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A Superworld – Supergirl: Origins, Part 2

Written by erikphandel :: [Saturday, 27 December 2014 03:23] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 31 December 2014 09:53]

melanie iglesias wallpaper hd flip book 7Chapter 5

“And Superwoman is here! It looks like she’s about to lift the ship from out of the water!” the TV yelled. Donna was lazily eating a huge cup of ice cream while barely paying attention to the news. Since her transformation about a week ago, she found out that she could eat as much junk food and sugar as she’d liked, and she wouldn’t put up a single kilogram. Donna has never ate so much in a week as that one. Before her transformation, a report like that would have her on the edge of her seat, watching every movement from her idol. Now, she was having classes on how to superhero every day, so there was not barely anything that could impress her anymore.

Rachel was a strict teacher, despite her caring and polite attitude. Donna soon found out that her limits would be put to test in her daily lessons, as Rachel ordered her to lift planes and cars without breaking them, or circle the planet in a determined time. As harsh as those tasks were, Donna was indeed much more in control of her abilities. She could already fly around the city without breaking anything, and knew just the right strength needed to daze, knock out or kill someone. However, killing was never permitted.

Almost falling asleep in her comfortable loose Supergirl shirt and matching panties, Donna heard a cry for help. One of the most important lessons from Rachel was how to filter her super-hearing to detect cries and calls for help among the chaos of the city streets’ rage. “Looks like a job for Superwoman …” she thought, closing her eyes.

“Wait … Superwoman isn’t here!” she said, realizing that Rachel was way offshore, somewhere in Indonesia. In a flash, she got up, adrenaline pumping through her body. “She’s busy saving a sinking ship! Or something. Looks like a job for …”

Using her super-speed, she rushed to her bedroom and changed in a split second, surging on the living room with her iconic costume. “Supergirl!” she said between a joyful smile, striking a heroic pose with her hands on her hips for a cheering imaginary crowd. “Damn superpowers making me talk to myself.”

However, Donna was nervous. She had gone on patrol with Superwoman twice already, but she was not wearing her uniform, and was not allowed to do anything but to observe. That would be her first time in action, alone. The world would now know that this planet was protected not by one, but by two magnificent superheroines. She knew that she would have to make a name for her, and wanted to be recognized, so she opted for the classic “cheerleader” Supergirl costume from the 2000’s series, which is arguably her most popular costume. The blue top hung on her skin tightly, the famous ‘S’ logo attracting all eyes to her firm, glorious chest. Her blue skirt showcased her beautiful and long legs, stopping just before her buttcheeks. Her high-heeled red boots enhanced her already significant height, so she would always be looking down on criminals, even when not flying. The final touch was her beautiful cape, which sported the same ‘S’ symbol that everyone instantly recognizes. Yes, that was the perfect costume for the situation.

Despite her nervousness, she was determined. Faster than a bullet, she flew out of the window towards the skies, and scanned the city with her super-vision. It was not hard to find out where the cries had come from: She quickly saw a speeding runaway train, going much faster than it would normally go, seconds from a steep curve. She had to ask fast, so she flew with all her power towards the first wagon. Matching the speed of the train, Donna managed to give a playful wave to the terrified machinist before she put her two hands on the train’s metal body. Applying her flying thrust slowly to the opposite side of the train’s trajectory, Donna managed to slow down the train. Donna was still not used at how strong she was, and could not help a satisfied smile as the mighty power of her hands deformed and subdued the raging machine. It took a few moments until it came to a complete stop, just a few steps from the curve. The place where her hands grabbed the train were completely deformed, but it seemed like everyone was fine. Using her superior strength and speed, she opened all the train’s door, from each a mass of passengers desperately got out, thanking the heavens for the miracle that just happened. Donna stayed, making sure everyone got out of the train securely. When she helped the last person out, the crowd gathered behind her cheered and screamed for her savior, making her blush like a cherry, but lighting a wonderful smile on her face. The sight of all those people glad to see her and thankful for what she did filled her with a happiness she had never felt before. Donna simply could not stop waving and smiling at everyone.

The train’s machinist drifted away from the crowd, and stopped before Supergirl. “In behalf of everyone here, I’d like to thank you for what you did today.”

“It was no problem at all, sir! Just doing my job.” She answered, always smiling. “But may I ask how did this happen?”

“I-I don’t know! I was hitting the brakes, but every time I did the train just went faster and faster!” the old man looked seriously shocked. Donna could tell he was not lying.

“It’s ok, this was absolutely not your fault.” She said, bending over and kissing him in the forehead. “I’m just glad everybody is OK.”

Not a single man (and even some women) was not jealous of the machinist at that moment. With her movement, Donna inadvertently placed her breasts right in front of his eyes, providing him a vision of the Supergirl crest he would never forget.

“B-but … Who are you?” he managed to say, after several moments of astonishment.

Donna turned to the crowd, and declared. “I’m Supergirl! I’m in charge of taking care of you guys while Superwoman is not around. You’ll be seeing a lot of me from now on!”

And with that last sentence, she put her right arm upwards and to the skies, leaving the thankful crowd cheering as she soared away from their views.

“Ok, now to discover who did this …” she thought, floating above the city. “Let’s see if the cops have some leads. Damn, sometimes I wish I had Batwoman’s detective powers also.”

Chapter 6

She reached the police department and floated down casually to the front door, entering the precinct like nothing absolutely out of the ordinary was happening. Every single person in the place turned their eyes to the beautiful girl in a tight costume that had just descended from the skies, exactly like Superwoman, but certainly not her. Donna reached the captain’s desk, who was deep lost in paperwork to notice her entering his room.

