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Oh No Sally 16-20

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It turned out to be a beautiful day. Just gorgeous. It surprised Sally just how fast they had gotten things organised, but just a week after her acceptance of the challenge, which had started as a joke, the NFL had put together a dream team.

Now she stood before them, her body glistening with power in the sun, they were feeling much less confident.

“Okay, O Girl, call it.”

The coin sailed through the air. Sally didn’t mean to predict the way it would fall, but she forgot to shut her eyes and her brain did it without meaning to even though wasn’t directly watching the coin.


“Heads it is. You want to receive?”

Sally shook her head, and the ref handed her the ball. Sally waited for the opposition to get ready, and then the ref blew his whistle. The kick was perfect. She had watched a couple of games that morning, having never been interested in football before, and had learned the best place to put the ball on the kick-off. The player positioned under it got a huge shock as Sally appeared right next to him.


The ball, just passing it’s apex, began to fall toward them. The opposing team members ran at Sally, those close by trying to barge her out of the way. Only their pads saved them from very serious injury as bounced off the immovable O Girl. Sally reached out with one hand have the man preparing to catch her kick a shove with two fingers. He sailed through the air and into the crowd, and even as another hulking man ploughed into her she took the catch, and walked the ball over into the touchdown zone, dragging three players along.

She nailed the kick, and was instantly back down the field waiting patiently for them to kick the ball back to her. Sally leapt up as the ball entered the air, and with perfect judgement caught the ball and landed deep in the opposition half. Before anyone could take one step toward her she was doing a victory dance after scoring her second touchdown.

“You guys suck at this! We’re not even a minute into the game!”

The result of the game was a forgone conclusion by the fifth minute. Sally was the only person to score. Indeed … the opposition never even got the ball until she decided it was getting a little boring. Botching a kick on purpose, she aimed it low was careful to make it catchable. The man who made the intercept started running down the field, and she let him get within a metre of the line before materialising in front him. He collided with at full pace, having no time at all to react to overshadowing appearance. When he went down, he did not get back up.

They lined up, and started their play. As soon as the quarterback had the ball Sally was in front of him. She lifted him up with one hand and started walking down the field with him, laughing as his team mates tried uselessly to help him. His every attempt to get rid of the ball was countered, the look on Sally’s face revealing how much she was enjoying this little game as she took him all the way to the touchdown line.

Five more minutes in, and the injury count threatened to cancel the game. Realising she was breaking a few too many of her playmates, Sally made a whole series of plays without touching them, using her superior speed and reflexes to dodge around them and put another strong of touchdowns on the board.

Letting a kick go deep into her half for the first time, Sally stood still and let the desperate professional sportsmen charge toward her. She smiled mischievously, and crippled them by rapidly increasing her beauty to dangerous levels. As they collapsed under the weight of her sensuality and their own lust, Sally heard the entire crowd moan as she stepped over her opposition to score again.

Sally was getting bored with this, and couldn’t imagine it was fun for anyone at all if she wasn’t enjoying anymore. The opposing team recovered slowly, and as they did Sally returned herself to a more reasonable level of attraction before approaching the referee.

“I think it’s a little too one-sided,” she told him with a smile. “Is it against the rules for me to give them a boost?”

The ref had no idea what she meant. But this was an exhibition game and the rules had already been tossed out to let her take the field alone against a full team. “Um … sure.”

“Cool!” Sally ran back, and waited for the other players to line up for her goal kick. “I’m going to help you boys out a bit! I’m going to give you a little boost. Just be careful with it, okay?”

She gestured with her hand, and her eyes glowed brightly for just a moment before the players before her and those on the bench called out in surprise. Realising that as they grew they were shedding their pads and everything else, Sally wondered if she could dress them as she dressed herself. New uniforms knitted from nothingness formed on the men as they each a grew a foot in every direction. Sally admired her handiwork.

“There! Now we can have a real game!”

The men felt a tremendous increase in confidence as they took the next kick. It didn’t last long. Now that she had given them such a boost in strength and resilence, Sally didn’t see the need to hold back as much. She waited for the ball, the faster men already upon her, and let them bounce of her while she caught it. The only thing different about last time was that they were bigger, making it seem even less likely that they couldn’t budge her. Once she had the ball she held it under her boob and started palming her opponents off as she charged down the field. The hulking enhanced footballers sailed through the air all over the field and Sally scored again. She’d made far more of a mess of them than she had during any other play so far, but their broken bones healed instantly thanks to the super-metabolic rate Sally had given them.

