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Tania had thought about taking the locket while Nina was in the bathroom in the morning, but decided against it: Nina did never take long there and so the danger was too big that when she noticed her locket was stolen there was still enough of her super-strength left to get it back.

She laughed about the plans Nina had: Flying somewhere with Sarah in her arms (“What about a flight ‘Air Nina’”) and keeping the locket a secret, nothing more. Well, if she insisted so much it had to be a secret there would be less people, either, knowing it was Tania who had the locket, if she managed to steal it. Once she had super-powers it would be no problem to make Nina and Sarah go on keeping the secret.


Tania had a bottle of a strong soporific in her room. She knew that Nina usually, during the evening, drank some glasses of lemonade, what her parents did not do. In a moment she was not being watched she went down to the kitchen and filled a little of the soporific into the bottle of lemonade in the fridge. She hoped Nina would, despite of her super-powers, not be immune to it. At least the camera in Nina’s room was positioned in a way Tania could see whether the magic locket was really on the night-stand. Tania knew well she had had only one chance. She had a tear gas spray she could use in case Nina woke up while she was trying to get the locket but knowing she had once try to get it even Nina, imprudent and careless as she was, would wear the locket at night, too and then she would have no more chance.

Really she managed to pour a little of her soporific into the lemonade without being seen. Nina did not show any signs of being tired nor did she go to bed much earlier than usually. Tania was already afraid her plan would not work when she put her alarm for three o’clock in the morning. Before going to sleep she convinced herself the locket was lying on Nina’s nightstand.

Tania did not fall asleep easily but when the alarm went on she was sleeping, however. It cost her a lot of discipline to switch it out and get up at once but it was necessary nobody but her heard either the alarm or her going around.

She took the tear gas spray with her, walked out of her bedroom and, very carefully, opened the door to Nina’s. Sighing with relief she noted her sister was sleeping without showing any sign she had noticed something. Tania tiptoed through Nina’s room and slowly moved down her hand. She got shocked when Nina’s periodic breathing suddenly got a little louder but to her luck Nina did not even open her eyes. Tania tiptoed back out, closed the door again and not before this she dared to put the locket on. Happy about her success she, once again, did not fall asleep at once and nearly overslept in the morning but she managed to get up in time.


Nina did not know if she had dreamt somebody was in her room or if it had really happened. When she after getting up noticed her locket was not where it should be she got a shock. “Perhaps I’ve touched it and it fell down” she tried to calm herself but neither moving the night-stand away nor looking under her bed nor even lifting it she saw it. As she was sure she had put it onto her night-stand there was only one solution: Somebody had stolen it. Either Tania – but how could her sister know about it? It was possible Sarah had not kept her promise and told Derek something but certainly neither of them had told Tania or one of her friends anything. Derek did not go to the same school as Nina and Sarah, but he had some friends there and knew well what fame Nina’s sister had. The walls in the house were too thick to hear a usual talk – Nina knew this because she had not even noticed it when Tania had split up with her former boyfriend until the door was open.

But who else might have taken it? Perhaps its original owner? She could not imagine how this could have happened but for whoever was able to make such a locket it had to be easy to get into some ordinary humans’ house.

Nina tried not to let anybody notice something was wrong during breakfast.


When Tania looked into the mirror in the bathroom in the morning she was happy to see two pimples, one on her forehead and one on her left cheek, had gone during the night. It had never been a problem to cover them with make-up but she was glad to see it.

Her face seemed also have become somewhat more slender and her bosom to have grown a little but she was not sure. Maybe the locket had such effects but on the other side she had not noted any changes on Nina’s body – well, she had to admit she had not watched her sister carefully enough to tell it exactly.

She had a shower, cleaned her teeth, went back to her room, dressed and made herself up. She also noticed her bosom was stretching her school uniform blouse but only to a level she had no problems to close it. This made her even happier. She had been fairly content with her physical appearance but as any other girl often dreamt about being prettier.


They had breakfast together and after this, as the weather was good, Nina went down to the cellar to take her bike out. Tania followed her and while Nina was coming up the stairs she positioned in front of her with the first two bottoms of her blouse open.

