Then again, I am sure his wife would want Miss Dynamo to run off with one these men and never to come back! I wouldn’t blame her, either, since Miss Dynamo must spend more time behind the scenes with Daniel Stowe than she does.”

The crowd would eventually hear a super sonic object overhead and since no planes were flying over the area it could only mean one thing. People were looking overhead as Rebecca came down, dressed in a sexy party dress with her hair beautifully done-up. The sight of her with that stunning dress hugging her every curve like a glove made all the men there go wild, all kinds perverted male fantasies going through their heads. She saw all of this, and it made her want to gag. But she acted civil and smiled. She had cameras all around her, flashing from every direction. Blowing sweet kisses at them, she began to make her way inside with the sight of men drooling at the thought of her surrounding her.

“I really hate the media going on right now,”She thought to herself. “These pigs don’t make it any easier. I just want this night to be over as soon as possible.” Despite how she felt she still gave the men there a sweet and innocent smile regardless.

“She’s here! It’s really her! Miss Dynamo has revealed herself here and the crowd here going wild. If only you could be in New York, and have your chance to be close to this woman …”

The envy was written on every average Joe’s face. Knowing that they could never bid high enough to win the date with Miss Dynamo left many men worldwide depressed, upsetting their wives and girlfriends. It was the biggest televised event that year, rivaling even the Superbowl, and even gaining the attention of female viewers, and fashion moguls as well. Rebecca was hounded by media the whole time back-stage, and as badly as she wanted to blow them away with her super breath she stayed calm and relaxed. Thinking about that vacation her husband had promised was all that kept her from killing the annoying reporters, but eventually she would go to her own private greenroom where Daniel’s friend was there waiting for her.

“I am surprised you didn’t kill any of the annoying reporters yet.”

“Please! You have no idea how close I’ve come to doing that! They want to know everything there is to know about me. Seriously! I just want to toss them to the moon right now … but that vacation, and a week with Daniel, is all I really care about now. So how much longer will I have suffer here?”

“It shouldn’t be much longer I personally told the producers of this silly broadcast to hurry or you might get violent.”

“That’s good. All of those stupid men out there I’m seeing through the wall with my X-ray vision look like a bunch of rabid dogs, yearning for fresh meat. I don’t mind playing with them some when I am in a good mood, but not the way I am feeling right now.”

“You’ll be just fine! Just keep thinking about that vacation Daniel promised, and everything will be okay, alright princess?”

After about 30 minutes, she was called to the stage. And the crowd went wild as she walked out. Waving at the guy, the auctioneer had to compose himself, having a challenging timekeeping the horny men in the crowd under control as the stunning beauty before him drove them almost into a frenzy.

“I know how eager you guys are down there, okay? Just relax some. You will all get your chance to make your bets soon enough just remember the new option we are using here. You have all been given a hand held device with which you can make your offer, and it will inform you as the price goes up in real time as well. It is a unique system we are trying out here. Hopefully this keeps the noise down in here … and try to be civil here guys! We have to show all kinds of respect to our lovely looking guest!”

Looking all sweet and innocent in her dress set the intensity of the bidding to a fever pitch as a screen on stage told the auctioneer what the max bid was. The max price was rising rapidly, as Rebecca expected, but at the rate the bid were rolling in, it seemed she might draw a billion dollars.

“Aren’t we getting crazy? It’s only been about 1 minute, and the bidding already exceeded 100 million dollars,” the auctioneer thought as he continued to see bids explode even further beyond the 100 million dollar mark.

The bidding would reach levels of almost 200 million dollars before long, breaking the records her husband set during the 9 years of bidding he went through. The record bid for him was 130 million dollars. The auction seemed like it wouldn’t stop, until a bid blew everyone else’s away as a man offered 950 million dollars At that point the bidding stopped for a moment, until another guy from Kuwait offered to pony up the full billion, but when a rival bid of 1.5 billion came in after that it stopped right there.

“Wow I knew I was popular, but still …” Rebecca thought as the stunning looking young man with a tuxedo appeared as confident as ever.

As he handed Rebecca a rose, she noticed he seemed to be about as tall as she was at about six and half feet. He had a look to him that was different from any other guy, and she could only smile as she held hands with the guy in question.

“I don’t know why, but you seem different from the others … and you are much cuter than I would have expected.”

“Don’t worry. I will try not to bore you too much on our date.”

“How about our money?”

“Don’t worry, I have my financial adviser on the way and he should be here soon enough. He will make sure you are paid, with a little extra on the side as well. So shall we be off now? I will do everything from here. You don’t have to worry about flying me anywhere, or fighting for me. I am quite proficient in many forms of martial arts as well.”

“Lead the way, then.”

Waving goodbye to the other losers all around, Rebecca was guided to the gentleman’s car. He opened the door for her and let her into the passenger seat. He didn’t seemed to be interested in her profession as a heroine, or her appearance either. She crossed her legs during the trip and he didn’t seemed flustered by it at all. He seemed to be focused on the road the whole time.

“So … where are headed to, Mr. Darwin?”

“You will see, don’t worry. I will be able to give the time of your life. So, are you seeing anyone for real … or are the rumors of you seeing Mr. Stowe true?”

“I don’t want to discuss that. That is a matter between him and me.”

“I respect that. Then I can see why it is a business relationship. That’s alright. We should be there soon.”

