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A Superworld – Shazam: Cherry Bomb, Part 2

Written by erikphandel :: [Sunday, 28 December 2014 16:14] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 31 December 2014 10:06]

tumblr ngc8jlYIuZ1r5kgkuo1 1280Chapter 5

Despite her transformation, Rose’s life went by mostly unchanged for the next week. She performed at her scheduled shows as if nothing out of the extraordinary had happened. Nobody noticed that her wardrobe suddenly got a lot more red and white, with hints of gold and thunderbolt stamps all over. None of her friends or bandmates knew of her powers, except for Brendan. Seems like he knew of them for a very long time, since the first time they had sex and she lost control on an orgasm, almost breaking his dick in half.

Brendan told her she told him that she got her powers when she was twelve, when she was coming home late at night with the subway, and instead of reaching the Brooklyn stop, she got out at some bizarre millennia old temple, where a very old and sassy mage chose her to be the guardian of magic on this plane of existence. Rose had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but began endorsing that story, because she did not want to worry him too much.

This conjunction of events was boring the hell out of Rose.

“What’s the good of having freaking superpowers if I don’t get to use them?” she thought, while drifting through the breeze above the city. She had been needing much more alone time since her transformation, and the lonely and silent skies above New York were just the perfect place to have them. “Maybe I should just start to stop bank robberies and shit like that.”

It was then that a strange feeling took Rose’s mind away from those thoughts. This was something she had never felt before, a bizarre premonition that something bad was about to happen. Both her hands began fizzling with electricity.

“What the fuck …”

She lost control of her hand for a few seconds. Involuntarily, she rose her right arm, letting out a short bolt of lightning, which emanated from her hand, forming a sort of compass.

“Oh, finally!” she thought, a wide grin on her face, as she shot through the skies as fast as she could, following her magic compass. In a few seconds, she reached an abandoned warehouse at the outskirts of the city, by the docks.

“What’s up with criminals and abandoned warehouses anyways?” she thought while she landed in front of the huge metal door. Her magic compass began to fizzle with more energy, as if confirming she was in the right place.

Rose pressed her hands against the door. Her fingers dug in between the door as if it was made of butter. With little effort, she held the door and opened her arms, ripping a wide opening. Rose could not help giggling at the feeling of her incredible strength. The door could easily weight half a ton, yet she thorn it apart like it was a sheet of paper.

She entered the warehouse, which was lit dim with candlelight. In the middle of the room, a huge scarlet pentagram was drawn on the floor, and in the center, a young woman floated, her back arched. She was clearly out cold, yet her eyes were open wide. Behind her, an old, decrepit lady held a knife above her, ready to pierce it through the lady’s heart. She looked at Rose with an offended expression.

“How dare you interrupt my sacred ritual, mortal?” she shrieked, her sharp voice almost hurting Rose.

“Ew … Look, Maleficent, if you think you’re killing that chick, you’re in for some serious ass-kicking.”

“And just who do you think you are to challenge the immortal mage Felicia Faust?” she said, between a sarcastic laugh.

“The name, bitch … is SHAZAM!”

A bolt of thunder descended from the sky, smashing through the warehouse’s roof and hitting Rose. She floated a few centimeters from the ground, her body overflowing with power. Extending her hand towards Felicia, she shot a lightning bolt. Felicia also raised her hand, stopping the bolt midair and apparently absorbing it.

“What the?!”

“Is that all you’ve got, Shazam?” she said, mockingly. Her eyes glowed purple as she conjured another spell. Rose’s body went stiff, her arms now extended outwards, as if she was crucified in the air. Even applying all of her mighty strength, she could not move a muscle.

“You come in here, thinking you’re something else with all those powers you did nothing to earn! Let me tell you something, darling.” Felicia violently stabbed the young woman in the heart. Her skin immediately went pale as a ghost, as her blood was sucked completely from her body, slowly climbing through the knife and being absorbed by Felicia’s skin. “Real magic is achieved through hard work. And I worked. All my life, I’ve searched for it. And now I’ve found it. The source. The power of the universe. It’s mine!”

As the blood penetrated her skin, she transformed. Her old, pale skin acquired stolen life, now healthy and tanned. Her revealing clothes were now filled with a new and improved body, with all the vitality of a young woman in her early twenties. Her short, white hair had grown and gained color, and was now an impressive mane of blonde. She smiled grimly, looking amazed at her new body.

“I-I did it! I discovered the secret to eternal life!” so bewildered she was by the success of her spell that she completely forgot of the spell that was holding Rose captive, which faded as she marveled at her new figure. Rose fell to the ground, exhausted and hurting like she never did before in her life.

“You’ll pay for that, fucker!” she yelled, shooting through the room at a blinding speed. She tackled Felicia, smashing her through the walls of several warehouses before stopping. She then picked her up by her clothes, looking her deep in the eyes with rage, and threw her all the way back to the first place. Felicia flew, helpless, and hit violently the back wall of the warehouse.