“If you look for your locket, forget it” she said. “I have it and I know what it is able to do. And you won‘t get it back. If you don’t tell it anybody nothing will happen to you ‘cause I don’t want anybody else to know about it.

If you do, well, I’ll have a little problem with too many people knowing about it. But it will only be one grip for me to kill you.” She pressed her index finger into the wall to show her strength. “I don’t want to kill my sister, so don’t make me do it!”

“How can you tell who knows about it?”

“I know you’ve told Sarah about it. Our parents don’t know anything and you’ve forbidden Sarah to tell it anybody else. It won’t be a problem to deal with her and perhaps her boyfriend.”

“You … you’re a bitch!”

“I wouldn’t have said this!” Tania slammed her sister in the face and Nina fell down the stairs by the force. Thanks to her martial arts experience she managed to land on hands and feet without getting hurt.

Tania thought whether she should go by bike, too but decided against it: This would mean having to go upstairs again to change into trousers because riding a bike while wearing a skirt was quite uncomfortable.

While she was walking to the bus stop Tania noticed a motor-bike crossing the street whose rider she thought she knew. Using her enhanced sight to read the registration number she noted she was right: It was her classmate Carol. Tania was first jealous of Carol because she had a motor-bike while Tania’s parents had allowed her to take the test, but refused to pay her anything for either the test or a motorbike. Second Carol had not paid her protection money for some weeks.

Tania ran to the next road where there was little traffic. There she started accelerating. After only about 150 metres she got airborne but was careful to remain near the floor in order not to draw too much attention.

She arrived at the school some seconds after Carol and convinced herself Nina’s bike was not there yet. Then she entered the entrance hall where the lockers were, too. She knew that Carol, as most girls who went to school by motor-bike, had her school uniform skirt in her locker and changed at the girls’ restroom before assembly. As the bus only arrived five minutes before assembly started Tania had not had the opportunity so far to get Carol alone – there were always too many other pupils around her. Carol also seemed to have a talent to avoid being alone during the day.

But this time she would get her! She waited near Carol’s locker and really Carol came back without thinking anything bad, the pair of jeans she had worn while riding her motor-bike over her arm.

Tania ran by fast. “Hi Carol!” she greeted her in a false sweet voice.

Carol did not react.

“I’m talking to you. You owe me 20 pounds – it has been two months you haven’t paid.”

“Leave me in peace or I’ll shout!” Carol answered.

Tania hit her so hard she fell to the ground. Then she bent the door of Carol’s locker. “Just to show you what I could do if I wanted.”

Carol was obviously injured and had troubles to stand up. Nevertheless she answered: “I’ve only got fifteen with me.”

“You have nice earrings. You might give me them instead. Or would you like me to rip them from your ears?”

“NO!” Carol shouted.

Tania grabbed and strangled her: “Don’t shout or I’ll kill you. Either 20 pounds or your earrings! Last words!”

Sighing Carol removed her earrings and handed them over to Tania.

“I’ll tell it Mr Burns” she cried.

“He won’t believe you. And I’ll do the same thing with your arm if you do this.” She bent the metal door again. “And I don’t think your arm is as stable.”


“Hey, what’s the matter here?” Mr Bevin, the caretaker, shouted. Tania stared at him: “Nothing. We were just talking a little. We had a little argument but it doesn’t matter anymore.” She put her arm around Carol’s shoulders. Carol did not dare to say anything but Tania noted Mr Bevin was not convinced.

“Just go back to your office! Everything is okay.”

The man obeyed at once.

Tania knew how to use her voice and her expression to make people obey her – the only reason she was a member of the drama group was being able to learn this – but she was surprised how easy it had been. Could this ability have been enhanced, too?


She went over to her own locker thinking whether she should wear Carol’s earrings herself or sell it on the web but had not decided before assembly started.

During the first break she managed to catch Sarah alone in the restroom and threaten her what she would do if Sarah told any other person anything about the locket. Sarah seemed to understand and gave Tania ten pounds when ordered to do so.

There were some others who gave Tania money that day, lots of them even without talking back in any way.


She had to enforce herself not to tell Kevin anything while they were together during lunch break nor while they were going home.

