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The Strong Girl – Chapter 2

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Jessica sighed looking at the weight. It was quite large – when you’re going 25 pounds at a time it took nearly 5 minutes just to place 650 pounds on the bar.

It was placed on an assisted bench press machine, which meant that the weights couldn’t fall on her neck and kill her. However, the bench press was designed for a man, which meant as she laid down the bottom space where the max weight could go was a little higher than she would have liked.

She felt a tremble in her hand. A massive tremble. Despite the fact that both sides were carrying the same amount, when each side was more than she weighed balancing was the main problem. It was a kind of awkward slow flop, bringing it down till it was a quarter inch or so above the metal safety.

Then a jerk. A massive jerk. A powerful push upward as the weight flew up in a second to the top of space, feeling sure, clean and strong.

So strong.

Jessica loved being strong like this.

She loved the feeling as she pushed the weight up and down, each feeling subtly different, a new note in a symphony of muscle pushing and aching forward, as her muscles bent and straighten filling will blood and relaxing. A pure pump of delight.

She loved being strong like this.

Even as with each rep, it got subtly harder, 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 …

This was heavy

9 … almost …

With a very soft grunt – softer then she talked – she pushed and completed 10.

She smiled, sat up for a second, rested and did it again.

It was Friday, her favorite day of the week. Jessica worked Tuesday to Saturday, so she actually did work that day but, because Anna didn’t, when she was at home it felt like they could have something of a normal evening – even if evening was technically speaking a morning. She got to make a big breakfast for Anna, who seemed delighted to have it, instead of the semi cranky she usually was. They could talk about their weekend plans on Sunday, with a kind of joyous rapture instead of Jessica waking up at noon and feeling tired.

“How’s the gym last night?” asked Anna.

“Good.” said Jessica “I did a new lift record for me, which was a lot of fun.”

Jessica smiled at her wife. Anna was a woman of short hair and light glasses. You could use the word butch to describe her, but that missed her most notable feature: she had large breasts. They were F cups that filled the top of her chest with massive melon-sized protrusions. Her waist was fairly small, as were her legs, which gave an oddly top heavy look. With a lot of makeup and better hair, she could have had a career as a porn star. Instead she was a teacher at community college in literature and sometime contributor to literary criticism journals with titles like: “Yeats in review”.

“So do you a lot of cardio stuff?” said Anna.

“Not really.” said Jessica “I maybe should, but really that’s good for leaning you out and I wanted to work more on mass.”

“I have access to a gym at school” said Anna “I should really get into there.”

“I can’t stress enough how good it’s making me feel” said Jessica.

Anna smiled and strokes her hand over Jessica’s shoulder. “Your muscles are popping in.”

“Thanks.” said Jessica blushing slightly.

“Can you do one of those posses things?”

Jessica smiled, got up giggling and doubled up her bicep as masses of muscles appeared on her shoulders pushing the fabric of her sweater up into well defined peaks, triceps and muscles.

“Is that the pose?”

“I was watching a video on line.” Jessica said “They also do a lot of stuff with their hair.”

“Thought about doing that?”

“Ahhh, that’s different than what I am doing. I am not a bodybuilder.”

“You’re very pretty.”

“So are you.”

Anna smiled and looked up “Ehh … that sounds like something that’s very hasty.” she patted her knee and Jessica mutely sat on it “But I am so glad you’re happy. So, how much did you lift?”

“650 pounds.”

“Wow!” said Anna “That sounds like a lot.”

That afternoon Anna casually sitting in her home office after grading English papers looked up lifting 650 pounds.

That evening, as Jessica was waking up, Anna talked to her “Do you know what a bench shirt is?”


“It’s a device that lets you lift up weights, more weight. It’s made of denim and restricts the muscles.”

“I don’t wear anything like that – you know – just t shirts a lot. Why do you ask?”

“The woman record for unassisted bench press is 450 pounds. The men’s record is 716 … which means if you’re doing 650 …”


“Hey Jessica.” said Bill the guy who worked the kind of empty shift.

“This is my wife.” said Jessica “I was wondering if I could get her a guest pass.”

“Does she want to have an intro tour of the gym?”

“No.” said Anna “I am mainly here … um … to see her lift. I don’t think I am going to do any actual working out”

“Just go in.”

“Thanks.” said Jessica.

They walked to the empty weight lifting pit “So this is the bar stuff?”

Jessica nodded and proceeded to start putting on weights methodically.

Anna watched for a moment before starting to help … lifting up a 25 pound weight “Jesus this is heavy.”

Jessica walked over holding two easily “Not really.”


“Yes.” said Jessica

“Dearest,” said Anna “is everything okay with you?”

“I hope so.”

“Should we go to a doctor?”

The weight bar was full at 660 as she got under and lifted it up.

Anna watched mouth open.

“You said 716?”

“Please don’t Jess.” said Anna putting a hand on Jessica’s shoulder “We should definitely get you to a hospital.”


Jessica didn’t go the gym for over a week, as it took a fair long time to get an appointment with a kinesiologist, but next Wednesday afternoon she got in to talk to doctor Hamalah.

“So how are you feeling?” said Hamalah as she walked into an office – just a chair a desk and framed degrees. It looked like a doctor’s office. He didn’t even make her disrobe.

“Tired.” said Jessica “ I work nights.”

“What do you do?”

