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The Punishment

Written by Martino :: [Tuesday, 30 September 2014 18:06] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 01 October 2014 08:18]

It was Clara and she was approaching very fast. “Lea! Stop this! They haven’t done anything to you.”

“Why should I?”

“Because … because what you’re doing is murder.”

“Call it what you want! I call it murder if somebody kills human life. These Earthlings are worthless.” She lifted a tank and threw it to Clara: “Catch!”

In the meantime she had made out a man hiding in the cellar of the barrack. She broke through the walls and floors at maximum speed and ripped his body in two parts like a sheet of paper.

Clara caught the tank, floated down and put it on the floor carefully. Then she flew to where Lea was and grabbed her arm: “You’ve got to stop that. I won’t tell anybody if you stop it right now but if not …”

“If not then what?” Lea looked into her eyes. “I’ve got to admit you’re brave but you can’t avoid me from doing anything I want.”

Clara grabbed harder, but Lea freed herself and threw Superman’s daughter into the wall. Clara flew about twenty metres through stone and concrete until she was able to stop. She remained unhurt but she was crying because of Lea’s disappointing behavior.

“I know that nothing on Earth can hurt you but I can” Lea shouted. “But I don’t want because I like you. You’re wearing my dress. You’ve touched my breasts and I’ve touched yours. And so you’ll follow me.”

While Clara was getting out of the hole she had made because of Lea’s punch the Sverkcheloian girl looked deeply into her eyes.

“You will take one of the tanks and throw it onto some humans” she ordered. “And you’ll do everything I want.”

Clara seemed to have a stronger will than an average Terrestrial but at last she obeyed, flew up, casually caught a tank Lea threw at her and followed her to a big city.


Above a highway Lea, who was holding a tank in each hand, slowed down. “Here!” she ordered, fully controlling Clara’s mind.

Clara was not strong enough to throw the tank very far but due to the fact that she was flying about five hundred metres high it landed at about 200 mph, made a truck it fell on vanish completely and left a deep hole in the floor. Cars crashed trying to brake and others because they were not able to stop in time.

Lea floated down until she was only some fifty metres above ground level. Then she threw one of the tanks along the street. It flew at least one kilometer at supersonic speed, squashing all cars in its way and killing some hundreds of people.

Then she rocketed up again and threw the second tank onto a shopping centre killing more people.

The police had already noticed something had happened and some helicopters were approaching. Lea mind-commanded Clara to melt one of them by her heat vision. She took control of one of the pilots’ mind and made him fly directly into another helicopter destroying both of them.

“Freeze!” a voice from another helicopter ordered. Lea released a hot ray from her hand which burnt down the machine instantly leaving only ash of it and its passengers.

Now at last some policemen started to fire. Lea smiled at noticing Clara deep in her subconsciousness enjoyed it, too, when the projectiles met her erogenous zones to bounce back again.


“It’s an alien attack! We need kryptonite!” one of the officers noticed. He managed to order it but not to escape: The moment he put down his mobile Lea broke through the bodywork, grabbed him and his colleague and squashed their bodies against hers.


Lea noticed Clara was regaining control about herself and hypnotized her once again. This time she ordered her to fly to the highway, grab a car, throw it onto the ground and if anybody survived to fry him or her with her heat-vision.

Once having used her heat-vision Clara seemed to get enjoyed. Lea did not have to break much resistance to make her burn down a neighboured department store.


In Lisa’s palace Superman woke up at hearing the well-known sound: There was trouble somewhere which human beings could not get under their control. He freed himself from Lisa’s arms and, before she could react, got dressed and took off. Only some seconds later he was where he was called and got shocked at seeing his daughter and Lisa’s young friend obviously enjoying to kill thousands of people.

“Clara! What …” he yelled.

In the same moment a kryptonite ray got Clara. She fell down instantly but her invulnerability was still enough to leave her unhurt and able to run at once, although just at Terrestrial speed. Now she started to notice what she had done, fell to the floor and began to cry.

To Lea the kryptonite had just the effect to make her even wilder. She continued to kill people and did not notice Superman until he attacked her.

“Stop this, you monster!” he shouted and threw a punch at her.

