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Miss Dynamo, Part 6

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Is it me or does it seem like Rebecca has mellowed out considerably since that sudden burst of power came out of me 2 weeks ago.”

“True Daniel and not only that she had time worry about the greedy corporations now that the alien bounty hunter she hates so much seems to be focused on other things from what Rebecca was told too. He had her full attention for a long time now but now things are changing suddenly. She apparently she wants to focus on the medical industry too all of sudden with the lack of results in productive cures with all the money they get daily.”

“That is an area I figured she would focus on eventually considering the news I heard of them lately. So buddy what do you plan to do now that we have some free time away from the touring for a bit and Rebecca finally agreed to let me up some so I can some free time at long last. I suggested that go look for the business she wanted to run finally I think too. She has quite a bit of money saved up for that as well.”

“Lets hope she picks the right one though Daniel, I wouldn’t want to see you bail her out financially if she gets into trouble. So Danny boy can you forget about your wife for now and try to unwind some.”

“I guess.”


Flying over a potential disaster over a medical facility that saw medical drones take over a cutting edge facility with cutting edge medical tech. She was asked to looked over the situation by Daniel’s friend and it clearly needed her attention. It was a place where next generation medical technology was being used using advanced technology like lasers to do delicate surgeries. Humanoid drones there replaced about half of the staff there as doing much of the small tasks allowing the human people there to manage things from behind the scenes and act as major doctors and nurses there. The computer system was suddenly acting up and the many drones there became a danger to the people there. The patients there were being held hostage and all connections to the outside world were severed. The lasers used for surgery were now being used as weapons to fight the army around it. It had competent defense as well with many features that were unexpected from a typical medical facility. It was an experiment in what the next stage of medical care could be as many conditions that couldn’t be cured normally were cured there daily. The compound around the place was full of converted medical drones turned soldier were giving the authorities all they could handle too. As she was finishing with another case where a couple guys held up a bank suddenly after being served like normal customers.

The case with this bank got her attention because she was in town looking for a business to take over at the time. Traffic was at a standstill as the random red and green lights going off and on caused a few major accidents. One of them was an off duty police and he used a pocket knife to hold someone close to him up at knife point worrying everyone there. The other was a former hacker that went legit and used his skills to hack into accounts and accessing street lights nearby causing traffic to come to a standstill to block any potential law enforcement from getting close. Miss Dynamo had no trouble moving cars out of the way to allow the police to solve the issue after she took the knife from the hands of the off duty policeman. The events in the advanced medical facility happened Minneapolis while the bank hold up happened in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“These random events are really getting on my last nerve 2 in the same area in a period of 30 minutes. What is going on here?”

As she came down from her high vantage point in the air, Miss Dynamo was directly in front of the barricaded medical building with cars used as barriers to keep the authorities out. She was ready to put an end to the case and head home after that. The lasers weapons had no effect her as she expected as she approached. She ignored them as she gorgeous red head lifted the vehicle being used as a bunker and tossed it aside revealing the droids behind it. Communicating to the security inside that something was happening as Rebecca ripped the robot apart with her bare hands.

“Stupid tin cans, they think they can do whatever they want to man kind well not on my watch.”

The drones around tried to make a wall that could slow her down but it was useless as she vaporized them with their energy beams from her eyes. The doors to the place were ripped off their hinges as she tossed them aside and walked forward daring anyone or anything to stop her. The overwhelming physical dominance she had over them was overwhelming as Miss Dynamo ripped every robot apart that tried to stand in her way. She never bothered to dodge any laser fire in her direction either enjoying them as they tried to cut her into many pieces failing to do walked forward the whole time. The smarter drones pulled back but they could only go back so far as Miss Dynamo reduced them to scrap as well. With her cosmic vision going. She saw where the people and made her way in that direction ignoring all defenses that tried to get in her way. The door to where the people were was knocked down scaring the employees of the building as Miss Dynamo arrived and made them all smile.

“I managed to clear a path for you guys. It appears that the drones are focused on where the ring leader is now. I want you to get out now as I make those 2 runts pay for ruining my day.”


Taking the stairs to where she was headed, Rebecca didn’t see any resistances now until she reached the bottom floor below the main lobby where she encountered more of the same pointless weapon’s fire from enhanced medical lasers strong enough to cut metal. The raw energy of the barrage of lasers felt good to her as she treated the mechanical soldiers in her way like she did the others before them. In the main control room, had an extra thick door but it didn’t matter to Rebecca’s powerful muscles. The reinforced metal door was bent over a few times before she tossed it aside as the sound of gunfire was heard. Bullets were bouncing off of her body making the the men duck for cover.

“I thought we got over this crap already. Your pathetic excuse for weapons can’t hurt me now or ever. All you are doing is wasting ammo guy. How stupid are you anyway.”

They were reloading refusing to accept the facts but Rebecca didn’t let them shoot her again as she grabbed their guns and reduced them to scrap metal 1 in each hand with no effort.

They couldn’t get far from the sexy red headed woman as she grabbed them after that. They were both held high over the ground and held against the wall close to her by their necks. They tried to break free but it was useless.

