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Badgirl's new adventures

Written by Martino :: [Friday, 06 February 2015 09:34] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 15 February 2015 09:03]

Sarah had some trouble to keep pace with Nina and the boys and so they often had breaks to wait for her. During one of these breaks Nina whispered to Derek: “There’s one thing Sarah and I would like to talk to you about.”

“Do you want to fight again with Sarah photographing my defeat?” Derek was one of the boys who liked to brawl with Nina although he knew well he had no chance at all against her.

“No, it’s a much more serious thing. It’s important.”

“No Problem” Derek answered. “When we’re up we can go aside for some time. Tom and Ralph won’t matter nor get suspicious as Sarah is my girlfriend and your best friend.”

When they were up, however, Sarah was so tired she was not able to speak. She was also surprised at hearing Nina wanted to tell Derek about the locket herself.

“We’ve got to find a way to get this locket back” Nina explained her. “And as neither of us has found a solution so far we’ve got to contact other people. Derek is your boyfriend and one of our comrades I trust most. Perhaps he’s got an idea.”

A little amount of time later Derek and the girls went aside.

“So, what’s the terrible problem you two want to talk to me about.”

Nina told him the story.

“Are you hoaxing me?” he shouted at her.

Nina lifted her hand: “Scout’s honour I’m not.”

“She isn’t” Sarah attested. “I’ve seen myself what this locket can do.” She also did the scouts greet. “I swore I’m not lying nor hoaxing you. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself – although Nina has been my best friend for ever and I know anybody can trust her.”

“Well, then we’ll have to think about a solution. Perhaps there are some other artefacts in the cave. Did you look for more, Nina?”

“No, I didn’t, but I doubt whether there are any. Above the place there is a hole as if a super-powered person had thrown the locket inside.”

“Perhaps he or she has thrown more things into this cave – or into another place. Next weekend we can go there. I’ll ask my parents for the car and you should ask Tom or somebody else for some headlamps. I don’t say we’ll find anything but I can’t think of another solution – and, don’t forget, we’re scouts, we want to explore the world – and we help together as each of us has promised – and we don’t give up.”

“Indeed!” the girls answered and all three of them lifted their hands to the scouts greet.

Tania did not do another coup on Sunday but spent the day with Kevin. He had also heard about the robber at Belling’s.

“Cool girl, isn’t she?” Tania commented.

“Indeed she is – if she is a girl. Although I know you and your sister something in me still refuses to believe it.”

“There you are. If Nina knew how to use her strength and skills properly and wasn’t so naïve and such a do-gooder it could have been her. And she may be the strongest girl at our school but I’m sure there are better fighters in Britain.”

“You should be happy she is that sweet-tempered. Otherwise she’d beat you up more often.”

“Okay, that’s right.” Tania giggled. Really she had been afraid of her sister until one week ago. She had always trusted Nina was too honest and good-natured to abuse her martial arts skills but if she had been too angry with her, Tania, nobody would have been able to tell she would never do it. – Well, nobody had been able to tell until last week!

During the next days Tania tested her hypnotic powers: She made other students give her up to ₤ 50 each without anybody talking back, trying to resist or threatening to tell the headmaster what she was doing. On Wednesday she appeared at school in a short dress instead of her school uniform and not only her classmates many of whom thought it was cool to try such things but also none of her teachers said a word. She even managed to make a teacher give her money.

On Thursday evening she told her mother she would go out to Kevin’s.

“Of course! Have a good time! I know you’re a sensible girl, who is able to look after herself” was the only thing her mother said.

Tania smiled. Not that she would have mattered if her mother had forbidden her to spend the night at Kevin’s: If she had had a mind to do so she would have left the house after her parents had gone to bed. She had already slept with him before her enhancement and had not been a virgin when she had got to know him, either. In her opinion it was not very important how often she did it. Much more important was that there were few things she had thought she could less hope to reach than her mother allowing her to sleep with her boyfriend without any discussion. If this was possible she could also hope to be able to make the owner of a weekend-house give her his keys and forget he had done so. Once having the keys she could look for a hidden place in the house while the landlord was at work. There she could leave the parts of her prey she did not want to use or sell at once.

But first she had to use her hypnotic abilities to make Kevin forget he had noticed her mind was absent while she was in bed with him.

She noticed, however, while they were having sex she had to hold back in order not to hurt him. She did although it was difficult for her, not so much because of love for him but because she did not want her secret to be revealed. To please her sexual needs she would need more men.

She knew some of the families who owned weekend houses in the region. She would use the weekend to watch them. Being able to see at night as well as during the day and having X-ray-vision (though limited) she would be able to find out which of the houses were often used.