It was certainly a spectacle that no one was ever going to forget. Allowing them to keep possession for a few downs, Sally played with different tackling techniques. She came to favour the “Oops I didn’t see you there” breast in the face over the one handed lift and slam, though the latter was favourite at first. At the end of the second quarter the Chairman came down and spoke to Sally.

“I think you’ve done enough. Let’s call it.”

“But we’re only halfway through!” Sally protested.

“I mean it. You win. I’ll pay up.”

“How about a double-or-nothing?”


“Seriously … your guys are so weak I bet you double-or-nothing those cheerleaders over there could beat them! How about your boys play them?”

The Chairman scratched his chin. He had heard that O Girl wasn’t he sharpest tool in the shed. Maybe she really was that stupid.

“You’re on!”

“I’ll even let them keep their new strength! I think they’re going to need it!”

Sally accompanied the Chairman over to the ref, and it was explained that Sally would step aside and let the cheerleaders take the field.

“Um … if they want to,” the ref told them, suggesting they should probably ask the cheerleaders first.

“Give me a minute!” Sally assured him, and suddenly she was standing in front of the girls, confident they would be willing once she filled them in on her mischievous plan.

“Will do it!” the cheer captain declared, her team agreeing. Pom-poms were dropped as the ladies took the field, all of them really looking forward to this.

After two quarters of absolute humiliation the players assumed the Chairman had arranged this so they reassert their masculinity. The coach cautioned them, saying that needed to be careful not to injure the girls.

“Alright! Our turn for fun!”

The cheerleaders kicked off. The mousy kicker only managed to get the ball thirty yards, and the girls giggled and charged. The man who caught the ball started down the field, preparing to gently barge the first girl aside, but his plan quickly changed. About as quickly as the girls running toward him changed.

Watching them close the distance, Sally giggled and her eyes glowed brightly. As each girl took a step she gained an inch and tonnes of enhanced muscle. Sally even boosted their beauty, though not intentionally.

The runner quickly lost confidence, but he steeled himself for the attempt anyway. He hit, and found himself thrown backward with alarming force. His forearm healed before he stopped sliding over the grass and the girl dove to cover him with body and hold him down. He watched as she went up, the moment dragging out in his mind as she came toward him. He actually saw her body thicken as she fell toward him, and if had time he would have gulped. She flattened him out, pushing him into the ground. If took him a great deal effort to climb out of the hole.

“That was fun!” the girl told him, heartbreakingly beautiful despite of formidable size.

On the next play the quarterback was sacked, and carried over the touchdown line before any of the superstrong men took more than two steps.

“This is awesome!”

The Chairman groaned, and his head was in hands for the rest of the game as Sally called out encouragement to her super-team. The white-wash continued unabated.

“Um … I don’t suppose you could make them bigger?” the Chairman asked halfway through the last quarter. The only way his guys had a hope was if she increased their power a bit.

“I don’t know if it’s really a good idea,” Sally observed thoughtfully, before smiling and nodding. “But it would be funny!”

Her eyes glowed bright once more and the girls on the field grew another foot taller, the stadium now shaking constantly with each of their powerful footsteps.

The Chairman looked on in astonishment as the girls started to tear his dream-team apart with even greater ease. “Oh no.”

When the game was finished the men Sally had enhanced shrank back to normal, as did the girls. They were all very disappointed to loose their enhancement, and the opposition quarterback even approached her about it.

“I don’t suppose you could, you know, leave us just a little?”

Sally smiled warmly. “Sorry, but that would cheating! Professional sport-peoples shouldn’t use performance enhancers!”

One of the cheerleaders overheard, and had to ask. “What about us?”

“Well … I don’t see why not!” Sally’s eyes glowed gently, and all the cheerleaders grew an inch taller and their bodies suddenly screamed with health and vitality. The defeated footballers stared in open lust upon the women, who were now far and away the sexiest cheerleaders in the whole world right now.”

“Ooh! That feels fucking awesome! Thank you!”

“It’s my pleasure,” Sally assured her. “Now, my work here is done! I really should get back to work taking down dealers and crushing terrorists!” Sally gave everyone a friendly wave and launched high into the sky, seeking out a few good deeds to perform.


So far, Sally’s search had been fruitless. She’s checked every building in every town and city of every state in the entire US, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada and throwing Mexico in for good measure … and nothing. There was no sign of her quarry anywhere on the twelve days she had conducted her two-minute sweeps so far. If only she had taken the time to find out his name. She had assumed her over-enhanced eyesight and hearing would be enough for her to find him again.

