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A New Supergirl – Day 01

Written by JonX :: [Tuesday, 05 May 2015 18:31] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 07 May 2015 12:18]

Day 1

She had to be up and off the construction site before the builders arrived. She’d been warned twice and she couldn’t face another humiliating chat from the police.

Just a year ago she would have been still asleep, in her parents house, being yelled at because she was running late for college. But that seemed like a long time ago.

Sleeping rough on the streets with no home, no food and little hope did that to you. Time just disappeared in amongst trying to find something to eat and somewhere safe to sleep. The latter wasn’t easy.

Jodie cleaned up any telling signs that she’d slept in the empty building that night and placed her dirty sleeping bag back into her equally dirty gym bag. She then replaced the plastic sheeting back where she’d found and hurried over to the exposed stairs.

Skipping down the stairs she reached the tenth level and stopped. She swore she’d heard someone crying for help. She listened a couple of seconds longer and heard the cry again. It was feint. Through the doors.

Could it be one of those idiot foreign builders playing a trick on her? But her curiosity got the better of her.

Creeping as slowly and quietly as possible into the empty, open and exposed floor she could feel the wind come through the North side which still didn’t have any windows.

“Help!” came a voice just around one of the central pillars. Jodie peered round and saw a young woman on the floor.


Jodie looked across the concrete floor to see Supergirl, the Maid of Might, lying on the floor, barely able to move.

“Supergirl, is … is that you?”

The stunning blonde superheroine turned her head, which looked like it took every ounce of her energy. “Yes, please come here.”

Jodie couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She’d seen Supergirl on the news just like everyone else, but she’d never actually seen her in real life. Jodie rushed over to the girl on the floor. She was lying on her back, on her red cape. As Jodie knelt down beside her, she saw that Supergirl was even more stunning in the flesh.

“Supergirl … what’s wrong?”

The blonde cracked a tiny smile. “I’m dying my friend.”

“Dying?” said Jodie in amazement, “but you’re Supergirl. You can’t die.”

“I don’t have much time” said Supergirl weakly. You must help me.

“Of course’ said Jodie, “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Please, can you help me to my feet?”

Jodie threw her back to the side and went to help the Maid of Might. Supergirl looked down, brought one of her knees towards her chest, and tried to motion herself up. She clung on to Jodie for support. As she did so Jodie couldn’t notice how amazingly beautiful Supergirl was. Jodie had her right hand on one of Supergirl’s long tanned legs and noticed how smooth and silky her skin felt. Her left hand was placed just above Supergirl’s tiny waist. The spandex-type material felt great.

In one laborious motion Jodie helped Supergirl to her feet. It was clearly a huge effort for Supergirl because she was breathing heavily, and was still doubled up with pain.

“What is your name?” the girl in the costume asked Jodie.

“My name is Jodie.”

“You know who I am Jodie?”

“Of course! You’re Supergirl. I’ve seen you a million times on TV.”

Supergirl smiled. “Jodie, I’ve got no choice but to make a snap decision. An important judgement. I will be dead very shortly because of some very bad people, and …”

Supergirl doubled over in pain, crying out in agony.

“Supergirl!” cried Jodie. “Is there anything I can do for you? I can get an ambulance?”

Supergirl smiled as she regained her composure. “It’s too late. And an ambulance can’t help me now. But there is something you can do for me.”


“Please, stand in front of me.”

Jodie came round the front of Supergirl and stood facing her. The superheroine made an almighty effort to stand up straight and looked up at Jodie. Standing this close to Supergirl made Jodie feel a little weird. In real life Supergirl was drop-dead gorgeous. She was just perfect, and as she stood up straight Jodie couldn’t help but stare at Supergirl’s boobs which were straining against her skin-tight costume.

“What I’m going to give you Jodie is a blessing,” Supergirl whispered, “and you must find it in your heart to do the right thing.”

Jodie was just about to protest when all of a sudden Supergirl grabbed Jodie by her waist and pulled her forcefully against her body. Supergirl was bending her knees slightly so that her fantastic breasts were now pressing against Jodie’s significantly smaller bust. Jodie didn’t have anytime to react and looked down quickly to see Supergirl’s much-discussed breasts pressed her chest. She looked up to see Supergirl’s beautiful face in more and more pain.

Suddenly, Supergirl’s whole body began to shake violently as she still clung onto Jodie with the strength of a vice. Jodie was just about to shout out to the superheroine when she felt a pleasurable tingling in her nipples. Looking down at Supergirl’s enormous boobs she saw a strange light emanating from where their soft tissue met. Looking back up at Supergirl she felt the sensation getting more and more intense until her nipples felt so sensitive that she wanted to pull away, but she couldn’t because Supergirl was still holding her towards her.

“Please … Supergirl, let me go!” cried out the teenager

Supergirl momentarily opened her eyes, “Just a little longer.” she whispered, and then grunted before closing her eyes and looking up to the sky.

