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A Mission

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Lisa had spent some time on Doolur again, this time not only for private reasons: She had developed a kind of software easy enough to handle for Doolurians to make them able to communicate with the government of the planet. During this she had cooperated with Sonia, who worked in the governor’s office.

No sooner had she finished her project on Doolur than she received a note from General Armin, who had made himself a name in the army and among scientists on discovering military material which had gone lost somewhere in the space: “There are definitely Sverkcheleoian traces on Earth and I want you to search Earth’s atmosphere for Zoldan ones” he told her.

In this case the notices she had received from Clark Kent some days before made sense: She had answered him brusquely she had no time to help him and she could not imagine the locket she had taken from Lea had enough power to enhance a Terran to a level he or she could be a serious rival for Superman. If, however, the Zoldans had enhanced her once more this would change.

So Lisa decided to leave Doolur as fast as possible – not only not to make her work wait but because she was fearing herself. This time, when she kissed her huk**y’a goodbye, it was Sonia who was comforting her: “If there is just one girl the Zoldans have enhanced so far I don’t think it will be a danger.”

“I hope so” Lisa answered. “Stupid thing not to think the wrong person could get such a locket.”

“You learned one thing in the basic formation: Things done in the past can’t be changed but the consequences might. So, don’t be annoyed with yourself, darling! There’s enough time to change everything to the good.” She kissed Lisa deeply. “And maybe General Armin is wrong and there are no Zoldans near Earth. He’s an expert for lost military material but the best expert for the Zoldans are still you, my dearest and beloved one.”

“Thank you, lovey, but I’m quite sure this Terran has really found Lea ‘s locket and the Zoldans somehow have managed to enhance it. I’m afraid we’ll have to fight.”

“The sooner you find out what it is the less of a fight it will be. So good luck, darling! Have a good journey and give Lea my love, and Ian’s, too! General Armin is her commander at the moment.”

Sonia’s daughter had passed her school exams half a Sverkcheloian Year before and now was serving in the army. After her basic formation she had chosen to join an engineering company.

“I’ll greet her.”

“This kiss is for her – and this one for yourself.”

It took the two women a long time until they separated and it was hard for both of them. Their love seemed to have even grown during their adult lives.


Once on her spaceship it took Lisa only some 40 minutes until she was in the Sverkcheloian atmosphere. She contacted General Armin’s barracks and informed the guards she would be there in ten minutes.

Before she arrived she changed into her uniform – she had recently been appointed as a captain for honour and knew well an officer’s uniform was a good way to make guards friendlier.

Lisa parked her spaceship directly in front of the barracks. The guard saluted and asked her whether he should take it to the garage. Lisa answered she preferred doing it herself. The man accepted.

He input Lisa’s dates in his pocket computer and only some seconds later a female sergeant came out and saluted: “Welcome, engineer Lisa! The general is already waiting for you. If you kindly follow me …”

“Salute down and stand comfortably!” Lisa ordered, a lot too late. She had to get used to be an officer now. She followed the woman through the halls and came to a big saloon. The sergeant opened the door a little and stood at attention: “Engineer Lisa is here, sir!”

“Okay, let her in! Thank you, Sergeant Daiva!” a male voice answered.

Sergeant Daiva opened the door completely and Lisa went in. She was greeted by a tall man in his forties at Terrestrial age, if he had not changed his appearance.

“Welcome to my rooms! I’ve never had the opportunity to get to know the famous engineer and explorer Lisa Kira-Jason so far.”

“The happiness is mine because I think you’re one of the best explorers our army has got” Lisa answered. “But I think you haven’t called me here to have a nice talk but for more serious reasons.”

“You’re quite right, although I hope there’ll be the opportunity to talk later. If you don’t mind, look.”

He showed her his screen and she recognised Earth.

“Here, in a city called London and somewhere in a country called France we have definitely Sverkcheloian traces. As far as my men and women have found out so far there was no Sverkcheloian but you and this Lea girl – Spacewoman Lea and in some days Private Lea, of course – have ever been to Earth. But, what seems strangest to me: The Sverkcheloian thing on Earth seems to disappear from time to time.”

“This is really something strange” Lisa answered. “I bet you what you want the Earthlings have no possibilities to do such things and it is not very difficult to search Terrestrial material. So you might be right and there are some Zoldans on Earth.”

“Major Sonia has informed me a person from Earth has called you for help. Is this true?”