Hovering in the upper atmosphere, all of North America laid out before her, Sally shrugged and dove toward the scene of corner store robbery. Even as she smashed through the window, knocking over three display stands before she stopped to let the masked bandit fire all six round of his revolver into her body and face. The final shot bounced right off her eyeball, shattering into fragments.

Sally was so lost in thought about her quest, thinking about where the man she sought might be, she didn’t even bother to speak to the man as she took his safely emptied gun and balled it up. Sally then rolled the ball into a rod of the desired length, and cooled it gently with her breath. The man was struggling violently as she crushed his shoulder and turned him around. She ran her hand down the length of his arm and carefully took his wrist, quickly catching his other wrist and holding them together with one hand as she bent the rod in the fingers of free hand until she had wrapped it around his wrists once, careful not to break his arms like the last time she did this.

“Oh no!” the shopkeeper bemoaned, taking in the chaos Sally had created in his store.

“It’s alright, citizen! I’m happy to help you!” Sally beamed to the old woman behind the counter, holding the robber up by the back of the neck. “These pesky robbers have got to learn: No-one is safe from O Girl!” Sally gave her the customary hand on hip power pose and beaming smile, but she wasn’t really paying attention and let out a little too much power. The shockwave cleared the rest of the shelves and knocked the old woman back against the stock behind her. She slid down with eyes wide and having the strongest orgasm she had known in all her seventy years.

“Sorry!” apologised Sally, reeling in her power and letting the woman recover.

“No need!” the thoroughly dishevelled woman insisted, still glowing inside. “Thank you!”

“I’m a bit distracted,” Sally explained. “I’ve been looking for someone, and I can’t find them anywhere.”

“Oh? I find when I’ve looked everywhere for something, then it’s time to look for somewhere else to look.”

“But I’ve searched everywhere!” Sally moaned, hovering across the counter and helping the lady to her feet, still holding the robber.

“Okay. Then where else could they be?”

“Of course!” Sally declared. “He’s not anywhere in America … so I have to search the rest of the world! Thank you, shop-lady! If there’s anything I can do …”

“Well,” the woman said a little too quickly, “I sure liked … whatever … it was you did before. Can you do it again?”

“You mean … this?” Sally amped her beauty again, but not as much as before. The woman let out a small gasp.

“Yes …”

Curious, Sally held a hand up in front of the shopkeeper and turned the already thoroughly aroused robber away so he faced the wall. Sally concentrated on making just her hand beautiful, and found that she was able to make the older woman collapse with another life-altering orgasm without letting the robber add another stain to his jeans.

“More!” the woman moaned, her eyes transfixed on Sally’s hand.


The old woman’s heart was racing, so Sally enhanced it a little to prevent a heart attack. Then she enhanced her breasts, and shook them to and fro. It fascinated Sally that even an elderly woman was interested in her assets. Very interested.

Leaving the lady to enjoy an orgasm that would last for at least the remainder of the day, Sally soared over to the nearest police station. Her badge glowed brightly as she walked inside and approached the duty sergeant.

“I’ve got another one for you!”

Sally told them a few details, and the perp’s confession did the rest. All he wanted was to be put on his feet. When one of the officers noticed the man’s custom cuffs, he turned to ask O Girl to remove the improvised bonds. Unfortunately, she had already left.

Ninety seconds later, and only just halfway through her thorough search, Sally found the man she had been looking for.

“No wonder I couldn’t find him!” Making straight for him, Sally streaked out of the sky above the villa. “And just what is a scumbag like you doing here in Ibiza?”

“Oh no! How did you … what the …”

The startled man was on his feet and running for the door, but she was suddenly standing before it, another foot taller and looking even stronger than before.

“You’re not going anywhere. Not until you tell me what I want to know.”

“Look … O Girl … it was just a misunderstanding. That’s all it was! Really … you must believe me!”

“Keep talking.”

“I work for a special division of the FBI … we were assigned to discover your identity, and neutralise any threat you posed to the people of the United States.”

“You were trying to kidnap me! In the middle of the night! You snuck into my bedroom!”

“It seemed the only way. You’re too powerful.”

Sally was silent for a moment. Then she checked his credentials and was surprised to find in his wallet an FBI ID and badge.


“It’s just like I told you.”

Sally’s mind raced. If the government wanted to neutralise her, why had the President made a Marshal? No … there was only one thing that made sense. There was a rogue element in the FBI … and this man was her one link to find this rogue element’s leader.

“And who gives you these orders?”

“They came straight from the top. The Director took a personal interest in your case.”

