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The Hotel Murderer

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When Tania woke up the next morning she remembered the light but she could not tell where it had come from nor when it had disappeared. Some moment it must have had and she had fallen asleep again. The only thing she could tell certainly was that the light had not come from any lamp in the house or from the garden – none of all the lamps that were there shone nearly that brightly. She respired when she felt the chain with the locket on her neck – she had already feared the obviously superior source of light had taken it away.

She went to the bathroom and a look into the mirror made her scream of happiness: Somehow her face had gotten even more beautiful, her eyelashes longer and darker and her lips fuller and nearly red by nature. Her cheeks were red, too. In fact, her entire face looked as if she had done more than an hour of making up.

Her hands had become somewhat more slender and her fingernails were glaring although she had not put varnish on for some days. If she was not wrong her bosom had become bigger, too.

While she was dressing she noticed she was right: Her bosom stretched the fabric of her blouse in a way she was sure it would tear apart during the day while her skirt was too wide and slipped down to her hips which luckily were wide and round enough to hold the piece of clothing.

She decided to leave some buttons of her blouse open – to her luck at her school ties were only part of the boys ‘ uniforms and there was no rule that obligated girls to button up their blouses completely. To cover their cleavages girls had neckerchiefs but Tania, as lots of other girls, knew their ways of wearing them in a way they did not cover too much.

At school she noticed not only her male classmates but also all male teachers could not help staring at her. She smiled, happy about her beauty and the attention she was drawing. Nevertheless during the break she beat up her classmate Robin for staring at her for a too long time. Fully aware of her strength she only shoved him a little but even so he flew some meters through the air and was not able to stand up at once after landing.

The other pupils who were standing around did not interfere: They did not know Tania had super powers but they knew well she was strong and aggressive and she had her gang. So nobody dared to go to the headmaster, either.

Mrs Gilmore, Tania’s tutor, ordered her to button up and put her neckerchief in a more appropriate way but Tania disobeyed and talked back: “There is no such rule.”

Usually Mrs Gilmore got angry when pupils talked back, at least when they did not call her ‘Madam’ or ‘Mrs Gilmore’ but when Tania stared at her she even apologized. “Sorry, I did not mean to force you but I … I thought you … a girl like you should better not draw too much attention.”

“I know very well how much attention I should draw” she answered.

She looked around smiling. She was sure all her classmates, girls and boys, were admiring her now more than ever.

Kevin complimented her during lunch break she was getting more beautiful every day and asked what cream made her skin so soft and tender. He seemed to be really surprised when Tania told him she had not used any that day.

During the last lessons she reflected what had happened during the day: Probably the strange light had enhanced her beauty even more – and her strength, too? Likely it had: She had learned quite well how to control her strength to a level enough to beat up any other person, but not to be recognized as super-powered.

Nevertheless she would test it that night.

She finished her homework very quickly and spent the rest of the afternoon with Kevin. After dinner she got the opportunity to test her powers while her parents were watching TV and not caring about what was going on in the garden. Tania started to run and after less than two metres she lifted up from the ground. She had to hold back not to scream in joy: This meant her powers had not just grown but they had grown to a level that allowed her to take off in her own room.

Flying above the city she noticed her speed had become greater, too: Without really trying she managed to get to “her” weekend house in less than a minute.

“Now I’m really feeling as Supergirl” she murmured.

She decided to fly to London, which the day before would have taken her more than an hour. Now she did in in seven minutes. Circling around for some minutes she found an alley in the city where she could land without being seen by too many people.

She had not made any plans what to do in London. Unlike during her last trips she had not changed, either. Nor was she wearing a helmet or anything to hide her face. When she looked down at herself she got a shock: Her trousers had been torn during the flight and so had her blouse, luckily not too much. She would have to remember to change into her super-costume before flying at supersonic speed!

In a department store she tried on a new set of clothes. She had not got enough money with her and both the top and the miniskirt she had chosen were alarm-protected. To avoid trouble she decided to go to a cash desk and hypnotize the cashier to remove the protection without asking her for money. Then she went to a changing cubicle again where she put the stolen clothes on and from there left the store.

Out on the street a man invited her for some drinks. They went into a quite expensive bar where he told her various times she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. She saw through his shirt he had quite a well-trained body.

