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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 04

Written by Monty :: [Saturday, 14 March 2015 00:01] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2016 11:54]

Emma had soaked herself in the shower for several minutes before reaching for Sarah’s bottle of shampoo.

She ran it through her cropped blonde hair. Almost immediately her golden locks lengthened down her back! She was too stunned to say anything, but thought ‘WOW … What is this stuff? Every part of her slim body she carressed with the shampoo, made her feel more and more vibrant. Alive even. Her body was tingling where ever she rubbed the shampoo into her skin. Taking another two handfuls she rubbed her gel-coated fingers against her small nipples. She loved doing this at home in the shower, but this was something else! She picked up the bottle again and looked at it curiously, it was the same stuff she used at home, but Sarah’s bottle of shampoo seemed to be moving inside the bottle, as if it was alive … she took two large amounts in her hands and tweaked her nipples even harder.

WOOOOAAAAHHHH.” she exclaimed as the gel rushed through the most intimate part of her body.

Seconds later, the shower-room door burst open, nearly coming off it’s hinges!

‘EMMA! What are you doing?”

Sarah!” as she slapped her gel-covered hands over her perky boobs to protect her modesty.

I’m taking my morning shower! What the hell are you doing bursting in here like that!

The word ‘Bursting’ couldn’t be a more appropriate term to what was about to happen to Emma … she felt a low rumble in her chest as her boobs started pushing out into her cupped hands, the gel continuing to enhance her body at every turn.

“What the …” she looked down as her boobs surged forward against those hands, still trying to protect her modesty from her sister. Refusing to remove her hands in front of her, her breasts continued their surge into the gel.

Sarah looked on at Emma in profile in the cubicle watching her little sister become not-so-little anymore.

Eventually, in sheer panic at the thought her chest was going to bust from her captive, gel-covered hands anyway, she removed her palms and looked down in dumbstruck awe.

“How much gel have you used Emma!”

Emmm … emmm … only about a third of the bottle?” Emma glanced at the bottle ‘... that’s strange … I was sure I had used … '


Sarah was more annoyed at herself than at her kid sister. It was she who had forgotten about leaving the gel out, and she had to admit, Emms looked stunning with long blonde hair, her lithe, toned figure and much larger boobs on her slender frame.

“What? Is this why the handle was turned all the way to max. this morning? …

This stuff does something else, doesn’t it?”


Emma, being at the adolescent age of an enquiring mind and not liking being told what to do, reached for the temperature handle and turned it up to full blast!

The glazed shower room turned a deep crimson!

WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH!' Exclaimed Emma as her body reacted with the boiling water and the Energized! Gel.

In the glowing red, steam-encased cubicle, all Sarah could make out was Emma’s two palms pushed against the glass. She was now watching a re-enactment of her own transformation in her little sister. It was strange to see it from the other side. There was nothing Sarah could do but watch and wait for Emma to come out of her reverie and for the red steam to clear. Had it been all red like that inside the cubicle during her own transformation? She wasn’t sure it had been …

A petite seventeen year old had stepped into the shower that morning. Twenty minutes later, as the steam cleared, the shower door opened to reveal a seventeen year old powerhouse with long blond hair, a fully toned body and huge, full boobs that sat proudly on her chest.

Sarah could see Emms still had the lithe, ripe body of a seventeen year old, but she knew it now contained Power, Power that she thought even her little sister was unaware of.

Emma’s hand reached up through her wet, long blonde hair in a daze. What was with all this energy she could feel coursing through her?

“Are you ok, Emms?”

“I think so … just a little freaked out!”

“Listen, I have to like, check something...”

Sarah reached for her broken towel rail on the windowsill.


She handed the collapsed “N” shape steel rail to Emma.

“Can you fix this for me?”

“Hah sis! You’re kidding, right?”

Just try it Emms!”

“Um, ok … … here goes nothing …”

Nothing is what it took, SCREEEEECH! Came the sound of the solid steel bar as with no effort she easily straightened it out flat!