“Well, the person is not really an Earthling. He’s a Kryptonian, if you know the name of this planet.”

“I’ve heard about it. There are rumours some Kryptonians survived the explosion of their home planet.”

“Well, one of them lives on Earth. His father was a scientist and sent some Kryptonian technology with the boy. He can handle it but as he did not visit a proper school he has not developed more knowledge. Against the Zoldans he’ll be helpless.”

“But why do the Zoldans enhance other beings?”

“I can only guess – I’m no psychologist and less do I know about the way the Zoldan central organism thinks. So this is what I think: To be stronger than us the Zoldans need our technology. They’re extremely good multipliers but bad inventers. But let’s see first.”

After Lisa had scanned Earth for half an hour she was sure: There was Zoldan technology on Earth and it had made contact with the enhanced girl. “I’m nearly sure it’s just robots they’ve sent there – but they’re dangerous enough. And at least two or three Earthlings have been enhanced. They seem to have found a way to copy the locket. But as far as I’ve understood this Kryptonian, Kal El, or Superman, as the Earthlings call him, the problem is a girl has managed to kill his cousin and to take her super-powers away through kryptonite – and as they’ve got kryptonite he can ‘t do anything.”

“Kryptonite is a raw material from Krypton, isn’t it?”

“I think so.”

“Then it will be easy for these damned Zoldans to copy it. Can it hurt our kind?”

“It can’t really hurt us but rather makes us lose our self-control” Lisa answered. “But a usual protective suit should be more than enough to avoid this. What seems more important to me, General, and what I can’t do …”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve got to send some fighters there. I don’t know how strong the Zoldans are there but they were already very near from cloning their own kind some years ago. And they have got a reason why they enhance some Earthlings – and this reason isn’t that they want to conquer Earth. If this was what they had in mind it would be some minutes’ work for them – as well as for us.”

“But … you think seriously they can enhance Earthlings to a level they could get dangerous for us?”

“Perhaps. Or if not Earthlings then other beings. If I were you I’d try to stop them before they can get near the borders of the Empire. We both know deaths, especially deaths of minor beings, don’t count in the Zoldan Central organism’s view. They could sacrifice as many Earthlings or beings from conquered planets as they want.”

“Okay, I agree, but I’m not the commander of this division.” He said something in a silent voice. A female voice from the screen answered.

“Okay, General Verena agrees. We’ll talk after dinner. – Er, as far as I know Earth is too far away to communicate directly.”

“Yes, it is. We’ve got to calculate with at least three or four days until somebody can react there.”

“Then you should go there. You’ve got a teleporter of your own, haven’t you?! – Of course, I can’t give you any orders.”

“This might be war and in case of war I’ve got to be prepared as anybody has. I … I would just beg you for some help … The Zoldans might notice something.”

“Of course. I’m going to ask for one or two persons, good fighters and experienced technicians as well, to accompany you and the main operation will start soon after you have left.” He gave some orders through his computer. “They will choose one before night. If you want you can start tomorrow. Tonight General Verena and I would like you to be our guest for dinner – Or have you any other things to do in your mind?”

“I’d like to talk to Lea for a while. As you might know Major Sonia, her mother, is my huk**y’a and so I’m somewhat responsible for her daughter, too.”

“I see. – Here, look! Lea will be at hand-to-hand-combat-training in ten minutes if you want to see her. After dinner you’ll have more opportunities to talk to her. But I guess you want to see your room first.”

He rang for a sergeant, who had to show Lisa her room. It was the usual kind of guestrooms in the army. As she had not got much luggage with her – she had calculated she would either have to go to Earth or she would spend the time at her home – it did not take her long to put her room into order. After this she at once left for the gym. To anybody who asked her where she wanted to go she answered she was General Armin’s guest. The guard in front of the gym asked the general whether this was true but as he confirmed Lisa had no difficulties at all.

She watched Lea and the others fight for quite an amount of time. Lea, who had always been a good fighter, had kept her talent. Lisa had to admit she was interested in the young girls’ movements more than in the fight itself. While she used to have little sexual interest in other women (except for Sonia) when she was young this seemed to have changed during the last years. She had noted whenever she was watching sports it was the sportswomen, not the men, who drew her interest and this was the case today, too.

Lea noticed the watcher and smiled at her; Lisa closed her mind carefully: She did not want to share such feelings with Lea. She told the girl, however, to wait for her after dinner.

