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21st Century Magic: Gotcha! (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10: An Even Harder Math Problem

Lacey strode into school on Monday flanked by Valerie, Katie, and Ginny. They were four of the hottest girls in school, and they knew it. As senior cheerleaders, they already ruled the school. But armed with her new power, and dressed to kill as always, Lacey strode through the high school halls confident that she could literally take control of any guy in the building … and some of the girls.

On her way to her first class of the day, she made three ugly or nerdy looking guys drop their books or trip suddenly as “punishment” for checking her out as she walked by. Her friends provided running commentary, goading her into going after specific guys, and laughing about the boys’ confused reactions to suddenly losing control of an arm or leg.

By the time she got to Mr. Helverson’s math class, the novelty had worn off a little. She realized that if she kept up that pace, everyone in school would figure out what was happening pretty quickly, and she might get in trouble. Bullying one person, she could probably get away with. Bullying half the school every day might be more than she could charm her way out of.

But that wasn’t going to stop her from playing with Mr. Helverson. She’d already told her friends that Mr. H was a total perv who couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Once again, Valerie wanted proof. But this time, she totally believed Lacey, and just wanted to see her best friend make a fool of the most boring teacher in school. Since they were in the same math class, Lacey was happy to put on a show.

“Hi, Mr. H. Did you have a good weekend?” Lacey asked cheerfully, intentionally arriving just as the bell rang, so most of the students were already at their desks. She stopped near the front of the class to wait for his response, instead of heading straight to her own desk as usual.

The tired looking teacher continued copying math problems from his book on to the chalkboard, and muttered, “Yes, it was very nice. Thank you” before noticing out of the corner of his eye that Lacey hadn’t moved on.

As he turned to face her, the beautiful blonde adjusted her stance subtly, resulting in her perky breasts bouncing ever so slightly in front of the teacher, and her hourglass figure swaying in a slightly sensual manner. She knew instantly that the boys seated behind her enjoyed the show as her hips and ass swayed from this movement, but she also knew that she’d gotten the attention of her primary target. Using the skills she’d been honing for over a month now, frequently in this very class, she grabbed hold of Mr. Helverson’s desire and started to stimulate it to make sure she had control over him.

‘Gotcha!’ she thought.

“Is there something I can do for you, Miss Peterson?”

“Yes, actually, I had a question.” she paused for a second to come up with a plausible excuse to have stopped there, when the real reason was just that she’d been waiting for him to notice her. “I had problems figuring out some of the homework over the weekend. Especially the last couple of questions. I just wanted to make sure you were gonna go over all the problems in class. Especially the second to last question – I think that’s the one that really stumped me. And the last one. That last one was tough, too.”

Since the math problems always got predictably harder towards the end of the homework assignments, she figured this would sound good, even though she actually had no idea what that weekend’s assignment had been.

“Yes, Miss Peterson.” he responded impatiently, and Lacey could tell he was forcing himself not to roll his eyes at her. “As always, we’ll be discussing all the homework in class, though I’m glad to see you taking such an interest, for once.”

At that moment, she was definitely taking an interest, but not because of math. As he turned his attention back to the chalkboard, she raised one hand to gesture in front of her, so the students behind her couldn’t see. His hand suddenly jerked sideways, and as she widened the space between her fingers, his did the same, releasing the piece of chalk he’d been holding.

“Oh! What was that?” he asked to no one in particular, as the piece of chalk flew past Lacey and landed on the floor.

“Nice throw, Mr. Helverson. You ever think of joining the football team?” cracked one of the boys in class, eliciting some chuckles from the peanut gallery.

The mathematician was looking down at his hand, obviously confused at why he’d thrown the chalk that way, when Lacey told him, “Let me get that for you, Mr. Helverson.”

At the sound of her voice, he looked up and told her, “Thank you, Lacey.”

Once he was looking at her, she smiled sweetly and jacked up his lust some more. Then she turned and took a couple of steps to where the chalk had landed. Facing directly away from him, she made a show of standing perfectly upright, then leaning forward, her hand reaching for the chalk on the floor, so her perfectly formed posterior stuck out towards the older man.

As the blonde bombshell bent down, she aroused his libido as much and as quickly as she could. She had reached the chalk and grabbed it when she sensed the threshold that meant he had an erection. As she began to stand back up, she made a subtle gesture that yanked his engorged manhood ahead of him for just a fraction of a second. She was rewarded by his surprised gasp behind her, followed immediately by shocked exclamations and laughter from all the students.

From their perspective, the lovely young blonde had just bent down in front of the teacher with her ass in the air, and he’d gotten an incredibly obvious boner from watching her. One of the male students even called out, “Enjoying the view, Mr. Helverson?” to which another boy responded, “I know I would.”

Lacey stood up and looked around the class with a confused expression, pretending she had no idea what they were all laughing about. She knew how to play the dumb blonde role when she wanted to.

Looking directly at Valerie, she saw the brunette smirking. They made eye contact, and her friend mouthed something that might have been “more” and gestured with her hands, obviously trying to instigate Lacey into tormenting the teacher further. Lacey didn’t respond directly, instead continuing to feign confusion for the benefit of Mr. Helverson and the rest of the students.

“Settle down, class.” Mr. Helverson called out, looking embarrassed, and turned back towards the chalkboard as quickly as possible.

“Here’s your chalk.” Lacey said, approaching. As she held out the chalk, she magically pulled on the teacher’s legs. It was only a split second, but it was enough to trip the middle aged man, who fell face down on the floor near her feet.

This time, the laughter from the class was even louder. Since they didn’t realize he was being controlled, it appeared to the students that he’d simply been trying to hide his embarrassing erection, and had tripped when Lacey startled him.

Lacey felt her control fading. As he pushed himself up to his hands and knees, she figured Mr. H must be very confused, and might even have hurt himself falling down like that. So whatever he was feeling right now, it wasn’t lust. His desire was harder for her to reach, though not impossible, since she was already controlling it. But she realized that inflaming his lust again might tip him off that there was an outside force involved, so she decided to let him go.

Instead, she just looked down at him, and feigned concern.

“Mr. Helverson! Are you ok?”

He turned his head in her direction, seeing her shiny black high heels before anything else. As soon as he saw her, his gaze moved up the sheer tan pantyhose covering her long, shapely legs, and she could sense him becoming slightly aroused again. He continued looking upwards until he was pretty much looking up her skimpy, tight dress, and she sensed that he was really enjoying the view.

At that point, she wanted to punish him even more for being such a total perv, but she knew that would make it too obvious that he was being magically controlled. Since he’d already gotten slightly aroused again, she used her power to make sure his boner stayed hard, so he’d have a hard time covering it when he stood up, just to embarrass him.

After a second, he looked away and shook his head quickly, as if trying to clear the cobwebs from his head.

“Miss Peterson” he began quietly, this time not looking at her. “Please press the intercom button to call the front office, and have them send the school nurse. I think I may be having a stroke.”

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