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Awkward Lunch Date

Written by castor :: [Monday, 05 October 2015 18:41] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:50]

 “It’s you, isn’t it?” said Mark.

“What?” said Cindy as she picked at her chicken salad.



“That girl, this morning on the news … she rescued a train from derailing.”

Cindy turned her cute little nose up at him. “Like she pressed a switch or something like Casey Jones.”

Mark Liked her nose “No, like she flew from the sky and bent a damaged metal track back, before helping as an emergency brake.”


Mark paused “Yeah, it was on the news this morning. She appeared like around 8 for a commuter train in Casselberry.”

“Flew down?”

“Saw it on local news, read more details. Like, 120 people on the train … they weren’t sure it was going to be fatal, but you know.”

“Flew down?”

“Yeah … no one took a picture of her flying down, but several got cellphone videos of her flying away.”

Cindy paused and chewed.

“Was she wearing a silly costume?”

Mark laughed “Of course. It was yellow and black.”

“Like a bee?”

“No stripes. And a little red on her mask.”

Cindy paused and took a sip of her lemon tea.

“So this girl … and, wait, did you just call her a girl.”

“Yeah … sorry.”

“I’m … oh wait … I see what you did there, I see what you did there. Clever.”

“So it is you.”

“No!!!” said Cindy showing off cute teeth “What makes you think that?”

“She looks just like you.”

“Didn’t you mention she was wearing a mask.”

“Masks don’t actually work like that. It was like a domino mask. It would fool a very confused 6 year old.”

Cindy laughed “Lots of people look alike and did they take good pictures.”

“She had bright yellow hair like you do.”

“Do you like my hair?”

“It’s very pretty.”

Cindy paused “Last time I checked I can’t lift up a train. Well not a commuter train. Maybe just locomotive, if it was by itself and not full of coal.”

Mark laughed “I never saw you and her at the same place at the same time.”

Cindy considered “Wait a second, isn’t you said this was the first time anyone saw her? Maybe she’s the President of Iceland.”

“The president of Iceland doesn’t have blonde hair.”

“Yes she does.”

Mark nodded “Well, I am just going to say I suspect you’re her. I have my eye on you.”

“And what good does that do you?” said Cindy “ I mean … I say ‘no I am not’. What are you going to do with this question? Track me … whatever … Tell all Fantasia’s enemies about it, so they can haunt me and not her?… And Fantasia?”

“It was the name she gave to the press.”

“It’s a type of romantic classical music from the 18th century.” said Cindy

“And I though: if you were here … you would tell me.”


“Cause you love me.” said Mark

Cindy shook her head … but smiled

Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out a box “Cindy Ann Harrison, would you … would you marry me?”

Cindy looked into the box and saw a small little ring on a bed of silk. She smiled

“Yes, Mark … Yes.”

“And are you Fantasia?”

Cindy laughed as loud as she ever did in her life. “If I say ‘yes’ would you stop badgering me future husband?”

“Probably. As I made the whole story up.”


“Except for the proposal of marriage.”

“Good cause costumes are pretty silly and I do love you.”

“Well …”

Cindy reached a hand pushed away the table with ease. Mark was briefly at a loss, not sure how to react … when she put a hand on his shirt collar and with one hand, effortlessly, lifted him up from his chair into the air as she stood beneath him looking up.

“I wasn’t lying though about lifting up a train.”

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