The trip there was pleasant enough. As they arrived at the restaurant, the keys of the car were trusted to the valet as Rebecca was guided to their table. And all he had to was wave at the door man and they all seemed to know what to do from there. Everyone there recognized Rebecca, as it was hard not to tell who she was, being such a stunning angel. She was as tall as a female basketball player with the perfect female figure, large breasts, flawless ass, and sexy looking legs. Looking like she was in her early 20s only made her that more desirable as well. The couple walked to his table as the most expensive wine was waiting for them and she was seated before he sat down.

“You are free to order what you want. As you could see earlier, money is no object to me. I think you deserve it for what you are trying to do, making corrupt corporations of the world reform the way you have for all this time.”

“It’s words like that encourage me to keep me going when they refuse to listen, when there is a clear issue they can solve quickly yet refuse to do it.”

“The fact that you try to respect them as well makes you look even more impressive. I would have thought that you would just force them to listen, but you show the good part of you instead.”

“You can thank Mr. Stowe for that. He does more than I do to save lives, and he is a normal guy too.”

“He’s special, I’ll give you that much. I have been watching him for some time, just like you. What he does is truly amazing to say the least, and he plans it out so well, too. You are so lucky to have him as an employer, but why do you work for him when you could be doing so much more?”

“I find him a very interesting person, that’s all. I won’t say how to you, or anyone else either.”

She would order her meal from there as they both enjoyed their wine. The first thing she noticed right away was how he was focused entirely on her young looking face and nothing else. The minor psychic powers she had told her that he was truly focused on the date and surprisingly had no real interest in her body at all. As he began to talk about the issues of the world, Rebecca was focused mainly on where his eyes were looking, and was content on watching him the whole time.

“Not to be rude, but do you want to add to this conversation? What’s wrong I’m not boring you, am I?”

“You are quite an interesting fellow, compared to what I expected tonight.”

“What did you expect? Some disrespectful fool focused on his own perverted fantasies? You won’t see that with me, as I am sure you noticed by now, right? You must have been scoping me out this whole time.”

“You figured me out. You act so observant … I like that. Your conversation says a lot about what you know, too. I was paying attention to you but making sure you kept your eyes on my face the whole time.”

“I find it very disrespectful to not look someone in the eye when you talk to them. I always look to respect the people before me, if I think they deserve it. I also find you to be a very interesting woman as well.”

The food came after that as the couple continued to have a good conversation, focused on each other in a way no one expected as they watched the two gorgeous people. Enjoying their fancy meals, ordering more, they both seemed to be locked in an eternal staring match the whole night until they left. It was like they knew something was going on with each other and they were waiting for the other to reveal to it. While she was in his SUV, in deep thought about him, she looked out of the window.

“I felt something from him a few moments during the dinner,” she mused to herself. “It was something that made me hate him for some reason. It didn’t come from this world, either. He isn’t human, and seems to be able to hide his real intentions from me as well. I wonder who he really is?”

The trip over to his place, to enjoy a movie in his living room, was another harmless experience as they held each other close. He felt very gentle as he had her treated like a queen until she began to put the moves on him, tickling his chin some like she wanted to seduce him.

“Aren’t we getting a bit too aggressive here?”

“Why not? You must be the best guy I ever had dinner with, except for Daniel, and you talk so much about being respectful and honorable and yet you lie to me about who you really are. I felt your power during our little dinner date. Did you actually think I wouldn’t notice it?”

“I allowed some of it show on purpose. And its good that you noticed it, too. I was beginning to wonder when you would ask about it. You didn’t want the media to blow the story out of proportion, my guess is that had to be why you held back. I don’t blame you. Do you want to know something else really mind blowing?”

“What could you possibly shock me with?”

“I could have had you stripped of your powers about 6 monthes ago, and wanted to do it too. But you used the dark and evil cosmic powers of yours in a way I didn’t expect at all. I had to watch all this time to see why you were doing that.”

That alone was enough to make her back away fast and stand up defending herself. He stood up at that point and snapped his fingers. His skin turned from something comparable to a human’s to his native purple skin and his body bulked up, ripping and tearing his clothes to shreds. As his body gained about 6 extra inches of height and bigger muscles than most men could normally have without steroids, a bright light was released from his body and he had a costume comparable what real life Superman would wear only without the cape. His hair was slightly longer as well and the powerful man before her had the same voice as before, oddly enough.

“Okay you bastard! Why are you here?”

“I am here to learn of the location of the alien being known as Elvira. Your powers originated from her, and it belonged to her servant. You will tell me where she is if you know what’s good for you.”

“You must mean the one that gave my husband his powers originally? She’s gone … never to return.”

“I don’t believe you. I would have normally fought you by now, but you are different. The dark powers she gives a victim isn’t controlling you, it is at your full command and you choose not use it. Something happened here and I want to know what it is. Now talk.”

“If I knew the answer to that dearie, I would be so much happier! But not even I know that information. Sorry sweetie. Just when I thought I found the man that might be comparable to my husband. Oh well. Can you at least tell me where my powers came from? Because I really don’t know where it came from at all.”

“I suppose I could do that much, at least, so you know what you are dealing with. Because when I am done explaining that, I am going to give you a choice. I can guarantee it won’t be an easy one for you either.”


Refusing to sit down next to him, Rebecca listened as he began to talk and he didn’t look happy about it.

“The powers you possess now originally belonged to a cosmic police officer from the galactic peace keeping force. They gave their high ranking officers great power as a reward for their loyalty, but the guy Elvira seduced had exceptional potential as he was the highest ranking officer she ever took. She married the man and looked to have real feelings for him this time around. Normally she just takes their powers and puts them in people but this time around his dark emotions and powers were taken from him and she kept the thought she found in his head she liked the most for herself on top of that.”

