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How the Little Tub Met Its Fate...

Written by AuGoose :: [Saturday, 25 July 2015 03:47] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 29 July 2015 10:56]

How the Little Tub Met Its Fate…

(…and a new goddess is born)

An ENERGIZE! Sidestory by Au Goose

Energized shampoo and Emma created by Monty (go read it!)

A work of erotic fiction. Not safe for work or at the pool. Any resemblance to the real world is too much to hope for. Caution: slippery when wet.

Before“Hey! Wait! You forgot … your shampoohh …” she trailed off with a breathy Irish lilt. The massively stacked blonde had taken off at a dead run. Fiona would have called out her name but she didn’t know what it was. With a body like that they obviously ran in different circles at school. Wherever the blonde was going, she meant to be there quick and wasn’t worried about abandoned hair products. A moment later Fiona heard what sounded like a sonic boom outside, shaking all the frosted windows in the girl’s locker room. America was weird.

She looked at the tub. It wasn’t labeled, but the green stuff inside seemed kind of fizzy. Fiona had been hanging around the lockers after her P.E. period when the blonde girl had gone running past her in such a rush that she’d dropped the little tub with a clatter. Since green was her lucky color (d’uh) Fiona held on to the little tub as she strolled into the school showers. She planned strip out of her pale swimsuit after she got the water started. It’s not like the suit was covering much: she was pretty much a stick figure with pigtails drawn on top. Fiona wasn’t short – an impressive 5’9” actually – but she was skinny as the proverbial rail. She’d giggled when she’d first heard that phrase. It was so true. American boys didn’t even look at her if she kept quiet. A few of them actively disliked that she could look them straight in the eye (or even look down on the shorter boys). But they couldn’t get enough of her breathy accent when she talked. Her best friend Kimberly said it was because she sounded like Luna Lovegood, the crazy blond girl in the Harry Potter movies. When Fiona answered a teacher ‘yes’ it sounded like ‘yuss’ and everyone in the classroom would have a good laugh. Laughing with her, mostly. They called her “Rail-thin Fiona” when they were laughing at her.

Whatever. Boys were dumb. ‘Just look at me, I’m nice’ she often thought. All they wanted was for a girl to have great honking titties. She desperately wanted them to look at her and say she was beautiful, even though she was so slim. “Just look at me” she mused aloud. None of them had ever asked her out. She probably wouldn’t even end up going to the senior prom. Nobody looked twice at her. But with girls around like that one who had just run out of the locker room, what could she expect? That girl’s tits had been HUGE. “If I had boobies like that, they’d all look at me…” she admitted with a sigh. If only. Instead she was gonna end up graduating still a virgin and not by choice.

Lunch was about to start so she should have the showers all to herself. A nice long soak with nobody to bother her would be great. Fiona usually skipped lunch: the stuff in the American cafeteria was too greasy for her. Maybe she should try to choke some of it down anyway? If all that fat went to the right places … she’d still be a stick. No, she’d happily trade squishy burgers and oily fries for 45 minutes of hot, steamy relaxation. Getting slick with soap and running her hands over herself from head to toe. She knew she’d spend half of it wishing she had a figure like that blonde girl…

She’d just pulled off her rubber swimming cap and stepped over the lip of the shower area when she heard a ‘plop’. “Ewwhh.” (Even Fiona’s disgusted groans had a touch of lilt.) The tub of shampoo seemed to be leaking. The top was open just a crack so she wiped her finger around the edge trying to clean it off before snapping the lid shut.

“What thehh–!” she let out a breathy squeak. The stuff had shocked her! Her cap fell to the floor forgotten, covering the shower drain. Fiona flicked her finger a few times trying to shake off the emerald booger. It hit the cream colored tiles with a wet ‘splat!’, gleaming up at her the same color as her eyes. What kind of crazy electrified shampoos did they have in this country? “And that’s enough of that!” she said and set the tub, still cracked open, on a wirework rack hanging from the showerhead. She’d be nice and put it in lost-&-found after lunch. That beautiful blonde student could pick it up there later if she actually cared. Reaching for the shower knobs Fiona didn’t see the tub full of Energized-shampoo was still bubbling over, as if the tub were being filled to overflowing by some unseen pipe.

She did a double-take looking at the shower controls. Some dipshit had set the temp knob all the way to max, she noticed with a sigh. The next person to turn on the pressure would get a nasty fright, maybe even scalded. The school had a central boiler for all its hot water and it was blisteringly hot. Really, people had been blistered. There’d been a big stink about it last semester but they still hadn’t turned it down. Stupid grown ups. She looked at the maxed-out dial again. “Why do people have to be so mean?” she asked the little tub. She tried to be nice to everybody, but when she came across pranks like this it made her kinda mad. People said when she was really mad her freckles turned red. Had the blonde girl left it that way? She’d been super-duper pretty but she hadn’t looked like an entirely nice person.

Fiona reached forward to correct the situation when a thread of green goo trailing down from the shelf dripped across her forearm and shocked her again. Jerking back, she stepped in the gob on the floor from earlier and her leg shot out from under her with a squeaking sound like a squeegee on a wet windshield. Wind-milling her arms, Fiona fell forward and cracked her head viciously on the tiles above the shower handles, knocking herself out. As her face slid down the wall she just missed turning on the hot water with her cute Irish nose and narrowly avoided being poached like a lobster. She rolled over as she fell, slumping in the tiled corner like she’d sat down and leaned back against the wall on purpose. Her head lolled to one side, her slack jaw hanging open. Feathery strawberry-blond bangs hid the red goose egg on her brow. She was directly beneath the showerhead… and the tub…

Her impact shook the dangling shelf hard enough the precariously balanced container flopped on its side. Shimmering liquid started running out through the half-open lid like she’d opened a faucet. It should have been empty in seconds but it just kept gushing out. Fiona would have laughed– some bright bulb had invented the first bottomless bottle of shampoo! Only this shampoo did a lot more than just make a girl’s hair look better. It could make a girl’s everything look better. Skinny, forgettable Fiona was perfectly placed to get a head-to-toe Energized make-over.

