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KINGS of EMPIRE – Part 1

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Kings of Empire – Part 1



She instinctively groaned softly as she finally regained consciousness, feeling more energized than she had ever felt before.

Her eyes wandered around her accustomed surroundings. The objects and they’re placings were all too familiar, but the way she saw them now were not.

It wasn’t until she saw a familiar face did she realize what must have happened. With a loud click her hand easily popped off the metal clamp that attempted to hold it in place. Her other hand did the same. Now panic filled the room as she stepped down from her once captured position.


Hours earlier …

Peggy Sue was slowly typing a memo for her boss. After a few sentences stopped, checked her red polished nails and then grabbed a cup of coffee. She sat back down at her desk, thought about working, and then called a friend. Peggy wasn’t known for her proficiency at work, or her intelligence but she did have an impressive body which may have been the main asset needed to get the well paid job. Peggy was a 21 year old high school dropout. She was a tall girl, close to 5ft9.” with a voluptuous hour glass figure. She had bright red hair and freckles which rolled down the sides of her nose and onto her cheeks. Peggy always made sure her cleavage was on display, she knew the benefits her impressive chest gave her and she enjoyed their advantages. Her boss was good to her, paid her well and treated her right, despite the line of work he was in.

It was 1963 and it seemed the only way for girls like Peggy to make a living was to either to find a rich man, or exploit her assets. And Peggy loved to use her assets to get exactly what she wanted, and although she enjoyed how men cooed over her, she had always been more partial to women.

Peggy knew her boss was etched deep into the Mob world but she knew very little about it. The less she knew the better, she thought. Ever since Brimstone, Ultra Girl and Nova had declared war on organized crime it had been a particularly tough gig to get into. Despite the heroic trio’s best effort, there were still some predominantly big and dangerous players in the racket; her boss wasn’t one of them. They worked in a small office building in the dumpier part of Empire city. The office space barely fit Peggy’s desk and left minimal space for a waiting area, and Brent’s office wasn’t much bigger. The location did have a basement but Peggy was instructed to never go down there.

Peggy was talking to her friend and had lost complete track of time. She was supposed to be off at 5, it was already quarter after Six. Peggy noticed the time and let her friend go when suddenly the door crashed open. It was Brent and three of his colleagues. They were carrying a body.

“What the hell!?” Peggy cried.

Brent rolled his eyes, “Jesus, Peggy – You were supposed to be out of here by 5.”

Peggy looked at the body that was draped in a white sheet. An arm dragged on the floor, it was a female’s arm. Peggy covered her mouth “Oh my God – what did you guys do?”

Anton looked at Brent, “She’s gonna call the cops!”

Brent became a little irritated “Take the body downstairs – I’ll deal with Peggy.”

Anton shook his head in irritation and the other two men carried the body down the stairs.

Brent angrily looked at Peggy “Peggy, what the fuck are you doing here?”

Peggy never heard her boss talk in such a harsh tone to her.

Peggy was confused and startled “I was working and I lost track of time and … I’m sorry.”

Brent thought for a long moment and then looked at her “Wait here.” Brent went to his desk and grabbed a set of handcuffs he kept there.

Peggy immediately saw the cuffs “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Brent sighed and looked uncomfortable, “Look Peggy – I need to deal with something downstairs and we need to have a conversation about what you just saw.”

Peggy shook her head “I didn’t see anything! I’m not going to say anything!”

“The boys downstairs will be a lot more comfortable if they know you’re not going to call anybody or go anywhere for the next hour.”

Peggy placed her hands on her hips and scowled at Brent. “You put those cuffs on me, and I swear to God I’ll quit.”

Brent grabbed her wrist and there was a brief struggle before he successfully handcuffed her to a pipe at the corner of the room.

“Sorry Babe.” Brent said as he turned for the basement.

“Oh don’t you call me that! Un-hand cuff me Now! NOW! BRENT!”

Brent went to the basement, the body of the girl was now on a table and the three men were arguing.

“Brimstone is going to find us – and we’re all going to die.” Said Guy.

“He’s not going to find us.” Anton replied.

“Did we got fucked over?” Brent asked

“He’s going to find us or even still she’s going to wake up – and she’ll kill us.” Guy stated.

Brent listened to the guys argue for a while then turned to Liam “Liam – what went wrong?”

Liam gestured with his hands that he had no clue. “The stone was supposed to kill her. Or, maybe the stone was designed to kill Brim Stone, it was after all Brimstone who was supposed to show up … Fuck, I don’t know.”

Anton became irritated grabbed the stone and approached the girl on the table. He uncovered her and placed the stone on her body. He reached into his other pocket and pulled out a revolver.

Brent was curious; he didn’t try to stop Anton. Perhaps he was on to something.

Anton pointed the gun at the girls head and depressed the trigger. A loud bang echoed in the basement and a spark blasted from the girls head before the bullet careened into the stone wall and then deflected into a couch that Guy was sitting on.

“Fuck Man!” Guy yelled

“You got a better idea?” Anton yelled back.

Liam looked at the stone on Ultra Girl's body. The costume she wore was tight, fit like a second skin and shimmered like glass. But with the stone on her body it seemed to almost lose its tactile strength. “I read somewhere that – Ultra woman’s powers come from her power belt, so let’s remove it.”

Anton rolled his eyes “We tried that genius – remember, with a fucking crow bar.”

Liam rolled Ultra Girl onto her back and placed the stone near the clips of the belt on her back. “Try it now.” he suggested.

Anton placed his finger along the clip of the golden belt and with a flick of his finger the belt snapped off. “You’re a fucking genius Liam!” Anton removed the belt from Ultra Girl's body and tossed it aside.

“Do her again.” Brent suggested and made his hand into a gun a pointed it at Ultra Girl's head.

Anton nodded and pointed the gun at Ultra Girl. There was another loud bang and the bullet deflected into the roof.

“We’re in trouble.” Brent said defeated.

“Maybe it’s not the belt, maybe it’s the costume.” Liam guessed.

They began individually removing clothing from Ultra Girl’s body. They started with her knee high red boots, then her red domino mask which covered the top part of her face. Finally they took off her cape and Leotard.

Guy looked at her perfect body, his fingertips moved across her collar bone and onto her firm breasts.

Anton looked at Guy, “Are you fucking kidding me right now? Get the fuck out of the way!” Anton tried again, He put the gun to her head and fired. The bullet blasted off the top part of her skull and straight into a wall. “FUCK!” Anton shouted

“We need to leave town – get far away, as fast as we can.” Brent suggested.

Anton shook his head in frustration “Far away? There is no far away! This is Ultra Girl were talking about. And she could wake up any second.” Anton looked over at Guy who was sucking in his gut in an attempt to fit Ultra Girl's belt around his waist. “What are you doing?”

Guy wasn’t even close to attempting to wrap it around his waist “Maybe the belt just needs a new host.” Guy suggested.

“You’re an idiot.” Anton replied.

Brent’s eyes lit up “No, he actually might be onto something. I’ll get Peggy to put it on.”

Anton shook his head, “Right and even if that worked you’d want that bimbo to have the power of Ultra Girl. She’s not going to listen to us, hell she’ll probably turn us in.”

“She won’t turn us in, and you’re right she won’t listen to us. But what would you rather? If Ultra Girl wakes up right now, jail will be the least of our problems. You know how she deals with criminals. Imagine what she’ll do to us?”

Anton shook his head, thought for a moment “Fuck, fine! – get the bimbo down here.”

Brent walked up the stairs and looked at Peggy, she leered back at him with her eyes half closed. Too angry to say anything.

“I got a favour to ask.”

“Un cuff me Now!” Peggy said sternly

“Okay I will, but then will you listen to me?”


Brent un cuffed her and she made her way to the door.

“$100 bucks!”

She opened the door.

“A thousand!”

She stopped.

“Where’s the money?” She asked.

“You know I have it, and I’ve never lied to you. Peggy I’ve treated you well.”

Peggy tilted her head and looked curiously at Brent “Handcuffing me to a wall is treating me well?”

“I mean, other than that. You caught me in a rather difficult situation.”

Peggy placed her hands on her hips and raised her chin, she did this often when she felt she was in a position of power. “And I want a raise to 13 dollars an hour!”

“10 dollars!”

“Fine.. 8!”

Brent nodded “Ok, eight … just come downstairs with me.”

Peggy reluctantly walked into the basement. She immediately saw the naked girl on the table. She didn’t clue into who it was until she saw the clothes on the floor. She covered her mouth. “Oh my God that’s Ultra Girl! she dead?”

“We don’t have that much time. We need you to put on her costume.” Brent stated.

“What, why!?”

“Were hoping that it might bail us out.”

“No … No chance.”

Anton grabbed Peggy’s hand roughly and got to the point. “You know what Ultra Girl can do? Fly? Invulnerable? Laser beam eyes? All that might be yours. Just try the costume on. It don’t work, take it off and collect for your services … Simple enough for you?”

Peggy knew it wasn’t going to work … but was a thousand dollars and a huge raise worth it? Seemed worth it at the time. “Fine, I’m putting it on and then taking it off, and then I’m out of here.” Peggy said. She gathered the clothes and went into a small storage room. She started with the bright blue Leotard. Its collar was low and when Ultra Girl wore it the upper part of her small breasts were displayed. Peggy’s breasts were huge in comparison, she wondered if the costume would even fit. She held the small leotard in front of her, comparing its size to her own. It looked so tiny, there was no way it was going to fit.

It did, barely. She reached behind her to see if she could zip up the leotard. As soon as she touched the zipper, it began zipping itself.

As it began zipping up the leotard became tighter and tighter, pushing more and more cleavage out of the low cut. It was uncomfortable, she could barely bend over, but she continued. Peggy put on the red knee high boots and then the cape. She adjusted the Domino mask over her eyes, nearly covering all the freckles on her cheeks. Peggy then clipped on the cape and went for the belt. She held the golden belt in her hands and thought, what if it worked? She smiled as she thought briefly about some of the things she’d do with such power, and then she clipped on the belt.

Peggy stepped out of the room, drawing a few reactions. She looked stunning, beautiful and powerful. She placed her hands on her hips and looked angrily at Brent “It didn’t fucking work!”

“How do you know?” Brent asked

“Cause I haven’t vaporized you with my laser vision, now get this fucking thing off me … I can’t even remove the belt! Ugh!”

Brent felt defeated as he moved in on Peggy to help her take off the costume. “It was a stupid idea, I’m sorry.”

“Just take off the belt!” Peggy shot back and turned her body so that Brent could unclasp the belt.

Brent pushed the cape aside and looked at Peggy’s perfect bubble butt. She certainly was a babe. He tried to unclasp the belt unsuccessfully and then remembered the stone. Brent looked at Anton, “Pass me the stone.”

