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A Superworld – Supergirl: Origins, Part 3

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melanie iglesias at the benjamin hotel 4Chapter 7

“So what am I supposed to do again?”

“You see the cans?”

Donna scanned the city with her powerful, enhanced vision, and detected various soda pop cans scattered across building roofs throughout the city.


“OK, so focus your vision on one of them. Send that energy that flows through your body to your eyes, until they feel a bit warmer. Then, just release it.”

Those were the single vaguest instructions Donna had ever received in her life, but she tried to do it anyways. She concentrated on the energy in her body: that wonderful feeling that accompanied her since her transformation, of sheer strength and power flowing through every fiber of her being, and tried to direct. At first, it was hard; but after several minutes of concentration, she began to feel her eyeballs growing warmer.

“This is so weird! I’m not gonna go blind if something doesn’t work out, will I?”

“I have no idea, dear. You better hurry!”

With a short shriek of worry, Donna released the energy stored in her eyes, which came out as two thin, red beams of heat sent out from her pupils. Since Donna forgot to aim, the beams crossed the sky upwards, cutting an innocent cloud in half.

“That’s good, Donna, but you have to aim. Your target is down there!”

“You totally scared the crap out of me, not fair!”

“Stop fidgeting around. I’ll get us both a drink. Don’t you move until you hit all of those targets!”

Donna spent the next half hour doing the exercises. She quickly managed to concentrated the energy in her eyes easily, but it took her a while to perfect her aim. Only when she discovered the trick was as simple as just looking firmly at the can that she managed to explode all of them with her heat vision. Her sight went red, and she heard a loud pop as the last one satisfyingly boiled and burst. Rachel came back just in time, with two cans of Irish black beer.

“Oh, thanks, but I don’t drink.” Said Donna, blushing a bit.

“Donna, I went all the way to Ireland to get those. You will have at least a sip.”

Rachel then inspired a bit deeper, making her chest grow, her magnificent breasts almost ripping apart the fabric of her skintight blue dress. With a soft breath, she sent out a puff of cold air from her lungs, bringing her beverage to a much more pleasurable temperature.

“Hey, how did you do that?” asked Donna, curious. It seemed to her that every day she discovered a new super-power to test.

“Oh, this? This would our next lesson. It’s frost breath. You just inspire enough air so it gets compressed in your lungs, and when you release it, the laws of physics do the rest.”

“So suddenly the two chicks floating unassisted and shooting lasers from their eyes are going to abide to something as mundane as physics?”

Rachel smiled with her joke, but she tried not to think about that side of her powers too much. She was afraid that, if she thought too much about how capable she was of bending the world to her will, the power would get to her head.

Donna inspired, feeling the air enter her lungs, much more than she was capable of holding before her transformation.

“Be careful now, or else you will-“

She exhaled, letting out a strong, chilling gust that froze her can instantly.


Rachel sighed, her hand slapping her forehead.

“Here, have some of mine.”

Just a sip of the strong beverage brought a grimace to her face, the bitter taste filling her now heightened taste buds.

“Yuck, I think I’ll pass. Thanks anyways.”

“You kids and your sweet tastes. You got all the targets?”

“All of them!”

Rachel scanned the city, and saw that she was speaking the truth.

“Impressive …  You know, I took three days to figure out how to use the heat vision properly by my own. You are a very talented young woman!”

“I’m lucky to have such an awesome teacher!”

“Oh stop it, you’re too kind.” Rachel giggled “You know, I think we’re done with our beginner level classes.”

“We are?”

“Sure. Between your performance in your lessons, and your public appearances, I think you are more than prepared to operate on your own!”

“Woohoo!” cheered Donna, throwing her fists in the air.

“In fact, I think you deserve a prize for your, let’s say, good grades.”

“A-a prize? What kind of prize?” Donna’s heat began beating faster.

“Something you’ve been wanting all your life. A date.”

“A date? With you?”

“Who else?”

“Y-yeah, right!”

“So, are you in?”

“Of course I’m in!”

“Ok, I’ll pick you up in your place, tomorrow at six. Is that good?”

“It’s a date, then.”

“I’ll be on my way, then.” Rachel said, kissing Donna in her cheek. “Bye, sweetie!” and flew away, disappearing through the city streets.

Donna spent a couple of minutes stunned, frozen in place, and then let out a excited, sharp shriek, the ones only a very happy girl can perform. She had a date with Superwoman!

Chapter 8

Donna was sure she had never been more nervous in her life. With surgically precision, she applied the last stroke of eyeliner on her face, completing her ensemble.

She took some time to analyze herself in the mirror, to check if everything was in place. This eased a little of her nervousness, for she remembered that she probably would not have something out of place about her ever again. With such a simple getup like the one she was using now, she could easily steal the show at any high society event, thanks to her new and improved body.

