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Baby Doll – Part Six

Written by sonofjack :: [Monday, 10 November 2014 18:50] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 11 November 2014 13:56]

A few notes before we get started: Yes, parts one through five of this story do exist. I wrote them on commission about a year ago. For reasons of my own I choose NOT to post them at this time. Please, let me know what you think of this story after reading it. Reader feedback is very important to me. You can either leave comments on the SWM website, or email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Baby Doll, Part Six

by Sonofjack

In a secret room that very few people even know exists, a certain Colonel with an eye patch over one eye is talking to “Agent Blue”. Agent Blue is one of a very special breed of agents for the United States government that handles special threats and potential threats to national security.

Agent Blue is not the best kept secret of the U.S. Government. It’s hard to keep a 7’6”, 1,200 pound, blue-skinned monster a secret. Every now and then the government has to send him out, and they can’t silence everyone who sees him before some of those witnesses talk to others. Fortunately, the government’s disinformation campaign has managed to keep sightings of the “Belligerent Bulk”, as Agent Blue has come to be known, in the crypto-zoological files along with Bigfoot, Moth Man and the Loch Ness Monster.

However, the Belligerent Bulk (which is HIS preferred name) is all too real. He used to be Dr. David Bixby, a scientist employed by the U.S. Government to study the potentially positive effects of various forms of radiation on human anatomy. In short, they wanted to find out if they could create mutant super-soldiers. They accidently created the Bulk.

Unfortunately for Dr. Bixby, when he transformed into a mountain of blue-skinned muscle, his once impressive IQ dropped more than fifty points. As a result, he isn’t able to explain or recreate the process that created him. However, never being one to let a valuable asset go to waste, the Colonel has been able to put the Bulk to good use on occasion. Now Dr. Bixby is gone, and the Bulk’s life is a relatively simple one of eat (massive quantities), sleep (twelve hours a day), shit (massive quantities) and destroy (whatever the Colonel orders him to destroy).

The Bulk enjoys his life.

“Have a seat, Agent Blue,” the Colonel invites.

“Last time I did that I broke your chair,” the Bulk said in a voice that sounded like a truck with four flat tires going down a gravel road.

“I had them reinforced,” the Colonel explained.

“I’ll stand,” the Bulk insisted. “What is it this time?”

The Colonel squinted his remaining eye and said, “This time it’s … something different. It seems that two years ago a sixteen year old girl took over an entire city. She’s eighteen years old now, and the U.S. Government wants its city back.”

“Colonel, are you shitting me? You’re sending me to take down an eighteen year old girl. Isn’t that a little like using a bazooka to hunt butterflies?”

“Make no mistake, Agent Blue, this has been deemed a Code Red, Triple-Alpha threat to national security. Baby Doll Jackson is no ordinary eighteen year old girl!” the Colonel explained.

“But if she took over this city two years ago, why is the government just now getting around to doing something about it?” the Bulk asked.

“Because she recently did something even more unthinkable,” the Colonel explained.

“What’s that?” asked Agent Blue.

“She didn’t pay any income taxes,” replied the Colonel.

Shaking his head the Bulk asked “So, what’s the big deal about this chick? Does she control the weather or have a pet dragon or something? How did this Buttercup take over a city anyway?” the Bulk asked.

“Baby Doll,” the Colonel corrected, “Took over a city through sheer brute power. She defeated the entire police force with ease and took over city hall. She even made them change the name of the city to Baby Doll City. Now are you impressed?” the Colonel asked.

“Not really; remember, I’m the guy who single-handedly turned back the entire Latverian Army when they launched that sneak attack on Cleveland. I’m the guy that rounded up those giant apes and returned them to Skull Island. I’m the guy that defeated all those robots that could turn into cars and jets and whatnot. Just point me in the right direction.”

The Colonel spent the next half hour filling Agent Blue in on all the information they had on Baby Doll Jackson. The Bulk mostly sat there stifling a yawn. Just after the Bulk left his office to be transported to Baby Doll City, the Colonel pushed the red button on his intercom and said to his assistant, “Call Agent S; tell him I need to see him.” The Colonel leaned back in his chair, “Just in case,” he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, back in Baby Doll City, a few changes have occurred since Baby Doll took over the city. First of all, Baby Doll moved into the biggest house in the city—the mansion that used to belong to automobile mogul “Big Mike” Michaels. Big Mike really didn’t mind however, he could afford to buy another house. Besides, he’d been in love with Baby Doll ever since the day she strolled onto his Ferrari dealership on her sixteenth birthday and forcefully took a candy apple red model for herself.

