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A Superworld – Supergirl: Origins, Part 1

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melanie iglesias wmb 3d gray lingerie gold chair nick saglimbeniChapter 1

Donna was sitting in at a table at the university’s cafeteria, drinking a soft drink while reading the latest issue of the Superwoman comic that just came out the day before. Although she was famed for being the heart of every party at the campus, Donna was also a huge nerd, and had a deep adoration for Superwoman, especially after the character magically jumped from the comic series to real life about a year ago. She stopped herself at a page, lost in Superwoman’s gorgeous figure, perfectly shaped by her skintight costume, as she posed confidently with her hands on her hips, her red cape swaying behind her, about to send many people to jail.

She was so much of a fan of Superwoman because of her personality, rather than the awesome things she could do with her powers. She was fearless, confident and altruistic; a true role model of what everyone should be like. Donna tried to follow her example by helping people in whatever non super-powered way she could, but she always felt like it was not enough. Her heart burned with the desire for greatness. She wanted to be important and make a difference badly.

Donna was not at all ugly. Her breasts were just the right size to be apparent when she wore a tight shirt, but still not big enough to catch everyone’s attention. Her dark brown hair had to take some chemicals to make it straight; therefore, it was not as soft and silky as she would have like it to be. No matter how much time she spent at the gym, sweating and cursing at the weights that would just not budge at all, her butt was far from the bubbly behind she wished to show in a small bikini at the beach. Despite her insecurities with her body, Donna had a beautiful face, with charming caramel eyes, that paired with her nerdy interests and smart use of red lipstick had earned her more than a couple of admirers within the campus.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a massive ruckus exploded in the cafeteria. Everyone was rushing towards the exit, shouting something about Superwoman stopping a heist at the local bank in front of the campus. Eager to see her in action, Donna jumped from her chair and sped as fast as she could towards the exit of the building, almost trampling everyone in front of her.

When she got there, Superwoman was hovering some three meters above the ground in front of the bank, where a gang of masked criminals pointed huge guns at her. Where Donna was, she could only see her bright red cape, her high-heeled boots, and her legendary fiery red hair. Everyone was staring, amazed by the fact that the possibly most beautiful woman alive was floating above them in a tight spandex costume, oozing power and confidence through every inch of her body.

“This is your last chance. Lay down your weapons and surrender or I’ll make you.” the superheroine said in her angelical voice, yet sending shivers of fear through the criminals’ spines.

“We ain’t afraid of you, Superbitch!” screamed one of them, who was actually terrified.

Donna managed to get around the crowd to get a better view just at the moment he squeezed his gun’s trigger, which fired a volley of bullets at Superwoman. Startled by their colleague’s action, the other bandits fired their weapons as well.

The crowd cheered as the bullets hit the magnificent breasts of the superheroine, ricocheting away from her body as if they had hit a wall of pure steel. Superwoman did not even flinch, maintaining her heroic posture as the bullets fell to the ground.

“You’ve made your choice” she said, her voice echoing through the streets, now much more authoritative and powerful than before.

In a blur, she vanished. Immediately, she appeared in front of one of the masked men, with a righteous look on her gorgeous face. She quickly ripped the man’s gun from out of his hand with incredible strength, a thousand times more than the man would have to have to overpower her. As if it was made of rubber, Superwoman bent the gun, which surrendered to her mighty grip with a metallic squeak. She tossed the now useless weapon at the nearest thug, with just enough strength to knock him out. She then lifted the disarmed man easily off the ground with a single hand, and threw him several meters towards the rest of the criminals, making a pile of passed out bodies as he landed on them. Finally, she turned at the man who first shot her, who frantically tried to cause any damage to her, shooting round after round. The bullets would just harmlessly hit Superwoman’s spectacular body, not even getting through the fabric of her uniform.

“Now, I remember you calling me a bitch …” she said, slowly striding towards him. Even as terrified as he was, the criminal could not resist admiring the sway of her hips, the beauty of her white skin gleaming under the afternoon sun, and the power in her bright blue eyes.

Desperate, he dropped his useless gun and threw a punch at her. Superwoman did not even blink, as she casually stopped the big guy’s knuckle, which was almost the size of a football, with her little and seemingly delicate hand. The man dropped in his knees as the mighty superheroine applied her strength on him.

“Who is the bitch now?” she said, softly, yet clearly pissed.

“Hhgnnn … you are!” he replied, between pants of pain and fear.