Anton was checking Peggy out, looking up and down her profound curves “I don’t know, I kind of like her like this.”

“Fuck Anton!” Peggy screamed.

Guy was staring at Ultra Girl on the table, her naked gorgeous body proving to be too much of a temptation. While everyone seemed focused on Peggy, he caressed Ultra Girl’s skin and then grabbed and squeezed her breasts. They weren’t big, but they were firm, he fondled them and brought his lips to hers when suddenly Ultra Girl opened her eyes.

An ear piercing scream muffled the disgusting sound of bones being crushed. It stunned the room, every ones hearts sank. The worst case scenario was upon them, Ultra Girl had woken up.

Peggy, Anton, Liam and Brent watched in shock as a naked Ultra Girl lifted Guy off the ground and tossed him into the roof. The speed and the sound of the throw was inconceivable. Guy fell in a heap, as a blood trail on the roof dripped onto his dead body.

Anton pulled out his revolver and fired his last remaining bullets. Each bullet firing in succession as Ultra Girl moved in on him. The bullets pinged off her skin, but the last bullet she caught in her mouth. Anton hurried to reload the revolver.

Ultra Girl spit the bullet at Anton, the bullet blasted through his head and into the wall behind him.

Liam charged at UltraGirl with the stone, attempting to hit her over the head with it as they successfully did last time. This time Ultra Girl was prepared. She swatted Liam’s arm from her and hoisted him up by his neck. Her blue eyes flashed a menacingly red glow. Liam screamed in agony as beams of heat blasted from Ultra Girl's eyes and into his own. Ultra Girl deliberately kept the intensity low so that the pathetic worm could feel his brain boil inside his own head.

Liam’s eyes began to steam, and his scream turned into a gurgle before the radioactive energy blasted outside the back of his head.

Ultra Girl turned her attention to Peggy and looked at her angrily.

Brent stepped up to her and spoke quickly. “It’s not her fault; this was my idea I should …” Ultra Girl tossed Brent aside. He smashed through the dry wall and into the next room.

Ultra Girl walked to Peggy whom was panic stricken, terrified for her life.

“How dare you! Take it off … NOW!” Ultra Girl yelled so loudly it made Peggy’s ear ring.

Peggy began tear up as she worked desperately on the belt “I Cant!. It wont …”

“NOW!” Ultra Girl screamed. She grabbed Peggy’s shoulders and as their bodies touched a thunderbolt boomed inside the small basement.

Peggy felt strange; the golden belt on her body now glowed brightly. Small electric currents, from the belt, began to move up Peggy’s body and down her legs. Her whole body tingled. The costume began to gleam like polished glass. Her breasts, once controlled by the tight costume, now fought effortlessly against the restraints and almost seemed to grow.

Ultra Girl straight punched Peggy assuming her fist would go straight through her head, her fist cracked against Peggy’s thin nose and her wrist bent awkwardly.

Ultra Girl cradled her hand. “No! … NO! … NO!” Ultra Girl threw another punch that slapped across Peggy’s belly. Another punch which cracked her index finger on Peggy’s chin.

Peggy watched as Ultra Girl squirmed after hitting her in the face, her eyes widened with confidence. Peggy grabbed Ultra Girl's thin shoulders and hoisted her into the air.

Ultra Girl gasped in shock and fear as the taller busty woman hoisted her effortlessly in the air.

“Take this you Bitch!” Peggy yelled and then threw Ultra Girl as hard as she could. Ultra Girl’s body hit the concrete wall and splattered across it. Peggy looked at her hands in shock, “Oh my god, I killed Ultra Girl …” A smile crept onto her face “I am Ultra Girl.” An overwhelming desire to leap for joy overcame her. She didn’t fight it. She jumped into the air, through the floor and then through the roof.


Maya Sunjay was returning from the park with one of her good friends Sarah King. Maya was a popular girl in school, but only thanks to Sarah. Sarah was tall blonde, fit and stylish. Maya was short, husky and featureless. The two seemed like an unlikely match. Sarah being a popular white cheer leader, Maya being an East Indian chubby non athletic girl with an acne problem.

Sarah went on and on about her day, about how so many different boys liked her. About how they haven’t yet invented a decent blow drier. About the struggles of being beautiful. And Maya would listen to it all.

But Maya didn’t mind, in fact she loved it. She even provided Sarah with some sound advice. Their relationship started back in Jr. High School. Maya had been picked on relentlessly since elementary school and even worst in Jr. High. She remembered what her father had told her about being wealthy, about how you could control people with money.

Maya in her desperation approached the worst of her bullies, Sarah King. “I’ll pay you 10 dollars a week if you be my friend.” she recalled telling Sarah.

Sarah had laughed at her at the time, “I wouldn’t be friends with you for all the money in the world.”

Maya pulled out a bill from her pocket “How about 50?”

Sarah looked at Maya with irritation, walked up to her, and took the 50 dollars. And that’s how it first started. At first that’s all that happened, Sarah would take 50 dollars from Maya every week. Then, eventually, she started protecting Maya from others who would bully her. It wasn’t that Sarah King was overly strong, it was that she was overly popular.

Eventually the routine of collecting 50 dollars every Monday led to an unnatural friendship. Maya, who at one point in her life was kind and sweet, started to become mean. Mean just like the girl she learned from, just like Sarah King.

Now finishing their last year of school, Maya talked like Sarah, acted like Sarah and was mean just like Sarah. And God help anyone who would retaliate against Maya. Sarah and her crew had the jocks in their back pocket.

The two girls parted ways on their way home, but before they did Sarah asked to borrow 50 dollars. Maybe out of guilt or perhaps out of manipulation but Sarah had stopped asking for the 50 dollars some years ago. Now she just asked to borrow 50 dollars, which of course she had no intention of ever paying back. Usually Maya would just give her the 50 in advance in a form of a gift, but if she forgot Sarah was sure to remind her.

Maya had approached her home. The largest home on the block. Her father was a researcher and was a multi-millionaire many times over thanks to his pharmaceutical companies.

Maya opened a gate, walked up a flight of concrete stairs and finally to the mansions front door. She briefly looked for her home key before realizing she had left it in the house. She rang the doorbell. There was no answer. She rang it again, and still there was no answer. She waited at the door patiently. She had two siblings, they employed 3 house keepers and her Mom was always home, where the hell was everybody? She asked herself.

After an hour she became increasingly irritated. She remembered the vault. The vault was a secure location in the backyard but attached to the mansion. She walked to the backyard, over a small hill and then looked at the steel door. Her father gave her the access code a long time ago. She was instructed to never go inside, unless there was an emergency. By emergency, her father meant nuclear war or some impending disaster. But Maya believed that missing a potential phone call could be considered an emergency. Besides, her only intention was to walk through it. She knew on the other side was a staircase and then a door which led inside the mansion.

She entered her date of birth on an electronic key pad, and the steel door clicked open. She opened the heavy door but forgot to close it behind her. It was dark, she desperately looked for a light and when she finally found one she was shocked as to what she saw.

“Nova?” she asked the woman who was in restraints. It had to be her, her costume and stature were spot on matches. The dark blue tight leggings that seemed to gleam with distant galaxies. The feminine yet muscular body only a goddess could maintain and the low cut brazier that showed off her impressive rounded cleavage.

Nova’s bright blue eyes looked into Maya’s. “Please, you have to help me.”

“Me, help you? How? What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been kidnapped.”

Maya scrunched her nose “You got kidnapped? By whom? I thought you were like a God or something.”

“Listen to me carefully, there’s a laser pointed at me, it weakens my powers. If you could just …”

“What’s connected to your head?” Maya interrupted as she looked at wires and probes connected onto Nova’s forehead and temple.

“Listen to me! Find a way to disconnect that laser!” Nova stated in irritation. Nova heard the door open from upstairs. “Someone’s coming, Hide!”

Maya hid, realizing how much trouble she would be in if she was found in the shelter. She found a corner and a tarp that concealed her nicely. Through a narrow opening she could still see Nova.

Her father entered the room. He looked curiously at the lights, he could have sworn he had turned them off. “I thought you would have been sleeping.” he asked Nova Star in an East Indian accent.

Nova’s eyes followed him angrily, “I couldn’t get into a comfortable position.”

Kam smiled and then changed the subject “That information you provided on the Orion stone. It was great advice. It worked you know, Ultra Girl is dead.”

Nova clenched her jaw “You’re lying!”

“I just found out myself.” Kam replied as he grabbed a helmet and placed it on his head. He turned a few knobs and a console began to light up. “We were making progress last we spoke, I’d like to continue that.” Kam started changing the settings “Remember, the less you fight, the painless this will be.” Kam flicked a switch and his helmet lit up. “Last time we spoke, you were telling me about your powers, tell me, how did you acquire them?”

Nova was now all too familiar with this contraption, she could not lie even if she wanted too. She told the truth. “I was born with them, I am a succubus, I gain the powers of those I kill.”

“Interesting, you must have done a lot of killing to be as powerful as you are now.”


“Are you more powerful than Ultra Girl?”


“How about Brimstone?”


Kam smiled “You? - are more powerful than Brimstone?”


“What makes you think so?”

“My power is unmatched, I could easily kill Brimstone.”

Kam tapped his chin in contemplation “And if you did, you would acquire his powers, in excess to your own?”


“Why haven’t you? You’ve killed before … Why not Brimstone?”

“Because I didn’t want more power, I thought I had all the power I’d ever need.”

“You thought?” Kam asked

“I’m here.”

Kam smiled “Good point. What would you do, I wonder, if you got free from here?”

“First, I would squeeze your shoulders. Squeeze so hard that your arms fell off. Then I’d …”

“Yes yes, very terrifying. I suppose we have to make sure that that never happens. So were going to be talking today about how we can transfer your powers.”

“You can’t.”

Kam smiled “I think we shouldn’t rush to conclusions after-all, If you can’t transfer your powers then we’ll have to discuss how we can end your life.”

Nova smiled menacingly “You can’t, and so one day the power go’s off, or someone ends up finding me here, or something will happen so that I might escape and no matter where you are …” The phone rang.

Kam raised his finger to Nova “Hold that thought.” Kam picked up the phone. Spoke briefly and then hung up. He looked at Nova and removed his helmet. “We have guests. Someone who is very excited to see you. Ill be back in a moment.” Kam left the room and went upstairs.

Nova looked at the tarp Maya was hiding behind. “Hurry! You have to help me!”

Maya frowned as she looked at Nova, “But if I help you, you’ll kill my dad.”

Nova shook her head “I would never do that.”

“Do you promise?”

“Of course!” Nova insisted.

Maya moved toward the laser.

“That’s it, maybe grab a hammer and hit its lens.”

Maya looked at Nova and then walked to the helmet.

