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Not the One – Return to Earth – Chapter 09-12

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Chapter 9

Elizabeth was in a state of bliss as the large army actively tried to obliterate her. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would find being the target of several thousand highly trained soldiers with state of the art equipment so erotic. But as she applied more pressure with her gentle unaided fingertips, running them deliciously over her steely new body, than even the largest artillery shell they had landed on her on managed to do, she realised she had never been so turned on in her entire life.

When all the aircraft circling above had been called in to join the battle, Liz lay down on the wall of a shallow crater and watched as they released a smorgasbord of bombs and air-to-ground missiles. None of them landed more than five feet from her. The heat and force worked magic on her body, each blast giving her a fresh new high. The combination of the visual display and the gut wrenching noise coupled with the total inability of these toys to actually do Liz any harm drove her wild.

The planes had moved on, circling and preparing for another attack run. Mortars and heavy machine guns continued to do their worst as Liz cooed, her hand slipping into places she knew she shouldn’t be touching while so many men had their eyes trained on her. She didn’t care … not anymore. What could they do to her? As she thought about this, Liz realised the true depth of the freedom she had. She could do whatever she wanted, with anything (or anyone) she wanted, whenever she wanted. And there was not a damned thing anybody could do about it. Well, anybody who wasn’t the Unchosen, anyway.

The planes completed another run, and then turned to head back to base for a reload. Attack choppers, thick as a swarm of bees, approached to replace them. Liz was more absorbed with the fact that her body had no need to recover between the rapid and incredible orgasms than the fact her flesh was utterly indestructible.

It was now clear to the commanders that none of their weapons were doing anything to this perfectly proportioned powerhouse. Anything, that is, other than turning her on. The officer in charge stood on the high vantage point and was handed a pair of binoculars.

“Thank you,” he said, taking the large powerful binoculars and raising them to his eyes. The two words would be the last he spoke for many hours. The instant he focused on her, his body responded helplessly. Her expression was the opposite of what he had hoped to see. Her eyes were filled with satisfaction, hunger, and amusement. As he tried to come to grips with the reality of her beauty, she turned her head and looked him right in the eye. He nearly dropped the binoculars, but managed to catch them against his chest. He raised the binoculars again, but his target was now gone. Then the image went flesh coloured and very blurry. He did drop them this time, to see the former CBS intern hovering a metre from the edge of the building. She was eyeing him with a sexy and very suggestive smile, both hands filled with her breasts.

Liz looked the smartly dressed officer up and down. He was cute. “I thought you might like a closer look,” Liz told him, even as the other men on the roof with him all aimed guns at her.

“On your knees!” one boldly ordered, shaking his assault rifle for emphasis.

Liz giggled. “You guys are so stupid! Shut up and shoot, cowboy!” She placed both hands on her hips and thrust out her chest toward him. Out of nowhere, he stained his pants. His gun was shaking again, but this time it was involuntary. “Well?” Liz pressed. “Stop teasing a girl and pull the trigger, damn it!”

She moved a little closer, relishing her ability to fly … an ability she had gained at the same time as the other girls. The increased proximity was all the encouragement the officer’s guards required to start shooting. Liz almost squealed in delight, completing two involuntary spins to allow the lead to massage her back and sides too. It was like hundreds of tiny kisses placed with loving care all over her skin.

Silence fell. So did Liz’s bikini bottom as she hovered over the edge of the roof and placed her crotch over the officers face. The garment made a loud noise as it hit and damaged the roof. “How’s this for a closer look?” she asked, as he began to drool over the strong scent of her arousal. With satisfaction, Lis saw his pupils dilate. “Well? Don’t worry … it doesn’t bite. But you can if you like!”

The men assigned to guard duty looked on as the man they looked to for orders practically dove head first into Elizabeth’s inviting love nest. One of them, particularly jealous, leant down to pick up Liz’s bikini bottom. He let out a surprised grunt when he tried to pick them up. They appeared to be made of quarter-inch thick gold plate, somehow cut into a tiny thong, but he figured they must in fact be made of something completely alien to him. Because try as he might, and he was no slouch, the soldier could not lift the small garment from the ground. He couldn’t even move them across it. They felt warm, but were about as pliable in his hand as the side of a tank. Yet on Elizabeth, they had appeared to be made of some padded cloth. Trying to understand what this meant, the soldier scratched his moustache. His idiosyncrasy brought the hand that head been testing the texture of the ‘cloth’ right up to his nose. When he inhaled his eyes went wide as he mind and body were suddenly ablaze with illogically powerful lust. He pressed his fingers to his nose and deeply inhaled the intoxicating scent. Even as a part of him screamed in protest, reminding himself that he was not a pervert and didn’t sniff women’s underwear, the highly trained and decorated soldier dropped to the ground and began to sniff deeply at Liz’s discarded bikini, much to the annoyance of his fellows. But their expressions turned from disapproval to astonishment as he stiffened and fell to the ground writhing in obvious pleasure, occasionally twitching uncontrollably.

Liz turned to watch as the other soldiers gathered around her temporarily unwanted item of clothing, aware that the man currently trying to tear her clitoris off with his teeth would soon run at out of puff. He was older than the rest, and was going at it just a little too hard and fast. It appeared that even the smell of her was enough to push men over the edge now, and before the officer ejaculated one last time and collapsed all the guards were too far gone to bother with. The scene was very pleasing to her. She had lived her life according to the whims of the men around her as long as she could remember. Now they were her toys. As she pulled on the bottom half of her bikini, which felt luxuriously soft against her skin, Lizzy though about what to do next. She was about to go get Harry when she realised just how many men were deployed in the ruins of the small town. She smiled, and sought the nearest group. Harry could wait.


Susan was pleased to see her army in North Korea had completed its task for her. Hovering high over the country she watched as her superpowerful girls went about their duties. They had returned after the nuclear blast, all having agreed that when another nuke was deployed, no matter what province it was in, they would share the intense pleasure together.

In each province Susan saw the population hard at work. In each case the girls had prioritised the same two things: Food production and munitions manufacturing.

“Well done,” Susan thought, sharing it with her team of ultra-soldiers.

Turning her attention to her border patrols, she saw both Jessie and Rhonda darting from crossing to crossing, turning back everything from South Koreans looking to find family members to UN forces looking for a way in. Not even tiny drones got past their over-enhanced senses.

Leaving her team to their work, deciding to reward them all later with some new abilities, Susan dressed herself in an elegant gem encrusted two-piece and a sheer sarong, then zoomed down toward Kim Jong-Un’s personal fortress.

Stopping outside to inspect the large facility, she found her target in a command centre deep within his underground bunker. Scanning their minds Susan was delighted at how thoroughly frustrated they all were. None of what had happened to their country made any sense to them. None of their weapons could help them. Not even their nukes. Half of them wanted to surrender, while the rest wanted to concentrate on killing the civilians and adopting a scorched earth policy. The debate was quite heated.

Teleporting herself into the room, appearing out of the air before their very eyes and silencing every single one of them. Susan stood there completely relaxed and gave them time to take in her devastating beauty. Within a heartbeat their very souls were hers. Waving a hand over the Great Leader, Susan took away his ability to speak while she addressed everyone else.

“All the generals should be with their armies,” she informed them. All those in military uniforms vanished with a gesture of Susan’s hand, instantly teleported to be among their troops at various places along the border of the province. “The rest of you are no longer needed. Normally I would ask you to kneel and swear yourselves to me. But, to be honest, I just don’t like you very much. How about I let the people decide what should be done with you?”

One stood to protest. Susan raised an eyebrow and he was gone. Some of them were on their feet and making their way to the door, but it made no difference to Susan. With another negligent wave of her hand she sent them all out into the provinces, along with a silent instruction to her girls informing them to make sure the people knew who these dangerously greedy men were. If the people forgave the despotic men, then they would be allowed to live. Providing that they knelt before her warriors and swore to Susan their lives. She was aware that they wouldn’t find much forgiveness, though.