“Okay guys why are you causing so much trouble today. Tell me fast I will return you to the police nice and easy.”

They refused to give in and caused 1 of them to lose consciousness dropping him. There was a connection between them too as the other one tried slightly harder to fight back harder but it was worthless at that point. You must have been his best friend but still why don’t I see the thoughts in your head though. If you were a normal person then you wouldn’t be able to stop me from see your fragile thoughts. You had better tell me what is going on here?”

“Fine then you win. I will tell you what you need to know okay. Just don’t kill me.”

“That is just what I want to hear set everything back on the control panel now. You don’t want to be on my bad side anymore then you already are. Thinking that normal guns and converted military laser used for weapons originally on me thinking that they will hurt me didn’t help you in that area.”

He would stand up and go to the terminal in the room and the screen in front of Rebecca would see an image of Henry’s assistant and manager in her office so it seemed. She would have a big smile on her face as she told the poor man she was controlling to stand there and watch the control panel.

“You are the one responsible for it damn it all why!”

“Because I was bored and when I get bored I have some of the slaves I gave my essence to cause trouble as I watch them do it through their eyes. I hope you don’t mind honey but I thought you would be more vigilant and solve the 2 other crimes I had done in Taiwan and Sydney, I guess you will see what happened there soon enough since it is too late to stop those crimes now. I guess you aren’t the great hero you are supposed to be right, what a waste of all that power you have.”

“Damn it all why do you always hide since you claim you can kill me. I bet if you fought me by yourself with no tricks. You would be mine this time.”

“I doubt that little lady you have been trying to improve your position some and I see that but it means nothing to me. You can’t hope to stop me as I am now since I have so many people under my control. I have a safety net and you will never know when I might try to use someone against you.”

“You are still a coward for avoiding me you always plan to have something get in the way to make sure I can’t focus on you entirely damn it all.”

“I have to watch over my sweet Henry that is just the way things are now right. He has a TV career to maintain as he helps me make your life a living hell so I can’t focus entirely on you. I am surprised you don’t take full advantage of it more You might have the edge over me if you do that sometime you know. You can say all you want about me being a coward but you fear what will happen deep down if you fight me for real. You do a good job of covering it up for now. When it happens though you will be the scared, defensive, and weak willed fool you were at the end of the last fight.”

“I am sure you saw him the powerful alien bounty hunter right. Can you honestly tell me that you can ignore him? I am better now than ever you will see when I see you again, don’t assume that what happened before will happen again.”

“I know all about him and I despise him so I am doing something about it. By gathering all of mankind to my side nothing will be able to save him from my wrath when I decide to go after him. I don’t see a problem with him too much once I have all of humanity working for me. I doubt you have a good plan against him. I bet he is manipulating you to do whatever it is he wants you to do as pathetic as you are mentally.”

“Can you really say what would you do if he just targeted Henry now?”

“I would avenge his lose that is what and if I were targeted he would do the same for me. I know that because we share the same mind that the original being had. If we go down together so be it. At least we would have gave it our all at the end. Can you tell me that you would do the same thing too hmmm?”

Rebecca couldn’t answer the question but that was what her enemy expected anyway. She tried to play it off but it was known that Rebecca was lying.

“You speak so highly of yourself and yet you can’t even admit that you are willing to go all in to safe every living soul on the planet if you need to. You are a disgrace to the title you assumed in more ways than you can ever know. Your husband wouldn’t have put any thought into what I just you asked. It would be automatic that he would go all out to stop me even if it meant putting his own life on the line to do it. You question yourself because you don’t want to lose those powers you cherish so much. I am done talking to you now. You aren’t even worth my time personally at this point and you never were. I hoped you like what you did today because I will do it again real soon because I love seeing you running around lying to yourself everyday. Goodbye now and by the puppet go on ahead and sleep now I don’t need you to assist me anymore.”

The person serving as the enemy’s eyes and ears passed out at that point and Rebecca couldn’t even say anything in that moment. Her foe was correct about everything she said and Rebecca tried to tell herself something different but she couldn’t. Flying through the ceiling to get back to the skies over head she would just leave and head back to the island crying the whole way there.


Rebecca didn’t feel like talking to anyone for about a day after hearing what the female human symbiote said. She stayed out in the wilderness too away from the mansion high atop a tree as she was by herself. She didn’t even bother to take her Miss Dynamo costume off either when she heard a familiar voice in the woods close to where she was. She was in the woods for about 2 days at this point and it was the only voice she wanted to hear at that point. He got back from his time off just to hunt for his wife as he heard of some rumblings going on about what was going on in the forests regarding the many palm trees around their house. Daniel told his friend he would be back and as he went through the woods looking around he would suddenly feel something whiz past him suddenly. Turning around he bumped into the most firm set of breasts he ever encountered and he fell over backwards. His head was at the level of her breasts as well and he knew exactly who he bumped into right. The sexy looking figure, young face, long flowing ruby red hair and the form fitting outfit she wore took away any shock of who she was. The woman would grab him before he fell completely and held him over her head with just 1 hands lowering him to her mouth where she kissed him about 10 times before she placed him back on the ground. It sure has been awhile honey.

