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Tania had not noticed Superman approaching before he had nearly reached her.

“I know who you are, Badgirl. And I know what you’ve done. You better come with me without making me fight you.”

Tania did not know how to react. Although she was many thousand times stronger than an ordinary human being she doubted whether her strength came near Superman’s level.

He accelerated once again, preparing to attack her, but five or six metres away from her he suddenly fell down to the ground.

Tania first wondered but then she noticed the green gems on her bracelets were shining. Now she understood: They were not emeralds as she had thought, they consisted of kryptonite!

Tania smiled, happy about this. She went over to the Man of Steel, who was lying on the ground and slammed him in his face with all her might. He …

She then did a karate chop, which, unlike it was the case with human beings, did not separate his head from his body but clearly hurt him and left him unconscious. Then she kicked him into the stomach, sending him more than a hundred metres along the street in the act.

He had some troubles to stand up but after he managed it he could lift up into the air, too. Tania eventually noticed her mistake: By her kick he had got out of the influence of the kryptonite and so regained enough power to fly. She took off, too and followed him. The distance between them remained more or less the same, at least neither he was gaining enough distance to escape nor was she getting near enough to bring him under the influence of her kryptonite bracelets again. They had already left Britain and Ireland behind them and were above the Atlantic Ocean when he suddenly accelerated. Tania tried to do the same thing but found out she could not. Soon she could only see him as a point and some moments later he had disappeared from her eyesight.

She flew back, disappointed with the fact she had let him escape. It was clear to her that his strength was still on a much higher level than hers, at least as long as he was out of the influence of kryptonite. While she was wearing her bracelets, however, there was no reason to be afraid.

Looking down at herself she noticed her school uniform had been torn completely. Well, this was not really a big problem. She flew to her weekend-house, changed there and took some money with her and flew back to her town at subsonic speed.

In the clothes shop she found some school uniforms of her size but after trying on the second set she noticed her bosom was so big and her waist so slender compared to her hips and thighs she needed a custom-tailored version.

She bought a set of school uniform which was just wide enough not to be torn away by her bosom and then looked for a tailor on her smartphone.

The man, a Pakistani, measured her at once but told her it would take him three days to adopt the blouse, the skirt and the jacket.

She stared into his eyes and as always since her enhancement Tania’s beauty together with her hypnotic powers reached their aim: The man promised her to do it at once and to be ready two hours later.

Listening to the radio and searching her computer for the news Tania was relieved at finding nothing about Superman having been to her town or Badgirl appearing in a school uniform of the local comprehensive school. Now she had only to care about destroying the links from the Badgirl in the news to herself.

Her sister would not mean any problem as long as she was in hospital. During this time killing Nina would draw more attention than it would be useful. Sarah and Derek might have a deadly accident while they were on their way but as long as they were keeping silent it was not necessary to kill them, either – and they had damn good reasons not to tell a word to anybody as they knew Tania’s threat to kill both of them if one of them told to much was serious.

The biggest danger, however, was the police. Once Scotland Yard knew for sure Tania was Badgirl they would inform the army, too and she could not be sure if she was immune to military weaponry.

On Tuesday after school Tania flew to the local police department, wearing her Badgirl costume.

The doorkeeper first did not want to let her enter. She crashed the door and took the man at his neck. This way she searched for the commander’s office.

“What … what do you want?” The commander asked, shocked at seeing the pretty girl holding one of his men with one hand.

“Tell your entire staff to come here!” Tania commanded, hypnotizing the director. He resisted for some seconds but then obeyed.

One minute later the entire staff was in their commander’s office. Tania smiled at seeing most of the men were having an erection because of her unearthly beauty. “Listen!” she told them. “Some of you might know me but they won’t tell it anybody nor try to do anything against me. If any of you disobeys I will do to him or her the same thing I’m doing now to this man who did not let me enter.” She beheaded the doorkeeper by a karate-chop. At once one of the women took her pistol and shot at Tania. Two bullets bounced back harmlessly. Then Tania grabbed the woman with her left hand, lifted her high into the air and slammed her face with her right hand.

When she let her victim fall down blood started to spray from the policewoman’s head like water from a fountain. There was no doubt she was dead.

“Now you see what your playthings can do against me and what I can do against you. Any action the Royal police or army starts against me will mean the deaths of all persons who take part at it and of two of you if I can’t identify the person who has informed Scotland Yard or the Army. Understood?”

All the cops nodded, most men and some women caught by her beauty, some by her hypnosis and everybody by her demonstration of power and cold blood.

“So remember” Tania finished her speech. “Badgirl doesn’t live in this town. You’ve never seen or got to know her and you’ll never try to fight her. If you obey, I’ll let you survive. If you cause trouble, well, there might be a tablet reminding of your heroic deeds if you’re lucky.”