“I am a nuclear service engineer.”

“Wow.” said Dr Hamalah “Were you exposed to any radioactive material?”

Jessica rolled her eyes, “Sitting at my station at work, I probably get less radiation than I do here.”

Dr. Hamalah nodded “Well, that was a joke … so you said you’re having trouble lifting weights.”

“Well … just there was some concerns with the amount of weight I have been lifting.”


“No, not really. I have been sore, but you know that’s like a one day thing here and there. I have been doing a lot of exercise in the last couple of months … and I have been responding really strongly to the heavy weights.”

“Well that’s the idea.”

“I know.” said Jessica “I am supposed to get strong.”

“Well that’s good for a young woman to be.” said the doctor “But what’s the concern?”

“I am pretty strong.” said Jessica “People … I’m concerned that it might be too much”.

“Well, you can injure things very easily but … how much?”

“Well, I can bench press 650. I do squats of about 1000, but honestly rarely do that. I do arm curls of about 300 each.”

“How did this happen? Did you just start?”

“Well … when I first started I was doing like 100 pound bench presses. At first I just used the machine, but over like the last 9 months … I guess I have been adding like 50 to a 100 pounds a month.”

“This shouldn’t be possible.”

“I can demonstrate.” said Jessica “So, you don’t think I am crazy.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy. Can you take off your shirt?”

“Do you have a gown?”

“Let’s just see.” said the male doctor.

Jessica nodded and unbutton her blouse to reveal her fluffy polka dotted bra and her arms.

“Your muscles … they look very odd. Uhm … let’s go into the exam room. There’s a garment in there, I’ll give you a couple of minutes, but first let me look at your arm.”

She extended it.

“Now make a muscle.”

She pulled it up. He looked at it as muscle and muscle formed on top of it in dense, tough formations.

“This is quite odd. I am going to do some research. Go to room 3.”

Jessica walked to the room, wishing that Anna was there and undressed. There was a mirror and she paused to look at herself. She had lost a little weight in the last week and, while her body wasn’t hyper lean, the natural leanness of her stood out a bit. Her muscles were visible on her arms and her legs and stood out in stark relief as she put on the gown.

He walked in as she was still standing “Good, I was doing some research. Your case is unusual.”

“I feel normal.” said Jessica “Honestly, I am only here because my spouse asked.”

“Well, there are cases of people with unusually strong bodies that’s normal. Did you report anything like this before?”

“Before I started at the gym?”


“Well, to be honest other than some walking – you know – for fun and maybe a game of volleyball I haven’t done organized sports since high school or any regular exercise.”

“How old are you?”


The doctor nodded “What I want to do today is take pictures of your muscles and your body, give you a physical exam then I want to schedule a followup. I don’t have a CAT-scan, but I can request it and, at the same time, I want to get like some exercise equipment. I, sometimes, use the personal trainer next door but, well, not with a CAT-scan.”

“Can I go back to the gym?”

“Sure …” said the doctor “But … uhm … until we do this try not to lift more than say … 400 pounds.”

Jessica frowned.

“I just really enjoy it you know.”


Two days later, thankfully, they had her complete first a CAT-scan, then had her lift up 600 pounds in a bench press and a deadlift, then had her take another CAT-scan, then do a full set of them and then … do a CAT-scan. The whole process took nearly 2 hours. Jessica, who was used to radiation exposure, felt cranky by all the confinement. She had gotten a CAT-scan before after a car accident in college and felt well.

At least Anna made it out and smiled at her through the glass.

Afterwards she sat in another doctor’s office with Hamalah-

“Well, I don’t know what to say.” said the doctor “What we have here today … it can take months of study to begin to show up.”

“Am I okay?”

“Well … that’s a very good question. Your muscles – pretty much all of them – have this very unusual development. One we could test for years, but I am not sure I am equipped to get full results on. However, when you lift weights, it’s not just your muscles that are doing it. Your bones in particular. Humans can lift about 1500 pounds, but it’s not really the muscles that gives out, but the bones underneath and that’s what I am worried about. Yet, your bones look actually pretty normal. The skin I want to do more tests but …”

He sighed

“More tests?” she looked over the thought had come to her a bit in the last week “I don’t want to be a lab rat doctor.”

“There are plenty of unusual people in this world Ms. Willis. People with odd skills, unusual abilities. Some people can hold there breath a very long time. There’s a woman with perfect memory, a man with no memory, people who are very strong. It’s just how the world treat things and I am not suggesting we are going to lock you up. I am not in a position to do it. However, I will write this up and will see where this goes and … well … people may want to do more study. The reason you came in was to see if you’re healthy and I can honestly say ‘yes’. You seem that way.”

“What about like, when people get really excited and have to lift cars off their kids?”

“Adrenaline reaction – that’s variable – and not what you have at all. Because one universal result is that you end up destroying your arms in the process, which you have not – it may be somehow related … again no idea.”

“So what are you saying?”

The doctor sighed. “Keep at it. I think honestly … I think honestly the people would be interested to see how far it gets – though there is a risk that your arms will literally fall off – I would strongly suggest real safety equipment and expert spotting to make this work.”

Jessica paused “So you have no idea what’s happening to me.”

“Most likely,” said the doctor “nothing is happening. This was already part of you, just didn’t notice. You were always some kind of … mutant is the wrong word. You’re some kind of …”

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