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Written by castor :: [Saturday, 03 January 2015 02:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 03 January 2015 17:28]


by Castor

Once I press the button … well once the button is pressed, she would know about it.

I need 4 minutes 32 seconds to accomplish my goal. This equals, if you’re curious, to 272 seconds

Of course getting here. That was question one. She can fly at incredible speed – but almost never goes faster than the speed of sound … that is 766 miles an hour. She can fly faster in an emergency but is this an emergency? It is just an alarm. So probably flying at a max of 600 miles an hour.

A wag would say wait until she is 600 miles away but, well, I don’t have that kind of time.

But the building in question is downtown. The city is quite large and has a decent size suburb – to drive from one end to another would take about three hours – for her …

I observed.

It is a Saturday. She has a family get together in Chevy Chase. This is 10 miles away – 600 divided by 10 … about 15 seconds.

Plus acceleration, deceleration, maybe a little banking

Let’s add 10 seconds.

However … she is in her Secret Identity. And at a family gathering besides!! Full of people who don’t know her secret – this is a good spot. This could take her full 4 minutes to get out … but let’s say 30 seconds to make awkward excuses. One wants to be conservative.

20 seconds to change from whatever frumpy dress (well that’s unfair, she generally dress pretty well) and …

80 seconds. That’s a little over a minute to be at the building.

Now the police should be out front – I actually want the police out front they’re no threat to me … but she does have a habit of stopping outside and talking to them.

This adds 20 seconds for small talk, cliched lines like: “I’ll help, officer.”

100 seconds.

Now, she enters the building.

The building entered full lock down once the button was pressed – which is a security flaw to a degree. Since she’s next to the police, I am going to guess she is going through the main entrance – which has a 6 inch thick metal door designed to block it.

This will take her 7 seconds.

It actually could have taken her a lot less – hell this entire operation might be over quicker at this point if she just flew through the bricks like tissue – but no that would escalate the stakes

Now my men.

The first wave in the lobby have automatic rifles. I could have gone with like rocket launchers – which could have potentially taken more time – but well escalating the stakes. She would view this too hard. So, in the main lobby there are 20 men with machine guns forming an embankment.

Each of them will take 3 seconds – on average – for her to deal with. She can’t fully accelerate, she would worry about friendly fire and strafing. And, most importantly, she wouldn’t want to leave any for the police (at least with working guns).

So that’s 60 second. A full minute.


Let’s make that 21 so the math is easier. I do hate odd numbers.


So a 100 seconds more. Actually a 102. That 2 could screw with me.

She would expect the problem to be on the 5th floor. Logical. Again, I am expecting her not to just fly through the building. Do a lot of damage to an expensive building and the stairs have rubble over them. So elevators.

Elevators don’t work.

Let’s hope she takes 10 seconds to realize that.


She can run up the stairs or fly at about the same speed – about 5 seconds to get up there.

That’s 185 seconds.

Now. At this point I am not on the fifth floor, but about 15 of my men are.

The term Ninja gets bandied about these days – and they aren't – but they are close.

The fifth floor, as opposed to the lobby, is a series of tight corridors – and the stairs are about 50 feet from the room where she is going to check first. The men are between her – not just the men but a series of traps. They have weapons – swords, knives, those things – but also traped walls, exploding gasses, flash grenades – all of it.

That’s should take her … 20 seconds to get there.

205. I am almost there.

She goes in the room to see the button – button, in this case, is a computer that’s feeding data to a second computer. Unfortunately for her it is a WiFi connection, as I'm not insane enough to be in the actual room with her and any other remote connections wouldn’t work with the kind of data encryption I have to use to make it work.

She can destroy it at this point, with – I dunno … heat vision … whatever she wants. Because that part of the operation is over. The rest of the time is for my escape.

To find me she has to scan the building. I am on the top floor at this point, in an office. This would take her … that would take her 15 seconds

However …

You may have noticed I know a lot about her. I know about Cindy. Cindy is a person who is cute has dimples and is small. They have lunch together a lot. They laugh a lot. I don’t know if they sleep together or anything. I know they both have separate apartments – but who knows in this crazy world any more? They’re close friends I can tell you.

Cindy is on the second floor in room with lead on the floor actually on most of the room except for a window at this angle. She has a gun pointed at her head.

Now, I do not expect discretion. I expect lots of fast movement hurried speed, and “I’ll save you.” Good for her.

That’s 5 seconds to get there.

The man is supposed to make threats, have an itchy trigger finger. He doesn’t know the gun is jammed on purpose – killing her would be no end of problems and wouldn’t significantly raise the time – but he doesn’t know that … but it’s a tense situation, which may require a fair amount of time to deal with … let’s say 30 seconds. To hug, maybe maybe kiss(not that there’s anything wrong with it – or well maybe there is. Same Sex Friendships are awkward to describe these days)

So … that’s 280 seconds. Said 272.

She could get to the roof in another 15 seconds but …

By 280, I am going to take a short rocket from the roof to the middle of NoMa, get out and disappear into the crowd

This involved a lot of men: 50 of them, renting a dozen rooms in a very expensive facility. And it cost over 10 million dollars. Which, you will agree, is a lot of money.

However well … it’s the challenge. It’s the fun, of detailing things of exploring something … even though I will never see her face.

As I sit up in my office I crack my fingers. My man on the 5th floor prepares to install a flash drive and …

We begin.

Just then I hear a tap on the window.

“Hello sir”. She’s flying in thin air right outside my window.

A giant metal screen comes down. She rips it off the wall and drops it to the ground like a paperweight

“Are you breaking into the Cerebus system?”

“How did you get here …” I cried “How did you”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

It takes her 4 seconds.

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