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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 06

Written by Monty :: [Tuesday, 24 March 2015 13:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2016 11:29]

Chapter Six

Tucson, AZ

Sarah leaned forward towards the mirror in her new dress. It had been literally ages since she had been on a date, and Mark at work certainly ticked all the right boxes.

‘Little Miss Tempestuous Emms can wait until tomorrow night’ she sighed …

Friday night is my night with Mark …’

The door bell rang and she collected her handbag, checking her phial of Energized! Gel was stashed safely within.

Mark stood astonished in the doorway at the sight of Sarah in the amber dress. NEVER in a million years could he have imagined escorting this wonderful, absurdly attractive young woman into town …

“So,where are we going?” Sarah inquired, taking Mark’s hand gently in hers.

Mark gulped, trying to loosen his tie from his neck “Ummm … maybe the cinema first, then into town for a few drinks later.”

“Sounds lovely.” purred Sarah leaning into Mark, her soft, warm breasts pushing incessantly against his arm.

The movie wasn’t up to much, as Sarah’s dark, flowing hair rested against Mark’s shoulder, her enhanced hearing detected the start of a commotion breaking out a few rows behind her, as well as the sound of various 'click, click, clicks' around the auditorium.

Alright! Drop your bag!” whispered the gang member menacingly to the lady next to him, his pistol poking into her side. Jez would have his own little private party before the rest of his gang joined in … something was going down.

I’m going to the ladies room.” whispered Sarah to Mark, “Be right back!” as she gave him a peck on the cheek and hurried up the darkened passageway.

Tonight would be easy pickings at the cinema for the gang as the real money rolled into town for a Friday night. The gang members sprouted from their seats, guns aloft.

Alright! Everyone’s purses and wallets … to the front … NOW!

Sarah rushed into the ladies for some privacyDamn, it’s too busy in here!'

She hurried into a cubicle, locking the door and reached for her handbag, pulling open the front of her dress to caress her large Energized! Orbs.

A low murmur could be heard from the centre cubicle, as girls applying make-up in the mirror turned to see a shimmering emerald light akin to the Aurora Borealis rise above the door frame …

The door burst open, and an invisible, invincible streak shot out through the room.

Distressed patrons hurriedly rushed forward with their jewelry, wallets and purses as guns were raised in command of the situation, Jake’s elder brother, Jez, smirked at the fluid easiness of it all … what had happened to Jake anyway? He’d vanished from the scene the last few days … nevermind, HE was in control of HIS gang here …

That was when the brunette angel appeared, suddenly hovering in front of the main screen.

Mark’s eyes nearly popped out his head at the beauty he saw before him!

Time to put those pea-shooters down boys … or else!” Sarah commanded in a husky tone, hands on floating hips.

Jez wasn’t convinced by the amazing appearance of the floating wonder woman …

Let her have it, boys!” as he started firing towards the raven haired Goddess.

BLAM! BLAM! BLAMBLAMBLAMBBLAM! Echoed the shots through the auditorium, as the audience dived for cover. Sarah merely rotated her body one hundred and and eighty degrees towards the barrage with indifference, the bullets that didn’t pierce the screen bounced away from her shimmering breasts.

A large inhale of superbreath into her rising lungs easily pulled the firing weapons from the gunmen’s grasp. Bullets that were flying at high speed towards their intended twin targets were suddenly diverted in an accelerating curve towards the source of the super inhalation …

Ewwww!” complained Sarah as she spat the bullets out to land with the weapons in the cinema’s dark pit below her. Security could now handle the situation … time for a sharp exit … and back to Mark …

“Mark! Are you ok? What’s happened!?”

Mark’s head rose above the seat in front of him, a makeshift parapet against the heavy gunfire.

“S … sh … she was here!”

“Who was here, Mark? … You’re talking gibberish!”

“Th … th … the Supergirl … she stopped a robbery … right here!”

Really? That sounds amazing! … are you ok?”