This was huge! A conspiracy reaching right to the top of the FBI! Sally thought about what to do. Who could she tell about this? There was only one person she knew she could trust, even though she had only met him once. She would have to talk to the President about this. But there another problem … what to do with the man she had tracked down.

“I want you to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing here, and tell no-one I came to see you.”


Sally pursed her lips thoughtfully. Of course he would warn his boss. And if she took him in that would reveal that she knew about the conspiracy before knew who else was involved. If only she could make him forget …

Curious, Sally squinted and gazed into the agent’s eyes. He was instantly made uncomfortable by her silent yet aggressive glare. The sight of it alone was enough to make him shake in fear, but added to that was a heavy pressure building behind his eyes. He went to move away but Sally took him under his arms and lifted him to look him right in the eye. His feet dangled a two feet from the floor.

Sally let out a gasp as she suddenly realised she could see inside his head. She rummaged through his memories, unsure what she was really doing. She found his short-term memories, and smiled as she actually experienced the combination of intense arousal and terror her unannounced visit had inspired in him. With a little bit of concentration Sally was able to wipe the memories away. Confident he would be fine, she placed the now unconscious man back on his deckchair and left.


An hour later the agent’s curious girlfriend came out to the pool to join him after returning from a massage. She found him sitting on his deckchair staring out into space.


The agent regarded her quizzically, and with an uncharacteristic calm.

“You know me? Can you please tell me what my name is?”


Sally was just spooning the last of the batter into the baking tray when there was a polite knock on her door. Looking out through four walls, she saw a smartly dressed woman accompanied by a man in a suit. Sally didn’t have to check their wallets to know they were detectives. As she turned and put down the tray her apron glowed and vanished.

“Good morning!” Sally greeted them warmly, swinging the door wide open.

“Good morning, Ms Clarke,” the woman responded, with no hint in her voice that she was in anyway agreeing with the statement. “I’m Detective Wilson, and this is Detective Peters. If you can spare a moment, I’d like to talk to you about Dominic Rahnd.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe I know him.”

“I have reason to believe to otherwise. You see, my partner and I are investigating his disappearance.”

“Oh no! How can I help?”

“Well, the man we’re trying to find is the administrator of a website devoted to you. It’s called the O-Zone.”

“Of course! Please come in! Actually, you can help me with something too!”

“Um … okay.”

“Do you mind if we talk in the kitchen? I’m sort of getting ready for special lunch today.”

“That’s fine. As long as you can answer some questions I have.”

“Right this way!”

Sally led them through her home to the kitchen, where she picked up and showed them the tray of cupcakes she was preparing to cook.

“I got invited to lunch at a ladies baking club,” she explained. “I wanted to make the best cakes ever, and you can help test them!”

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to wait for them to cook,” Detective Peters told her apologetically. He appeared to sweating despite the cool air of the kitchen.

“Don’t be silly!” Sally chided him. She looked down at the tray of cakes in her hands, and her eyes started to dimly glow. An aura grew around the tray that forced the two detectives to look away. When her eyes returned to normal and the glow faded, all the cakes in the tray had risen and browned to perfection. “See! It takes no time at all to turn out my cakes now.”

Both seasoned veterans were silent as Sally waved her hand over the cakes and they almost instantly stopped steaming and cooled. She put the tray down and started to put icing on them.

“What did you want to ask me?”

“Oh yeah. We’re investigating the disappearance last week of Dominic Rahnd. He was reported missing by his boss. Mmmm … wow! Those cakes smell fucking awesome!”

Sally beamed, and both cops felt a little smaller as her body filled out and she gained an inch in height. “Thank you! Give me a minute and you can try one for me!”

“Yes. Well … when we entered his apartment we found on his computer information that leads us here. Did you have a meeting with him?”

“Oh yes! The O-Zone man! His real name is O Boy.”

“Um … in any case, we believe you may well be the last person to have spoken to Mr Rahnd, and we’d like you to tell us anything you can.”

“Didn’t you see the video?”

“We found a camera. Unfortunately no-one can seem to make it to the end of the film.”

“What do you mean?” Sally asked, nearly done with her icing.

“It seems the film does … things … to people who watch it. It’s complicated.”

Sally giggled. “I can understand that. I did get a little carried away! I know I shouldn’t show off, but it was fun.”

“Do you know where Mr. Rahnd is?” Peters asked, his eyes locked on the gorgeous looking cakes.

“Of course! He’s with me.”

“You mean he’s here?”

“Not with me me. With the other me.”

“Um … the other you?”

“Yeah. I knew I needed to get back to saving the ordinary people here, so I made two of me so one could stay.”

