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Miss Dynamo, Part 5

Written by shadoolord1979 :: [Thursday, 14 August 2014 23:02] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 24 August 2014 09:41]

“Did you hear about how Miss Dynamo stopped terrorists from taking those weapons in Iraq from falling into the hands of the bad guys?”

“Yeah she was so dominant too not just there but in India too. Those guys never quit don’t they.”

“Still it bothers me that these attacks happen so suddenly though. I would have thought that people wouldn’t want to be to aggressive with Miss Dynamo on the job. Seriously how could they crack defenses that they couldn’t break into before?”

“Don’t worry about she is saving the day at the end and the weapons aren’t taken away that is all that matters right.”


In a remote part of the world in an island in Pacific another potential weapons base was attacked and it seemed to be worse than before. The person had a way to disable weapon systems used against him. The US Navy was useless against this new threat as their carriers and their weapons were no better than floating chunks of scrap metal as they were attacked by stolen weapon gained in the black market already. The man in question, Doug Godwin was one of the world’s most dangerous men and gained so much power so fast it amazed the authorities how it happened. The guy hacked into the defenses of the base and seized control of them in this way. The weapons he wanted were in the most secure part of the base at its bottom floor that could only be opened by 4 people overall. Each of those 4 people being flew in my request of the terrorists or the fate of the world would be at risk. Miss Dynamo had to get involved naturally as the news showed aircraft carrier being cut in 2 or blasted with the special defenses around the outside of the island.

As she cruised in at Mach 15 and up she had a look of sadness on her face thinking about the situation. Thoughts of the promise she made to assist the alien ship to give it access to the alien technology the people of Earth have been gathering worldwide. On this day she thought back to the most recent meeting with the alien bounty hunter as they were both in their normal looking appearances at the time. They went to a fancy restaurant and he insisted she dress up for the occasion as well.

“You know all too well how much I hate walking around like this. Did you call this meeting to taunt me?” Rebecca asked in a bitter voice.

“No I didn’t I came by to see how you were doing that is all. The ship is concerned about your welfare after all right for all the add ons you have provided for it. You have no idea of just how grateful it is.”

“But you stage things to do it like the stupid government did with my husband. You give them the terrorists the access codes to the place and tell them how to beat their defenses as well. I am the only reason why they don’t take over the world already.”

“It is a good thing too right, you break your way in and let the ship’s drones do their thing and get what they want and cover their exit as well. I see no issue with that at all. You save the world and people love you for it as well right. It builds your reputation as well. Anyway I just learned something very interesting. I want you to tell the friend you work with to talk to me at this number. Failure to do this will result in having them creep up on you again and you know how dangerous they can be right. I will make sure they know how to attack you at your most vulnerable point as well.”

“Why do you have to use them so much. You know you can do whatever you want to me?”

“True but I don’t have to get my hands dirty to do it when they can do it all for me right.”

“What do you want my friend for damn it. Can you tell me that at least?”

“I might 1 day but that doesn’t matter now. Just keep doing what you do and no one will care 1 way or another. If it wasn’t for the sudden popularity of his TV show the male symbiote and his manager the female symbiote would have killed you already right. It would be a shame to see that happen so just do as I say and nothing will happen alright. That is all I have to say now. Let us enjoy the dinner now. I will be a gentleman and pay for the bill as well.”

Thinking about how careless he looked with the innocent look on his face as he ate only made Rebecca want to strangle him even more. She didn’t want to reveal herself too soon. It was a promise she made to her husband after the encounter with the alien ship 1 month earlier. Her daydream was cut short as a warm and relaxing feeling was felt all over her body. As she looked around she was in the middle of a powerful blast cloud that was at a very high temperature as well. It felt soothing and relaxing as well and more blasts like it happened after it. She couldn’t see where she was but when the cloud she was in cleared she saw a few more missiles coming her way.

“This should be fun, I have always enjoyed being hit by missiles.”

When they hit again the powerful explosions worried the remaining US Navy people that saw it but Rebecca was still there unharmed by them still. She seemed to be in sexual bliss as this happened before looked around to see where she was at. The remains of US Navy carriers were below her and only 1 was still unharmed. It was easy to see the weapons the enemy hijacked were quite powerful but she wasn’t going to let them get away with harming anymore people with them anymore.

“As much as I enjoy being hit by missiles I have to stop this new enemy fast before anymore people get hurt.”

Charging in fast she was bombarded with a powerful laser beam and it pushed her back some. She wasn’t detoured by it as she basked in its powerful energy like it was a sensual massage. Glowing from its raw energy she was pushed back some but she held her ground remaining in the air as she became the brightest thing in the sky in the area for a few moments. As much as she loved being attacked by the powerful laser even at its full power she generated a beam of energy from her eyes that overpowered the beam targeting her. It was useless trying to fight it as she destroyed the powerful beam weapons and the drone that was controlling it. Smoking hot from the powerful beam attack, she couldn’t rest as she charged in hard smashing through the force field that tried to keep her out but another powerful blast from her eyes was enough to blast through it with ease as she made her way inside. The drones that were supposed to support the people inside the base took over and enslaved the normal people inside of the base and they tried to encase her in an energy web shot out from some odd looking weapons. The sheer amount energy nets she was hit with made a dense cocoon as strong as they were but it was futile. It began to crack as Rebecca destroyed it with her powerful eye beams. No amount of reinforcement could save it from being destroyed.