The light emanating between their breasts was getting brighter and brighter until it engulfed both girls. Jodie heard a strange wind-like sound filling the room, and she could feel herself losing consciousness.

A few seconds later, the Supergirl changed her stance slightly, and looking a little drunk she opened her eyes as the noise and the light died down. Jodie felt Supergirl’s grip around her waist relax, and then the Maid of Might stumbled back.

Without Supergirl to support her, Jodie slumped heavily to the floor feeling nauseous, barely consciousness. She could make out Supergirl a few feet away who sounded like she was being sick. A couple of seconds later, Jodie was still on the floor and heard Supergirl’s boot heel clacking on the concrete floor as she walked over to her. What had Supergirl done to her? Was she trying to kill her?

“Are you still awake Jodie?” asked the superheroine softly.

“Y … yeah” whispered Jodie, fighting to stay awake.

Jodie felt Supergirl get down on to her knees heavily.

“Jodie, you will pass out in a moment, and when you wake up I won’t be here. But do not be scared. You’ll wake up in a few minutes and everything will be okay.”

“But what about you?” whispered Jodie

“I will be gone but I want you to remember two things Jodie.” the heroine said.

Jodie struggled to keep conscious.

“The first is to go to the address I will leave with you. You’ll find the answers you need there.”

“And the second is to always remember that with power comes great responsibility.”

Jodie was about to ask what that meant but her eyes just felt too heavy and she passed out cold.


The eighteen year old slowly opened her eyes. She stared up at the unconstructed ceiling above her. Turning her head slightly she placed one arm out in an effort to sit upright. She groaned. She ached all over.

As she sat up right, Jodie rubbed her head. Her head was pounding in pain, so much so she struggled to think straight.

She instinctively looked at her watch. Shit, it was nearly 6AM. The construction men would soon be here. The teenager then noticed the burning sensation in her filthy bra – her nipples felt so sensitive she could hardly touch them. She then remembered why she was still in this half constructed building: Supergirl.

Jodie looked over and could see no sign of the heroine. Looking back over her shoulder she gasped. Supergirl wasn’t behind her, but her costume and boots were. Jodie’s eased herself to her feet and walked the few steps to the clothes lying on the floor. One of her boots was upright, the other lying flat. Her beautiful costume was lying next to her boots looking like it was just tossed to the floor. The blue body piece was obscured by the red cape.

Jodie bent over to pick up the main blue body piece and noticed a piece of paper with a scribble on the front. It was an address, down by the Marina in the posh part of the city. Jodie put the paper in her pocket and picked up the costume.

Untangling it she held out the costume in front of her, holding it by the shoulder. It was a lot smaller than she thought it would be. It was an all-in-one with the short skirt attached directly to the main body. The ‘S’crest shimmered slightly in the light.

“This is so cool” exclaimed Jodie, but where Supergirl was.

Jodie looked at her watch again. “Shit, I need to get going.”


Jodie slipped through the fence and looked back just as the first construction guys were making their way onto the site. She looked at her bag which was full of stuff including Supergirl’s costume and those sexy red boots.

She picked out the paper with the address on it and looked west towards the bay. She knew the neighbourhood. Her parents used to have friends around there. A long time ago.

Even though it was early the sun had risen. She figured she’d be there by 8AM if she walked fast enough. Slinging her heavy bag over her shoulder, she set off down to the Marina.


Number 14 was just as impressive as other buildings Jodie had passed along the street. Big expensive SUVs and sports cars sat outside the villas and condos.

Jodie checked the piece of paper again. It was definitely number fourteen. But she had no key?

She rang the doorbell but after a minute there was still no answer. She looked inside into a stunning modern minimalist room, but there was no sign of anyone in there.

What was this place? Was the person that lived her going to help her?

She turned the main handle on the door but it was locked. Jodie sighed.

Looking back at the doorbell she was about to ring it again but noticed a small camera. But it didn’t quite look like a camera. More of one of those supermarket checkout scanners. She peered into it hoping that someone may see her. A little LED next to the camera flashed amber and a split second later flashed green, coinciding with the sound of the front door unlocking.

Jodie blinked and opened the door and walked through slowly. “Helloooo” she shouted as she closed the door behind her.

Once inside Jodie put her bag down inside the main room. It was the nicest place she’d ever been in. Coming off the entrance hallway, Jodie was now standing inside the main living area. The person that lived her had to be some sort of millionaire or famous person.

“Hellooo?!” shouted out again. Someone had to have let her in.

And just then, the massive television on the wall flicked into life and a woman appeared on the screen.

“Hello” said the woman. She was absolutely stunning – Jodie thought that she must’ve been a model or something.

“My name is Kara, and, well, the reason I am talking to you through this screen is because I am probably now gone.”