“So you came here to say hello to me already nice so what is the occasion?”

“I can here after hearing about some noise being made out here like you were destroying trees or ripping them apart.”

“I had a bad day okay. I also learned about who was responsible for the bank hold up, the attack at the advanced medical facility, the random mass murder in Sydney, and the massive bombing at Taiwan and I am not very happy about it either.”

“It must be those 2 then. I would guess that they forced people to do it to get your attention for something else.”

“No the female did it because she was bored and wanted to have some fun with her unique abilities. Seriously she has to be stopped, the way they spread their essence around is making the people of Earth their personal plaything. I have to do something but …”

“You can’t be afraid to get beat up okay. It is going to happen when you face them. Is there anything else you said to them of importance?”

“The main thing is that I asked her what would happen if the male alien decided to target Henry and she said she would avenge his lose without any hesitation. I on the other hand couldn’t even answer the question properly. It was embarrassing. It happened after she asked me why I wasn’t focused on her so much lately. She said things that bothered me and yet I couldn’t really reply back either the way she said it either.”

“It has to do with you inability to make a clear decision 1 way or another about what you want to do. You either love me and be a peace loving person or become a bad ass crime fighter that goes all in to make sure the criminal is punished like I did right.”

“But you were both and it worked now I have a difficult time making the choice. I love being Miss Dynamo and being invincible to every human weapon on Earth but still it does nothing to help me against her or that stupid male alien too. I want to cherish the name you started and use these unstoppable powers to really make them fear me but you would clearly be targeted and I just can’t risk that.”

“The kind heart you had when I needed it when I was being taken over by my own powers are serving as a deterrent to you now. Your ego gets in the way as well.”

“But the ego I have and my need to yearn for power makes me so strong and yet it can’t help me do anything at all. and it frustrates me so much.”

Hitting a tree closest to her with an eye beam vaporized the tree trunk instantly as frustrated as she was.

“I know its hard but you have to choose between your love for me and your need to stop the bad guys. You can’t have 1 or the other okay. It is the only way to solve your issues okay.”

“You love being the strongest woman on the planet but the only way you will use to its fullest is if you make a clear choice and stand by it even if it might mean leaving me in danger.”

“I have this power to save you seriously. I don’t see myself surviving with you. I can’t just leave to die. I am sorry.”

Shaking his head, Daniel just took a deep breath and began to talk to her about her current dilemma.

“When I was in your position my only goal was to save everyone on Earth as best I could. I knew there would be a chance that I would lose you but it was okay because it was chance I was willing to take for your own sakes. I had trust that you would be safe no matter what even if the enemy decided to come after you. You need to have that faith as well in me. I have the protection of the government and I don’t intend to go down easily no matter what.”

“So what should I do then sweety.”

“Let your ego go and let your power explode to levels beyond anything they could ever hope to be normally within reason. You are the most powerful woman alive. You should bask in it and make the best of your powers. I find it very odd that I have to tell you that but seriously I can tell you that I don’t need your protection now. The world needs you more than ever to serve as a positive example of what I talk about.”

Looking at her hands and feeling the raw power in them, Rebecca felt empowered somewhat but part of her made her hesitate. As much as I love to do that darling I can’t get over how much you suffer before and I don’t want you to suffer again. With these cosmic powers nothing will be able to get close to you unless I allow it too and I am sorry but I can’t just do that. I am your wife damn it and I will protect my husband no matter what.”

“So be it then, you won’t be able to muster the mental power to overcome the challenges before you then not as you are right now any but if that is how you want to be that is your choice. You want to do both so how do you plan to act now then. Your strength, speed, and agility won’t let you counter what they do unless something dramatic happens. The choice can’t be easy since the power is affecting your mental state some attaching itself your greed, lust for power, anger and such? It must be hard to make the hard choice you have to make now.”

“Thinking hard about the choice she had to make, Rebecca simply couldn’t make a clear choice and walked away from her her husband looking like she had a headache.”

“Are you okay?”

“No I am not. I want to really go after her so bad but the injuries I would take would make you so sad that you wouldn’t be able to focus on helping anyone else. I also want to go after him and ignore that stupid male alien bounty hunter but the Earth would be destroy after he killed you first. I don’t want any of that to happen at all. I need help to make this choice easier to make but but …”

Flying away from the island going straight up approaching the speed of sound and passing it quickly, Rebecca would leave the planet and watch the planet from above maxing out her super senses to hear every conversation going on and see everything happening in real time. Letting it all go right there unleashed a new feeling within her she never allowed herself to release before. Her body sucked up the residual negative energy of planet Earth as she reached a new level of power she hadn’t experienced since in a long time. Her ability to hear everything and see things increased as this happened as her muscles were getting stronger as she saw them get denser before her eyes. A dark aura surrounded her body as her emotions began to change as well focused entirely on the negative emotions in her mind at the time. Anger, rage, envy, lust, and aggression saturated every fiber of her being and she wanted to release it all on something quickly. She decided to do what her husband said in that 1 moment to see what would happen and she felt something she didn’t expect. The soul of a dark and evil alien being fuzed with her and it caused her to forget about her love for her husband at that time. Her body bulked up some too getting more muscular as well once this other strange being fuzed with her.