“What are you doing?” Nova asked

Maya placed the helmet upon her head. She could feel connected with Nova, she could feel what she was feeling. Discomfort, anxiety and rage. Maya looked at Nova. “Were you lying to me?”

Nova shook as she tried to lie but failed, “Yes.”

“You would kill my dad?”


Maya thought for a moment and then looked angrily at Nova, “Maybe I should kill you?”

“You can’t, listen to me carefully. You know that I can’t lie, so when I tell you that if you don’t help me to get out of here. I will make sure that by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be eating out of a spoon for the rest of your life. Now help me!”

Maya looked at the settings on the console. Like the knob of a volume speaker, the machine was set to low. Maya increased the volume.

“Stop that!” Nova grunted

“Stop what?” Maya asked as she continued to increase the setting.

“STOP!” Nova screamed.

Maya smiled as she raised the setting to max. An electric arc sparked into her forehead. Maya could feel a banging in her head so intense and painful she didn’t have the time to remove the device from her head. She fell to the ground unconscious as the helmet continued to spark on her head. The lights flickered on and off as the electronics all around her began to short circuit.


Flying seemed nearly effortless as Peggy rose into the air. Fifty feet, 100 feet. At about two hundred feet in the air she stopped and remained there. The strong wind flapped her red cape erratically and blew her long red hair across her face. She looked down at her boots and wiggled her feet.

Looking around, Peggy saw that she was motionless. Although she had never felt more confident, her heart was racing. She fell forward and let gravity take hold of her. She was in free fall before pushing her fists out and flexing her calves. She blasted forward.

Peggy laughed as she looked at the terrain below her changing rapidly below her. During the next few minutes she discovered that she generated her flight powers by flexing her muscles. The harder that she flexed, the faster she flew. Controlling her direction was a matter of desiring to go in whatever direction she wished. She did a quick barrel role a few loops and suddenly she believed she was an expert.

Flying beyond supersonic she rolled onto her back and cupped the back of her head with her hands as if she was sun bathing on a beach. Peggy failed to realize the terrain changing beneath her, becoming rockier. Without even seeing it she slammed into the top of a mountain. She sliced across the mountain top causing massive chunks to fly off the top.

Peggy screamed as she slammed into the next mountain. She couldn’t recover as she slammed into the rock side and then fell, hitting ledge after ledge before splashing into a half frozen lake. The surface of the lake was disturbed by several splashes from falling rocks before eventually settling. 500 meters away from where she splashed down Peggy’s head popped out of the water and she casually walked to the shore line and onto the rocky beach. The crash had ruined the initial excitement of flying, bruised her ego and although didn’t hurt, didn’t feel comfortable either.

The mountains obstructed the Sun set and it was getting dark. Peggy was impressed that she could still see perfectly. Blinking her eyes, she discovered that by squinting a little and focusing on what she wanted to see, she could zoom right in on it. Using her new super-vision, she scanned the mountain she had initially crashed through. She couldn’t help but grin, she had cut through nearly 50 feet of solid rock. Like a pin shooting through butter and yet she felt no discomfort. She couldn’t help but think that this was ridiculous. No, it wasn't ridiculous, It was great. She was now invulnerable and just the thought of never being hurt again was an exhilarating one.

Peggy reflected back on the days when Nova Star Ultra Girl and Brimstone were first introduced to the world. Peggy was 9 years old at the time, and she used to dream and pretend with her friends that she was Ultra Girl. Ultra Girl was her first crush, in fact she may have been the reason why Peggy’s preference were girls. Now, it was Peggy who was Ultra. She looked down at her body but her vision was blocked by the sight of her vast cleavage. Were they bigger? She wondered … No, not bigger, just Ultra she giggled.

Peggy was also impressed that despite the temperature being quite cold. And having been soaked by cold mountain water she felt as though she was in room temperature. However, the cold water did have at least a little bit of an effect she admitted as she observed her erect nipples tenting from her costume.

Peggy grabbed a flat stone and attempted to see how many times she could skip it across the lake. She threw the stone as hard as she could. It turned bright red as the friction from the air ignited it before it flew over the lake through a tree and into a rock. Peggy looked at her hands, God she was strong. She picked up some stones from the ground and effortlessly grinded them to ash. This was fantastic, she was so fantastically strong and nothing could hurt her, except maybe … Brimstone.

Peggy thought about what Brimstone and Nova Star would do to her if they found her. No one knew if Brimstone and Ultra Girl were a couple, or siblings, or good friends, but one thing was certain, they were close. Although Brimstone was more lenient to criminals, Peggy couldn’t help but worry what might happen to her if he were to discover that it was she who killed Ultra Girl.

Peggy tried creating justifications in her head. The bitch was a psycho; she thought as she remembered what Ultra Girl did to Liam, fried his head with her laser vision. “Hmmm laser vision.” she thought. She placed her hands on her hips and leaned forward, scrunching her nose and squinting her eyes with no results.

The failure to recreate Ultra Girl's powers reminded her of the dangers of facing off with Brimstone. Maybe flying around and basking in her new found power wasn’t the smartest thing she could have done, she thought. Perhaps she needed to keep a low profile.

Without feeling fatigue, Peggy spent most of the night in those mountains by that lake pondering. Realizing, the more she kept things the same, the more likely she could get away with it.


“Excellent! Wonderful! Kam, you’ve outdone yourself!” Armando exclaimed as he approached Nova star who seemed to be unconscious.

Armando was a short stalky man, wearing an expensive suit with a bow tie. He had two men with him who stood with their back to the wall. Armando walked right up to the heroine confidently “Ahhh! Nova Star, I could have waited an eternity for this.” Armando looked back at Kam with a large grin on his face. “Kam I always said.” Armando pointed at Kam “This guy is going to be a big deal. Didn’t I say that?”

“I wouldn’t get too close, she could still kick pretty hard.” Kam advised as his eyes caught something smouldering. He walked over to the consul and muttered “Oh my God.”

Armando fingers traced along the bulge of Nova stars cleavage, which was far more pronounced due to a metal strap across her chest “Oh this is fantastic! Someone take a picture of this! Luigi, take a picture of this!”

“Don’t have my camera boss.”

Kam’s heart was racing, as he saw that there was no power to the consul. He almost had a heart attack when he realized there was no power to the laser “Oh my God!” He said again.

“What? What is it?” Armando asked.

Nova Star opened her eyes. Her arm moved down, easily snapping out of its restraint. Her other arm came down snapping out of the other restraint. Nova Star looked at her hands in amazement as panic ensued around her.

Nova Star pushed out her breasts, and the Iron strap around it warped and then snapped off its hinge. She then stepped down from the platform.

Luigi made a mad dash for the stairs screaming to his henchman “Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her!”

Even Armando’s body guards backed away from her in fear. They raised their revolvers and fired quickly. In a matter of 3 seconds, 12 rounds were fired.

Nova star saw them draw their guns, and raised her palms in front of her and screamed “No no no no no no!” before the shots rang out.

Most of the bullets smacked into the wall behind her. One of them hit her square in the forehead and another squeezed between her breasts and into her chest.

The men ran for their lives up the stairs as Nova Star looked down at her body. She felt the point of impact the bullet made on her head. Then she looked down at her body. The only way to describe what she felt was euphoria. The moment was interrupted by whimpers of fear and begging.

“Please … I’m sorry … I wasn’t left a choice … They made me do it … I have a family … .Please.”

Nova walked over to the man pleading for his life and finally said “Daddy … Its me!”

Kam looked at Nova’s smiling face. “Wh..What?”

“It’s me! Maya!”

Kam’s anxiety began to lessen, but only slightly. “I don’t understand.”

Nova smiled “I look like her don’t I?! … Like Identical?! … I need to find a mirror!” Nova hurried over to the stairs.

“Wait!” Kam yelled “What’s going on?”

Nova looked at Kam “Okay, don’t get mad … I came home and no one was home so I came through the shelter … and then I saw Nova Star and so I hid and then I heard that she wanted to kill you, so I tried to kill her and … Then I woke up, Like this!”

Kam was trying to process the information. “You put on the helmet, you upped the amps to maximum … .Oh my God, sweetie you could have been killed. What have you done to yourself?”

Nova smiled “Apparently I’ve made myself powerful and Beautiful!”

Kam lowered his head, at first not certain how to feel about this, “Sweetie, you were beautiful before. What are we going to tell your mother?”

“I’m sure she’ll be okay with it.”

Kam shook his head “She will not be okay with it – She’ll kill me. Wait … where’s Maya?”

“I’m right here Daddy?” Nova Star emphasized with her arms.

“No! Where’s Nova? If you are in her body … then she must be. Oh God.”

“What?” Nova asked.

“She’s escaped …”

Nova placed her hand in her cleavage and pulled out a deformed bullet, “But not with her powers.” She said confidently.

Kam shook his head in disagreement, “Maybe, but do you know how to use them? She’s probably on her way to tell Brimstone.”

“But I heard her say, that she was more powerful than Brimstone?”

Kam rubbed his eyes and temple, “I need to make a few phone calls. Maya … you have to listen to me. You have to stay down here. At least until I figure what we’re going to do next.”

“Dad … are you upset with me?”

“No, not upset … please Maya. Just give me a few hours to figure this out. Can you stay down here for a few hours?”

“But …”

“No but’s … Please Maya … I’m not asking, I’m telling.”

Maya bit her lip “I guess so.”

“I’ll be back in an hour or two.” Kam said as he headed upstairs. As he walked up the stairs a smile crept onto his face. He had been working for the mafia for years, but if he played his cards correctly he was certain, the mafia would be working for him.


Brent’s eyes slowly opened. He put both his hands on his head, God it felt like he’d been thrown through a wall. He looked at the wall in front of him, and then nodded “right.” confirming he had been in fact thrown through a wall.

“Brent are you down there?”

Brent recognised the voice immediately, it was his wife Bella. “Yeah – I’ll be right up.” Brent got up and looked around. Guy was crumpled in a heap, clearly dead. Liam was hard to look at, the sockets of his eyes still slightly smouldering. Anton had a large open wound through his head and Peggy … That was a shame. She was clearly thrown into the wall, her corpse was unrecognizable. Brent made his way upstairs.

“Where were you, do you know what time it is?” Bella demanded. Bella was in her mid 20’s 2 years younger than Brent. They had been married for 5 years. Bella knew what Brent did for work and so her rules were limited to only a few. One of which Brent had broken by not coming home.

Brent kissed his wife on the cheek “Go home, pack your things – We gotta move.”

“What? Why?..What’s going on? Why is there a hole in the ceiling? And the floor? What happened in here?”

“Trust me, I’ll explain when I get home.” He kissed his wife again, seeing that she still had a million questions he simply said “Please.” before she left.

Brent looked around the office, there was enough evidence to send him to jail for life. Burning it all would bring the fire department, Or worst … Ultra Girl. Based on what she did to Brent’s partners he assumed she had probably mistaken him for dead.