For most people, life in Baby Doll City had not changed too much. Of course high-end store owners had to get used to Baby Doll coming in whenever she felt like it and taking whatever she wanted for free. On the other hand, all other crime in the city had virtually ceased. Baby Doll had decreed it so. The first few criminals brave enough to violate her crime-free zone edict were dealt with by Baby Doll personally in such harsh fashion that the other criminals got the message. There were no arrests and no trials; if you got caught committing a crime, Baby Doll punished you in her own fashion. Criminals were lucky if they survived her punishment with all four limbs.

So great was the fear of being punished by the superhumanly strong eighteen year old brat that even petty crimes like shoplifting and traffic violations were almost entirely eliminated. Because of this, most store owners didn’t mind Baby Doll taking whatever she wanted. They figured it was a fair trade-off. The ones that did mind didn’t mind enough to take their lives into their own hands and complain about it.

With almost no crime in the city, the police force had more or less become Baby Doll’s personal servants. Once upon a time if Baby Doll wanted nuts to spread on her ice cream, she would send one of her older brothers running to the store to get it. Now, she simply called the police on her private hotline and had them send a squad car to complete the task. If they don’t complete the task to her satisfaction, she beat the shit out of the officers and threw their squad car into the nearest large body of water.

Baby Doll is also fond of calling on the mayor and the chief of police to run errands for her. She does this mostly to remind them that she can. Sometimes for old time’s sake, she even calls on her old high school principal, her older brothers or her father Big Bob to run errands for her.

Today, however, Baby Doll is content to lounge around her pool and be pampered by her five elite personal slaves. Her personal slaves consist of five former professional athletes—“former” because Baby Doll decided that they no longer needed any jobs other than serving her. They are former NFL linebacker and Super Bowl NVP Curt Shuster, former NBA power forward Ignatius Michael “I.M.” Money, former professional wrestling tag team champs Nigel “Rock” Jones and Cedric “Hard Place” Drummond and former heavyweight boxing champion Willard Roper. All five of these men are powerful warriors who are in excellent physical shape. Any one of them could more than handle themselves in most physical confrontations. They are the kind of men that other brave men fear.

All five are also scared to death of Baby Doll. They have all at one time or another felt her strength and been on the wrong side of her superhuman power. They have all devoted their lives to serving her most minute desires. They do so out of fear, but they also do so because all of them are in love with Baby Doll Jackson.

It’s no wonder that the five men were in love with their super strong mistress. Even as a very young girl, Baby Doll had an extremely and delicately beautiful face. Now that she had reached full adulthood, she had a killer body to match. She was now 5’7” and weighed 121 pounds with an amazing 34DDD-22-34 figure. Her legs were long and shapely. Her abs were toned and flat. Her ebony skin was flawless. Her long, beautiful, silky black hair flowed all the way to her derrierre which was marvelously round and tight. Baby Doll Jackson was the embodiment of the walking strong girl fantasy that most men secretly dream of but never talk about.

As Baby Doll laid back in her chaise lounge wearing nothing but white bikini bottoms, Rock and Hard Place were at her feet painting her toenails.

“Careful not to smear any of that paint on my pretty toes,” Baby Doll instructed.

“Please, Miss Baby Doll, we know better than to do that,” Hard Place said with perhaps a little too much impatience in his voice.

“You better know better than to use that tone with me again,” warned Baby Doll.

The mammoth and hard muscled bruiser bowed his head and said in a sheepish voice, “I’m sorry Miss Baby Doll.”

Just then Willard Roper came through the sliding back door of the house carrying two large, full duffle bags. “I’ve sorted today’s mail for you like you asked, Miss Baby Doll,” he said cheerfully.

“Asked? Since when do I ASK you for anything, wimp?”

The former heavyweight champion who used to have the most feared right hook in the world also bowed his head and corrected himself. “I’m sorry, Miss Baby Doll, I meant to say that sorted the mail like you ORDERED me to.”