WOW! How had she done that? … … things begin to click into place for Emma … …”yo … you … you’re the girl that stopped the train in town … … and that bank robbe … it was ALL YOU!

Sarah looked knowingly at Emma. It was time. She slowly pushed her feet from the ground and raised herself into the air. Hands on hips, she looked down at Emma “We’re gonna have to have a sister talk.”

“Nnnnnooo waayyyyy … nnnnntttthhh.” THUD! Emma had fainted to the floor.


Sitting with a large glass of cool water in front of CNN that morning, Emma watched her sister blowing out the remainder of the forest fires. Endless re-runs on television throughout the night had turned Sarah into a global phenomenon.

“We keep this to ourselves, you got that? No telling mum and dad when you get home, ok?”

Sure thing, sis … hey, can I shower with that stuff again? That was awesome earlier!”

Emma reached for the bottle in Sarah’s hand, but it was pulled away from her clutching grasp

No way sis! One shot only – One shot is all you need! I’m in control of my gel.”

“HMMMPH!” retorted Emma, folding her arms over her enlarged boobs.

Sarah went on to explain to an enraptured Emma about the accident with the radiation condenser at work, how they had been locked out the lab for over three hours, leaving the condenser to send an endless stream of energy into her shopping bag and shower gel, and, of course, all the amazing things she could now do.

“And now you too Emms, not on the same scale, but you should find things pretty amazing from here on in.”

“Can’t wait for school on Monday, sis! I can show off this great new body, all the boys in class are gonna love it!”

Sarah smiled, as long as Emma stayed within her usual boundaries, she’d be fine …

That night the sisters hit the clubs and bars in town. Emma had no problem passing herself as over 21, and what doorman would be dumb enough to block entrance to the dark-haired beauty showing the large cleavage in the tiny black sheer strapless top?

Sarah and Emma were constantly hit on in the bars, but they laughed off the advances of guys who didn’t realise they were playing with fire … and were likely to get more than their fingers burnt with the two stunners they were buying endless drinks for.

Outside the club at the end of the night, two men dressed in business suit attire approached Sarah and Emma, who they had been buying rounds for all night. It had been an expensive few hours in their attempt to get the girls drunk.

“Hi girls … our place for the night, is it?” one of the men stated, more than asked, eyeing up the ravishing dark-haired beauty in the small black dress. He imagined her dressed up in the black dominatrix outfit he had back in his apartment.

‘Wow!’ she would be amazing in his chains and leather outfit tonight’


If only Sarah could imagine what he was thinking to himself. If only he could imagine what she was capable of … no amount of any chains could stop Sarah from breaking free, whether it was little silver trinket chains, steel handcuffs or large thick heavy chains designed to anchor thousands of tonnes worth of super carriers and their loads to the ocean floor.

“Errr … I don’t think so, sorry guys.” replied Sarah.

“C’mon Emms, let’s go.”

We don’t think so,.” said the other suited man in a menacing tone, “all that money we’ve spent on both of you this evening … I think you’re spending the night with us.”

Sarah and Emma both turned to each other and started giggling uncontrollably, the effects of those bourbon shots starting to take effect.

What are the two hot chicks laughing at? Didn’t they know they were deadly serious?

The two businessmen strode towards Sarah and Emma.

Hands on hips, the sisters both looked at each other smiling.

‘What are the girls grinning at?’  the guys both thought simultaneously.

One, Two, Three!” the girls heads bobbed in unison at each other as Sarah and Emma read each others lips. They turned their heads towards their would-be attackers, as both sisters took a massive breath, swelling their chests ‘aaannddd BBBBLLLLOOOOW!

Their bourbon-laced breath raced from their tipsy mouths in a topsy-turvy, drunken fashion and carried each man wildly from side to side, both ending up lying side by side next to alleyway dumpsters. Both girls ran off giggling arm-in-arm, teetering on their high heels.

Residents nearby would later report a loud ‘RRRROOOOAAAAR.” of a twin jet commercial aircraft climaxing for take off at the start of a runway as windows were rattled in the neighbourhood. Then, as abruptly as it had started, the loud roaring ceased.