Kim Yong-Un found himself alone with her, and able to talk again.

“Who are you?” he demanded, finding her beauty much more potent than the godlike women who had seized control of his country.

“I’m the new Great Leader,” Susan told him smoothly. “What are you going to do about it?”

He looked around at the seats that Susan had emptied. Realising he was alone, Kim started to sweat even more. “You don’t have the right. I am the true ruler of North Korea!”

“Really? You still think this is your country? Do you feel in control, little Kim?”

He most certainly did not. But pride prevented him confessing this to Susan verbally.

“I tell you what, Grand Marshall. I’ll give you a chance to keep your little Kim-dom. Want to play a game with me?”

“What kind of game?”

“The kind of game where you learn how insignificant you are, tiny. I’ve got a better idea! I’ll fight you for it!”

“Fight me for what?”

“For the country, silly! I’ll even stack things in your favour. Three fights … and if you can beat me just once then I’ll leave North Korea and never return.”

Kim had seen the girls throw his tanks around like confetti. There was no way he was going to let this woman humiliate him. He opened his mouth to refuse her offer, and give some very good reasons. But that’s not how things worked out.

“Okay. But only if it’s televised.”

“Good idea!” Susan agreed, as Kim slapped a hand over his treacherous mouth.

The world around them went white, and became too bright for him. When he could no longer see bright red through his closed eyelids, Kim opened them to see that they were now in a boxing arena. He was wearing gloves and trunks. So was she, though her halter and trunks were much more elaborately decorated. She was even kind enough to give him a mouthguard, though she didn’t bother with one herself.

Susan watched Kim’s expression as she started pointing her finger around the room. With each jab of her finger people appeared. She filled the commentators booths, manned all the cameras, put sound engineers in place, even brought in the catering staff. Kim was completely put out by her casual display of disturbing power. She finished by giving them a referee, and then as an afterthought waved both hands out in a grand gesture that summoned citizens to fill every empty seat in the arena.

Everyone went straight to work. Lights came on, music boomed, and the crowd went wild as Susan waved at them.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the world,” Susan began, looking into a camera as she boosted the outgoing signal and hijacked every TV set on the planet. “I am the Unchosen. This is Kim Jong-Un. He has agreed to fight me three times for the right to rule. If he defeats me even once I shall call off my girls and leave North Korea. But if I win, then North Korea is mine. It’s unfair, I know. Totally one sided, right? I mean, I have to win all three and he only has to win one! But that’s how I want it. Now, let’s get the show started, shall we?”

As if he had been prepared all along for this, the referee moved between the pair. He looked to be about to deliver his “I want a clean fight” speech, but changed his mind. He nodded at the timekeeper, and the bell was struck.

Susan just stood there as Kim backed away and cowered against the ropes.

“You have to fight, Kimmy. You said you would!”

“I can’t! I can’t beat you!”

“I know. This isn’t about proving that, Kim. It’s about me having fun.”

“I won’t fight you!”

Susan smiled mysteriously. “Oh? I think you will. I think you’ll try harder than you ever knew you could.”

With a look of confused horror Kim took on a very professional boxers stance and started moving in, ducking and weaving and showing some real skill in his movements. He fired off a punch, delivered with passion and style into Susan’s cheek. He yelped in pain, Susan’s smooth soft looking cheek offering no more give than the USS Missouri might if he had hit the side of that.

For most of the first round Susan stood still as Kim was forced into throwing punch after punch, and with much more force than he would have used had he thrown them himself. He danced around her with eagerness and enthusiasm, neither coming from within, while she let her arms hang relaxed at her sides and offered no effort to evade. His fists just bounced harmlessly off her flesh. Harmlessly to her anyway. His damaged hands would have put a stop to his attack if he had any say in the matter.

Susan was looking into his eyes as he struggled to stop. She didn’t let him. But this was kind of boring for her too, with him being so much weaker than her. So just before the bell rang, she ended the fight. Gauging his reaction she swelled her muscles to frightening size and rapidly increased her height by two feet. His horror was quite clear in his eyes as he looked further up to meet her gaze, but he continued to fight like he was Mohammed Ali. She reached out one arm and placed it on top of his head, pushing him away so he was no longer able to land a blow with his shorter arms. He strained against his will, bending as much as he could to strike her … but his arms just swang in the air.

“Do you feel powerful now, Kim?” she asked, tilting her head and smiling sweetly. “Let’s get onto the next contest, shall we?”

With care, Susan pushed him back into the ropes with enough force to have him spring back at her. Then she gave him a playful left jab that actually crushed his skull and launched him out of the ring. The ref chased after him and counted the former dictator out, despite the fact that he was quite clearly dead. Once he’d counted out the ten, he hopped into the ring again and Susan allowed him to raise her arm to declare her the winner. She lifted him off the ground as she stretched out into a victory pose and allowed the crowd to sing out praises to her while she negligently carted the referee around with her for a few victory lap.

She dropped the ref and looked down at Kim’ corpse.A click of her fingers and his head was healed. He took a deep desperate breath and opened his eyes, blinked twice, then let out a scream of pain and fear.

“One down, Kim,” Susan happily informed him. “Two to go.”

Susan gestured with her hand and the boxing changed dramatically. Suddenly there was a large metal cage that turned the ring into a cube, and there was no gate. Even the floor changed, as Susan replaced it with something far tougher. She wanted to let loose a little, and was aware that a standard boxing ring was no place to do that. The ref disappeared, to be replaced by new one. And they were both wearing outlandish lycra wrestling outfits. Hers was much more revealing and looked much more expensive than his drab costume.

“You know the rules of WWF?” she asked. He shook his head. “Good. I don’t either.”

The bell rang.

“I thought you were supposed to be some sort of Superman,” she remarked, waiting to see if he was prepared to try on his own this time. “You’re pathetic. How about I make you into a superman? Would you fight me properly then?”

Without waiting for his answer, Susan made another gesture and Kim was suddenly wearing a green and white parody of a Superman suit, with a badly “K” on his chest. He could feel power and strength flood his body, though he remained short and chubby. Yet still he hesitated.

“Foolish girl!” he suddenly declared, though he was sure he had wanted to say something more like “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Susan stretched her large body, still a little amped from the boxing. Aware he was still unwilling to fight, she took matters once more into her own hands. It didn’t matter if he didn’t want any part of this. All that mattered was that Susan wanted to play with him. His feeble willpower was nothing to the power of her mind, and he became her puppet once more.

As though he had been trained to wrestle since birth, the souped up former dictator moved in and tried a series of grapples. Everyone could feel the arena tremble as he applied the strength of Superman to the task of bringing her down. He grunted and groaned, trying over a dozen different moves. Each time he got into position and tried to manipulate her, his body shook with effort. Each time, however, the only part of Susan to move was her eyes.

And then she picked up with one hand on his throat and hoisted him clear. Her fingers dug cruelly into his flesh and choked off his air and the blood flow to his brain. Before he passed out Susan tossed him negligently into the wall of the cage, which he slammed into with explosive force and rebounded away to slide past her feet, leaving the cage she had made completely unharmed. As he slid on by she gave him a negligent kick that launched him hard into the cage roof. He came down and rolled on the ground, clearly dazed.

Despite the fact she had clearly held back a great deal, and the fact that he was in absolute agony and had two broken ribs, super-Kim found that he was throwing himself at her in an attempted body slam. She leant into him as he flew through the air and bumped him with her chest. Once more he was slammed into the cage with terrifying force. And once more he rose and came at her, this time going for a series of body blows. Blows that caused him tremendous pain, but did nothing to wipe her cheeky smile away.

