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SENsational – Part III

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6:13pm that afternoon – New Mexico Desert, GPS Coordinates 36.077841, -103.506313

The late afternoon sky lit up with a deep orange and purple hue that blanketed the desert landscape in all directions as Winters looked up briefly from his stopwatch. His concentration however, was more focused off in the distance as he pensively watched a small cloud of dust appear over the horizon in the direction he was looking. As mere seconds elapsed, the small cloud seemed to erupt into a torrent of sand and dirt being churned up by the shapely blurred object that announced its presence with a shout of “Woooooooooooooo!!” that echoed loudly across the deserted plains.

The distance of two hundred yards became one hundred and then zero in mere seconds as Doc and his small research team simultaneously clicked their stopwatches as the subject zoomed past them at breakneck speed. Despite wearing the same unforgettable black and white workout outfit from earlier, Priya was moving so fast that she was practically unrecognizable as she crossed the makeshift finish line that Doc and his team had measured out earlier.

“Did everybody get THAT?” one researcher asked as he incredulously looked at his stopwatch, shaking his head in disbelief as she showed the time to the others. Because of Priya’s tremendous speed, it was an impossible feat for the four watches to agree on the exact time, but they all were in the same general ballpark. One unbelievably fast ballpark.

As remarkable as Priya’s foot speed was, perhaps even more astonishing was her rate of deceleration, as she came to a complete stop not even ten yards from the finish line. The beautiful speed demon beamed with pride as she turned her head and suppressed a giggle as Doc’s team of assistants fumbled with their calculators and stop watches while trying to make sense of what they had just witnessed. Most of them were not privy to her recent demonstration on the football field, but even if they had, this was something FAR beyond that!

Priya put her hands on her shapely hips and sauntered over to them without even the slightest glimpse of fatigue. In fact, she felt utterly fantastic! “I guess that was fast, right Doc?” Priya said playfully as she walked up to them.

“Ummm, yes Priya … very good!” Doc replied in a tone that seemed less like approval and more like a nomination for the ‘Understatement of the Year’ Award.

“Ms. Sen, do you know how FAST you were going?” stammered one of the researchers, who obviously could not hide his amazement.

“Hmm … lemme guess …” Priya asked as she put her fingers to her chin and looked upward for theatrical purposes. “… 109.81 miles per hour?” Priya smiled at the quizzical looks of confusion that they all had, even Doc.

Taking a moment to consult all of their times, they trio of assistants concurred that her time was in line with their findings. The inquiring assistant asks “ … How did you know that? Did you see our watches?”

“I didn’t!” she nonchalantly answers

“Then how did you know?”

“I counted in my head”

“Counted in your head?

“You guys measured off a half a mile course which is the distance. Ever since yesterday, I found that I could count more precisely in my head which I did for 16.39 seconds. Calculating speed is a simple math problem where it’s equal to distance divided by time sooooooo … viola! One hundred nine point eight one miles per hour” she said while gesturing her hands.

The team stood dumbfounded at the young girl as she stared back, both sides expecting SOMEONE to say SOMETHING.

“Waitaminute … was the course in miles or meters?” she asked innocently

Finally, Doc rapidly punched the figures into his calculator to confirm Priya’s math. Unbeknownst to Doc and his team, Priya had unnecessarily done the calculation three times in her head, each time coming to the same exact answer.

“No Priya, the course was not in meters. You math is correct,” Doc said simply as he smiled.


“I can’t believe she just did that!”

“Which part?!?!” mused one of the assistants aloud.

The collective comments of disbelief from the assistants only made Priya revel in her abilities even more as her fingers absentmindedly caressed her fitness model-like abdominals. She mused how just a short time ago, that same midsection had always been covered with a layer of baby fat. But now her stomach, like the rest of her was so toned and beautiful. And it wasn’t just her looks. Priya was now coming to grips with the fact that she was a better version of her former self in so many ways. She had always been the obedient, quiet and unnoticeable little Indian girl, but that was now in the past. Whether Doc liked it or not, people WERE noticing her – and she was loving all of it!

“Stupid piece of junk!” one of the researchers suddenly blurted out as Priya quickly snapped out of her blissful state of mind and turned to see one of Doc’s assistants raising his tablet computer skyward. “Sir, we’re having trouble uploading the data. It appears we’re out of range from the network way out here.”

“Speaking of which, why DID we come all the way out here anyways when I could have run around the base again? Only faster this time!” Priya joked as she winked playfully at Doc.