Thick radioactive gel poured down on the unconscious girl, just missing her open mouth, though a few drops did splash onto her thin pink lips. The majority of the endless stream hit high on Fiona’s flat chest. It ran down her body like sticky green honey, following the natural furrow between her slight breasts. Tiny pink nipples tightened fiercely, tenting the white swimsuit as more fluid slid between Fiona’s A-cup breasts and began to pool against her sternum…

Now, the effects of “Energized” shampoo are pretty mild until you hit it with hot water… It tingled. It made your hair grow. After a minute or two your boobs got perkier, firmer, and well, ok, noticeably bigger. At least that’s what happens if you use just a handful or two. The blonde girl who had dropped the tub, Emma, liked feeling slippery when she touched herself during her morning showers. She’d slathered about a cup’s worth over her breasts her first time, before discovering that the shampoo did things. Incredibly sexy things. Even before she’d turned up the heat she’d found herself sporting the kind of rack that launches careers. Twenty minutes of hot shower later and terms like “uberbabe”, “superhero”, and “seriously top-heavy” began to apply to Emma's transformation. One cup of Energized has made her incredibly strong, incredibly fast, and best of all incredibly sexy. Just a few handfuls of the irradiated mixture had been enough to transform Emma’s mother into a gorgeous full-figured powerhouse who had backed down the CIA. Emma’s older sister Sarah had been using it daily for only a week and she’d morphed into a world-class super-buxom superhero able to lift tens of thousands of tons with her bare hands. One cup of Energized shampoo – seven, maybe eight handfuls of the irradiated gel – was enough to turn any woman into a genuine Supergirl with a magnificent sleek body that was half big-breasted aerobics instructor, half playful porn-star.

Fiona had been dunked with more of the shimmering ooze than all of three of them put together in the first two minutes. Until now no one had ever just kept pouring the magical shampoo on cold. And pouring. And pouring …

The shampoo was starting to work. Half hidden by the neckline of her suit, the satin-smooth mounds of Fiona’s breasts were rising like bread … Soon she had proper conical B-cups inflating the stretchy fabric of her suit. As the minutes ticked by the twin loaves of soft warm flesh swelled right past C cups … If Fiona had looked down she would have been able to actually see the steady expansion of her new high-power boy-magnets, twin domes growing rounder and fuller as another gallon of shampoo flowed down her front. Soon almost comically perky D-cups were straining against the taut swimsuit, toped by nipples as big as the last joint of her thumbs. With Fiona’s torso still slouched against the wall, those spreading points defined the far corners of an expanding shelf jutting out from her ribcage that threatened to tear right out of her over-taxed suit. You could put someone’s eye out with those eager up-thrust cones. Already her chest was heavier and fuller than the girl from Ireland could ever have hoped for, though nowhere near as big as the blonde girl who had set it all in motion. Yet. Fiona would have screamed with mischievous delight, the proud owner of giant titties no boy could possibly ignore … but instead she slept on, oblivious.

Well, not entirely oblivious. Gel was now seeping so far down the front of Fiona’s suit that the thick emerald juices began to bathe the folds of her maidenhood. As above, so below: her thin and scrawny flesh bloomed, becoming rounded and overwhelmingly womanly. Still out cold, Fiona began to twitch and shake when her tiny pea-sized clitoris puffed up to the size of a plump grape. Like her rigid nipples her swollen clit acquired twenty, maybe thirty times a woman's normal levels of sensitivity. The effect was so powerfully erogenous anyone between her legs could have launched Fiona into screaming orgasms with nothing more than a cotton ball and a single warm breath. Like a bomb waiting to go off, the thick nub waited to be touched, tucked between the soft heavy lips of a perfectly symmetrical camel toe.

Fiona’s body wasn’t the only thing changing. Soaked in Energized shampoo for twenty minutes or more her formerly white suit had been stained a rich, almost metallic shade of green. The concentrated bio-radiation supercharging every aspect of Fiona's sex appeal was also building up in the tiny fibers of the suit until a chain reaction started … A ripple ran over Fiona’s skin like throwing a stone into a algae-filled pond. The overstretched green cloth changed, becoming tougher, more elastic, clinging to her curves more like glistening green bodypaint than spandex. The green suit contracted like plastic shrink wrap under a blow-dryer, outlining her every curve. Instead of fading away, the ripples continued to crisscross the covered parts of her body, the suit cuddling her breasts and belly like something half-alive.

More than a gallon of shampoo that had been trapped in the shadow of Fiona’s ample tits suddenly had nowhere to go. Some was pushed back up between her breasts, sloshing over the top of her suit like an overfilled cup. More – much more – squirted out the bottom of her suit, a green flood that sluiced across her hips, down her legs, over her knees, and washed up on her toes to finally drip down around her heels. Like sweet honey it stuck to everything, bathing her in a subtle green radiance as it re-sculpted every inch of her body. Fiona’s hips widened as green goo drained over them, making her narrow waist seem even smaller. Her legs grew long and shapely under a slick coating of the tingling ooze. It squished between her toes and even they became more elegant. It dribbled down between her strong swimmer's thighs, seeping into the crack of her ass. With direct exposure even her buttocks began to firm and tighten and swell…

Some of the green flood didn’t escape her suit at all. The rippling contractions as living cloth wrapped itself taut against the shy virgin's nethers had pumped a fist-sized blob of slippery shampoo along the path of least resistance: between soft wet lips and deep into Fiona's uncharted vagina. Even in her innermost spaces the bio-radiation found eager, willing cells wanting to be more. In the hot darkness the nerves of Fiona’s g-spot thickened and multiplied, another ticking orgasmic time bomb waiting to go off. Vaginal muscles throbbed, the walls of her shaft thickening and fluttering as if she had retroactively done three-hundred Kegels a day for the last year. When she woke she'd discover she had a level of control over her inner grip like a concert pianist in a world full of women wearing mittens. Inside and out, Fiona was being built and rebuilt for mind-blowing sex.