During the night between Friday and Saturday Tania flew above some weekend houses she knew and scanned them. Although she could not see many details she noticed two of the houses had probably not been attended much during the weeks before. On one of them she could read the door plate “Ralph Parker”.

She landed and looked more exactly: Through the jalousie she could see the living room was decorated with many pictures of young girls while in the mid there was a picture of an older couple. Recognizing the man she jubilated: Mr Parker was a widower who lived on the other end of her home town. He was, although the town was not extremely small, well-known for often visiting establishments where young people met and inviting girls to his house – an easy sacrifice. She fully trusted in her beauty and hypnotic powers. She would only have to be careful not to be seen with him.

On Saturday evening she told her parents she would be with Kevin and him she was not feeling well. She left her parents’ house in her sexiest dress. Some boys whistled at seeing her but she ignored them. Near Kevin’s house she walked over to the park where at that hour not many people were there. So she had enough space to run and take off. From there she flew to Mr Parker’s house where the lights were still on.

She landed and hid in a bush hoping he would leave that night. After half an hour he did so. She followed him from enough distance that he was not able to see her. As soon as she had found out where he was going she took another direction and landed near the club.

The entrance was not cheap but luckily Tania had enough money with her. Quickly she searched the room for people she knew and was happy to find out nobody from her town was in the club.

Although Mr Parker was already chatting with another girl Tania soon got his attention. He invited her for some drinks. After an hour they kissed for the first time and in the end he gave her a lift to his house.

In the house Tania asked him whether it was true he had a weekend house and when he said so suggested meeting there once. Then she hypnotized him to give her the keys.

When he was about to take her to his bed she first refused and fought back – or rather acted as a girl who had neither been enhanced nor knew anything about martial arts trying to fight back.

“Nobody will hear you, my love!” the man fluted. “And I’m sure you want yourself.”

Once in bed she remained rigid, careful not to give him any kind of pleasure, in order to make him not want to see her again. Simultaneously she hypnotized him to think her hair was blond and to remember mainly the dress she had worn at the club – both at the club and at Mr Parker ‘s house the light had been quite dim and so she could hope he would not remember her face.

Early in the morning she woke him up and told him she had to leave: “My parents mustn’t know I am here.”

He offered her to give her a lift. She accepted telling him a completely wrong address. He took her there, kissed her goodbye and she told him he should better go as there were some old women living nearby who might notice it if she was brought home by a foreign man.

She entered a garden the door of which was only ajar and hid behind a tree waiting until his car was out of sight. Then she left the car again, started running, took off and flew home.

On Sunday she had a barbecue with Kevin and some other friends, mostly from her gang.

During the night, however, she got up to fly to Mr Parker’s weekend house, went in and looked for a place where she could hide her prey. She found a room in the basement where she was sure he would not enter, even if he happened to come to the house during the next days. She closed the room, took the keys with her and went home.

Although she had not slept much she was not tired at all on Monday. Obviously since her enhancement she needed less sleep than before. So she decided to do her next coup already one night later.

This time she chose to wear her new leather jacket instead of Nina’s, put on her helmet again and headed for Glasgow. In the city she found a jeweller’s shop where she effortlessly bent the iron railings which protected the window, crashed the latter and got in. At once she noticed there were two cameras on the ceiling. She leaped up and destroyed one, then the other one with her fist. She then scanned the room to get sure no camera was active any more. Having convinced herself she took a diamond chain, some golden bracelets and earrings and rings with big gems on them.

After ten minutes she heard a male voice: “Police. Come out with your hands up!”

Tania acted as if she did not listen. There were four policemen outside.

“Don’t make us shoot you! Out you go!” one of them ordered.

When Tania did not obey two of the cops got in through the hole she had made. She turned round and kicked one of them in the stomach. Her foot went through his flesh like a knife through warm butter and the impact sent him into the glass of the window, which broke in the act. No later she separated the other cop’s head from his body by a karate chop.

Now the policemen who had stayed outside started shooting. Tania saw the bullets come, could evade one as if it was a stone or something thrown at her and even catch another one but the third one got her at the arm. She felt the impact but no pain. The bullet fell down to the ground. Tania lifted it and threw it at the shooter. Thanks to her superhuman power the bullet flew as fast as if it had been shot and went through his head killing him in the act.

The fourth policeman shot again. Tania failed to catch one bullet and evaded another. A third one bounced back from her shoulder.