“That doesn’t so bad to me. So why is my current power so bad?”

“It is because she changes it into a dark and evil power that only she could control, making the man her puppet. The darkness then takes over the victim and consumes all parts of them. I see in humans like you doesn’t work as well as it should because humans have powerful emotions of good to rival their negative ones. That explains why your husband broke free of it and kept himself free of its influence.”

“You are telling me that aliens can’t do this? That sounds stupid.”

“Humans like you are dominated by your emotions. This is a very rare trait that actually makes your kind unique. Most races act logically and quickly put their emotions aside early on in their evolution, allowing them to make major fundamental leaps quickly.”

“So , basically, human emotions hold us back?”

“Yes they do. They make humans cherish the things they want the most, slowing down their progress. But it also makes them stronger than people like myself at first think. You can overcome many things with your powerful emotions that surpass expectations anyone like me could ever have. Daily. Most humans don’t even realize how powerful their emotions really are, and claim to be weak when they are quite strong. But that’s beside the point. The power, as she intended to use it, would make the victim her slave. Somebody got the idea of separating it from your man. I want to know who it was, and where the body of that witch is. There is also the benefit of telling what I want to know as well.”

“That is?”

“Cooperate and I will give up your powers quickly after that. I will personally get rid of the alien symbiotes for you, ridding your world of all forms of evil power in one shot. You hate them, don’t you? They can rip you apart whenever they want and your powers can’t save you from them, right?”

“What is the other side of the coin though?”

“If you refuse to cooperate and oppose me, I will remove your powers from you and give those alien symbiotes the tools they need to destroy this world. I only came here for her, and your powers. What happens to the rest of mankind is irreverent to me. I am a bounty hunter and I won’t leave until I get what I want. So what is it going to be? You have the fate of the world in your hands, and running away isn’t an option. You will leave this place when I say so, not the other way around.”

“I’d like to see you try to stop me from leaving.”

“Go on ahead and try then. You will see what I mean soon enough.”

“I think I will.”

Walking over to the window to open it, she flew out of it only to see a force field in her way. Hovering high over the house the frustration kicked in fast as she was unable to blast her way out. Her cosmically enhanced punches did nothing and her energy attack, even pushing herself, wasn’t enough either as she tired herself out quickly using her normal energy reserves. Landing in the back yard of the mansion she saw the alien that spoke to her suddenly appear in front of her with a look of confidence on his face.

“I told you so. You have no choice but to do as I say, or else.”

“How dare you! I told you I don’t know anything. I also told you the person you are after is gone and you refuse to believe me! What do I have to do to make you think straight?”

“You don’t understand the person I am talking about here. She has often been considered dead and always came back again when no one expects it. Even her minions are often left in the dark about where she really is. I just can’t believe that she is dead unless I can prove it directly. I have lost track of her so many times I lost count. Either you tell me what I want or I might consider going after someone else you might know.”

Knowing right away who he was talking about served to anger her and Rebecca charged at him super fast determined to kill her foe.

“If you think, you are going to lay a hand on him you are sadly mistaken.”

“Come at me then, I want to see you try to stop me. I am no weakling.”

Charging in didn’t worry him any as he blocked the incoming blow. The force of the impact made the area shake and he was sent flying back through this house to the other side of his property. Tumbling over he saw her charging at him again. Expecting it right away, he reacted accordingly, redirecting her body in a different direction and sending her through the far left side of the house to another part of the mansion faster than she charged at him.

“Her strength and power level don’t match up. What is going on here? It doesn’t matter … I can make her talk regardless.”

Charging towards an angry Rebecca as he recovered, his fighting skills showed as he attempted to pin her down to the ground in a tight arm lock

“Damn it all let me go!!”

“Tell me what I need you to know then! You have to know something!”

“I keep telling you that I don’t! If you don’t let up I am going to kill you, damn it!”

Without knowing, at that moment the extra dark power within began to flow out and empower her with extra power. He felt the power flowing through her the same time she did, and it empowered her muscles making her smile.

“This feels so good! Now you are really going to get it!”

“No way! Are you doing that?”

“Don’t worry about it. You won’t have enough time to worry about that when I am done with you.”

Breaking his arm lock easily, she pummeled him up against the top of his the force field and back down to the other side of estate, making hole in the ground as the dark aura of her power was felt right after that immediate. Running through the house in her way easily, like it wasn’t there, ripping and tearing what was left of her dress in the process, Rebecca was right top of him immediately and grabbed hold by his neck and began to crush it, causing him a considerable about of pain. Hovering slightly over the ground as she did it, drawing more of the dark power from within and focusing it on destroying the man in her grasp. This was making him desperate, and without many options. He tried to blast her with beams from his eyes, but it didn’t hurt her at all. She seemed to like being exposed to the energy she was hit with, and wanted him to hit her with it as hard as possible.

“That power feel so intoxicating! Hit me harder!! You can’t hurt me with your petty excuse for strength.”

No amount of force he used was working as the dark and evil power she was summoning was making his efforts look pathetic. She would eventually pound him into the ground making another hole in the ground, and the hole got deeper as she began to impose his will on him. She then stepped on him at that point making it hard for his vital organs to function as forcefully as she was pushing on him. The naked Rebecca was basking in the dark power at this point, and yet she was controlling it somehow and using it to make her victim suffer the whole time.

“So much power! How can so much be unaccounted for? Your energy levels don’t reflect the type of power I am seeing, and it still continues to grow too.”