“That’s more like it,” the spoiled brat princess said. “It seems like some people around here are forgetting who the boss is. I might just have to kick a little ass to remind some people. I could use the exercise except that beating up wimps like you wouldn’t be any exercise.” Then she looked at the two full bags of mail. “Which one is which?” she asked.

“The one on the left are today’s marriage proposals, and the one on the right is from men who want to worship you and give you presents,” Willard explained.

“What a bunch of fools,” Baby Doll scoffed, “To think that any of these chumps think they have a chance of me marrying any of them. I ought find them and kick their asses for even having the nerve to ask! And these other losers that want to give me things! Why do they think I need them to give me anything? Whatever I want I just take! You know why?”

“Because you’re Baby Doll Jackson,” Willard answered.

“That’s right, and that means I have the power to do anything I want, and no one can stop me either! No one.”

“But you can’t blame them for falling in love with you, Miss Baby Doll,” Rock said and quickly added, “Because you’re so beautiful and powerful.”

“That’s true,” Baby Doll said with supreme confidence. To emphasis this last point, Baby Doll stood up and stretched, her powerful arms reaching into the sky. This move perfectly showed off her amazing body with its flawless ebony skin, long, muscular, shapely legs, wide womanly hips, tiny, sculpted waist and large, round, firm breasts. To top it off, she brought her arms down and flexed them. Her biceps grew to their full, hard, seventeen inches.

At the sight of their beautiful mistress showing off her tremendous power, her three slaves fell to their knees and looked up at her in awe, fear and adoration. Just then Baby Doll’s other two slave walked out to the pool. They’d been inside preparing a light snack for Baby Doll. Curt carried a strawberry-banana smoothie just the way Baby Doll liked it with a little umbrella in the cup. I.M. Had a tray of fleshly diced mango, pineapple and pealed grapes. When they saw their master flexing her biceps they carefully placed their wares on a patio table and joined their fellow slaves on their knees.

“You five wimps love me don’t you?” Baby Doll asked her eager slaves. They all nodded yes. “So why don’t any of you ever ask me to marry you?”

Baby Doll’s five attendants looked at each other with slightly bewildered expressions. Finally, Curt spoke up and said, “I think it’s because we all assumed you’d beat the shit out of us for having the effrontery to ever think we were worthy of such an honor. After all, Miss Baby Doll, you’ve never even let any of us kiss you except on your feet.”

“That’s exactly right, weakling! You five are barely good enough to grovel at my feet! You are grateful that I allow you to grovel at my feet aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Baby Doll … Of course, Miss Baby Doll,” came the collective response.

“So why aren’t you doing it?” the supreme ebony goddess asked. The five slaves crawled over to Baby Doll and covered her pretty feet with licks and kisses. As they did, Baby Doll stood proud and majestic. She looked down at the five strong, brave men who were completely and utterly subservient to her. They were busy jockeying back and forth for the best position from which to demonstrate their devotion to Baby Doll. The love they felt for Baby Doll was greater than the love they felt for their own families; their fear of Baby Doll was greater than their fear of death.

Baby Doll accepted their devotion to her as her due. The thought that perhaps she wasn’t worthy of the gifts life had bestowed on her never entered her pretty head. She accepted the fact that no one was her equal as the natural order. Of course she was the most beautiful AND the strongest person on Earth. How could it be otherwise? Of course she owned an entire city and everything and everybody in it. Anyone who didn’t like it should be happy that she didn’t want to own an entire state, an entire country or the entire world for that matter. As far as Baby Doll was concerned, it all belonged to her – anything she wanted. “This is good,” she thought to herself. “No one can stop me. No one has the power.”

At precisely that moment, a 7’6”, 1,200 pound, blue-skinned monster jumped out of an airplane flying overhead. The rapidly descending behemoth wasn’t wearing a parachute. He didn’t want one. That would only slow him down. He wanted to hit Baby Doll’s house travelling at maximum speed so as to cause maximum damage. As he fell towards the Earth and saw the house going larger beneath him, he pulled his body into a tight cannonball. The Bulk smiled a toothy grin looking forward to the impact that would kill any lesser being.