More minutes passed and nobody came. Any rational person would have rolled out from beneath the slithering ribbon of emerald magic pouring out of the little tub almost as soon as the effects became apparent. They would have paused long before the relentless transformation from scrawny waif to primordial fertility goddess had run so completely out of control. Even impetuous Emma would have shown concern for the consequences of using that much of her favorite shampoo and sex aid in a single go … but Rail-thin Fiona wasn’t in any position to exercise her better judgment. And truth be told after years of being ignored so completely she might not have stopped even if she had woken up. Faced with the question ‘Would you like to become the most powerful and irresistibly sexy woman in the history of the human race?’ even shy Fiona could have mustered up the courage to answer, “uhhm, yuus please?” Informed consent and all. Well, Rail-thin Fiona wasn’t around to ask anymore. She’d been completely overwritten by All-curves Fiona. A pale slip of a girl swallowed up by a tall, statuesque movie star sporting a perfect hourglass. The product of 40 uninterrupted minutes spent stewing in GALLONS of Energized shampoo.

Mouth-watering as Fiona’s transformation into a tall, svelte photo-shop fantasy girl was, she’d still only absorbed the smallest fraction of the bio-radiation snared in the gel. Without hot water activating it, it continued to reproduce and multiply. Not just in the little tub either. The globs dribbling off of Fiona’s incredible curves fell to the tiled floor before flowing down towards the central drain half a dozen feet away. A massive puddle of Energized shampoo had formed in the center of the four shower areas. Its true power was like a tightly coiled spring, just waiting for a thermal catalyst to release it. Like any highly radioactive material, the shimmering green gel had a critical mass, a point of no return. The drain had been plugged by Fiona’s swim cap so the whole cluster of stalls was slowly flooding.

The puddle bubbled and grew deeper, a ceaseless chain reaction moving closer and closer to a nuclear disaster as Fiona slumped helplessly at the edge of a radioactive cauldron. If someone turned that knob before Fiona had a chance to wipe the preposterous overdose off and wash it down a sink with cold water the only words that were going to apply to her transformation were “atomic detonation” and “ thermonuclear sex bomb”. Already there was enough shampoo backed up the shower stalls to transform every girl in Fiona’s school twice over. The rising tide would soon reach Fiona’s long runway-model legs … she’d be floating in the stuff, growing sexier by the second until … Boom.

Atomic Boom.

This was the moment of destiny. Reborn through the power of the biggest super-mega-king-sized dose of raw, cold gel anyone had EVER received, Fiona might have woken up when the bell rang and gotten out of the still dry shower safely, drained the lake her swim-cap had created and used cold water to wash away the whole mess without further incident. Its possible Fiona could have finished up the day merely a mind-bogglingly gorgeous 6-foot redhead porn star who padded her bra with a pair of bowling balls. Without the catalyst that future-Fiona would have skipped over the whole superpowers thing and stayed just an astonishingly beautiful young woman (well maybe one superpower: making men cum with nothing more than a little smile is a superpower, right?)

But it was not to be.

With only minutes left before the lake began to multiply out of control, turning Pasadena into a glowing green crater, two decidedly not-nice girls happened to come in to the locker rooms to sneak a smoke. Even with the lights out, one spotted Fiona’s long leg sticking out of the shower from their hiding place and they strolled over to investigate. The pair of delinquents found the rest of Fiona still leaned up against the wall in the shower stall.

“I think she’s sleeping.” the first girl whispered. Cutting class for a nap made perfect sense to her.

“That is just delicious. Let’s punk her.” the other answered.

“Wait, who is it? I don’t want to start none with anybody cool.”

The mean girl looked down at the unconscious girl’s face in the dim light from a cracked window. She recognizing the upturned nose and the freckles. “It’s that ditzy exchange student we have in second period. You know the one. Always bringing flowers to school. Fiona-something.”

“Oh, her. Yeah. I hate her. She was smiling at my guy last week. Just turn the water on. Show her what’s what.” She was not gonna miss an opportunity like this. The foreign girl dressed like a mouse in class, but seeing her in her swimsuit, she realized the girl had been dressing down curves easily on par with that Emma bitch. “Jesus. She’s built like Jessica-fucking-Rabbit.” If this Fiona-something put the moves on her man, it would be game over for her. Just laying there sleeping the girl had a body good enough to eat and she wasn’t even lesbo. Nuh-uh.

“What’s she laying on?” It looked like she had thrown down a rumpled but shiny blanket before taking her nap. It was the same strawberry-blonde as her hair and it spread out in a circle around her that reached past her knees.

“Who cares?” the other replied, eager to do some mischief. It was obvious Fiona was out cold. She must have really needed that nap.

“I think someone beat us to it,” her co-conspirator whispered pointing at the plastic tub on the rack over the girl’s head, placed perfectly to dump some green shit over the sleeping girl. Bitch was covered in the stuff. It ran down her arms, there were splatters all down her legs. She had to be sleeping like a rock to not have noticed all that!

“Ha! She’s even got it all down her crotch. Sucks to be you, girl!” Feeling especially bold she reached over Fiona and adjusted the little tub so the stream of snot or whatever it was went right in her open mouth. Fiona still didn’t wake up as her slack mouth filled until a green stripe of shampoo ran down her chin. The two girls looming over Fiona of course had no idea what they’d done: soon even Fiona’s lips and tongue would be overwhelmingly powerful and sexy.

“How horrible” The other girl said with completely fake sympathy. “I’m sure she’ll want to wash that off right away.” Not even bothering to check the temperature setting, she reached over the sleeping Irish girl and cranked the shower wide open. Then the two mean girls both leaped back from the blast of steam that filled the stall.

“Goddamn! I think I burnt myself. Holy shit that’s hot.”

The other girl peered back into the cloud. “You think she’s ok?”

Realizing they could both be in BIG trouble they turned and ran and kept running. A few second more and they might have seen the steam suddenly blaze with light the color of a pot of Irish Gold. And while green was Fiona’s lucky color, she’d soon come to appreciate gold, because shy skinny Fiona had definitely found the end of a leprechaun’s rainbow and a little sign saying ‘wishes granted here’.