He thought about the events that led him to this fate. Alex Gionta had given him the stone, they were supposed to use it on Brimstone. It was supposed to render him powerless and eventually kill him. Clearly it didn’t work, well it didn’t on Ultra Girl anyways. He felt stupid for even attempting it. Gionta had promised him his own district and provided him a cash bonus. At the time, Brent felt he had no other choice but to go along with it. He knew Gionta wouldn’t keep his word, he never did, but at the same time, it was always a good idea to be on Gionta’s good side. But now, after seeing what Ultra Girl was capable of, he could care less what Gionta would do to him.

Brent began cleaning his desk, God he thought, he was going to be here all day. He continued cleaning when he heard the door open.

Brent’s heart sank, who the hell could that be, he thought. He slowly walked to the door of his office and peered outside. He smiled brightly in surprise and shock to see Peggy.

She was wearing a business suit and a longer loose fitting business skirt. She wasn’t showing off her skin, but her bodies curves were easily identifiable in her modest attire.

“Holy Shit.” Brent said as he approached her and then hugged her “I thought you were dead.”

“I almost was, thanks to you.”

Brent smiled at her, “I owe you a thousand dollars.” Brent went to an old shoe box he hid under his desk. He quickly counted the money in it “That’s $700 bucks, I’ll get you another $300 before I leave.”

Peggy looked at the money “Keep it, I owe you for the roof …” Peggy looked down at the jagged hole in the floor and added “And the Floor.”

“What?” Brent asked

“The floor and the roof, you know.” Peggy pointed into the air “When I flew through it.”

“So? … .No! … soooo???” Brent’s face contorted as he tried to process what Peggy was attempting to tell him.

Peggy began to smile; she couldn’t keep the charade going any more “It worked.”

“What did?”

“IT did!..I’m, you know … Ultra.”

“Fuck off.”

Peggy began unbuttoning her suit jacket eventually revealing the top part of her costume.

“I don’t believe it!” Brent exclaimed as Peggy removed her civilian clothes.

“Believe it big Boy … You are looking at the new Ultra! Girl.”

Brent blinked a few times, “So you have all her powers?”

“I don’t know about all of them, but most I think.”

Brent shook his head “I still can’t believe it.”

Peggy’s thin arm reached out and her fingers wrapped around Brent’s neck, she hoisted him with ease, “How about now?”

“Yeah … Yeah … Cant … breathe.” Brent gurgled.

Peggy set him down.

Brent massaged his throat and then smiled and thought about the wall, “So if the blood on the wall, wasn’t yours … You killed Ultra Girl?”

The corner of Peggy’s lip showed a hint of a smile, “You should have seen the look on Ultra Girl's face when she broke her knuckle on my nose. And then how shocked she was when I picked her up off the ground.”

Brent was at a loss for words “So if you have all her powers, what are you doing here?”

“Well, I spent the night thinking … Maybe, I’d like to start my own business. And you could be my first employee. I’d pay you well of course.”

Brent began laughing “You … .you’re going to pay me? To do what?”

Peggy bit her lip, “Well, I don’t know. Maybe you could help me with choosing something. And forget the mob stuff … Were going legit … Sort of.”

Brent was flattered, and finally asked “Why me?”

“You know what happened, and you know somethings about business.” Peggy saw that Brent was smiling, “Don’t flatter yourself, if any other of those creeps downstairs were alive and you were dead, I’d ask them.” Peggy sat down at her desk, “I’ve been giving it some thought, realized that I still need to work – might as well be with you.”

Brent thought for a while “You’re nervous that Brimstone might find you out?”

“Nervous? I think that’s putting it mildly.”

Brent smiled, “I guess we’re in the same boat in that regard, so … where do we start?”

“I was hoping you’d be able to answer that.”

Brent thought for a moment, “We need cash, but we don’t want to draw the attention of Brimstone or Nova.” Brent thought for a moment and then smirked, “I think I got it.”

“This better not involve me getting naked.”

Brent thought for a second, “That’s actually not a bad idea either … but I was thinking, what about the casino?”

Peggy shook her head, “I’m not breaking into anything … Low profile, remember?”

Brent smiled, “I’m talking about playing the games, in the casino.”

“I don’t know how to play the games.”

Brent grabbed a deck of cards, “it’s easy I’ll teach you, but first things first, can you see what card I’m holding up?”

Peggy focused in on the card and her vision dramatically zoomed in on it. She blinked a few times and then focused on the card again.

Brent watched Peggy squint and scrunch her nose several times “I take it, that’s a no.”

Peggy was still trying to focus on the card zooming in and out, she felt as though she almost had it. “Just hold on, I think I …”

“Look, you can’t squint at a card like a retard for a half hour before you finally see the card. Let’s move onto something else.”

“Shut up, I’m trying to concentrate and don’t call me retarded.” Peggy’s mouth was half open, and her head was slightly tilted back when she began to smile. “It’s the Four of clubs.”

Brent smiled. “Very good, that only took 5 minutes. Now if we can only find a 120 year old arthritic dealer maybe …”

Peggy continued with her abilities, “You’re wearing purple briefs.”

“Okay, back to the cards …” Brent said as he pulled out another card.

“Ace of spades.” Peggy said quickly. Peggy began to read card after card, eventually being able to see the next several cards from the deck. Next, Brent began teaching her the rules of black jack, she caught on quick. Brent eventually fell asleep as Peggy stayed up, practising what Brent taught her for the rest of the night.


A young, distraught East Indian girl snuck her way into a prestigious residential building. She took the stairs, knowing the elevator attendant would never let her up without proof of identification. She walked up 43 flights of stairs. For the first time in over 3000 thousand years, she felt fatigue to the likes of which she had never felt before. Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead as she rushed up the stairs. She finally got to her apartment. She hid a key under the rug and used it to enter her suite.

The first thing she did was use the washroom and the next thing she did was look at herself in the mirror. “Oh my God! I’m fucking hideous! Oh My fucking God!” She hurried over to the rotary phone and dialed it as quickly as she could.”

“Pick up! PICK UP!” She yelled. After 12 rings the phone went busy “FUCK!” The anxiety was driving her crazy she called again, and again over and over for hours until someone finally picked up.


“Barrett! Oh thank God! I need to speak to you!”

“Who is this?”

“It’s Lisa!”


“Lisa! NOVA STAR God Damn it! I need to meet with you right away.”

“You don’t sound like Lisa …”

“Just meet me at my apartment, I’ll explain everything to you. And Barrett hurry … This! is an emergency.”


Nova Star walked into a small washroom and looked in the mirror. She was confused, nervous and scared, but her face exhibited confidence, beauty and power. The way her eye brows arched over her bright blue eyes, her perfectly straight nose, her narrow jaw line and her luscious lips. She couldn’t help but smile, and now her face looked like it could light up a room.

Nova Star was not only hot, but insanely fit. Maya extended her arm and made a fist and tightened her bicep. While the muscle she portrayed wasn’t overly massive, it exhibited the curves of a well-trained athlete. To Maya, her bicep was huge. Her fingers on her other hand traced around the tight bicep. “Holy shit.” she muttered as she then struck a double bicep pose. Her athletic body gave her an air of confidence and oozed sex appeal. Maya continued flexing different parts of her body, enjoying how she looked as she did them.

Maya then flexed her chest muscles, and had to giggle as her big breasts bounced. Her hand went up to her left breast and she pulled down the Corset top that covered her large tits.

Her nipples were dark and perky and were set perfectly symmetrical and centered on her large round white breasts. The tight corset which seemed to give the illusion of firmness, was in fact a lie. Her breasts remained rounded a firm despite not having the push up effect of her tight corset.

Never in Maya’s life had she ever looked in the mirror, at herself, and seen sex appeal. But now as she looked at herself, she couldn’t help but think how any guy could refuse her. She thought about Chris Wilson, the star running back at school. He had an off and on relationship with Sarah. Could he refuse Maya? If these puppies were in his face. Could he resist not putting his mouth on her large firm nipples? Could anyone?

The thought was turning her on, her nipples nipple’s grew and hardened. Her finger tips rolled her nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers and she squeezed. Her eyes closed as she imagined the black athlete, Chris Wilson, pleasure her body.

There was a knock at the door. “Maya! Are you in there?”

“Umm just a second!” Maya said as she pulled up the corset and then opened the washroom door.

“Good, I’m glad you didn’t leave.” Maya’s father said as he handed her a binder.

“What’s this?” Maya asked as she looked at the thick binder.

“It’s all the powers we know Nova Star possesses, and theory behind how she is able to use them. I need you to read this, all of it. And then you need to start practicing. But Inside here … Not outside!”

“But Daddy, I just want to show Sarah, and then I’ll be right back.”

“Absolutely not! Maya, I understand you feel invincible. But your family is not. It’s up to you to protect us, until I can figure something out long term. So for today, I need you to read this and then destroy everything in this room. This room and everything inside of it contains all the weaknesses we were able to exploit against Nova Star. So, it can be used against you. It’s important that we ensure nothing bad can happen to you, because there are bad men that will want to harm you.” Kam looked at Maya who seemed almost disinterested as she stared at her own arms and hands. “Maya? Do you understand?”

“Yes Dad, I promise I won’t leave.”

“Okay, I need to make arrangements … Then I’ll come check on you.”

“Okay.” Maya watched her dad go up the stairs and then sighed as she looked at the binder. She disobeyed her father before, but this time she knew he was right. If she left and found her family dead when she returned, she’d never be able to forgive herself. Reluctantly she picked up the binder and read the first page. To her shock, it took her a split second. She flipped to the next page and then the next until she fanned through the binder. She put down the binder and smiled again. Eager to find out, if what she read was in fact true.


Peggy had insisted on changing before they left, they stopped by at her two bedroom apartment. Mel, Peggy’s roommate greeted them at the door.

“Rent day was yesterday.” Mel reminded her.

Peggy looked at Brent, “Wanna pay her? I’m going to change.”

Brent looked at Mel “How much?”

“90 dollars.”

Brent gave her a hundred dollar bill, “Keep the change.”

Mel smiled at Brent she fiddled with the 100 bill and moved in close to him, “So, what’s going on with you two?”

“You her pimp?” she whispered into his ear.

“Mel!” A voice yelled from the bedroom.

Mel looked at the closed door to Peggy’s room, “Damn that girl has good hearing.”

“You have no idea.” Brent added.

Peggy’s Bras no longer fit. Her bras were all one size too small. She liked them that way, made her cleavage that much nicer. But now, as careful as she was, her bras snapped as she attempted to put them on. She had already ripped three when she slowly and carefully attempted to put the fourth one on. She slowly clipped the bra on and felt relief when she finally got one successfully on, and then disappointment when she saw that it didn’t make an ounce of difference if she wore a bra or not. Peggy looked in her closet and grabbed her multi colored Polk-a-dot mini dress and then began removing the rest of her costume.