She did her homework and, as Nina the week before, she made the experience that the locket made it easier for her to remember everything. So everything was ready when she went to the driving school for the practice.

After the practical lesson and the dinner Kevin visited her and they spent the evening together. They sometimes looked what Nina was doing but Tania’s sister seemed not to plan anything special.

At half past nine Kevin had to go. Tania kissed him goodbye, went upstairs and thought whether she should visit him when he was at home. Usually this was not worth thinking: Since she had once gone out later that ten o’clock her parents left the door of the living-room open in the evening and so they could see it when somebody went out, same through the front door or to the cellar. But from now on Tania could jump out of her bedroom window without having to care about getting hurt.

While she was looking for an adequate dress for a surprise date she changed her decision: She had heard more or less what Nina had told Sarah but she wanted to know the extension of her powers more exactly. So she changed into her sports clothes instead of an evening dress, left her high-heeled shoes under her bed and put on sneakers instead and jumped out of the window.

As she had thought she could not fly without a run-up but she landed softly. She ran through the garden and managed to jump over the fence.

She ran to the school, jumped over the wall into the playground and went over to the sports field. On the running track she wanted to test her acceleration and speed and how long it would take her to lift off. She put on the stopwatch and started to run.

The first hundred metres took her 2.82 s and just a little behind the finish line she managed to take off but at once fell down again. She would have to try it more often.

As for her speed she noticed she could still accelerate during the second and third round, even if she forced herself to stay on the ground. While she failed to run 100 metres in much less than 2.8 she managed to run 400 metres in 5.85 s, 800 m in 8.13 s and 2000 m in 18.08 s. From the sixth round on she did not get faster any more.

After some trials she noticed she could keep herself in the air best if she spread out her arms and formed a little ankle with her legs. She could take off in an ankle of 45° and reach about 150 metres of altitude.

While her sportswear and sneakers tore during these exercises she remained unhurt even after she deliberately let herself fall down from an altitude of more than 100 metres. She calculated she had touched the ground with a speed of more than 44 metres per second which meant her body could stand an impulse of at least 2500 Nm/s without even feeling any discomfort. It was, at least, quite probable she was bulletproof, at least to handguns.

After one and a half hours she decided she knew enough about her powers and flew home. She failed to land exactly at her bedroom window but managed to jump high enough her arms could reach the windowsill – and pulling herself up would not even have been a problem for her before she had got the locket.


She saved the data carefully as she did not know whether her powers remained at the same level or could even increase. Given the fact that Nina and Sarah had noticed the locket needed some time to enhance its bearer this might be possible if Tania wore it 24 hours a day, but she would only be able to be certain if she tested it again after a week.

During the night some other thoughts came to her mind: She was super-powered and therefore there was no reason why she should bother bullying other students and robbing amounts of ten twenty pounds or pieces of jewellery which mostly were not worth much more, either.


During the next days she tested her eyesight and hearing. She could see through clothes and wood. Through a wall she could recognize the scheme of a person but not see him or her exactly. Her hearing was good enough to overhear everything that was spoken in the classroom if it was not extremely quietly whispered, but not much from the neighboured rooms. This did not change from Tuesday to Friday while her speed increased a little.

As for her strength she tested it on an industrial area where she managed to lift a lorry which weighed probably about ten metric tons. She felt the weight but believed she could lift at least about the double or triple of it. So her strength was multiplied between five hundred and a thousand times.


She although noticed her suppose had been right her ability to manipulate other persons’ mind had been enhanced, too: Out of seven persons she extorted money from during the week five gave her what she wanted without talking back or shouting at all; two even gave her more than she had ordered them.


Of course she held back at P.E. Classes and when she trained with her gang – She and Kevin had got to know Joe, a former hand-to-hand-combat-trainer in the army, who had spent two years in prison for some kind of heavy bodily harm and been thrown out of the army in consequence. Now he trained people in Martial Arts, in a way that was more effective than what one could learn in the official schools and clubs, and did not care about criminal records as long as he got the money.

Tania was one of only three female pupils he had and the best fighter of them, but she had not stood much of a chance against most of the men until one week before.