It was too late to avoid it, but Lisa managed to stretch her abdominal muscles and so hardly felt the punch. She responded with a kick which got him in the stomach and threw him back half a mile. She did not wait for him to recover, well knowing about his heat-vision which might be dangerous for her. She threw a punch at him which seemed to have hurt his normally invulnerable body. Then she stabbed into his eyes with her fingers. A knifehand strike took his consciousness away.

“Don’t kill Dad!” Clara shouted. She had regained her flight power and attacked Lea at once but the Sverkcheloian did not even feel her punches properly, let alone be stopped by her.

She mind-commanded Clara to look for people carrying kryptonite guns and kill them at once.

“Ok, now the last seconds of the life of the great Man of Steel have started” Lea said at noticing Superman was slowly regaining consciousness. She strangled him and slowly increased the pressure. The fact that there was some kryptonite left on her body weakened him even more and he already started to rattle.


Lisa did first not know what happened. She let her eyes follow Clark’s trace, then asked her pocket computer what could possibly have happened.

After just some seconds it showed her some pictures of Lea and Clara killing people and Superman approaching, then Sonia’s daughter attacking him.

In an instant she turned round her bracelet to dress her in a black pullover, skirt and boots, flew up, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed near the zone of destruction.

“Stop that at once!” she shouted.

Lea let Superman fall to the ground. The former Man of Steel was unconscious and fell down like a stone, leaving a hole in the ground: “You have no right to make me do anything. You’re not my mother!” she shouted.

“But your mother’s huk**y’a” Lisa answered. “And now come with me. We’ll get back to your parents’ now.”

“No, we won’t. First I’ll kill this guy and then go to another city and I’ll stop killing when I want.”

“Neither of these things!” Lisa attacked, but was greeted with a series of kicks and punches.

“You know I’m stronger than you and my fighting techniques more efficient in the air, too”, Lea said. “But you’re family and therefore I won’t harm you. But don’t disturb me. You’ve got no way to stop me.” She flew back to the hole where Superman was still lying, lifted him by her telekinesis and strangled him again, mind-commanding Clara to melt a police car in the same act.

“There are some things you don’t know, little girl!” Lisa shouted. She activated the green lantern ring she had possessed since her fight against a Green Lantern but never used for all the years, imagined a gun carrying bullets of k*hat’oa, a substance used by the Sverkcheloian police which stunned a Sverkcheloian without hurting him or her and shot it at Lea. The girl left Superman free and fell down to the ground where she started to sleep like a child.

“Okay then. You’re family and therefore I won’t kill you and I will let your parents decide.” Lisa murmured. “But you’ll come with me.”


Clara, free of Lea’s influence, cried and then ran over to her father. When she touched him her sorrow was converted into joy: “He’s still alive!”

“Luckily he is” Lisa answered. “But he’ll be very weak. Please take him and follow me!”

She on her side took Lea in her hands and flew to her palace. There she put down Sonia’s daughter on her bed and then went to the salon with Clara and Clark.

“Will he regain his powers?” Clara asked.

“Once he will, of course. But I’ve got no idea how long it will take. Perhaps I can use one of my energy rays but first I’ll scan his body on a computer because such rays might be dangerous for him, too. If I’m sure the rays can’t damage your kind I’ll try.” She commanded her computer to search Superman’s body.

“What about Lea? And about me?” Clara asked. “I’m a murderer now.” She started to cry again.

Lisa fixated her: “You haven’t killed anybody. You’ve never been to the place where some aliens caused a mass destruction. You’ve never even got to know a superpowered girl called Lea. The only Sverkcheloian you’ve ever seen is me.”

Clara fell into a trance for some minutes. Meanwhile Lisa found out up to a certain dose there was no risk for Superman. So she carried him into her ship and activated an energy ray at low level.

It took only seconds until he woke up again. His body hurt but he was able to fly and when she pressed her hands against his Lisa felt some resistance.

She was not able to look through Kryptonian flesh and so she did not know whether some of his bones were broken. Her computer answered probably one or two were but could not tell the exact position. Therefore she decided not to repair them to avoid greater damage.


“Thank you so much! I owe my life to you” he said kissing Lisa.