“Stay where, Ms Clarke?”

“It’s sort of hard to explain. We’re nowhere really. I made a place for us.”

“You mean, like you made an island or something?”

“No. I made a whole new place. Here!”

“So Mr Rahnd is okay?”

“Oh, he’s great! He’s real smart, and I like his hair!”

“That’s not what I meant …”

“Here!” Sally plucked a cake out and held it out to Detective Wilson.

“Thank you,” Wilson replied. She was without doubt that this was the most fantastic smelling sake she had ever held in her life. She raised it to her lips, and took a bite.

Peters was stunned when his partner swallowed the mouthful of cake and released a gut-wrenching cry of pleasure. “Oh my god!” She dropped to her knees and groaned. “It’s just so … so …” Wilson took another bite, and was rolling around on the tiles as she chewed, her free hand trying to be everywhere at once as her endorphins level skyrocketed.

“What was in that?” Peters demanded, trying to think.

“It’s just a buttercake!” Sally informed him cooly, thoughtfully watching the woman on the ground shove the rest of the cake into her mouth greedily, letting out a full blown cry of joy as she orgasmed.


As his partner moaned and groaned with no sign of restraint, Peters reached for the sweet smelling tray of cakes. He felt a hard and deep pang of regret as Sally pulled them away from him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. We should wait and see if she’s okay first.”

They stood silently, an hour passing before Peters realised how long he had been watching his writhing partner as she continued to energetically roll around as though she were having the best sex of her life.

“I better call an ambulance,” he said finally, coming to understand that his partner wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

“That’s okay, I’ll take her,” Sally told him. “And don’t worry! She’s going to fine!” Sally searched deep within Wilson’s body, getting a far more detailed image than any modern medical could allow. She could see the glow of pleasure was fading. “From what I can see, she’ll back to normal in about three months.”


Sally carefully lifted the orgasmic woman to her feet. “And O Boy is fine. He’s happy where he is, believe me.”

“I’ll, um, need to speak with him.”

“That’s fine.”


Suddenly the room shifted around them and they were on top of a mountain. Before them lay two gobsmackingly beautiful people engaged in an energetic love marathon.

“Hey O Boy! Say hello to the detective!”

A blissful Dominic Rahnd raised his head. “Hello detective!”

“See?” Sally asked, turning to face the amazed policeman.

“Um … yeah. I guess we can close this case.”


Suddenly they were back in Sally’s kitchen.

“Where’s Wilson?” Peters demanded, noting his partner’s absence.

“She’s at the hospital.”

“I better go there and check on her. Are you sure that I can’t, you know … just try one bite?”

Sally smiled at him.

“Sorry! It’s too risky! This batch it TOO good! It might kill you.”


Once Peters had left, Sally prepared a new batch and was careful how much power she applied to cooking them this time. With an hour to spare, she was ready for her big lunch. She knew she should really be taking care of that dastardly evil FBI Director, but her PR campaign was just as important to her.


The lunch had been great. Sally was reminded of her mum and her gran by the sweet group of ladies who had invited to lunch. As the invite had indicated, everyone had brought something home-cooked for the others to enjoy. When lunch was done, the deserts came out.

“Would you like one of your cakes dear?”

“Oh thank you!” Sally took her cake, and watched the others cakes get handed around, She really wanted to impress these ladies and she hoped they liked the cakes she had made.

“Before we eat O Girl’s wonderful cakes, let’s put our hands together and thank her for joining us today.”

There was applause, and a few “Yes indeed”’s, and all the ladies looked Sally’s way expectantly. She realised she was supposed to say something now, so she got to her feet.

“Thank you all for inviting me! I really love to cook, but I haven’t had much time for it since I became a Marshal. It’s taking up a lot of my life now! So thanks for the chance to cook something for you all. The food today has been wonderful!”

There was applause, and then the elderly ladies in the decades old cooking club started to eat the cakes. Sally frowned as the first woman let out an involuntary moan.

“Oh my! How is it possible? How can a cake be so GOOD!” she took another bite, and was soon joined in a chorus of oohs and aahs.

A little embarrassed, Sally realised that while their reactions were far less potent than Detective Wilson’s, the cakes were still way too good for normal people to handle. Maybe, she mused, it wasn’t safe to cook with her powers at all.

“Mavis!” someone declared. “Your hair!”

“Mmmm. What? Oh my! It’s … it’s black again!”

Sally was still inwardly chiding herself for not being careful enough, but she couldn’t help feel a little pride at how much these experienced cooks were enjoying her cakes. But more than that, she realised that one by one the sixty-plus year old women were changing. As the active ingredient in the cakes spread throughout their bodies the ravages of age faded from their faces.