Blazing hot water rained down. The coating of gel smeared over Fiona finally activated in its heat, awakening what could only be called god-like powers in the unconscious girl’s hungry flesh. Super strength, super speed, flight … Catalyzed at last, a third of the shampoo still clinging to Fiona’s womanly curves would have been enough to let Fiona juggle mountains or arm wrestle with the Hulk. Under the hissing spray of near-boiling water, Fiona bolted awake with a gasp so strong it yanked the locker room doors shut from 30 feet away. She flailed around wildly, her arms and legs slicing through tile and concrete like it was foam in a bubble bath. Dazed, she stood up, one hand reaching for the nearest wall. Loosely held fingers effortlessly carved four delicate parallel tracks in the wall where she brushed it trying to find her balance. She’d been about to take her shower, she remembered vaguely. ‘And what’s that odd taste in my mouth?’ she thought, licking her now amazing pink lips with a long, agile tongue.

She closed her eyes and leaned forward to put her head under the hissing spray that didn’t seem overly hot to her,  even thought it came straight from the boiler, but naturally Fiona didn’t think to leave room for the bulging F-cup breasts now thrusting up proudly from her narrow chest. Instead of compressing against the steam-slicked tile the triumphant globes crushed all in their path, powdering ceramic and drywall alike. Her mounds sank more than an inch into the wall, feeling to Fiona’s addled senses like she’d bumped her flat and shapeless chest into a cream pie. The tickling sensation of whipped cream on her chest (actually tiles turning to dust at the merest brush of her tits) felt shockingly good! Craving more she leaned forward harder, sinking her chest deeper into the overmatched wall. With water running over her back now, the shampoo sticking to her backside activated, causing her figure to grow still more lush in the golden glow. A spider web of cracked tiles spread in every direction as her breasts grew another cup size inside the wall. Fiona reacted instinctively to the momentary constriction by shimmying her shoulders side to side trying to shake them free… Far from being trapped, her wrecking-ball breasts tore huge horizontal furrows in the tiled-over concrete, the deepest gouges at the exact height of her engorged nipples, now the size and color of large strawberries. Again Fiona felt no more resistance from the crumbling concrete than she would from sticking her fingers in a meringue pie. Concrete and even rebar was wasn't just soft, it was fluffy compared to her smooth, delicate-looking skin.

DevineEven half out of her mind with concussion, Fiona knew the grinding sound the wall made as it was pulverized by her jiggling rack wasn’t normal. She took a hesitant step back, seeing the destruction for the first time: two messy craters, like a pair of bowling balls had been hammered deep into the wall at what she normally thought of as chin level. But she still didn’t think to look down at herself. If she had … Well. If your looks were a lottery Fiona had forgotten to even buy a ticket the first time around. She’d gotten a sweet, honest face and her sexy voice strictly as a consolation prize. But now that she’d been given a second chance she’d hit the Super-7-Megaton-Jackpot! One of the mean girls had sarcastically compared her to Jessica Rabbit moments ago – a cartoon woman of outrageous proportions (if you don't know, Google it. It'll make you a better human being). Now the comparison would have been funny because it was so damn true. Fiona wasn’t bad: she was just drawn that way.

But all the shampoo that had been covering Fiona was literal a drop in the bucket compared to what was coming. As boiling water ran down Fiona’s generous curves and long sleek legs, golden steam exploded off of every inch of her body. But not all of the water was turning to steam anymore. As the gel on her body was used up, runoff began trickling towards the drain. A rivulet of blisteringly hot water crept towards the edge of the diminutive lake simmering in the center of the stalls. Fiona happened to whirl around and look (her heavy chest lagging just a delicious moment behind) just in time to see the little tendril of hot water approach the churning, bubbling puddle. Some part of her subconscious shrieked at the danger and the thought came to her, ‘...Just like the spark running along a fuse towards a cartoon bomb.’ Fiona fell forward to her hands and knees, landing more than half in the huge puddle convinced she should do something to stop the little trickle but overshooting badly. Then steaming water touched the waiting green goop surrounding her and … Boom.

Atomic Boom.

The pool of shampoo combusted beneath Fiona with a fierce gold light. Gallons of vaporizing gel giving off a massive shockwave of bio-radiation. Uncontained, it would have been enough to put a 400-foot wide crater in the middle of the school and transform every single woman in a mile-and-a-half radius who wasn’t killed outright into an Energized demigoddess under an expanding mushroom cloud of golden radioactive fallout. (Acceptable losses I’d say: one small high school destroyed in exchange for hundreds of energized girls …? Sigh. I’m a monster.)

Instead energy enough to drive a thousand more super-sexy transformations blasted up into friendly, forgettable Fiona, the girl no one ever looked at twice. Cells teased by forty minutes of slow simmering now consumed the force of the blast like a sponge … And it felt good. Good times one hundred, then times one thousand. Fiona hollered at the top of her now Very Strong Lungs what was becoming the battlecry of Energized girls everywhere:

“WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAAHHHHH!” (yes, she still had her lilt)

That piercing ecstatic wail was so powerful the glass blew out of every window frame in the athletics building. Cowering students shrieked and ran as radioactive fog came boiling out behind the burst of broken glass. The radiation-laced steam Fiona hadn’t been able to absorb was almost alive, pulsing and breathing like a primitive sea creature … and it began to hunt.

As the cloud engulfed the girl’s locker room a tendril of the strange gleaming mist peeled away, reaching out as if to deliberately grab the nearest female student, a cute junior from the girl’s soccer team. Tina had been heading to the gym lockers to change out of her gear after an extra practice during lunch. She’d raced back, her long legs carrying her far ahead of the rest of her team. She’d been knocked down as two girls bolted out of the changing rooms just before the door slammed shut on their heels. Tina was moving slowly, still rubbing her knee when she heard an incredibly loud crunching sound for the locker rooms like someone was getting happy with a sledgehammer in there. Then there was a silent flash of golden light around the edges of the closed door. She blinked a few times and when she looked up there was a curl of mist the color of her bleached cornrows rushing at her. Was it poison? Had something exploded? Was she going to die?