She left the office and the police department.

The next week Badgirl did not appear anywhere on TV or radio. In the local news there was not even a report the police department had been attacked and two officers killed. Tania went to school, visited her martial-arts-training where she managed to get her new powers under control, on Thursday passed her motor-bike test and on Friday afternoon bought a motorbike. She could not imagine any more that some months ago riding her own motorbike had been her biggest dream. Now sitting on her bike and riding it through the town and the region was nothing compared to what she had done and experienced in her identity as Badgirl. Nevertheless she enjoyed the motorbike tour with Kevin on Saturday and the night with him after it.

On Sunday evening she could not control her libido any more after she had done it for one whole week. She flew to Glasgow, met a young student in a discotheque, went to his apartment with him and had sex with him after he was dead and she satisfied enough to start a new week.

Until Thursday she really behaved like a normal schoolgirl, apart from the fact that she spent a little more money, given her nearly unlimited supply. On Thursday, unlike it had been the case before, she was not the attacker herself: She was on her way to her weekend house when her right arm suddenly started to feel uncomfortably warm. She looked right and saw Supergirl, who, from a distance enough to be outside the effects of Tania’s kryptonite bracelets, was firing her heat-vision at her. Before Tania could think how to react she felt, apart from the pain, that her bracelet was loosening.

She managed to undo it with her left hand before it would have fallen to the ground. Supergirl, seeing this, aimed a new burst of heat-vision onto Tania’s left hand.

Tania could not remember when she, even before her enhancement, had felt such a big pain but she forced herself to think clearly and act as it was necessary. She grabbed the bracelet with her right hand and threw it at the attacker as hard as she could.

Supergirl was too busy firing heat-vision to look properly what Tania was doing. She was got by the bracelet, which showed its effects at once: Supergirl fell down to the ground like a stone and so did the bracelet, near enough to her she could not fly up again.

Tania flew down, too. First she put the piece of jewellery, which was forming her most important weapon at that moment, back at her wrist, then she attacked Supergirl.

Tania only needed one hard, firm punch, enhanced by her super-powers, well-aimed thanks to her martial-arts-experience and more effective because of the kryptonite, to knock Supergirl down. Nevertheless she attacked again, kicking her left foot into Supergirl’s stomach and her right one into her opponent’s face. After this she did a karate chop, one of the kind she had separated her human opponents’ heads from their bodies with. This time she failed to do this: Supergirl was weakened by the kryptonite and therefore helpless against Tania but nevertheless her invulnerability seemed to stay intact. Tania changed her tactic and started trying to strangulate Supergirl.

While she was choking the blonde Kryptonian she suddenly noticed a thin golden thread from Supergirl’s body to hers. When she strengthened the grip this thread was becoming thicker and Supergirl’s bosoms and muscles seemed to decrease.

Tania kept on strangling for some minutes until Supergirl’s body had become nearly completely white and her dress, which had been skintight at the beginning of the fight, was hanging loosely from her deformed body. Then the golden thread which had become a veritable ray during the strangulation disappeared, too.

Tania looked at Supergirl: Not only her skin had become as white as a wall but even her lips had lost their red colour and her eyes, which had been shining blue and formed dangerous weapons before, had lost all their glamour now.

Fumbling Supergirl’s heart and throat Tania could not feel any kind of beat – but she did not know whether Kryptonians had a palpable heartbeat.

She stabbed into Supergirl’s skin with her fingernails and saw it was absolutely no problem, although no blood came out of the Girl of Steel’s body. Tania turned Supergirl’s neck round and did another karate chop; this time she managed to separate Kara’s head from her body.

Looking at Supergirl’s corpse she decided to take her dress, cape and boots. Surely they were far harder and more durable than anything she would be able to get on Earth. “Now you’re dead you won’t need these things any more” she whispered. She changed clothes in the wilderness and took the ones she had worn before the fight to her weekend-house. There she paused a little.

‘Obviously Supergirl’s skin has become softer’ she told herself. ‘And what was this golden ray? Are the golden parts of my bracelets made of kryptonite, too? Have they transferred Supergirl’s powers into my body?’

She left the house to try to answer this question. What was the difference between Kryptonian powers and the ones she possessed?

Obviously Superman was and Supergirl had been way stronger and faster than her. They also had heat-vision, could fly without any run-up and float in the air without moving.

Tania tried to lift up vertically. First she failed but after her third intent she managed it. She also found out she could stand in the air if she concentrated well on what she was doing. She screamed in pleasure.

She calculated using her heat-vision would be a question of concentration, too. She approached a rocky hill, fixed a big rock with her eyes and really two beams came out which melted the bigger part of the rock. It would be quite a hard piece of work, however, to get her heat-vision under control in a way that would be enough to use it properly.

