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Worth a Shot

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Worth a Shot

By Dru

The gunman smirked as he suddenly raised his weapon and fired at the woman. She was so confident, so sure of her power … and he as certain this would be her undoing. Everything had gone according to plan. So often had she been the target of a new experimental weapon she had absolutely no fear of his strange gun. In fact, though she could have stopped him in countless ways, his target was presenting her near naked body openly to him, her hands on her hips and her chest proudly demanding his attention. She was looking forward to discovering what his prototype weapon was capable of. He smiled as the tennis-ball sized device crossed the lawn and approached the arrogant self-proclaimed god.

The brunette watched in fascination, studying the odd projectile. Everything slowed down as she sped her awareness to thoroughly examine the ball. It wasn’t the first special grenade they had tried, but she had never seen one with so much electronic gadgetry. She didn’t know much about electronics, or particle physics, or wormholes, so she had no way of understanding what the brave soldier had fired at her. She learned fast.

Even without knowing the effects of this weapon at all, Sandra felt no fear. She might know much about the weapon, but she knew enough about her ridiculously powerful body to know that any weapon able to inflict a little discomfort upon her would destroy the universe. And no gadget that small was going to be able to do that. Time sped up, and the small sphere grew rapidly closer. Just before it struck it exploded into fragments, and with impressive speed she was surrounded by some sort of energy field. Any normal enemy would have died in that instant.

“Seriously? Pretty lame.”

“Wait for it, bitch,” he snarled.

There was a bright flash as Sandra prepared to retort, and suddenly she was somewhere else. She was floating inside what she quickly realised was the heart of a star. She nodded in appreciation of the gunman’s cleverness. A teleport device … she hadn’t seen that coming. A moan escaped her as the incredible pressure and intense heat assaulted her with wonderful sensations she was actually quite familiar with. She had discovered the pleasures, and dangers (for the star) of such places long ago … but whoever chose this for her destination had no way of knowing that.

While it was nice and pleasant, Sandra was more interested in the process that had just taken place to get her here than the churning chain reactions going on around her. Her incredible mind provided all the answers in a little less than three seconds. She gained an understanding of quantum mechanics beyond the device’s creators by simply analysing her crystal clear memory of events at super-high speed several thousand times.

“How simple!”

Sandra smiled and easily manipulated the required elements from the churning chaos around her and snapped her fingers to teleport herself to a hotter, denser star. Then she hopped across twelve billion light years to bask in forces of a giant quasar.

“This is going to be a handy trick,” she observed, blinking her eyes to open them upon the beauty of planet Earth. She had always been able to get around effortlessly at great speed … but now she could be anywhere she wanted to be in an instant.

Focusing her attention on the lawn of her new temple, from where she had been teleported from moments before, Sandra watched the gunman walking across the lawn. He had strapped the gun over his back and taken out his cell phone. Sandra guessed he speaking to his fellow conspirators, and using one of her oldest tricks she tapped into the signals and listened in. They seemed very confident that their plan had been successful. And in fairness, she thought, their part of the plot had indeed been one hundred percent successful. It was the star that let them down, failing to carry out its part by lacking the power to destroy her.

She turned her attention to the person on the end, and learned his location in a bunker beneath a mountain in Colorado. As soon as the smartly dressed officer in the supposed safety of his bunker ended the call to the gunman, he picked up an old school landline in front of him. Sandra was a little surprised to see watch the line light up a thin line all the way to the White House. The President had been one person Sandra felt she could count on. He was aware that her declaration of divinity was a ruse to draw out religion extremists … it was a secret plan but he was in the loop. Sandra frowned, her fists clenching and her subtly buff body swelled slowly as the opened the taps on her unending power.

The gunman leapt back in fear and struggled to grab his weapon when Sandra appeared right in front of him, seeming to pop into existence out of nowhere. She gestured and the strap undid itself, allowing the gun to fall out of reach as she floated up to within inches of him and captured him with her proximity, her presence so close overwhelming his senses to a degree he found both terrifying and enrapturing … and euphoric.

“That was very kind of you … I would never have worked that out if you hadn’t shown me.”

