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Written by SVillainess :: [Wednesday, 11 February 2015 12:20] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 15 February 2015 09:01]

It was Sunday afternoon and Katia was double-checking some of the company accounting, since she was a very dedicated and hardworking account manager, and her subaltern, Helena, had to spend her Sunday at work too, at that afternoon filing some documents to their stacks.

Katia was about 6’ tall and athletic built. In her early forties, Katia expended about 2 hours daily in the gym to have a toned and beautiful body, though the effects of her age started to become noticeable with a little fat on her abs and at the back of her arms. This huge woman with long and curly brown hair had on her breast her greetings card, always carefully suspended by a large and strong bra and highlighted by properly aligned cuts in her clothing.

Helena really envied Katia body, though younger and very beautiful, Helena disliked Katia’s discipline and what it did to maintain her boss at great shape. Helena was brunette and about 5’7” tall and was in her late twenties. Helena was also pissed to have to work extra-hours, especially on Sundays.

Differently from other weekend of extra working hours, Katia had a meeting with a strange man in this one. The man and Katia were talking in a table where the employees could have their coffee breaks in an open backyard. Helena thought it was a bit strange and left her papers to watch them from a half open window.

The man handed Katia a small object, that proved to be a ring as Katia put her finger into it and gazed with what seemed little interest. The man kept talking and Katia looked at his face in disbelief. To put an end in the pointless conversation Katia raised from her chair, moved a few paces in the backyard and called the word SKAZAM.

A sudden flashlight followed by a thunder stroke Katia in her chest and a stupendous transformation occurred. In a blink of an eye Katia was now packed full of muscles and wearing a very fit red latex clothing, breathing deeply while appreciating her new looks and feeling the enormous pleasure of possessing so much power.

Helena was kind of horrified and excited at the same time. The woman she disliked, her boss, was obviously bestowed by a huge amount of power, remembering some kind of movie or comic super-hero. On the other hand, Katia’s body had been perfected to unhuman limits, what turned Helena on as never before.

The strange man was clearly excited too, glaring at Super-Katia who started to float one foot above the ground, telling the man she had to test her powers, she rocket to the sky in an amazing speed. From above Super-Katia flew just below sound speed to an abandoned port, so she could test her strength, which was pulsing all through her body.

There she twisted steel rails, lifted cranes and pieces of machinery of tens of tonnes and felt her strength was multiplied by more than a thousand times. Super-Katia only did not punch or tossed anything afraid it could run out of her control, causing an earthquake or missing a heavy object onto a city.

Happy with the results Super-Katia went back to the sky, thinking how she could become a super-heroine, helping people and using her powers for justice. She started feeling a bit dizzy and decided go back to the backyard of the company she works for, just after landing a quick flashlight hit her and she was back to her regular form. She talked a little more with the strange man and dismissed him. By sunset, she remembered Helena was there and went to the file room.

“Helena, you may go.”

“Ok, Ms … I mean, Katia.”

Katia preferred be called by her first name and Helena insisted on calling her by her surname, just to annoy her boss with a little bit of undesired formality. But, that day, Helena didn’t dare to.

“See you tomorrow, Katia.”

“Hmm, oh yes, tomorrow, Monday, see you.” Said Katia absentminded.

Leaving, Helena could not help noticing the ring in Katia right ring finger.

Next Monday Katia was performing her activities clearly lacking some of the usual attention. It really pleased Helena, who was free to expend a lot of time on the internet or anything else, although she did all her obligations, still a bit afraid of Super-Katia.

Katia dropped the gym to spending that time transforming and mastering her powers. Every transformation was longer than the previous one and she felt even stronger, if it was possible, every time she called the magic word.

By Tuesday, Super-Katia performed her firs action as a super-heroine, saving a kid who was just falling from the roof. It did not reach the news, though. On Wednesday, Katia blew off a fire which was starting in a building before the fire department arrived, the mysterious fire extinction and some not reliable witnesses were not enough to buzz about the super-heroine.

But, by Thursday, mystery reached TV and papers with the story of a super-woman who defeated a gang of ten heavily armed men who blocked and were to rob an armoured car full of money. The police was confused collecting bullets deformed after hitting some kind of armoured surface where there was none. The main witnesses, the robbers, told about a woman floating on the air, bulletproof and who could twist rifles with her bare hands, it was not convincing for the press or the investigators.

Helena was completely convinced, though. What a waste, such powers to act like a trivial comic book super-hero instead of having some fun, she thought. She would start kicking her boss ass, for sure.

Friday Katia got a telephone call, certainly from the man who gave her the ring, thought Helena who carefully listened unnoticed what Katia was saying:

“Well, I think you are right. I’ll try to keep a low profile about it.”