She enjoyed the dinner with the two generals. General Verena, who was already quite old, wanted to know lots of things about Lisa’s life. General Armin, who told her not to call him by his title, was curious, too, but it was different to her: His behaviour showed a man who respected her as a well-known explorer although he was self-conscious to be one himself. Lisa noticed she could have quite a nice talk with him. She felt somewhat impolite when she said goodbye but she did not want to make Lea wait for a too long time.

Lea was already waiting for her, in a very pretty civil dress and her face made up.

“You look beautiful” Lisa complimented her.

“Thank you!” They went together to a bar in order to have a drink. Lisa asked Lea about her life in the army and her plans for the future.

“I’m still dreaming about becoming a professional T’haoa player” she answered. “Whenever it is possible I play in the team of my bataillon.”

“I hope you’ll succeed” Lisa commented. “But what will you do if you don’t?”

“Well, as long as I stay in the army this is not only my decision. I don’t really want to spend all my life as a soldier, but … you’ll understand.”

“I understand you quite well because I’m an officer’s daughter, too. When I told Dad I didn’t want to stay in the army he was nearly about to kill me. But I neither regret my decision nor having been a soldier for a year when I was young. So, whatever you do, now you’ll get to know the people you’ll need. So did I – Lots of my first employers served together with me.”

“Okay, understood.”

They changed to less severe topics like the last sports events and videos they had seen and at last to their mates. Lisa noticed that the longer they were sitting the more Lea’s top was slipping down her upper body. This was happening so steadily it could not be accidental. Now the girl’s bosom was already partly uncovered.

Lisa could not help staring at Lea, who now was making her dress more narrow, obviously noticing Lisa was impressed by her figure.

The engineer had to force herself to keep disciplined: “What are you doing?” she shouted.

“I’m not doing anything” Lea answered, playing the innocent girl.

“You fully know what I mean and you also know I can read your mind as well as you can read mine.” She lowered her voice. “It makes no sense hiding anything: Yes, you’re right, I’ve developed some interest in young women while up to now my only female sexual contact has been your mother.

Maybe she won’t stay the only one – but …” She kept her voice low but now threatening – “there’s certainly one woman I’ll never let seduce me and this is you, little girl – and you fully know the reason.”

“But …”

“No buts, little girl. You may have every woman you want – with two exceptions one of which you’re talking to. You may have every man you want – with three exceptions at the moment, I suppose and hope. And now let’s end this discussion, little girl!”

“I haven’t started it and I’m not a little girl any more, Aunt Lisa.”

“You needn’t call me aunt – but I’ll keep on calling you little girl as long as you keep on behaving like one, no matter your age and rank. Put your dress back into order and forget about …” she balked, shocked about what she was about to say “trying to whore around with your mother’s huk**y’a!”

“What are you thinking about me?” Lea shouted.

“So …” Lisa nearly shouted, too, but gained back her self-control: “Don’t believe you can hide your thoughts while you’ve obviously seen mine. No matter if you want the … or if you’re just testing me: Stop it and dress properly or I’ll go away right now! Last word.”

Lea noticed Lisa was not joking and obeyed, sighing. “I’m sorry …”

“I’ve said: Forget about it!”

She noticed Lea had recognized her error. As liberal as Sverkcheloian society was concerning sexuality, intercourses between parents and children, siblings or with the parents’, children’s or siblings Huk**y’ehs /-as were absolutely taboo.

They changed to more harmless topics and talked nearly all the evening about sports and Lea’s friend.

The next morning Lisa appeared in General Armin’s office again. With him there was a young woman in a corporal’s uniform, who saluted when Lisa entered: “Corporal Mia, third division, fourth brigade, second battalion, second company, at your service.”

“Thank you! Salute down!” Lisa answered.

“Corporal Mia has been specialised in different kinds of alien software” the general informed Lisa. “She is also quite a good fighter. Therefore we’ve chosen her to be your assistant. If you want to explain her some things about Earth or about the Zoldans you should do it now.”

“You have been informed what has happened?” Lisa asked the young woman.

“Yes, madam. There’s been a Terrestrial girl who has found one of the bracelets that are used at sports to strengthen the bearer. She is supposed to have developed powers that come close to ours, which is impossible according to everything we know about Earth. And you think it’s the Zoldans who are behind it.”