Yeah … yeah! Sorry Sarah, but she really was amazing …” as Mark gasped for air, Sarah tried to calm him down …

Mark walked her back to her apartment and they shared a passionate kiss on her steps …

Mark was momentarily distracted ‘… was that a small amount of metallic lead he could taste from her mouth? … don’t be daft, Mark’ he thought. ‘What was he thinking about when he was with this beautiful creature!’

Sarah had become pretty horny after her boobs had seen off the hail of bullets directed at her … another long, passionate kiss followed. Mark tried to pull away for air as her lips and tongue stayed steadfastly locked on his.

She slowly pulled him towards her … “hhhmmmm, Sarah I better ge … hhhhhmmmm …” he could feel himself getting lifted into her large bosom … what an incredible passionate kisser she was! … Sarah wasn’t letting go just yet.

“Thanks for a lovely evening, Mark!”

Mark panted as he re-found his footing on the steps, “No, thank you, Sarah, same seats Monday at lunch?”

“Of course!” Mark had been the perfect gentleman on their first date.

Hmmm … maybe there had been something between them in college she hadn’t seen …’ as she fished for her keys in her handbag.

Mark wandered off in a daze after the kisses on her steps. ‘What a woman!’ he thought. He knew he had been the envy of every male in the bars in town as he sat with her and he had a few unpleasant grunts directed at him from a few neanderthals in the Gents, but to spend more time with Sarah? And take a bit of envy-inspired abuse into the bargain? No bother at all …

As Sarah continued fishing for her keys, out popped the half-full phial of ready-made gel in her hand.

Hmmm … this could be a problem …’ Sarah thought to herself.

Pasadena, CA,

Saturday Evening.

“I’m just popping into town, Mom … to meet up with some girlfriends.” said Emma.

“Ok dear, have a good ti …”

The slamming of the door meant her youngest had already departed. Her mother, Clare, sighed.

‘Now, what was the fastest route to Tucson and the super-powered gel that awaited her arrival …?’

Emma glanced down at her toned thighs, raised her arms and blurred off into the distance. No other human could possibly trace her movement as she made short work of the 450 miles to Tucson in twenty five minutes or so … she had an appointment to keep in a certain shower …

“Hiya Emms, come on up!” greeted Sarah at the buzzer.

“How’s your week been, Emms?”

It’s been so cool, sis! I think I’ve broken the world records for just about everything! … We saw you in the paper catching that guy at the service station … mom thinks your fantastic, by the way, she doesn’t know, of course …”

Do you mind if I take a shower to cool off after my run from Pas?

“Of course you can, Emms … be my guest.” said a distracted Sarah as she pulled at her little black strapless bustier around her super boobs in the mirror.

Hehehe … easier than I thought’ smirked Emma to herself.

Damnit! Where has she hidden the gel … it was right here last time!’

Emma returned sighing to the bedroom.

“… so you didn’t fancy that shower after all? …”

“Um, no … I’m ok for the time being, thanks, sis …”

Sarah smiled to herself as her hands tried to encompass her mounds and pull her top into position in front of her cleavage, as she glanced down to below her bed where she had stashed her Energize! Gel.

Did Emms really think she was that daft?!

Grabbing her handbag, Sarah and Emma hit the town.

Glass after glass of drinks were brought to their table from affluent well-wishers, keen to impress the two girls with the ginormous boobs. The two guys from last weekend were both wearing dark glasses, light bruising could still be made out on their faces. The pair were definitely keeping a low profile away from the two hot babes!

A little tipsy, the sisters headed for the Ladies room together to freshen up.

In front of the mirror, Emma giggled “Did you see those two losers from last week?”

“Yup! Certainly did! Those dark glasses aren’t doing a very good job, are they?”

“Can I borrow your lipstick, sis? … I left mine in Pas.”

“Help yourself, Emms.”, nodding her head towards her handbag as she applied a little mascara.

“… and remember to bring my bag back out.” as Sarah sashayed to the door.

Emma rummaged through her bag for the lipstick …’why did Sarah carry so much crap around with her?’

Emma’s fingers closed around and felt the small, smooth cylindrical object she was looking for and pulled it from the bag …

The green gel sloshed around in the glass phial as Emma stared in disbelief!