“As you can see … I am far, far stronger than Superman, Kim.” She placed a fingertip carefully under his chin and flicked him up into the roof. He bounced off with terrific force and landed at her feet. She picked him, twisted his arms and legs together and compressing him cruelly into a crude ball, she swung him round and round over her head a few times and launched him at the cage wall again. Every bone in his Kryptonian body shattered and he splayed out on the super-harden floor. Even though he wasn’t breathing, Susan placed a foot on his chest and pressed his shoulder blades firmly into the floor. Kim remained perfectly still until the referee had finished the count.

Allowing herself to soak up the adulation of the crowd, Susan resurrected Kim in time to let him watch her walk victoriously around the ring.

“Isn’t this fun!” Susan remarked gleefully. “How about we try MMA next?”

The cage morphed into an MMA ring, the floor changing shape under them. Kim realised he was now dressed appropriately, and he found himself rising to his feet. As soon as he was standing the bell rang. He just looked at her in total despair.

“Come on Kim. How about I give you a bigger boost?”

Susan reached out and touched his arm. His head span like a top as his strength multiplied rapidly. He just stood there.

“I’m not going to force you to fight me this time, Kim,” Susan informed him. “This time I’m just to kick your arse.”

She reached out and backhanded him, sending him sailing away. He found himself somehow colliding with her breasts. She took hold of him, turned him around and pulled both arms up behind him back, enjoying his cry of pain as she easily overpowered his massively improved muscles. He was fully aware how strong she had made him. He was also fully aware she had only made him this strong so he could last beyond that first backhand.

The whole world watched as Susan let all the rounds play out this time. Each round she tortured her plaything in new ways. One round was spent just tossing him around. One round she just used her legs. The next she had used only her breasts to deliver blows that the Hulk would have had trouble matching on his best day. And so it went, until the final round where Susan used everything.

“I hope you’re having as much fun as I am,” she told him, just before the bell rang to stat the last round. “And just to prove how nice I’ve been playing so far … check this out.”

The bell rang, and Kim rook a step back in abject horror as Susan’s body swelled with thicker, even more sensual and tremendously more powerful muscle. His heart sank to new depth as he brushed her hand against him and sent flying.

It was quite clear to the everyone who was watching he fight that Susan was applying far less effort in her attacks during this round. It was equally obvious that her attacks carried a lot more force now. Kim hardly touched the ground and Susan playfully knocked him about the ring. His supercharged body was quickly demolished under the might of her play-fighting, until she finally relented and stood over the broken and bleeding super-Kim.

“I don’t think anybody will dispute my victory today, Kim. North Korea is no longer under the yoke of your leadership. Now it’s under mine.” Susan picked him up with her left hand by the scalp and dangled him in front of her. “And now it’s time to say goodbye, Asshole.” With that, she delivered her first real blow of the fight. Her fist ploughed into his stomach with such extreme force that Kim Yong-Un simply exploded. If Susan hadn’t included an invisible forcefield around the ring, the force of Kim’s supercharged body exploding might have destroyed half the city. The excess energy of her punch certainly would have.

Turning to a camera, Susan smiled.

“That’s all folks. But don’t worry … there’s going to more shows like this real soon.”

Around the globe, televisions everywhere returned to their regular scheduled programming.

Chapter 10

Susan’s two most powerful creations had been hard at work. For their first trip they worked together, believing that teaming up to obtain the rings would be safer. Their power gave them confidence as they burst into the first universe and very quickly found the ring they sought. Its owner was hard at work negotiating a truce between two intergalactic empires when they appeared and disrupted proceedings.

The formal meeting broke into chaos as the two heavily built women smashed their way into the building, steel and concrete offering no barrier to them. Regarding the male ring-bearer a moment, the two women smiled as their impossible appearance warped the perceptions of everyone in the room. Cries of protest were silenced were silenced by their dazzling smiles.

“Everyone can relax. We just want him.”

The ring-bearer, not quite as hypnotised as everyone else, hopped into the air and approached them. They sensed power filling him, and they could feel just how much less he had than them. The gulf was enormous.

“What do you want with me?” he managed, his mind slowly loosing the fight against their mere presence.

“Just your ring.”

The man smiled, though the sweat on his brow revealed how much trouble he had in putting up a brave front. The bodies of these two women screamed with power. “Then you have wasted your time!” he informed them. “For the ring resides within my flesh.”

The two girls looked at each other and giggled. Susan had shared with them all she knew about the rings, and they knew exactly how to deal with him.

“Then we’ll just have to melt you down and take it.”

One of the girls held out a hand and unleashed a terrible blast of energy at the brave man. It hit him and there was a thunderous explosion. The girls basked in the shockwaves, shockwaves that ripped through the planet and reduced it to particles. Shockwaves that hardly moved the girl’s hair.

Hovering in the debris field both girls regarded each other with surprised looks.

“I guess I overdid it.”

“It’s alright. It worked … I can feel the particles of the ring all around us.” Even as she spoke the girl began to weave the particles into a small sphere that resembled a god ball bearing. In moments she had gathered the ring together. “See? No problem!”

“Cool. Let’s get another one!”

The tiny ball disappeared as a small black bag materialised around it. Taking the bag and hooking it securely to a strap of her outfit, she thought about how easy it had been. “I think we can split up,” she observed. “We were plenty powerful enough to handle Kethlen and the others one-on-one before. Now we must be at least twice that strong!”

“You’re right!”

And so, working independently, the two over-charged women made their way from universe to universe taking ring after ring after ring. It was an hour before they met back up again, arriving by chance at the same time at their point of origin.

“This is fun! How many do you have?”

“34 already!”

“I’ve only got 29!” the other bemoaned. “I’ll have to work harder to catch up!”

So saying, she sped toward another wormhole and blasted out the other side. She was already very good at finding them, and didn’t slow down at all as she rocketed toward her newest target. It was a woman this time, and not a nice one.

Bursting into the bearer’s palace, where she was making some sort of speech to a fearful gathering, Susan’s obscenely powerful creation made even this woman’s ancient eyes widen in fear as she approached without saying a word and grasped the beautiful yet dark-spirited woman by the throat. With her other hand she reached out and grabbed the woman’s ring finger. The woman struggled hopelessly, guards rushing in from all directions to assault the much stronger girl with melee weapons. She simply ignored them and even as the evil bearer applied everything she had to free herself, she watched in helpless horror as the strange and very arousing new arrival calmly took the ring off her finger without showing any acknowledgement of her victim’s eagerness to escape.

“Thank you!”

Seconds later the eager girl was pulling the finger off an oversized giant of a man, his far larger muscles offering her no resistance. This process as one she repeated over and over as quickly as she could. Those she took the powerful trinkets had very little to say in proceedings. Though many struggled with all they had, they fared no better and lasted no longer than those who just stood there. Returning home after another 25 rings were in her little bag, she ran into her old friend again.

“I have 54 now!” she proudly declared.

“Really?” her colleague asked mysteriously. “I have 83.”

“What? How are you doing it so much faster than me?”

“Alright! I’ll show you. Follow me.”

Upon arrival, the more successful over-enhanced girl came to a stop and held her hand while she watched her friend with a smile. Just as the curious onlooker prepared to ask what was going on, a streaking form appeared in the distance and rocketed towards them.

“Why should we go running around all through these places when we can just bring the puny things …” the ring-bearer’s neck slapped into her hand, “… to us?” She took off toward the wormhole, removing the ring and placing it in the bag as she went, discarding the now powerless former owner of the ring inside the wormhole. “And it’s a lot faster to take the ring off them on the move.”


Susan hadn’t been hard at work, but her now playthings had been. At her mental command, the remaining military might of the North Koreas army had marched out a vast open field in the countryside, a place that had been used for wargames for many years by the Kim’s. Now it was her turn to play army here.