She unclasped her belt and removed all her clothes except the knee high red boots. She then put on the ultra-tight mini dress. She was thankful that her breasts didn’t tear out of it. Then she tested her powers. She lightly squinted her eyes and her x-ray vision watched as Mel continued flirting with Brent.

She smiled contently as she placed the costume in the closet, all except the golden power belt which she wrapped around her waist and clipped on.

Peggy looked at herself in the mirror, nearly satisfied with how she looked. The powers she had made her face glow, she almost felt that she could go without make up, Almost.

Peggy applied bright red lip gloss, and a little bit of blush and she was done.

Brent spent close to a half hour with Mel waiting patiently for Peggy. Mel was a very attractive black woman. She had long smooth silky long legs and was wearing golden hot pants with a chequered tied up shirt exposing her midriff.

“Ready to go.” Peggy asked.

Brent and Mel looked at Peggy in shock.

“Damn girl! Your boobs grow, are you even wearing a bra?”

Brent was staring at Peggy’s extreme curves and delayed before answering “Yeah … uh yeah … lets go.”

The drive to the casino was 20 minutes long. Peggy could see Brent’s eyes drift toward her body, he attempted to do so inconspicuously.

“How’s the wife?” Peggy asked

“Bella … yeah she’s doing well.”

“Bella is quite beautiful.” Peggy added.

“Thanks … I’ll be sure to pass the message.”

“Please do.” There was a pause before she asked her next question. “I always wanted to ask, why do you work for the mob? It just doesn’t seem to fit you.”

Brent smiled “Well, I don’t know how to take that. But the short of it is, I fell in with the wrong group of friends. Did something that I regret, gave the mob an inch and they took my life.”

“Why not just leave Empire city?”

Brent smiled “I would be living in fear forever, as it stands I owe them 27000 dollars. They never forget debts, and would gladly put a bounty on me and my family.”

Peggy thought for a moment, “But I thought Brimstone brought an end to organized crime in Empire City?”

“No, they simply pushed the mob into hiding. They hide through legitimate businesses and then employing people like me to do their dirty work. If anything, the heroes brought the mob together. Before, they pursued their own agenda’s, efen fought one another. Now they are coming up with plans to beat the hero’s and re-establishing their previous dominance.”

They finally arrived at the casino. Peggy walked confidently to the front door of the casino as Brent opened it for her. Guys and girls checked her out and did double takes as she walked past. A cute girl walking past her looked up her body before smiling at her. Peggy flashed a smile back. She sat down at the high limit table, maximum bet was $1000. She played a square, and so too did Brent. Peggy played in the anchor position and Brent beside her, both placing 100 dollars down.

The cards came out of the shoe, Peggy smiled mischievously as her eyes lightly squinted. Invisible rays of energy shot out of her eyes revealing the next few cards that came out of the shoe. Dealer showed a face card, but his hole card was a six. Peggy scanned the shoe and saw that the next card was a 7.

Brent had a 14 and was about to hit when Peggy waved her hand and said “We’ll stay.”

The dealer, a sexy brunette in a cowgirl costume asked if they were sure, and then revealed her hole card and said “dealer has 16. Dealer has 23, dealer busts.” The dealer then paid out Brent and Peggy as they smiled at each other. This was going to be too easy.

The next few hours had past, Brent was already up 6000 dollars and Peggy was up 24000 dollars. Brent needed to go to the washroom and told Peggy he’d be right back.

While he was gone the manager visited Peggy at the table, he was a fat balding man who stunk of booze despite him being at work “Quite the stroke of luck you’re having.”

Peggy turned to him and gave him an alluring smile “beginners luck I suppose.” Peggy looked over at the washrooms and saw that Brent was being questioned by security. “Is there a problem?” Peggy asked.

“It’s unusual for people to have as much success as you’re having today. As the manager, I’m just doing my due diligence in making sure that the gaming is fair … why don’t you play a few hands while your partner is away?”

Peggy smiled and scanned the shoe with her xray vision, the next four cards were ten, 5, Ace, queen. Meaning if she played the next hand she would receive a black jack.

“Fine, but I was thinking this is going to be my last hand. You don’t mind if I bet it all do you.”

The manager smiled, “The skies the limit.”

Peggy placed all of her chips on her square. The dealer looked at the manager.

“You sure you want to bet all that?” The manager asked.

Peggy smiled “Skies the limit … right?”

The manager smiled, “New shoe.” he said and a dealer removed the deck and a new one was shuffled up. “Cut the cards.” the manager said.

Peggy cut the cards, the next cards came out face card, face card, 9 and ten. Meaning Peggy had a 19 and the dealer had 20. Peggy used her x-ray vision and saw that the next card was a 2. “I’ll hit.” she said confidently.

The manager smiled “Are you sure about that miss? 19 is a good hand.”

Peggy flashed a smile “I’m sure of it.”

“No! She’s not, She’ll stay.” Brent interrupted as he returned.

“N-o I’ll hit!” Peggy said as she looked irritated at Brent.

The manager continued to smile “Maybe you should listen to your boyfriend.”

“Trust me.” Brent said “Please.”

Peggy rolled her eyes, and waved the hand.

The dealer rolled a face card and Peggy scornfully looked at Brent as the dealer took all her money.

“Ouch!” The manager said.

“We’re leaving.” Brent said. Brent cashed in his chips and the two left. Peggy didn’t say anything until they were in the car. “The next card was a Two! A Two!”

Brent started the car, “I know.”

“Then why did you stop me?”

“They were suspicious of us, and yeah you would have won. But then they’d take your picture and ban you from every Casino. Nobody hits a 19 against a Face card.”

Peggy shook her head, “You cost me 24000 dollars!”

“Peggy, we do this right we’ll make millions.”

“Stop the car.” Peggy insisted.


“Stop the car and give me your money.” Brent didn’t stop the car. “Brent? I’m not going to ask again.”

Brent reluctantly stopped the car and handed Peggy his wad of cash. Peggy counted it quickly and then gave Brent 1000. “Take that beautiful wife of yours out for dinner and buy her something nice.”

“Where are you going?” Brent asked as she got out of the car.

“Sin City.” Peggy replied

“Sin City is over 2000 miles away.”

“So I guess I’ll get there before you get home.”

Brent shook his head “Peggy … please listen …”

Peggy smiled at Brent “I have listened to you, and you were right. The right move was to lose. I’ll go to Sin City for a while make some money, lose some, and be back in a few days. Here.” Peggy gave most of the money back to Brent, “buy Bella something really nice!” With that Peggy waited for traffic to pass before she leapt into the air and blasted off westwards.


Maya giggled as she attempted her feat of strength. Simply by rotating her feet one behind the other and rotating her hips, she could spin in one spot. And just as it said in the book after one second a brilliant flash of light engulfed her. The book stated that she would become a different person. Maya hurried over to the mirror to see if that was in fact the case. Instead she was greeted by the exact same reflection except in extremely modest attire and a different type of haircut. Her hair was now in a ponytail instead of draped along her shoulders and back. But unmistakably, she certainly still looked like Nova Star

Maya reached into her cleavage so that she could grab the loose seams of her dress and then ripped it open, revealing the same breasts she had just come accustomed to. Smiling now Maya then went to a computer and picked up the monitor. Simply by pushing her hands together she squashed the monitor.

Maya looked at her hands, while they appeared to be still, they were in fact vibrating. Millions of times a second the vibrations caused the air around her hands to distort. Maya then placed her hand on the counter. Like an extremely hot knife, her hand went through the desk causing the spots she touched to turn into liquid fire. Maya looked at her hands as she continued vibrating them. She became curious as she slowly crept her hand to her other forearm. Nervously she touched her arm. She felt the warmth, she heard a sizzle, but no pain. Even though smoke now billowed from her arm. It was just like what she had read in the binder her father had instructed her to read. She was completely invulnerable.

Maya smiled as she turned her head quickly and blasted beams of light from her eyes. The beams of light cut into the concrete of the shelter and then into a computer and then into a desk. Maya rotated 360 degrees several times, letting her eyes trace over anything of value. Fires began to set all around her. Still she continued, slightly increasing her spin. The modest garment she wore caught on fire and soon the shelter and her body were engulfed in flame.


Kam Sunjay was on the phone for hours. His first priority was to get his family out of the country and back to India. His second priority was to get confirmation on Ultra Girl’s demise. Although he heard she was dead, he needed to know for sure. And finally he needed to arrange a meeting with the Kings. With Nova Star under his control, so to speak. He had no doubt the Kings would do anything and everything for him.

Kam smiled as he thought about it ‘The Kings of Empire, if they are the Kings then certainly he would be the Emperor of Empire. Mmm that has a nice ring to it’

Kam’s wife Mona Sunjay surprised him while he was on the phone “Have you seen Maya, I haven’t heard from her all day. I’m getting worried.”

Kam was on hold and so he hung up and looked at his wife, “She left.”

Mona looked at him curiously “Left, left where?”

“India, she left this morning. I was meaning to tell you, I was booking flights. But you know how Maya feels about flying, so I booked her a first class cruise to India. She’s on her way as we speak. The rest of you will join her in a few days.”

Mona didn’t know what to say, on one hand she loved the idea of going to India on the other it was unlike Kam to not tell her this in advance. “Why wouldn’t you tell me this before she left?” Mona questioned.

“I wanted to surprise you. Except Maya caught me on the phone booking tickets. She was upset to say the least, she refused to fly. She was about to tell you when I told her that, for her, I’d book her a beautiful cruise liner she could travel on. The only condition was that she’d miss out on a few days of school before Christmas holidays. Let’s just say Maya was all too happy to miss out on a few days a school.” Kam looked at Mona’s unimpressed look

“Still why wouldn’t you tell me this … This doesn’t make any sense.”

Kam took his wife, hugged her and then kissed her “It was meant as a surprise, aren’t you happy? Don’t you want to go?”

Mona smiled and then laughed “Of course I want to go … It’s just, Maya’s left for India … were all going next week. It just caught me off guard. It’s so sudden, I didn’t even have a chance to see off our daughter.”

Kam embraced his wife. “Like I said, I wanted it to be a surprise. I do have to make several of business calls so that I can join you.”

Mona kissed Kam on the forehead “Of course.”

Kam waited for his wife to leave before making a call. He requested a meeting with the Kings. He was denied. Kam asked for the person’s name and then stated that he would resign his services to the Kings if they did not meet with him right away. Kam was advised to hold. Kam held on the phone for nearly an hour when he received his answer. The Kings would meet with him in 3 days. Jumal Tower, Board room 707. 9 Pm Sharp.