She asked the man, whose name was Steve, about his life and found out he was a journalist at a high-respected journal and owned a big flat in London – which meant he had to be quite rich. He told her, however, they could not go to his flat because the craftsmen were there. Tania hypnotised him as she did not believe this was true. In trance he admitted he had a girlfriend but added he would split up with her if Tania wanted.

She was not sure whether or not to accept his offer: It would be no problem to hypnotise her parents and her sister to make them forget she had been away, whenever she would come back from London and certainly Steve would be able to offer her more than Kevin – apart from the fact that none of them would necessarily have to know about the other man. On the other hand she could not be sure whether Steve would not forget her when she was not with him anymore and – what would be the real problem – think why he had fallen in love with a strange girl so quickly and possibly, when she visited him for the next time, his girlfriend would be with him again and Tania would have to kill her or do some other thing.

So she suggested meeting at a hotel some days later: “Perhaps it will be better if we test whether we’ll really be able to stay together.” Steve agreed and eventually searched for a place and time on his netbook and they arranged the date for the next Saturday evening.

Nevertheless the next time Tania visited London was already Thursday. This time she was wearing her super-dress which held during her supersonic flight.

Having arrived in London she looked at some shops and at a jeweller’s two identic bracelets drew her attention. They contained gems which looked like emeralds. Tania could not tell herself why she felt as if she had to have got exactly these two bracelets but nevertheless she broke in, stole them, put them onto her arms and flew away before the owner of the shop could really notice what had happened. As she noticed she was drawing too much attention in her outfit she decided to fly back again.

After a Friday she spent more or less like a normal schoolgirl and an evening together with Kevin in the local discotheque on Saturday she first looked for a proper outfit but did not find one.

“Well, I can buy a party dress without hurting any law” she murmured to herself. She flew to “her” weekend house and took some five thousand pounds from the bank in Newcastle with her. From there she flew to London, this time at subsonic speed as she was not wearing her super-costume, found an exclusive boutique and bought a party dress and a pair of high-heeled sandals there. She also bought a bottle of expensive perfume at a chemist’s.

In a coffee shop she perfumed herself and varnished her finger- and toenails. She also watched her hair and her face but found out she had neither to put on new makeup nor to dress her hair – her hairstyle had remained perfectly set during the entire flight, obviously part of her super-powers.

Steve had kept his promise and reserved a hotel room for them. He seemed to be horny as soon as he met her but was well-educated enough to lead her to the restaurant where they had dinner and drunk a bottle of wine.

Tania enjoyed the fact that all the men and some women were looking at her, obviously dreaming of being in Steve’s place. The more he seemed to be in a hurry and urged Tania to drink out. Recognizing this she drank much slower than she usually did, smiling at how Steve was tortured by his horniness.

When they were up in their room she did not waste any time, either. Soon they were lying naked in bed together. After their first kisses and embraces Tania’s libido was still growing. She found it hard to hold back. – But why should she do this? She was holding back when she slept with Kevin, first because she would surely be recognised as Badgirl when he died of strangulation after a night with her and second because she was feeling some love for him. Now there was no such reason: There was no love between Steve and her and nobody in the hotel knew her real name and identity – even if they linked Steve’s death to the mysterious super-strong and invulnerable robber that was called Badgirl in the news.

So she pressed his body against hers until he was spent. She was feeling big enjoyment when she squeezed his member and he cried of pain. Keeping his mouth shut with the other hand she avoided the staff and the other guests from hearing anything.

It took her a little more than an hour until he was dead and nearly no bone in his body unhurt. Tania on her part had not found pleasure, yet.

Listening carefully with her enhanced hearing she found out there were some people awoke and talking somewhere in the hotel. So she had a shower, although little blood had remained on her body, got dressed and perfumed again and left the room.

Neither her hearing nor her X-ray vision was good enough to find out exactly where the people were but it did not take her long to find the bar.

Every single person stopped talking and started watching her when she entered. Tania ordered a drink and looked around: Three of the men were already drunk. Of the other five men only two were good enough looking to be eligible. Both of them were accompanied by their wives or girlfriends. Well, this was no problem – the girlfriend of the man Tania would choose would either accept or have to die.

After just some seconds all men were around her making compliments and inviting her to another drink. Soon Tania had made her choice: She let a guy named Ben sit next to her and kiss her.