Once the last unit was in place, and the last battery of big guns had been set up just how she wanted, Susan appeared on the field before them and the strange and very focused arrangement of the artillery suddenly made sense. As the gunners stepped back in shock, the guns made fine adjustments on their own and the spot where Susan stood was perfectly lined up.

She could feel their internal struggles, not a single man on the field there by choice, but they had a purpose to serve. Not wanting this lesson to go unnoticed by the outside world, Susan made a negligent gesture with her hand and borrowed a news network’s helicopter from mid-air over L.A. Shielding it with her mind and hijacking all the satellite networks for a global broadcast, Susan looked into the lens and spoke to her future subjects.

“People of Earth … you know by now who I am. You know a little about what I can do. What you are about to witness is what your armies are capable of doing to me. Watch, and you will begin to understand that my complete and total victory is inevitable.”

Susan assumed an arrogant pose, and at her silent command their was a staccato of booms. She stood there and resisted the urge to give in to her growing arousal. She didn’t want this display to get pornographic, she wanted to show the world what an uneven match it was. And show them she would.

Bullets started pinging off her skin just before the first rocket hit. The explosions rained down her, but the bombs and mortars and rockets and shells may well have been just different colours of confetti for all the harm they did to Susan. The ground was churned up under her feet but she just hovered there and relaxed her body to get the most of it, making it clear to the billions of people watching that she wasn’t in any way phased by it all. The world watched as bullet and shrapnel fragments filled the fiery air around her like stardust.

Susan stretched out, letting a little of her arousal show as she luxuriated in the multi-million dollar shower. It was nothing like facing off against a fleet of intergalactic battlecruisers, but it was still fun to feel so much pleasure thanks to weapons that were intended to kill her. Scanning her audience she sensed a lot of fear. What filled their screens was unnatural … impossible.

It was only when their ammunition had run dry that the firing stopped. With a dark smile Susan surveyed the scene. The ground was churned and charred, and laced with tonnes of metal fragments. Not a single bullet remained. They had lasted a while, and under normal circumstances whatever had been the focus of such a sustained assault should have been completely obliterated. Susan remained as immaculate as she had been before it had begun.

“Nothing you have can harm me,” Susan explained, clearly pleased about this fact. “No weapon you possess can even hurt the women I have empowered. The Americans have seen this for themselves. I can hear you asking … what about nukes?” Susan laughed. “What about them?”

At her unspoken command the ten enhanced women floated across the plain to join their master. Both Jessie and Rhonda were in possession of nuclear devices. The incredibly beautiful women formed a circle around Susan as both rather large bombs were placed in her hands.

“You’ll soon see just how scared I am of these toys.” Susan nodded at her smiling entourage, and Jessie and Rhonda set the bombs of simultaneously.


Liz had used every soldier on the field at least three times before deciding they were all just too tired to continue without a lengthy recovery period … perhaps several months long. In some cases she wasn’t sure they would recover.

Looking at her lover’s safe hiding place in the cellar of the bar, one of the very few builldings left standing, Liz giggled. He was masturbating eagerly like a twelve year old, his body and mind still ensnared by her. But that wouldn’t do at all. He was enjoying himself far too much.

Making her way into the cellar, she laughed at him as jumped and tried to disguise what he had been doing.

“I saw you, Harry. You can hide nothing from me now. I won’t have you wasting your energy like this! You need all your strength to keep me happy.”

He leapt at her, his face aimed at her crotch. Was she really so addictive now? Liz looked into his crazed eyes and realised that she was. Very carefully taking his chin she hoisted him up and dangled him before her.

“I’m not here for your enjoyment whenever you like, asshole. It’s the other way around now, and don’t forget it. I’ve got stuff to do … places to go; people to educate. While I’m gone I don’t want you touching yourself. I guess that means I have to take certain measures.”

He looked at her in horror as she took him and pressed him against the cold concrete wall.She ran the fingers of her free hand along the concrete and exposed a foot of rebar. Bending out into a semi-circle, she reached down and took his desperately resisting hand. Forcing it into position even as he went beet red trying to fight her, she was able to use her fingers to hold his wrist and bend the rebar around it. She let go of his chin and he dropped to the floor. Then Liz took his other hand while she exposed another length of rebar and made another makeshift manacle. When she was done Harry was secured to the wall with arms held out wide.

“Comfortable?” she asked sweetly.


“Good. Now … if you’re really lucky, maybe I’ll bring you back some food, okay?”

Harry went pale as he suddenly realised how painfully hungry he was, and not just for Liz. His captor was generous enough to pour a bottle of water into his mouth before she left, but his gratitude for that was misplaced. All she wanted to do was make sure he was still alive when she got back from visiting the next person on her to-do list … the girl who had bullied Liz mercilessly throughout high school.


As the girls recovered from the orgasmic experience, the air still too thick with with vapours of the twin nuclear blasts to let the cameras see them, Susan addressed them.

“You have done well, ladies. You accomplished your tasks excellently, and I’m sure you shall do a good job of ruling your provinces. Rhonda and Kim … you have both kept the borders secure, and I want you to keep doing that. But I’m going to make it easier for all of you to keep tabs on the people you deal with, and even influence them if you so wish.”

Susan’s eyes glowed white as they had the last time she had met with her girls. By the time she was done her girls had become a fraction harder and larger, and quite noticeably more attractive. They were also aware of two new and astounding abilities that they had a very comprehensive knowledge of all of a sudden. Firstly, they could now manipulate things with the power of their thoughts. Anything they could lift and bend with their muscles, they could now lift and bend with willpower alone. And secondly they could see into people’s minds, feel their emotions and even see through their eyes. Not only that, but they could bend people to their will as easily as bending a battleship, which with their new increased physical power was a rather trivial task.

Having done what she wanted to do here, and keen to get to work building her Earthly residence, Susan gestured with her hand and the sky cleared to reveal all eleven women to the world, completely unharmed by the bombs. No-one was thinking about how the chopper filming the scene had survived, because they were too busy trying to deal with the new improved women now revealed to them. Not only were they unharmed by the most powerful weapons known to man, they were all more beautiful and appeared even stronger than before.

Smiling into the camera, Susan filled her body out to slightly surpass her minions in both beauty and power. “As you can see, we actually enjoyed that! I hope you all learned something today. Expect another lesson very soon.”

With that, Susan sent the chopper back to where it had come from.

“Okay girls. Back to work! But not you, Sun-Hee. We need to talk.”

Sun-Hee looked at her bedazzling master nervously as all the other girls went back their tasks. “What have I done?”

“I know about your brother, Sun-Hee. I know you want to kill him. I have decided to give all of you girls a few generals each to marshall your afternoon playtime. Would you like to have him?”

Sun-Hee’s eyes lit up at the idea. “Really? You’ll give him to me?”

“He’s yours. Do with him as you will. I suggest keeping him around, though. Take your time … enjoy his destruction.”

“Thank you, Unchosen One!”

“You deserve your revenge, Sun-Hee. As he deserves whatever it is you have in store for him.”

Chapter 11

As Liz flew over the home of her old enemy, she could not help but admire the magnificence of her rather large and expensive mansion. Well, her husbands rather large and expensive mansion, to be more precise. Jane, Liz’s one-time tormentor, had been one of the most beautiful girls in Liz’s year growing up. Sadly, that beauty was only skin deep. Jane had made it her role to keep the “nerds” and other no-hopers in their place. And she had relished her chosen role, and had been rather good at it as well. But now things had changed. Now Liz wanted to show the shallow young woman the depths of her own immeasurable beauty. Now Liz wanted to put Jane in HER place.