As Kevin had to visit his grandparents at the weekend Tania decided it was time for her first serious action. At two o’clock in the night she got up, crept down to the basement with her helmet in her hand, put on her boots and Nina’s leather jacket and went out.

Outside she put the jacket on and the helmet on her head. She had a little trouble because her breasts were stretching the jacket, which was originally made for men – or for Nina, who had the muscles of a male bodybuilder and quite flat breasts – but she managed to close it without tearing it. She believed it would be better if she could not be recognized and so she acted wearing a helmet and gloves. She looked carefully whether there was no light anywhere, started running and after three seconds and a little more than 100 metres took off.

Her aim was Belling’s, the most expensive clothes shop in the county. There were no people nearby, either. For Tania it was no problem to smash the door. She calculated there would be a camera and an alarm, but she believed wearing her helmet she could not be recognized easily.

Seeing her jeans had torn she decided it was most important to get more stable clothing. So she took two leather suits before going over to the place where skirts and dresses were hanging. She had got three skirts, five tops, one blouse, two pullovers and one party dress and was about to go over to the shoes department when she heard a voice from downstairs: “Police! Come downstairs with your hands up.”

Through the floor she could notice there were two persons standing in the ground floor. She jumped down directly on one’s shoulders knocking him out in the act – that is, she did not really care whether he was dead or not.

The other policeman was heading for his pistol, but before he could reach it Tania knocked him out and took the weapon with her.

Thinking it would be better if she left before more policemen came – she might be bulletproof but it was better not to test it – she just took a pair of boots and one of other shoes with her, put her prey into some plastic bags she found behind the cash desk and then left the store department through the emergency exit. When the policemen arrived there she had already made it to the next corner.

She ran through some alleys and in the darkest one she decided to take off. She got home without a problem, landed, took the helmet off, opened the door, put Nina’s jacket and the shoes where they belonged and went to her bedroom where she put the bags into her wardrobe. Not before she woke up in the morning she hanged the clothes up, put the shoes where her other shoes were and the pistol into a drawer. She was not sure whether she would ever use it: Neither did she know how many bullets were in it nor had she ever learnt how to shoot. Perhaps it would be enough to impress somebody.


On Sunday it was on the radio and the internet that an unknown person had robbed Belling’s and killed a policeman. Tania saw a photo of herself but she thought neither her helmet nor Nina’s jacket would be recognizable. In the commentary it said the robber had to be very strong because he or she had knocked out two policemen and seemingly smashed the door with his or her bare hands. What draw attention was only women’s clothes had been stolen and the trousers and shoes the robber was wearing seemed to belong to a woman, too. “It must have been an extremely well-trained stuntwoman” the chief of the police department was quoted. “And she has not left many traces of her flight, either. As there are probably very few women in the entire world and less in Britain able to do this it should not be much of a problem to find her.”

Tania thought about her next measures: The police seemed not to suspect her but she had to take care this did not change. She remembered the Superman- and Supergirl-comics she had read as a little girl: Both super-heroes had kept a low profile not to be recognized. She would not be able to represent a super-powered person because she was known as strong, a skilled fighter and a terrible bully. Nevertheless, there were others, too, who fit to this description.

So she would pass her motor-bike test and go to school by bus till she did and then on the motor-bike she would surely be able to afford by then, although she was able to run much faster.

At school she would also lose some fights not to draw too much attention.

Second she had to act further away from home. In this region the police would be more careful and if she was unlucky once find out who she was. It was better doing her next coups at different places in other regions of the U.K. Or even abroad.

Third she had to find a place where to put her prey. She did not want to imagine what would happen if her mother happened to find something described as stolen in Tania’s room.


The first person who suspected Tania was her sister, who had listened to the radio in the morning. Nina was off to go free-climbing with Sarah, Derek and some other friends. She had thought about what had happened. Although she had not found out anything she was sure Tania had either put a camera somewhere or hacked her notebook. In both cases it was better not to talk about her while she was at home or via internet. So she was going to use the day to ask Sarah and perhaps Derek what to do. Surely it would not be as easy to get the locket back. She damned herself for how stupid she had been. There had to be a solution to get the power again or at least to take it away from Tania.

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