She then flew to Glasgow and from there to London and noticed she could get from the North to the South of Britain in only some seconds.

“I’ve not only defeated Supergirl, I am Supergirl myself now!” she screamed. She was feeling the urge to celebrate her victory but …

‘No buts!’ She told herself. There was absolutely no reason to have any regards. With Supergirl defeated and her powers transferred to herself there was nobody and nothing able to withstand her. If Superman tried he would be killed just as his cousin, just easier because now Tania had heat-vision, too and was immune to kryptonite while he was not. And if not for him there was nothing that could harm her. Any person who tried would be killed by her. To make things even better there was a link from Badgirl to Tania Ferguson, not from Supergirl.

Tania landed near a bank which was already closed. She smashed the door and started searching for the vaults which she found soon. Even the vault door was no match for her superstrength. The only problem might be how to transport all the money.

While she was still thinking the police came down. “Come outside with your hands up!” a policeman shouted. Tania came out and eventually released her heat-vision. The dose was enough to burn him to a pile of ash in an instant and even to hurt the man who was standing behind him.

The four others, strong men in protective suits armed with machineguns, started to fire at once. Tania let two round of bullets bounce back from her body, enjoying the ones that got her bosoms, before she reacted. Her fist went through one officer’s body like a knife through warm butter. Two of the three others were killed by the ricochets when they started to shoot Tania again with their protective suits, unlike Tania’s skin, not being strong enough to keep them safe against so many bullets from such a short distance. For the last man Tania tried something new: She inhaled deeply and blew him a kiss. Her super-breath pressed him deeply against a vault door, one that offered no resistance to Tania but was much too hard to let the man any chance to survive.

Now Tania found a solution, too: She took a policeman’s jacket and reformed it by ultra-high pressure into a big pocket, which she filled with bank notes.

She left the bank looking for an exclusive clothes shop where she bought a red dress to pull it over Supergirl’s dress. As this dress was matching the red boots of the super-costume she kept them on.

From there she went to look for an expensive restaurant where she had dinner and a bottle of wine. Some men tried to invite her; she refused two of them and followed the third one into his flat. Needless to say this man was as unlucky as any other man (except for Kevin, who had no idea how privileged he was) who had slept with Badgirl. At least he, as all the others, died in the arms of the prettiest girl he had seen in his life.

On her way home Tania thought her heat-vision might be a way to kill her sister and any other people who knew her true identity without drawing too much attention: She would just have to fire it from a place where she was not seen at that very moment; when something caught fire the reason had not to be supernatural and she would be away before the humans could notice anything.

But first things first: On Friday afternoon Tania flew across the Ocean to practise her heat-vision there. Really she soon reached a level that allowed her to release just enough of it to fry a bird which was flying in front of her if she did not want to do more, but also made it possible to erase big rocks or even small islands from existence.

In this case it should not be a problem to fry Nina, Sarah and Derek altogether, Tania thought, content with herself.

The only reason she did not do it was she did at that moment not see any sense in doing it as long as nobody of them dared to tell anybody else who she was.

So after a night with Kevin Tania decided to use the Saturday to look for an adequate place to stay: Supergirl, or better Super-Badgirl, should live in a magnificent palace in her opinion.

Circling over the European continent she found a place she wanted in the South of France. She quickly found out only an old caretaker lived in the castle. It seemed to be neither open for tourists nor regularly used by its owners.

It took Tania just two seconds to burn down the poor man and to take his keys. At once she started searching her new home and a wall in the second floor which seemed to consist of crystal drew her special attention.

She was able to open the door in this wall. What she found behind surprised her: It was a much bigger, much more splendid version of her own room. The wardrobe, the position of the bed and dressing table and the shelves, even the books and the phials on the dressing table were put in more or less the same order as hers at home were, just everything somewhat bigger and more precious. Was it possible the landlady or her daughter had really the same taste as she had?

“Do you like what you see?” a voice said from upstairs.

Tania looked around but even with her enhanced vision she did not recognize a loudspeaker or anything like this.

“We’ve just thought you might like to put a little make up on, one which holds on your new skin. And some indestructible dresses could be your cup of tea, too, couldn’t they?

“Thank you very much – but … who are you?” Tania shouted.

“There are just three things you haven’t got at your home. In the red phial on the right there’s a crème which can give your face a darker tune and a white one that can make it brighter. In the blue bottle there’s a liquid that can lengthen your hair or make it curlier if you want while the substance in the grey bottle gives you back your normal appearance. Well, there are even more nice things but it says on the bottles what they’re good for. – Oh, just one thing: When you drink from the bottle on the left side you will become invisible. When you put some of the drink on your hands and your forehead you’ll become visible again.”

“WHO ARE YOU?” Tania shouted.

“Oh, don’t shout, nice girl! Nobody will hear you. As long as you work for us we won’t harm you.”