“I … uh … you’re so … beautiful …”

“Yes … that’s right. I am beautiful, aren’t I?” Sandra gave him the hot sexy smile she had practised in front of the mirror, a skill worked on before she became an idealised vision of unattainable beauty. Delivered from her new features it was devastating.

“I can’t … I’m … I have a family.”

“Really? That’s cool.”

To his great shock his well-furnished living room appeared around him, where his wife sat with two friends and the same-sex couple from next door eating cakes. With shocked expressions, all five people sank away from the frighteningly powered-up Sandra.

“Please … not my wife … don’t hurt my wife!”

“Hurt her? You’ve got your god all wrong, Gary. I’m going to thank you. You showed me a new trick today that will be quite useful. I’m going to thank you, then thank you again. And then I’m going to thank your wife and while I’m feeling like a good thank, I’m going to thank everyone in this room until you can’t be thanked no more.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh … you’ll work it out before we’re through.”

His wife finally stood. “Gary? What the hell?”

“Get out! RUN!”

Sandra smiled at her. “Why run when all you really want to do is come here and give me kiss, lover?”

Gary’s wife was stunned, and about to deliver a stinging retort when her reasoning collapsed under the weight of Sandra’s suddenly crushing sexuality. The already cruelly attractive goddess rapidly grew more alluring on so many levels that she could not process them all on a conscious level, and every pleasure receptor in her body ignited with joy. She did want to kiss this woman. It wasn’t all she wanted to do … she wanted to do so much more than kiss her. Gary could feel it too, but he was still hurt when his wife got dewy eyed and let out a soft moan before nudging Gary aside so she could lock lips with the source of her intense arousal. Sandra gently entwined her tongue with the smitten woman and playfully sent perhaps just a little too much raw sexual pleasure through her tastebuds into the already lost woman’s mouth. Helpless in the wake of so potent an assault, she leaned back and bucked three times with the brutality of the kiss before slumping unconscious.

“No … what did you … do?”

“Relax, Gary. I’ve got some for you too. See?” she playfully pinched his cheek, and knocked him clean out with twice the energy blast she used on his wife.

“You’re that superhero girl gone bad … aren’t you? The one who thinks she is god now?”

Sandra looked at the two men. “You guys are fags, aren’t you?” She wouldn’t normally use such an ugly term, but was far less concerned about offending them than would usually be the case.

“We prefer the term …”

“Yeah right. Fags.”

“Hey! No need to …”

“Really?” Sandra raised an eyebrow. “You think it’s a good idea to lecture your god? Get on your knees now and beg my forgiveness and I might not break you.” She thought she didn’t really mean it, but as the words left her mouth and the two men didn’t obey, Sandra realised that she did mean it. She had been playing the part of self-proclaimed god now for just two days, but it had been so … liberating. And now she had been betrayed by the most powerful man on Earth, she felt totally free to do whatever she wanted. And with a devilish grin she decided to test her tsunami of sexual power in a new untried way.

“You can break our legs, but we won’t bow to you.”

“Who said anything about legs? I’m going to break your little mind … not your body.”

Analysing the thoughts and feelings of the frightened couple and the two silent friends of the comatose host, Sandra made herself literally radiant with steadily increasing sexual energy. A form of energy she wasn’t entirely sure even existed before she had wondering if she could make raw pleasure into a current like electricity. In that instant she became somehow aware her body could do exactly that, and she could control it. Not being naturally attracted to her only helped them up to a certain point. In moments she saw them struggling not to love her with all their hearts and souls. She watched them as she reached a fingertip from each hand to touch both her nipples before unleashing a shameless blast of her special juice directly into herself. She had to allow her mind to enhance itself in order to deal with the onslaught of pleasure, but she maintained control of her orgasm and preserved the life around her. She could not preserve their consciousness though, not without making them superhuman. Could she do that, she wondered? Perhaps she would investigate that … but not right now. Now she had some cheeky men in bunkers to educate.

Picking Gary up she shook him back to consciousness. He shuddered instantly when he saw her face, and he didn’t stop shuddering or manage to tear his eyes away as she spoke in tones that ravished his brain further.

“I’ll let you guys gather yourselves for round two, okay? But when I get back we’re going to get into it for real, Gary. It’ll be a night to remember … and one you will never be able to forget.”