A little drunk, they returned home. Emma wobbled towards the sofa-bed.

Sarah called to her sister from the bedroom door ‘pssst! Emms! You can sleep in here tonight!”

‘Hhhhhhmmmm … ’ Emma sighed as she snuggled her face into Sarah’s Super Bosoms as Sarah held her in her superstrong arms, safe in the knowledge that she couldn’t hurt her little sister. The two most powerful people on the planet dozed off holding each other in their arms.


The next afternoon, Emma raised her bag onto her shoulder.

“Thanks for the most amazing weekend ever, sis!” as both girls gave each other a super-hug. A hug from each other that would shatter bones on any other person.

“You know where the station is in town, right?”

“Yeah, I can look round town for a bit, my train’s not till three.”

Emma was on the concourse at the station staring at the worn, dark tread marks between the tracks where her big sister had stopped the train with her incredible powers, ‘OUR incredible powers’ she corrected herself with a smile.

She glanced up at the clock, a quarter past two. Nearly an hour to wait for this slow-coach train and another boring three hours stuck in a carriage … Emma had an idea. ‘This will be great!’ she thought to herself.

After Emma left the apartment, Sarah thought ‘better phone mum … to prepare her’

“Hi mum.”

“… Yes, she’s fine.”

“… She left 10 minutes ago for the station.”

“… Of course she can get to the station herself! She’s a big girl now! She can take care of herself!”

“… Yeah, she should be home by half-six.”

“Listen, mum … you might notice some changes in Emma.”

“… Yeah, she has calmed down, she’s fine, I meant other changes …”

They chatted on the phone for another twenty minutes about Emma, with Sarah trying to avoid bringing up her younger sibling’s new powers.

“Hang on dear, there’s someone at the door.” said her mum placing the receiver down on the hallway table. Sarah could hear some commotion in the background. What was going on?

“Hi Sis!” came the voice from the other end of the phone.

“EMMA! What the hell are you doing there?”

Emma shrugged, her new larger chest bouncing as her mum stared in disbelief at her blonde bombshell daughter with the long hair and the big boobs.

I got bored waiting for the train, so I ran home at super speed … These new powers are awesome!” she whispered down the phone.

“So right away you’re blowing your cover, how are you gonna explain this to mum?”

Emma whispered, “I’ll just tell mom I caught an earlier train home.”

Anyway, I thought all the blowing was done last night, Sis!” whispered Emma.

The sisters started giggling over the phone.

Putting the phone down from her hovering position, Sarah rolled her eyes, ‘Unbelievable! My kid sister’s first day with her new powers!’ although Sarah surmised she would have done the same thing.


Monday morning, Emma was running late for school again.

“Come on Emma!” chastised her mother “It’s five to nine … you’re late again!”

Her teenage daughter hadn’t even fixed her hair yet … ’that hair … where had that come from?’

“It’s alright mom, I can handle it!”

“Well I can’t! The school principal will be on the phone to me again this morning after you wander in an hour late yet again!”

“It’s alright mom, I’ll sort it.”

A peck on the cheek in the hallway and she was out the door. Sighing, Emma's mum returned to the kitchen awaiting the dreaded phone call. Running to the door her mother called down the long street. “Emma! You’ve forgotten your lu …” she was gone. She returned to the kitchen awaiting a phone call that strangely never came.

“… nch!” Emma came to an abrupt halt outside the school gates. Her newly Energized limbs had driven her the four miles across town in seconds! ‘One minute to nine! … school is gonna rock!’

She was loving all the attention from her classmates, boys and girls. Boys stopped chatting in the corridor and stared amazed at the long blonde haired big boobed goddess who strolled past the lockers.

“Is that a new supply teacher? God, I hope I get her class!”

A smack! On the back of his turned head came from a rolled-up magazine

“She’s one of us, dufus … she’s in uniform.”

“Oh, wow!”