In the back yard by the pool, Baby Doll’s slaves were still groveling before her and kissing her exquisite feet when the Bulk made contact with Baby Doll’s house. He crashed through the roof and from the first to the last of its three stories until coming to a halt at the bottom of a twelve foot crater below Baby Doll’s basement floor.

Shaking off the dust and debris of his impact, and not needing to shake off the impact itself, the Bulk rose and bolted up the basement stairs. Since the door leading from the basement was not wide enough to accommodate the Bulk’s bulk, he simply crashed through the wall and continued on crashing through until he punched a hole through the outside wall and into Baby Doll’s backyard.

Baby Doll calmly turned to see what was causing all the noise. Her five slaves were several feet away from her having been thrown back by the tremendous impact. They looked with stunned terror as they watched the not-so-jolly blue giant crash through the wall of their master’s house.

The Bulk stood there for a few seconds and let Baby Doll and her slaves take in his frightening visage. It wasn’t just that he was tall; the width of his shoulders was more than half the length of his height. His muscles were oversized in proportion to his body to an extent only equaled by the most massive body-builders. His huge arms were easily twice the width of Baby Doll’s entire body. His jackhammer fists were twice the size of her head. His skin was midnight blue; his hair a slightly darker shade of navy blue. His only clothing was a pair gray pants, torn at the knees and tattered at about the length of his mid-calves. He stood and gave Baby Doll and her slaves his most intimidating scowl.

Baby Doll put her hands on her lovely, shapely, womanly hips, bobbed her head from side to side and asked, “And just who in the fuck are you?”

In his gravelly voice he answered, “I’m the Bulk, but as far as you’re concerned I’m the government, sweetheart. I’m here to end your little reign of terror.” Then getting a close look at Baby Doll’s topless form for the first time, the Bulk added, “I can see why they call you Baby Doll, sweetie, ‘cause you sure are good to look at. Why don’t you just give up now so that I don’t have to ruin your pretty face? We can go back to my place, and I’ll show you some etchings.”

By this time, Baby Doll’s slaves had recovered. Curt Shuster who had always been sort of the natural leader of the slaves stood up and said, “Y-you get out of here, monster, and leave Miss Baby Doll alone.” Though he tried to sound brave, there was an unmistakable quiver in his voice. Even so, his stance was inspiring enough to get the other four slaves to get up and stand beside him.

At this, the Bulk let out a humorless chuckle that would have frozen the souls of hardened combat veterans. “And what are you five wimps going to do about it?”

Curt answered, “No one has the right to call us wimps except for Miss Baby Doll! Let’s get him guys!” With that all five men rushed toward the blue-skinned monster – a monster that saner men would have run away from. Or perhaps insanity wasn’t the explanation. Perhaps their love and devotion for Baby Doll was greater even than their fear of the gigantic beast before them.

Whatever the reason, rush the monster they did. The Bulk stood smiling until the men were close enough for him to brush them aside with one swipe of his enormous right arm. He swatted all five of them aside with all of the effort it might take you or I to swat a fly. The five attackers went flying through the air unconscious before they hit the ground ten feet away.

The Bulk looked at Baby Doll and asked, “Ready to give up now, girlie?”

Baby Doll met the horrible brute’s gaze, and said, “I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to hurt you like I’ve never hurt anyone before. I’m going to hurt first of all because you broke my house. I’m going to hurt you for even suggesting that I’d go back to your place with you, you giant piece of blue shit. I’m going to hurt you for hitting my slaves because no one damages my property except me. Finally I’m going to hurt you because you say you represent the government, and I want to send those motherfuckers a message. No one tells Baby Doll Jackson what to do. There is no power on this Earth that is mightier than Baby Doll. The sooner the government learns that, the better we’ll all get along. I’m going to hurt you until you beg for mercy, and then I’m going to hurt you some more.”

“If that’s the way you feel, darlin’, then I guess I’m just going to have to take you down,” the Bulk said.

“Go for it,” said Baby Doll.

The Bulk started to run towards Baby Doll. The impact from his oversized feet was so great that the ground shook. As he closed the distance between them the Bulk raised his mighty right fist. As he reached the tiny-in-comparison eighteen year old beauty he brought his fist down in a blow intended to crush the girl’s skull.

