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Lea and Clara

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Lisa changed into an elegant trousersuit and told Lea to do the same thing. The girl chose to wear white jeans, a pink top and a dark blue jacket with golden buttons and high-heeled sandals on her feet. Lisa looked at her critically and told her there was winter in the U.S. but Lea answered: “We don’t feel cold anywhere on Earth and the people we’re going to meet know this, don’t they?” Lisa accepted. They made themselves invisible and flew to Metropolis. Thanks to their superpower and Lisa’s computer which showed them the correct house in an instant it took them just a few seconds.

They were warmly welcomed by Superman, Lois and their daughter Clara, who was about Lisa’s age and had the same black hair as her parents. Curiously she looked at Lisa and Lea.

Lisa looked quickly into Lois’s mind and found out her husband had never told her about the relationship he had once had with Lisa. She thought about deceiving Lois and making Clark sleep with her once again but had not decided yet until they went to dinner. They had salad, steak, potatoes and ice-cream for dessert which all of them enjoyed very much.


After dessert the two girls went into Clara’s room. Lisa looked around, watching the posters of Terrestrial musicians and sports teams. Clara, on her side, was especially interested in the possibility of changing looks and clothing at will. “So you just made this pretty clothing out of nothing?” she asked.

Lea nodded.

Are the clothes you have bulletproof, too?”

Of course they are. In fact, Terrestrial weapons are pretty weak.”

I’d like so much to be able to do the same. Well, my super-costume is nice but sometimes I’d like to wear something different. But all clothes I can get here would be destroyed at once.”

You want a second costume? That shouldn’t be too difficult” Lea said. “Watch!”

Too fast for a human eye to follow she changed clothes and appeared once in a white dress, once in a dark suit and once in jeans and a narrow top. “Tell me what you like best!”

Clara had some trouble to follow with her eyes and sometimes had to beg Lea to act more slowly. In addition she liked nearly every dress or suit Lea modelled.

You’ve got to decide. You’ll get one, but only one.”

Are you serious? – Thank you so much?” She embraced and kissed Lea. After a long time with Lea presenting one after another set of clothes she decided for a pink top, a pair of blue jeans and a leather jacket. Lea stopped and took a photo of herself in this clothing on her pocket computer. Then she ordered it to take Clara’s measure, changed back into the clothes she had worn during the dinner and made a 3D-copy of the other set in Clara’s size. “Here! Try it on!”

This is really for me?!”

“‘Course it is. I’ll have the same clothes in an instant whenever I want” Lea answered and changed into an exact copy of these clothes while Clara had the others in her hand.

Why are you still hesitating? I want to see you in them?”

Could you … no, sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

If I want to see you naked I can whether you’re here or in the bathroom; in fact I can even while you’re fully dressed and I already have. You look good – nothing to be ashamed of.”

Lea looked into Clara’s mind and found out that in this part of Earth it was considered a bad thing to be naked, even in front of persons of the same sex. Nevertheless she insisted in Clara undressing at once threatening her to destroy the clothes she was about to give her again. So Clara obeyed and took on the clothes Lea had made which fit her perfectly.

The girls giggled and each of them took some photos of themselves in the same clothes.

I could make myself a little smaller and my skin a little brighter to look exactly as you do – but at the moment I don’t like” Lea commented. “I like my outfit as it is now.”

And you’re right. You really looked beautiful”


Clara wanted to know lots of things about Lea’s life on Doolur. Lea told her lots of things about her family, her school and T’haoa. She also spoke about slaves but did not tell too much at noticing Clara was already shocked at hearing Lea’s family had some. This girl, like her father, seemed to be even more a do-gooder than Lea’s own parents.

Lea found her suspicion confirmed when Clara told her how she had worked for her father at fighting criminals and was proud she had never hurt anybody seriously so far. Lea let her speak not commenting too much. Instead she suggested to fly around a little.

Clara did not want this at first, afraid people could recognize her, but again Lea could convince her: “Terrans don’t see much in the dark and we can fly faster than their eyes can follow and even see many things in the act” she said.

How do you know what they can and what I can?”

I’ve found out on my tablet – as you would call it – that Terrans can only see about 24 pictures a second. When showing you different clothes I changed about 400 times a second and you could follow. And you’ve just told me you’ve made it from California to New York in a minute which means you can do at least 65.6 miles a second or 2.73 miles in the time a human eye needs to make a picture. I can even fly much faster. I doubt whether any human can recognize anything – but if you want I can make us invisible, too – invisible for Earthlings, that’s it.”

You calculate very fast” Clara admired.

Not really. Such kinds of calculations can be done by any third- or fourth-grader, when I calculate with Terrestrial years and terms.”


Lea found out Clara was a very good student but did not even have to hide her intelligence – it was only slightly superior to Terrestrial standards, about an IQ of 180. “Okay. Shall I make you invisible or not?”

Do it, please!”

Lea did it and the two of them flew over the U.S. Clara told Lea many things about the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River and the big cities. She had been at many places so far – as soon as she had been able to fly she had used her spare time to explore her country on her own. Lea listened and remembered everything, sometimes giggling about Clara’s stories.