“Wrong answer!” the man screamed in pain as a very audible crack of bones was heard coming from his hand.

“Okay, okay! I am the bitch! Just please don’t hurt me anymore!” he cried.

She released him, and turned to the nearest police officer.

“I believe my work here is done.” She said “now gentlemen, if you please would be so kind as to arrest these criminals.”

“Yes … of course …” he said, completely lost in the absolute beauty of the goddess standing before him.

She then proceeded closer to the police yellow lines, to give a few words to the press that quickly appeared as soon as the heist started. Unlike her comic book counterpart, the real Superwoman was a much known figure in the television and other media. She always spent some time with the reporters after every world saving adventure. She had been in talk shows with the most famous hosts in the world, and was known to be always extremely polite and charismatic. She even had an agent to manage her very disputed agenda, one who was specialized in handling cases where Superwoman would fail to show up for the event because she was stopping a meteor or something as such.

As she was answering as many questions as she could, she noticed a girl holding an issue of her own comic book that kept staring at her. She turned to her, and smiled.

“Would you like me to sign that?” she asked, with the same voice tone that a mother uses when asking if their children want one more piece of chocolate.

Donna could not even put together a handful of words to form a phrase. Completely stunned, she mechanically handed over her comic, her open mouth almost drooling at her idol. Superwoman signed her comic with super speed, and handed it back to her.

“Well folks, now I have to go. Duty calls me. Have a wonderful evening!” with these words, Superwoman lifted her right hand and soared gently towards the sky, eventually disappearing from sight as the reporters snapped the last pictures of the latest appearance of the most beloved hero of the world.

Donna spent some good fifteen minutes gazing at where Superwoman had just talked to her, with a childish smile on her face. She would have to have this comic framed ASAP.

Chapter 2

“Good grief, this class sucks so bad …” Donna thought, fighting not to sleep as the professor spewed some unintelligible nonsense about god-knows-what topic. Realizing that staying in class would not do her any good at this point, she stood up and left the room to get some fresh air.

In the hallway, on her way to the cafeteria, Donna was lazily making her way to get some soft drinks when she heard something.

“Donna Summers.” Called an otherworldly voice, from inside the girls’ restroom.

She staggered, scared. “Hello?” she tried “Did anybody call me?”

The corridor was completely deserted.

“Donna Summers, you were chosen.”

“This is surely a prank from the freshmen dorks.” She thought, heading slowly to the restroom “Oh, they are gonna get some if I ever find out who’s doing this.”

As she opened the door, her jaw dropped as low as it could. She didn’t enter the restroom, but somehow she entered in an enormous room, with a pitch dark wooden floor and a majestic red carpet. Statues and complex dioramas of planets and galaxies were scattered across the room. The walls were made of the most well-polished glass she had ever seen, if there was any glass at all. But it must’ve been there, because she could see the most spectacular assortment of stars and planets against a multicolored nebula. At the end of the room, there was a throne. In the throne, there was a woman.

This woman was no mere woman. It could be said that she was a god, but that would be an understatement. The being sitting on the throne was the most perfect and powerful creature in the entire universe. In fact, this is also wrong: The woman sitting on the throne was the universe itself.

As she stood up and gently floated towards Donna, the girl marveled at the perfect being that was approaching her. The perfect body, with impossible curves, a soft and delicate chocolate-colored skin, and breasts that would drive any man insane just with the sight of them. Her face was flawless, with pitch black eyes through which you could see the most farthest stars of the farthest galaxies. She had a slightly wavy raven black hair, that rested beautifully in her left shoulder. She was wrapped in a long tailed dress seemingly made of pure light that illuminated the whole room, yet Donna’s eyes did not hurt while looking at it.

Donna fell to her knees and bowed instinctively as she approached; although she did not have the slightest idea of what was going on, she knew that before her was someone more important than anyone she had ever met in her life.

“Rise, my child, for you have been chosen. You shall bow no more.” Donna saw her moving her lips, but did not hear her voice. She felt it. And she obeyed.

“You have been chosen to wield a great power, far beyond those of your peers, to protect and inspire those who are not as fortunate or deserving as you are.”

Donna was completely lost on the woman’s figure. Now that she was standing only a meter away from her, Donna was controlling herself not to have an orgasm just by looking at her majestic body. Her smell, her looks, her voice, everything about her was abnormally arousing for Donna, and she was having the sexual experience of her life without even touching anyone or herself. With an impressive display of self-control, she managed to ask:

“Why do I deserve such a gift? Why me? And who are you?”