“That was fun, I guess I should let these guys have it now for trying to trap me like that.”

At that point the drones tossed grenades at her. She picked some of them up not caring if they exploded or not.

“How cute, they think they can blow me up now how sweet of them.”

They left the area as thick metallic barriers closed her in as the grenades exploded the powerful blasts decimated the area she was in. She was left unharmed still from the many powerful blasts even at point blank range as well. She allowed herself to enjoy the powerful explosions as it happened until they all ended. As she enjoyed the warmth of the explosion she was quick to realize that the area she was in left in ruins. The walls were damaged and every camera there were gone. She remained where she was unaffected. She was alone as well and decided to go after the drones that tried to destroy her. Wall keeping her in the area was a single mass of dense metal but they wouldn’t hold for too long. Looking at it with her eyes she saw the walls came from above and forced her fingers into the dense metal. Going through it like a hot knife through better she began to force the thick and heavy door up with her powerful muscles. It was easy for her as she grabbed to bottom of it quickly and held the massive door high over her head with just 1 hand. Forcing it straight up really hard from there did heavy damage to the mechanisms that opened and closed them but she didn’t care about that any as she stepped into the next area beyond her. The next area was closed off as well with the same type of metal door as well. Making her way over to the next set of metal door meant she would be targeted by armed lasers mounted on the walls. She ignored them since they did no damage to her making direct contact with her powerful body from all side. Punching through the next set of thick doors her arm went right through it easily. Putting both arms through it she began to rip a gash wide enough to walk through. The whining of the metal was like music to her ears as she had no trouble do it and walked over to the next area beyond it.

“As much fun as I am having being the target for all of these pathetic toys overhead I have to find the main control room.”

She was still being targeted by the mounted wall lasers looking around with her cosmic X ray vision though the floors, walls, and ceilings. When she found where she wanted to be Rebecca smiled as she floated for a moment flew straight down through the hard reinforced floor while she was still up right. It was like she was falling through solid material so it seemed. It was no better than passing through a barrier of paper to her as she made her way to the bottom floor where she was met by a flurry of drones that looked different from what she saw on the base before. They were about 20 feet tall armed with mounted laser and projectile launchers and they were all ready to blast Rebecca away. The way to the weapons that she was looking for were blocked by the heavily armored mechanical soldiers in front of her.

“Looks like you guys won’t let me pass unless I beat all of you so be it. You pathetic tin can’s can’t hurt me anyway so will you give up or do I have to rip every single one of you apart piece by piece until I get what I want.”

“We have been ordered to protect this place so no one can enter until the master arrives. We will fire on you if you insist on getting any closer.”

“I want to see you try to stop me.”

As the firing began with small weapons fire using armor piercing rounds. All they did was bounce off of her body as Rebecca stood there unimpressed.

“Come on now. Like I said before your puny machines can’t scratch me with any of your weapons. Just give up already.”

Piles of ammo was building up around her as they went in every direction after failing to penetrate her invulnerable skin. As she began to move the mounted lasers each of them had hit her at full power it had the same effect as the big laser beam outside. Glowing from the massive amounts of power trying to incinerate her was so soothing to her she almost lost track of what she was doing then they stopped firing eventually.

“Our weapons seem to have no effect on her.”

“Of course it doesn’t, I am the most power woman on Earth there no weapon capable of harming me. I guess its time for me to show you all how strong these muscles are.”

Ripping them apart with her bare hands at super human speed there was no hope for them. She was mauling them and their residual fire and powerful weaponry had on effect on her at all. Watching it all from the monitor in the control room, the terrorist were amazed by what they saw her do and hoped that the 4 people in question would show up soon. When the 4 people were forced to come to the terrorist with guns pointed at their heads from a secret entrance they began to smile.

“We have the guys that can give us access to the special weapons now boss.”

“That is good now what do you say we have a look at them then. If you don’t a lot of people will suffer. I have a few of the powerful missiles aimed outside aimed at major cities and I can launch them with this handy remote I have right now.”

“How did you get that remote damn it and how did you get the access codes to hack into the system here?”

“They were given to us we don’t know where it came from or how it happened but it doesn’t matter now unless you want to see New York or London get reduced to ashes from the missiles here you had better do as we say.”

With the trigger half pulled the men were left with a limited number of options. They had to show them to a secret elevator that could only be accessed if the 4 people in question entered their part of a code. Once they were all in the elevator and it went down all hope seemed lost for them. Miss Dynamo was able to disable the useless scraps of the machines that tried to stop her by the time this happened and found the remainder of the base’s normal people. The door to the place was ripped open and the men inside were all tied up.

“About time you showed up, you have to hurry and stop those terrorist before they get their hands on those special weapons. They came from an odd looking ship found in Germany before WW2 and no was able to tell how to use them or what they were until recently.”

“Thanks for the heads up now get out of here.”

Looking through the walls again she saw where the 3 terrorists were as they headed to the place there special storage chamber was holding them specifically.

“Damn they got that far already.”

Smashing through any barrier or wall in her path ignoring the security of the facility, she made it to the place where the open area where she fought the larger drones at forcing the vault doors leading to the secret area off of its hinges tossing the massive vault door aside. She was short on time and care about the door at the time. Alarms were going off as it happened but Rebecca didn’t care as she charged forward. The area inside of the vault is an open place with weapons unusual to normal weapons inside of them. There were people there as well. Alarms were going off inside of the enclosed space and the men being held against their will were happy to see her. The armed men holding them at gun point were concerned as they saw Miss Dynamo there.