Now, how fast can you really fly?” she asked. “Don’t be afraid! These clothes don’t break by any force on Earth.”

Clara started with Lea looking after her, calculating her maximum speed was 650,135 mph, about the fifteenth part of what Lea could do herself. She let Clara fly for a minute, then started and caught her in four and a half seconds without having to do her best.

Great!” Clara applauded. “You seem to be even faster than my father.”

How fast is he?”

About five or six times faster than me – and at least ten times stronger. Perhaps one day I’ll match his strength but I doubt it.”

Do Terrestrials really grow so much on strength?”

No, they don’t but as I’m a freak I don’t know how strong I’ll be. Before I was ten years old I wasn’t much stronger than my mother, who, due to her genetic changes, might be about three hundred times stronger than an ordinary Terrestrial woman. Since then I’ve happened to go through four what I call “empowerings”. Every time I felt a headache, was very tired, went to bed as soon as possible and slept for at least twelve hours and at waking up again I had become thirty or forty times stronger than the day before. The second time I got my ability to fly.

There is no way to say whether or how often this will happen again. Dad says it took him a long time till he managed to fly but this might be because nobody was able to teach him, but that he had never made such experiences – nor has aunt Kara, his cousin. So it is only because of my double-nature and as there is no other person with my genes I can’t tell how this will go on.”

I’ve had a similar experience about two years ago, when I had my first period, but my strength didn’t grow that much. It might also be…” She ended.


There is a secret. Promise me not to tell it anybody!”

I won’t.”

Look at this locket. I’ve told you my parents are army officers. To tell the truth, our army does not just defend the Empire but also organizes or sponsors most scientific projects. My father was in one to find ways to increase people’s strength. They were not quite successful – in fact, the method they find out can strengthen more primitive and weaker races, but our kind can only be strengthened 1.7 times, if we start as children perhaps 3.5 to four times.”

And your locket contains the thing that strengthens you?”

Exactly. I got it two years ago – in a T’haoa team the league of mine you can’t play without it. It’s been calculated that I’m actually about 2.4 times stronger than I’d be without it and physically six or seven months more mature – in fact, all girls of my age I know who have it, too, have already got fully developed breasts, but only about half of the girls who don’t – or who I don’t know do – have. If a Doolurian, that is a slave, wears this locket from his childhood he or she might become about a hundred times stronger than an ordinary man or woman of his race. It isn’t exactly known as the first Doolurians to get the locket as young children are still younger than me so it’ll take some more years to get the exact dates. The army, of course, stopped this project and that’s why you can buy these lockets everywhere.”

How strong could a Terran become by this locket?”

No idea and I doubt it’s calculable.” She ordered her pocket computer to take some data of Terrestrial people, input the information about her locket and asked for the calculation.

Unknown because of lack of sure data” the answer was. “Too little tests with people from different planets.”

So let’s make some tests!” Lea suggested, took the locket from her neck and put it around Clara’s. “How do you feel?”

I can’t feel any difference” Clara answered.

Can you fly the same route again you did before?”

Clara did and Lea found out her speed had increased to 724,185 mph, too much to be caused by accident.

So it has an effect. Is there anything you weren’t able to lift before? – I mean, yesterday, not before you were ten years old.”

Clara shook her head. “On Earth there aren’t lots of things that I can’t lift. – Or, wait!” She flew to a harbour, dived under the water and lifted a big oil tanker just a little bit. Then she returned.

The day before yesterday I needed both hands to lift such a ship. Now I can lift it with one without any difficulties. But I don’t think my strength has increased enough to match Dad’s or yours.

Let’s test it!” They landed and did arm-wrestling, once with Clara wearing the locket once without. When Clara was not wearing it Lea did not feel any resistance at all. After she had put it on again Clara did still not stand any chance but at least Lea could feel somebody pressing against her.

Okay then. You’ve got five or six times stronger in such a little amount of time. I’m sure your strength could increase immensely – but you won’t be able to try.” She concentrated and made the locket back to her.

What has happened?” Clara asked.

Nothing.” Lea made her forget she had ever worn or even seen the locked. She only let Clara remember she had heard Lea had one.


The girls flew back to the Kents’ house and sat down in Clara’s room where they went on talking. After some time Lea made Clara undress and did the same. The two girls kissed and massaged their breasts and Lea noticed Clara was enjoying it though only been ordered to do so.

Nevertheless they had to stop because they heard the adults’ voices say they wanted to go. Lea locked the door quickly and told Clara to dress again: “At the moment neither Lisa nor your father is watching. So they won’t find out.”

In fact, Lisa would not be angry of such things, even if she saw them. Not even her own mother had ever said anything when Lea was lying in the garden naked together with a friend and they had been touching each other. All young people on Sverkcheloy did this – but here it was different and she did not want Clara to get trouble with her parents.