“I, my child, am this universe. I am the incarnation of this entire reality. But you may call me Mother.”

“Mother … That seems … Strangely fitting.”

“Of course, for I have spawned all beings in me.”

“Ok but … I’m still confused. Why am I so special?”

“Your heart is pure, Donna. Your desire to help others is true. You are kind and generous, and at the same time, youthful. You will use your powers in a completely different way than your predecessor is.”

“You mean … Superwoman?”

“Yes, she has previously encountered me before. However, your connection with me shall be weaker. For a young heart is inexperienced, and prone to corruption. The one you call Superwoman shall tutor you in the ways of good.”

“I’m gonna take classes with Superwoman?!” this was the happiest moment in Donna’s life.

“Yes … So to speak. She will guide you and rescue if you ever be taken away from the right path.”

Donna was overflowing with excitement.

“Do you accept your duty?”

“Of course I do! How could I not?”

“Very well. Donna Summers, for now on, you shall protect men from themselves. Dark times are coming for your planet. You shall assist the Superwoman whenever she calls for help. It is now your duty to defend your planet from your own kind.”

That said, the Mother extended her hand, and touched with her palm Donna’s heart. The simple touch was simply too much for her: as soon as the divine fingers touched her skin, Donna exploded in a powerful orgasm, much more intense than anything she had ever experience. She moaned and screamed in uncontrollable pleasure, as she felt an unbelievable power flowing from the Mother’s hand to her heart, and from there to her whole body. Each wave of power triggered an orgasm more intense than the one before, and so Donna finally fell to the ground after a couple of minutes, passing out of sheer pleasure.

Chapter 3

Donna woke up in her bed, in her small apartment at a low-budget part of Manhattan. It all made sense as soon as she opened her eyes: it was all a strange dream. But it felt so real …

She stood up, stretching herself with a smile on her face. For some reason, she felt good. She felt better than she had ever felt in her life. All of her body vibrated and pulsed with an inexplicable energy, erasing every doubt and preoccupation she had. Still very sleepy, for it was about 6 a.m. in the morning, Donna headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

Unaware that she went from her bedroom to the bathroom sink in less than a millisecond, Donna picked her toothbrush and the paste tube. With a strange strength, she squeezed the whole tube without noticing, filling her sink and bathroom walls with paste all over. She then proceeded to brush her teeth groggily, but at blinding speed, destroying her toothbrush in the process. It was only when she washed her face and looked at the mirror that she noticed something was very different about her.

That was definitely her reflection. Her face, her features, it was all there. However, it was like looking at a perfected version of herself. All of her features had been softened and corrected to create a more beautiful and delicate form of her face. Her hair was now silky and soft, with a bright chestnut color that would put to envy all of those ladies in hair products ads. Her breasts had grown significantly, transforming from her modest B cups to glorious DD cups, shaped like perfect raindrops that defied all laws of physics as they supported themselves perfectly without the need of a bra.

Distancing herself from the mirror, she could see that her whole body has undergone the same kind of transformation. Her flabby stomach gave way to perfectly toned and flat abs that complemented perfectly the gorgeous curves of her new waist. Her skin had become slightly tanned in a beautiful color that reflected the morning sunlight almost as if it was glowing itself. Turning herself around, she marveled looking at her new behind, a perfect pair of bubbles that would put any runway model to shame.

She spent several minutes admiring open-mouthed her new body, which seemed to define perfection in every way possible. It was only when she noticed that she was floating a few centimeters from the ground that she snapped out of it with a loud shriek, now completely awake. She took a long while panting and sweating cold to notice that someone was banging at her door.

“Ms. Summers? Are you all right? I heard a scream.” She heard a female voice say from across the living room.

“Oh my God what do I do what do I do?” she thought, rushing to her bedroom, trying her best to keep her feet on the ground. She opened her wardrobe to change, only to find out that all of her clothes had been replaced with variations of the Supergirl uniform from the comics she liked to read.

“What the fuck is happening here?” she thought, ever more confused, opening drawer after drawer, finding only comic book themed shirts, skirts, pants and even underwear. As quick as lightning, she put on a blue top with the Supergirl logo on it, and a pair of skintight jeans that miraculously did not have any nerd reference on them.