The heat in her words drove his thoughts into chaos, and Gary soon lost the fight for sanity. For the moment, at least, his only thought was of pleasing her. She knew that look … she had induced it before. This was the first time she had done it deliberately, and she couldn’t help but smile at the devotion in his eyes. She pulled him close and kissed him. She was so amped now that there was no need to focus a blast through her tongue. The touch of his skin against such flawless inviting flesh was more than enough to send him back into dreamland.


General Blanton stood in the command centre with his eyes carefully wandering the multiple large displays on the huge wall before him. Around him twenty two men and women were silently watching smaller screens at their stations. They were all looking for the same thing … any sign that their target had returned. They were certain that the plan had worked, but now their asset in the field had failed to rendezvous for his debriefing and there was an air of concern in the room.

“Still no word, Sir.”

As Blanton frowned and focused on the main screen, even though he was half expecting it, he jumped when Sandra appeared on the lawn of her temple. There was something in the way she just popped into the shot, as though his live feed had been badly edited, that made him uncomfortable. He had studied every piece of footage, and she certainly moved fast when she wanted to. But even then she left a blurry streak.

“Damn. We failed.”

His feeling of failure became a chill of fear. Ever since she had appeared, Sandra had been staring straight at the camera. When her lips moved, he did not expect what happened next.

“Hello there. Wanna tell me why the hell your President thinks he can betray me?”

The whole room went dead quiet after her words finished coming out of every speaker in the room. She somehow even used the speakers in their cell phones.

“Don’t make me come over there and kick your asses.”

“Evacuate the bunker,” the General ordered quietly. “Now.”

“But what good would that do?”

Banton fell back as Sandra solidified out of air right before his eyes to ask her question.

“Holy … how did you do that?”

Sandra laughed as the operators in the room abandoned their posts and distanced themselves from her.

“You ought to know, shit-for-brains,” she informed him, suddenly standing right beside him with her arms crossed. “You idiots just showed me how. But … I don’t think your little team of propeller heads realise the potential of this little trick.”

From nowhere, the room filled with armed guards. Each man knew as soon as he saw her that they really shouldn’t have come. But they were trained well, and didn’t hesitate to aim their weapons and demand her surrender.

“On the floor! Now!”

Sandra, amused by their utter folly, ignored the loudmouth and smiled at the General as the frightened man stared back with widened eyes. He had seen enough of her field test footage to know the situation was now totally fubar. It was slowly dawning on him that they had not only failed to destroy this uncontrollable godlike woman, they had given her a new ability, a new power. Only a steely resolve few men possessed kept Blanton from breaking down. And then she really did make him cry. “Watch what I can do now,” Sandra instructed the general, then she turned to the man who had barked an order at her. “I’m sorry, GI Joe … were you talking to me?”

“Or me?” asked a second Sandra, suddenly standing a few feet from the first.

“Or me?” another Sandra asked, standing near the watercooler.

“Or was it me you wanted on the floor?”

And then there was a Sandra for every single man. Each perfect copy placed a hand on a soldier and vanished, leaving the original alone with the general and a small number of people still making good their escape. Sandra let them all go, watching the General as the man clearly contemplated bolting for the door himself.

“Cool, huh? Not just good for teleporting around. Not only can I be anywhere in the universe, now I can be everywhere as well. How awesome is that?”

“What did you do to my men?”

“They’re my men, now. And it’s not what I did, it’s what I’m doing. But don’t fret … they’re quite happy about the situation. At least, they are for now. Later on, when they realise that they can never feel that good ever again … not without me … they might realise that I’m actually being extremely cruel.”

“What do you mean?”

Sandra laughed, and touched his nose with the glowing tip of her finger. He cried out in pure joy and fell to his knees where he stayed ejaculating uncontrollably until she stopped laughing at him and clicked her fingers. The sensations he had felt ceased, leaving him with a look of bereavement. “That. It’ll take a bit longer with them, but that feeling you have right now … that ain’t going away I’m afraid. Just remember … you did ask.”

“More …”

“Sorry pencil-neck. No more for you. Not now. Not ever again. Unless … maybe if you tell me why the President set up this little operation?”