Jodie looked around her. Was this some sort of joke? One of those candid camera things?

But the woman on the screen went on.

“The reason this clip is being played to you now is because you and I will have met and performed the first stage of the transition.”

Jodie looked confused. She’d never seen this woman in her life. She was clearly in the wrong place.

“To have entered this building and to have initiated this video your retina is etched with the signature that proving you are Supergirl.”


Jodie’s mind ran at a million miles an hour. Supergirl!!!!

“I will not be there with you to aid in your transition, but I can try and offer you some advice.”

Jodie was struggling to take everything in, but with no way of knowing if she could hear this video clip again she tried to focus on what the beautiful woman on the TV was saying.

“I do not know what stage you are at with your transformation, but I can offer you some immediate advice. Things I would have liked when I was in your position.”

Jodie sat on the sofa opposite the TV and tried to take it all in. The stunning woman continued. “So I’ll try and summarise as best I can.”

“The most noticeable thing will be your face and body. I do not know how old you are or your previous physical appearance before your transformation. But I am certain that however you looked before, nothing will compare after your transformation.”

“When you look in the mirror, your face and your body will be significantly different. Your face, whilst still being you, will be as near to perfect as possible. You’ll notice your face will be thinner, your skin completely blemish-free, your lips are fuller, your nose probably a little smaller, and your eyes more striking, and your teeth will be perfectly straight and white.”

The brunette on screen went on.

“And you’ll notice your hair will be thicker, more shiny, and of course you’ll never have to weak makeup again. Essentially your face, whilst still unmistakably you, will be the perfect version of it.”

“And so your body. This is where you’ll have noticed the most obvious change.”

Jodie looked down at her extremely ordinary figure.

“Essentially the transformation will have altered your body to as near to perfection as humanly possible. Like I say, this is a recording and I haven’t – and probably never will – meet you. But I’m guessing that the shape of your body has dramatically changed. Probably a little taller, your body a lot firmer, your waist smaller, your muscle tone a lot greater, your body fat percentage greatly reduced, and your breasts both bigger and firmer.”

This got Jodie’s attention, but the woman went on.

“Even if you were a stunning fitness model pre-transformation, you’ll have noticed the change. Its significant isn’t it?”

“Your legs are now longer, more slender, more shapely and extremely toned. Of course they’ll be blemish-free and the same sun-kissed Californian tan will stretch down your legs. Your increased height is a result of your longer legs.”

“And your butt will be smaller, tighter, and more toned. Again, the skin will be softer and blemish-free and the same gorgeous tan that adorns the rest of your body.”

“Then your hips and waist. Your waist will be smaller, and a lot more firm. Muscular even. If you worked out before you could only have dreamt of the stomach and abs you’ll now have naturally.”

“Your arms, your stomach and your whole body will be toned. Not necessarily muscular, but you’ll look like you work out.”

Jodie liked what she was hearing. Her body didn’t resemble anything near what the woman was saying, but she liked it.

“And then of course your breasts. Whatever size or shape you used to have you’ll agree that your new boobs are as near to perfection as possible. A couple of pointers – although they are large you’ll notice how incredibly firm they are.”

Jodie watched the girl on the screen as she stood up and backed away from the camera a little so the camera was able to fit her head and upper body into the shot.

It was clear the girl on TV had a fantastic rack, and as she pulled up her top over her bra-less breasts, Jodie saw the most perfect pair of boobs she’d ever seen in her life. “Mine are a DD cup and I am quite comfortable not wearing a bra. And of course they won’t hurt or sag – you’re Supergirl after all.”

The woman pulled her tight t-shirt over her boobs again and sat closer to the camera. Jodie was still captivated.

“And its the boobs that people will always notice first. Even if your boobs were smaller you’d be object of everyones attention whilst out walking. But these tits …” said the girl cupping her fantastic mammaries “… have both men and women behaving like giddy animals.”

“So all I can say is enjoy them and enjoy the attention. You’ll soon get bored of it. But it does allow you to fuck whoever you want to – but I’ll come onto that later.”

Jodie looked a little puzzled but was captivated by this woman.

“So the costume. I’ve created another SD card explaining as much as I know about the costumes properties, blah blah blah. But for now, all you need to know is that its tiny, it’ll fit your body like a glove, its completely invincible by any human-made weapon, and in it you’ll have nearly the entire population of the planet jacking off over you.”

Jodie smiled and let out a little giggle. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t thought of Supergirl in her costume late at night.

“And then there are two other things to bear in mind. In a moment I’m going to show you how you transform into your Supergirl costume quickly. I’m also going to show you how your secret identity can be remain a secret.”

Jodie watched as the girl again stood up, walked a few paces back and performed an action so quick that in a split second the brunette was replaced by the blonde-haired Supergirl – THE Supergirl that she’d met just hours earlier this morning.