“But …”

“You’re the strongest being on Earth, but not in the universe. But don’t worry: Here on Earth you’re allowed to do what you want.”

“And if I …”

“You can destroy this room, too” the voice answered before Tania had finished her question. “But the only thing you would reach would be not having this nice room with all these things anymore. I’m nowhere near here.” As if to confirm what it had said the voice suddenly went on from underneath. “Once again: Do here, what you want. Relax here, change clothes, even order new clothes and jewellery – you will find them here the next time you come. Have sex here as often as you want, listen to the music you want.” Suddenly Tania’s favourite song started from somewhere. “Even kill any human being you want. To us this is all the same.”

“Then … what do you want?” She asked confused.

“Well, you may do what you want with Earthlings but you’ll get no more information about us. You will do what we want you to do without any possibility for you to deny – indeed without us having to tell you anything. This room and this palace are yours and you are ours. Isn’t this a good deal for you?”

Tania did not answer.

“Well, you might accept this palace or not but you can’t change your position before us” the voice answered. “Have a nice day.”

Tania stood in the middle of the room, not moving for quite some time. Then she decided she would accept: She varnished her nails, then lengthened her hair just a little and then she tried the invisibility liquid. Really she could only see some contours of herself in the mirror and even this only after using her microscopic vision.

Invisible! Then …

Immediately she left the palace and flew back to the North of England. In her home town she headed for the hospital. On her way there she passed the house of Sarah’s parents. Sarah and Derek were sitting in the garden. Tania went down and released two bunches of her heat-vision. Really she managed to dose it so exactly that the hedge, the lawn and the banks seemed to have stayed the same but the two teenagers were gone. Only a little black spot and some ash remained as signs of the murder.

Tania massaged her breasts, content with herself. After some seconds she lifted up and flew to the hospital only to see a hole was made in the wall and Nina was gone. She scanned the sky with her telescopic vision and noticed a red and blue point. She followed it and even came near enough to recognize Superman with her sister in his arms but suddenly he had disappeared.

Tania was angry and decided to punish one or two members of the hospital staff.

“What …?”

“Just a moment!” A big iron door swung open and Superman flew in. Then he set Nina down onto the floor. “Here your sister can’t see us. I’ll just have to take you to a little chamber where there is enough breathable air for you.” He carried her into one.

“But … won’t …”

“This is the only possibility, believe me! Here you’ll survive and even heal faster than on Earth.” He lifted three fingers of his right hand into the air, pressed his thumb against his little finger and stretched his left hand to her with the little finger splayed out. “Be prepared!”

“You’re …” He nodded.

Nina did the same gesture and put her left hand into his. “Always prepared! – I thank you so much, Sup – Super-comrade!”

“Maybe you’ll have the possibility to return me this little favour, comrade!” He turned around. He felt tears coming because he was thinking of Kara again. Comrade or not, this girl should not see Superman crying. At least he had managed to collect and bury his cousin’s body and to save Nina , who was in danger to life, especially after he had seen Sarah and Derek die.

A woman with a pair of wings on her back entered the room.

“Hi Clark” she greeted Superman. “Have you been successful?”

He shook his head: “Obviously this super-murderer gets some help from a source nobody knows. She can make herself nearly invisible, even to my eyes, and she has killed the next two persons. The girl you see here is the only one I’ve managed to rescue. May I present: Nina – Shayera.”

The winged woman shook Nina’s hand.

“Welcome here, Nina!” a male voice said. The speaker appeared from behind the corner in the next moment. He was tall, taller than Superman, and he had wings on his back like the woman. “And welcome to you, too, Clark! As far as it seems we might be happy she hasn’t managed to hurt you.”

The man presented himself as Katar and shake Nina’s hand, too.

“But if you’re right, Clark, I don’t know what we shall do. You’re the strongest one of us and if she’s got all your, or rather Kara’s abilities without your weaknesses, there’s nothing we can do.”

“She might even be stronger than me now” Superman added. “She had some super-powers before. They might have been added or even multiplied. Maybe this girl, Nina, knows some personal weaknesses we could utilise.” He hid his face behind his hands.

“Don’t be ashamed, Clark!” Shayera said, putting her hand onto his shoulder. “You would have to if you did NOT cry in your situation.” She embraced him.

“Thank you, Shayera! But the problem is the same. We can’t stop her, but we can’t let her act, either.”

“If we all act together, perhaps we can, Clark” Katar hoped. “But we’ll have to wait until all members of the Justice League are here. Perhaps somebody has got another idea.”

“Maybe. But I’ve got another idea. Just while I was spying this Badgirl it came into my mind. I strongly suppose where she has got her powers from” Superman suggested.

“The … the locket?” Nina interrupted.

“Exactly. If I’m right I know its owner.”

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