“I’ve got to apologize for not caring about Lea. But now we’ll go back at once.” She kissed him back. “As for your daughter I’ve decided it’ll be better for her if she forgets everything that has happened. I’ll come with you for a moment to make Lois forget about Lea, too – and as for you it’s your choice whether you’ll confront her with the reality or not. Something is for sure: Clara did not attack anybody on her own will but Lea ordered her to do so. Clara even tried to stop Lea though she knew well Lea is way stronger than her.”

“Are you sure?”

“You know well I can read minds and my computer has found out the story, too. – As for the survivors I’m afraid I can’t help you: I can’t brainwash so many people at one time.”

“I’m going to visit the president at once and tell him there was an alien attack without giving him your names. He knows everything about aliens. Then I’ll think together with him what to tell the people – I think he’ll be sensible enough not to attack any Terrestrial state but there’ll be some people who’ll want him do exactly this.”

“I’d help you if I could but I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Terran politics – and furthermore it’s most important to take Lea back home.”

“Of course. And we, pumpkin, will go home, too, won’t we?”

Clara obviously had some trouble to regain consciousness but when she had managed it she embraced her father.

“One more thing” Lisa said. “Your father had to talk to me but you don’t know what about. And he’s never kissed me, let alone sexual acts.”

Clara fell in trance again, but only for some seconds.

Lisa convinced herself Lea was still sleeping. Then the three of them flew to Superman’s house in Metropolis, where they said goodbye. Lois, who had just arrived home, was mind-commanded by Lisa to forget about Lea, too.


The Sverkcheloian engineer flew back, bought some pizzas and some bottles of wine in a snack bar, took them to her palace and packed everything in a box able to withstand teleporting. Then she carried Lea into her ship scanning her mind once again.

“Okay, this locket that multiplies your strength will remain on Earth as my punishment. As for the rest Sonia and Ian will decide” she murmured, took the locked from Lea’s neck and threw it away, following it with her eyes to avoid it from killing any Earthling. It landed on a high rock and left a big hole in it but did not get a person.

Lisa started the engine and the spaceship took off. In the Solar System she checked Sverkcheloian news. General Smeralda had won the election and would be enthroned as the new queen in some days. The rebellion on Ignita had been quelled and the Zoldans driven away, which meant Sonia and Ian would probably be back on Doolur in some days. Life had got normal again and there were more articles about sports, music and fashion than about politics.

Lisa fixed all the boxes, fastened her and Lea’s belt and activated the teleportation as soon as they were far enough away from any planets.


Only three days later they landed in the solar system Doolur belonged to. Lea had woken up again.

“Where are we? What has happened?”

“I’ve stunned you because I had to. We’re on our way back to your parents’ house.”

“But why …?”

“My dearest Lea, you fully know why. You weren’t allowed to kill any Earthling or destroy anything. As for the consequences, it’s your parents’ decision.”

“Please don’t! I’ll never again …”

“Why shouldn’t I? I would perhaps have thought about it if it had been one or two people – but you’ve killed thousands of nearly human beings.

We’ll have our last Terrestrial meal, then land on Doolur and if your parents already are there they’ll tell what will happen to you. If not we’ll wait for them but you won’t leave the house on your own until they arrive, understood?”

While they were eating Lea searched for her pocket computer and her locket.

“Here’s your computer. I think there are proves on it.”

Lea got shocked at noticing Lisa had read her mind completely.

“As for your locket it’s still on Earth and will remain there until you’ve got more sensible.”

“No. You can’t do this! It’s mine.”

“Let’s see what your parents say. If they insist I might buy a new one. Now prepare for landing!”


They were welcomed by Sonia, Ian, Keith and some slaves. Sonia told them she and her husband had come back three days before, then visited Hasan and picked up little Keith.

“Luckily neither Sonia nor I have got hurt” Ian added. “There’ve been only ten fallen soldiers and some fifty who have got seriously injured. Let’s hope they’ll be clever enough to avoid another rebellion from happening!”

“And you, lovey? What about Earth?” Sonia wanted to know.

“My mind is open for you” Lisa answered. “I don’t want to talk about this.”

Lea tried to get into her room, but her father hold her back: “Have you anything to tell us, young lady? Or do you want Mum and me to find out ourselves.”