“He doesn’t really know. This operation is being run by the Vice President. He thinks you’re too powerful to be let loose on the world … eventually you’ll realise there’s nothing anybody can do to stop you. He knows the President won’t risk trying something like this. But he is a much tougher man, and he won’t let you take over.”

“He thinks I want the president’s job?”

“No … he thinks you will … want it all.”

“Well … to be honest that hadn’t occurred to me. But now you mention it … maybe I will conquer the Earth. Now that I have declared myself a god … which was not my idea I might add … I guess it makes sense.” Even though she was only saying these things to frighten the General, Sandra wasn’t blind to the fact that after all she had been through since gaining the power there was something very appealing about the idea. “What do you think?”

“I have seen what you can do. There is no military in the world that can stand against you.”

“I know, right? How cool was it when I took out that little African warlord? He had those fancy attack choppers and everything. Want to know a secret? Missiles aren’t usually my favourite toys. I like guns better. But those rapid-fire missiles that Apaches have are even better than a fifty cal. Do you have those, General?”

“I …”

Sandra ran a finger under his chin and moved his eyes from her breasts to her face. “It’s okay. I know you can’t help it. Nobody with a pulse could hope to resist me. Imagine what would happen if I stopped holding back so much?”

“Holding back?”

“I’ve been playing my power down quite a bit, you know. If you people knew how much power I really have, you wouldn’t dare oppose me. You’d cower in fear.”

He just stared blankly at her, trying to comprehend her being even more powerful than they imagined. It couldn’t be possible. It was hard enough to come to terms with what he had seen with his own eyes, let alone imagine there was the potential for more.

“You look sceptical.” She dropped her finger from his chin and stepped back. He was tossed back as she allowed her physical strength to increase several thousand times in an instant. The power was always trying to push its way into her body, and when she let it in the results were spectacular. It wasn’t excess energy from her power that knocked him back, because her body greedily turned all of that into pure muscle hardening physical strength. What threw him so forcefully away was the wind off her instantly grown hyper-dense muscles, her body growing and hardening so fast the shockwave off that growth had very nearly been fatal.

For just an instant, as his eyes took her in and he realised she was two feet taller now, terror shone from his eyes. But it was gone as fast as he focused more closely on the improvements made to Sandra’s already dominating sexual presence. His jaw dropped and something throbbed painfully in his pants.

“See? And this is just the beginning.” With more care, Sandra put on three more feet, her muscles ballooning and conditioning themselves into an incomprehensible statue of perfect feminine power. “Still doubt your god, puny man?” she asked him, her voice thumping his chest like an oversized bass drum.

“I can’t … please …”

“Let me show you something.”

Suddenly they were hovering in the depths of space. Before them lay a whole galaxy, its beauty and immensity boggling General Blanton. So intoxicating was the raw beauty of the spectacle that Blanton didn’t even question how he wasn’t dying as they hovered in the vacuum of space.

“You fools think you stand against me? Think you can conspire against me? There is nothing you can do against the kind of power I possess. Pay close attention to what I’m about to do, General. And next time some fool politician suggests a clever scheme to kill me, you’ll think twice before accepting such a mission.”

Sandra turned away from the now much smaller seeming man, and started to inhale. Blanton quickly saw he was surrounded by a powerful protective shield, no doubt of his tormentor’s creation, because everything outside his small protected zone was suddenly thrown into utter chaos. What he found most disturbing was not the way planets, stars, and even black holes were pulverized into tiny incandescent particle streams as the whole galaxy around him churned toward the incredibly powerful woman’s small mouth, it was how fast it all vanished. Blanton watched on in horror as the woman he had hoped to vaporise in a star sucked an entire galaxy of stars and everything else in it, and the whole process took slightly less than thirty seconds.

When it was all gone, Sandra turned and smiled at him. “See what I did there? Do you have any idea how easy that was?”

He silently processed what he had just witnessed, his eyes coming eventually to rest on the clear cut abdominal wall the goddess possessed. It showed no sign of the vast amount of matter Sandra had just consumed, not the slightest hint of a bulge.

