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A New Supergirl – Day 12

Written by JonX :: [Tuesday, 05 May 2015 18:35] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 07 May 2015 12:17]

Day 12

Jodie remembered the previous Supergirl saying it could happen. The young brunette listened a little more carefully. There was no mistake. It was James.

In seconds the busty teenager had transformed into her tight Supergirl costume and was out the door.

James was on the other side of town. The three older kids from school surrounded him.

“Why the fuck is she hanging around with a loser like you, huh?” the tallest one asked incredulously.

“We’ve been friends for years.” James answered honestly, “Listen, I don’t know that the problem is? You’re angry that I’m friends with her?”

The menacing boy stepped closer to James towering inches above him.

“My problem you little dipshit is that I don’t know why a piece of ass like that is hanging with a loser like you. She must be prick-teasing you right? I’m right. I must be. She shoves those big fucking titties in your face,but she don’t give you nuthing. Instead, she’s whoring her ass out to some fucking jock.”

The other two sniggered.

“She is NOT a whore!” shouted James, stepping to the bigger, older kid. “You take that back.”

The kid stood a little straighter, clearly angered by the younger boys apparent disrespect, but also glad the kid was giving him an excuse to beat him up.

“Guessing then you’re some kinda faggot. The best lookin’ chicks always dig faggots don’t they?”

Jodie, in her Supergirl costume landed deftly with only a gentle click of her high heel hitting the ground.

“Is there a problem gentlemen?” the teenager said confidently.

The four young men turned and took in the staggering view of Supergirl looking her finest. Hands confidently placed on her hips, feet a little apart, chest thrust out.

“What the fuck is this?” laughed one of the sniggering boys. The other three, including James, were silent, staring at the girl with the big ‘S’ stretched across her magnificent breasts.

Jodie enjoyed the boys looking at her, taking in every inch of her beauty.

“Are you okay sir?” she asked James, still feeling slightly ridiculous that he wouldn’t recognise her in the costume.

“Er … gngh … yeah, I, er guess so.” The young man struggled to get the words out, and was trying desperately to look her in the eye instead of resting them on her stupendous bust.

The other three boys clearly didn’t care. All three stood gormless with their mouths slightly open studying her chest, her flat muscular stomach beneath the tight spandex, and those incredibly long tanned legs.

“This some kinda joke.” the tallest of the older boys said. “Like, we on some kinda TV show?

Jodie smiled and looked down at their car. All four pairs of eyes tracked her every movement as she took two glorious steps to her left, bent her legs slightly to grasp the underside of car chassis and slowly lifted the front of the vehicle into the air.

For Jodie, it felt like the previous Supergirl had described. The car was still heavy but she found that as she increased her effort it was as if her body was just feeding her more and more strength.

The suspension let off a familiar eeeking as the car was hoisted slowly into the air whilst the tyres (tires) remained on the ground. The metallic sound stopped as the wheels then left the road

The stunning teenage girl in the tight red and blue spandex costume stood confidently with the front end of the car up in the air, draped from her outstretched arm.

“Holy shit!” one of the three older boys muttered.

James’s eyes widened. He’d never seen her in real-life. But, she looked different. She was younger, a little more blonde. But the way she stood there effortlessly holding the car with the ‘S’ crest stretched across her mighty breasts, there was no mistake it was THE Supergirl.

The three older kids moved away from James like a retreating pack of wolves. The tallest of them, the one that seemed to be the leader, began to offer an apology but Supergirl cut him off by releasing the front end of his car, letting it fall to the ground.

The wheel smashed into the underside of the chassis. Supergirl looked at the ringleader and then back at the car. “Oops. Hope I haven’t damaged it” she said with a smile.

And with that the teenager strode over James. The three kids instinctively moved back to their car, avoiding Supergirl as they shuffled in an arc around her.

“Are you okay?” the girl asked James. He struggled to talk, and after clearing his throat managed a reply.

“Yeah, er, I mean yeah, thanks.”

Supergirl looked at the three guys getting into their car and then back at James.

“That took guts, standing up to those bullies.” smiled Supergirl.

“Er, sorry, I don’t know what you mean.”

“What they said about this girl. You stuck up for her.”

“Yeah I guess so.” said James, sheepishly.

“I hope she’s worth it? What’s her name?”

There was a screech of rubber as the three kids escaped in their car down the road.

James cleared his throat. “Yeah, she is ma’am. Her name is Jodie. She’s a friend of mine from school.”

“Sounds like she has a lot of admirers at your school?”

“Jodie? Oh yeah, of course. She’s absolutely stunning. But she’s no whore. We’ve know each other since we were kids.”

Supergirl smiled. Yes they had.

“Sounds to me like you have feelings for Jodie, no?”