“My boobs!” yelled a very happy lady. “My boobs are coming back!”

Chaos broke out in the room as the old ladies found themselves being filled with vigour. Within thirty seconds there wasn’t a wrinkle or a grey hair on any of them. They sat straighter, and felt taller.

“What was in that cake?” the host asked, clearly awed and now looking younger than her own daughter by a decade. “I’ve never ever tasted anything so wonderful in my whole life! And the texture … incredible!”

Sally couldn’t stop herself swelling up, her shoulders broadening noticeably. It wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, rather than be angry with her for risking their lived, the women turned out to be ecstatic at receiving a second chance at their youth.

“Thank you! I worked really hard on them.”

“Have you got anymore?”

“I can make more … but I don’t think it’s a good idea! It’s lucky I didn’t kill you!”

“Excuse me?”

“I think when I used my power to cook the cakes, I must have enhanced them. I really did want them to be the best cakes ever.”

The host smiled, her breasts perky for the first time in thirty years.

“And you know what? I think they are.”


(For jnw550)

As Sally approached the launch site, she was still a little unsure of what the guys at NASA wanted with her. All they had said was it was top-secret, and she was not tell anyone in the media of their meeting. Below her, she was surprised to see how many were gathered outside the large facility. She came in slow and landed gently on the tarmac.

“Hello!” she greeted them, and the group exchanged glances before three men stepped forward.

“Thank you for coming, Marshal O Girl. We really are in a bit of a spot, and perhaps you can help us.”

“Of course! I’m always here to help the weak and helpless citizens of the United States! What seems to be the problem?”

“Well, we were supposed to launch a rocket in two days to take supplies to the international space station. But we’ve had a problem with the rocket we were preparing.”

“Oh no! What’s wrong with it?”

“Well … we had an accident, and it sort of got destroyed.”

“How did that happen?”

“That doesn’t matter. The thing is, the station needs these supplies and we won’t get another rocket ready in time. If we don’t send up these things by this time Thursday, we might have to abandon the space station until we can build a new rocket. It could take months, but you might be able to help us get the supplies they need up there before that becomes necessary.”

Sally’s mind raced. In an instant, she knew what needed to be done. It was quite clear to her.

“Okay! Just give me a minute and I’ll have it all sorted!”

“Excellent! I’ll show you the …” before he could finish, O Girl was gone.

Inside the facility she found a team of engineers still cleaning up the debris from what had been a nearly complete rocket the week before. Now it was in pieces all over the place. She approached one of the more respectable looking men.

“Hi! I’m O Girl and I’m here to help!”

“How did you …” His question trailed off into silence as his gaze settled on O Girl’ breasts.

Smiling at him, she could see he probably wasn’t going to be much help in telling her what to do. But if she was going to do this, she needed more information. She hadn’t even changed the oil in her car before, let alone attempted something like this. She scratched her chin for a moment, casting her eyes around for an idea on where to start. As she looked around, her eyes piercing every wall, she located a room full of technical manuals and lots of blueprints.

Sally had never really been one for studying, but she needed to know a few things. An instant later she had burst into the room, not even aware that the secured documents had been protected by a five inch steel door. It gave way to her shove as though it were polystyrene. Once inside the room Sally began her self-appointed task in earnest. There was a time that she had real trouble learning things, but ever since she had attained the miraculous powers of O Girl she had found new ideas didn’t seem to make her head hurt so much.

As she neared the end of her studying, the man who had explained the situation walked in.

“What are you doing?” he asked, clearly confused by her action.

“Don’t worry, Doc. I got this!”

She finished reading the last text book, and then flipped through masses of blueprints in just two seconds.

“Right!” she said firmly. “This won’t take very long at all!”

With speed and determination, Sally was suddenly at work in the assembly area. Alarms sounded as the floor was quickly cleared of workers. The debris seemed to vanish as Sally started rifling through it, picking out the bits she would be able make use of and crushing those too damaged into a molten state with her hands to reshape them.

Watching on monitors from the safety of a separate room the team of engineers looked in in fascination as thousands of different parts seemed to appear out of nowhere, apparently spawning out of the air as Sally laid them about the floor. She was moving so fast they could not see her at all. Then she stood still for a moment as she decided how to start putting it all together.