Using her newly acquired ability to see inside the minds of others, Liz explored Jane’s memories. It made her even more angry with the woman when Liz realised how much she had actually enjoyed tormenting her fellow students for all those years. Now Jane was happily married to a very wealthy and powerful man, and had everything she wanted in life just handed to her whenever she asked for it. Liz smiled. She was going to enjoy this.

Jane was hosting a luncheon for her wealthy and snobby friends in her lavish garden when Liz swooped down to hover over the well dressed group of ladies. All chatter among the group dies instantly as the stared wide eyed at Liz’s dramatically sexy appearance.

“Hello, Jane. Remember me?”

Jane looked up at the floating woman with surprise, but no recognition. She was stunned into silence. Liz smiled as she watched Jane’s eyes, and the eyes of all present, wander over her utterly flawless and painfully attractive physique.

“You don’t recognise me, do you?” Liz asked, though it was more of an observation than a question. “It’s me … Elizabeth Trubelle. Do you remember all the things you did to me at high school?”

Jane struggled with this information. “Liz? It’s not … not possible! Liz was only like five-one.”

“That was the old me. And before you say it, the Liz you knew wasn’t nearly so pretty as me, right?”


“We all change, Jane. But you haven’t, have you? Still playing queen-bee, eh? Still shallow as ever.” Liz gently floated to the ground and landed silently beside the long table the group was gathered around.

“What are you doing here?”

“Honestly? I’m here for payback, bitch,”

Jane looked worried. Liz could feel that she more than just looked it, though. Liz took hold of the woman beside Jane and with clear ease hoisted her out of her chair with one hand and tossed her into the pool, a good hundred and twenty yards away. Just as she was about to sit down, Jane’s well paid security team came running across the grass.

“Will you excuse me a moment, Jane?” Liz asked politely. “I can’t resist playing with men who think they’re tough.”

“Alright miss!” one of the guards, obviously in charge, pulled a gun as the other three with him followed suit. “I don’t know how you got in here, but it’s time you were leaving.”

“Do you like my bikini?” Liz asked conversationally, taking a few steps toward the armed men with no concern regarding the guns aimed at her.

“I must ask you to leave. You are trespassing on private land.”

“Yes. But it’s my land now.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well … it’s not my land yet. But as soon as I finish talking with Jane over there, then it will be.”

The guard was not put out by this claim, and stuck to his demand. “The police have already been called, Miss. I suggest you be gone before they arrive.”

“Why?” Liz asked, a smile dancing about the corners of her mouth and lighting up her eyes. “What are cops going to do to me?”

“Arrest you, dumb-ass,” the guard told her rudely.

“Have you been watching the news?” Liz asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m a busy man, lady. Now please leave.”


“I’m warning you!”

“What? What are you going to do? Shoot me?”

“I don’t want to.”

“But I want you to. And these days, I always get whatever I want.”

Liz made a negligent gesture with her hand, and without warning the guards all starting shooting at her command. The women sat around Jane’s table looked on in horror and astonishment as the hard lead projectiles met and were instantly turned away by Liz’s delicious exposed skin. Rather than drop dead, full of holes, Liz stretched taller and let the lead work magic on her endorphins levels.

“Thank you,” Liz breathed huskily once the last shot had been fired. Her arousal was affecting everyone, though no-one was comfortable with the way their bodies responded to Liz’s flawless physique and delectable tone of voice. “Now, why don’t you go get some more ammunition so you can do that for me some more? And if you have any bigger guns, maybe you’d be so kind as to bring them out too.”

All four guards silently turned, suddenly acting quite zombie-like as they marched back to the house. Jane watched them go with her mouth hanging open.

“That was nice of your guards to give me a little massage,” Liz observed happily. She strolled back to the seat she had emptied and carefully sat down. There was was gentle short metallic groan from the antique iron beneath the chair’s soft cushion as Elizabeth got more comfortable.

“What do you want?”

“The truth is, Jane, I just want to make your life hell.”

“We haven’t even seen each other for, like, five years,” Jane told her. “Why don’t you just let it go?”

“Truth is I did get over it. You never got to me as much as you got some of the others … but you sure tried, didn’t you? You were so pretty you had ALL the boys wrapped around your damn finger. Where is the lucky fella? I hear you married a very interesting man. What is it he does again? Drug smuggling or was it extortion?”

“He’s not a mobster,” Jane defended her husband half-heartedly.

“Oh wow!” Liz giggled as a little research into Jane’s memories revealed the truth about the rumours Liz had heard. “He really is a mobster! Seriously … I thought it was bullshit.”

Jane suddenly noticed how incredibly arousing Liz’s appearance was now. She had seen straight away that she was beautiful. But sitting so close to her and hoping to see the chinks in her armour, Jane went cold when it dawned on her that the closer Liz got, the more clearly obvious it was that there no chinks … no flaws. Then somehow she could smell the tall powerfully built girl’s intoxicating scent, and then she felt herself fill with lust even as other ladies at the table began to squirm.

“When they said they called the police … they lied,” Jane blurted, trying to regain some control of herself. “My husband is on his way here now with his best men. I’d be leaving now, if I were you.”

“I know. But you’re not me. I’m looking forward to having a little talk to your husband. I’m thinking about letting him give me this house.”

Jane shook of her intoxication. “What? Give the house to you?  Why?”

Liz smiled and reached out to gently take the hand of Jane’s guest sitting next to her. Still watching Jane, Liz smoothly ran her thumb over the back of the woman’s hand. “Because … I can do this.” Jane’s friend bucked suddenly and cried out with a fierce orgasm. Then she passed out, and dropped to the grass shaking.


Destroying the palace had taken a negligent gesture and small application of Susan’s will. And she was fully aware that she could rebuild it in a more suitable way just as quickly and easily. But she decided to let her loving subjects do it for her. She stayed long enough after leveling the ground herself to see that construction was well under way before she nodded her approval and left them to their task.

Once she cleared the atmosphere, Susan amped herself up to a level that would have been catastrophic had she possessed it on the Earth. Almost instantly she was in a galaxy many billions of light years away, hovering over a planet that was churning with volcanic activity. Smiling, she went down to talk to the twenty ring-bearers she had trapped here while wrapping up her work in North Korea.

“How you doing?” she asked, having waited for them all fully awaken as she brought them back from the comas she had placed them in.

“You …” the speaker fell silent as they came to terms with the impossible woman in front of him. She was beyond compare. Words failed Susan’s love toy as she helped them into her embrace. As Susan’s arms wrapped around the woman, there was cracks as bones snapped. The woman didn’t seem to care, but Susan healed her anyway.

The air was suddenly crackling with energy as Susan amped her team of sex toys, and set them to task. As she increased the sensitivity of her body, Susan relaxed and pulled the strings on her hyper-amped puppets, making sure they were enjoying this as much as she was.

“I really appreciate you coming all the way just offer yourselves to me,” Susan breathed huskily. She spread her awareness out and looked at herself through twenty pairs of eyes, experiencing all their amped up reactions to her in a single flood. Her body responded, and her first orgasm shook the planet. Susan would get quite a lot more out of them before she was done.

As she approached her second peak, another one showed up.

“What the hell is going on?” she demanded. “What depravity is this! Have you all lost your minds!”

When the bodies parted and Susan looked at the new arrival though the haze coming off her steaming flesh, the newcomer was stunned to silence. Instant understanding of situation hit her like a sledgehammer, and her body melted with lust. As she dropped down and joined them, her mind completely dominated by Susan’s mere appearance, the Unchosen gifted this new toy with power enough to survive … for a while at least.


General Pyoh could think of nothing more terrifying than the incredible weapon his sister had become. When she appeared before him, and claimed him for her plaything, he had been expecting instant death.