“I hadn’t felt this much power since I smashed through the barrier around his house and it grows still even now and it feels so good too hmmmm”

Her voice had a clear echo to it and her eyes glowed with a black energy allowing to see evil energy all over the planet. Flexing her biceps in that moment caused them to grow to a massive size over 20 inches across. On her sexy and gorgeous body they looked out of place and she wanted nothing more than to make the person she hated the most the suffer.

“So much energy I think I will finally put an end the the torment that stupid alien causes me once and for all and I want to see them try to stop me now.”

Charging forward at speed approaching the speed of light her energy could be felt from satellites in space and when she moved in on the alien ship powerful fire was headed from way from the male alien bounty hunter and he was different from before as well. He still looked as muscular and pumped up as before but he had a stronger aura of power about him as he charged in to take her on. He charged at her at a speed comparable to what she was traveling at and when they hit each other head on over the Atlantic Ocean the boom created would be heard at over half of the planet. The force from the blast created mega tsunamis that threatened the coasts of the Eastern US and Western Africa and Europe as well. More powerful blasts of this type happened after that one after another but it happened in a separate part of the world. Rebecca was so focus on the darkness within that she became the physical vessel to channel all of it out becoming the most powerful force of evil the world would ever know at that moment. The only thing on her mind was death, destruction, and carnage and she yet her enemy at the time kept up with her the whole time without any hesitation. The damage done by just the force of their fists making contact close to the ground decimated whole areas quickly. Luckily for the 2 of them most of them didn’t happen close to a major population center. This was due to the male alien guiding her away from the Earth so he could use the Earth for his purposes and a destroyed world civilization on Earth was the last thing he wanted from his point of view. The battle would eventually lead them into deep space as a possessed Rebecca hell bent on destroy her foe only seemed to fight that much harder because of it. The weapon that would have stripped Rebecca of her powers was aimed at her as she was no longer of any use as she current was possessed by her own anger and hatred.

As a break finally ended they stared at each other half way between Earth and Venus with obvious animosity towards each other. Their power levels were still peaking as they were on the verge of another round of fierce battles.

“You leveled up since the last time I saw you. It won’t last forever though I will destroy you once and for all.” Rebecca said cracking her knuckles.

“You changed somehow and I don’t know why you are more merciless than I ever expected. What happened to you?”

“It doesn’t matter now does it. My powers are stronger now than they ever were. You must have stolen the powers of someone else to be able to challenge me now but it won’t save you from me. Once I destroy you, I will destroy the ship you care about so much.”

“Are you even aware that you almost ruined everything just now for me. If we destroy human society fighting I won’t get to have the fun I planned.”

“I hate to say it but I think its time to show you just what happens to people that oppose me.”

“I want to see you try to kill me.”

“So be it then. You asked for it, do it now!”

A powerful beam from the Earth came and traveled in to space towards Rebecca faster than the speed of light somehow. Seeing it happen somehow Rebecca allowed it to hit her and she was sent flying back a good distance. Her power was leaving her body fast and Rebecca had to think fast and she did as a final push of raw power allowed her dark power rebound back somehow. She was beginning to shrink to her normal form slowly as her body began to feel the effects of space as a human would slowly when her powers came back. Her body went from being average to super sexy as it began to glow with raw power. Her hands focused on her growing breasts as she saw them inflate before her eyes as she saw her normal ones before in frustration for a moment.

“Yessss. They are coming back it is about time hmmmm.”

She was forming a barrier somehow and Rebecca was actually basking in the raw energy of the beam weapon’s powerful attack suddenly as her barrier forced to mold to every sexy curve on her body

“It appears that the beam that you planned to use to weaken me with can’t stop me as I am right now with her hands on her waist looking at her enemy as she seemed to highly resistant to the effects of the beam hitting her.

“Is that all you got come let me show you what real power is since you don’t really know what it is.”

Her powerful eye beams began to over power the green beam pushing it back slowly. She had to push herself to do it too amazing the alien bounty hunter as he saw it happen before.

“No way I can’t let her get away with this!”

A powerful beam from him hit her barrier that hugged her body like second skin and it didn’t harm her still. No amount of power he was sending at her was helping as she ignored his energy blast and continued to overpower the beam that tried to weaken her still.

“So much for your great power. This body I have can’t be stopped by you or anyone on that matter. I barely even feel your pathetic excuse for power getting through my defenses at all. You are better off quitting while you are ahead. Eventually the fully powered beam from Earth was able to hold its own against her but it couldn’t push its way back to Rebecca either. He was quickly using up the remainder of the extra power boost that he had left trying to overcome her defenses. She felt is beam attack lose more of its power as well and eventually she didn’t feel it trying to break her defenses anymore. When he finally stopped trying to blast her he charged in fast only to see his attack caught and casually tossed him aside to Venus.

“So much for that time to finish this job once for all.”