“And that’s nothing.” Still watching him, she callously waved her hand at a nearby galaxy and released a wave of energy that seemed to grow into immensity as it smashed into the distant cluster of stars and reduced them all to dust. “I can destroy whole galaxies with less effort, much less effort, than you’d muster to squash an ant. And yet, even if you could focus all the energy in the universe somehow through a weapon, it wouldn’t even give me a bad hair day. I want you to remember that next time the subject of fucking with me comes up. But no need to warn everyone. I like it when assholes think they can take me down. Showing them how wrong they are is one of things that I enjoy most these days. But I’m a friend of your government, and it’s just rude to pretend to be my friend and then pull shit like this. I’ll send you back now, General. But don’t forget the little chat we had today, okay?”

Sandra sent him back with a negligent wave of her hand, and teleported herself to the sky over Washington. The most secure building in the city offered no protection from her gaze as she spied the Vice President relaxing in his office with a giant cigar and two of his aids. He was looking pretty pleased with himself, but Sandra was confident he would not look like that for very long.

He just finished listening to his aide congratulate him on a smooth operation and ashed his cigar when Sandra, having reigned in her power level to a safer level, appeared in the office before him with her arms crossed.

“Feeling good about yourself?” she asked, arcing an eyebrow and regarding him with distaste.

“You …”

“You’re lucky the President doesn’t know about this stunt you tried to pull. If he did … all your worst nightmares would be coming true right now.”

“How did you get in here?”

“Without blasting the walls down, you mean? Like this.”

Suddenly the Vice President, cigar in hand, found himself sitting in his plush White House chair in an open field surrounded by what appeared to be terrorists in training. All in military fatigues and armed to the teeth the men were engaged in a variety of activities, including target practice and hand-to-hand combat training, as well as a large group doing drills. A chill ran through him as he realised she had dumped him into the heart of enemy territory. Slowly people started to notice him, and he grew very uncomfortable.

“This is a terrorist training camp,” Sandra told him, appearing beside him.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“These people are my sworn enemies. They have vowed to kill me. Just like you tried to do. Now watch what happens to people who try to kill me.”

Sandra walked into the midst of the hand-to-hand training, and spoke to the men in their own language. Then she stood there while the whole mob tried to take her out. She watched the Vice President the entire time, making no effort to protect herself. When the men started to fall back, their hands and feet broken on her diamond hard body, Sandra began throwing them hundreds of feet in all directions, sometimes with a casual toss, sometimes with a mere flick of finger. What she made sure to be clear about, was the total lack of effort required.

Next Sandra teleported to the gun range and stood among the targets. Again she spoke the local language and gave orders, and the men went into violent action. Hundreds of bullets pinged off her uselessly while she just stood there. When they had reloaded twice, Sandra destroyed the range with a stamp of her foot.

She continued her game for an hour, even at one point strapping on a suicide vest and setting it off to show how her perfectly styled hair remained in place while the environment around her was destroyed. The air-to-air missiles impressed the Vice President the most, but he wasn’t learning anything new here. They had seen all this before. But it was one thing to read reports or see grainy footage. To watch Sandra shrug off the blasts of hand grenades and then so easily destroy the men throwing them, made her dominance over any military force undeniably clear to him. Once the camp had been totally laid to waste, his tormentor appeared before him.

“Would you like to see more?”


“Well … I just have one more little demonstration, just to remind you of just what hope you have of getting rid of me.”

“I have seen enough.”

“You have seen nothing.” Sandra made a dramatic wave of her hand, and once more they were both teleported at her whim to a new location. Just like the general, the Vice President was a little uncomfortable to suddenly find himself standing in the void of space among stars he did not recognise.

“Where are we?”

“This is a galaxy far, far away,” Sandra informed him. “There’s been five civilisations fighting to dominate this galaxy for the last twelve thousand years. I came here the first month I got my powers, before I really understood how extreme my powers were. I sorta made a few enemies.”

The next moment they were hovering in a large round chamber. It was impossible to tell if it was above ground or subterranean. There were no windows, and no visible doors. The cold stone room could by no stretch of the imagination be described as decorated. It contained a massive round table of thick alien stone with five large stones of the same type formed into monolithic seats. Occupying these seats five humanoids made up for the coldness of the room with vibrantly coloured and heavily decorated outfits. As odd as their design was, the Vice President instantly saw they were military uniforms of some kind. Though none were identical, all shared the same features.