“I can keep it for longer periods, but I don’t know if, it’s hard to test.”

“And I have some enhancement after too. Yes.”

“Goodbye, we maintain contact.”

Helena was trying to unite the points of Katia saying on the phone when some of them were made quite clear when Katia raise from her chair and came in Helena’s direction.

Katia was wearing a more provocative clothing than usual. Her blouse let her abs on open view, which could only be blocked by buttoning her jacket, what she did not. Besides, it was best this way, so Helena could admire her packed abs, with the fat gone. Her arms were muscular and toned, to a professional athlete level, and Helena could see Katia’s tight muscles pressing against her trousers.

These were the enhancements after the transformations. It took only one week to Katia become an amazon. Helena was turned on, she looked to the sides, people should notice such quick development Katia was having.

Katia went to Helena table and become to give her some instructions. Helena couldn’t get much of what Katia was saying, each breath she take she only get more and more excited with Katia’s perfume.

Katia herself was overwhelmed with so much power, power she get beyond imagination when she was transformed and what was left from it on her body. She simply had no idea if there was a limit to all this.

After talking to Helena, Katia went to the toilet, looked at the mirror and saw how magnificent she become, and was very pleased. She looked at the ring, took it off to wash her hands and her face.

Helena could only think about hugging and kissing Katia, feeling her body together hers. She could not avoid following Katia into the toilet. After closing the door, Katia saw Helena through the mirror, thought how the presence of Helena even amplified her beauty. Katia turned, told Helena not to forget some specific documents and left.

Helena saw the ring on the wash, and an evil smile came to her face when she realized the opportunity she had just got. All that powers could be possessed by her, everything. She quickly grabbed the ring and put into her jeans pocket, she was nervous, left the toilet and went back to her table, pretending to work until the end of the shift.

It took a long time to Katia notice she had not been wearing the ring. Long enough to Katia realize that other girls went to the same toilet after Helena. She asked people around, but nobody had seen her ring. Naively Katia thought people in the company would not take something from someone else, she also thought nobody would know about the secret of the ring.

Arriving in her apartment, Helena put the ring in her hand and dashed to the window crying loudly SKAZAM.

Super-Helena laughed through her deep breath as she realized how much power she now possessed. Her latex outfit was black, differently from the red one of Super-Katia, and there was more exposed skin also, what Helena made everything even more enjoyable to Super-Helena, loving her gold tanned skin enveloping her new mighty muscles.

She also thought her figure was a lot more sexy and feminine than Super-Katia, “that super-bitch hadn’t got such super-curves as mine”. She laughed. Super-Helena went to the mirror and saw her superb figure and the thoughts of strength, speed, invulnerability and flight made her laugh even more. Finally, she took one decorative granite object and crushed it to dust, and laughed as much as her super lungs allowed.

She went through the window to test her powers, quickly lifted a truck from an industrial area and dropped it into the ocean. Feeling dizzy, she went back to her home and the transformation reversed. Besides the means, Helena also had the knowledge from what she could get from Katia conversation that her powers would enhance with the use of the ring.

Helena became Super-Helena as much as she could through the weekend.

By Monday, Helena was buff, she got hard muscles on her arms and legs and had six-packed abs as well. She chose some discreet clothing, thinking it still would not be the time to have a serious conversation with Katia. Helena would first discover who was the strange man, the one who gave the ring to her boss.

Super-Helena began her aerial surveillance by the morning. Then, by midday, she did another shift and found a man with some electronic devices in a car. This was her boy. As soon as he entered in his car it took off, and was air transported to a deserted canyon region.

Getting near to ground level, Super-Helena turned the car by its side and shook until the man fell by the window, then she smashed the car on the ground nearby and with one hand broke it into two parts. The feeling of power and almighty gave her a rush.

Turning to the man, she walked slowly in his direction, stepping strongly so the ground seemed to shake and the man would get even more terrified.

“P-P-Please do-do-don’t …”

“Shut up! I give the orders, if you haven’t realized it yet. Who are you?”

“I-I-I’m Allan McDeer, physics PhD, I discovered a ring device similar to yours …”

“I know. What you know about it?”

“It receives energy from some unknown place in an unknown form and converts it to the beholder if is a woman. I need to keep researching it …”

It was clear the professor did not know much about the ring.

“No you won’t.” The guy nodded in agreement, quickly persuaded to quit his research.

“Why did you give it to that Katia?”

“I selected her through the internet. Thought she would make good use of it …”

“You were right. I’ll let you live as long you never contact Katia again, nor tell anything to anybody about myself.

He nodded in agreement again and Super-Helena rocket to the sky, leaving the man to make his escape from the desert.

It could be of unknown origin, but this energy did feel good, thought Super-Helena. Time to ask Katia for a promotion.