Dozens of long wisps like the tentacles of an octopus unfurled from the yellow cloud surrounding the gym, reaching out to snare the frightened witnesses. The other girls from Tina’s soccer team managed to scramble away from the hunting tendrils thanks their slow start back from the field. Tina inhaled to scream– and the stuff seemed to pump itself into her open mouth. She expected a stink like gasoline, but instead of making her cough it tasted sweet. The barest whiff of activated Energize-shampoo touched her lungs and sent a pulse of bio-radiation skittering through her system.

Tina suddenly felt amazing! Energized in fact (some puns are just too easy). Even a single drop of vaporized gel was enough to set her body changing. Changing for the better! She took another even deeper breath and felt her skin tingling and her clothes begin to cinch up on her like they were shrinking … or like she was growing!

Just as Tina took a third wonderfully invigorating breath all the golden fumes shrank back into the girls locker like a movie running in reverse. There was a whistling sound as it was dragged back through the ragged window frames, pulled in by some kind of incredible suction. The cloud almost looked like it was trying to fight the pull, struggling to run free. But something far more powerful inside the locker room was dragging it in, concentrating it, maybe consuming on it …

The same giant voice from moments ago rang out again in breathy pleasure, a thick accent slurring the words, “yus … yusss … och, iad suid chiche! …Oh yus, YUSSS, YAAHUUUSSsss!”

Tina hadn’t made captain of the soccer team by hesitating. Beneath her jersey, she could feel her B-cup chest straining against the elastic band across her chest. She could feel her legs growing sleek and muscular. She had to get more of the strange steam and she had to do it right now! Besides, whatever was going on in the locker room sounded like fun! She ran at the door, threw it open without breaking stride and dove into a thick yellow cloud as the door swung shut behind her. Her teammates, not seeing how Tina’s figure had already responded to the vaporized shampoo, called out for Tina to stop but she was gone, vanished into ground zero.

Inside, surrounded by hot semidarkness Tina breathed deep. The locker room had become a sauna. It felt luxurious as her lungs and steam-damp skin together gathered the radiation from the equivalent of another single tiny droplet of the gel. Without a second thought she reached under her jersey and tore off her sports bra with a single finger so she could breath in just that much deeper … The bent and stretched cups weren’t nearly her size anymore, so why worry? Realizing how strong she would need be to do what she’d just done, she flexed her arms. Her biceps contracted in steely coils of muscle at least two inches thick. “Wow. I am so awesome!”

While Tina was eagerly working on sucking up her fourth droplet-worth of the power swirling around her, she had no idea another person inside had already absorbed great sloshing buckets of the activated brew and had skipped over awesome entirely on her way to All-fucking-Powerful. But Tina started to have some inkling as she peered through the sweet smelling fog seeing a glow from the direction of the showers. She explored deeper into the chambers, avoiding banging her knees on the low benches by memory. When she turned the final corner she found the source of the light and froze. It came from a blazing golden corona around the most shapely and big-breasted girl she’d ever seen in real life. The girl was tall too. At least 6 foot with a wide, full ass like no white girl ever. Booo-TEY. Tina had great hips and thanks to the strange golden steam she was sporting probably the fifth biggest rack on campus … but hot as she’d become in the last few moments, Tina felt like a skinny little boy compared to the almost ludicrous feminine curves before her … The glowing girl was a no-shit goddess. And if someone had asked Tina right then “the goddess of what?” she would have answered “Of fucking. Duh.”

Eyes wide, Tina clung to the corner of the stall as the redheaded bombshell began to take another long deep breath. Her beaded braids whipped forward around her head in the hurricane-like wind. The other teenager hadn’t noticed her yet. Her eyes were closed, her fingers stiff and pointed at the floor as she inhaled. Her huge chest rose like twin moons as she drank in cubic yards of the golden steam. Tina wondered how much more the goddess could possibly benefit from the glowing fog – she was already so incredible! With that one breath she’d just drank down hundreds of times as much as Tina had managed to soak up. Then Tina saw the meaty swells under the girl’s swimsuit, as firm and spherical as planets, rise still higher. At first the girl went up on the balls of her feet trying to follow her breasts' unstoppable climb but they kept rising until they were dragging the girl bodily into the air beneath them. The girl's head was thrown so far back now her breasts were pointed straight at the ceiling… She was flying! Tina saw long toes dangling inches above the tiled floor. The levitating teen glowed like a newborn star in the center of a misty golden nebula. (What? Tina has a ‘thing’ about stars. She’d had gotten an ‘A’ in astronomy last semester. Meeting her boyfriend that night in the park and reviewing all the stars names she knew with him had lead to some really great … studying. Sure. Studying …)

“Seriously? You can fly now? Leave some for me!” Tina cried out. Instead of getting an answer, the flying teen executed a lazy back flip before starting to swish her arms and legs softly like she was treading water midair. Then she inhaled again, her long body leaning forward and stiffening with effort. Tina was yanked forward by the hungry wind, landing at the girl’s adorably cute feet. Tina stood up gasping, trying to claim the tiniest bit of the golden steam for herself, but it was like trying to sip from the edge of a fire hose as what looked like a golden tornado fed another cloud to the floating girl’s lush moist lips. Tina got some, maybe more than all her previous efforts combined, but even as she felt the changes creeping over her, it was impossible to not realize it nothing at all compared to what the teen-goddess was guzzling down with every breath. It was seriously unfair!

The girl hung taut in the air like the figurehead of a ship – her arms and legs thrown back wide, back arched, her chin lifted to the sky and pointing the way with her heaving bosom wrapped tight in some kind of metallic green leotard or swimsuit. Even the spreading outlines of her ribs were beautiful as she devoured the golden clouds. Tina almost cried as another cloud vanished. There weren’t many left.

Frustrated and jealous Tina slapped the goddess’ gleaming white ass, trying to get her attention and maybe share the love a little. There was a great ringing smack as Tina realized she’d maybe hit the girl a little too hard but then Tina saw that big ol’ butt was completely unmarked. No red palm-print. In fact there wasn’t a mark or blemish anywhere on the girl’s fair skin that Tina could see, except for the cute freckles dusted across the tops of her breasts, feet, and cheeks.