Brent finally came home. He opened the door to see most of the living room filled with boxes. “Oops.” He thought, thinking back to when he told his wife they needed to move.

Bella came into the living room, she looked extremely tired. “I’m almost done, we should be ready to go by tonight.”

“Yeah … ummm, we might be staying.”

“What?” Bella stated sternly “Are you kidding me!”

Brent never admitted it to her, but Bella looked extremely attractive when she was angry. “I can make it up to you.”

“No you can’t!”

Brent embraced her “Tomorrow, I’ll take you out to dinner. Then we’ll go shopping. I’ll buy you anything you’d like and then I’ll explain what happened.”

Bella put her thin arms on her waist, still looking very irritated “You scared the shit out of me Brent!”

Brent couldn’t help but look at her shoulder length, dark brown hair. Her big bright brown eyes, slightly upturned nose and olive skin. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world as Bella stared at him disparagingly. “You’re beautiful!” Brent said.

“You’re not getting off that easily.” Bella replied.

“I know. I told you, it’s a long story and I’ll tell you everything tomorrow.”


The room was filled with smoke as the last bit of flames began to extinguish. Maya had successfully destroyed everything in the room. Maya then puckered her lips and then began inhaling a massive amount of air. Maya continued sucking in the air until the smoke had completely cleared. She stopped her inhalation and when she breathed out of her nose a small amount of smoke was exhaled.

‘God this was fantastic!’ she thought. She was practically a Goddess. Or, perhaps she was one. Looking down at her now naked body, she certainly had the body of a Goddess. Her hearing picked up someone opening the door. It was her father. Maya quickly began to spin until she was back in her Nova Star costume.

Kam crept down the stairs, the concrete walls were charred in soot. Kam got down the stairs and saw that everything was destroyed. “Ummm … wow.”

Maya smiled at her father, “Well you did tell me to destroy everything.”

“And you certainly did that. Sweetie I’ve made some arrangements. I am going to be sending the family away until we figure out what we’re going to do.”

“Why?” Maya asked with concern.

“Maya, you do realize that with your new power, people might try to hurt you. But, they’ll realize that they can’t, so they’ll try to hurt your mom or your brother or sister. They are leaving in a week.”

“So, do I have to stay down here for a week!?” Maya said in a horrified tone.

Her father took her hands, “No … You’re a young adult. You can make your own choices. So I’m not going to tell you to stay or leave. I’m going to advise you, and you can choose. Exposing yourself to your friends would potentially jeopardize their safety and your family’s. Would you want that on your conscience?”

“Of course not.”

“I’m glad, I booked you a beautiful suite at the Ramada. You can stay there for a few days.”

Maya thought for a moment “So, do I have to stay inside all the time? Or …”

“Maya.” Her father insisted “You can go where you want, do what you want. Just don’t use your powers publicly. Don’t expose your identity to anyone. I’ll make sure you have all the money you need and …” Her father paused “I have a request.”

“Yes Daddy?”

“There are bad people who have hijacked my company. They’ve threatened my life, they’ve threatened yours. I want you to help me take back my company.”

Maya smiled “Of course, I’d love to!”

“Maya, these men are bad men. They might even pull a gun out on you.”

Maya beamed, “They already shot me, remember! Right in the boobs.” Maya pushed her chest out confidently.

It was an interesting thing for Kam. Even though Nova Star was the object of every ones fantasy, knowing that his precious daughter was inside Nova Star, her looks did nothing for him. Looking into her eyes, he in fact saw his daughter “We have a meeting on Wednesday, one that I need to prepare you for. I’ll go get some clothes for you, meet me at the car in a half hour.”

“Yes daddy.” Maya said excitedly


Peggy walked down the strip, she had never been to Sin City before. It consisted of a strip of land in the middle of the desert filled with primarily hotels and casinos. Outside of the strip, other than a few motels was barren wastelands. Peggy loved it. The woman were all dolled up. The men were all in suits and most wore brimmed hats. She entered the first casino, The Royale. She smiled politely at the dealer and then made her first bet. Peggy remembered what Brent had told her and so she made sure she’d win some and lose some. But mostly win some. In just 3 hours she was up over 50 000 dollars.

Now she was being watched, it was time to leave. As she began stacking her chips, the manager approached her.

“Can I help you with your chips?”

Peggy flashed the young manager a smile “Sure.” she said politely.

The manager began stacking trays and then began walking with Peggy to the cashier “May I ask where you’re staying?”

“The Flamingo.” Peggy lied

“Well, if you’re interested, the Royale would love to comp you an executive suite for you and … your special friend?”

Peggy looked at the manager and nodded “Sure, that sounds nice.”

Peggy was introduced to her room, It was massive. King size bed, practically a hot tub in the washroom. Living room and kitchen. Peggy thanked the manager, enjoyed the suite momentarily and then went back to the action. This time hitting a new hotel.


Lisa looked at her chubby body, zit riddled face and terrible skin. ‘God, if she has to be in this body for any much longer she’d kill herself’. For thousands of years she had taken the powers bestowed on her for granted, now it was hard to look at herself. A pathetic mortal. There was a knock at the door.

Lisa hurried over and opened the door. Barrett was a large black man, but now in her 5ft4 heavier frame he looked like a behemoth. Barrett stood at 6ft6.” tall and his frame was mostly thick bone and pure muscle. He was a bald man, with dark brown eyes but a soft face.

“Lisa.” Barrett asked in a surprised tone.

Lisa closed the door, “I don’t have much time to explain so …”

“Hold on there. I’m not saying anything until I know who you are. So prove to me you are who you are.”

“Ugggh! I’m Nova Star, we’ve known each other for 2700 years … Give or take a decade or two … We became friends about 100 years ago. We fought in the war together and we recently went to war with the Mob. We Good!?”

“How did we first meet?”

Lisa’s eyes slightly squinted “I told you of our conditions – One of them was that if you ever reminded me of that, I’d kill you.”

Barrett nodded, he was now convinced. He sat down, “How did this happen?”

“One of the boss’s asked to meet with me, I was led to a mansion. There was a bomb shelter that was attached to the house, A door way which lead underground. I entered it knowing full well it was a trap. The lights turned on and I was jumped. The men fought me but couldn’t hurt me. But my powers were useless. They eventually pinned me and locked me up.”

Barrett nodded, “They used Radon on you.”

“No … It was some type of laser.”

Barrett nodded, “They somehow converted, the light emitted from Radon gas and exposed you to it.”

“So what exactly would that do?”

Barrett had an unfortunate look on his face “It would render you powerless.”

“You knew! You Knew I had a weakness?! And you didn’t tell me!” Lisa shouted in outrage.

“Lisa, may I remind you of what you were … What you were doing! It was a long time ago, and you damn well nearly killed all of us. We needed to be able to fight back. But at the time the Radon was useless because the light emitted from the gas was too weak and too unpredictable. But now? With today’s technology … I guess it’s possible.”

Lisa was visibly annoyed “When did you come up with this?”

“It must have been in the 1600’s … In India.”

Lisa rolled her eyes, “Ohhh! Well! That might explain why I’m in an East Indian body … Thank you Barrett!”

Barrett scratched his head, “So if you are in a different person’s body then …”

“Yes! She is in mine … See the problem?”

“Oh no! … no no … I’m sorry Lisa there’s nothing I can do.”

Lisa’s eyes widened “Oh don’t even start with that … You are fucking helping me!”

“Help you do what!? Lisa if Nova Star kills me … She’ll take all my powers and compound it with her own.”

“Yes I know, she’d become a God … But we won’t let that happen!”

Barrett shook his head, “You know it’s not just me. There are others like me in hiding … because of you. They hide because if you obtained that kind of power you would unleash hell. You’re telling me that we won’t let that happen? I’m telling you! Nova Star could easily kill me. And that! Cant happen!”

“It took me generations to learn my strengths, utilize my skills. She is only hours old.” Lisa argued.

“Yeah, that’s true … But with every God you killed, you relied less and less on your skills and more on your powers. Tell me, how many centuries has it since you’ve trained? It’s because you don’t have to anymore.”

“What about Ultra Girl?” Lisa asked.

“Haven’t heard from her.”

“I was told that she was dead …”

“No … No chance.” Barrett adamantly disagreed “Only I know her weakness and …”

“Barrett … I … I told them about your weakness, the Orion Stone.”

Barrett looked at her, his eyes showed his rage. “The Orion Stone could technically be used against Ultra Girl as well. What else did you tell them? Did you tell them what she can do! Did you tell them how they could remove the belt? How she can make copies of her powers!?”

“No! No! I didn’t … they never asked … They hooked me up to some contraption. It made me tell the truth and then …”

Barrett interrupted Lisa “I need to find out if Ultra Girl is still alive. And if she’s not alive, I need to find out where her belt is.”

“I’m coming with you!”

Barrett looked at Lisa and shook his head “You had the privilege of being a Goddess for a long time. Fate has determined that that time is now ended. Sorry … tell me the address.” Barrett left.

Lisa began tearing up as regret and rage filled her core.

“The address?” Barrett asked again.

“124 Marin drive.”

With that Barrett left the apartment


Peggy was once again doing well at the casino. A cocktail waitress approached her. “Another cocktail.” she asked.

Peggy smiled, “Sure.” she said with a cocky grin as the waitress smiled back at her.

“I’ll be right back.” she said just as she looked up and down Peggy’s body.

Peggy thought for a moment. It seemed as if every girl she thought was cute, liked her back.

A young fit blonde woman wearing a magicians coat and suit replaced the current dealer dealing blackjack. Peggy was already up 18000 dollars.

“Wow, lucky night!” the dealer said as she looked at Peggy’s stack of chips and then into Peggy’s eyes. The dealer got lost in them and paused.

The tight but modest outfit the dealer wore attempted to hide some of her curves. With a quick glance using her x-ray vision Peggy saw everything she needed to see. Peggy smiled at her, “I think it’s about to get a whole lot luckier.”

The dealer dealt Peggy for over an hour, and Peggy would win some and then lose some. But over the course of two hours Peggy was up an additional 3000 dollars. During that time Peggy established some small talk between her and Sky the name of the dealer. Eventually Peggy suggested that Sky should come hang out with her after her shift. Peggy provided her room number and hotel and left it at that.

Peggy was up another 30000 dollars before calling it a night. She went up to her hotel room and then attempted to sleep. It had already been three days since she acquired Ultra Girl's powers and she hadn’t had a wink of sleep, yet she wasn’t at all tired.

Peggy heard a knock at the door. Peggy’s x-ray vision scanned the door. It was Sky, the blonde dealer she had been chatting up.

Peggy opened the door for her and greeted her

“It’s not too late is it?” Sky asked.

“Like I had said, anytime.” Peggy replied.

Sky looked into Peggy’s eyes “I’ve never done this before, well you know, with another woman.”