“That is what you get for pissing me off! And don’t think I am going to let you up, either since you have those supposed weapons that could harm me, right? If I detect anything I think is hostile, I will make sure it hits you first. Now I am going to tell you one last time: I don’t know where this other person is you hate so much, and I don’t know why I have all of these powers. Then again, I’m not complaining about it. You can’t do anything to me while I have them, right?”

The struggle she saw on his face, seeing him unable to get her foot off of his chest as his bones were cracking was like the best thing she could ever hope for. Eventually she decided to stop playing around with her weaker foe and let him go, deciding to use her extra power to break her way out of the prison she was in. Blowing him a kiss, threatening to kill him if he ever used his powers to target her man, Rebecca flew off to the force field directly overhead. The extra power made all the difference as all out physical blows were enough break a hole in the force field after about five hard, Earth shattering, hits. Looking down at the house below her, a supercharged burst of super breath reduced it to rubble as though category 6 super hurricane force winds destroyed it.

“These super powers can really come in handy sometimes. I’m out of here.”

Flying away from the house leaving a powerful hyper sonic boom in her wake, loving the extra power she had at that moment, she decided to head over to a mountain to see if she could lift it to see how strong she was. Going to the Himalayas, she landed close to Mt Everest and began to lift a mountain she picked randomly. At first it wasn’t going to move and she drew upon more dark power within her, empowering her already pumped up muscles even further.

“Come on power! Don’t fail me now!! I need more energy, please.”

The area shook violently as this happened, as she was being fed dark emotional power from the people of planet Earth. But she didn’t know that. Eventually the huge mountain was lifted off of the ground and she was eventually able to get under it. At that point, the mountain was no heavier than a barbell and she could press it up and down gradually as she hovered over the ground with it, high i the sky glowing with a powerful dark aura. The energy level was making cosmic energy meters of the government break. They were never made to read that level of power, even thousands of miles away from where she was.

“I want more power, damn it! I want to be able to toss this mountain around like its a free weight. Come on! More power!”

She didn’t even notice as she went from being a female fitness model build to that of a massive female body builder with larger breasts than before, but she didn’t care as the mountain was getting lighter the more she benched it up and down really fast. It eventually got so light it was no heavier than a light free weight to her. She tossed it around, catching it before it could get very far. She eventually placed it back down where she took it from, and lifted another and even larger mountain, ripping it off of its foundation just as easy as she expected. She had proven how dominant she was at that point, and allowed to darkness to dissipate and the mountain in her grip got heavier as she placed it back, making another huge quake as she dropped it in place. Watching her muscles melt back to their usual size, making her look like an elite fitness model type again, was a joy for her though. She didn’t like looking huge and overly massive. Rebecca flew back to her home on the Pacific Island to bask in her victory.

As she was moving mountains, the thought of her doing that alone was enough to make her recent foe cringe. As she did it all, she was in total control of the dark powers, focusing it for the specific task she was wanted to use it for and nothing else.

“I saw her power, but there is another aspect of it that I can’t sense. It must be the emotional effect of it and that might account for this, but if she could do that then she is far too dangerous. I have to take her powers from her as soon as possible. If she ever let the darkness inside of her go wild, I can only imagine the kind of damage she could do. And no bounty ever gets away from me, that is a promise! I won’t underestimate her powers again, but I need to know how much power she is using first. I guess I should go to my ship and get to work.”

She hovered over Mt Everest as she had her fun with the two nearby mountains close by, basking in the power she had. He also was being watched by the female symbiote using her cosmic cloak to make herself invisible to him as all this happened.

“So that’s the bum that has been stalking Henry and me for the last few months. It if wasn’t for him and his assistant we would’ve killed her already. He won’t be an issue though. His power is similar to hers so Henry and I should be able to slash at him the same way we did her before.”

She was disguised as a mountain climber on a distant peak, and made her back to report her findings to Henry. He would be eager to learn about what she learned so far.


Not all things were good in the year that passed since Daniel Stowe revealed himself as Mr. Dynamo. Many people couldn’t forgive him for misleading them for this long, and hated him. Henry was always a hater of Mr. Dynamo and he he gained more followers for his talk show talking about all the negative aspects of the world, gaining more viewers than ever. His female partner did most of the work as she didn’t feel like living a normal life outside of the simple house for Henry. He was a big slob, and it amazed Angelica just how messy a man he was. But she loved him regardless, since they hated the world just the same. On the day Rebecca moved the massive mountains on her own Henry was recording another of his shows live, and when it was over he looked over the massive amounts of hate mail on his twitter account and he smiled.

“I love looking at my hate messages! They always put a big smile on my face the more I look at them. They give me the fuel to keep going, even when I get bored of doing these shows. I wonder if Angie found our stalker yet? She said she would. I want to make him pay dearly for distracting me in my plan to make Rebecca suffer, as often as I’ve caught him or his assistant spying on me for the past six months. And then there are the three attacks they mounted on me and Angie too. They have some powerful tech in that ship of theirs. I don’t know how we got lucky enough to escape each time, though.”

He would eventually get a call from a random person the next day, and the person told him Angel wanted to see him at the playground. He knew right away what that meant. Driving himself to where the call was made, the person was clearly was under the control of a sample of the symbiote organism he and Angelica had in their bodies, and he felt it as well.

“So where I going now?”

“I wasn’t told about that. I was only told to buy you an airplane ticket to Australia. I hope she has answers for you there.”

“Thank you. I hope it’s first class.”

“Of course it is.”

“I always wanted to see the Land Down Under, and now I can.”

Handing Henry the envelop with the airplane ticket the person also mentioned how he thought he was being watched as well.