“Priya…we need to be discreet about you and your newfound abilities, and we can’t having you race around a base like some sports car in a packed arena.

Priya tried to suppress a smile as Doc compared her to a sports car. “Yeah, a hot foreign model!” Priya thought to herself as she quickly glanced at her amazing new breasts.

“Again…” Doc continued with a sense of sternness in his voice, obviously meant to secure Priya’s full attention. “We need to keep this top secret for now which is why we came all the way out here. In order to test your top speed in complete privacy.”

“You mean I was supposed to run as fast as I can?”

The researchers all quickly looked hopelessly at Doc and then back at Priya who tried to keep a straight face before playfully bursting out into laughter. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Priya said smiling with a hidden hint of insincerity in her voice. While it was true Priya was pushing herself as fast as she could, somehow – deep down inside – she knew she could probably could have gone even faster if she’d wanted.

“Yes, well, with that said, I think we can conclude our little speed test for the day and all ride back to base.” Winters spied his watch momentarily before continuing. “The training center should just be closing now which will give us a chance to get some baselines on your strength in private. There is some water over there, Priya. Why don’t you go get a drink and wait for us over at the vehicle while we discuss the testing procedures. We’ll head back to the base shortly.”

“Awwww … why do we have to go all the way back to the base? We just got out here. C’mon, can’t we just do something out here a little more fun?” Priya chided playfully as she raised her eyebrow.

“Priya, please! We have been developing the S.A.M program over several years now. There is a structure and testing methodology in place that we need to follow. Will you please give us a few moments to discuss,” Doc said as he motioned, almost dismissively, for Priya to go wait by the vehicle.

Priya sighed as she walked back to Humvee and grabbed a water bottle from the cooler. Holding the bottle to her lips she took a swig and spied Doc and the assistants discussing their next steps. Reaching back, she yanked her hair tie out of her black hair, letting it spill from it’s ponytail like a waterfall of spun obsidian over her shoulders to which her hair tie fell to the ground. Crouching down behind the Humvee to pick it up, she paused for a moment and subtly tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear and focused on Doc and his team. They were fifteen yards away, but to Priya’s supercharged ears they might as well have been talking directly to her.

“Dr. Winters, I was thinking that we should go over the testing parameters for Ms. Sen’s strength. We should probably begin with a baseline of 50 lbs and work up from there in increments of 50. Twenty-five if there is any slight sign of fatigue, correct?” one of the assistants asked, paging through her notes.

Placing her now empty water bottle on the bumper of the vehicle as she stood, Priya paused for a second and stared as a wry smile crept across her face – a crazy idea formed in her head.

“Yes, that is what we have for the normal testing procedures, “ Winters stated as he scribbled some notes on his clipboard. “Based on her earlier preliminary test results and judging by how effective the formula seems to have worked, we might even be able to appease her and start her baseline higher. I’d say … two hundred and fifty pounds would be─”

Doc never finished his sentence, as he was interrupted by the groaning of the Humvee’s suspension as he and his team of assistants all turned to see the beautiful Priya Sen lifting the back of the Humvee like an empty wheelbarrow. Much to their disbelief, Winters and his assistants were now starting to assess the extent of just how powerful Priya was now. As a unit, they all quickly ran towards her to better observe her impromptu display of strength.

“I think we can start a little higher than two-fifty, Doc!” Priya playfully chided as she held the entire back of the vehicle almost 2 feet off the ground with no visible signs of strain whatsoever.

“PRIYA! What are you doing? Be careful!” Doc exasperatedly replied.

“Relax, Doc! I’m not gonna drop it!”

“Drop it? Priya I’m talking about YOU! That vehicle weighs over 5000 lbs!”

“I dunno … feels like 5 lbs to me!” Priya responded with ever-growing confidence. “Besides, its not like I’m lifting the whole – hmmm …”

Raising her short – but oh-so-powerful – arms upwards, Priya lifted the back of the vehicle to the highest level she could. Crouching slightly, Priya then began to slowly trace her hands along the undercarriage until they were near the middle of the Humvee.

“Priya! You musn’t─”

“Ms. Sen … please!”

Against their protests, the young superwoman hoisted the front end up slowly until she was standing directly underneath, her lean feminine arms holding 5,200 pounds of Detroit steel over her head without any apparent difficulty. An audible gasp resonated from the technicians and Winters as they stared dumbfounded at the ridiculous sight of Priya’s lithe figure partially obscured by the shadow cast from the mammoth vehicle above her.