“Ms. Summers, I’m afraid I’m starting to worry about you. If you do not respond soon, I’ll have to take drastic measures to ensure your safety.” She heard the voice screaming once again. Donna ran to the door, having no idea of how she got there so fast, or how she changed so fast for that matter.

She opened the door, and her jaw dropped. Standing outside of her apartment was Superwoman, the red-haired superheroine loved and adored all across the world.

“Ms. Summers, are you all right?” she asked, her angelic voice almost putting a spell on Donna.

“Superwoman …” was the only thing she managed to say.

Superwoman giggled, than analyzed Donna’s face better.

“Oh, you are the girl I signed the comic book from the bank heist some weeks ago, weren’t you?”

“You … You remember me?”

“Of course I do! I can never forget a true fan. It is the very best part of this job, as you’ll soon find out. Good grief, child, you have grown! May I come in? I believe we have a lot to discuss.”

Donna was so stunned that she completely forgot her manners. As she snapped back into reality, she blushed furiously. “Of course, Ms. Superwoman, please!”

“Please, Ms. Summers, you can call me Rachel. That is a lovely place you have here! Very comfy.” She said, as she walked into the living room. Donna was completely lost on her figure. She was wearing a blue dress that stopped just above her knees, and had a deep V-cut that left very little to imagination. Her dress was completed with a pair of loose, thin golden belts, each sporting a tiny buckle with the famous ‘S’ on them, a pair of bright red boots, and a translucent red short cape. Any woman with that look would come out too sultry or even slutty, but Superwoman’s grace, kindness and personality made it come out classy and elegant.

“So, I believe you are pretty confused.”

“What is happening to me, Ms. Super … I mean, Rachel?”

“You, Ms. Summers …”

“Please, call me Donna.”

“Donna, you have been gifted by the universe itself. The Mother has touched you, and your body has transformed to be able the task you have been given. You are now one of the most powerful creatures in this universe, with strength and power surpassing everyone! Isn’t it great?”

“So … I’ve become … Supergirl? Just like in the comics?”

“Yes, just like in the comics! I believe this is part of the Mother’s strange sense of humor, to bring out works of fiction to reality like that.”

“And you … Are going to train me? I’m gonna be your partner?”

“That is a good definition, yet, but I believe you are destined to be something more than a mere sidekick to me. While I may call you to help in my mission, you will have obligations of your own. Nevertheless, yes, I am going to guide you until you are ready to be on your own. We are going to see each other a lot! I am looking forward to our meetings!”

Donna passed out, falling in the living room floor. After a few minutes, that Rachel spent frantically trying to wake up her new protégée, Donna woke up.

“Oh thanks heavens! Are you well, Donna? Would you like a glass of water?”

“I’m all right, Rachel … This is just … This was all a bit too much to me. But I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Donna then noticed that Rachel was holding her in her arms and almost passed out again. They both sat at a pair of couches in front of Donna’s modest television.

“So, Donna … oh that’s so kind of you, sweetheart!” said Rachel, as Donna poured a sip of coffee in her cup. “Please, ask me anything!”

Donna sat again, with a mix of worry and excitement in her face. “OK, what am I supposed to do with my ‘gifts’?”

“Your mission, Donna, is to protect the people of Earth from themselves. The human race is fallible and prone to corruption, so it is your duty to prevent killing and bloodshed as you see fit.”

“Like, stopping wars or just stopping bank robberies?”

“Both of them! Don’t worry, you have more than enough power to handle this, I believe.” She added, seeing Donna’s worried look on her face. “May I ask you where did the Mother touch you?”

“She touched with her right hand in my heart”

“I see … Seems like you powers are going to be the same as mine, but a tad less potent. As your new wardrobe must surely have revealed to you, of course.”

“About that … Won’t anybody notice? I mean, I look completely different.” Donna couldn’t help smiling as she said that.

“Not at all! The Mother’s magic make it so people think we have been like this for all of our lives. Our own mothers could not tell a transformation happened!”

“Sweet …”

“Also, you don’t ever have to work anymore! I mean, except for fulfilling your duty with the Mother, of course. She actually pays very well.”

Donna grabbed her cellphone and checked her bank account, and almost passed out yet again when she saw the whopping amount of money that had been deposited for her. She could finally drop the med school that her parents made her go to! This was like a dream coming true.

“So, Donna … Have you flown yet?”

“F-flown? I think I hovered a bit earlier, but certainly not flown.”

“Well then, consider this our first lesson.” And she vanished in a red and blue blur.