“I might need an extra pair of hands!” she mused aloud. Suddenly there were six of her standing around the many thousands of components. And then they proceeded to work together. Jaws dropped as the six O Girl’s began picking up and assembling all the different parts. In total unison they flashed about, and with gobsmacking speed a rocket began to appear bit by bit, peice by piece. Every now and then they would all stop, and one would go back to the blueprints, sometimes checking the technical manuals as well. Upon her return the work would resume in earnest.

When she was finished, O Girl stood looking up at the rocket she had built with a smile, her copies all gone now. The engineers came streaming in, looking up at the massive towering rocket in awe.

“Um … you built a rocket.”

“I know!” Sally said proudly, smiling with pride. “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Um, O Girl … just how much do you know about rocket engineering?”

“Before three minutes ago, absolutely nothing! Those books were pretty boring, but now I know ALL about it!”

“Um … this is a Saturn V. It can carry …”

“103,600 pounds!” Sally happily chimed in. “I know!”

“It’s … very impressive, O Girl … but …”

“I know! It’s awesome!”

“Indeed. Perhaps I should have mentioned we only need to carry 4500 pounds on this flight.”

“Oh. Maybe you can take more stuff now!”

“Um … we sure can. If only we had the tower ready to launch it.”

“Of course! Hang on …”

And she was off again. A quick bit of studying, and Sally made her way out to the launch site. As everyone looked on in amazement, Sally took apart the launch tower and started to rebuild it, her task taking less than a minute. Turning her head toward the rocket she had built, she imagined it rising up. The engineers examining the rocket all fell back in surprise as the massive vehicle lifted from the ground and tilted over to get out of the large door. It floated to the tower where Sally began hooking it up. Once it was fully connected to the tower she politely inquired where the cargo was. A few minutes later the cargo was loaded and ready to go.

She reappeared beside the bewildered project manager with a proud smile and her hands on her hips.

“There you go! All you have to do now is launch it!” She soaked up their awe, very pleased to be able to help them. “No need to thank me, NASA dudes! It’s all part of the job of being the mighty and powerful O Girl! If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask!!”

As they watched O Girl streak across the sky toward the north, one of the technicians walked up the man in charge with a confused look on his face.

“Um, I thought you were just going to ask her to carry the payload up there herself? We don’t need a Saturn V rocket for this.”

“I was. And we don’t.”


Getting back to what she had been doing before receiving her call from NASA Sally flew straight to Virginia. She had considered going straight to the top on this, but she realised a criminal mastermind capable of becoming the director of the FBI would be smart enough to talk his way out it if she just arrested him without gathering some more proof. Hovering over the the FBI headquarters, she listened in on every conversation taking place hoping to learn something. And she did. She found out that the FBI director was using his resources to find a weakness within her that they could exploit. She giggled at that. Weakness was not a word that really applied to her. She overheard some people discussing a special laboratory they had set up in Detroit, of all places, where they were working on finding a way to stop her.

Flying over Detroit, it took her a few minutes to find the facility. She only knew which city it was in, after all. Hidden inside an abandoned factory building, she found a large team of men working on what the referred to as the “O Girl problem”. Two teams were labouring over some sort of weapon, though she had no idea what it really was, while the rest were all studying footage and reports in an attempt to find a chink in her armour.

Sally landed outside the large building, and waited for the security team to approach.

“Um … we’re sorry Marshal O Girl, but this is private property and you’re trespassing. We have to ask you to leave.”

Sally smiled. “I know what those guys are up to in there,” she cooly informed him. “Maybe I can help them. You know, let them test their theories on me in person.”

The three guards exchanged nervous glances.

“I’m afraid that’s out of the question. You don’t have the, um … necessary security clearance.”

Sally frowned. “Really? And who’s going to keep me out? You three?” Her body swelled as she gained a foot in height and looked down at the six-foot security guard. “I don’t think you want to try that.” She started walking toward to the building. All the guards could do was call ahead and warn those inside that she coming.


Sally found herself a little disturbed by what she found inside the old factory. Everywhere she looked she saw photos of herself plastered around workbench-like study cubicles, newspaper clippings with sentences circled, monitors with looped footage … it was more than a little creepy to realise how closely they were watching her.

“Everybody stop what you’re doing right now!” Sally demanded, remembering not to stamp her foot. “What the hell is going on here?”

The whole room, filled with 87 technicians and analysts, became completely still. All widened eyes were on her, and she allowed her power to dance across her skin and flash in her eyes as she met their horrified expressions with one of steel.

“I want to know who’s in charge. Now.”

“He is.”

Twenty of them spoke the two words almost simultaneously, aiming their accusing fingers at the smartly dressed project manager. The balding man gulped and adjusted his rather thick spectacles.