Priya looked up at the massive vehicle above her head and shuddered with a euphoric feeling like she had never known. She was not only runway model hot, but supercomputer-like smart, mind-blowingly fast and now obviously unbelievably strong. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand at attention with excitement as she looked at the amazed look on the researchers faces and then up at her sexy arms that didn’t even seem to be bothered by something as trivial as nearly three tons of steel. As she stared at her arms intently she swore she could almost FEEL the superhuman blood rushing through her veins, fueling her muscles. Priya revelled from the reactions of Doc and his team which made her growing confidence to swell to superhuman proportions as well.

“Oh my god!”

“She’s not even struggling …”

“Ms. Sen … it’s not … heavy for you?” one of the research assistants hesitantly asked as he began readying his pen to write down her answer.

Priya thought of the question for a second as she looked at the Humvee above her head. There wasn’t a doubt in her head that she could do it! With a brazen smile on her face, she looked at the team and without warning, she brashly removed one arm from the vehicle, now supporting the entire weight with her slender arm amidst the gasps of the others. Looking at her free arm, the young juggernaut stared at the partially developed bicep that was not there just a few days ago. “That answer your question!” Priya thought to herself as she stuck the free hand on her hip. “Looks like I’ve gone from plain old Priya to freakin Wonder Woman!” she giggled as she relished the feeling of showing off.

With that, Priya suddenly began to bend her right arm very slowly which lowered the Humvee a foot or two before pressing it back up a few seconds later. “Cool!” the young superwoman mused as she then began to repeat the motion, only a little bit faster.

Doc and his assistants moved back a few feet quickly as they saw the vehicle lurch for a moment before springing back up. It took a few seconds to register that the cause for the sudden movement was Priya herself. Their eyes widened as their amazement was fueled further by the sight of Priya’s lithe right arm powering the multi-ton vehicle up and down with ease like a super-powerful piston. And didn’t even seem to be trying!

“5 … 6 … 7 …” Priya counted to herself as she stared hypnotically at her right arm as she brought the vehicle up and down all the while marvelling at how her muscles sprung to life for all to see. With each rep her S.A.M.-fueled bicep and tricep muscles popped underneath her beautiful brown skin, forming sexy little rock-hard, stronger-than-anything ripples in her arms. Priya loved how her muscles popped sexily when she exerted herself rather than exploding like some steroid-ladened bodybuilder. She had always secretly thought that lean, feminine muscles only enhanced a woman’s beauty. Strong was sexy. And now Priya was stronger – and sexier – than anyone.

“… 9 … TEN!” Priya called out the last number aloud as she raised the vehicle high overhead and paused for a few seconds as a final demonstration of her incredible strength and stamina. Priya then raised her other hand to help slowly lower the jeep to the ground with incredible control. After safely placing it on the ground, Priya turned and made a theatrical showing by dusting her hands.

Resting her hands on her sexy hips, Priya turned to face Winters and his assistants, their minds still reeling from what they had just seen.

“Sooooooo … still wanna start me off at 250 lbs?” Priya said mockingly with raised eyebrows.

“Well, I don’t think that will be necessary, dear. We’ll just say PASSED!!” Doc said humorously as he theatrically made a big check mark on his pad before taking out his recorder to say in a more serious tone, “Informal test shows subject exhibiting strength level far greater than initially projected by all S.A.M. Simulations.” Clicking the stop button, Winters turned to one of his assistants, “Now let’s load up and get back. We need to upload the latest batch of data.”

Now knowing she was fast as a Ferrari, Priya sighed at the thought of riding back in that cramped Humvee. Besides, that one tall assistant smelled of B.O. And with her hyper-sensitive sense of smell, it was like being trapped in someone’s gym bag. She wanted to ask Doc, but she knew what he would say. Still … she knew she could be really careful and stop running well before people saw her. “Besides, Sam always said it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission anyways,” Priya thought to herself.

“Dr Winters, we need to drive back to the starting point to retrieve the remote timer,” one of the researchers said as she climbed aboard and shut the door. Only Priya remained outside.

Priya grinned mischievously as she grabbed the door and paused for a second before looking in that direction “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get it and meet you half a mile outside the base.” She said innocently … quickly … as she shut the door violently and took off in a burst of speed that looked more like a dune buggy peeling out rather than a young girl taking off on a run.