Chapter 4

Donna was hugging Rachel as strong as she could, while she soared across the sky, leaving New York far below them both. Rachel then stopped, probably a kilometer above the ground.

“Donna, what are you doing? You can fly just as fine as I can!”

“Oh man, we are really, really high …”

“Come on now, don’t be such a baby. Nothing bad will happen to you. I am going to release you now. Just trust in yourself.”

Donna took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. “Ok, let’s do this”

Rachel let her go. Instead of falling down, Donna merely floated slowly away from Rachel. She opened her eyes, and a wide smile took over when she realized she was really flying.

“This is so cool!” she giggled, as she managed to fly around Rachel after a bit of practice.

“Now, you should be careful when flying at high speeds while in the city, as the vacuum may cause windows to shatter, people to trip, and this kind of things. We should always try to keep property damage to a …”

“Woohoo!” Donna screamed, ignoring Rachel as she plummeted towards the city. Rachel couldn’t help but smile as she observed Donna enjoy her new powers. She handed things very differently when she got her powers, due to the difference of age and personality, so it was nice to see some young blood on the scene for a change.

After ten minutes of speeding above the city’s streets, Donna returned to where Rachel had been waiting for her. Not slowing down, she tagged Rachel like a football player, catching her almost off-guard. The both of them rocketed towards the skies for almost another kilometer, before Rachel managed to stop Donna’s thrust.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry!” said Donna, now face to face to Rachel. She couldn’t stop giggling and smiling. “I’m just having so much fun! I feel like a child again!”

“It’s all right, dear. I know exactly how you feel.” Answered Rachel, with a warm smile on her face.

Donna’s eyes then stared deeply into Rachel’s. The Superwoman’s bright blue eyes were almost like a piece of the sky itself. Almost unconsciously, Donna leaned forward and kissed tenderly her bright red lips.

“I’m … I’m sorry.” She said, floating away from her mentor. She was blushing furiously. “I lost control. You’re just … I’m just … Oh shit …”

Rachel flew slowly in her direction and put her hands around Donna’s waist. “It’s all right, my dear. I’ve grown quite accustomed with the … effects my new self has on people. I’ve had my fair share of flattering propositions, believe me.”

“But, by all means, do not feel discouraged about all this.” She added, with a devious smile on her face. “I am still single, after all.”

She then floated away again from Donna. “But enough with playing around. If you want also to be my partner in love, you will have to win me over.”

Donna could not believe what she was hearing. Not only Superwoman was a lesbian, but also she just totally had a chance with her. This was quickly turning to be Donna’s best day ever.

“Come on, let’s return to your place” Rachel said, pointing herself towards Manhattan and descending at a gentle, but fast speed. Donna accompanied her.

Donna encountered Rachel having a quick scan through her new wardrobe.

“Wow, these are really nice clothes! Very young and feisty. Much like you, I should say!” She then grabbed the iconic Supergirl blue miniskirt and analyzed it. “Although my uniforms have a completely different style, I have grown weary of wearing the same thing every day. I can totally see myself in this …”

Donna’s body tingled with sexual excitement when she imagined Rachel in Supergirl’s uniform. While Superwoman clothes were beautiful and extremely sexy, they were generally classy and chic. She always showed up like an actress about to stride the red carpet. Donna’s wardrobe, however, reflected much more her age, filled outrageously short skirts and spandex that hung on to the body like a second skin. “You should try it on.” Donna said, almost unconsciously.

“You would like that very much wouldn’t you?” she answered with a playful smile. Rachel then became a blur of blue and red for an instant, and there she was. Supergirl, in all of her glory. Since Rachel was a bit taller than Donna was, and her breasts were a cup size bigger, Rachel’s breasts were poking from under the costume, her nipples almost ripping apart the costume. The skirt was having a hard time covering Rachel’s amazing ass.

“How do I look?” she asked, while playfully flexing both her arms, making the spandex costume define every curve of her magnificent muscles.

“You look … Amazing.” Donna could barely find the words to form that sentence.

“Now you put on my costume.”

Donna looked at Superwoman’s costume, now lying at her bed, and could not resist herself. Using her super-speed, she changed herself in a millisecond. She now looked like much more than a million dollars. Rachel herself was amazed at how a simple costume changed so her so much. Donna was looking confident and sexy, and at least five years older.

“Bet you thought you were the only one who could pull this costume off.”

“We are going to have so much fun together.”

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