“No way you managed to make your way here already.”

“Of course I did. The pathetic excuse for security you took control over can’t stop me regardless of how often they try to harm me. It is time for me to stop you now sorry guys.”

Before they had a chance to do anything the men were vaporized by Rebecca’s energy beams that came from her eyes ending the ordeal at that point.

“People like them really get on my last nerve. These weapons here strange looking and have some strange energy to them.”

“Hitler’s people found them before the war and when the allies over took Germany we took what was left after that. Did you have to rip the door off though. It will take us forever to get the security measure reinstalled here.”

“It couldn’t be helped I had to get in here and the security panel was frustrating so I did it the old fashion way. It isn’t like it was hard for me to do it.”

“You are exactly as they say you are but at least we are alive. We need to get these weapons to another facility where they can be safeguarded. I hope you don’t mind helping us until we get to our destination without causing too much damage right.”

“Are you mocking me. I saved your asses from the bad guys and you insult me.”

She thought of leaving but 1 of the men the youngest at about 37 seemed sincere about his thanks and asked that she forgive them. Rebecca still didn’t budge initially but she would relax. She helped to carry the weapons to a transport plane using her strength to get them there. Many of them were quite large and heavy but her they were nothing as strong as Rebecca was physically. When the plane took off the weapons on the remote base were removed. Pacific island was now allowed for normal human habitation. Rebecca even helped to lift the remains of the US Navy aircraft carriers to Hawaii unable to move themselves. There was a big celebration at Pearl Harbor as they were dropped off by Rebecca and she flew off right away. Flying to the moon after that where she would sit and rest after it was all over she was clearly in deep thought of her current situation.

“All the work I do now is wasted away. I do what that stupid alien bounty hunters because if I ever oppose him. My husband and Earth will die if I ever think about doing anything to oppose him in any way damn it. They even fixed the stupid machine they intended to kill me with and used it on me once 2 weeks ago at a low setting stripping me of my powers for a day to show it worked randomly.”

As much as she loved being the strongest woman on Earth it could go away in a heartbeat and she hated that considerably. Crushing moon rocks in frustration watching them get reduced to dust instantly was enough to sooth her some but not enough for her own comfort. Flying back to Earth heading back to the estate she lived at with her husband she would be greeted by the horny male servants as they saw her in her costume, the female servants that admired her for what she did, and her husband’s new assistant that did most of work getting her husband’s speeches ready.

“How was your day over there. I assume things went well right?” She asked.

“It went as well as expected I guess.”

“You seem so sad after to stop the bad guys recently why is that?”

“It is something else by the way the powerful alien I beat earlier mentioned you and wanted to speak with you personally about something. I don’t know why though. I didn’t say anything because I was afraid that you might take it the wrong way.”

“Interesting I was beginning to wonder when he would approach me but he had you do it in his place I would have thought he would have more bravery than that.”

“You know what he wants then again you did cure me of the symbiote’s mind alter poison. It makes sense he might be interested in you.”

“There is a good reason why he is interested me but that isn’t it. He could have done the same thing too.”

“I figured that much out along time ago do you mind telling me why he is after you then and let me in on the big secret?”

“I don’t want to worry you anymore than you are already. Don’t worry about it, I will be fine okay. He can’t do anything to me regardless of what he wants to do either way.”

“But what is this all about tell me something please.”

“I will just give you this hint, in the beginning when you gained your powers from your husband. There was a good reason that and you will have to figure it out on your own okay. Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“I just hope that you are right. If you know what much then you must know about what has been going on lately right.”

“Of course I do, they make you get the alien tech from the Earth to make it a better ship. They have been rigging the events for awhile where you seem to stop terrorist targeting places where it is housed. I know all about that. You keep it a secret to you don’t break the heart of your husband. I have been watching it for long time before I agreed to work for your husband.”

“You have been around that long who are you?”

“Don’t worry about it okay I will take care of things here okay. Just try to stay positive.”

“Okay then. Can you tell me your real name at least?”

“Perhaps 1 day.”

They would separate from there and Rebecca would have growing sense of curiosity about who she really was from that point forward.


A meeting was planned to see the man in question, Linda would go to a fancy restaurant to talk. It was in London, in the UK as he requested it would be at. He acted like the perfect gentleman as he saw the lovely woman and his human looking form he looked pretty handsome himself.

“How did you manage to get such a good looking human body. I know that isn’t what you really look like.”

“Shall we talk about this at our table?”

“I suppose so.”

She would allow herself to be guided to the table and the envy of having such a good looking man with her was easy to see as she looked around.

“I didn’t think that a brute like you would be able to be such a gentleman. I would have thought manners would be beyond some like you to have.”

“That is a trait humans have not me. I am a refined person deep down but enough about that. I came here to talk about the offer I have for you.”

“How did you learn about me then. It couldn’t have been easy?”

“It wasn’t until a recent part installed into my ship saw your faint energy signature last week. We compared it what was felt when you were out in deep space causing trouble blowing up planets. Based on recorded energy level gathered saved in the data bases of other ships it matched your energy almost flawlessly.”