Ben’s girlfriend was angry and attacked Ben and Tania at once. Tania placed herself between Ben and her and when she tried to scratch Tania’s face with her long, sharp fingernails Tania casually touched her attacker’s throat leaving her unconscious in the act.

“What have you done to Sarah?” Ben asked her, concerned about his girlfriend.

“Oh, just a self-defence trick” Tania answered. “There’s one point at a person’s throat which you only need to touch to leave the person unconscious for some time. It will take her one or two minutes to wake up again but she isn’t seriously hurt.” She was staring at him. “Don’t be afraid. The fact that I know how to defend myself does not mean that I would ever attack such a nice man as you are.”

At once he was unable to think of any other thing but the beauty sitting next to him. He embraced and kissed Tania forgetting about Sarah.

When Sarah was conscious again she did not fight any more but left the bar for her room, crying bitterly. Tania and Ben stayed there, having some drinks and making love until they decided to go upstairs. Ben asked her whether they could go to her room to avoid meeting Sarah. She hypnotized him instead of answering, not wanting him to see Steve’s corpse.

He obeyed and led her to his room. At seeing them Sarah attacked again. Tania pushed her just a little, enough to slam her down.

“Leave us alone for this night” she commanded. “The next time I attack you won’t be painless any more – in fact you might be happy if you survive!”

Ben got honestly shocked at seeing and hearing this but when Tania undressed his feelings changed completely: He was no longer thinking of her as an obviously skilled fighter who was as ruthless as strong but as the most beautiful girl with the nicest face, the most perfect bosom, tail and hips he had ever seen.

Sarah ran out while Tania and Ben started to have sex. Again Tania stopped holding back after some minutes, caring only about avoiding him from shouting and again it took about an hour until Ben was dead.

Tania laid down on the bed but did not fall asleep at once. She heard a person outside and looking through the door she saw it was Sarah. Tania remained absolutely silent, allowing Sarah to open the door and turn on the light.

At seeing her boyfriend dead and the girl he had cheated her with lying naked on the bed Sarah started shouting. “Murderer! I’ll …”

She could not finish the sentence because in the act Tania jumped up and with a karate chop separated Sarah’s head from her body. Then she got dressed, walked back to the room Steve had booked for her and himself and went to sleep there.

In the morning she had breakfast and informed the waiter her boyfriend was not feeling well. After it she went up again, took Steve’s wallet and mobile with her and thought whether or not she should pay. Deciding she would have to explain some things to the staff if she did she took a run-up, flew out of the window and home.

Her parents did not say anything when she told them she had spent the night with Kevin. Neither did Nina but she noticed well Tania was obviously able to control their parents’ minds.

Nina had been to the cave with Sarah and Derek but they had not found any other thing that seemed to belong to a superior being. They went out to search the opening and all agreed it seemed to have been created by a person who had thrown the locket in.

“Seems as if somebody has done this to take it away from another person” Derek commented.

“But then I wonder why neither the owner nor the person who threw it has tried to get it back” Nina talked back. “Given what this locket can do and how much strength is necessary to throw it through the stone it should be no problem for either of them to take it away from a normal human.”

“In my opinion the owner is an alien” Sarah said. “He or she threw it into this cave for some reason while staying on Earth and now is back on his or her home planet again and not bothering at all what will become of the locket.”

“But … won’t the owner miss …?” Nina questioned her.

“Obviously he or she comes from a much more developed culture than we do. So for him or her the loss might be the same as if I lost my mobile or my favourite earrings somewhere in Asia – not very nice but it would be cheaper to buy new ones than going there to look for them.”

“I think you’re right, lovey” Derek agreed with her. “For the owner this might be comparable – and Tania won’t mean a danger for him or her, either, because he or she is strong enough to defend against her, has got a new and better locket now or is too far away – or all of these things. Nevertheless, Tania is a big problem for us. And I haven’t got a solution in my mind”

“Well, there have been some stories about an evil Supergirl on the news” Nina stated. “And as soon as there is the next one I’ll go to the police and tell them who this ‘Badgirl’ is.”

“Be careful!” Sarah looked at her in fear. “She might notice it and kill you.”

“I don’t know any fear.”