The mirrors trying to focus the beam from the satellite it came from was quickly melting and the inner workings of the device was failing quickly. The device that looked like a normal broadcast satellite was on its last legs as it was quickly overheating and quickly powered down. It no longer had the power to function as it floated in Earth space as junk at this point as the alien’s ship had no choice but to approach Rebecca directly. It teleported itself from the deep trench it was in to deep space close to where Rebecca was. It was huge from Rebecca’s perspective as the main ship’s secondary energy cannon fired on her at that moment. Miss Dynamo was pushed back to Venus where she crashed hard onto its molten surface making the ground crack as she landed. She went about 1 mile underground before her defenses finally slowed down her decent and allow her to begin to push it back physically. The full force of her muscles at their peak power wouldn’t help for long as it overpowered Rebecca’s defenses eventually as she went beyond her limit to try to hold it back. Trying to fly towards the beam while pushing wasn’t helping either even at max speed considering how much power the beam had at its disposal.

“No way I can’t go down like this I have to win.”

Her face as drenched in sweat as her body went from a light body builder to a massive female mountain of muscle as huge as a male body builder with huge muscles. Her suit was vaporized under the extreme heat and energy of the beam trying to vaporize her until the last her special defenses finally gave out at long last. As the last of her super charged defenses failed her. The beam was able to hit its mark finally making a huge hole on the surface of Venus many miles wide and deeper than the grand canyon on Earth. Miss Dynamo was at the center of the hole created and the male alien looked at her as he flew to where she was knocking out.

“So what do you want to do to her now. Do you think she will still be usable to people like us as a tool after what happened now ship?”

“Yes, look at the power she showed. You couldn’t take the power of one my secondary cannons like she did and remain alive as long as she did. We need to find a way to control her though so she couldn’t go against us again?”

“Why do you insist that you save her come on now ship why not have our other person do our bidding for us instead of her?”

“Are you questioning me here. You must not want to see your room again. If you want I could always have your precious treasures destroyed too. Have we forgotten who is in charge here?”

“Fine Fine I will save her what do you intend to do to keep her on our side then. I took a power up cosmic pill and I still wasn’t able to overcome her defenses completely.”

“We could put a leash on her like I would to powerful criminals I catch. It would be used to seal their powers up to prevent them from going against the law. It keeps them from using most of their powers until it is needed. I happen to have some modified versions of them in my cargo bay made to be stronger than the typical limiter of that type.”

“That sounds promising I might just do that.”

The extreme heat didn’t do any harm to Rebecca or the alien watching her as he took her and flew back to his ship beyond the orbit of Venus. When she woke up Rebecca had some strange wristband on her she felt weaker than she did normally slightly. She was back to her sexier looking appearance and didn’t remember what she did shortly after leaving the Earth.

“Wait a minute what happened to me and why am I in some strange alien lab setting?”

“Do you know what you just did?”

“No, I recall is that I was looking over the people of Earth and listening into their every conversation with my super senses but I blanked out after that. I felt a strange essence enter my body though and I don’t know why.”

“I don’t get it you did quite a bit and you don’t recall any of it at all. I find that odd to say the least.”

“What did I do. Did I kill the people of Earth too much?”

“Somewhat but the damage was minor to say the least. You shouldn’t be able to cause me any trouble anymore though.”

“Why is that? What did you do to me?”

“I put a power restrainer on you that is what. The wristband you are wearing now will make sure you don’t ever go against me ever again. I have control over how much energy you have as well. I could keep you without your power entirely if that is what I wanted to do that.”

“What! No way why did you do that damn it. What guarantee do I have that you won’t do anything nasty just because you feel like it?”

“That is because I won’t let him. I still want you to get items for me.”

A mechanical drone walked up behind them. It looked like a normal looking mechanical being and it had the voice of the ship she recalled hearing before.

“I still want specific amount of technology from this planet and I want you to get them for me still. I had other things pending up to now and didn’t need you right now until you decided to go rouge suddenly.”

“So I went crazy letting all of my powers go. No way.”

“It won’t happen again. The power inhibitor you have now will prevent that from happening from this point forward. You are very lucky as well. Your friend was able to talk me into allowing you to keep your powers as they are now. I personally wanted to have you as a normal human until I felt your powers were needed to serve me.”

“No way you got her to serve you too no way. What did you do to her!”

“Nothing relax there Rebecca it is okay. You suffered enough as is.”

The voice of a young female was heard in the far corner of the room. It came from a female that looked like an elf and she looked like a teenager as well. She had a trim and attractive figure as well as the woman approached Rebecca.

“You did enough for 1 day. I had to clean up your mess and alter the memories of all the people involved you know. The people were beginning to think that their heroine could be a real threat to mankind for a moment.”

“You are …”

“Yes I am Linda and I didn’t want you to worry about me so I didn’t tell you about me but you happened to be here when I just arrived here. I figured I would just show myself for a moment. I did it to ease the burden on you but you had to go and almost ruin things yourself. I almost didn’t get these 2 people here to ease up on you but I managed to pull it off somehow.”

“I didn’t think that you looked like that in reality wow. So what powers do you have exactly?”