“Interesting it must have been a powerful piece of technology so what do you have in mind?” She asked as the couple ordered their meal that night

“It is a very simple game. You use your powers to make my ship happy I don’t tell the intergalactic police about you. You have no idea of how much they hate you destroy the planets you did with all the people on them. Many of them were part of the Galactic Confederation. You are in so much legal trouble with the Confederation now that I can only imagine what kind of trouble you are in right now.”

“You make it seem to meaningless. I am sure you have something else in mind with the stuff I bring you right.”

“That goes without saying, I want to have the best ship in the Universe and I want to be the most influential bounty hunter as well. I can’t do that by myself unfortunately. The parts your human friend is getting is a good start but you can do so much more than that. I also know that the powers I have and the powers that she has resist your powers considerably. That is why you couldn’t just kill Mr. Dynamo before he could be used against you when you fought her. You simply decided to move the power to someone else because it was all you could do to him right.”

“So what that is my business not yours. Why would you care so much about that?”

“It doesn’t matter now. You have a choice to make and I am not playing here. You can’t do anything to me and I know it. You can be as playful as you want this is a serious time for you Missy. If I did what I should have done already you wouldn’t be in a playful mood right at all.”

A serious look was on her face as Linda took off her glasses and shrugged to herself thinking about the choice she had to make.

“You really aren’t very much fun to talk to at all you know that. I was just trying stuff out then. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone then and you people get all serious about this stuff like its the end of the world or something. You people really don’t much of a sense of humor at all. There is a good reason why I prefer humans over other races like you.”

“Time is getting short now Missy what choice are you going to make. It isn’t like time is on your side right now.”

“What choice do I have if I want to have a race to laugh at when they mess up then I don’t have a choice but to accept your crappy offer. I swear, why do all you people have to make so much sense of every situation so much that it sickens me the more I think about it?”

“Because logic rules everything. You clearly lived in a world where there was no war, suffering, frustration, or serious fighting. You can have those care free ideas all you want but when it comes down to the reality of war they all fall apart.”

“Whatever do what you want okay can I ask 1 thing though?”

“What is that?”

“I want you to ease up on Rebecca some okay she clearly is under a lot of stress because of what is happening now. It would be nice if you let up on her some. Can you do that for me at least then I will tolerate whatever crap you do okay.”

“I don’t know if I should but I think about it while we eat okay.”

When they ate he was smiling and confident and Linda didn’t like why it happened. They were silent the whole time and Linda wanted to leave so bad as well. She was courteous enough to eat her dinner first before she left.

“Tell me woman why do you think about the way you do? Why do you think that we are so foolish to think the way we do.” He asked eating his dinner.

“Why indeed you people are bred the fight each other and fight to no end and you people grew to love it. My people shared their their experiences and loved each other with everything they had. You people can’t understand this but it is because of this we never had a need to start wars like you people do for the petty reasons you people.”

“Can you honestly tell me you never had any thing escalate to a full blown war or at least fought each other?”

“Minor fights yes but they were done for fun if something did happen that required an army everyone got involved to fight for their land and everyone volunteered and did their part. We did it out of respect for each other not because we liked fighting like your barbaric people of this world.”

“That is a strange world indeed a place where people respect each other from the day they are conceived with no desire to cause wars that share everything they have equally. I would hate living there there wouldn’t be anything to do there without any criminals to bring to justice.”

“That goes without question. People here wouldn’t know what to do then.”

As the dinner ended and they walked each other out of the restaurant acting like couple there was no love from Linda’s point of view. Thoughts of the kind of power he would gain using Linda as his pawn went through his head as they separated and went their own way. There was no hug or kiss at the end either as they both acknowledged the agreement non-verbally.

“That went much easier than I thought. I figured I would have to fight her I would have won it since my power naturally reject her abilities in the same way it does for the intergalactic police that survived her attacks before. There weren’t as powerful as I am either it only makes sense why she choose to separate Mr. Dynamo from my original prey when she did.”

He would go to his car that he rented and returned it. He went to his ship from there thinking about the kind of fun he would have from that point forward. Linda however would have her brother scan the transmissions of nearby intergalactic cruisers to see if what the cosmic bounty hunter said was true. He would head off away from the Earth going to the other side of the galaxy where the star ship was cloaked from normal tracking. He was in the form of a single being of light that change colors randomly. When he reached his destination, he made himself invisible and used his power to track their transmissions. The obvious things were heard as they were bored and talking about their home worlds but a few of those people had friends and family that were casualties when his sister was exploring her abilities early. There still had a considerable amount of hatred for what happened and it drove them to look extra hard for the one that did it. Using telepathy he saw so much hated that it amazed him. It was a miracle they could focus with all the hatred they had in their hearts from his point of view. There was a big reward for the one that did found the culprit too or if people had any real information on where that person might have worked.

“This is interesting news I think I will look for other ships of this type to see what is out there.

He would go to a planet where other bounty hunters were looking over what was clearly a false lead to where his sister might be. They were 2 decent bounty hunters and the person giving them the information got rich in a hurry from the payment they received for the information. He even went to an asteroid after that that was converted to a settlement they could live at and it was a place where many galactic outlaws and bounty hunters traveled to for information on bounties. The bounty on the being that he knew as his sister was quite large and many powerful people were out looking it. Many people even came up with false information just to get rich from them too and that was a major business in itself as well. Undercover intergalactic police were there too and the attention Linda’s brother saw on this topic was different from all of the other potential bounties. There were only a handful of bounties more valuable than the bounty on his sister’s head and the amount of hatred he saw for his sister was greater than anything he could ever fathom. He traveled to other intergalactic cruisers as well.