James felt himself blushing. Of course he did. Pretty much every man and girl had feelings of lust for Jodie. But his feelings were deeper. He actually knew her.

Supergirl put a gentle hand on James’s shoulder and spoke directly at him with those beautiful piercing blue eyes. “I think that perhaps you could tell Jodie how you feel about her.”

James barely heard her – he couldn’t get the thought of Supergirl’s hand on his shoulder out of his head.

“Good luck. I hope she’s worth it.” Jodie said as she took a few steps back.

James regained focus. “Er … yeah, thanks, er, Supergirl.”

She smiled. A stunning, beautiful radiant smile. And in a flash she had thrust her arm into the air, bent her phenomenal legs and propelled herself into the dusky sky.

James was slow in realising what was happening and only looked up into the sky when it was too late. But she was gone.

In reality, Supergirl had merely performed a super jump into the air and landed a hundred or so yards behind the building. She didn’t yet want people to know she hadn’t quite mastered flying yet.


“Did you see those fucking tits!!!” screamed one of the kids. “I can’t get them out of my head.”

The other laughed in agreement.

The tallest of them, the ringleader Billy was driving and he pulled his beaten up old car to a halt. The kid in the back put his hand out for the obligatory fist punch denoting a goodbye and sprang out of the car.

“Man, that was fucking awesome!” said Billy to his younger brother next to him. “He’s right, she was fucking amazing. You see that body bro? And those legs? And those fucking tits. Amazing.”

Billy’s brother nodded in agreement. He’d never seen a girl so beautiful as he had this evening and he wouldn’t let onto the other guys that he was nursing a boner for the last 20 minutes.

The boys parked outside their house and just as Billy put his key into the door lock a familiar voice appeared again from behind.

“I want to talk to you two.” said the mighty heroine.

Billy and his brother both turned around.

Both boys took a step back as the teenager confidently strode over up them, and both couldn’t help but stare at the girls breasts as they jiggled slightly underneath the skin-tight costume.

For most other people the two young men were quite intimidating. Both were fairly tall, had short shaved heads, and a mean look about them.

Supergirl didn’t share this sentiment and in one fluid movement she’d cupped the chins of each boy and lifted them slowly into the air.

“I’m going to say this once only gentlemen.” the teenager said softly looking up.

“I will be keeping a constant eye on all three of you from now on. If I even catch you talking to that kid you harassed today, I cannot explain the unthinkable pain I will inflict on your both.”

“Am I making myself clear?”

The two boys couldn’t fathom what was happening and hung in silence. Supergirl tightened her grip around theirs chins.

“I can’t hear you. Am I making myself clear?” she said firmly.

The two boys tried to nod their head but they were fastened up against the wall by the girl’s incredible strength. They both made a noise indicating they agreed.

Inside the house a light flickered on and the front door opened and a middle-aged woman appeared.

Jodie looked at the woman, and the woman stared in disbelief back at her.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry to disturb you this evening,” Jodie said with authority, “but I’m guessing these two boys are your sons?”

The woman nodded not saying a word and looking at her two sons who were dangling helplessly in the air.

Jodie released her tight grip and let the boys fall the few inches back onto their feet. Jodie turned to the woman as the boys rubbed their chins.

“I’m sorry to say ma’am but I caught both your sons and another boy about to assault another boy from the same school today.”

The woman nodded. She looked at the young girl who just seconds ago had each of her sons pinned up helplessly into the air. She was gorgeous. Stunning. And like most people – men and women – her gaze settled for a moment on Supergirl’s chest. The familiar sight of Supergirl’s crest was stretched across her most magnificent boobs and her semi-erect nipples protruded from the thin material.


“Yes … er … I mean, thank you for bringing it to my attention.” said the woman snapping her eyes back to Supergirl’s face.

“I’ve warned your boys that next time I’ll be taking them straight down the police station.” said the girl.

“Yes … yes of course. Thank you … er …”

Jodie smiled.

“You can call me Supergirl.” she said proudly.

“Thank you Supergirl.” said the woman slowly.

Supergirl turned back to the boys who were looking suitably sheepish.

“Like I said boys,” the stunning blonde smiled, “if I catch you talking to that boy again you’ll get a whole lot more than a bruised chin.”

The boys nodded.

Just as Jodie was about to thrust herself into the air she couldn’t help herself but turn to the woman and apologise for the mess.

The woman looked puzzled. “What do you mean?” She asked.

Jodie smiled and looked over at the younger boy and pointed out his pants that were stained around the crotch where he’d involuntarily urinated himself.

Supergirl smiled and the woman closed eyes with embarasement for her son. And then after a quick bend of her knees the teenager thrust herself upwards into the evening air leaving the woman to usher her sons into the house.

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