Now he kinda wished that had been her plan. He had already tried to kill himself … he had gotten the barrel of his pistol into his mouth no problem, but his finger betrayed him and despite his determination he could not pull the trigger. When his attempts to hang himself were constantly stymied by his inability to find a rope or steel cable that didn’t snap each time, he became suspicious that suicide was not going to be an option.

Standing on the highest wall of the half-repaired military base, overlooking a five-hundred foot drop to sharp rocks, he steeled himself and leapt off.

As he fell toward the rocks he felt calm. There was no fear now, no dread. Each foot he fell he felt the weight of his imprisonment lighten further. The rushing rocks offered an end to his suffering, an escape from his punishment … they offered the general his last real hope.

But then General Pyoh felt the dread and fear return.

The rushing rocks were not rushing up toward him so fast. The pace of his freefall, despite the fact that it made no sense at all, gently slowed until it was more like he was riding a very slow elevator. And then, to his great dismay, the rocks were moving away from him. Moments later he drifted back over the top of the wall and came to a very controlled landing in a courtyard.

“You can keep trying, if you like,” Sun-Hee told him, suddenly beside him. “I like this game.”

“Why don’t you just let me die?”

“Because that’s what you want. And besides … nobody gets to kill you but me, brother. Not even you. Now … how is this afternoons funtime coming along?”

“I … I have no mortars today.”

“And why not?”

“There was a breakdown at the …”

“Fix it. I want twice as many mortars for tomorrow. Have you come up with anything new yet?”

“Um … no.”

“What the fuck did we talk about? You had better stop thinking about killing yourself so much and keep focused on the important stuff. I want you to spend all your time thinking of a way to kill me. You need not worry about anything else. I’ll have someone else keep an eye on logistical matters. You’re job is to keep coming up with new ways to try killing me, okay?”

“But … I don’t understand. Rockets can’t hurt you. Nukes do nothing. It’s impossible!”

“I know. There is absolutely no way you’ll ever be able to hurt me now. But that’s the point. I want you to really come to terms with how insignificant you squishies are compared to us. But for now … mortars or no mortars: you should be marshalling your army in preparation for this afternoon. Now get to it.”


Liz didn’t have to wait long for Jane’s husband to get home. The security team had returned with rifles, shotguns, and uzi’s, and were standing there drooling over Liz. In fact, everyone was drooling over her as she worked her way through the expensive food. Though there had been enough for everyone, and not much had been consumed before she arrived, Liz deliberately made a pig of herself and ate the whole lot.

“This is really great food! I haven’t actually eaten for a while. I don’t think I need to eat anymore.”

A plate of meat and two servers loaded with salad lifted from the table of their own accord as Liz cleared a spot for them in front of her, removing the empty plates she had cleaned off already.

“But it does taste good! I’m actually doing you a favour eating this for you, Jane. This food is very rich. Certain to make you fat. Not me though. I have the metabolism of a new sun!”

“Alright … games over!” Jane’s husband declared as he strode across the lawn with a dozen henchmen behind him. “Where’s my wife?”

“She’s right here, Roberto,” Liz happily informed him, pointing down under the table.

Jane bumped her head as she got up from under the table.

“What the hell?” Roberto raged. “Where you licking her the fuck out?”

Jane looked very guilty.

“It’s not her fault … I ate all the food and I think she was still hungry!” Liz joked. “Are you hungry, Roberto?”

The heat in her voice made him twitch, but the cold blooded killer maintained his cool. “I’m going to give you twenty seconds to get the fuck off my land, and then if you’re still here, my boys are going to take you down the basement and show you what happens to whores who fuck with me.”

“Ooh … you are a smooth talker!” Liz grinned as she stood up and moved away from the table, allowing the new arrivals to get a good look at her as she deliberately moved in a way to show off her physique.”

Liz smiled as she enjoyed his flurry of emotions. Arousal. Fear. Confusion. But mostly arousal. She just adored how she looked through the eyes of normal people, now that she had the ability.

“I don’t know who you are, or what’s going on here … but you’re going to regret this little joke, lady. My boys go to the gym too, and cute girly muscles won’t help you now. Get her boys.”

They hesitated, but Liz smiled and commanded them to attack her, taking away their choice in the matter and forcing them towards their doom. Roberto was stunned at the vigour his small team of thugs employed as they attacked. Kicks and punches flew like crazy, all landing cleanly on the Liz as she made sure to look as arrogant possible.

“Is that really all you have?” She sneered. “It’s a good thing my body is so sensitive now, otherwise I wouldn’t even notice you wankers. Let me show you how it’s done.”

Liz shot out an open hand at one of them, and went soaring over the distant trees. Slowly and deliberately she took each attacker out of the fight with ease that sent shivers down Roberto’s spine. One by one his men were broken, each casual movement of Liz’s hands conveyed such power that he was soon on his knees in awe.

“It’s impossible, no one can be that strong.”

“I am that strong,” Liz assured him. “I thought I was powerful when she first changed me … but she keeps giving me more and more. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I’ve become now, little fella. Now … I want to make you an offer on your house. If you give it to me, I’ll let you stay living here, and you and your pretty wife … and this is all her fault by the way … can be my personal slaves. You know, serving my every need and shit.”

“Fuck you.”

Liz grinned, and Roberto felt a tremendous pressure building in his head. Suddenly he was extremely aware how ridiculously attractive Liz was. He dropped to his knees as Liz’s bikini bottom fell and sank a few inches into the manicured lawn. Liz’s shadow fell over him and he found himself breathing the most fascinating and alluring scent he had ever know in his life.

“I hoped you’d say that!”

Chapter 12

Bjern’s turn would be up in just a hundred years, and he would have to pass the power and responsibility on to another guardian. It had seemed an easy thing to deal with when he first received the power, but as it drew nearer he felt the approaching end of his career coming upon him like a vast dark cloud of uncertainty. Sitting alone on the surface of an unpopulated planet he was pondering his upcoming forced retirement, and began to wonder if they could force him to give up the ring. He smiled as he imagined them trying. Such an attempt would be ludicrous.

Then he felt it. A presence that passed over him, and then returned to focus itself upon him. It seemed to bore into his very soul. He started to get to his feet when he felt the presence grip him in a vice of super-hardened air, and the next instant he was being dragged down through the planet. The world he had been meditating on was destroyed he accelerated deeper and deeper until he passed right through the molten core. He burst out through the other side of the world and continued to accelerate as he was towed out away from the star system he’d been in and toward the edge of the galaxy.

“What the …”

He resisted, but even though he went red with the effort of applying every drop of power he could muster, there was nothing he could do to stop himself gaining more speed or even alter his course. He braced himself as the awareness … and he could actually sense it was a woman … and very much a woman … dragged him right through a tight cluster of stars. Even though his speed was now levelling out, Bjern was still panicking. Whoever or whatever was towing him seemed to be dragging him along in a dead-straight line, and they were either unaware or unconcerned by the fact he was ploughing into and through quite a few stars and planets, and whatever else happened to be in his way. Not that he could see them coming anymore. He was moving far too quickly for his eyes to focus on anything. The universe was just an impressionistic blur as he travelled through it far far faster than he had ever dreamed was possible.

His curiosity about who or what was doing this was soon sated. He slowed a little, but not much really, and then felt enormous pain as he came to an instant stop. His neck snapped as it took the impact, and he very quickly realised two things simultaneously. His throat was being crushed even as it healed from the immense impact, and the woman whose hand was crushing him was the most incredible thing he had ever seen in his entire life … and by a very impressive margin. Her hair was dark, and shimmered with a lustrous sheen Bjern had never known could exist. The same could be said about every detail of this woman’s dangerous and ensnaring beauty. The delicate features of her face were in stark contrast, and yet the perfect compliment to, her large and intimidating physique. While she was clearly one hell of a lot bigger than him physically, and her muscles were a symphony of terrifying strength, her skin made his mouth water and her curves were playing tricks on his mind.