“I never realized it was this bad and my sister wasn’t even try to push herself either. The people are consumed by their hatred greater than I expected. My sister will love to hear this.”

Posing as a normal being that time, he would leave the bar he was at and head to Earth from there after traveling all over galaxy. He made his way back to where Linda was as her cat. Rebecca was with Linda as she was soothing the sadness she had when she was looking at another of Henry Harrison’s TV shows bashing what she did as he always did. Linda’s brother in the form of a cat simply sneaked and in and waited patiently for Rebecca to leave. The rage he saw on that show was comparable to what he saw out in deep space with all the other races in question.

“Did you hear what Miss Dynamo did wow, she stopped what seemed to be another terrorist attack as it tried to take weapons that weren’t supposed to exist but they do. I still believe all these attacked are rigged because they can’t happen this often without someone knowing about it right. I thought our friend Miss Dynamo would look to snuff crime out at its root. As much as I really hated Mr. Dynamo he seemed to do a better job of that than his current helper right now. Seriously can you tell me I am the only one that sees this here!”

The crowd was going wild cheering for him and Rebecca looked like she wanted to ring his neck so bad.

“That guy is just so annoying I just want to …”

“What is holding you back then. You hate him so much and yet you refuse to finish the job?”

“They are waiting for me to do to that so they can jump me and take me over again. I still don’t have an adequate defense from their claws damn it. Why can’t you do more than just help me?”

“Because Rebecca managing his travels making his speeches and maintaining his finances isn’t an easy job. I know you help when you can but still that doesn’t give me a lot of time to do other things.”

“I thank you for telling me who they are but still what is that going to do personally if I can’t survive their attacks at all.”

“It makes you think about what you need to do that is what. They are also seeding the world with their influence as well too.”

“I know that already but if I go to the source then …”

“You die right sad isn’t it but you have to do what that other alien bastard wants you to as well every so often too.”

“Don’t even get me started on him if I even think about going after him my husband is going to pay the price first. I know he is up to no good but I don’t want to see my husband suffer though. It seems like I don’t have a choice.”

“Your husband was being controlled directly for the past 10 years or so directly by his own power and he still found a way to make better choices than you. You have no excuse on your end at all as far as I am concerned. You know what you need to do just make it happen okay and prepared for consequences too.”

She stayed with Rebecca night until the morning until she drove Rebecca home personally. When she returned, her brother in the form of her cat informed her of the bad news.

“He has you right where he wants you unfortunately. The hate there is for you is greater than I expected when I traveled through out the galaxy. I am sure there is more of it beyond our galaxy as well.”

“The people of this world is so consumed by their hatred that they can’t try to understand what each person is trying to do and always assumes the worst case scenario before anything else. It is the same thing out there as it is here on Earth. I feel so bad for the people of this universe dearly. I guess I put myself in a tight spot then.”

“The person you agreed to help will never relent and won’t take it easy on you at all. The power he possesses that happens to be the power of the intergalactic police will destroy you seriously if he ever decides to tell anyone about it in anyway. You have no way out of it unfortunately. What do you plan to do now?”

“I have to ride it out to the end I guess. I allowed it to happen so Rebecca doesn’t have to feel so sad about her position. I think I can deal with it for now but she is literally breaking down at the seams everyday. I have a hard time seeing how she manages to get the strength to make things happen as hurt mentally as she is.”

“What are you going to do then. The situation will get so bad that you might feel as bad as her someday. You have to be prepared for that.”

“I guess oh well.”


As she walked around in her normal form, Rebecca was doing her part to help her friend as well doing all the other things. She did this in her normal form so she wouldn’t be distracted by the powers she had in that other form. It was the day after seeing Henry’s show and she was focusing as much as possible on making her husband’s life as good as possible. At the main offices of his organization, Danny was planning his next visit with Linda helping him out the whole way. Rebecca was handling the phones and as much of the other paperwork as she could finding it to be quite a chore to do it all. Many of the people were big fans of Mr. Dynamo and wanted to thank him while others hated him for leaving his duties as a superhero so early before his job was done fighting crime. She heard it all and many people were shocked to hear her normal thinking that the normal Rebecca had dropped off the face of the Earth so it seemed. She had to stop actually and take a break from it and just take a breather eventually as she felt the stress level grow considerably in her. This could have ignited a transformation but she did her best avoid it by taking breaks during the flood of calls and stacks of paperwork.

“How does she handle it, she can’t be human but just how fast is she at doing all of this crap seriously. I have to take a break every hour to prevent a stress overload.”

“She is good that is all. She also knows what to focus on remember that Rebecca.”

Daniel’s friend happened to appear by the door to the office she worked at as a normal Rebecca was taking her time to take a deep breath.

“I don’t get it. With all paperwork and everything how does she even start to do that?”

“You aren’t used to doing that yet. If you want to run your little business ran properly. The paperwork you see is going to increase. You have to deal with customs, travel needed to talk to the people that run the venue and getting there for the main event, getting free the rooms for the events, getting extra arrangements we need for the events beyond what the place provides normally, contracts with the transportation companies to get us too and from and they have to be people we trust too.”

“Wow I am amazed.”

“When you can just fly around and do what you want with super powers it is easier to get these things done this is your husband’s world. When your husband urges you to help you often back away eventually when he mentions all these things. I am surprised he keeps you as an assistant if you can’t even do the basic job description but I am not Danny so …”

“Are you mocking me here?”