Fiona’s gleaming green eyes snapped open. She felt like she had eaten a hydrogen bomb, the nuclear fires churning in her belly (which was surprisingly accurate …). She was quite full. Stuffed even. Fiona’s eyes actually sparkled, little emerald flecks floating in front of them hinting at the incalculable power she had absorbed. Her balance felt strange. Like leaning out over a soaring cliff or the last moment your toes hung over the edge of the high-dive platform as you leapt. She loved to dive. The feeling of being alone far above the audience as they stared up expectantly, every breath held …

Before Fiona could realize she wasn’t touching the floor anymore she was startled by a pixie-cute black girl with really great boobs standing right in front of her, staring at her with rapture and slowly changing too (dosed with maybe a ten-thousandth of the bio-energy that had saturated Fiona’s body …). The girl looked like a nice person. She had kind eyes. Fiona smiled. “Good for youhh …” her voice seemed to echo in the close quarters of the girl’s showers.

Fiona felt a little hiccup inside, like butterflies in your stomach. She squinched her eyes shut again, trying to contain it, but that just made the feeling worse. She opened her eyes again and suddenly the gleam in her eyes became a fierce blast of green light filling the showers more brightly than the Sun. It wasn’t tight little beams either. A broad cone, almost a flood of green light rolled over Tina whose body became a faint silhouette and then vanished in the powerful glare. For a moment Fiona was terrified and not just by the momentary blindness as she squeezed her eyes shut trying to stop the blast. What had she done? Had she disintegrated the other girl?!

Then Fiona heard it: “WOAH!WOAH!WOAH!WOAH!WOAH!WHOA!”

Fiona opened her eyes cautiously. No blaze of emerald green. Instead, where the sexy pixy had been standing there was a now a young Amazon. Tina’s hair cascaded to the middle of her back, two-tone as her natural raven tresses grew in behind the bleached braids at their tips. Her soccer jersey – loose when she’d put it on – had failed in its mission to contain the swell of her enormous bust. In fact it had surrendered completely, side seams splitting to reveal the toned muscle of Tina’s rich caramel flanks and a generous slice of perky side-boob.

Oblivious to most of her own changes, Fiona still grasped the significance of what she’d just done … And then she giggled. She adored puns. Apparently she had a super-power … and the name for it was just so obvious! “Oooo, sex-ray vision!” she smirked, answered only by Tina’s dazed and confused expression. The giggles started to become uncontrollable as she repeated the word-play to herself a few times. ‘Sex-ray X-rays, X-ray sex-rays …”

Then the stunning and athletic babe no one would ever ignore took a deep breath, looked Fiona in the eye, and announced, “you are SO beautiful.”

“I am?”

Tina didn’t know why, but it was like what she said had turned a crank inside the girl’s mind. She could almost see the gears grinding. ‘How could she not know she was beautiful? Girl was a fucking goddess!’ she thought.

Fiona finally looked down … And saw nothing but breast. Great big honking titties. Boy Magnets. Sweater meat. Dirty pillows. Fun bags. Upper frontal buttocks. Fuck it: she had BEWBS!

The teen-goddess’ delighted gasp shook the school, pulling Tina close and crumpling the locker doors inwards until the were permanently jammed shut.

Long graceful fingers lifted like they had naughty minds of their own, cupping the great shelf obscuring Fiona’s view of both the floor and her dangling feet. Like ten snakes invading the garden of paradise, they slid inside her skin-tight suit. She shrugged her way out of the shoulder straps freeing her breasts and the way they sprang up and out was breathtaking. What started as timid exploration quickly became wanton, violent caressing as her super strong fingers kneaded naked mountains of tit-flesh so dense she’d mistaken solid concrete for a cream pie. Fiona’s legs started to tremble, her eyes rolling back in her skull. Crushing the ‘cream pie’ with her breasts had felt wonderful, but the sensations coming from her chest now as she squeezed and rolled her breasts against her ribs with hands a thousand times stronger than the most powerful machinery felt so … so … so … SO!

Fiona’s back arched again, thrusting her vast creamy mounds into Tina’s face. Tina felt such softness on her cheeks, like pushing her face between the most beautiful down-feather pillows … Fiona’s bare breasts were indescribably firm and soft at the same time. Tina’s nuzzled them like a child until Fiona’s questing hands mashed them hard against each other and Tina was thrown head-first out of the showers with a comical ‘pop!’. Tina looked up from the floor, laughing.

While Fiona’s hands continued to maul her upper body with fingers that could scar stone and poke holes in solid steel, a second fire was kindled down below. Unbound from gravity, Fiona’s knees lifted to scrape against each other in a slow circles, like riding a bicycle and secretly grinding your sex on the frame. The motion drew together her magnificently long thighs, flexing powerful chords of muscle along their inner faces larger and harder than even Tina’s Energized biceps. If Fiona’s perfectly formed pussy had been carved from marble, the clash of those swelling muscles would have squashed the white stone into oozing red lava. Oh, what the stupid boys in her school had missed! Not one of them had asked her out! Eighteen and a virgin. Instead of being crushed to jelly, Fiona’s outer labia swelled larger. Her lower lips turned faintly pink, flushed by the rush of hot blood pumping into her groin as she imagined how hard the boys would get for her now at the sight of the plump and inviting camel toe crowned by her swollen clitoris, all perfectly framed by the inverted green triangle of her high-cut swimsuit. Soon her broad hips joined in the rolling, grinding dance and the blossoming goddess’ breathy grunting grew louder. “Huh … Huh … Huhh …”

Tina let loose an echoing womanly moan of her own, her hands had risen to mimic Fiona’s lascivious exhibition. It was just so obvious this was Fiona’s first time pleasuring herself like this. On top of everything else, Fiona had a literal super-pussy. No woman could look at that throbbing clit and flawless slit, a display beyond shame or modesty, and not wish it was hers. Tina’s moan was cut off in a squeak as Fiona unleashed another random blast of sex-ray vision with a deep groan and Tina felt her body and especially her breasts grow in response.

Outside, still in shock from the explosion that heralded the strange cloud, people could feel pulsing concussions roll through the air, pounding in their chests like the biggest fireworks. “huh … huhh … huh … huhh … huhh …” None imagined the rhythm rattling their bodies was the lustful grunting of a salacious supergirl. One building towards a super-gasm that might level the city.