“Priya, you’ll do no such─”

Priya was about thirty yards away before Doc started his sentence, but she could easily still hear him. It didn’t matter. Priya had made up her mind and wanted nothing more than a leisurely one hundred mile an hour jog across the late afternoon desert. She knew Doc would be mad at her – probably really mad – but, strangely enough, she didn’t really seem to worry or care as she would have in the past.

Doc frustratingly sighed as he silently motioned to the driver to get going. He knew that even at their top speed that Priya would still be waiting on them.


9:46pm that night – .Fort Hanson Visitors Quarters

“… well, you still haven’t explained to me why you haven’t been returning my calls, Priya! I know you did not want to come overseas with me, and reluctantly I let Daniel talk me into letting you visit him out there. But it is very disrespectful to simply ignore me! It has been almost a month now since we spoke online.”

“And yet you somehow manage to pick right up where we left off…” Priya mumbled under her breath and away from her mother’s view of the Skype session. “Mother, I said I was sorry now three times! Things have been a little … um … complicated here.”

“You mean Daniel has been keeping you busy?”

“SUPER busy!” Priya said with a satisfied smirk as she twirled a few strands of her ebony hair in front her face and admired how it shined like those models from the magazine ads.

“Quit fidgeting, Priya! And what … what are you wearing?”

Priya rolled her eyes and let out deep sigh as she looked down on her lounge shorts and oversized zip up hoodie. It was a far cry from the sexy form-fitting outfit she had on earlier, but Priya carefully chose it in an effort to camouflage her incredible new toned body underneath an oversized cotton sleep set.

“Mom, relax! It’s just pajamas!”

“Well, I cannot say I approve! And are you feeling OK? Your face looks thinner. Priya, I hope you’re not going on another fad diet to try and lose weight!”

Priya could only listen incredulously, as only her mom would turn her newly improved looks into some kind of imperfection! Staring at the sneakers she wore earlier in the day as she lifted the military humvee over her head, she turned back to the screen and said matter-of-factly “No diet, Mom. I’ve just been exercising more.”

“Since when did you start to exer─”

So how is the conference going?” Priya interrupted, quickly trying to change the subject by picking the one topic that Dr. Barkha Sen relished – work!

“Oh, excellent, Dear! The conference on Asian Women’s Studies here has asked me back to be the keynote speaker next year! They loved my position paper on the Women’s Anti-Domestic Violence Movement in India and I was even approached after one of my speeches by…”

Priya purposely zoned out while her mother continued her diatribe about her Asian Women’s Studies, a field that Priya never really cared about – or understood very well. As her mother spoke, her almond brown eyes once again spied her sneakers as her thoughts rewound back to her superhuman exploits earlier with amazing clarity. Her speed. Her strength. She was so much better in every way now, and she wanted so desperately to tell people – especially her mother – but knew Doc wanted to keep it secret still. Besides, after her little impromptu race back to the base, she didn’t want to get farther on Doc’s bad side. When the jeep finally caught up to her and picked her up waiting a mile from base, Doc didn’t say a word to her and barely looked in her direction. She wanted to apologize but didn’t know what to say.

“Priya! Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Mother!” Priya said, quickly feigning as if she had been listening.

“As I was saying, they want to use my paper as a framework for a similar anti-domestic movement in South Korea! Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yeah, that’s great, Mom!”

“They want us to come to Seoul in the Fall!”

“That’s cool, Mom … waitaminute … us!??”

“Yes, us! Listen, Priya, I let you off the hook this time as a favor to Daniel, but I want you to accompany me on this next one. You’ll love South Korea, my Dear! There is so much─”

“Hey, Mom! We can talk about this later, ok? I gotta run! Love you, bye!” Priya said at almost superspeed as she pressed the End Call button on her iPad before her mother even had a chance to respond. As the screen went black, Priya lay back in her bed and stared idly at the ceiling as her indelible memory replayed in her head what she had just done.

“I cannot believe I hung up on her!” Priya thought to herself. Priya could only imagine the indignation that her mother was experiencing right now, but strangely enough, what little remorse or guilt she felt quickly passed. “Well, she’s just gonna have to adjust to the new me like everyone else.” she declared as she catapulted herself off her bed and glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. It read “9:56 pm”, but Priya wasn’t even remotely tired. Seemingly limitless reserves of energy was yet another side effect of her recent procedure, and sometimes a curse.

Priya sighed as she sat at her desk, facing the mirror that was on the wall. She knew there was no way she was going to fall asleep anytime soon. She grabbed her iPad and clicked on the “Safari” icon. Priya’s incredible abilities quickly took hold as she read and memorized everything simultaneously on the page as Yahoo’s homepage painted itself onto the screen.