Peggy smiled “And what is it that you’ve never done?”

Sky placed her hands on Peggy’s hips, “You know … this?” she stated in a sultry tone. Then Sky ran her hands up Peggy’s body and onto her tits. “And this.” Sky stated as she squeezed Peggy’s breasts together. Sky smiled as she could feel Peggy’s nipples harden over top of her firm breasts. “I mean, that is why you asked me up here … Isn’t it?” Sky asked.

They looked into each other’s eyes and then began kissing passionately. Sky ripped Peggy’s dress and began suckling at her erect nipple. Peggy gasped as Sky was overly aggressive with her breasts, not that she minded it, in fact she would have preferred harder. Sky then moved down to Peggy’s nether region. Sky’s tongue did fantastic work as it almost seemed that her motions were in sync with Peggy’s desires.

Peggy’s body quivered as Sky used her experience on her. Peggy’s soft breasts firmed up and her nipple hardened to that of a diamond. From it, a small golden drop of liquid appeared.

Sky saw it, placed her mouth on it and suckled hard. Sky felt a shock in her mouth that made her neck twitch. “Ow!” Sky said which got Peggy’s attention.

“Are you okay?” Peggy asked.

“I think so.” Sky said as she felt her neck. “OW!” Sky said again. Now Peggy saw it. Electric currents were running up and down Sky’s body. “What’s … happening … to me.” Sky asked as she looked at her hands. As the electricity ran up and down her body. Sky could feel her body firm. She could feel power. Power to the like of which only a few mortals had felt before.

Peggy was terrified, her worst fear was coming true. This is exactly what Ultra Girl must of felt before she lost her powers. Helplessness.

Sky reached into her uniform and ripped open her uniform exposing her now very firm breasts. “YES!” She exclaimed.

‘NO!’ Peggy thought “NO NO NO NO!”

And then it was gone. Sky’s breasts returned to the way they were, impressive still, but not nearly as. The electric currents faded away. Sky knew it, and looked down at her body in confusion. Was it just a dream she wondered.

Peggy activated her x-ray vision and confirmed that she still had powers.

“Like … fucking WOW! Did you see that?” Sky finally stated.

“See what?” Peggy played dumb.

“I felt like a God, like I could do anything.” Sky was looking at her hands “Like … anything.”

Peggy looked at her curiously “How do you feel now?”

“Good … but not nearly as … I feel normal. You saw it didn’t you – Did you see the energy surrounding me?”

“Not really.” Peggy lied.

Sky was thinking about what transpired, she said it out loud. “I saw like a golden dew on your nipple. As soon as I tasted it … it felt … like … like nothing I could ever possibly imagine.” Sky’s eyes widened “Lets go again!”

Peggy was uncertain of what had happened, “You know what, I’ve had a long night. I think I’m going to get some rest. Why don’t we hook up again some other day.”

Sky reluctantly agreed and eventually left the suite. Leaving them both attempting to figure out, what exactly had happened.


The next day Bella woke up early. She jumped in the shower, applied her make up. Put on something sexy but elegant and then waited for Brent to wake up.

Brent’s eyes finally opened and he looked at his wife holding the door frame. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing high wasted dress pants and a long sleeved fuzzy white shirt. She wore a short brimmed cap over top of her shoulder length brown hair. “Lets go shopping sleepy head!”

Brent smiled, “Give me a second to get ready.”

The two went for lunch at an expensive diner. Then shopped for a few hours. If Bella liked it, he bought it. They had spent over a thousand dollars.

Brent had been charming all day. Complimented her often and bought her everything she wanted. Bella reminded herself that it was moments like these that reminded her how much she loved her husband and maybe even his lifestyle.

They arrived at a restaurant later that evening, ‘The Black Pearl’ just off Sea side. As they turned toward it Bella grabbed Brent’s hand “We can’t afford to go there … Besides, we don’t have reservations.”

Brent kissed his wife on the cheek, “Well let’s just see?”

Brent went up to the host. “Table for two please.”

“Do you have reservations.” the host asked half cockily in a French accent.

“Nope, just this.” Brent placed two one hundred dollar bills on his podium.

“I believe we had a cancellation sir, right this way.”

Bella smiled at Brent who smiled back at her. The two held hands as they sat down at the table, seated next to a window viewing the ocean.

As they sat down for dinner Bella couldn’t resist asking. “Sooo, what happened?” she usually refrained from asking Brent about work.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes … this time … I want to know.”

“Turns out Peggy is fantastic at counting cards.”

Bella’s forehead wrinkled as her eye brows raised. “Brent, don’t lie to me.”

Brent smiled as the waiter arrived. He placed orders for himself and Bella. When the waiter left he continued “Something happened, that I’m not so sure how to tell you. And I know I can’t tell you in a public place.”

Bella took a sip of water. Her look softened “So … will you tell me.”

“Yes … when we get home. I’ll tell you all about it.”

The two enjoyed each other’s company, they ordered wine, dinner cocktails and desert. It was a perfect evening and then Tommy showed up.

“Well well, look who the fuck it is!”

Brent’s heart wrenched as soon as he heard the squeaky Italian voice of Tommy Spinoza. He turned back and smiled “Hi Tommy.”

“Pretty classy place you’re in. I didn’t know they served fucking Jew rats here.”

Brent nodded, “I don’t know what to tell you Tommy?”

Tommy looked at Brent’s wife, “Bella, you’re looking beautiful as per usual.” Tommy turned to his body guard Roccio, a monster of a man that always walked near Tommy “Isn’t she beautiful?”

Roccio nodded. “Sure is Tommy.”

“Tell me Brent, you owe … what 25000? 30000? Dollars to certain somebodies. How the fuck you able to eat at a classy place like this?”

All Brent could do was choose his words carefully, cautious not to offend. Tommy was the son of Jimmy Spinoza and Jimmy Spinoza was one of the three Kings of Empire. It basically gave Tommy the right to do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. “Tommy, I was given to the end of January to make my first payment.”

“No … you’ll make your first payment now.” Tommy said, this time with a more serious tone. “How much money you got?” There was a brief pause, then Tommy began giggling “Don’t fuck around with me … You don’t want to get strip searched in this classy restaurant in front of your beautiful wife. How much money you got?”

Brent pulled out his wallet, counted it quickly and then handed Tommy 2000 dollars and kept 300 for the bill. “That’s 2000 Tommy. Consider it an interest payment in advance.”

“Don’t Fucking tell me, what to fucking consider! Fucking Jew rat! Holding onto a little something for yourself?”

Despite his loud obnoxious voice, Brent’s table didn’t get that much attention. Mostly everyone there knew who Tommy was.

“I was just holding onto some cash for the bill Tommy.” Brent said as he handed Tommy the rest of the money.

Bella’s jaw was clenched tightly, she wanted to speak up. She wanted to throw her drink into Tommy’s face but it would just make the situation far worst, and not for her, but for her husband.

Tommy put the cash in his pocket and then snapped at the manager. The manager walked over and Tommy leaned into his ear. “This bum is an acquaintance of mine. But he doesn’t have any money for the bill. I was wondering maybe you do me a favour. Maybe, get him to wash dishes for the night to cover the bill, you do that for me?”

“Yeah Tommy, sure, anything for you Tommy.”

Tommy looked at Brent, daring him to say anything out of line.

Brent nodded to him “I appreciate the charity Tommy.”

Tommy giggled, “Fucking guy, don’t say I don’t do anything for you … lets fucking go.”

Bella was furious, with Brent and obviously Tommy. “You owe the mob 30000 dollars?”

“Bella, I always owe the mob 25000. At the beginning of the year they give me 20000 whether I need it or not … Look! You’re the one that said you didn’t want to know.”

Bella nodded “You’re right, I said that … But now I do know. And I don’t like it. And you know what, I’m glad I packed, because we’re moving.”

Brent grabbed Bella’s hands, “Listen to me … I promise you! Things are going to change. I’ll tell you tomorrow, I’ll tell you everything.” Brent pushed his keys over to Bella and stood up from the table.

“Where are you going?” Bella asked

“I guess I’m washing some dishes.”


Maya had been shopping the entire next day. She bought beautiful clothes. Clothes she would have never have dreamed of buying for her old self. Several of bikinis and swimsuits. Tight fitting dresses which showed off the curves to her body.

Maya was now trying them on and admiring how she looked in them. She tried on a pair of tight fitting white pants, and a cut off shirt which showed her impressive midriff. Her breasts were large and firm and her nipples were seemingly in a perpetual hardened state. Although the shirt didn’t show her cleavage, it certainly showed off her breasts impressive outline. Maya looked at her side profile and then looked at her ass and how the white pants exemplified its curves. God, she thought, would she ever get over how beautiful she was?

Maya looked at the time. It was nearly three o’clock.

Her friends would be getting out of class soon. Maybe she didn’t have to reveal herself in order to show off her new self. Maybe, she thought, all she needed to do was walk by her friends, see what happens.

Maya was convinced, she went down the stairs and walked through the lobby and eventually outside. She hailed a cab and gave him instructions on where to drop her off.

Her timing couldn’t have been better, she now saw a group of kids walking in her direction. “Here’s good.” she said to the cabbie. She paid the cabbie and then began walking in the direction of the group. Eyes were immediately drawn to her, for obvious for reasons.

Her every feature emanated beauty and elegance. Without realizing it, Maya was getting a lot of attention for another reason. It was December and somewhat cold, but she was oblivious to the cold.

Sarah saw her walking toward them, she looked at one of her friends, “I guess when you’re that desperate, the cold doesn’t matter.” Her friend giggled.

Maya heard it, it didn’t bother her. She knew what Sarah sounded like when she got jealous. She was about to get a whole lot more jealous. As soon as Maya got to the group, she watched Chris Wilson’s eyes move up her body. As she was about to pass him, she stopped “Are you Chris Wilson?”

Chris stopped, “Uhhh yeah, Do we know each other?”

“No, I saw your game. You’re good.”

“Uhhh thanks.”

“Uh okay! He’s with me, and he doesn’t have any money so. So …” Sarah shooed Maya away.

Maya looked at Sarah, “You’re cute. But outclassed in every possible way.” She looked at Chris, “Want to get a shake, my treat.”

Chris’s friends watched him as he briefly pondered. Sarah was hot, but his relationship with her was off and on. He had to accept, if he hadn’t everyone would think that Sarah owned him. That was the justification he created for leaving Sarah’s side. The real reason though, was that nobody that hot had ever spoken to him. “I’d love to.” Chris stated as he turned with Maya and walked with her.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Sarah said as the two walked off.

“What’s your name?” Chris asked.

“Maya.” She replied and then mentally kicked herself.

“Maya, I’ve got a friend named Maya. It’s a nice name. Aren’t you cold?”