Rose reached her almost instantly, her eyes and hands sparkling with electricity. Felicia pulled her knife with an unseen force, and jumped at Rose, trying to stab her neck. The weapon hit the fabric of her full-body suit and had its tip bent, her strength no match for Rose’s impenetrable skin. Rose swung her two fists in a wide movement, hitting Felicia face with a brutal blow, that sent her flying all the way until again hitting a wall.

She rose again, putting her broken jaw in place like it was nothing. With a purple glow of spell, she summoned two semi-automatic pistols, and began promptly firing at Rose. The bullets hit her steel skin and fell on the ground, failing completely to do any damage. Rose enjoyed the feeling of such force being applied in her body, but was too deep lost in rage to make a real pleasure out of it.

Walking menacingly towards Faust, each of Rose’s steps rumbled the ground like a small earthquake.

“I have no time for you, human. I have a lot to experiment with my new power. But I will have revenge” she said, as she glowed with a pale purple light all over her body, which vanished soon after. With the light, she was gone. Rose slammed the warehouse’s wall in frustration, her fist making a gaping hole on it.

Chapter 6

Brendan woke up with the noise of her girlfriend opening the door. Despite the fact that she seemed mostly unharmed, she was sweating profusely, and as soon as she entered the room, she fell on the bed, exhausted. Brendan had never seen her sweat before, ever, so he was really worried.

“Hey, baby, where the fuck were you? What happened?”

“Ca-can we … Not talk about it? Just … Hug me …” she said, almost running out of breath.

Brendan pulled her to his side, and hug her tightly.

“It’s ok, baby. I’m here now. Everything’s all right.”

She was already sound asleep in his arms. Despite his worrying, he believed his own words for now, and managed to get some sleep himself.

Rose woke up to the delicious smell of frying bacon. She slowly opened her eyes, and the light hurt them. She had a massive headache, like she had the most epic drinking party the night before, and her body ached all over.

“Goddamnit, I feel like crap.” She said, sitting on the bed.

Brendan rushed to the bedroom. “Whoa whoa whoa, sweetcheeks, not so fast! You’re on total intense care unit now. C’mon, lay down.” He tried forcing her to lay down again, but she did not even budge. “Dude, I’m trying to be romantic here. Help me.”

Giggling, she laid down again. Brendan returned to the kitchen, where he was cooking a delicious meal for her. After a few minutes, he went through her door again, carrying a tray full of pancakes, eggs and bacon. “Here, have some of this. Something tell me you need to get your energies back again.”

Rose looked into his gorgeous blue eyes, her own sight blurry with the tears that were almost coming out. She was one of the most powerful people on the planet, but she still could not go without her guardian angel.

“Oh man, I love you so much!” she sobbed, hugging him.

“’Kay, baby, I love you too … Ugh, you’re crushing my bones!”

“Hehe … Sorry!”

“So … Care to tell me what happened yesterday?”

“Lemme just … Holy shit these pancakes are delicious! Lemme just change into something more comfortable.”

“Hey! You’re not supposed to get out of bed!” Brendan scolded when he saw her standing up.

“Relax man, I’m fine. I’m just all achy and sore. I’ll rest, don’t worry.” She opened the wardrobe door, and began fishing for something more appropriate to spend the day in bed. “So, I was flying up in the city when I felt something. I dunno how but I conjured some kind of electric compass? Anyways, I followed it, which led me to an abandoned warehouse.”

As she told the story, she striped down from her red, gold and white bodysuit. Sure, she could change at super-speed, but she figured she could give Brendan a prize for being so sweet.

“There was a mage there, doing some kind of satanic ritual. I tried to zap her with my awesome lightning powers, but she just absorbed them!” her round, huge breasts broke free of their fabric confinement, popping open and swinging lightly. Rose rubbed them and moaned loudly, just to tease Brendan, who was already hard as a rock.

“She used some freaky magic so I couldn’t move. Hurt as fuck. And she stabbed the girl.” Her suit drifted along her body, slowly revealing her long legs and unbelievable ass. Brendan took the tray out of the bed.

“She kinda absorbed the girl’s blood and became really hot. Then she went on and on about how she discovered the secret to eternal life and blah blah blah, and forgot to maintain her spell on me. So I kicked the crap out of her.” She slipped in a red silk nightie, which was barely able to cover all of her enormous butt cheeks.

“Just when I was about to knock her out, she teleported away, the coward bitch. So I came home!” She turned to Brendan, who was already jerking off at the sight of his girlfriend stripping.

“Oh, you like this? Were you even listening to my story?” she leaned on him, rubbing her crotch against his. “Here, let me handle that.”