Lisa had in the meanwhile made her decision: Lois had told she would be in Chicago the next evening because of her job and Lisa wanted to make use of it: She mind-commanded Lois to sleep and asked Superman to visit her. When he hesitated she met a bunch of pheromones and hypnotized him, disabling him in the act to reject.

So, keep your promise or you’ll regret it, Clark! I’ll remind you tomorrow at eleven o’clock of our or four o’clock of your time and I’ve sent the route to your computer.”

Not before this she woke up Lois again, making her forget she had fallen asleep. She was quite sure Superman would obey.


When the two Sverkcheloyans left it was already half past ten Central Time i.e. half past five East African Time. Although she was tired Lea insisted in talking a little, so Lisa bought two bottles of wine in a shop that had already open and they sat together in Lisa’s palace. Lea told her about Clara and how nice Superman’s daughter was, but also mentioned how strange the moral views of an average American family were to her.

Earth is different” Lisa answered. “Luckily it’s us who decide.” She mentioned she would meet Superman at night. Lea nodded: “You’ll want to be alone with him and have sex with him” she said directly while filling her glass again.

No problem with you watching – but don’t disturb us. I’m sure your parents would say the same thing.”

I doubt whether Mum has had sex with any man but Dad and any woman but you in the time I can remember. And Dad – there might be some of his colleagues, but at home I haven’t seen him with a woman who was about to sleep with him – if you don’t count Mum! So I don’t have many experiences that way, but I’ll leave you alone.”

Lisa giggled: “Thank you! – But as for your mother, I know her better than you. Of course she loves your father but that does not mean she has never had any mates.” Lisa knew two men who she was sure had slept with Sonia during the last years, but in fact, on Sverkcheloian standards her huk**y’a was a virtually true wife.


They went to bed at seven in the morning so when they woke up it was already afternoon. After having a brunch they decided to visit some African cities like Timbuktu and Lagos. Even Lisa was surprised how many different cultures existed on this relatively small planet.

They had dinner in South Africa and flew back just after nine o’clock. Lea had some wine with Lisa until eleven o’clock. Superman did not come voluntarily, so at ten minutes past eleven Lisa searched for him on her computer and after finding him flew to America. Lea went to her room but only waited as long as it took Lisa to return with Superman – obviously there had not been any fight but Lisa had successfully manipulated his mind.


When she was sure nobody was interested in her the girl left again. During her flight with Clara the day before she had watched some big military bases in the U.S. There she wanted to have her fun and take a film of herself in order to send it to her friends.

She was sure Lynn or Karen would enjoy it: They had often been lying together in one of their families’ gardens, naked, noting the slaves already had troubles to resist their seductiveness, and then mind-commanded some of them to touch their breasts and after the slaves had obeyed hit them for touching them without being ordered to do so. Lynn’s parents were not such do-gooders as her own and had no problems with such things as long as none of the slaves died, the broken bones were put into order again and none of the girls got pregnant.

Here, of course, Lea would not have to have any regard. She had just to make a plan how to make the soldiers shoot her first as she had noticed she was getting aroused when they shot at her erogenous zones.


She landed near some barracks near the East Coast of the U.S., naked, and at once drew the soldiers’ attention. The men were well disciplined and looked at her sometimes but nobody touched her or even talked to her. So she, after ordering her pocket computer to film, went over to one of the guards, took away his gun by using just a friction of her strength and shot at some others.

The soldiers at first were hiding but Lea got everyone she wanted deadly. After she had killed the fifth man one of the soldiers shot back. Some bullets missed, two ricocheted from her breast, one from her arm.

She had to kill two more until the survivors started to fire seriously. She deliberately placed in a way that by far most of the bullets hit her breasts and screamed of joy while they were bouncing off.

Noticing they could not hurt her the soldiers started to use grenades and tank cannons. Lea started to change her tactics, too: Instead of thinking how to get as much sexual pleasure as possible, placed her body in a way that almost every rebound killed some of the soldiers or destroyed parts of the tanks. Due to her super-speed she was quite successful.

After some time she flew to the tanks, took one in each hand and threw them through the air. Everything it fell on was destroyed in an instant.

The soldiers had already stopped shooting and most of them were trying to run away.

Not until now Lea really attacked: She threw tanks on the running soldiers, fried the ones she did not get this way by her heat-vision, inhaled deeply, exhaled again destroying the main building of the barracks in the act and then scanned every part of the base carefully using her X-ray-vision. Every time she found anybody she killed him instantly, once by separating his head from his body, once by her body-fire, once by lifting the man telekinetically and letting him fall from a height of 50 metres or more, once throwing a man head-first onto a tank.

When she found the general she tested a new way: She mind-commanded his heart to stop beating. She was proud she was successful at once.

Three soldiers attacked her with the only kryptonite guns this division had. Not knowing the substance Lea was got by a ray, but found out at once it was a strange weapon and seeing it was meant to kill aliens she flew to the men at super-speed and beheaded all three of them with a single knifehand strike.


It took about ten minutes until she didn’t find any survivors. While she was scanning the barracks again to be sure she heard a voice from upstairs: “Lea! Is that really you?”

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