The bell rang, and almost immediately, Donna opened the door.

Rachel was, as always, simply stunning. She was wearing a short, skintight blue dress, sporting the ‘S’ crest over her left breast, and a short red cloak cape, matching with her red heels. Donna gasped as she saw her, inspiring her sweet perfume.

“Good evening dear. I must say, you look astonishing!”

Donna blushed furiously, almost to the color of her red jacket. “Stop it. As if any woman in the world could compare to you.”

Rachel showed a small smile in one side of her mouth. “In love much, Donna?”

Donna realized how stupidly love struck she must have sounded. “I-I … Stop it, ok?”

Rachel giggled, taking her hand. “Shall we?” They sped to the roof of Donna’s building, and set flight towards a less populated part of the city.

“I know a good movie theater where we can have some peace without all the paparazzi, and everybody there knows me, so we won’t have to please fans or whatnot.”

Donna really liked pleasing the fans, but she was relieved they were getting some quiet for a change. One of the downsides of becoming a superheroine, she found out, is that the press is always on your tail, and basically everyone knew your face.

“What movie do you want to see?”

“Ooooh, I wanna see The Hobbit! Pretty please?”

Rachel grimaced, for that was not what she was expecting to see, but gave in. “You’re such an adorable nerd, you know that?”


They soon arrived, landing in front of the ticket booth. All eyes turned to see the two beautiful women descending from the sky.

“Good evening, Howard!” Rachel said to the cachier.

“A fine evening indeed, Ms. Swann! And who is this gorgeous young lady?”

“I’m Donna. Donna Summers. Nice to meet you!”

“Donna, this is Howard, an old friend of mine, and fellow appreciator of western movies and Clint Eastwood.”

“The pleasure is certainly all mine! So, are you girls … You know!”

“Yes, this is a date, you gossipy old lady!” Rachel laughed.

“Then I shall delay you no further! What’s it going to be today?”

“Two to The Hobbit, please.”

“Here it is! An odd choice for you, Ms. Swann. A bit of a forced romance with the elf and the dwarf to my tastes. But the best one in the modern trilogy by far!”

“Thank you! Give Alfred my love.”

The couple went in, and sat in their places, waiting for the movie to start.

“Do all your friends speak like you?” Donna asked, giggling.

“What do you mean?” Rachel was sincerely intrigued.

“Like you’re all on a bloody British tea party, that’s how! Playing cricket and laughing at Monty Python!” Donna said, in a mocking fake British accent.

“Oh shut up, you!” she said, laughing. Truth was, Donna found Superwoman’s British accent the cutest thing on the planet. “Come on, the movie is about to start.”

About one hour and a half in the movie, Rachel was just plain confused.

“Where did all those giant rams come from? This is pretty convenient.”

“I- look, you’re not paying attention to the important parts! The dwarves are heading to a trap, because there are more orcs coming from the mountains, and only Bilbo can warn them! The big battle is about to start!” Donna was pretty excited, and grabbed Rachel’s hand in enthusiasm.

Rachel smiled at her, and put her arm around her shoulder. Donna rested her head against her, smiling.

After the movie ended, Rachel and Donna set out for a night walk.

“So, what’d you think?”

“Not much my taste, but it was OK. The action scenes were very well made, though.”

“Just OK?” Donna was frustrated. “That was the best of the trilogy!”

“I’m sorry, but these kind of movies are not my thing!”

“Meh, you old people and your old movies.”

“I’m not old, twerp!” Rachel opened her mouth in mock offense. “I’m only 32!”

“Dude you’re seven years older than me! You should be ashamed of dating a girl my age!”

“Wait, should I?” Rachel was now genuinely concerned.

“Of course not, I’m kidding!” Said Donna, noticing that.

They strolled a bit further, and began entering the more populated parts of New York.

“Guess we should go somewhere else before someone notices us.” Said Donna.

“You want to have something to eat?”

“Sure. But we can’t sit at a nice restaurant, I’m afraid. And I’m not in the mood for one of those chic places.

“That’s true.”

“Wait, I’ll handle this.” Donna vanished, using her super-speed to dash across town and grab some donuts at a place she liked close to her apartment, depositing the right amount of money at very confused cashier’s hand. In just a few seconds, she came back.


“Don’t make that face before you try it. These are the best in town! Come on, let’s find a quiet place.”

“Hmm. I think I know just the place.”

They set off upwards, making the people who had not yet noticed them quickly reach for their phones and snap pictures of the two superheroines flying. The couple reached the top of the Empire State Building, and sat at the edge of the building, not even paying attention to the towering height that separated them from the ground.

“Wow, these are … These are delicious!” Said Rachel, wide-eyed, after they opened the first box to try some. She had strawberry frosting all over her face.