Sh … she carries the stuff around with her?” Emma exclaimed to the empty Ladies room.

Emma began hyperventilating as she put her two hands on the sink’s marble worktop surface … there was a loud groan! As her hands pushed into the now buckling marble.

“Is she ok?”, nodded a new arrival at Emma. “I think she’s had too much to drink.”

I … I … I’m ok, I just need a moment.” whispered Emma, recovering her thoughts.

She pushed the glass phial into her cleavage, her womanly breasts devouring the phial from sight and she made her way back to the table in a daze …

“What took you so long Emms …”

“I … I … was just applying a little more lipstick … that’s all, sis!”

Now, how to get out of here and back home to Pas with her wonderful new Power Gel …’

Emma set her phone off to ring … she’d have to stage an exit …

“Hi mom …”

“… no! I’d completely forgotten!”

“… yes, half past ten, in Pas, you’re right!”

“… thanks mom, byeee!”

“That was mom, she just reminded me I’ve got a hairdresser’s appointment first thing tomorrow. Sorry sis, but I can’t crash at yours tonight – I’ll have to head back home.”

“Um … ok Emms.” said Sarah a little disappointed not to be sharing her bed again with her super-strong sister tonight.

Emma and Sarah gave each other a super-hug, their visible back muscles flaring slightly under their strapless tops, as guys at the bar looked on, gaping in awe at the two babes cuddling each other’s big boobs.

Outside, Emma pulled her prized possession from her cleavage and laid it flat on the palm of her hand … “Unbelievable.” she whispered to herself.

The doormen glanced over at the young busty babe pulling something from her chest.

Wow … check her out …”

Half a second later, Emma had vanished into thin air!

“Woah, did you see that dude!”

Thirty seconds later a tipsy Sarah teetered out the door.

“Here’s another one, Mike.” nudging the doorman’s elbow towards Sarah.

Gooodddd, not tooo maaany peepllll arrrround’ hicc’d Sarah to herself.


Raising her right arm above her head she glanced up at the starry sky. She tucked her left leg up to her right knee and nearly lost her balance.

“Whhooops!”. Two seconds after stumbling on the steps, she shot upwards with a slightly drunken wobble.

“Holy shit, Mike! Did you see that?” as their eyes followed Sarah’s skyward leap.

Sarah was feeling particularly horny floating above her bed. She messaged Mark’s mobile ‘fancy coming over to mine to fool around?’

Mark nearly dropped his phone when he saw Sarah’s text!

Def!, see you soon xx’ he replied.

Pasadena, CA,

Early Sunday Morning …

The busty blonde teenager appeared out of thin air in front of her two-story house. She eyed the balcony above at her bedroom window …’If only I could fly, like Sarah …’ She smiled to herself and at the gel she clutched in her petite hand … “Maybe soon enough!”

A gentle two-story leap led her to her bedroom.

Will have to wait until morning for a shower I s’pose’

Emma could hardly sleep a wink that night with excitement, and with good reason …

Tucson, AZ

Sarah’s buzzer announced the arrival of Mark.

Hi Mark.” she purred slowly, as she let him up to her apartment.

She would let him use her Energized! Gel in her shower room first, before the main course of super-sex in her bedroom.

After all, It was only fair on the poor, weak boy!’ she smiled to herself.

This will be great! After having placed her gel back in the shower room with some scented candles to get the mood just right, she waited at the top of the stairs in her small white dripping wet bikini having just stepped from her roasting shower herself.

Mark’s eyes almost popped out of his head at the sight of the Goddess!

Without saying a word, she took his hand and led him to her shower room

“Sarah, wha …”

Sarah sexily shhhoooshhed Mark, silently placing her fingers on his lips.

You’ll LOVE this.” she purred into his ear.

Mark was already stripping of his t-shirt frantically, stumbling over his half-on half-off jeans as Sarah turned the shower dial down to a moderate ‘4’.

She sexily beckoned him into the shower silently with one small finger as she reached for her Energized! Gel.

She slowly rubbed the gel onto his neck, down his shoulders and onto his pecs. Mark responded likewise to Sarah as he massaged the gel into the fronts of her glorious large breasts, they seemed to be enlarging in front of his own widening eyes!