It not that Fiona had never felt anything like it before … No one had ever experienced the things she was doing to herself. Ordinary girls touched themselves. Goddesses had to be ravished like the forces of nature they are. Again and again she cried out like thunder when she pinched a nipple with all her strength, hard enough to crush diamonds into dust and the dust back into diamonds again. The feelings they fired into her brain should have triggered an hour-long orgasm starting the very first time she’d tweaked them. So why hadn’t she cum? No, seriously. Her skin was so sensitive every flicker of her own breath was like a stiff brush caressing what felt like acres and acres of her soft round titties. She should already have melted into a burbling puddle of bliss. And what was going on between her thighs was more intense than an entire squad of cheerleaders humping hot and icy stripper poles so hard the metal bent and melted against their feverish bodies. Fiona had become a one-woman orgy experiencing the combined ecstasy of a hundred screaming nymphomaniacs. Cumm? She should have died of pleasure with a stupid grin plastered across her face.

There weren’t words for how horny and frustrated Fiona felt. She wanted to fucking CUMM already! Instead it was … It was as if she were too powerful to orgasm. ‘Well fook thahht’, she thought. With a body like hers there had to be a way. She’d rise to the challenge. She would MAKE herself cum! “huh … Huh … Huhh … Huuhhh … Huhhh! Huhh!! HUH!! HHUUUUHH!”

Tina wisely dove for cover as the building began to tear itself apart.

The pulses shaking the air became deeper, fuller, a SEISMIC force rolling across the school campus like an earthquake (It’s LA, all the kids were blasé about little tremors). Fiona’s frenzied masturbation was now something you could measure on the Richter scale from miles away … and at the epicenter hundreds of students were starting to unconsciously respond to the girlish cries of pleasure echoing in their bones.

When a goddess gets horny, everybody gets horny.

Tina’s frightened and crying teammates were certain their friend was dead when some kind of missile burst out of the building blowing a huge hole in the roof. A strawberries-and-cream silhouette drifted upwards at the center of the crumbling shower of debris. Fiona went right on fondling herself in front of the entire student body – by then everyone in school had gathered to see the excitement. A plume of golden steam rose into the sky in the missile’s wake, smeared sideways by the breeze. At the top of the plume the figure resolved into a pale and devastatingly beautiful girl hanging half out of an emerald-green one-piece swimsuit, her shining red-gold hair steaming out behind her long enough to come down to her ankles. Her were eyes squeezed shut and she seemed quite unaware she was now in plain view while she stroked and squeezed an unearthly pair of breasts the size of volleyballs. Her grunts and whimpers continued to poke every witness in the brain with secret orders to fuck her.

No one could look away from Fiona (would you?). Every girl in school blushed: Fiona’s hands were feverishly groping a heroically massive chest straight out of the comic books. Long shapely legs were scissoring wide and then shut and wide again, smashing and tugging her bulging clit with a force that would have cut a tank in half. Even her perfect toes filled her captivated female audience with simmering excitement as they kneaded the air– keen eyes noting the way they stretched and curled with the wet-dream-girl’s rising ecstasy. They all wished they were Fiona at that moment: beautiful, sexy, and totally overwhelmed by pleasure as they floated untouchable on golden clouds.

The supergirl’s exquisite elfin face snapped from side to side, shaking her long red-gold hair like a flag. The rumbling earthquake paused as her moist pink lips formed a perfect silent ‘o’ … Fiona shuddered, her mind slipping in and out of a swirling white blank. The waves of pleasure just kept crashing back and forth through her! She kept rubbing and pinching and stroking … it felt sooh goodhh! Why couldn’t she just cum already?! A chorus of feminine groans rose up around her: she was far from being the only girl at school begging for sexual release.

“Ohhh!… fuuuk dom!… hhhhhaaahhh …” It just wasn’t gonna happen. She had to stop before her eyes popped out of her skull or she had a stroke or something. Eyes still squeezed shut, Fiona tried to bottle up the waves rolling through her, to keep it in, to not embarrass anyone who might be able to hear her hiding in the showers, unaware that even her faintest whimpers echoed across the city now. She’d have to try again later. At home maybe. Run a bath (Fiona's just naturally a water girl). If anyone found she had touched herself so she’d be mortified. (Sorry, Fiona. They know. We all do.)

Fiona's hopes for discretion were no match for the ‘girl-radar’ of two hundred plus boys staring up at the redheaded angel pleasuring herself in front of them all. These were the very same boys who had ignored skinny silly Fiona just that morning. Now they had total Lock-On, all eyes tracking what would soon be hailed as the sexiest girl in the world. They weren't just watching either; they were filming. A few hundred phone cameras capturing her perfect sexy body from every angle as she hung naked before them. Fiona was about to be everywhere on the net …

Mastering herself for a moment Fiona opened her eyes … She wasn’t in the girl’s showers anymore, was she? Where was sh-! … Oh! … She was flying! And boys. Boys everywhere looking up at her. Boys with their phones out filming her. Boys completely unable to turn away …!

Fiona felt a flash of embarrassment but it was nothing compared to the arousal that shot through her. ‘Yes …!’ she thought. ‘They’re finally looking at me.’ It was like when she was diving. All heads lifted. The expectant stare before the leap. And if the silly boys were only looking because she finally had tits, well fine. Because these weren’t just any tits– she had super-tits and she wasn’t afraid to use them! (Believe me, no leg or ass man in the crowd below was disappointed with the view either. Fiona just hadn’t gotten a chance to look a the rest of herself yet.)

Fiona placed one hand on the back of her head, used the other to cover her bare nipples with patently false modesty, spread her pointed toes wide and thrust her hips forward in a seductive bedroom pose no upright woman could actually pull off... Unless she could fly. Then she twirled around slowly. She wanted them all to get a good long look at her: not so skinny now, was she, boys? If just one of them had complimented her, noticed her, sought out her company, she’d be fucking his brains out right now. (If you have a time machine laying around, I highly recommend going back to this morning. You know, just to say “Hi ,Fiona. I like what you've done with your hair.” You won't regret it.) But instead they’d all get to watch and drool and wish they’d been nice to her even once. Stupid, stupid boys.