“Oh my God, you’re so enjoying yourself! Look, all dirty like a kid!” Donna was laughing in tears. “Here, let me clean your face, you’re all pink.”

Donna reached for her face, swiping a little of the frosting with her finger. Their eyes met, and Rachel put her hand on Donna’s face. She closed her eyes, enjoying the touch. She felt Rachel’s lips against hers, and welcomed then, exchanging a long, tender kiss.

Chapter 9

Donna was having a hard time sleeping, too excited to think about anything else than Rachel’s sky blue eyes, staring intensely at hers. Her soft, red lips, touching hers. Her tongue, invading her mouth and searching for hers. She was falling in love.

“I’m falling in love …” She almost moaned to herself, and then realized how corny that sounded. Since she was not going to sleep anyway, she stood up, and changed into one of her uniforms to go on patrol.

She chose a simple uniform: a red, yellow and blue dress, with a red short cape, sporting the classic crest on her chest, red short gloves and spandex yellow boot leggings. This way, she looked like a young, charming girl, but still show off her legs and breasts.

She opened her window, and floated away, drifting through the winds, enjoying the sensation of being weightless. Of all her new powers, flying was definitely her favorite.

Her daydreaming was interrupted when she heard a large boom coming from the outer skirts of the city. Her attention was suddenly turned to where she heard the sound, and she used her super-senses to scan the place, but nothing was there. She then analyzed the whole city, and still found nothing. And she saw something passing through the streets. And again.

It was a green blur. Even with her super-vision, Donna could not distinguish any feature from it: she did not know if it was a new superhuman, a machine, or some other kind of bizarre phenomena. She decided to go after it. Using all her power, she immediately shot through the sound barrier, causing herself a sonic boom.

After some ten minutes searching across the city, she managed to find the green blur speeding through a high was. It took all of her energy to catch up with it, and when she did, she saw what it was: it was a girl. A small, short haired girl, with bright, almost white blue eyes. She looked at Donna, and waved with a playful smile.

“Can you stop so we can talk?” Donna screamed.

“No can do!” she screamed back. “I gotta a bank to rob!”

That said, she leaned forward, assuming a speedster stance, and left Donna behind. Donna tried with all that she had, and still could not keep up with the girl.

“Holy- I think this is the first time I felt this tired since my transformation!” She thought when she stopped to catch a break. She was panting and sweating all over. Knowing that she had no time to waste, she shot up, and performed a quick scan of the city’s banks, and found the girl loading two big bags with money at a blinding speed in one of them.  As fast as she could, she went in that direction, her two arms in front of her.

Donna hit the bank’s wall, destroying it. Rubble and dust flied everywhere, but she did not even notice: she was dead set on her target, preparing a tackle to tag her and hold her down. However, the girl was a lot faster than she was; as soon as she heard the explosion, she grabbed her moneybags, closed them, and leaped upwards, performing an acrobatic somersault. Donna bulleted right behind her, pinning herself on the ground.

“Dude, what the …” said Donna, emerging from the rubble that her super-sped fall had caused.

“Hey, Supes! I don’t think we met yet!” she said, her voice giving away that she was having a lot of fun. “Name’s Velocity.”

“I know who you are!” said Donna, after she managed to get a proper sight at the girl. She instantly recognized the green and yellow skintight uniform. “Well, Cyberforce was pretty good, I’ll give you that.”

“Wait, you know comics?”

“Of course I know comics! Why else would I dress up as Supergirl and fight crime?”

“Because you have a good heart and have been gifted awesome powers?”

Donna staggered a little, for that was actually the true reason. “Whatever. Look, just put the money down, and I won’t have to hurt you.”

Velocity laughed sarcastically. “You, hurt me? Girl, I know I’m not even close to being as strong as you. But to hurt me, you’ll have to catch me. And that will absolutely never happen.”

“Oh, it’s on, bitch.”

The two superhumans shot to the streets again, both running at their full speeds. Windows cracked and cars’ alarms went off in their wakes, their ridiculous speeds almost knocking people off their feet.

Velocity, however, was having a clear edge on Donna. She would mockingly slow down, and enter Donna’s hand’s reach, and then speed away laughing.

“You’re gonna have to do a lot better than that, Supersloth!” Donna heard her scream, while she shifted gears to a higher speed. After some ten minutes of chase, Velocity outran Donna, vanishing from her sights. She scanned and searched the city for a good time before she gave up, having found nothing.

She wondered how that girl became so fast. Did the Mother also touch her? If so, why would she choose a mean spirited girl like that. It did not make sense. But there was no other way of getting this kind of power that she knew of. Technology was nowhere near as to create something to give this kind of power, and there was no such thing as a Speed Force. Or was there?

Frustrated, tired, and with too much on her head, she went back home, and without even taking out her uniform, dropped on her bed, sleeping instantly.

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