“Okay thanks for the info.”

“What if this spy learns about you and …”

“It is irrelevant that this power they will learn of it eventually at some point right besides if they make a move on me or Angel. The poor sap in question is going to pay for it dearly with their lives.”

“So be it, then. Have fun in Australia.”

“I sure will. And I want you to come with me as well. When I get to the airport I want you to drive my car back home.”

“Of course. As you command.”

The person watching it all happen from a nearby car drove off and called someone on the phone. The voice of a female with a British accent was on the other end.

“You must have found something juicy, so what is going on?”

“Not very much, aside from the fact that our favourite hero-hating media sensation is going to Australia to meet his partner. What could be there that could possibly be worth traveling so far for?”

“The alien ship the guy that attacked Rebecca arrived in. I felt an something odd as I cloaked my appearance and went over there to enjoy the outback with a cute stud that happened to be an avid explorer of the outback. I didn’t know what it was, but the energy was different from anything I saw before on this planet, and it clearly isn’t from a natural source like solar radiation, either. What else could it be aside from his ship?”

“There are other alien ships on the planet that the world governments are ripping tech from everyday still emit strange cosmic energy as well.”

“None of these silly ships are in Australia, okay? Don’t get me started on that topic, just keep an eye on those two, that is all I ask of you, okay?”

“Of course. I know anyway, I wanted to report what I saw, okay? I’ll call you again when I learn more about it.”

“I know you will, because you don’t have any choice in the matter.”

At about the same time in Sydney, Daniel was going around the city with his friend, and they were having a very good time. They spent the whole day there, and as the events of late began to find themselves reaching to Sydney in due time. Linda was nailing down the final details of the Sydney meeting, talking to local officials insisting she would take care of everything.

“This is awesome stuff, buddy. How many times have you been here? You seem to know so much about this place.”

“I should, Daniel old friend. I’ve been here more than you have, even in your heroic days.”

“With all the effort I had to put in just to keep myself in control back then, I don’t really recall too much of what I did specifically. I know of all the major events, but not the minor ones.”

“Don’t worry about it, okay buddy? You had a hard enough time dealing with it, but you’re free now. You should enjoy it.”

“I know, but I worry about my wife. She is just so strong, and I fear her ego might get her killed, but I like how she is using me as a way to keep herself focused on doing the right thing. It’s worked out well for her. She might have gone nuts if it wasn’t for me.”

“It was the same way back then too, buddy … right? The powers and the mind control the female alien was trying to force on you was driving you nuts, and her inner strength kept you from giving into the darkness as it tried to take you over, on a daily basis. It is the exact opposite as it was back then.”

“You might be right. Someone has to be there for her, though. I am happy it’s me.”

They were close to their hotel room at the time, and decided to hang out there to focus on each other. Before they could rest any, they received a phone call about the potential of the two dark twins making their way to Australia.

“What do you mean? Why would they come here?”

“I am trying to find that out, Sir. I am just warning you about it.”

“Do you think this might have something to do with the creep that tried to steal Rebecca’s powers the other day?”

“I’m not going that far, but still … that may be the case.”

After putting his cellphone in his pocket he looked worried, and Daniel asked what was going on.

“What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry about it, okay? I’ll handle it … you just worry about the event you have later on, alright?”

“Let’s hope things turn out okay. But Rebecca said that he might consider going after me, though. Do you think he will do that to get Rebecca to go his ship?”

“I don’t want you worrying about that, mate. You are beyond that part of your life now. Trust me, I will watch over you.”

“Alright then. I will trust you.”


In the Pacific Ocean just north of Sydney, out of sight of modern eyes buried in the ocean floor, the ship that brought to Earth the alien that attacked Rebecca was in good working order. The assistant that paid the 1.5 billion dollars for the date for Rebecca, a younger looking male with a figure that was comparable to an average sports athlete, with tights comparable to what his master wore, was working on the final adjustments on the machine that would take Rebecca’s powers. His master was on the bridge talking to the ship’s computer, the interface of which was in the form of a female humanoid robot. They talked about Rebecca and how her powers got as strong as they were.

“I expected her powers to be stronger than what they were when her human husband had them, but to have them at the level I’ve experienced. That display was clearly beyond any of my expectations. You still haven’t explained to me why that was the case. I looked at the data many times and I don’t see anything to tell me why.”

“I would have helped you more if I wasn’t helping your assistant make the adjustments on the machine. You wanted it working as soon as possible. You are really very impatient … but anyway, I looked over the data and I agree in that the amount of power can’t be accounted for based on information available. I have come to a conclusion that clearly explains it, and I have other examples to back up my hypothesis.”

“This should enlightening.”

“Very funny. Anyway, the body of Rebecca Stowe was conditioned to accept the power with very little rejection.”

“I know that already. I saw that in the data.”

“Did you know that the level of conditioning her body shows is comparable to the most powerful officers in the intergalactic police as well?”

“I knew it was a high level of conditioning, but to have it that high …”

“Yes. There is more, too. The biggest factor in her favor is that she is actually becoming the true owner of the powers she has been granted.”

“Is that even possible? I thought the evil witch kept the essence of her guardian separate from the consciousness of the victim. Even when she was supposedly gone for a while, it was still that way.”

“She also kept the power levels of her guardian down low enough to where she could control them. That is why you always had an easy time fighting them before. The human you fought recently was an exception. I suspect that she was right about the bounty you want to find being already dead.”

“What makes you think that?”