Below, male students and teachers alike were driven to their knees by their rigid, aching cocks. Forget ‘imitation’. Creaming your pants just looking at a girl is the sincerest form of flattery. Their worship sent a surge wicked pleasure through Fiona and green light blazed from her eyes. Fifty girls suddenly clutched their chests as Fiona’s sex-ray vision raked back and forth across the crowd below and even from hundreds of feet way their bodies began to grow, still nothing but the palest shadows of her luxurious silhouette. Not a single male eye turned away from Fiona to watch the explosion of tits and ass sweeping the quad. They only had balls for her now.

“Look. At. Me!” She practically screamed it out, awash in forbidden pleasure.Everyone look at meeee!!

She had no doubt she would cum now. She had just needed an audience. Tufts of emerald cloth rained down–her suit tore to pieces as her questing fingers resumed their perverted assault. She slowly, tentatively began to finger her pussy, something she’d never dared before much less done in public … Her involuntary cry of pleasure shook the school like a 4.0 quake and suddenly she couldn’t stop herself. She bucked and spun in mid-air like she was riding an invisible mechanical bull, her bent knees framing the empty space, her back sharply arched, raising her breasts in a stunning profile. She was clinging to a saddle no one could see, right hand plunging deep into her pussy while the left was grabbing her own ass. Two long slender fingers found the angle to her anus and not-so-innocent-after-all Fiona was suddenly treating her worshipers to a view of divine double-penetration as she finger-fucked herself coming and going. A dozen voices male and female screamed with a desperate animal desire to share in their goddess’ sweetest agony.

“YUUUSSS!” Fiona screamed, cumming at last! Her body rose like a balloon inflated with her shrieking pleasure. The twin sensations of super-sex and super-flying became so entwined it felt like she would never stop orgasming until she reached the stars. She bucked and twisted like a wild animal, unable to escape from her exhibitionism-fueled orgasm. Completely naked now, Fiona’s pleasure was doubled by the sharing of her wild sex acts with all the student bodies, then redoubled by boys and girls alike collapsing to the ground. Even then they used their last strength to keep their cameras pointed at her. The roaring crescendo of her super-gasm literally hung vibrating in the air as her hands pumped her ass and pussy relentlessly. Fiona was unstoppable: so infinitely tireless she might just keep cumming forever!

“LOOK AT MEEE!!” she cried out and another flash of green light rippled across the quad. Hundreds of voices grunted or whimpered in reply. Everywhere below her girls blacked out, overcome with sympathetic spasms as each and every one of them gained a cup size. The tiniest echo of Fiona’s power was flattening them to the ground. And everywhere boys slumped and fell against those soft, sleeping bodies, exhausted in other ways as wet stains bloomed between their legs.

When a goddess orgasms, everybody orgasms.

Fiona continued to rise and cry out, breaking windows, and making the ground shiver with her lust. The noonday sun gleaming off her perfect limbs and breasts burned pornographic afterimages into the eyes of the fallen army of boys straining to follow her skyward track. By the time she was 10 stories up she was a blur. Her wetly gleaming body rose higher, became a dot, and then was gone … Leaving behind only a final thundering “YUUUSSS!” that set off every car alarm in Pasadena and rattled windows across the whole LA basin.

The newborn goddess — always enjoying a good pun — had truly ascended.

Then, as if to remind her happy worshipers of all of their earthly concerns, the walls of girl’s locker room caved in. The braver students rushed in hoping to help anyone trapped inside and maybe find the origin point of the superior being that had cumm among them (and maybe get a little taste of divinity for themselves). But they were too late: the golden cloud had already dispersed and all the shampoo had burned away. It seemed the locker rooms had been empty after all except for, well, you know, her.

The school disaster drill took hours to sort everybody out. News choppers arrived too late to film Fiona’s grand departure, circling the site of what the evening news proposed may have been a terrorist chemical attack. Likely involving a powerful hallucinogen considering the confused stories dreamy-eyed students told the eager reporters about a golden cloud (and other graphic details quickly cut from the broadcast when the phone cams came out …). The internet rang like a struck bell as hundreds of “Flying Sex Goddess” videos went viral. While some people had been cut by flying glass there were thankfully no serious injuries. Many of the male students had to be treated for mild dehydration for reasons they were reluctant to talk about with paramedics. Despite the extensive damage to the gymnasium only a handful of students were noted as missing. The news cycle continued with more rescue crews gathering at the scene until after sunset when Tina awoke, stretched out under the rubble, and casually flipped a multi-ton chunk of roof off herself. Digging teams were relived to discover not only was the missing Junior not dead, the soccer player had a very promising future ahead of her as a international model or living bulldozer, depending on her mood. The cameras couldn’t get enough of her until one medic sensing her discomfort wrapped her in a blanket and drove her home (she was rather obviously unhurt).

Of sweet, smiling Fiona Dunleavy, there was no trace. When the school called the family who were her guardians while she stayed in the states to confirm she’d been at school today, the couple promised that while she had attended, she was home safe, and yes her parents already knew. They also told the teachers Fiona had had quite a flight- er, fright rather- and might not come to school for the next few days.

But when she did … well, that is another story. (This one is about the tub, remember?)

- - -

And what of the little tub? As Fiona launched on a multi-megaton blast of pleasure that made it hard to remember her own name much less why she had thought she should be embarrassedhh (yup, she still has that breathy lilt boys adored), the little tub and its bubbling green contents got caught in her silken mane, hooked by one of the bands that held her pigtails in place. It was dragged along unnoticed as she climbed. By a quarter mile up her hyper-speed foundling had turned her long hair into a supersonic whip. With a crack the forgotten tub shook loose and went sailing at Mach 1.3 out over the ocean where it finally splashed down many miles out to sea. The scorched and melted plastic shattered on impact releasing the emerald globule within, which promptly dissolved in the cold saltwater with a hissing, sputtering ‘pop!’ And that, as Fiona had said, was enough of that!

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