“No I am not. I am just stating facts. When things get hard you just go back to your other persona. Isn’t that what you hated your husband for before he finally revealed himself.”

Stopping to think about what he just said Rebecca quickly realized what he meant. She actually looked somewhat sad again.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes I am fine I really had to be reminded of that again seriously thanks. I get so used my new situation that I forget all about that completely. I will know put forth a better effort to do better to tolerate for myself and my husband as well.”

“I know its hard for someone like you that isn’t accustomed to it all the time.”


He would leave and Rebecca would go back to the office to finish the paperwork and answered the many phone call regardless of how annoying it was to her. She was smiling the whole time as well sounding very cheerful even as her husband came by later that day to watch her with Linda with a tablet in her hand as well. Happy by what they saw in Rebecca, Linda and Daniel were amazed by the end result. She was beginning to become the office person Daniel always wanted finally.

“Not bad it seems like my friend has done a good job finally I think she might be ready for something more.”

“Let us not forget about what her real role is. She is your real bodyguard right?”

“But I want her to be productive too in all other things too.”

The day was over and it was almost midnight now, Rebecca was making speeches for her husband better than he ever expected. He looked over them and he loved them and saved them for later so she wouldn’t have to write more of them later. She called Linda telling her that she wanted to take half of the responsibility from her and Linda quickly agreed to it naturally. She was even looked for a company to take over to show it was possible to run a company as she always said when greedy companies claimed it couldn’t be done. She had time in the next few days since it always took some time for the alien bounty hunter to tell her to do something after getting a new toy to play with.

This seemed like it would be a peaceful time until she was approached by reports that the video that showed her husband changing from his stronger form to his current form could be fake in a video showed after Daniel revealed himself. It was done to make people believe his power was too unstable to be used again at that time. She wasn’t aware of it and it shocked her since she was focused on her need to help her husband on the business side of things. She didn’t even bother to watch TV during this time and she had no answer for it at all. Word of this would make its way to Henry Harrison from a person close to the man that hypothesized this idea Derek Jones. The man that had this idea was an exceptional expert in video examination working for another part of the government at that moment. Derek Jones (The man in question) wasn’t fond of Mr. Dynamo and Miss Dynamo either but his hatred wasn’t was strong as Henry’s personally.

The spy that worked alongside Derek was a big fan of Henry’s show and felt it was important for Henry to know this. Henry went wild over this news once he heard of Derek Jones and his suspicions directly. Henry had already recorded his show and the media refused to let Rebecca have and began to question the original claim that she didn’t know who he was when he revealed himself. She claimed that he could turn back and forth and she never saw him change back to his stronger form directly but now people were beginning to question that claim after watching Henry’s show on TV and his web show was broadcast over the internet as well.

“It was a week after the original show aired and Henry put the heat on Mr. Dynamo and his people.”

Danny had so much good press that his publicist his best friend and long time ally when he was Mr. Dynamo for real was really concerned about the issue since Danny couldn’t be Mr. Dynamo anymore for real. Rebecca was being annoyed as well and she wanted to know who was telling Henry these stories. The original person that made the possible claim Derek Jones was amazed that someone told Henry the story and not even he wanted the story to come out until he could confirm it himself. He wanted answers too but he would call Daniel’s people wanting to know who told Henry Harrison of it wanting to know of who it was as well.

Miss Dynamo would visit this man at his home a day after she was mobbed by curious people the day before. She flew over to his place landing on his porch in a very bitter and angry mood. Seeing her land from above was enough to make Derek feel better. He lived in a coastal area off the coast of Seattle and he waved at her as she arrived as well.

“I am not very fond of what you did damn it. Are you sure you didn’t tell Henry about all of this. I see your thoughts and it seems like you didn’t but sometimes even that can’t be trusted.”

“I am amazed that you can see my thoughts I guess but I as much as I am not happy about the idea of heroic figure, I didn’t tell anyone about. It was something I saw and I questioned but I didn’t confirm it officially as of yet. With all the craziness going on I didn’t have a chance to do that. I am only 50% certain that it could be faked and only that and yet it leaked out anyway. I want to know who leak out the formation too.”

“You caused quite a bit of grief for me with your craziness here. Who is to say that some wacko doesn’t try to go after him now.”

“I am sorry okay but it wasn’t me. Even if I could confirm it as fake I wouldn’t go as far as what happened here at all.”

“What did the other people that looked at the video from your leaked source say about it?”

“From what I heard they couldn’t say for certain if it was fake or not either but some of them did doubt it slightly but that is among the other video editing experts that looked at it. So what are you going to do now hero. I am not the one that did all of this?”

“I know it but still I have to talk about this with him then I will get back to you. You better not sneak off either.”

“I don’t intend to I want to know what is going on as much as you do.”

“You better not be joking here.”

He asked if Miss Dynamo wanted something to drink but she declined as angry as she was. Refusing to except his friendship she just flew away leaving him to just watch her fly away.

The following day a group of random video analysts thought they had enough enough proof to say that the video that released after he revealed himself showing that Mr. Dynamo’s power unstable was actually fake wanted to prove it but there was 1 way to do it at this point. They knew many other people looking at it through sources given to them via Henry Harrison had mixed reviews on it. To some there was no way to know for sure so they gave up on it but a plan was brought up to prove it at the next meeting Daniel planned to go to.