“The dark powers within reacted to her instinctive need to survive, without even any hesitation, when you had her pinned down. That wouldn’t have happened to any of the other victims of the witch. Human emotions also have a big part in making Rebecca even stronger than normal as well. Data I gathered on Mr. Dynamo makes me think her human husband used his powerful emotions to fight off the control enough to maintain a heroic persona.”

“Still, if it is becoming part of her … then the dark powers inside of her body will become a threat to everyone. I need to take her down, either way. What is taking so damn long with the adjustments on the machine anyway?”

“Because it was due for repairs anyway, naturally, because the power supply unit needed to be replaced. On top of that, the settings will now have to be tuned up considerably to account for all the random factors we just talked about.”

“Great. The longer it takes the more likely it will be Ms Dynamo will cause more damage and threaten the star systems around her. I can only imagine just how bad it will get when that happens.”

“One more thing that you should know about: I told your apprentice this, but he apparently didn’t pay any attention me. One of the two humans possessed by the Urdrenia organism appears to be focused on where we are right now.”

“What!? I thought we were safe from human tracking system, like satellites.”

“We would be if they weren’t using alien tech from other alien ship wrecks, incorporating the tech into what exists here today. Humans are more resourceful than you make them out to be.”

“Do you think the humans are a threat?”

“No. The energy we might emit is cloaked in a way to make it seem like it is normal radiation from Earth. That is why the humans are fooled for the most part. Why the two people in question are looking at us might have to do with their unique ability to detect odd forms of radiation. Based on testing I did using drones in the last six earth months, they have that ability.”

“How can they even threaten the ship though?”

“I wouldn’t underestimate them, if I were you. They have the minds of humans, along with the natural enhanced abilities given to them by the symbiote organism.”

“They still can’t deal with me, I’m no slouch. I might just let them get close so I can fight both of them. They should be a good challenge for me. If I fight them one on one it wouldn’t be fair to them at all.”

“Do as you want, then. Who am I to argue with you? This could be a trap from the start, though. Remember that.”

“That’s why I have you and my cadet here to hold the fort while I am away. I wouldn’t dare take this mission on alone. That would be stupid.”

“At least you figured that much out. I am going back to help your cadet speed up the process some.”

“That’s a good idea. Do that. I have enough answer about this for now.”

“What are going to do about the bounty you wanted? She is, in fact, most likely dead … and there is no way to know who killed her.”

“I’ll figure it out somehow. Trust me on that.”

It would walk back to main lab area where the weapon was being fixed. As this was happening, Angelica was waiting close by with a person she had control over beside her. He handed her a suitcase with special bombs in it. She was waiting off of the coast with a speed boat as the other person came up from the deep water in a specially made suit designed for deep ocean diving. Able to go down thousands of feet deep, it was still in the testing phases. The suit enhanced the strength of the wearer and had rocket packs that allowed to cover a lot of distance quickly underwater, along with its ability to make oxygen indefinitely from the seawater if it needed to.

“These are the special toys you took from your employer, Mr. Rory?”

“Yes Master. These bombs were taken from an alien space ship in New Mexico during that crash we all know didn’t really happen. The weapons on that ship were refined and made to be more destructive than they would normally be by themselves.”

“I see there are only 4 left in the case of at least 15. So you planted the rest of them around the mountain where the ship is buried?”

“Yes, Master. I did exactly as you commanded.”

“Excellent. Now, with those explosives set the bombs will do most of the work destroying the ground it is lodged in, and damaging the ship as well. I can then plant the rest of them inside the ship.”

“The ship is a good ways down, Master. How do you plan to get close to it?”

“The symbiote organism within me will sustain me no matter what. I can exist in space or deep under water even with the intense water pressure involved or total lack of it. I only need you to get me close to the ship when the time comes. Understand me?”

“Yes, Master. I understand.”

When the flight to Australia finally landed, Henry called his lover telling him he was there and she told him to stay where he was. She had her slave with him take his vehicle to pick him up, and he would take Henry to the coastal area where she was camped out waiting for him. The two of them hugged each other and kissed before the plan was discussed and a proper timetable was talked about.

“So we attack the ship tonight, then. But what if he decides to come after us first though?”

“The two of us should be able to handle him alright. She beat him on her own and we should be able to do the same as well, right?”

“You make a good point, Angel. I gotta say, I am not used to living out in the wilderness like this, it feels good.”

“You should take some time off from those shows you do and come with me on my missions. It will make a real man out of you.”

“My fans love me ,what can I say? Once you get a taste of my home cooking you can never get enough of it right?”

“Sure … whatever. Keep telling yourself that, Honey. But we have some time, though … what do you say we keep each other entertained?”

“I came here for the real action. If I wanted time with you, I wouldn’t want to do it out here. Anyone could just walk into our little campsite out here, after all.”

“True. But we have a spy here to keep the coast clear for now, right honey? I miss having you with me with all the time you put up with all the TV shows and all.”

“I suppose I could have a little fun. Just keep it short and sweet, okay? Our spy here had better not let anyone get close.”

“I will do my best master.”

Day would give way to the night when the event would finally happen. As it was about to happen, Daniel’s friend was in a special suit that granted him super human speed and strength and flight along with a force field as well. He looked over the areas that friends in the government had told him they suspected something was hiding for sometime, but couldn’t confirm anything 100%. From his contact’s information, there was about a 40% chance of something being out there, but when Henry and his female partner was seen there he knew he was in the right place after scanning all of the areas around Sydney he was told to search.