He found himself struggling hopelessly as the youthful looking super-being started flying into a nearby black-hole. Her direction should have frightened him, but all he was able to think about was how badly he need to touch her. He hardly noticed as she gripped his finger. He sure noticed when she pinched it off his hand though.

The last thing on Bjern’s mind as the forces within the blackhole tore his discarded form apart was how grateful he was to have seen such an impossibly beautiful woman before he died.


“How many have you got now?”

“You first.”

“I asked first!”



She opened her large bag and showed her companion with pride how many rings she had collected.

“Ha! I fooled you!” The other girl opened her bag to reveal a slightly larger collection. “I have 2876!” she declared proudly.

“But … how did you get ahead of me?”

“Wanna see?”

The blonde Harem girl lead her friend to new untapped universe, stopped just within it, and held her hand up. “You don’t need to bring the ring-bearer! You can save a lot of time by …” she paused and waited for a tiny gold streak to collide with her open hand. “… just taking the ring straight off them.”


Jane woke much more slowly than usual. She felt hungover … drained. As though she hadn’t slept at all. The room was bright … and strange to her. Looking around, her mind still quite clouded, she wondered what the hell she was doing in the guest wing.

“Shit. Is that the time?”

10:13. She never slept in that late. With a groan she flicked off the covers and rolled out onto her feet. With a start she realised she was still wearing the dress she had picked out for lunch the day before …

And then it ALL came flooding back … and she fell back to sit on the bed in horror. Did all that stuff really happen yesterday? She jumped up and went to the mirror, a hand running over her face. She looked terrible. Her hair was a mess, and her expensive make-up was smeared all over her face. Jane wasn’t used to the small, regular sized ensuites of the guest bedrooms, but she decided to shower before venturing out into the house. Everything she needed was in there, and she came out with a towel wrapped around her to find to her surprise that someone had laid out an outfit on the bed with a little note. She hadn’t heard anyone enter the room … but someone had prepared clothes for her while she had showered. Picking up the note, she read it with growing anger.

“Good morning, Jane. Here’s your clothes. I forbid you to wear anything else without my express permission. You’re my slave now … and slaves don’t wear Gucci.”

Jane picked up the French maid outfit and tossed it into the corner of the room. No way she was going to wear that. She was sure there’d be something in the guest room’s closet. And she was right … but what she found made her curse rather loudly. The closet had been filled to overflowing with identical maid outfits.

With resignation Jane dressed herself in the only available clothes, her dress from yesterday, and fixed her hair as best she could. Then she walked out into the hall and toward the main part of the house. What she found left her even more horrified, and certain that the nightmare of yesterday had been very real indeed. Flashes of Liz’s obscenely sexy body ran through her mind, images of her husband desperately thrusting into a gleeful young goddess, of her friends moaning and groaning in an orgy of unimaginable and unsolicited pleasure … of herself on her hands and knees before the dominating sex god that had invaded her home and mind.

“Oh my god …”

Jane was aghast as she took in the sight of a her posh highbrow friends scattered throughout the main living area of her house. This was like a scene from the Hangover. Most of them were at least partially naked. Not a single one looked like they’d be waking up for hours. This was something you saw in movies about horror party aftermaths … it was not something Jane had ever thought she’d see in real life … not in HER real life.

Jane set her jaw when she heard a man’s enthusiastic cry of pleasure come from upstairs. It was her husband. That bitch was using him again, and it sounded like he was enjoying a little too much.

Fuming now with justifiable rage, Jane walked purposefully to her husband’s study and to his desk. Reaching under it she grabbed the .38 he had stashed under there and checked to make sure it was loaded. When your husband was one of the highest ranked mafia bosses in the country, you learned how to handle a gun … and Jane was a crack shot.

Now armed, and certain what needed to be done, Jane walked up the stairs to her bedroom. As she neared her bedroom door, she could hear them. A tingle ran down her spine and she felt a sudden heat between her legs as a little girlish giggle tickled her eardrum. Liz was very aroused, and even through the closed doors, Jane could sense it. She reached for the handle, but just before she touched it Liz let out a low yet powerful moan of pleasure that made Jane stop in her tracks.

Once the orgasm had passed Jane shook it off, angry with herself for whatever the hell had just happened. Then she steeled herself once more and pushed the double doors open. Raising the gun before her in both hands she cocked it and stormed into the room.

On her very large bed lay her husband. On top of him were three women, though he only seemed to have hands for one of them, and the other two seemed to only have hands for her too, as all three focused their attentions on Liz. Liz smiled at Jane over her shoulder as she used the armed woman’s husband for pleasure.

“He’s kinda soft, isn’t he?” Liz asked conversationally.

Jane stood there, mouth agape as a thousand very powerful emotions ran though her mind as she began to remember just why she had done such depraved things to this goddess yesterday.

“It’s alright though!” Liz added cheerfully. “I can get around that by using my new mind powers to protect him. This way I can go for hours. I think we’re four hours in on this round, aren’t we little fella?”

Jane filled with rage, the shock wearing off eventually as Liz just ignored her.

“Get off him. Now.”


“Get off of my husband and get out of my house. Now. Or I’ll shoot your fucking head off.”

Liz just kept pumping away, her only response was to tighten herself a little to make Roberto howl in pleasure.

Jane fired all the bullets she had into Liz’s sensual back. And dropped the gun in despair. The bullets were lodged in the furniture around her, having bounced right off Liz’s inviting skin without leaving so much as a smudge of lead behind.

“Thank you! That was really nice. Mmmm … More.”

“Fuck you. My husband knows a thousand hitmen. No matter what you do, bitch … one of them will find a way to kill you.”

Liz laughed, making everyone on the room cringe at the uncomfortable level of her voice. “That actually sounds like fun!” She kept moving and looked down at Roberto. “Do you? Do you know thousands of hitmen?”

He could not quite organise his thoughts into a sentence, and his answer was quite unintelligible. Liz smiled knowingly, aware how tortured he was at the moment by unbearable pleasure.

“You do!” she declared with unsettling happiness, rummaging through his deepest secrets. “And you know all the really good ones, too.” Liz turned to look at Jane, giving her steamy look and licking her lips. “Why are you all the way over there, slave? And why didn’t you put on the clothes I laid out for you?”

Jane suddenly stood naked as her dress was torn away by invisible hands.

“It’s the clothes I give you or nothing. You can spend the rest of the day like that if you don’t like it. How about you get another gun? I think there’s a loaded pistol on the balcony.”

“No. I’m not going to be your fucking slave.”

Liz smiled. “Really? I don’t think you understand, Jane. I’m not giving you a choice.”

Liz’s eyes seemed to glow very gently, and Jane found herself walking out to the balcony. There she found a large stash of weapons that liz had obtained, and something else that wasn’t there the day before. Slumped unconscious in crudely bent reo-bar restraints, a man who looked like some sort of biker was secured to a large torn piece of concrete at one end of the balcony. Jane wanted to examine him more closely, but she had no choice but to return straight away with the .45 she had selected.

“Mmmm … good choice,” Liz said with a smile. “Excuse us ladies, but it’s Jane’s turn to play with me now.”

The two dishevelled women detached themselves from Liz’s chest and moved away, both of them collapsing in exhausted heaps on the floor and leaving Liz’s magnificent breasts exposed. The hypnotic beauty floated up and turned to face Jane, Roberto taken along for the ride.

“Go ahead and shoot,” Liz suggested with a coy smile. “Don’t worry … I’ll make sure none of the ricochets hit your little hubby. Go on … I know you want to.”