“It is as I said before. If I told you who I was you would want to focus on me and not your own happiness. You humans need to stop doing that. If you just focus on the right things, you might have controlled yourself at a decent level and these people here wouldn’t be as hard on you as they are. I was working to let them release you from their servitude but you ruined that plan as you lost control.”

Linda didn’t look happy and Rebecca looked at the object on her wrist feeling its effect on her powers.

“He told me to let it all go and I did it and I lost control. What am I supposed to do then. If I do nothing then those stupid symbiotes win and if I go too far everyone dies. Why won’t you people help me damn it!”

“Linda I am sure that you can make them disappear and they mentioned that they were mustering the people of the Earth to fight the stupid alien bounty hunter. If they had to do that he must be special somehow and have the power to take them out. If you people just stand by and do nothing you won’t have any servants to do to your bidding right. Isn’t that what a conqueror of the world needs servants?”

“I care not for humans to serve me, they lack the power and strength to be of any use to me personally. I don’t care if those 2 weaklings decide to take over mankind to make them fight me. I will crush them all where they stand if they oppose me. Your friend there has other things on her mind now aside from helping mankind now. Saving you will be her last good deed she will be allowed to do as far as I am concerned. You can leave now Linda. I think you earned some time off.”


She left unhappy but Rebecca called her back but she didn’t answer back. Rebecca would return to a normal looking Earth like the battle between her and the male alien never happened. Flying over the planet a few times she didn’t see anything unusual anywhere. She still had questions about what she did but nothing was given on that topic at all. Testing her powers some, she flew to the top of a mountain no one was at and began to rip huge boulders with her bare hands from the mountain. The huge rocks in her possession weighed about 100 tons and up and she treated then as easy as before. She even tossed them away and flew to where they would be to pulverize them to dust or she let them hit her head on. She had no trouble destroying them and she went to a lake and hovered just above its surface to look at herself like it was a mirror. The lean and sexy looking body in her Miss Dynamo costume as a pleasant sight to see to her along with her young looking face and long red hair.

“If my powers are affected they aren’t affected enough to made what I usually do any more difficult then normal. Destroyed a whole section of a mountain with a powerful beam of energy from her eyes. She felt it wasn’t as strong as normal and targeted another mountain made of a harder rock. She saw the differences in the rock and hit it with a more focused blast. This was when she saw the difference in her powers. She couldn’t charge it to the level she wanted to as quickly and it seemed that once she charged it to a specific point the task of charging became every difficult. The impact had an effect that was comparable to what she did to the first mountain but it didn’t go as far as expected. The blasts in question made small quakes in the valley they were in as she targeted a third mountain just to make sure. A powerful weakness would hit her suddenly as she had a hard time remaining above the ground but she would maintain enough focus to keep the beam charging and herself in the air. Her senses at that point began to fade on her as well as she couldn’t see the mountain in the distance clearly anymore as she continued to power up her charged eye beam attack.

“What is going on with my eyes. I can’t see anything now. She had exceptional human vision but to her that was comparable to being blind. As she released her eye beam finally the weakness hit her muscles and they didn’t feel as powerful as she expected. As her muscles weakened it was harder to stay airborne but she stabilized herself again using more effort than she was used to just to fly. The powerful headaches she had would fade as she landed eventually on dry land to see where she was. Her senses weren’t as clear as she was used to but she could still see where she was normally.

“Why do I feel so weak now I think I am beginning to what he meant.”

She was still just as sexy as she always was but she walk up to a tree and tried to uproot it to find that she couldn’t do no matter how hard she tried. She even used flight to aid her but it didn’t work either.

“No way. What happened to my muscles. I used to be able to uproot trees effortlessly and now I struggle to do it. I don’t understand.”

She was in the Andes at the time as she did this and went to large boulder and tried to lift it up. With sweat flowing down her face. Her muscles were working extra hard and the rock finally lifted eventually. It must have weighed about 5 tons and yet she couldn’t get it over her head easily. When she dropped it, Rebecca fell over from the force of the sudden impact with the ground and it worried her considerably.

“I was reducing rocks anywhere from 100 to 200 tons to dust like they were nothing before and now I struggle to move a 5 ton stone seriously. Is this going to be what is it going to be like for me from now on. She tried to take the wristband off and a powerful shock hit her hard. Her screams could be heard for miles until she finally let go of it and fell to her knees after wiping the sweat off of her face.

“I can’t believe I am this weak now it can’t be possible for me to be reduced so much so fast what is happening to me. I have to know I am so scared now.”

Staying still in 1 place hoping her powers would return she found that they would return to her eventually. Her senses would go back to being able to senses things many miles away and her strength would grow and go back to their normally high levels again in about 30 minutes. She handled the 5 ton stone she couldn’t move before like it was a pebble at that point. Flying around the world about 30 times on top of that also proved to be effortless as well as her confidence came back at that point. Flying to a major city she looked at herself in the side of the shiny facade of a build loving her sexy she looked. Doing some sexy poses while suspended in mid air, she would eventually fly home at about mach 30 doing figure 8s and other unique formations in the sky as she went.