“Exactly. And that’s why this mission is dangerous. Now come with me if the general doesn’t matter.”

“I’ve already told I won’t. Corporal Mia, from now on you’re fully under engineer Lisa’s command.”

“Yes, sir!” Mia saluted and followed Lisa.


Due to the great distance quite some time on Earth had gone by from the day Superman had called Lisa to the day the Sverkcheloian engineer was planning her journey to Earth. Wonder Woman had, although Superman had warned her, unsuccessfully tried to attack Tania – the only thing she had managed was to escape onto her invisible plane which Tania was unable to follow. Superman had brought his wife Lois and his daughter Clara to the satellite to keep them safe and to avoid Clara from attacking Tania on her own.

“Due to your Terrestrial nature” he explained her, “you can’t be killed by kryptonite, this is true. But Badgirl is as strong as me AND immune to kryptonite – what will you do against her while having only Terran strength?”

The Justice League were debating possibilities to attack Tania but they had not found a solution so far. The main problem was that Badgirl sometimes seemed to have disappeared off the face of earth. Two Green Lanterns even failed to find her.

Actually Tania had chosen to become completely Badgirl. Only seldom she went to school but she managed to make her parents believe everything was going on as it would be normal. Once she found a second locket in her palace.

“It won’t enhance you to a level higher than yours” the well-known voice informed her. “But it will enhance a person you want to enhance.”

She eventually chose Kevin to be this person. When they met for the next time one night she told him: “I’ll tell you a secret now. But you’ll have to promise me to keep it one.”

“What is it?” he talked back.

“First swore!” she ordered. “I love you and don’t want to do any damage to you, so don’t make me do it!”

“But …”

“Just swore!”

“Okay, darling! As true as I love you I swore to keep it a secret, whatever it is.”

“Okay.” She kissed him. Then she took him by his hips and casually took off, holding him. “You might have heard about Badgirl. Now you’re seeing her.”

“You …”

“I’m Badgirl – and you’re the only guy to have been loved by Badgirl, the only guy to have slept with me without dying in the act. You’ll keep on having this privilege and even share some of my powers if you’re quiet until we arrive where I want to be. If you choose to betray me – you know I’ve killed any person who had been standing in my way. You’d be the only person it would be hard for me to kill but I would do it if you betrayed me. So, obey me!”

She made herself and then him invisible. Then she flew to her palace and led him into her room. “Welcome to my home!” she said at landing.

In her room she had to tell him everything, how she’d got the locket and discovered its powers, how she’d found the bracelets and defeated Supergirl.

After this she put the second locket around his neck. “Now you’ll be a lot stronger” she said. “Try to lift my bed!”

He could do it effortlessly. After she had taken him out to the garden where he could get a run-up he even managed to take off and fly, not nearly as fast as she could.

“Now it’s time for Badboy to act” Tania commanded. “Get me some money from the bank, some pieces of jewellery and then some bottles of expensive wine – but don’t spend any money!”

Kevin understood and as his nature did not differ from Tania’s in many aspects he had not got any bad conscience when he burgled into a jewellery shop. At the next cash machine it took him some tries until he was able to break it. Robbing a liquor store was the easiest of all his exercises but he did not notice the police were already coming.

When they ordered him to stand and to lift his hands he understood although he had never been good at French. He did not obey, believing Tania’s promise he would be invulnerable.

The officers hesitated to shoot and so Kevin attacked. With a karate chop he beheaded one of them. Only then one of the others shot. The bullet got Kevin and bounced back. The boy gripped the officer’s gun in a fast movement, squeezed it and killed the policeman with a kick into his stomach which went through his flesh like a knife through warm butter.

“Excellent” he heard Tania’s voice next to him. She made herself visible.

“Have you been watching me?”

“’Course I have. And if you’d had problems I’d helped you – but now let’s enjoy your reward!”

They flew back to her palace where they drank the wine and had sex together. Tania first did not take him as hard as she could but when she noticed his invulnerability was enough to be able to endure it she did not hold back any more.

While Kevin was sleeping Tania was thinking if she could enhance some more gang members. The voice answered she could enhance as many persons as she wanted.

While they were flying back to Britain the next day Tania’s view got Buckingham Palace in London. She scanned it for some moment.

“Nice home” she mused. “And the time has come for Britain to get its Empire back, reigned by a queen who really has power.”

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