Back in the office, Super-Helena reversed to her regular, but buffer, form, and search for Katia to have a private meeting. Both women went to meeting room, Helena going to the other side of the table to secure time enough to wear the ring in front of Katia.

Helena was thinking that buff as she was and Katia probably loosing that extra muscularity she had got last week, she could handle Katia with no super-powers. But it would give chances to something go wrong, and loose the ring for Katia. No, Katia would watch her transformation and would have deal with Super-Helena.

“Well, Katia …” Said Helena taking the ring from her pocket and fitting it to her finger.

“This ring is mine, please give it to me.” Katia said preparing to move in Helena’s direction.

“I won’t give it back to you.” Helena took of her jacket while saying this, making Katia deter her movement noticing how buff Helena was and sudden realized she was using the powers of the ring. With some Helena’s flexing Katia even stepped back, Helena smiled wickedly, she had won, Katia had lost, and now it was time to prizing ceremony.

“He-Helena, please …” Helena smile broadened.


The light, the thunder, and the super-villainess was on the other side of the table in all her mighty. Super-Helena mischievous laugh made Katia scared, even though she could not help gazing how sexy and hot Helena had become with the power she had stolen.

With her index finger Super-Helena pushed the wooden table, holding Katia pressed against the wall. Katia pressed back, with no effect. Katia moaned in pain, while still trying to admire Super-Helena beauty.

“Please, Katia, don’t waste your time. With only one finger I can easily push a heavy truck.”

Katia tried to relax and face Super-Helena, fear avoiding her and excitement urging her to look at the evil amazon.

“Listen, Katia. You’ll raise my wages, doubling it. And I won’t come to the office anymore. You keep my pay day and I won’t bore you.”

Before Katia could say something in disagreement Super-Helena slighted increased the pressure with her finger, and the pain made Katia nod in agreement.

Super-Helena pulled back the heavy wood table and Katia fell to the floor in pain.

“Well, Katia, don’t forget you have super-reasons to keep with our agreement. And, of course, you tell someone about the ring, and especially if you try to contact that geek friend of yours who gave MY ring to you, there will be super-consequences. HAHAHAH.”

Super-Helena reversed to her regular form and went out of the room and out of the office. For good.

That night Super-Helena went to the bank. Of course, there is no banking working hours at night, so Super-Helena strode directly to the main safe, leaving broken bricks and twisted still behind.

She took all she could carry from bank’s safe. She considered the raise Katia gave her was not big thing, and she deserved a bigger apartment, a good car, expensive clothes and so on. With her speed she could had left the bank before the police, but she wanted to test her invulnerability. There was some firing trying to deter her, but she almost didn’t notice the small and harmless bullets, she did expected more and flew with the money bags to her apartment, leaving the policemen bewildered.

Helena was watching the news, people trying to discover if there was a super-heroine, a super-villainess or both in town. With her muscular legs resting in a pile of cash from the bank and with a piece of the safe door as a souvenir, Helena tried to figure out what would be her next steps.

She thought about a relationship, but now all people seem so inferior. All people but one.

When Katia entered her apartment, she notice there was someone in her sofa. With the lights all off, she could see the perfect skin that seemed to glow in the dark. Super-Helena was there, without her latex outfit, totally naked, and her perfume, the sweetest smell on earth, throughout all Katia’s room.

Katia could not move. She was not afraid, but she was totally hypnotized by Super-Helena seductiveness. Super-Helena floated in her direction, gazed on her eyes and said:

“Now I will have you. I’ll have you all night long. Come on, feel my body, touch, feel it.”

Katia touched Super-Helena hard butt, them her hard rock tights, them her stone packed abs, her huge and tone arms and finally hugged Super-Helena and rested her face on her warm, perfumed and huge perfect breast.

Super-Helena did make love with Katia all night long. By sunrise Super-Helena raised, naked, her perfectly golden tanned skin as a gift for Katia to admire.

“You are a Goddess, I must worship you.” Said Katia while reached for Super-Helena feet, kissing them.

‘Goddess’ was unexpected to Super-Helena, but it fitted perfectly to her feelings. She stood on her super-form for more than 12 hours and did not feel the need to reverse to her regular form. How buff she would be when back to regular Helena she did not know. Perhaps Super-Helena and Helena forms would become only one Super-Woman, or better, a goddess.

“Yes, I’m a Goddess now. Worship me and I’ll be benevolent and come to you again.”

Her black outfit appeared and Super-Helena flew through Katia’s window.

“No, Goddess, please, stay with me!” Katia said in despair, while thinking in ways to worship Super-Helena, so she would come back.

But, the greatest difficulty was for Super-Helena to be away of Katia after this night. Her pleasure was multiplied for more than one thousand times from the human levels too, and soon she would be back to Katia.

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