Lea did not answer, what Ian took as an invitation to read her mind. When he was ready he slapped his daughter’s face.

“Lea!” Sonia cried and “Don’t, lovey!”

“Our daughter a murderer!” Ian embraced Sonia. “This is shocking!”

“Lea” Sonia screamed. “Is it true you’ve filmed your orgies? Why?”

The girl still did not answer but Lisa was sure her mother could read the answer from her mind.

“Give me your computer!” Sonia commanded. “And then you go back to your room and stay there until I tell anything else. – Bao!”

A slave appeared bowed down.

“Don’t obey to any command given by Lea! And tell me at once when she tries to fly away! And tell the others the same thing!”

“Yes, mistress!” The Doolurian bowed once again.


They went into the salon and watched Lea’s film there. It started with a greeting to her friends Lynn and Karen: “See how I’m enjoying it. Jealous, aren’t you? Once we’ll go to Earth, conquer it and do what we want there. There are seven milliards of these useless beings.”

“This can’t be her” Ian shouted.

“This can only too possibly be her, darling” Sonia answered crying. “This can be the consequence of growing up on this terrible planet where nice girls think it okay to kill human beings – and even enjoy it.”

“That’s true – unfortunately” Ian said and kissed her. “But what shall we do? The judges here won’t punish anybody for anything committed outside the Empire.”

“The judges won’t but I’ll do something: She’s still a girl who can be educated. Here she’ll be under bad influence as this planet is home to the worst of the worst of all Supremacists.”

“Do you suggest to go away?”

“I suggest to send Lea away – to a boarding school back on Sverkcheloy. There she’ll get to know other people who don’t share such extremist opinions. And furthermore she’ll have to cope in a world where she only can move in two dimensions and where nearly no inferior human beings are around her. Two captains’ salaries should be enough to afford this. I believe there is a good core in her but here she’ll always be under bad influence.”

“Great idea, darling! I’ll find out when she can be sent there. And I hope until Keith gets into her age we’ll be able to move elsewhere.”

“Or society on Doolur will change by then” Lisa said. “It is said other planets like Harassa used to be inhabited by bad racists, too when they were recently conquered.”

“Thank you, lovey, for bringing her back and not hurting her!” Sonia kissed Lisa. “I don’t know how I’d have reacted in your place.”

“By the way” Lisa told them about the locket that had strengthened Lea. “Have you known this?”

“I have” Ian answered. “All sportsmen and –women at her level have such lockets. But you were right to take it away. I’m even thinking about replacing her computer by a simpler one which is just enough for school.”

“I don’t know. This might be the next step if she doesn’t behave well. – But one thing: I thought k*hat’oa can’t be copied. Where did you get it so fast?”

“It can’t be copied by ordinary computers. But this ring, I don’t know if you remember, can copy it.”

“Luckily you still have it.”

“I’ve worn it nearly all the time but this was the first time I used it for ages. And, please, don’t tell anybody. I want it to be a secret weapon for as long as it is possible.”


Lea, of course, did not like to hear what her parents’ plans were but both Sonia and Ian remained hard. Some days later Lisa left for her working place, accompanied by Sonia and Lea. Sonia took her daughter to her parents and from there to a boarding school.

“You’ve got your chance to prove you’re not a murderer” Sonia said when they left. “But think again what you did and you’ll see your punishment is as mild as it could be. Lisa could have done to you what she had wanted.”


“Yes, Lea.”

“Do you still like me? And does Dad?”

“Young lady, there’s absolutely no way to break a mother’s or father’s love. But as we love you we want you to get a better person and keep you away from bad influence. Believe me, this decision hasn’t been easy for me nor for Dad. – So good luck, my dear! Try to free the good core which is surely in you.”


Lea stood at the door following her mother and Lisa with her eyes for a long time. Her parents had often explained her their views: Earthlings might be inferior, but the ones Lea had killed also left widows or widowers and orphans. Sverkcheloian technology was able to repair nearly every damage a youngster’s stupidities could cause, but death was outer limits. No fun could be worth this.

She nearly understood it but was too proud to admit it to her parents – at least so far.

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