Mark was now rubbing more and more of the strange green gel into her rising nipples and front of her chest in wonder. Sarah, eyes closed, arched her back pushing her warm front towards him.

They’re gonna explode out through my hands any second!’ thought Mark as he slowly pulled his hands away. The near silence of just the warm water running was broken as Sarah let out a soft moan …’hhhmmmmm … don’t stop Mark!’ arching her own hands behind her back, until she surged into his gel-covered, cupped hands once more.

It feels so much better with someone else giving me the power’ she thought to herself.

Her long, warm wet hair caressed his cheek as she whispered in his ear a sultry

wwwelll … how do you feel nnowww?”

Mark felt wonderful as Sarah’s long, slim fingers had ran the gel over his body repeatedly … he was in heaven at this very moment with his young goddess! He wasn’t getting as turned on as Sarah was with the gel, was it doing something else to her that he couldn’t feel? … that he wasn’t getting?

Nevermind’ he thought to himself ‘It doesn’t get any better than this …’ as his erection pushed towards her pussy.

Now for the grand finale.” she purred into his ear … “It does get better than this, you know …”

Had Sarah just read his mind? He watched as her hand reached for the dial …

“Sarah? … wh … what are you doing …?”

“Shhh …” Sarah sexily breathed at him, he felt his hair getting blown back …

Incredible!’ he thought …

It was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in the shower for Mark, he didn’t like the intense rise in heat over the last few seconds. Strangely, it didn’t seem to be affecting Sarah at all …

Watch what happens … NOW!” she breathed, as she turned the dial up to maximum temperature.

AAAARRRGGHHHH!” Mark yelled out through the scalding pain in his arms and chest and collapsed to the rear of the shower in a heap!

Sarah didn’t understand what was happening … she brought the nozzle down with her left hand and sprayed the clear, glistening burning lava onto her petite right hand … a mild tingle swept through her outstretched palm. Confused, she then directed the burning hot nozzle down onto Mark in the corner.


Oh no!’ thought Sarah as she quickly shut the shower down.

Mark’s red raw skin was beginning to peal and blister with second degree burns he’d sustained. He lay slumped in a heap in absolute agony, the pain tearing through him. He was finding it hard to breathe properly, each painful breath sent shards of pain slicing through his chest,

I’m Really, Really Sorry, Mark.” as she bent down to try help him, ‘I didn’t think that would happen!”

Wha …” Mark tried to reply, “Oh, jesus.” the excruciating pain was too much

I’ll call an ambulance!” as Sarah super sped from the shower room.

Wha? … aaaaah … where’d she go … ?

Pasadena, CA,

Sunday Morning.

Emma awoke refreshed and excited!

Yessss! There was her new, neverending supply of Power Gel by the side of her pillow. It was Sunday! No school, no chores, just plenty of time for a long, red-hot shower!

The family home shower was of a higher quality to Sarah’s one in her apartment. All those buttons to increase flow and pressure and the shiny metal dial went up to fifteen on here! Not that the manufacturer’s ever imagined it would ever be used at that level …

This is gonna be great!” said Emma as she scooped a dollop onto her already tingling palms … what Emma didn’t realize was Sarah had already super-treated this gel with boiling water herself for her emergency “Transformation” supply. Now that pre-treated Energized! Gel was about to be re-blasted with super-hot boiling water … it would push little Emma through an acceleration of Super-Powered Growth … things were going to get pretty interesting very soon!

The gel was ravished onto Emma’s sublime body in the glowing maximum heat, the pressure valve set to maximum to aid her Surges in SuperStrength. Almost instantaneously, the little tingles she was expecting, became lovely, strong, orgasmic rushes of Power throughout her lithe little body.

WOAH!” she exclaimed, “WHAT A RUSH!”. No part of her body was left untouched by the gel as she ran it through her toned arms around her incredible bubble butt, and down her smooth as silk, stronger than steel, thighs that had been powering and driving her amazing 450-mile runs to and fro from Sarah’s apartment in Arizona.