She grabbed his cock and proceeded to streak it lightly while kissing and sucking his balls. Brendan was in heaven. She licked his member from base to tip slowly, letting him enjoy the feeling of her tongue. After some gentle kisses and licks on the tip of his cock, she began the blowjob. Rose had some practice, so she knew just how hard and how fast she could suck so she would not hurt him. Brendan could not take much of the superpowered blowjob; after a few minutes, he came hard, shooting cum inside Rose’s mouth. She swallowed it all, and jumped on top of her boyfriend, licking her lips playfully.

They kissed passionately for some few minutes until Brendan was ready again, and then made love for the rest of the day.

Chapter 7

Brendan had completely passed out from the intense lovemaking that went on all day long. Rose, however, could not sleep. She began to worry about Faust. She was her responsibility, and she failed. She reached for her phone, and called Donna.

“Yo, girl?”

“Oh my GOD! Rose Meredith’s calling me! I’m hyperventilating.”

“Dude, calm down before you blow a tornado or something. Listen, I need your help.”

“Sure thing. What’s up?”

“I got my ass handed to me last night.”

“I see. Meet me on the Empire State Building. I’m on my way.”

When Rose arrived, Donna was already there, wearing her classic uniform. Rose always thought her clothes were too girly, like she was a superhero cheerleader. Donna, on the other way, thought that Rose was always dressed up like a man. That night was no exception, as she appeared wearing a body suit that only left her arms exposed, and sneakers.

“Rose, what’s the fun of being a superhero if you don’t wear a cape?”

“Ugh, capes are like, completely useless. They’re just there to cover your behind that you keep showing in that short-ass skirt.”

“You’re especially grumpy today.”

Rose looked down, seemingly sad. “Sorry man. I’m just worried.”

She then told all her story to her, in much more details then the version she told Brendan. Donna was shocked when she heard the end.

“Damn, that girl looks like a tough cookie. I’m not sure if I can help much, but I’ll try.”

“What’d ya mean?”

“Kryptonians are weak to magic.”

“You’re not kryptonian.”

“Please, I’m SO kryptonian you don’t even know. I fought against General Zod and shit.”

“General- Anyways, give yourself some more credit. You’re goddamn Supergirl!”

“Ya bet your ass I am! We’re gonna kick that Faust’s ass!”

“We’re gonn- hold on a moment. The thing’s on again!”

“The thing?”

“The compass!”

Rose extended her hand, and a jolt of electricity came out of her fingers, pointing towards the city below.

“Hey, an evilometer! Neat!”

“We’re not calling this an evilometer. Ever.”

They flew towards an abandoned building at the outer skirts of the city. Rose did not even stop when she saw it; she plummeted towards the building’s wall, reducing it to rubble as she landed in an ample room, lit by several candles. A group of people was kneeled towards the center of the room, adoring Felicia as if she was a goddess of sorts. She was acting and dressed to the part, with a long chiffon purple dress and a delicate and ornate crown.

“The fuck do you think you are, bitch?” Rose asked, with anger in her voice.

“Felicia Faust, mage supreme and goddess of this Earth. Now, kneel before me!” she ordered, waving her finger. Rose and Donna both fell to their knees, not able to move, despite their enormous strength.

“I see you brought a friend to the cult! Well done, Shazam. Well done indeed …” she added, mockingly. “Now, if I what I read in my research is true, this young lady here” she came close to Donna, and began passing her fingers through her silky hair. Donna was completely unable to move a single muscle. “is especially vulnerable to magic! Oh, you must be so full of delicious energy … I can’t wait to start experimenting on you!”

“SHAZAM!” Rose yelled, and the signature thunderbolt hit her in the chest. A jolt of thunder spewed from her mouth and eyes, knocking Felicia away several meters. Her cultists gasped in horror.

Donna fell to the ground, her body almost numb with pain. Rose ran to her.

“Dude, you all right?”

“See? I told you …” she said, her voice failing. “I’m totes kryptonian …” and she passed out.

“You will pay for your insolence!” Felicia screamed, her hands pointing to Rose. She was hit with an unseen force that threw her away with violence, making her knock another wall down and several others as she flew uncontrollably. She landed on the ground several kilometers away, making a crater on the ground. Felicia was already floating on the border of the crater, ready to continue punishing Rose.

“Now, you will submit!” she released a ray of purple energy that would surely have killed Rose, had she not intercepted it with a bolt of lightning of her own. They struggled against each other, releasing all the energy of their selves into their respective spells, trying to outmatch their opponent.

Rose was losing the fight. Felicia’s beam slowly overpowered her own, until it was dangerously close to her. With one last push, she released all her might, making her beam overflow. The energy stored in the air around them went haywire and exploded, making both the mages fall to the ground. Rose was tired and dirty, her uniform ripped. She could barely breath now, let alone stand up. Yet, Felicia could, as she slowly walked towards Rose, and triumphantly stepped on her.

“Stupid fool. I now have what I need to complete my path to dominance! With the powers of the Supergirl, I will be unbeatable.”

“I … I won’t let you … I’ll kill you!”

“You can’t do anything, dear. You’re finished.” Saying that, she vanished again in a purple glow.

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