“So you’re thinking that I am a completely different person to the brunette sitting right here?”

Jodie instinctively nodded. Where had the pretty brunette woman gone?

“So, what if I told you that the brunette girl and Supergirl were the same person?”

That simple sentence, that admission, caused Jodie to suddenly see that the brunette and Supergirl WERE THE SAME PERSON. And it was obvious. They looked exactly the same!!

Supergirl on screen repeated exactly the same thoughts that ran through her head. And then continued “… and I don’t know how it works, but when I look in a mirror in my normal clothes, or naked, and then I put my costume on, I see the same person. It just that my hair colour and eye colour changes.”

“But for someone that doesn’t KNOW that I’m actually Supergirl, they cannot see the similarity. And I mean at ALL. You kinda feel stupid when you meet someone that you blatantly know.. but believe me, put the costume on in the way I just outlined, and its like some weird cloaking device.”

“But tell someone your real name whilst in your Supergirl costume, they’ll have the same revelation as you just did. And just a note on telling people – tell as few people as possible. None if you can.”

Jodie was struggling to take this all in. Looking down at her immature body there were no signs of these double D breasts, of the long legs, the all-over blemish-free tan, nothing.

But Supergirl now continued on-screen.

“So two more things, just to get you on your way. Your super powers, and sex.”

“Supergirl has super powers. I am incredibly strong, I can fly, I have heat vision, x-ray vision, I am invulnerable to everything that a human can throw at me. I have a super-human graphic memory, I can garner together super breath. All these things, you will be able to do. But not right away. I do not know where you are in the transformation process, but I know that these things come in time. Strength is the first, flying is the last.”

“Oh, and on the strength, its better than flying. Everyone: people, the media, everyone marvels at my flying. But its the super human strength that people are afraid of.”

Supergirl, on the screen was still standing, looking phenomenally sexy. She looked incredibly strong and powerful but agonisingly beautiful.

“When you first come across your first bad guy and you crush his gun or knife before his very eyes, that’s when you feel really power over these people. When you then hoist him up effortlessly with a single, hand by his shirt collar, that’s when you feel at your best. You can see it in their eyes. Only then do you feel your vast vast superiority over them.”

“But … you’re not going to be as strong as people think Supergirl is. I can’t lift an oil tank out of the sea, or move a small planet or moon. That’s ridiculous. But I can throw a car, I can stop a train, and as Supergirl I’m probably between 20 and 40 times stronger than a normal man.”

Jodie smiled. The thought of being that strong, and that powerful made her insides tingle.

“And so finally sex. Supergirl can have sex with a normal human – if you’re careful. As Supergirl I’m immune to STDs, to sperm, to retro-viruses such as aids, or anything. My body is invincible. Which means you can have sex with who you like, whenever you like, where you like.”

“Which is a good thing because if your libido is anything like mine, you’ll be fucking a lot. Be prepared for a significant increase in your sex drive: its perfectly normal. To give you an idea to ensure you do not feel like a slut, I have sex at least two times a day. Normally with men and woman I have never met before.”

Jodie was stunned.

“My libido is far greater than any man, and I’ve yet to meet a man that can even begin to sustain and satisfy me. Remember, whoever you are, you are goddess on this earth. To satisfy my urges I fuck men as Supergirl and I fuck them more out of costume. I am, and I guess you are by now, a walking wet dream and picking up guys and girls is easy. In my wardrobe you’ll find hundreds of outfits. Some conservative and some ridiculously sexy. Its up to you. Just enjoy it, and my advice would be to find someone you truly love and never tell him – or her – about your indiscretions. Men especially are unable to handle it.”

Jodie smiled. She was still pretty sure she was in the wrong place and this movie clip was playing to the wrong person. Sure, she’d met Supergirl – the girl on the screen – and sure she got into this place. But none of this seemed relevant. She was still a thin, scrawny flat eighteen year old and nothing indicated that she was destined for anything that Supergirl said.

Perhaps there was a mistake. Perhaps the nipple-thing didn’t work.

Either way, the Supergirl on the screen told her the whereabouts of the other SD cards, and told her that the clip was going to end. Jodie gazed up at the out-of-this-world sexy Supergirl and couldn’t believe what she was saying.

She also couldn’t believe how tired she was feeling. The young eighteen year old hadn’t slept indoors in a proper bed for over nine months, and looking through to the large, ultra-contemporary bedroom she couldn’t help herself.

Jodie knew she shouldn’t be in this amazing place and that the video was meant for someone else, but she walked into the bedroom anyway. She looked at the walk-in wardrobe which looked to be half the size of her old house. She’d look in there later. First she had to get her head down on a pillow before she fell asleep there-and-then.

Lying on one of the pillows that she knew the stunning Supergirl would have laid on she couldn’t help but smile. Everything she’d told her on the video tape sounded amazing. Shame it hadn’t worked for her.

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