Suddenly, the Bulk felt something he’d never felt before – his mighty arm being halted in mid-course. Baby Doll had raised her left arm in defense and caught the Bulks massive forearm in her dainty hand. For a second the Bulk stood there stunned. He’d never encountered anything that didn’t yield to the power of his might before. Baby Doll stood and smiled. She pulled back her strong right arm, and hit the Bulk squarely in the chin with her little fist.

The Bulk flew over what was left of Baby Doll’s house and soared through the air landing a full mile away. Arising from the crater made by his impact, the Bulk squatted back and took a leap with his mighty legs landing back in Baby Doll’s back yard. Apparently only mildly shaken by Baby Doll incredible blow, he said, “Okay, so maybe I underestimated you, sweet pea. It won’t happen again. But one thing you should know, the madder the Bulk gets, the stronger the Bulk gets. And, Baby, I’m currently one pissed off government sponsored Frankenstein fucking monster!”

“That’s funny,” Baby Doll said stifling a yawn to show how unimpressed she was, “I don’t get stronger as I get madder. You know why? I don’t need to because I’m already the strongest person in the world. And no matter how mad you get, I’ll always be stronger than a wuss like you.”

Baby Doll’s taunting enraged the Bulk who ran at her again with his upraised right fist. This time he brought it down on Baby Doll’s head. She did nothing to try to stop him. POW The Bulk’s fist came down on Baby Doll’s head with enough force to turn a twelve story steel and concrete building instantly into a pile of rubble.

“EEEEOOOOOWWWWW.” the Bulk let out a sound not unlike that of a bull elephant in severe pain. He clutched his bruised and broken right hand in his left. The Bulk was not used to feeling pain. He looked at Baby Doll who was standing in front of him completely unharmed. Her full, pouting lips were twisted into a cruel smile, her beautiful green eyes blazed with anger. Looking at her made the Bulk feel something else he wasn’t used to feeling: fear.

The 5’7”, 121 pound beauty took a step towards the 7’6”, 1,200 pound beast. Incredibly the beast backed up. “Do you think I’m pretty?” asked Baby Doll.

“Y-y-you’re beautiful,” the Bulk answered.

“Would you say I’m a knockout?”

“S-s-sure, w-w-why not?”

“That’s good,’ said Baby Doll, “Because I’m about to knock you out.” Then Baby Doll grabbed the blue giant at the waist and picked him up. She then slammed him back down to earth driving him into the ground to just above his knees. “But first, I have to cut you down to size.”

Then Baby Doll began to punch the Bulk in the face. She did so in much the same way that a boxer in training might work a punching bag. Only Baby Doll’s punches were much harder and much faster than any boxer who ever lived. Of course, she was only using a fraction of her power. If she really let loose and punched the Bulk with her full strength, with his legs driven into the ground like this, she would have taken off his head.

This was just a light workout for Baby Doll. She danced around her superhuman punching bag and threw punches at lightning speed. In less than a minute, she hit the Bulk’s face more than three hundred times. She stopped to see how he was doing.

As she promised, she had knocked the monster out. His head slumped forward; both of his eyes were almost completely closed. Blood trickled from his busted lips and from a small gash on his left cheek. Several teeth were missing.

Baby Doll lightly tapped both sides of the Bulk’s face to revive him. He slowly came to. “P-p-please, Baby Doll, d-don’t h-hit me..any..more.” The monster pleaded. His face was a mass of misshapen lumps and bruises.

Baby Doll was impressed that the Bulk still had the strength to beg.

“So, you admit that I’m stronger than you?” asked Baby Doll.

“Yes, Baby Doll,” the Bulk answered weakly.

“MISS Baby Doll,” the super-strong, ultra-dominate teenage beauty queen corrected.

“I-I’m sorry,” the defeated ogre whimpered, “Miss Baby Doll.”

“Do you want me to show you mercy?”

“Y-yes, p-p-lease.”

“Beg!” Baby Doll commanded.

“P-p-please, Miss Baby Doll, have mercy on m-me.”

“Why do you need mercy?” the black goddess of strength taunted.

“B-b-because … you’re … stronger than me.” It hurt the Bulk to admit this, but his fear of the sexy, topless teenager was stronger than his pride. “You’re much, much stronger than m-m-me.” At this point, the Bulk began to cry. He cried out of fear and humiliation. To think that a monster like him could be beaten so easily by a beautiful eighteen year old girl … . Just the thought of it made the Bulk sob harder.