When she arrived at the island in question, Daniel was worried about his wife and Rebecca was worried about him. Carrying her man inside of the house she wanted to do then was to spend her day with him. Naturally she demanded that all of his plans be canceled and he was willing to listen this time. When he arrived from his study his wife was in the sexiest party dress she had and she gave him a short amount of time to get dressed as well. Her dress was revealing, form fitting, and showed a considerable amount of cleavage as well leaving her man dreaming about what his immediate future held. She flew to a city where it was dark and she would ask him to take her the best restaurant in the city. They all knew who she was and was more than willing to let her in regardless of the lines ahead of time. The fancy and exotic dinner was something Daniel never planned and the sex that came afterward was better than anything he experienced before.

In the morning, He was still recovering from the drinking and the sex as well as his wife was coming out of the shower. Seeing her come out with towel over her body only to watch her toss it in his face to see her nude body or any man wet dreams.

“So are you going to help me decide what I am going to wear or do I have to make you do it. You know I can do that too”

She hovered over the ground slightly and flew to where he was carrying him to the closet where he would help her try out new clothes. Changing in and out of them lead to her giving all of the maids a day off so she could do all of the cooking for him. She let him get as many free samples as he wanted as well. He tried to ask questions about why she was so eager to spend so much time with him. She wouldn’t answer the question until the following day. Dressed up like one of the maids the whole giving her man all kinds of sexual images the whole time winking at him or giving him a clear view of her cleavage often she would finally let him do what he wanted. She cooked him a big dinner made for a king and she said she would make herself dinner later. After she devoured a dinner she made for herself and made sure her husband was resting. He was sleeping in bed when she made sure the covers kept him warm.

“I feel so much better now that I spent some time with him but still I need some answers about how this wristband works and what that bastard meant when he said what he said. I know where to go if I want to do that too.”

Leaving her sexy looking maid’s outfit on her bed she put on her Miss Dynamo outfit and flew out of her window and went to Linda’s place quickly exceeding the speed of sound as she went. As she arrived close to Linda’s home, Linda opened the window for her and waved at her too. When she flew into Linda’s home she saw a normal looking Linda looking like a normal woman of African American descent not the elf she saw earlier.

“I figured you would be here eventually after you calmed down and relieved yourself of your frustration. So you want answers I might be able to answer them potentially.”

“I was beginning to wonder where you went the last few weeks where I didn’t see you before where did you go exactly?”

“I traveled through out the cosmos to get information and items for him. I learned a lot of what I did before I went to Earth wasn’t very popular and the people out there want me gone.”

“So he is using this knowledge against you right but why would it matter to you?”

“You still haven’t noticed why I focused on taking your husband’s powers from him. Well I will tell you since I don’t know how long I will be here. The power you and that guy has grant you a high level of resistance to my powers. Even at moderate levels the amount of resistance you people would have is considerable. I saw this early on as I found that certain people always survived the worlds I accidentally destroyed and even survived being the middle of my beam attacks too.”

“Wow.. it is that bad for you wow who are these people?”

“The intergalactic police basically. Their officers somehow have a power that is comparable to something that came from my world originally making it the only power in the universe that can rival what I can do and now you know. They really want me gone and if I am not careful …”

“So that is how he is keeping you under his thumb.”

“I am doing all of it for you but you make it very hard for me to do that. I can tell you that the next time he asks for something he won’t have a random terrorist look to attack a random base. He will have you get it directly quickly from what I can tell. I can only guess that you might only have a few hours. There won’t be any time to make any quick adjustments unfortunately.”

“So what will happen can you tell me something at least?”

“Sorry I can’t do that now. I have no idea about how he will handle you but I heard him say something like this and I won’t be allowed to help you either. You will have to find your own way out of this issue now. He won’t listen to me when I ask him to take it easy on you. Are you ready for that?”

The sadness on Rebecca’s face was easy to see but she would get over it at that moment.

“I tried to experiment with the powers I have and they didn’t act like I expected. What happened to them. I thought I would just be weaker from the start but it wasn’t doing that.”

“For some reason your power acts differently and I don’t know why but it doesn’t weaken you as it should. It limits the amount of power you have access to. It surprised me when I saw it. It appears that you use up this energy when you project it out in the form of energy beam or such. You have to be careful about that Rebecca. The more you shoot your energy beams out the more energy you use up. It will make you weaker if you shoot them out too much.”

“What about those 2 alien human hybrids then. If I use up too much power then.”

“Yes they would be able to defeat you even faster now if you get too aggressive.”

“What if I use residual energy from around me to do it then. You that help?”

“It would prolong your use of the power you have yes but it takes power to take in all that power too. I wouldn’t be so quick to do that unless you have no other choice on the matter.”

“Okay. I have so many other questions but I will start with.”


“How did you get the power I have to transfer the way it did seriously. If you can’t do anything to it then you shouldn’t be able do that right.”

“It isn’t as simple as that. It took every bit of power I had at that time to allow it. I figured out where you would be and gave you crystal that would enable it but it had so much of my power stored in it that it tired me out just to do it. I had to do it take down the woman before she could take my brother away from me.”

“Your brother who is he?”