Even the cheerleaders in senior year above ogled at her!

Emma was in her element!

First class of the day, maths. Emma would time her entrance just right …

Morning class!, Is that everyone in? Everyone seated, good!” If you’d like to open your books at page … the door handle turned, all eyes turned to greet the long-haired blonde with the huge rack pushing out against her white blouse. A few buttons had been undone from the top of her blouse to draw attention to her Energized chest. Emma sat down at the front of the class, elbows on desk, hands cupping her cheeks and chin, large cleavage showing as her eyes stared into the eyes of her teacher.

“N … nnn … n … n … now, where were we? … If you’d like to open your boobs a …” … the class erupted in laughter. Emma just smiled.

By near lunchtime, she’d become bored with class. Looking out at the perfect sunny day, and she was stuck behind a desk with all this superstrength and speed. Crummy school lessons were beginning to mean nothing to her after her Power Shower at Sarah’s. She could do anything!

During lunch, she decided she’d had enough for the day. Venice Beach was only 30 miles away on the Interstate Exchange! She paused at the edge of the school car park and blurred away at superspeed through the school gates.

Ninety seconds later. A large rooster of sand tore up from the beach as Emma tore down it. Unlike Sarah, discreetness wasn’t Emma’s forte. Why should she care if the boys on the beach saw a young blonde busty babe instantaneously appear at a sudden stop before their eyes at their weight machines? Anyway, she was going to show them how to lift some REAL weight …

The next day at school, Mr. Mitchell pulled her to one side. Emma let his arm guide her to the side of the corridor.

“Why didn’t you return for fourth period after lunch, young lady?”

‘Just great’ she sighed. Mitchell was a real stickler for discipline

“Errrm … I wasn’t feeling very well, so I went home for the day.”

“And you couldn’t inform a member of staff before you left? … No? … Do you have a sick note? … No? … Not good enough, young lady! Double detention this Friday afternoon!”

‘We’ll see about that’ thought Emma to herself ...

Two hours after school, Mitchell sat by his seventh floor window marking up his class papers.

Emma burst through the large iron school gates leaving them in a twisted mangled mess on the ground. They hadn’t slowed her onrushing approach one iota. She came to a sudden stop in the car park.

“Twenty seconds!” she exclaimed proudly “I’m getting better at this!”

She looked at Mitchell’s crappy old green Mercedes Benz in the car park.

Double detention, eh?’ as she grabbed the underside of the only remaining car in the car park and swung it round like a hammer thrower with a shot putt in front of her. Despite the old vehicle weighing over a ton, the leverage was definitely in her favour. She let go at the optimum moment and the car easily soared high into the sky at a phenomenal rate. Mitchell heard a whoosh! outside and turned to see a streaking blur of green shoot past his window … was that his … car?

Don’t be daft, Charles’ he murmured to himself as he returned to his papers.

He thought he heard a female voice outside, he wasn’t sure …

“Double detention my ass!” mocked Emma towards the seventh floor window as she grabbed her little bubble butt.

More likely Double D’s for these beauties!” she called out as she ran her hands up to try and cusp her amazing new boobs. With that she put on a burst of superspeed just as Mitchell was rising towards the window. He looked out onto an empty car park. His prized possession had been stolen! His collector’s edition 1950’s Mercedes-Benz pride and joy was gone! Five seconds later there was an almighty CRASH! above him. Something had hit the school roof …

Four hours later, an industrial generator churned away under the spotlights in the car park. An eighty foot crane was placed on large support legs and pads to counterbalance the extreme weight it was lifting from the roof.

The hard-hatted deputy head turned to Mitchell,

“How did this happen, Charles?”

“I’ve absolutely no idea, James!” answered an incredulous Mitchell, scratching his head against his own hard hat.

‘Double detention my ass!’ thought Emma to herself.


Sarah was floating above her sofa, sat in her shower robe cross-legged after her recent shower in what was now a light cherry glowing shower cubicle. What was with that, anyway? Ever since her sister’s accidental transformation, the cubicle glass had been left with a faint red smearing.