“Remember when I said I was going to hurt you until you begged for mercy and then I was going to hurt you some more?” Baby Doll asked.

“Y-yes . . .,” said the sobbing Bulk who was now completely broken. He knew what was coming next. He’d begged for mercy, now it was time for Baby Doll to hurt him some more. “P-p-p-please, Miss Baby Doll, I-I-I-I’ve learned my lesson. P-p-p-please, don’t hurt me anymore. I-I’ll do anything you say.”

“Oh, I know that. You’re my slave from this moment on.”

“O-of c-course, Miss Baby Doll,” the Bulk agreed.

“But I said I was going to make you beg for mercy and then hurt you some more. You wouldn’t want me to go back on my word, would you?”

“N-no, Miss Baby Doll.”

“That’s sweet,” Baby Doll said sarcastically. Then she wound up and gave the Bulk a hard punch to the stomach. She punched him so hard that he threw up several whole chickens, a half digested full grown hog, three gallons of beer and what looked to be the carburetor of a ‘57 Chevy.

The Bulk held his stomach and groaned. “Quit whining,” Baby Doll commanded, “If I’d wanted to, I could have punched a hole right through you!”

“I-I know, Miss Baby Doll; thank you, Miss Baby Doll.”

Baby Doll pulled the Bulk out of the hole she had driven him into. “The next move is yours, big boy. Choose wisely,” she said. The Bulk immediately fell to his knees and began kissing the feet of his new master with his swollen lips. “Good choice,” Baby Doll said approvingly, “But you should throw in some licks while you’re down there.” She noticed that the Bulk’s tongue was rough like a cow’s tongue.

Looking up, the Bulk said, “But, Master.”

“Yes, slave.”

“The government isn’t going to stop. Since I couldn’t get the job done, they’ll send someone else,” the Bulk warned.

“Who? I thought you were the bad-assedest weapon they had.”

“There is … one other,” the Bulk said ominously.

At just that moment, the “one other” that the Bulk spoke of was hovering just on the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and was watching what was going on in Baby Doll’s back yard. He was watching with his superior vision; he was listening with his superior hearing.

This was “Agent S”. “S” stood for superior. Unlike the Bulk, Superior-Boy, as he was known informally, was not a native of this planet. He was the last survivor of the dead planet Neon. His father, Neon’s greatest scientist, managed to send his son away just before the planet exploded. After travelling through space for two years, the “Last Son of Neon” landed on Earth fifteen years ago where he was found and adopted by a simple farm couple somewhere in America’s heartland. Though he appeared to be a normal Earth child, Reeve Christopher (his adopted Earth name) possessed “abilities and powers far beyond those of ordinary men”.

He’s just like Superman, okay? Same powers. Same red cape. Same looks. Only Superior-Boy operates secretly for the U.S. Government, and isn’t nearly as squeamish about killing. So, think a younger, more brutal, less scrupulous government agent with all the powers of Superman, and you’ve got Superior-Boy.

After the Bulk explained to Baby Doll who and what Superior-Boy was, she decided to meet this new threat head on. She instructed the Bulk to gather up her other still unconscious slaves and take them to a safe place.

“What are you going to do, Miss Baby Doll?” the worried Bulk asked.

“See that wooded area back there?” Baby Doll was referring to an area about one hundred feet behind her swimming pool.

“Yes,” the Bulk answered.

“There’s a little clearing in the middle of those trees. I’m going to go there and wait for Superior-Boy to make his move.”

“But, Miss Baby Doll, you’ll need my help against Superior-Boy,” the Bulk protested.

*SMACK* Baby Doll backhanded the Bulk across the face lifting him off the ground and knocking him several feet back. “Are you questioning me, slave?”

“N-n-no, Miss Baby Doll,” the Bulk said rubbing the new bruise on top of the old bruises on his face.

“Besides, wimp, what are you going to do? Bleed on him?”

“But you don’t understand, Miss Baby Doll, Superior-Boy is-

*SMACK* Baby Doll hit the Bulk again. This time she used her fist. This punch lifted the Bulk a full thirty feet in the air before he landed with a hard thump. “If you talk back to me one more time, not only am I going to beat you half to death, but I’m not going to allow to be my slave and to kiss my pretty little toes anymore.”