As the hype of the big event and word of the video in question was on the minds of the people that planned to go. Daniel Stowe didn’t care he was focused on making the world a better place to live in 1 place at a time. The controversy was never an issue to him at all and it amazed everyone at just how calm and relaxed he was about the whole thing. It was 3 days after Rebecca saw Derek and Henry wanted to see this group do it and paid for their tickets and hotel to the main event in Prague.

“Are you sure that this group of 4 people this Project Realitynet as they called themselves are worth it darling seriously. As your manager I have to question this decision?” Henry manager said helping him get ready for the big event at the last minute by doing his hair.

“Of course I am, nothing I do ever goes wrong. If I get a chance to ruin her happiness too it makes it an even bigger bonus on top of that.”

“If it makes you happy then so be it but a worm like her isn’t worth worrying about personally. We can destroy her whenever we want.”

“But it would be so much more fun to destroy the world around her instead right?”

“Henry as much as I like the idea we have to impose the fear of us in her heart some too.”

“That is why I always look to target her people so much to piss her off so much that she will rush in. She loves her man so much she will eventually fall for our trap eventually. The power within her will make her do it 1 way or another. I know you have a surprise waiting for her when she finally decides to act right.”

“True as we spread our essence worldwide taking more people as our pawns she will have no choice but to approach us at some point. The pain she will deal with having to think about stopping up will take away from her focus. She will be ours at that point.”

“Exactly just have faith in the plan we both agreed to. If she does try to go in early you will be on her right away so don’t worry about it. She will be ours eventually regardless of how much power she gains.”

“Whatever it doesn’t matter now. If she does to anything I will be ready. Will this group you went out of your way to bring here do their job and put the pressure on Mr. Dynamo or not.”

“I expect them to and I think they will make a big buzz when it happens too. I want to see how they handle this situation. The rating I get from this will make my show even more popular than ever.”

The group Henry brought over to Europe would meet up with Henry Harrison as well before the big event. They showed the potential proof to Henry and he was amazed by what he saw there. Henry knew Daniel Stowe was a normal man anyway and he wanted to know how the people would react. As quickly as the big event started, Daniel Stowe brought it up right away and did so in a very positive way.

“I know all about the events going on claiming that I cheated and lied to you people but I will say this. It was never about me it was about my dream it doesn’t matter if I have powers or not. For those of you that allow this stuff to distract should be ashamed of yourselves. I want to save all of you from yourselves as I am right now not with any other false form I may have. I will not address any other question or discussions on this matter I came here to help the people here as I do in every other I visit as well helping the poor people, children, and normal people too.”

Miss Dynamo was hovering over the event with the Mr. Dynamo clones all around as well to support her as well. Hearing what her husband had to say that right away motivated her a lot when she saw Henry Harrison approach his seat and she kept a close eye on him. He wasn’t doing anything aside from watching the show with some great interest.

“He is up to something I know it damn it. He has to be but what.”

Scanning the area with her visions checking for anything unusual, Rebecca never found anything as her husband spoke as he always did with great passion. She would approach his assistant the human form of the female symbiote as she was making her way to the bathroom after sitting with her client for some time. Getting her attention Miss Dynamo would lead the woman to an area not far from the woman’s bathroom by calling to her on her cellphone after getting the number from Daniel’s friend.

“Hello there, do you want to fight me. I don’t mind it, you would be facing death if you did that right so what do you want?”

“What are you people up to damn it. I know you are up no good with that stupid show of yours?”

“What do you mean my client and I came here to watch him motivate people as he always does. What would make you think we are up to no good come on now.”

“Don’t act so smug with me witch tell me the truth.”

“If you have a beef with me then put the phone down and talk to me. I don’t mind facing you one way or another come on are you afraid of me or something come on hero. Do I have embarrass you in front of all of these people to show you weak you really are?”

“Damn you to tell if you want to face me and you are so confident about beating me then come to me and destroy me okay.”

“If that is what you want so be it I don’t care. I can track this call easily. Lets just hope that you don’t run away from me when I approach you.”

Tracking the phone call they would approach each other eventually with a look of anger at each other. They were in an alley outside of the venue cracking their knuckles like they were going to fight when something happened. The phone in the pocket of Henry’s female assistant rang and before she could get the fight going Henry contacted her on something he felt was serious. The potential fight was put on hold as she answered the phone.

“What now damn it I am busy now?”

“You won’t believe what happened just now. I had a spy I influenced with a piece of my symbiote form to catch a view of Daniel Stowe and he suddenly changed forms for a moments but the powers were unstable and didn’t last long. I didn’t expect this.”

“You must be kidding right?”

“No I am not, the servants we make work for us can’t lie to us or go against our will and yet that is exactly what he is saying. This might be something we might want to look at.”

“Interesting, we will talk about this later.”

Hearing the call with her super hearing was enough to encourage Rebecca but her foe seemed to loose her will to fight suddenly and back away.

“Don’t tell me you are afraid of me already?”

“You heard my conversation and I know what my darling is thinking of now. He doesn’t know what to think now and I need to be with him to relax him. You should be more concerned about your husband. Not all of his powers are gone so it seemed. This is something you might want to look at. If things go as you think he might be a good help for you against me and my partner. Just so you know he doesn’t appear to be doing very well either from what I hear.”

“You must be stalling for time damn it. That is just like you to avoid the subject entirely.”