She was browsing her hometown’s news website. Every other news website on the net it seemed, was fixated with the young superwoman who had made several appearances now at times of trauma to rescue the situation. Anyway, it was good to catch up with news at home. ‘What was this?' … a story about South Pasadena High, her old school. A picture showed a crane lifting a car down from the twelve storey high roof, she even recognised two of her old teachers.

"Hmmm ... my old school, Emm’s current school ..." It didn’t take rocket science to work it out. She would be having words with Emma later. She stretched out her powerful arms above her dark, flowing hair, her enlarged breasts (they had been behaving presumptuously towards her gel in the shower this evening) rose and pushed against the soft lapel of her dressing gown. The warm gown surrendered meekly, much like the heavy wrought iron of the front of the train had to her Super Bosoms. They forced their way through her tightly tied gown, the soft, cotton belt slackened, untied itself and fell to the ground below as did the gown itself. ‘Time for bed’ thought Sarah, ‘words will be had with Emms at the weekend’ as she slowly floated naked to her room


Sarah kept her distance from the family home on Saturday, floating high above. There were no signs of life in the house, no cars in the driveway which meant both her parents were out, and no signs of Emma, which meant she could be literally anywhere at the moment. Maybe she’d fly into Pas and try find her there …

Emma was bored sitting on the park bench in the city square. She’d already bent the steel railings of the bench without really thinking about it … ‘Bored! Bored! Bored!’ she thought as the iron bar screeched back and forth, back and forth. She’d used up her monthly allowance during the week, so she had no money left to go out and enjoy herself.

‘What was the point of all this fantastic power if she couldn’t go out enjoying herself when she had no money to spend?’ She saw the armoured security truck trundling around the square carrying cash towards the Bank of America a few blocks down.

‘Now there’s an idea!’ she thought, and sped off into the alley behind the bank.

As the truck approached the back alley, Emma stepped from the shadows, facing the large truck.

“Woah! who’s the young blonde babe?” asked Tom from behind the wheel.

“Dunno.” replied Pete, “but something doesn’t feel right “as he reached for his pistol.

As the truck approached, Emma squared herself up to the approaching frontage. She drew her arm back and clenched her petite fist.

“Check this out Pete!, she’s trying to square up to the truck!

Emma had never thrown a punch before in her life so didn’t know anything about technique or stance. It didn’t really matter that both were poor. What really mattered was the super strength in her Energized right arm. She just pushed out with her small right fist and drove and smashed it through the front grillage of the truck. The truck came to an abrupt halt from it’s 20 miles an hour run down the alley, throwing the two occupants forward out of their seats, smashing their heads against the steering wheel and dashboard

“Well, that was easy!” exclaimed Emma, as she withdrew her forearm from the grillage. The truck shifted slightly at an angle across the alleyway to make way for the withdrawal of her arm. She zipped round to the back doors. Right hand on her shapely hip, her left digits sunk in to the heavy armoured steel at the base of the doors. She could feel her fingers now tearing through the second and third layers of steel in the door frame. She pulled her hand upwards as all the layers of steel succumbed to her whim easily ripping half of the door right through the middle which now hung uselessly to the side by its mangled hinges. A light leap into the back of the truck showed her the rewards of her simple endeavours … sacks and sacks of wonderful cash! She would just grab as much as she could, clutch all the ‘heavy’ sacks against her chest and let her legs superspeed herself away from here. Easy!

“HEY!” exclaimed a loud, familiar voice.

… or maybe not …

aw naw, what was she doing here?’ Emma knew she was in big trouble now.

The last thing Sarah needed was to have her powers implicated in an armed robb … unarmed robbery. The front of the grillage testified to the fact that it had indeed been an “armed.” robbery. ‘Whatever’ thought Sarah, she didn’t have time for her little mental discussion as she sped into the back of the van. Easily pulling the large sacks from Emma’s clutches, she dragged the little miscreant out with one arm, threw her other arm skywards and shot into the air. Emma’s eyes were tightly closed as she felt herself accelerating at phenomenal speeds upwards. 15 seconds later, 50 feet above her parents’ back lawn, Sarah could feel her anger growing. She said those two words that strike fear into every adolescent.