The thought of not being near Baby Doll’s gorgeous, sexy body and awesome power ever again was much more terrible than the thought of being severely beaten by her. This time the Bulk quietly said, “As you wish, Miss Baby Doll, so shall it be,” and did as he was told.

Meanwhile, Superior-Boy had been watching the interaction between Baby Doll and the Bulk with a great deal of fascination. He marveled at how a petite, topless, gorgeous eighteen year old girl was able to completely overpower the Bulk so easily. He used his X-ray vision to scan the teen princess to make sure she was actually a human and not a robot or android or something. He also checked to see if everything about her body – her amazing tits for instance – were real. “It’s all really her,” he said quietly to himself. Then despite himself he whispered, “Daaaamn!”

After settling things with the Bulk, Baby Doll made her way to the clearing in the wooded area behind her house. “Imagine that blue wimp thinking I would need his help,” Baby Doll muttered to herself. “I don’t care if this alien asshole can crush mountains and change the course of mighty rivers like the Bulk says. I’m Baby Doll Jackson. No one can beat me.”

Baby Doll positioned herself in the middle of the clearing and looked up. She yelled, “Hey you, Agent S-hole, I know you can hear me. I’ve defeated the Bulk and turned him into my whimpering dog. Now it’s your turn! Come on down and see if a superior boy can stand up to the ultimate badass spoiled brat princess.”

Superior-Boy looked down from approximately 60 miles above. He was amazed by her audacity. He also had to admit that he was impressed by it. This girl had style, and if there’s one thing that a guy who chooses to wear a big red cape appreciates, it’s style.

Superior-Boy was also determined to not underestimate this sexy girl the way the Bulk had. He realized that anyone who could beat the Bulk with as little effort as she had was going to be a formidable opponent. Of course, for Superior-Boy a formidable opponent was someone who somehow managed to survive his opening attack. He decided that with Baby Doll, he was not going to take any chances. He was going to fly at her at maximum speed and momentum and hit her with everything he had.

He slowly turned downward towards her and began his descent. He quickly picked up speed as he flew towards her at an eighty degree angle. He would strike her with both fists stretched out in front of his head in a matter of seconds. He felt confident that this would do the trick – especially since he was traveling so fast that she wouldn’t even see him coming.

Much to Superior-Boy’s surprise when he was less than two seconds away from impact, he saw Baby Doll pull back her right arm as if winding up to punch him! But he was sure this couldn’t be so. How could she possibly-


Superior-Boy suddenly found himself flying out of control in the opposite direction. If this was not remarkable enough, he felt a painful sensation in his jaw where Baby Doll had hit him. As he flew backwards through the air, he felt his jaw and much to his shock, felt a lump. Baby Doll had actually managed to bruise him! He tried to regain control of his flight, but his normal power to do so was negated by the incredible power of Baby Doll’s blow. He flew backwards in a ten mile arc and landed smack dab in the middle of Big Mike Michael’s Ford truck lot. Luckily it was a slow day so the only serious damage was to property.

Superior-Boy found himself at the bottom of a crater that was thirty feet wide and fifteen feet deep. He was surrounded by several Ford trucks in various states of damage. When he regained his senses, he looked up and saw that Baby Doll was standing at the edge of the crater with her hands on her hips. She was looking down at him.

“I didn’t know that you could move that fast,” the startled extraterrestrial commented.

“Well, now you know,” said the awesome Baby Doll. The look on her face was one of supreme confidence. She knew that even this alien who had superpowers so great that they were impossible to measure was no match for her. There could be no doubt now that Baby Doll Jackson was the most powerful being on Earth – maybe even in the universe.

She jumped down into the crater and picked up large pick-up trucks in each hand. She raised the trucks up and banged them together like a pair of giant cymbals smashing Superior-Boy between them. Superior-Boy tried to regain the upper hand by throwing the trucks that surrounded him off and putting all of his power into one devastating downward blow to Baby Doll’s head. However, Baby Doll reached up and caught Superior-Boy’s fist in her hand as it descended. In a direct test of strength, power to power, Superior-Boy quickly discovered that he did not stand a chance. Baby Doll squeezed his hand and crushed it. Superior-Boy heard a sound that he never thought he would – the sound of his own bones breaking.