“Oooh, cool!” Priya exclaimed as one link quickly stood out from the rest of them on the page. Moving her perfectly manicured finger over the link, Priya clicked “Sneak Peek: Beyonce’s Sexy New Video” and faced the mirror while it began playing as she began meticulously brushing her hair.


Ten Minutes Earlier – Fort Hanson Secret Bunker

Daniel Winters plugged in the eight-digit combination as he stared at the illuminated keypad in the dimly lit tunnel. As he hit the ENTER button, he was startled by the sudden sound of the airlocks releasing, as the two-foot thick steel door at the entrance of the underground bunker slowly opened.

As Winters stepped inside, he was enveloped in almost complete darkness, the only light coming from the cracked entrance door. As his eyes began to make out shadows in the darkness, he heard the faint click of a switch and was rewarded with a small shower of light from a lamp in the corner of the room, revealing the dimly lit silhouette of another man in the room.


Winters turned around at the sound of the door closing abruptly behind him. The locking dogs sliding smoothly back into place, securing the door in place as it had been. .

“You wanted to meet in a secure location. I can assure you, it doesn’t get more secure than behind 24” of reinforced steel and solid rock almost 50 feet underground!”

“Yes, General … I just never knew this was down here!”

“You can dispense with the formalities down here, Dan.” The man said as he walked over and extended his hand to Winters and shook his hand tightly.

Colonel William Wade was the rarely-seen, Special Operations commander at Fort Hanson and a grizzled, 36-yr veteran of the US Army. His military accomplishments were the stuff of legend, and the fact that he kept such a clandestine low profile on the base only added to his mystique. Long since retired from active field duty, Wade’s contributions to the military were solely in the area of training and overseeing the most special of special ops – such as Project Hyperion.

“C’mon, Doctor! I’m sure a smart guy like you had to know your project wasn’t the only mystery here on this base!” Wade said snidely as he chuckled. “Speaking of which, how’s your little lab rat progressing?”

“Quite, well … in fact, remarkable! She’s dramatically exceeded the forecasted physical benchmarks that we originally set for the S.A.M. Formula when we started the project. We clocked her foot speed at nearly one hundred ten miles per hour and while we don’t have a definitive measure of her strength, I’d say it’s well into the superhuman category.”

“One hundred and ten? How is that even possible?” Wade asked with raised eyebrows as Winters handed him a manilla folder, anticipating his skepticism.

As the colonel continued flipping through the brief synopsis of their testing, Winters continued, “And that’s not all … her hearing and eyesight are vastly improved, and her memory and brain functions are quite simply off the charts! Her neural scan looks like a christmas tree compared to the normal person’s brain scan.”

“And this is good?”

“Quite! It just simply means that her brain is functioning with the same remarkable speed and efficiency as the rest of her body. You see, her brain activity needs to be elevated to keep up with the rest of her physical changes. Otherwise, she’d simply become too overwhelmed with everything and wouldn’t be able to process it. This WAS expected and ----”

Wade’s tone quickly changed as he interrupted Winters in mid-sentence, “This was not promised OR expected from your reports and all our preliminary conversations, Doctor! I don’t like surprises. The fact that she can think so quickly may create some unforeseen problems for us in trying to control her. I mean she’s a helluva lot stronger and faster than you anticipated already!”

“Control her?”

“Doctor, don’t be so obtuse! Clearly this is a breakthrough, and who knows if we’ll be able to re-create the success of the procedure on another subject based on our past failures. Till we know for certain, we need to move forward with plans to train and weaponize her for our use. I trust that she’ll respond and cooperate fully?”

“We’ve given her a full psych profile and are constantly monitoring her. There are a few things we’ve noted but nothing too much of a concern.”

“Such as?”

“She at times has been a little too … shall we say … excited over her new abilities. Wanting to show them off excessively, things like that.”

“And that’s not a concern to you, Doctor?”

“Put yourself in her situation, Colonel. She was this plain old caterpillar and now she’s this incredible butterfly!”

“A really fucking strong butterfly at that!”

“Colonel, she’s just embracing the experience as any of us would do. And remember, I KNOW this girl better than anyone. There is nothing to worry about.”

“For your sake, Winters, there better not be. I want to meet her tomorrow and kick-off her training immediately after that. Until then, no more surprises!”

“General, I’m confident that all the surprises are behind us at this point!”