“He is being held by you know who and he won’t release him until I do what he wants. He is safe and I know because I can feel everything he does. We are joined spiritually.”

“I feel so sad for you. So is he like you?”

“He is something completely different. He was never allowed to have a normal body so I allowed him to have one but serves as a spy for him now. At this point there is no way out but it is okay as long as you are okay that is good enough for me.”

“Thank you for supporting me Linda it means a lot to hearing you say that but still how powerful are you though.”

“I don’t want to go into that personally anyway since you are here do you want to have some tea?”

“Yes I do.”

They would enjoy the tea Linda made laughing and cheering as they talked about how silly Daniel and the male alien were from their point of view for the fun of it. They didn’t fear for their life then the male alien actually didn’t mind his servants having fun as long they were joking around. He had an obvious sense of humor too and seemed to like the conversations he overheard from afar thanks to his ship.

Henry and his assistant were quite interested in the current events as well as they still remembered about the havoc caused worldwide. They saw news of New York and other cities along the Atlantic coast devastated by massive tsunamis that wiped them off of the map. They also saw the effects of huge impacts in the sky that damaged areas humans lived at as well by the waves of energy created by this attack alone. When the news stopped talking about it the death toll was catastrophic until something that resembled a bright star in the sky appeared and created bright lights that undid all the damage done. They were like small suns in the sky and many of them appeared where the damaged was at its worst. Each of the small star like objects came from another object that was floating over the North Pole. No one knew what this other object was not knowing it was actually Linda in her true form hovering over the arctic region glowing with a powerful aura around her as she summoned the small stars she formed suddenly. When each of the small stars exploded the places they were over were restored and it amazed the 2 of them at how it happened. The people that were under their control that found a way to survive the event saw it happen too and they thought it was a dream or fantasy. That was what they were allowed to think but still the question remained how did it happen.

Doing another show getting all the cheers he got usually were secondary in the days that would come after the world was brought back somehow. The female symbiote, Carol Anderson would look around leaving her work to a assistant she trained in keeping Henry’s show going as he went during his days. After a few days of looking around for clues, Carol would finally come back to Henry about what she learned overall.

She would meet up with Henry in a restaurant they both like going to on the side where they knew they had someone brainwashed there that owned the place. They dressed in casual clothes as they went and people quick to notice them and cheer as they came.

“So you were away from 1 week Carol what did you learn from all this time away.” Henry asked escorting his woman to her seat kissing her hand.

“Note very much. Not a lot of people know anything because that flash erased their memories and their recordings from satellites and other things were destroyed according to what I got from government people we brainwash in the government before they were found and removed of their position.”

“So they know about the people we have in there now under our control. Do they know how to cleanse them of the condition?”

“Yes they are stripped of our blessing and we lose contact with them mentally as I am sure you know. The only clue I have now is that the friend that Rebecca has knows something about it. Oddly enough she vanishes as quickly as we can track her. We use every normal method to track her but they never succeed. She has to be unusual then again we both suspected that when she found a cure for our blessing so quickly with no obvious way knowing how to rid someone of it normally without help.”

“I always wondered why we never bothered to go after her after all this time even though I doubt she would have been able to cure everyone though.”

“Yes you are right about that. If she cures everyone we could just send our essence in the mail like we do normally and entrap more people in our spell. Unless they want to come after us directly. They won’t be able to stop us right we can have anyone come to aid us if they really get any tech that can slow us down any.”

“True but I want to know all I can about her I suspect she is special just like Rebecca is. I won’t let up until I know for sure what she is in reality and what special abilities she has too.”

“Yes you do that and I know you will lets eat then it isn’t like we have to worry about Rebecca coming after us being the coward she is.”

“You are right about that. If she wanted to come after us she would have done so already but a weak minded foe like her is afraid to confront us deep down. I hope you are paying for this dinner being the big time TV star you are.”

“I intend to seriously because I have to thank you for being such a great manager to me. Your replacement is doing a decent job but he still needs some fine tuning.”

“He tries at least you have to give him that much at least. I hope you don’t mind that play around with Rebecca too.”

“Do as you please. It will only make her situation that much more desperate for her she will have to come to us eventually and by playing with the mind of a few people every so often it will make her want to fall for your trap even more how close are to gathering resources we to go after him though. He is the one we are really after though not the weak willed fool Rebecca.”

“True but humans now have the ability slow down the spread of our essence thanks to Rebecca’s friend. We don’t have as many slaves as we should normally. Our numbers are still stable and grow daily as our essence can be spread by touch and bodily fluid after we infect them initially. The governments are aware of that but they don’t know the full extent of it personally and I don’t think they will either.”

“That is disheartening but still as long as our numbers grow is all I care about personally in that case. It makes the job of our hero that much more of a challenge. I really want to see how she handles it more now than ever.”

“So do I it should be good show either way.”

They would enjoy their dinner and chat about their plans for the night. Sex was discussed but so were other things too. They would make their way back to his place where they discussed them in private. Instead of having sex they weren’t take a bath with each other in their hot tub and take turns massaging each other’s backs listening to love music as they went.

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