Superior-Boy somehow managed to pull away from the more powerful girl. Realizing that his strength was easily outmatched by Baby-Doll, he decided to try to use his other superpowers against her. He used his super-heat vision and his super-cold breath; he even tried to trick her with his super-ventriloquism. None of these tactics had the least effect on the superior brat princess.

As a last ditch effort, he tried to fly around her in a circle at super-speed creating a vacuum in the middle and depriving her of oxygen. What he didn’t count on was Baby Doll’s own incredible speed and reflexes. As he flew around her at super-speed, she simply reached out and grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him out of the vortex he had created.

By this time, the Bulk had deposited Baby Doll’s other slaves in a safe place like he’d been told. After doing so, he decided to go help Baby Doll against Superior-Boy. Even if it meant getting a beating from his new master, he wanted – needed to stand by her side. He jumped in the direction he’d seen Baby Doll running in a few minutes before. His first jump took him five miles. At that distance, he could hear the sounds of the titanic battle being waged. With his second jump he landed on the edge of the crater where the superior boy and the ultimate badass spoiled princess were fighting it out for supremacy. When he looked down into the crater, he smiled at what he saw. Superior-Boy was on his knees. Baby Doll was holding his shirt near the place where it met his cape with her left hand and mercilessly slapping his face back and forth with her right.

*SMACK* “I hope” *SMACK* “you’ve learned” *SMACK* “your lesson,” *SMACK* “Superior-Wimp,” *SMACK* “when it comes to power” *SMACK* “even a superior boy” *SMACK* “is inferior to” *SMACK* “Baby Doll Jackson!”

Then Baby Doll – the supreme goddess of power and strength – stopped long enough for Superior-Boy to respond. “Y-y-you’re right, Baby Doll,” the bruised and battered alien responded.

“I’m right about what?” Bay Doll asked.

“No one can stand up to your power, Baby Doll,” The boy in blue and red admitted.

“That’s MISS Baby Doll!”

“Y-yes … of course, Miss Baby Doll.”

Baby Doll smiled to herself. She thought about the day when she was only six years old and she discovered that she could easily beat up her older brothers. She thought about how she used her power to turn her brothers into her slaves. She reflected on how every step of the way she used her terrible super-strength to take whatever she wanted. First she took over her school, followed by her father’s gym and then the whole city. Her next step seemed obvious. She’d been leading up to his her whole life. But first she had to settle a few things with Superior-Boy.

Baby Doll placed her right index finger under the alien’s chin and tilted it up. Despite his face being swollen and bruised Baby Doll said, “You know something, Superior-Wimp, you’re pretty good looking in a white-bread, boy scout kind of way.”

“T-t-thank you, Miss Baby Doll,” the most powerful boy on Earth responded.

“How would you like to be my boyfriend?” she asked.

“I-I-I-I … would like that very much,” Superior-Boy answered. Superior-Boy was very startled by this question and equally startled by his own answer. However the thing that startled him the most was that he was entirely sincere. He did want to be the boyfriend of the only girl on the planet who could beat him up. “To hell with Lana,” he thought.

“God answer,” said Baby Doll. “I’m glad – that saves me the trouble of having to train you. You know that being my boyfriend means also being my slave.” Baby Doll said this as if it was the most natural statement in the world.

“Yes, certainly, Master,” Superior-Boy responded, again with complete sincerity.

“Good! Stand up,” Baby Doll commanded. Superior-Boy did as he was told. Baby Doll took the alien boy in her powerful arms and gave him a deep, sensuous kiss. This kiss made him feel even weaker than getting beaten up by the super strong hottie. “Now pick me up,” Baby Doll ordered her super-slave.

Once the beautiful girl was in his arms, Superior-Boy asked, “What now, Master?”

“Now I want you to fly me to Washington, D.C..”

“As you wish,” he said as he took off towards our nation’s capital. As they flew off together, the Bulk followed by jumping after them and keeping up as best he could.

As the three most powerful beings on Earth headed towards the city on the Potomac River, Baby Doll smiled and thought to herself, “I always did want to live in a big White House.”

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