9:53pm that night – Fort Hanson Visitors Quarters

While admiring her breathtaking beauty, Priya kept an eye on the tablet while singing along with the song softly until she went quiet twenty seconds in. Turning towards the tablet, she focused her full attention on the video and started getting the same feeling she had while reading that chemistry textbook from the other day. Almost without realizing, she began watching the video in a kind of hypnotic trance watching the precise movements and timing of Beyonce and her team of dancers. As she stared in fascination, she beamed, somehow FEELING their movements being seared inside both her brain and her muscle memory simultaneously. Sure, Priya had always loved to danced, but now she felt like she had been trained her whole life.

Three minutes into the video, the young Indian girl had effectively memorized every nuance of Beyonce’s choreography flawlessly up to this point, but Priya wanted to push this newly-discovered ability even further. With a subtle glance at the video player she mused to herself, “Hmm … I wonder …” as passed her perfectly-manicured finger over the Ipad screen and depressed the fast-forward button.

To anyone else who might have been watching, the video looked comical. It was like holding the fast forward button down on a DVR – the images almost a unintelligible blur – accompanied with a garbled sound of whines and screeches from the accompanying audio track. But to Priya’s super nimble brain and senses, the result was the same, only faster! It took only a few seconds to run through the remaining 2:31 of the video at which time Priya blinked her eyes as if coming out of a deep trance and looked around her room momentarily to no one in particular. As if on autopilot, she nonchalantly pressed replay on the video as she slowly walked to the mirror on the wall, and the song began to play again.

Priya fidgeted with her right foot before slowly moving her left. Taking a moment, she closed her eyes as the song played, imagining herself on stage at Madison Square Garden with Beyonce. As the music built towards the chorus and right before it was about to play, Priya’s eyes sprung open and she flashed a great big smile as if tidal wave of confidence crashed into her.

Priya stepped with her right foot, then to her left while bobbing her head in perfect rhythm to the base of the song. She then moved her body in a quarter circle while swinging her arms, alternating them in a cross body motion between open and closed before suddenly stopping and executing a slow booty pop.

Slowly standing up, she placed her arms over her head while thrusting her head back and unzipping her hoodie in one swift motion. Priya’s body contorted and moved through the dance with the grace and sexiness of a professional dancer as if she had rehearsed it a thousand times prior. Never in her life had she moved like this! “Oh my … GOD! This is sooooo cool!” she thought to herself as she placed her hands on her rib cage, thrusting her chest out repeatedly at different angles, all the while seductively exposing her ample bust and ripped abs. As she repeated the motion in accordance with the video as it played, Priya could not help but revel in her beauty – her almost “perfectness”. Every line and contour in her body, so feminine and sexy on the outside, so mind-blowingly powerful on the inside!

Rolling her chest clockwise while rocking her body, Priya shifted all of her weight down to her left foot and looked down while placing her head in a resting position. As the music ended, the young dancer quickly sprung her head up with her eyes wide open. Standing up and facing the mirror, Priya breathed rapidly, not so much because of the impromptu dance session but because of shock by her most recent discovery.

“Holy shit!!… Did I just do that?” she giggled aloud to herself. Without even going back to look, she confidently knew that she nailed all of the choreography of that music video down to the last step. Looking back at the mirror, Priya flashed her perfect teeth and struck her hands on her hips. “Watch out Queen B, here comes Pri-yonce!” she exclaimed as she gyrated her hips just like in the video, her whole body radiating a level sexiness that would put Beyonce to shame.

“Omigod! What else can I learn that fast?” Priya excitedly thought to herself as she grabbed her iPad from the desk and then leapt onto the bed. In a manner of seconds, Priya theorized that the S.A.M. Must have also augmented her procedural memory and muscle memory, making her a sponge for learning new things – a sponge that never leaks! Laying on her side in bed, her arm propping head up while her tablet in front of her, Priya’s fingers flew over the screen in a blur, bringing back a page of various tutorials and instructional videos. Biting her bottom lip and grinning, she deliberately pressed the play button next to one of them.

“Bonjour, and welcome to the first of a series of videos designed to teach you the wonderful language of French. This fifteen hour course is broken up into fifteen one hour chapters which will get you acquainted in speaking conversational French in no time, let’s get started!”

Priya looked over at her digital clock which read ‘10:03 pm’ in bright red and looked back at the iPad as she flashed a grin like the cat that ate the canary. “Fifteen hour course? We’ll see about that …” Priya stated smugly as she raked her index finger over the fast forward button.

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