“Hey there, guys! Did you miss me?”

They broke out into angry alien words that made Sandra laugh.

“I know. But I honestly didn’t mean to that. Anyway … I’m a little bored and I need to give my new friend some perspective on reality. You guys have just what I need.”

They spoke again at length in their strange tongue, until Sandra held up a hand. “I’d appreciate it if you guys spoke a more civilised language.”

Rather than teach her companion the alien language, Sandra brought him in on the conversation by teaching the alien leaders how to speak English.

“You have no place in this galaxy! No right to interfere in our wars!”

“I want to give you a chance to stop me. Which of you has the most powerful weapon right now?” She knew they wouldn’t answer aloud, but none could help but picture their most recent experimental weapons in their minds. “Ah! I like that White-Dwarf cannon. I’ll go with that. Oh … can you guys get an armada together for me? When I’m done with the cannon I’ll be needing your most powerful battleships.”

With that they were gone, appearing in a brillant white control room. Sandra spoke to the human-like aliens a moment. They seemed to be disagreeing with her about something, but she only sighed, waved her hand and spoke again. Even the Vice President moved to help setup the cannon for firing, and he had no idea what she had actually said.

“Not you, V.P.” she told him. “I want you over there so you can pull the trigger, okay? When I give the nod, push the big silver button right there for me.”

Sandra left him there with the aliens, all of whom were completely under her influence as they went mechanically about their tasks. She hovered in the primary target zone with a massive space station built around a cannon so large it would take the best part of a month to walk the length of it. Sandra watched its insides as the cannon began building its charge. It took quite some time, but Sandra found the whole build up exciting. She could see the power building and building until the reaction sparked up and the whole structure around the power-core began vibrating. Sandra let them build up a full charge, until the cannon threatened to melt, before giving the Vice President the signal.

The Vice President smirked as he suddenly raised his finger and fired at the woman. The cannon made some very intimidating noises and everything seemed to shake as it unleashed the pent up energy equal to that of a white dwarf in a blinding beam a thousand feet across. It hit Sandra and she felt it trying to tear her apart and cook her atoms into vapour. But her body was far too well put together, and all she felt was a very mild warmth like a summer breeze on a cool evening. It was delightful, and for the thirty seconds that the blast lasted she soaked up with clear enjoyment. The asteroid belt behind her allowed the witnesses to see that there was no problem with the cannon. A million asteroids vanished in the blast, and those nearby exploded violently.

“I can see where you guys can make improvements,” Sandra’s voice declared over the station PA system.

There was a series of clanks and bangs, and the structure groaned as Sandra scaled it up on a whim and altered a few things in the power core. Then she had them prep it once it more. This time the core delivered a thousand times the power it had before and was ready to fire in seconds. Sandra signalled the Vice President, who had a clear view of her on his monitor, and he fired the cannon once more.

This time he was sure the station was going to shake itself apart. But it held, allowing him to watch Sandra enjoying the far more intense blast of energy. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat when he realised she was in the throes of an orgasm. All that power, and this cannon only served as another sex toy.

“Oh yeah,” Sandra declared once the blast faded out. It had lasted a full five minutes this time. “That really hit the spot. But … I think I can see one more major improvement.”

The cannon grew, expanding around the men so that now the control room itself was twice the size, and yet the controls had been reduced to a single polished silver button the size of a man’s fist. In contrast to the increasing size, the tip of the barrel shrank to a fine point.

“Push the button, V.P.” Sandra commanded, licking her lips in anticipation.

Without needing to charge, the cannon to fired instantly and kept on firing. The rumble in his gut was deeper, but the structure had been strengthened and no longer shook. But everyone could clearly sense the power discharge was exponentially larger now.

All that power was focused through a much finer point, hitting Sandra right in the stomach with a focused beam the size of a nickel. She cried out, as she enjoyed her last improvement to the cannon immensely. Rather blasting out boring old ordinary radiation, Sandra had converted the cannon to generate and fire her specially crafted purified sexual energy. She was hit with a concentrated beam of pure pleasure powerful enough to reduce a planet to dust. The radiant light coming off her and filtered through the Vice President’s monitor knocked him back in his seat and he was struck with the most undeniable ejaculation he had ever experienced. And it continued until it became in torture.