“After so much time spent scanning areas around the city, I finally found them! It looks like they are going to make their move, too. How do they plan to do it, however? And where exactly is the place they are going to attack? Going out into the water at night must mean they will have no visibility at all.”

It was about 11:45 PM local time when they took the speedboat and went out into the Pacific Ocean a good ways. They had their slave with them, and he had a suit that Daniel’s friend recognized right away from secret government files in his lab facilities. The visual scanners on his suit saw it all happening as he used antigravity thrusters and an invisibility cloak to observe while Daniel spoke to him using a communicator in his helmet.

“What are seeing now, buddy?”

“I am watching the two people that Rebecca hates so much. They’re about to head out and do whatever it is they’re up to. I don’t know what they plan, though. How are you contacting me now?”

“I have my ways, okay? I want to know what’s going on here. Can I have one of those suits that you are wearing too?”

“I ordered one for you already and it’s almost done. But we can talk about that later. I have to keep an eye on things here, okay?”

“Just don’t get too close to the action.”

“I don’t intend to.”

As the main event was unfolding, Rebecca was still in her office thinking hard about how cool it was to lift the mountain up off of the ground while she listened to some music. She then received a phone call from someone that sounded like a kid. The girl seemed know something about current events, and Rebecca wanted to know who this person was.

“Excuse me, but who are you again?”

“I want to tell something really cool. It involves the guy you fought before, and those two creatures that slashed you to death, as well.”

“What of them?”

“There is a possibility you’ll be able to get them off-guard if you go to Australia where your husband is right now.”

“Is that so? That sounds quite enticing to me. Where exactly in Sydney are they?”

“Just north of the city. Go over there and find out where your husband’s friend is. He is in a looking over the area as we speak.”

Using her super sensitive eyes, she looked through the walls of the base and saw where he was instantly. She saw the raw energy the suit was producing, making her wonder where he got that suit from. She also noticed Henry, the talk show host she knew, as the male symbiote and his female partner dove into the water with another diver by their side.

“What’s happening over there?”

The voice of the child was gone, and when she tracked the number it showed that the call never happened, making her scratch her head. Putting on her suit, she flew to Sydney at many hundreds of miles per hour, eager to get her shot at the people she hated the most. Diving down into dark waters, the invisibility power the two symbiotes had made them very hard to track as they went to the bottom of the ocean and waited close by where the ship was. Once the word was given the explosions went off and the monster waves generated by the blast hit the coast. The city of Sydney was hit hard, and it caught the people there off-guard. The waves also traveled out into Pacific where a massive tsunami was washing away all major cities off the Pacific Coast. Warnings were going off all over the Pacific Rim, and Rebecca was focused even more on getting to her prey. She went into the water close to where the tsunami started. In the dark and murky water visibility was zero to most people. To Rebecca, everything was clear since her eyes adjusted to seeing in the dark right away. Another surge of energy would go off after that, followed by a third and fourth wave. The massive waves threatened the people of Earth. When she reached their source she saw a massive alien ship that looked damaged and had holes in it. It was buried in a pit, and resembled the kind of ships she would see in the movies.

“I didn’t see this before. How could I have missed something this big before? Wow.”

As she was in total awe of the alien space ship, she witnessed something else she thought she would never see. The guy she fought before was facing the two symbiotes, and they were stuck in a constant staring contest from her point of view.

“How dare you damage my ship? Where did you get those explosives from?”

“Does it matter? I am surprised you can speak to me mentally, and hack into our psychic connection.”

“I learned to manipulate my power to do that some time ago. I fought stronger versions of your type many times. You have no hope of defeating me!”

“You couldn’t even beat her, and we did. She wouldn’t even dare try to approach us herself. What makes you think that you will win?”

“Fight me and find out. It will be a painful lesson you will never forget,” he replied, cracking his knuckles.

“Don’t think you can sneak anything up on us! Every cell in our bodies can see your every move. We will know where you are around us.”

“I know. It won’t save you from my clear speed advantage. Being underwater doesn’t slow me down either. You two, on the other hand …”

That was when they knew they were in over their heads. Their senses, as sharp as they were, couldn’t help them to swim faster than their foe’s ability to fly. Rebecca watched the battle with great interest and looked on in amazement at how easily the powerful male alien outmaneuvered his two foes. Even if they tried to use their invisibility trick on him, he still knew where they were and was dominating them regardless.

“He’s beating them effortlessly,” Rebecca mused, “And he knows how to track them when they go invisible. How does he do that?”

Prior to going down to where the ship was, the human that was with them had been told to plant the remaining bombs on what he thought were vital parts of the ships. More explosions would get the attention of everyone involved, and a message would be sent to the dominant alien warrior saying that main power supply to the ship was unstable and close to exploding. He didn’t move right away, and continued to fight his enemies until the ship’s computer, Ami as he called her, hollered at him angrily.

“Have my assistant help you then!”

“If you don’t get back here now, this ship is going to explode! Your assistant was knocked out during the explosion and power to run the many drones that would assist me is down. I need a few extra sets of hands to stabilize the ship. If this ship goes down, you die too. Remember that.”

“Right … just when I thought I would have some fun out here. I coming doll-face, don’t worry.”

From Rebecca’s point of view, she saw the dominating performance and silently urged the guy on, but the voice she had heard on the phone spoke to her again telling her to look at the ship. Her vision couldn’t see through the hull, and the many holes in the ship didn’t give a clear view of what was wrong. Seeing one of the symbiotes knocked out, Rebecca saw the other one take the injured symbiote away swimming to the surface. The alien male in question then went to the ship, looking concerned as though something was wrong so she followed.