“Excuse me, sir? I’d like some information on the train almost-accident that just happened a few minutes ago.”

“Girl, that’s what Fox News is fo—“his sentence was interrupted as he raised his eyes and was met with the ‘S’ shield of Donna’s uniform. He then looked up to her face, and his jaw dropped when he noticed that it was not the well-known Superwoman who was wearing it, but a much younger (and smiley) girl.

“Nah, I think you’re just the person I need to talk to.”

“What the fuck? Who the hell are you?”

“What do you mean, ‘who the hell are you?’ Dude, that’s what Fox News is for!”

With a lightning fast movement, Donna grabbed the remote from his desk and turned on the television, which lighted up in an image of herself stopping the runaway train. The captain was desperately moving his head from the image to the girl at his side, completely shocked.

“You’re the kid who stopped the train?”

“Yup! Supergirl, at your service.”

The captain sank into his chair, a concerned expression on his face. “Hope you superheroines won’t pop around like popcorn on movie release day, or else we all gonna lose your jobs!”

“I wouldn’t worry about that, captain! Your people do a fine job, and I admire every cop for their courage and their determination.”

He blushed a little, and scratched his head in embarrassment. “Why … Thank you, young lady. That was a hell of a stunt you pulled earlier. We are all glad you were there to help us, or those people would be dead by now!”

“It so wasn’t! I mean, I lifted a 747 last week; the speeding train was really nothing. Now captain, about this train thing …”

He was so lost in the fact that now there were two superheroines in his city that he completely forgot that he was supposed to be very worried about some bandits on the run.

“Oh right! Supergirl, aye? This train thing was just a distraction; some criminals in the prison managed to hire some people to hijack the train’s brake to keep Superwoman occupied while they escaped! My guys must be on their tail right now!”

“Yes! A high speed car chase! This is gonna look so awesome on screen!” she answered, fisting the air in excitement. “Thanks, cap! I’ll have your fugitives in no time!”

He marveled as the young girl disappeared in a blur, scattering papers and pens everywhere in her wake. Took him a long while to notice that every officer in the precinct was trying to get a peek of what was happening in his office.

“Whaddaya all lookin’ at? Dontcha have work to do?” He yelled, still blushing a little. Turning to the television again, the scene with Donna stopping the train was playing on repeat as the reporters were asking themselves who was this new superheroine.

“God bless those girls …”

Donna was flying above a road just off the city, analyzing the situation. About a kilometer away from her, several police cars were following a lone black car with two masked man shooting from the backseats.

“Just one?” she thought. “This’ll be easy.”

Applying some more power into her flight, she broke the sonic barrier with a loud bang, and quickly joined the chase. She was now soaring just above the police cars.

“Hey, you can leave this to me! I got them!” She yelled.

“You go, Superwoman!” one of the answered, as they all slowed their cars down and Donna continued.

“No, it’s Supergirl! Supergirl!” she complained, before speeding to the running criminals. With little effort, she passed them, and landed with her fist on the ground some hundred meters in front of them, cracking the concrete as she impacted the ground with a boom.

“Oh shit, it’s Superwoman!” one of the bandits screamed.

“Just keep accelerating!” the other one yelled to the driver.

Donna smiled when she noticed the car was not slowing down, but building up even more speed. The car reached her at over 100 kilometers per hour, and collided with her as she put her hands on her hips, assuming the famous heroic pose. The car stopped completely when it hit her, like it had just hit a steel wall. Thousands of little car pieces went flying to all directions, and the car’s air bags all popped open. When the smoke and dust settled down, there was Supergirl, standing among the wreckage of the vehicle, not even a bruise on her bare abs.

The driver was completely out, having suffered the most from the crash. The other two criminals, however, gathered the last of their energies and climbed out of the wreckage, their guns pointing at Supergirl.

“Dude, really?” she said, honestly puzzled. “You just hit me with a car and I barely felt it. Now you’re gonna try to shoot me?”

“Man, there’s another superfreak in town? Seriously?” one of them asked the other.

“Shit, that’s it. If this chick is also bulletproof, I’m safer in jail.”

“She can’t be. She must be just some poser Superwoman wannabe. Open fire!”

In fact, Donna had never been shot at before, not even in Superwoman’s lessons. Of course, she had just stopped a car in full motion without even lifting a finger, but she only had these powers for a week. She got a bit worried as the criminals squeezed the triggers, but that feeling soon vanished as the first bullet hit her chest, ricocheting harmlessly to the ground. Many others followed, as ineffective as the first one, although she could feel each one of them hitting her perfect breasts. She had not had sex since her transformation, not even someone to play with her new, over-sensitive and super-hard boobs, so the bullets were now doing just the trick. The more they fired, the more aroused she got.

They stopped fired when she started moaning and caressing her left nipple, completely lost in the sensation. When it stopped, she snapped back into reality, and was glad that only those two lowlifes saw her losing control like that.

“Why’d you stop? Things were starting to get good …” she said, with a sultry, sexy voice and a devastating look.

“Yo-you were getting off on that?” one of them asked, terrified.

“Oh, I was … And I don’t have to tell you to not tell this to anybody, do I?” she approached them slowly, swaying her hips hypnotically. “Or I’m gonna have to pay a visit to you guys in prison … And believe me, the show won’t be as good as this one was.”

The two of them dropped their weapons in fear, falling on their knees. In some instants, the police arrived, and had them both arrested.

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