For no apparent reason, the output levels increased until the station was shaking again and no one aboard could hear anything but overworked equipment entering death throes. And then the beam stopped and the station became a huge fireball.

He woke in a field of debris, quickly recalling how had come to be here and what he had just witnessed. Then the debris parted itself to reveal Sandra looking perfectly calm and relaxed, not a hair out of place.

“One more stop before you go home. But this time, I want you to have a ringside seat.”

She started to grow until she loomed over him. And then with horror he noticed the debris was all growing too. Except neither the debris nor his omnipotent tormentor were growing. He was shrinking. In moments he was only a quarter-inch tall. Sandra opened a small pendant that appeared from nothing around her neck, and he floated helplessly inside. She closed it behind him, and when she did the opaque walls became perfectly clear and almost invisible.

They had been quick to gather a respectable battlefleet, consisting of several super-sized vessels from each side. Wanting more, Sandra reached out and began filling the void with several thousand more ships.

“Glad you could all make it. Here’s the deal: If you can wound me, I will never return to this galaxy … I will stop coming here to play with you, even though you have some really cool toys. You want me out of your hair? Now’s your chance.”

With her hovering before them, a clear target right out in the open, seven thousand or so warships opened up with everything they had. The Vice President looked on in horror as laser beams broader than her body by many magnitudes were soaked up by her flesh, and small nukes exploded in very close proximity. For a full minute she did nothing, making sure her passenger had time enough to see close-up how totally unaffected she was by all this ordinance. When she did fight back, it was as though she were merely playing. She gently made her way about the desperately manoeuvring ships and took them out with limp-wristed slaps that delivered force enough to shatter the ultra-dense super thick armour plating of the warships.

Grabbing the end of one, scrunching the alien metal easily in her one handed grip, she swang it around and into another of near equal size. She took another and pushed it hard and fast through four of its neighbours. It really freaked him out with she started body slamming the bigger ships, but he was safe in his little pendant. He would watch the hull grow in his eyes uncomfortably fast, sure it would be his doom. But the hull always parted in impact as her chest pushed explosively though.

It took a little under ten minutes for Sandra totally demolish the entire field. When she was done, she let her little captive out and, much to his relief, restored his size.

“Tell me: What did you see just now?”

“I … saw you destroy a whole fleet of alien spaceships.”

“You just saw a highly advanced military, literally thousands of years ahead of yours in terms of technology, throw everything they had at me. With ten thousand years of constant research and experimenting you guys might come up with a cannon like the one I was playing around with earlier. But you’d need ten thousand more years to match what the output it had after the first time I tweaked it. And you’d never come close to making a weapon as powerful as it was the last time you fired it at me. Even if you had a hundred millennia you’d never be able to get there. Now that you know that, how much chance do you think your little ploy had?”

“None.” He slumped in total defeat as the reality of her demonstrations closed in on him.

“That’s right. Now … I want you to go back home and tell the President exactly what you did. And I want you to resign. Then I want you to make up for being such an asshole.”

“Make up how?”

“You’ll think of something. All you need to know is if I don’t think you’re trying hard enough you’ll be seeing me again.”

Without anything further, Sandra sent him back to his office.

A moment later, she re-appeared at Gary’s house. She was just in time to see his neighbours reaching for the door. The group, still dazed and exhausted from what she had already done, shrank back from her.

“Going somewhere?” she asked sweetly. “I haven’t finished with you yet.”

She grew half a foot taller as she filled her inviting curves with devastating sexual power, and watched them succumb to her visual seduction. They were all shaking so badly with lust they had to crawl as they made their wa toward her. Sandra looked down at them as they began pawing hopelessly at her lower legs, and decided she was finally comfortable with being worshipped. It hadn’t been her idea to declare herself a god, but she was starting to wonder if maybe it should have been. As the small group worshipped her invincible body, Sandra closed her eyes and opened her considerably enhanced senses to fully enjoy their attentions. And why shouldn’t they worship her, she thought? Compared to the rest of the universe, she really was, in fact, a god.

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