With a vicious sneer Jane opened fire, the massive pistol kicking lick a mule in her hand each time. She’d not fired a big gun like this many times, because she lacked the strength for it. But she was still able to hit Liz with every block-busting bullet. She was reloading before she even knew she had more bullets. Five times she emptied the gun into Liz’s glorious chest, each bullet brining Liz enormous pleasure and satisfaction. But it was taking its toll, and Jane’s arms were aching very badly. Her numb fingers let go of the gun and she began to cry. All that shooting and all she’d done was make her arms hurt like a bitch and her target grin with pure glee.

“That felt fucking awesome,” Liz confessed, having not stopped humping Jane’s husband. “Go get another one.”

“Who is he? Out there?”

“He’s my toy. Just like you. Now go get a gun. I like it when you shoot me.”

Jane was about to protest about her arms, but was horrified to discover she couldn’t talk. Before she could think about that too much though, she was marching herself back out onto the balcony and picking up an AK-47.


Susan’s last plaything should have been terrified by this point. He had watched her take all those before him one by one into her embrace and use them up in minutes, despite having boosted them to levels unheard of by any of them. He had seen them all die as she took her pleasure from them, and stole their rings. But in spite of his vast brain power, and all the evidence she had shown him, he was eager to take his turn.

Susan smiled warmly at him, a smile he returned, and accepted his attempts to please her. Though she had taken so many already, each and every ring she had taken that morning felt just as wonderful as the last. It did not seem to matter to her how many she already had, the rush of getting another had not been reduced at all.

Since she had decided to wrap things up, another six ring bearers had shown up to the party. Susan looked over at them, all sleeping in a valley several thousand miles away. She briefly considered waking them to continue her little pleasure marathon. But this was just the appetiser. It was time, she decided, for the main course.

Susan looked deep into her own eyes, taking over the awareness of the man in her arms and directing his body to get everything she could squeeze out of him. She sped him up, and her release soon came upon her. Just as she done with all the others that day, Susan used the absorption of his ring to extend her peak and springboard it to a level no other being in existence could experience. She took all the power she had given him back at the same instant, and his body was vaporised by the heat coming off her, his atoms shattered by the shocking vehemence of her orgasm.

Susan stretched her incredible body and floated up over the super-hardened planet she had made for what she decided would be regular events. There were billions of untapped wormholes remaining in her home universe, and she decided after the third one that day she would use them all this way. Taking rings of power during sex was simply addictive.

Dressing herself in a two-piece and a flowing translucent sarong, Susan was suddenly very curious about how many rings Kethlen’s harem girls had obtained so far. She had left them at their task for over a full day, and she knew they would have been tirelessly working non-stop since she had left them. Of course, she could just look into their minds and see right there and then. Since she had reconstructed them her connection with the pair was even stronger, and it actually required effort on her part not to be aware of everything both girls were doing all the time. But in order to give herself some sort of a surprise she had deliberately blocked off certain things … but hadn’t closed the connection altogether. If ever they were in danger, Susan wanted to be aware of it instantly.

Deciding now was the time, her body still hot from her little self-indulgence, Susan arced up into the sky and made her way toward the ruins of Kethlen’s universe. She checked on her girls back on her homeworld, and pleased to see they were all having the time of their lives. In Korea, Jessie and Rhonda were the only ones working while the rest of the girls were living it up in their provinces. While the girls posted on border duty darted about dealing with everything from lone wanderers to whole platoons with equal ease, their energies not at all taxed by their unceasing effort, the provincial rulers were enjoying their afternoon entertainment of mock battles. It was Liz that Susan was most pleased with, though. Susan laughed to see the mob-boss her loose cannon had enslaved cringing in fear while the super-powerful woman humping him was shot at with various weapons by his wife.

Wanting more fun of her own, and feeling butterflies at the thought of gaining more power than she had ever known before, Susan dove through the wormhole that would take her to her two most powerful creations. She found herself alone, but then one of the girls darted out of a wormhole and streaked into another at blistering speed. A moment later the other appeared and vanished again almost as quickly. Susan was quite pleased at how fast they came back out. She thought it would take them longer.

“Come to me,” Susan commanded, and both girls obeyed.

“We have got lots of rings, Goddess!”

“And it’s very easy! We’ve learned to do it really fast.”

Susan smiled. “That’s what I like to hear, ladies. Now then … how many have you got for me?”

The girls unhooked the bags from their bikini straps, both now better described as bulging satchels than small bags, and handed them over.

Susan eyes went wide as she opened the first one and looked inside. It was full to the brim with precious gold rings, some of which had been reforged into balls.

“This is a lot more than I expected. How many are in here?”

“3767,” the brunette told her proudly.

“And mine has 3856.”

Susan was silent. She had thought that they had been given enough power and time to gather maybe 500 each.

“Are you unhappy with us?” one of them asked, clearly depressed at the idea.

“That’s 7623 rings.” Susan grinned. “I couldn’t be happier.” She released both bags and they floated out before her. She knew she should organise herself some toys to help her enjoy ramping up her power, but now she had over 7000 rings in front of her she could not wait a moment longer. Both bags were open now, and as Susan held out her hands the rings started to come out as though all tied along a single piece of string, and disappeared into her open palms. She groaned with a sudden deep arousal as her incredible power level skyrocketed to new height. The harem girls both withdrew from their master in fear as power began to arc across Susan’s skin and her body swelled with the steady and ridiculous increase in her energy level. Her muscles constantly hardened even as they were forced to grow, her density increasing little more with each and every ring.

The process took several minutes, but eventually the last ring was within Susan’s flesh and the two satchels were empty. It took a bit longer for Susan to adjust to the new power level than she thought it would, and for quite a while the two harem girls cowered in abject fear as their master loomed before them, twelve feet tall and covered with sleek muscles that screamed strength and power. As Susan regained mastery of her body, she reduced her size and smiled with genuine affection at the two cowering women.

“You have no idea how wonderful you’ve made me feel,” she told them, her voice wrapping their minds in velvet and making them burn with instant insatiable desire. Looking at herself through their eyes, feeling their enhanced bodies reacting helplessly to her presence, Susan realised yet again that she had not know what power was before.

“It’s our pleasure to see you happy, Goddess,” one informed her solemnly. Both girls reverently bowed their heads.

“I know. But I want you to feel how grateful I am. Really feel it. Brace yourselves.”

Both harem girls did as instructed, tensing their bodies in preparation for whatever the master had planned. Susan raised her hands and from her open palm produced two massive columns of raw power, so bright the two girls had no choice but to look away. The foot thick beams of power burst from Susan and slammed into the two girls, disappearing into their chests as they both cried out in blissful agony. They moaned and groaned as Susan adapted their bodies to process the power she was pouring into them. Just when the girls thought Susan would stop the churning columns of power brightened and thickened, appearing to flow even faster as they did. Susan smiled as she watched her girls become so much more than she herself had been just minutes before. Neither girl could stop herself from grabbing their bodies, both now beyond the agony and embracing the ecstasy of ascending to a new level. The minutes dragged on, both girls expecting Susan to drop her hands at any moment. Instead, the beams thickened and sped up three more times over the next hour before Susan finally relented and shut them off.

The girls did not stop exploring their bodies for some time, astonished that it was possible to not only feel even better than they had before, but better by such a wide margin as to make their former power level seem quite negligible. If they were to somehow stumble upon ring-bearers of the level they were at before, they would crush them like ants now.

“Wow … I had no idea we were so WEAK before!” one observed.

“Either did I,” Susan agreed. “You have done very well so far. I’m going to give you a day off already, because you’ve done so well.”

“How much power did you give us?” the other girl asked, flexing her bicep and watching tiny brilliant arcs of excess energy dance over it.

“You now have the power of a thousand rings, girls. And for next day you may do with it whatever you wish. I want you to have some fun, and then I want you to get back to work. But this time I want you to bring a few of the better looking ones back too … I want to enjoy the next harvest as much as possible.”

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