She got close, and he actually looked back at her before he entered the ship and urged her to get closer. At first she was slow to answer, but she complied. He spoke to her telepathically, amazing her.

“How are you talking to me now? I didn’t know you had psychic powers.”

“You clearly have no clue how to manipulate your powers. Whatever … I don’t have time to explain now. I am sending you directions to a specific place. Go there and I will give you further instructions. It is vital you listen, because if you don’t … your world is doomed.”

“You didn’t seem to care about that before. Why should I help, or trust you, now?”

“My ship is in danger, and as its captain I must save it. I need an extra hand and since you are here I figured you would be sufficient. Yes, I knew you there the whole time. Anyway … I will send you directions to a specific place, go there and I will send you instructions from there. If you want to know the true nature of your powers I will tell you about it, okay? There are things that you should know about. This doesn’t change anything, though. You are still too dangerous to exist from my point of view, but that can wait for later.”

“I would think thatsomeone like you would be more aware of what was happening on your ship. Looks like you weren’t being a good captain. What guarantee to I have that you won’t trick me?”

“The machine I want to use to weaken you is broken. I was informed of that just now. Even if I wanted to do it, I couldn’t. Time isn’t on our side. Do you want to be like the comic-book heroes of your world, and save people in that fashion? Well … here is your chance.”

“I suppose I could, then. So let’s begin … I have a world to save right?”

“Whatever,” he said, shaking his head knowing her ego wouldn’t let her say no.

He gave her the instructions right away after that, and they both went inside of the ship. The damage they saw was quite a disturbing sight to behold, and the path was blocked often forcing the debris to be moved out of the way. If Rebecca ever got lost another more relaxed voice talked to her back to the right path. It sounded like a female too. She had to use her strength to force her way into tight spots and it took her some time to get to the secondary control room, where she found a big crystal with many cracks all over it. It was glowing red and was releasing some powerful energy waves. Her body was immune to the radiation, she didn’t know exactly how much dangerous radiation was being emitted, but she felt it all around her though. With no power to the ship the doors had to be forced open using sheer physical force, and the metal of the hull and door was much tougher than she expected. The area she was traveling through was underwater as well, and it was dark but her eyes adjusted to the lack of light easily enough.

“Okay. I see this big crystal here, and it looks like it is going to shatter with all the water pressure down so what am I going to do now?”

“I want you to touch the crystal and focus your raw energy into it. I am not asking that you give it all, just enough to stabilize the energy inside of it. You have to hurry, though, based on what you say the situation is very bad. It will crack open any moment now.”

“What will happen when it cracks?” Rebecca asked with a look of concern on her face when she heard that in her head.

“Just do as I ask, okay?” the computer demanded. “There is still some time. Please! I will cover you so you get out … so he doesn’t do anything to you afterward, if he tries anything.”

“I think I can actually trust you. I can’t the same for him though.”

She saw a crack in the crystal grow before her eyes, worrying her considerably. But she was assured not to worry and keep on going, “Don’t panic. You will do fine.”

The supportive voice she heard was quite timely, as she was indeed beginning to panic with the rising levels of radiation that might effect her. The crystal cracking before her eyes wasn’t making the situation any better either, but she would eventually tough it out and begin to focus her power through it. All she had to do was channel her power through her body and the crystal began to repair itself after about 30 seconds.

“This thing appears to be doing everything all by itsel,f but how much longer do I have to do this?”

“20 more seconds alright. Once that happens the crystal will start to power the ship all by itself. One more thing. I want you to go to your right after you finish. There is an exhaust duct there … go through that and it will get you out.”

“Not like I am trying to be rude here, but why are you helping me? If you work for him, then …”

“Me? Work for him? Please! He works for me, silly human. I am the AI of the ship. He won’t do anything without me, and if I don’t feel like moving I won’t activate for him. I have my own reasons, separate from his. I think you will be of some use to me and may require you to have your powers. So as long as you cooperate with me, he won’t be able to do what he wants. If he doesn’t like it: So be it. He can find another ship to be the captain of.”

“Wow. Why would he put up with a ship like you, then? Do you talk to him like that all the time?”

“Of course I do. What is he going to do about it? Replace me? With what?”

“Do you share the same opinions of me as he does though?”

“I exist to serve him, that is all, and I don’t care anything about this world, personally. Just do as I ask, okay? Otherwise, if you fail to act and he decides to do something … I am not going to save you. There are other people I can ask to help me on the side, too. You just happened to be here right now, so I figured I will talk to you first about it.”

Acting as she was asked to eventually, after some hesitation, she headed out to the Pacific Ocean and when she got out of the water she looked around.

“It appears that I diverted a global disaster. I wonder what happened out here though?”

After spinning in place super fast to dry herself off, she saw the considerably damaged city of Sydney, and many other places damaged along the Pacific Ocean. She stopped to think about it and quickly realized what had caused it after about a minute or two.

“Those explosives that damaged the ship penetrating its defensive barriers … oh my god …”

As it all happened and Rebecca flew to where her husband, she was happy to see him alive. A series of underwater quakes explained the tsunamis., and since they were close the ship to the fault-line between the Australian and Pacific plates it seemed like a reasonable excuse. Watching it happen from a safe place in the middle of the outback, using a crystal ball she created for herself, Linda was watching fight with the two symbiotes and the the powerful alien over and over many times. The uptempo action and overwhelming dominance showed by the powerful male alien was like the best show Linda had experienced on planet Earth up to that point. The emotions that Rebecca showed, encouraging the male alien to win, only made the experience that much more appealing to her as well.

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