As he saw the bullets had no effect on her the policeman ran away. Tania jumped through the window, ran after him and caught him after some seconds. A punch of her fist let his head explode in fractions of a second.

She had not planned to kill the cops but as she had started she was going to finish her deadly work now. So she got back to the shop and stamped on the head of the cop who was lying there. Blood spread as if she had hit an overripe tomato. As some half-drunk passengers were watching she took the policeman’s pistol, shot once, twice, getting one of them. On the other one she threw the pistol which crashed through his body. To be sure the other man was dead, too, she did another karate chop beheading him in the act.

She looked down at herself. There were two holes in her jacket and blood on her boots and sleeves. She thought she would be able to clean her shoes but doubted whether her jacket could be repaired. So she decided to steal a new one in a department store where she took some other clothes with her, too.

She managed to get out before the police arrived. In a shoe shop where she robbed some pairs of expensive shoes and boots she reached the same thing.

At half past two she flew to Mr Parker’s house, hid her prey, tried to tidy her boots in the bathroom and flew home at last.

At home she hid her boots in a cupboard, got rid of her clothes and went to the bathroom. There she looked at her naked skin. Really none of the bullets had even left a trace there, her skin was as flawless as ever.

“Great!” she whispered and massaged her upper body. “How I love this body of mine! How I love myself.”

The news of the robbed store and the murdered policeman was on TV, radio and all newspapers the next day but to Tania’s luck there did not exist any photo of her. She could be content with her work as for destroying every camera and not letting out any witness.

As for her jacket she was afraid it would not be possible to repair it and when she went to the cobbler the next day she heard the affirmation.

“I need something that can’t be torn or ripped away” she thought.

On the internet she found out that the hardest materials on earth, apart from diamond, were titanium and Kevlar and that Titanium was mainly used for spectacles frames and often mixed with steel to get different colours.

So she went to the local optician hypnotizing him to tell her where he got the titanium from. He gave her an address in the Midlands where she flew on Thursday night. She found some plates of different colours and chose to steal a red one, a white one and a black one.

At Mr Parker’s house she searched for a measuring tape and soon found one. With it she measured her shoulders, breasts, waist, hip and at last the length of her torso, transferred the results onto the white titanium and started to cut out with her nails.

Her nails were quite a lot harder than the titanium and she had got more or less the right measures to make the dress fit her but although she had always been quite good at arts and crafts it was quite hard to fix the red and white parts together and close the dress. She eventually decided to form some lugs and holes for them to shut and finally was successful. The dress did not look exactly beautiful but at least the front was acceptable and it accentuated Tania’s bosom and waist. So all in all she was content with her work.

Even harder was forming boots out of black titanium. First they were too big and then too small and although she could handle the titanium as easily as if it was modelling clay it took her quite some time until the surface of the material was plain, especially at the heels – and in her opinion heels were something absolutely necessary to make boots good-looking.

When she had finished her work the morning had already come and her hands were full of dirt. She flew home and decided to go sleeping for at least one and a half hours – and when she got up she was surprised her hands were nearly clean and the dirt only on the bedclothes which she could throw away in the worst case.

It had already got her attention that since her transformation she had to varnish her nails every day for in the evening at the latest the varnish was gone, not in a way it would have looked untidy; it looked as if she had never polished her nails. Obviously nothing could hold on her invulnerable skin for a very long time.

Despite her enhancement she was tired on Friday and could only be happy nobody had seen her during the night. On the news was the robbery in a titanium factory but the police did not seem to have found any traces.

This evening Tania behaved quite like a normal girl, went out with Kevin and landed together with him in bed, but they were sleeping before half past one.

She thought about robbing a bank during the weekend but decided against it: There were usually many hidden cameras in the banks and the vaults could withstand really high forces. In fact she believed she would rather be successful if she used her hypnotic power.

She decided to try it on Monday. She would not wear her titanium costume but a stolen red dress and dye her hair black – if she did it just before leaving the colour should stay until the end of the coup.

If she was not successful she would at last be able to get away without being recognized.

On Monday she flew to Newcastle and chose a bank where only two other customers were waiting. She lined up behind them and when her turn came eventually stared in the clerk’s eyes:

“You’re a nice man. Give me ₤ 100.000, please!”

Really the man started the mechanism to get the money from the vault. Meanwhile Tania made a man who happened to come in just in this moment go out again.

The clerk gave her the money, she thanked him and left happy and proud. This would be more than enough for a motorbike, a good computer, some clothes and even more nice things.

That night, however, just after going to bed Tania saw a bright light. She did not know if she was dreaming but opening her eyes she found out the dazzling light had not gone.

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