“Want to tell me what you’re up to?” Sally asked him, putting her hands on her hips and rather forcefully tapping her toe while she waited.

“We are … I mean … we have … that is to say … there are lots of … um … the Director …”

“The Director of the FBI?”

The sweating man nodded.

“So you admit that you get your orders from him?”

“Yes. This is a top secret project under his direct control, and overseen by the President. Our task is to find a way to neutralise your powers.”

Sally smiled. This guy had no idea he was really working for the forces for the evil. “You idiot!” she told him. “There’s no way the President wants you to find a way to take my powers away! Tell me … how long has this been here?”

“Since you first hit the papers.”

“And in all that time, what have you got? How do you plan to newterise my powers?”

“We … we’ve got … there’s nothing.”

“Really? What about that weapon in the room back there? Why don’t you tell me about that.”

“No good,” the man explained, struggling to think under her heavy gaze. “The device has potential but isn’t viable in the field. It’s much too large to be of any use.”

“What does it do?” Sally asked, tilting her head curiously.

“Um … well … I … could show you.”

Determined to gather as much evidence as possible, Sally followed the tall man into the room and motioned the technicians within to action.

“If you, um, wouldn’t mind … could you stand under that array over there?”


“It’s … for safety reasons.”

“Okay.” Always wanting to set a good example for those weak enough to get injured by stuff, Sally happily complied.

“Now!” the balding man barked, and a switch was thrown.

The array above Sally was connected to a massive machine built into the floor. Only when the machinery whined into life did the man pick up the rifle-like device that looked like a gun. The air around Sally sparkled as the huge field generator buzzed into life. The deceptive bespectacled man aimed the gun, which had a thick cable connected to it, and shot it at Sally.

Instantly Sally felt dizzy. She could feel the energy within her sort of knocked loose by the stream of particles the gun produced, and the array above her seemed to suck it up. Her strength started to wane, and she lost two, then three, then four inches in height before she realised she had been set-up. She wasn’t going to let this fellow get away with such poor manners.

“That’s a neat trick,” Sally told him, her body throbbing with fresh energy as she drew in power to replace what she had lost. “But you do know I can just get more power? Like … as much as I need? You know that, don’t you?”

“MORE! Turn the damn thing up to full!”

Sally gasped as she felt her energy start dissipate once more, her height dropping slowly once more.

“Is that it?” she asked, stifling a giggle. “You’re going to have to work on that, I think.”

Everyone went pale as Sally’s body started to swell once more, her shrunken muscles almost instantly restored as her height increased. Two inches … three … five … ten. They gulped as she raised her arms and flexed her biceps for them to show their efforts were wasted.


“It’s at maximum!”

“We need to shut it down! The containment crystals are nearly full.”

“Impossible,” the head technician declared, rushing over to look at the readout.

“She’s already filled four of the five crystals.”

“We have to shut down!”

“No! It’s going to work!”

Sally could feel the machine stealing the energy from her even as she drew in more and more to replace it. “I’m not even really trying yet,” she happily informed the crestfallen man who still aimed the particle stream at her. “I don’t think your silly machine can keep with me.”

Looking him in the eye, Sally held her double bicep flex and smiled sweetly as she tripled the amount of strength flowing into her muscles and made him look up further to meet her gaze. Sparks began to pop out of the array more and more violently.

“It’s too late … she’s overloading it …”

Without further warning there was a huge explosion. Unable to contain the power Sally poured into the overflowing crystals, their structural integrity failed and released all the energy they had in one massive blast. Sally watched as the destruction spread out all around her, as much of the abandoned block was completely levelled. The tremors were felt for many miles, and was quite some time before all the debris had settled.

Hovering in the toxic cloud of debris Sally halted her growth and relaxed into her new over-charged muscles. She looked around, a little disappointed in the way they had killed themselves trying to harm her. But she was pleased that she had slowed down the diabolical plans of the evil mastermind. Taking out this facility was going to put a big hole in his plans against her. But she had failed to secure any evidence on this trip. Or further leads. As she took to the air had headed back toward Virginia, Sally was more determined than ever to make the Director of the FBI answer for his crimes.


“What do you mean, they’re all dead? What happened?”

“We don’t know, Mr President. I have a team on it. All we know so far is that O Girl showed up and within minutes the whole block was blown up. And the entire debris field is laced with her energy signature.”

“We need to know what exactly took place.”

“The only survivor was O Girl. It looks like she’s going bad on us.”

“Gentlemen, we need a permanent solution to the O Girl problem. And we need it yesterday.”

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