Not that I really need to go back there … I’ve got everything I ever wanted right here!”

She reached with her gel-laden fingers down over her sexy stomach into her inviting tight pussy.

Hhhhhhmmmmmm … this is amazing.” she whispered to herself after orgasm over multiple orgasm spread within her. She was in ecstasy just now as she felt her feet clear the shower room floor for the first time!

Hhhhuuuhhh? Oh, WOWW! Already??!!!” she whispered to herself, wriggling her rising toes beneath her.

She floated out the shower later that night, in love with these new powers she now possessed.

Clare finally got into the shower early on Monday morning. Her daughter Emma had been hogging it for almost the whole of yesterday evening, ‘I mean, what was all that about? How long does it take to get cleaned up on a Sunday evening? Five to ten minutes or two and a half hours? I mean, really, Emma!’ she thought to herself as she shook her head. She’d left the dial turned up to fifteen again … Silly girl! Wasn’t she getting rather old to be playing pranks like that on her parents?’

Re-setting the dial to a pleasantly warm six, she noticed the small perspex tray of strange green gel beside her usual products.

‘Oh well, I can give Emma’s gel a little go …’

For a woman of forty-two, Clare knew she wasn’t in bad shape, but her early forties were catching up with her. Sags and droops were now appearing in the usual suspect places on a monthly basis as she forlornly eyed her approaching mid-forties.

She started rubbing a little gel into her torso, and felt a delightful tingle and warmth.

“Wow! This stuff feels pretty good!”

As she massaged the gel into her arms the tingling again spread. ‘Am I seeing things?. Or has my baggy underarms firmed up with nicely toned, solid muscle?’ Gazing into the small shower mirror in disbelief, she flexed her arms reaching behind her head in the shower to confirm she wasn’t dreaming …

Moving down, spreading the gel onto her hips and cellulite laden thighs, she rejoiced as her waist and legs became slim, supple and smooth.

“This stuff is fantastic! … I’ll have to ask Emma where she buys this!”

Finally, a smaller amount of the remaining gel was rubbed into her drooping boobs. A wonderful warmth spread within her, as the contours of her breasts re-defined their shape.

“Oh, wow!” she remarked looking down at her enlarged, womanly curves.

As she started to rinse off the lather with the shower nozzle in one hand, her other hand absent-mindedly rested on the shower dial …

‘Hmmm … this feels lovely …’

The dial swept past seven … seven and a half … up to eight … eight and a half … nine … nine and a half … TEN.

Claire felt a surge of power from the remaining gel on her body hit her like a tidal wave!

OH … MY … GOD!” she shouted out, what was happening to her?

She grasped the side of the shower cubicle, the silver steel bending like putty in her very hands! Those hands now reached up to welcome the surging flow of the now boiling water.

Amazing!” she whispered to herself.

Stepping out of the shower a new woman, she appraised herself in the full-length mirror, turning her body back and forth stretching her toned arms down her newly sculpted thighs.

“That gel is incredible.” she whispered to herself, “I look and feel like I’m thirty years old again!”

She grabbed the little black negligee she had almost thrown out in the new year and pulled it over her head running the lace smoothly over her much larger, suppler breasts. She would give her Bobby a fit when she let him see the new, improved Clare!

Robert, honey!” she called from the hallway “Can you take the morning off work?”

Clare threw open the bedroom door, almost tearing the hinges off with her light push.

I think you might want to.” she said in a deep, husky tone.

Robert rose from the bed, propping himself on his forearms, mouth agape in awe at his wife’s stunning new body.

Her little pinky pushed on her husband’s chest and his “muscled.” arms collapsed downwards in shock as he bounced back down to the bed.

A giggle came from Clare as she easily kept Robert pinned to the bed with her one small digit.

This new strength is amazing!’ thought Clare to herself.

Emma stretched her arms and legs into the open air around her.

Ohhh, wow!” she gasped as she looked all around.

A commotion came from her parents’ bedroom down the hallway.

Oh Gawd!” said Emma, as she reached down and pulled her pillow above and over her head “my geriatric folks are getting randy!”

Emma would be extra early for school that morning …

To be continued …

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