The news about three murdered people in a luxurious hotel near London and a young girl being suspected was broadcasted on Sunday evening. Nina suspected her sister as soon as she read it on the web. She did not dare to call the police from her room because she was afraid Tania might hear her. So she told her parents she would go jogging for an hour and left the house.

When she was sure Tania was not nearby she called the police but she was not successful.

“Do you know that hoaxing the police is prohibited?” the policeman answered.

“I ‘m neither lying nor having my fun with you, officer. I know who the person is.”

“Listen, you might tell such stories to your little sister but don’t tell them to me!” He rang off brusquely and left an angry Nina.

To make things worse she suddenly saw Tania appear in the sky. She landed next to her sister and stared at her: “Did you call the police? Don’t lie.”

Nina tried to keep silent but was not able to defend her will against Tania’s hypnosis.

“I’ve told her not to do this!” Tania shouted. “You’re lucky I’m still hesitating to kill my sister but …”

Suddenly she grabbed one of the parked cars and pushed it at Nina. Tania’s sister was thrown to the ground at once.

“You will tell everybody you’ve had an accident and the driver has escaped” Tania commanded. Then with a quick move she took Nina’s mobile and squeezed it. “Otherwise I’ll have to kill you.” She flew away, leaving her injured sister alone.

Somehow Nina managed to stand up but when she tried to walk she fell down again. Luckily for her a young man saw her and called the ambulance.

She was taken to hospital where the doctors noticed her left leg and hand had been broken. They informed Nina’s parents and the police who asked her about the accident. Nina told them as Tania had ordered.

The police searched the place where the accident had happened and saw a car was damaged in a way it could have caused Nina’s accident. They made out the owner but he swore not to have driven his car that day.

An expert, who was called by the police, could just say the car might have caused Nina’s injuries but he could not tell it for sure.

“If no other person remembers the accident we won’t be able to do much” the Sergeant told the other policeman frustrated.

Tania called Sarah and told her she would kill everybody who told anybody about her being Badgirl. In Sarah’s case she would also kill Derek.

Sarah, worried about losing her boyfriend, did not tell anybody what she knew, although she was sure how her best friend’s accident had happened.

Sergeant Miller had laughed at Nina some minutes before the accident had happened. Now he felt sorry – and wondered why she refused to tell anything about the accident. He decided to inform the national police he had been told by a girl she knew the super-villainess.

Scotland Yard was already starting the next step: An inspector who had spent some months in the U.S. knew there was some help for the police the United Kingdom lacked.

This help consisted in a single man: Superman, the Man of Steel.

Although he had no idea who this super-villainess might be he flew across the Atlantic Ocean at once and searched the hotel where Tania had murdered two men and a woman the day before. The police doctor told him all three persons were injured as if they had been attacked by a super-powered person.

With his microscopic vision Superman found out somebody had left the hotel flying but the trace was not strong enough for him to follow.

He flew to the town where a girl had said she knew Badgirl. Having got a proper description from the hotel staff he decided to hide in a big tree and from there to scan all female pupils of the upper forms of the local comprehensive school. Soon he made out Tania but did not attack her at once – she might take some other pupils hostages if he did.

So he flew to the police, asked for the person who had claimed to know Badgirl, got her name and visited Nina in the hospital instead. The girl was quite surprised at seeing the famous super-hero. First she told him the same lies she had told the police.

“Listen, I understand you’re afraid of a super-villainess. But the only way you have to get rid of her is telling me. I can fight and defeat her and I doubt whether any humans can.”

First halting in, then faster and faster Nina told him everything: How she had found the locket, how Tania probably had robbed it and what she obviously had done.

“Do you know where I can get your sister alone?” he asked.

Nina thought. “Well, after school ends, at half past two, she will be alone at home – that is her boyfriend, who is not super-powered but as much a terrible bully as she is, might be with her.”

“Ok, thank you very much!”

He stayed in the hospital for some time, telling Nina some things about his adventures. In the afternoon he flew to Nina’s parents’ house and saw Tania coming home from upside. She kissed Kevin goodbye, not looking into the air. She wanted to fly to ‘her’ weekend house to decide what to buy or steal during the week but to Kevin she told she had to help her parents with some things and then a motorbike lesson.

As soon as Kevin had gone away some steps Superman went down in an instant. “Now the moment of truth has come, Badgirl!” he murmured.

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