“Go and look in the direction of your partner then it isn’t like I forcing you too. Your people have the ability to tell if my brainwashed people get close too to your husband right so clearly my partner couldn’t have done it right.”

Looking in the direction of where her husband was with her cosmic X ray vision and she saw what worried her the most. Her husband was on his knees barely able to move from something bad after he finished talking to the crowd eventually and went on a short break. He had other speakers that didn’t have the rep he did there too and they were talking to the crowds at the time. His heart was beating slower than normal and he seemed to be in extreme pain as Linda was there to try to sooth him.

“So what is it going to be then hero me or your man. If you go after me, you are certain to cause him more heartache as you will die here and now.”

“You are so lucky my husband is in trouble I would have so beaten you silly?”

Rebecca would fly away as her foe would tend to her partner shocked beyond words at what he learned from his brainwashed victim. When she went to Henry at his seat still he had a hard time believing how it could have happened.

“He lost his powers I know he did and you do too and yet.”

“It means nothing darling all it means is that they somehow managed to cover their tracks and the video posted before about a sudden change was validated. Most people will believe him when he says he can’t control his powers but we know the truth.”

Henry was mentally distraught by it so badly that he had to be escorted out. He so wanted to see Daniel suffer from the potential controversy but that wouldn’t happen killing his ratings some but he would recover them somehow. He would focus more on the main goal to get victims in their mind control more now than ever to account for it in his off time.

Daniel Stowe would recover in time to finish the rest of the public show he did in every city. It was as Henry’s assistant said too. Some strange feeling that felt like his old powers suddenly awakened and it felt odd an similar to the powers he had before. As unstable as they were, he wouldn’t be able to control them and his best friend watching this reported as it was that his old unstable powers acted up suddenly. Daniel didn’t come back to the stage as quickly as expected too helping to confirm the theory too. In a still felt somewhat sick and in random sessions with the press Daniel himself said his old powers were acting up suddenly and caused him a considerable amount of discomfort while he was back stage. When his tour of orphanages and old folks homes ended he felt so sick he went to see a doctor and reports from the doctors showed anomalies that weren’t normal for a normal human to have but it wasn’t fatal to him either. Any doubts about him faking his sudden lack of power and his inability to sustain any power were settled at that point and real doctors helped to prove something unusual happening inside of his body. His best friend and Rebecca didn’t know how it all happened but they weren’t complaining about it. They all assumed some remnant of his old powers irritated his system suddenly too.

They would all head back to their island home together where a concerned wife was tending her husband’s every need personally. Staying her younger looking super powered form, Rebecca flew to any part of the world to get what he wanted directly as concerned as she was for him. He was fine but to Rebecca she didn’t care. She was treating him like a child unable to do anything for himself. She demanded that he be quiet and allow himself to be pampered for his own good. Having a super powered wife serving him was a curse to him that moment but any men would love to have someone like her do that for them as well. Linda watched this for a bit as she was on the island to finish up some things with a big smile on her face as it all happened.

Taking some time off as she finished to spend some time at the beach by herself, Linda wore a 1 piece swimsuit showing off her extraordinary figure. A number of male servants on the island looked her way and she waved at them every so often when they had free time. She was alone on the beach of the secluded island for most of that day. A bird would fly over to her and land close to her and she didn’t seem to be shocked to see it happen either as it sat on her arm she held out for it to perch on.

“It has been awhile brother so what did you learn about the situation with our 2 enemies since things quieted down?”

“Our 2 friends that tried to cause a ruckus with him recently are seeding the world with their essence faster than ever. They send fragments of their bodies to people in the mail and they open the letters allowing the piece of alien material to infect them. The organism then travels to someone else as people travel to their place so they can be affected as well. If something isn’t done then.”

“That is a matter that Rebecca can handle she knows what has to be done here. I do worry some that the issue will get so big that she won’t be able to stop them without harming innocent people but she will figure it out somehow. I am more concerned about my favorite bounty hunter.”

“It won’t be long before they ask for a favor again. It is taking them longer to install the new parts than usual but they do have their own itinerary and simple parts from military bases won’t be the extent of what they ask for. It was silly to agree to serve him.”

“It couldn’t be helped I guess I don’t want to see too much damage happen to this lovely world. It is the best looking world in the area around this star system. Until I can learn what he is after only then can I make a move.”

“If you make a move intergalactic police will be on you in a hurry and they won’t hold back when they look to take you down. You have no idea of just how much hate they have for you and you down play the situation way too much.”

“We will see what happens then. I don’t want to worry about it too much as long as Rebecca has a burden lifted off of her shoulders it is okay with me.”

“You say that and refuse to assist her in getting rid of the organism controlling so many people worldwide. If she knew the full scope of what was really going on then. She wouldn’t know how to handle it.”

“That is why she has to learn to handle it slowly. The cure I made is still being examined and many methods are being derived to learn how to use it. They have a way to solve all of their issues now. They just have to do it that is all. They don’t need me to do it for them.”

“I hope you are right about that?”

The entire conversation was done telepathically and Linda petted the bird and gave it some snacks as people watched what Linda was doing. The bird would fly off from there headed back to her normal human home. She stayed at the island for another day before she went back to the mainland eventually. She was also glad she helped by granting Daniel an unstable and limited power that would simulate what the fake video showed before did too. She did it to ease the burden on Rebecca as well. Rebecca would ask if she knew of what happened to Daniel and she naturally denied any involvement in it right away.

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