She let her sister go. Emma fell, arms and legs spread out to the side like a free-falling parachutist and hit the lawn with a soft WHUMPH! Two large craters were now visible in the lawn where her two round, soft but very strong boobs had impacted before the rest of her did.

Sarah was losing it big-time! As she floated down the questioning began.

EMMA! - she knew her sister was angry when she was called by her full name – as Sarah’s feet touched the lawn.


“I’m S … S … S … Sorry S … S … Sarah. It’s … it’s these powers … in this body … its such a rush.” as she blinked up in the strong sunlight from her crouched position at Sarah’s folded arms, raised high across her huge windowed chest, legs akimbo, as she stared straight down, seething at Emma.

She wasn’t getting off that lightly.


“Um … I was given Double Detention for skipping class and I just … um … kind of reacted to the teacher who gave me it..”

“EMMS – she was calming down a little – YOU JUST CAN’T DO THESE THINGS! LOOK! Look, you … we … we’ve been given something amazing with my Energized Gel … We’re different from other people now..”

Sarah heard the car turning into the driveway out front and glanced down at her costume … it was time to go. Sarah pushed her feet from the ground. From twenty feet up, her arms still folded across her chest, she spoke down to Emma,

You’d better start growing up m’lady! … and by the way, you’re grounded for a month! I’ll be phoning mum and dad later.”

She raised one arm, glanced upwards and shot two thousand feet straight up in the sky. Emma blinked up at the disappearing speck in the blue heavens as she sat on the grass, both arms stretched out behind her on the grass. She turned her head as the patio doors opened.

'Just greatt she sighed ... my mom'

Hi dear, what are you doing sitting on the grass out here … and look at the state of the lawn there!” as she pointed down to the two large valleys side-by-side that had been indented in the greenery.

“And look at the state of your clothes!”

Emma quickly glanced down where her mum was pointing at her large bulges where two perfect grass-stained imprints fitted round her large boobs on her otherwise clean, white top. It made for quite a sight! Emma picked herself up and tried to brush the green stains off her top as her new boobs sproinged! up and down.

“Um … I’m going up to get changed, then.” said Emma, as she tried to squeeze embarrassingly past her mum in the patio door with her large green chest turned side-on towards her.

Clare looked at her cavernous lawn, back at her daughter’s grassy chest and back to the cavernous lawn again. She sighed and shook her head in bewilderment, she could never understand young girls and their ways these days …


That evening Sarah had the radio on in the shower, keeping tabs on any events happening in Pas.

and we have breaking news … police in Pasadena are inv …”

oh no’ thought Sarah,as she turned the radio up.

“… estigating an attempted armed robbery outside a local bank. Two security guards were taken to hospital with minor injuries. An armoured security vehicle has suffered extensive structural damage in the raid, but no money was stolen..”

Sarah listened closer …

Investigators have dismissed the mysterious young Superwoman from their immediate inquiries, but have yet to rule out any direct link with her...”

“Well jeez Emms, this is just great, thanks a lot!”

Sarah returned to her showering inferno, delighting in the warm massage from the foamy gel reacting with her body and the intense heat.

Mmmm …” she whispered to herself, “This stuff is amazing.” she whispered in a soft moan eyes tight shut … “hhhhmmm, Energize."  She didn’t see the bright flash in the cubicle with her eyes closed. All of a sudden the water wasn’t splashing off her bouncing breasts. In fact there was no water on her anywhere … she opened her eyes and spun round to face the empty shower cubicle where the water was flowing out the shower nozzle. She glanced down to see her large gaping cleavage window of her costume stretching out against her warm, dry skin!

Was this another amazing ability she had just discovered? Was there some inner link to discovering what this amazing, powerful gel could give her? She floated smiling towards her bed.

To be continued …

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