“Not at all. I guess I’m just used to this weather.” As they walked Maya strategically walked very near to Chris. So that every once in a while, her breasts would touch his shoulder. They eventually went to pop’s where they sat down and enjoyed a hot chocolate.

Chris was amazed on how well Maya knew him. She seemed to know his interests and his ambitions.

Maya loved how much attention Chris was giving her. Chris had always been nice to her, but never looked at her in that way until now. Maya smiled as she spotted Chris look at her chest.

Chris mentally kicked himself in the head, it was obvious she caught him staring.

Maya smiled, and there was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry, that was probably inappropriate.” Chris finally said.

Maya bit her lip, “Well, don’t keep me in suspense … Did you like?”

Chris began laughing and then changed the subject. The two spoke for hours, but Maya paid special attention to the time. She had an important meeting with her father, she couldn’t miss it.

Chris was telling a story, and Maya could have let him go on and on but time was up, she needed to leave. “I’m sorry, I have to go.” Maya interrupted him.

Chris was at the tail end of his story when he realized “I talk too much don’t I?”

“No, not at all … I’m meeting my father in an hour. It’s important that I’m on time. Look, I really like you, I’d like to do this again … You know … like a date sometime?”

Chris’s eyes lit up “You … want to … Umm yeah … sure … I’d love that.”

Chris paid the bill and the two walked outside, “So can I get your number or …”

Maya smiled “I’ll get a hold of you.”

A rusty old pick up stopped next to them and a man in a leather coat and long untrimmed beard stuck his arm outside the window. “Hey boy, step away from the white lady.”

“This nigger bothering you Miss?” the driver asked

Chris could feel a rage coursing through his body. He trusted his instincts, he decided to do something. When he motioned toward them Maya’s hand grabbed his shoulder, and strangely held him in place.

He looked at her oddly.

“It’s not worth it, these guys will get what they deserve.” Maya assured.

Chris looked at them and then at Maya “So you’ll get a hold of me?”

Maya smiled “Soon.”

Chris smiled and began walking away.

Maya then looked at the men “Got room for one more boys, I need a ride?”

“Sure do toots.”

Maya squeezed in beside them in their pick-up truck. In any other circumstance she would never have considered this option. But she was angry, as an Indian girl she too knew what being targeted by racists felt like. These creeps needed to learn a lesson.

“Drive me to Central.”

The passenger put his hands on her leg. It left a grease stain.

“Oh gross. God do you not wash your hands.”

The passenger smiled “Honey, you’re about to get a lot dirtier.”

“God damn right … real dirty.”

“Let me out here guys.” Maya demanded knowing full well they wouldn’t abide to her wishes.

“Nah … were going to take you somewhere nice … You’ll like it.”

Maya waited for the truck to cross the bridge, even with her powers she was deathly afraid of heights. Maya waited for them to cross the bridge before grabbing the steering wheel and jerking it to the right.

“What the FUCK!” the driver screamed as the truck veered off the road and struck the valley hard.

Both men weren’t wearing a seat belt and their faces collided with the dash.

The driver lifted his head, he had a deep gash on his forehead and blood trickled into his eyes. “What the fuck, you crazy bitch!”

Maya smiled at him, “Strange that nothing happened to me?”

The driver bit his lip as he was about to attack Maya, but then the truck slipped from its position and began rolling down the hill.

Even Maya, having a fear of heights, initially felt terrified as the truck finally turned over and then flipped as it fell down the valley. The first flip was more like a roll but as the valley became steeper and steeper the truck flipped and rolled violently.

Eventually Maya felt like she was in an amusement park ride. The men she was with, less so. Their bodies smashed up against the roof. Their heads pounded into the dash. Finally the truck came to a stop as it rested at the bottom of the valley.

The gas tank had ruptured, and now gas leaked into the driver’s cabin. Maya crawled out through the front window unharmed. Her clothes on the other hand was completely ruined.

The man on the passenger side window looked at her, he was barely moving “Get … help.” he whispered.

Maya looked at him angrily, would these people help Chris if he was in trouble. She doubted it. She also had no doubt that these same creeps would have raped her … well at least believed that they could. Maya’s eyes glowed and then the gas leaking into the cabin of the truck became alit.

Maya watched the men burn. They screamed for help as they desperately tried to get out of the truck, their broken bodies proving to be too useless to assist them.


It was mid-afternoon, and Peggy was once again at the black jack tables. This time, not doing so well. She had garnered enough attention from other casinos where now she was being watched. Peggy was too distracted to notice the attention and unconsciously started playing text book black jack rather than looking through the cards.

Peggy had an 11, with a $1500 bet. Instinctively she doubled and received a 3. The dealer was showing a 7, the hole card was a 6 and then the dealer pulled a 5.

“18, the dealer stated as he pulled in Peggy’s chips.”

Peggy placed the remainder of her chips on the table.

“Sorry Ma’am the table minimum is $100.”

Peggy looked and saw that she had only 2 x $25 dollar chips remaining. She looked up at the dealer, “Guess my luck has run out.” She pushed the chips to him, “For the crew.” she said.

Peggy walked out of the casino with nothing. Inside her hotel room was an entirely different story. Duffel bags filled with cash, she had no idea how much. For now, all she could think about was the night before.

Did she lose her powers? Did she transfer her powers? She remembered thinking that she didn’t want that to happen, and then the power transfer had stopped and reverted. Did she do that? And did she still have her powers during that moment. And what does all of this mean? That she can never be with anyone without losing her powers? Or without giving them powers.

Peggy returned to her hotel room where she began packing the new suit cases she bought with money. Loads of money. In total there was 2.6 million dollars. She packed two suit cases neatly and then called Brent.


Kam Sunjay waited for Maya in her hotel room. She was supposed to meet him there at 6, it was now 6:30. Kam became increasingly irritated. His daughter rarely disobeyed her, unfortunately if she decided to now, there was not much he could do. He had to appeal to her sense of family.

The door finally opened, a woman entered. Her pants had dark chalk marks all over it. Her cut off shirt was ripped in several of places.

“Maya?” Kam asked

Maya looked at him, tried to be strong, but then burst into tears. “Daddy … I killed two people.” she sobbed.

Kam hugged her tightly and then looked at his daughter “Then I know that they deserved it. I raised my daughter right, I know that she knows the difference between good people and bad. They wanted to do something bad to you, right?”

Maya cleared a tear with her finger “Yeah.”

“Then they got what they deserve.”

“Mom once said that everyone is good, that no one deserves to die. No matter what they’ve done.”

Kam nodded, “Your mother would say that. But your mother lived a sheltered life and saw very little of this worlds evil. Remember when you were teased relentlessly by the bullies at school?”

Maya nodded “Yeah.”

“Remember what she told you to do?”

Maya nodded again “Ignore them.”

Kam smiled “Ignore them, as if that would make all your problems disappear. But I knew better, what did I tell you?”

“Give them money.”

“That’s right, and did that work?”


“Not only did the bullies stop, but you became best friends with the worst of them. So, listen to me very carefully Maya. You will have to kill again, but know that you have the authority to do so.”

“I have the authority to kill?” Maya asked in surprise.

Her father took her hands, “Listen, do you remember the stories of Shiva that I used to tell you?”


“Just like Shiva, you have transcended. You gaining this power is not an accident. And like Shiva, you may have to punish a great many people. Did Shiva weep for the demons that he slay?”

“But they were demons.”

“That is the misconception. They weren’t demon but in fact people, bad people much like the men you just told me about. Tomorrow we have an important meeting. A meeting with demons that believe they can cause us harm. But we know that they can’t harm us anymore. But if they do try to harm us, don’t for a moment question your resolve. Maya your body has transcended, but now your mind must as well.”

Maya hugged her father, “Thank you daddy.”

“I will come get you at 8pm tomorrow for our meeting, will you promise me you’ll be ready.”

Maya nodded.

“I’m proud of you.” Kam said and hugged his daughter once more before leaving.


Brimstone checked his flanks before easily hopping a 10 foot fence and into a large backyard. He could see a light on in the house as we walked slowly to a bunkers door.

The house itself was nearly 50 yards away from the bunker, which looked partially buried. The bunkers door stuck out of a hill. It was a steel door with cement sidings.

Brimstone used his keen hearing to detect if anyone was inside. Nervously, he placed his finger along the seams of the door. Then his hands slithered inside. The steel frame warped as his hand pushed through the metal and onto the other side of the door. Carefully, Brimstone peeled the door off its hinges creating far more noise than he would have liked to.

Barrett paused cautiously, waiting to hear if perhaps he was noticed. He then walked down a dark flight of stairs, through a corridor and into a large room. It was charred with smoke burn and debris. The debris itself was nearly unrecognisable. He looked at the remanence of what looked like a control panel. It had been cut in what appeared to be a perfectly straight line. A clear indication of laser vision.

Barrett again froze, thinking he had heard something. Nova Star had the power of flight. She could move ever so quietly. It was imperative that he avoided a confrontation with her at all costs. If she were to gain his powers to compound her own, she could become unstoppable.

Barrett reflected on the war that occurred so many years ago. When Nova Star had killed so many of the Gods, turning the legends into myths. Can’t say he blamed her, the Gods had become cocky. They exerted their will on humanity. Lisa, or Lita which was her original name, was a slave girl. A beautiful young woman who worked as a cleaner in the Kings palace.

One day, she and another maid were pushed down the stairs by the king for reasons unknown. She and the other woman fell together in a locked embrace. Lisa was relatively unscathed. The other woman however had snapped her neck, and subsequently died,

It was a confusing time for Lisa as she realized that she could take things away from her. Not her clothes or jewellery or other materialistic items. But her thoughts, her experience and or body. Lisa next experience with death was another accident, which once again she experienced the same feelings.

As time passed she would utilize this new found talent. It kept her young, fresh and beautiful. Then Barrett came along. At a time when a tall man was considered to be 5ft5.” tall. He truly was a giant. He took one look at Lita and knew he must have her. So he did. He raped her. During his glutton infested visit to the king, he raped Lita several of times. He had done it before to other girls, this one seemed no different.

At the time, a bright star was in the night sky. Back then they called it the Nova Star. Legends had suggested that upon a clear night, when it gleamed a different color, a human would become a God and vanquish the old Gods. Nobody really believed that. A human become a God? Ridiculous.

Lita must have paid close attention to that legend. Afterall, she did name herself Nova Star. Lita was bitter, and desperately wondered if she could acquire the powers of a fallen God. She could, and eventually did.

By the time the Gods realized Lita’s potential, it was too late. She had killed 5 Gods and her powers were now beyond anything the Gods had faced before.

Worried about an inevitable defeat, the remaining Gods scattered and hid from their fate. But not before creating a belt. A belt that would fit a female. Within that belt was the gifted powers of the Gods and the power to make new Gods.

As the powers originated from the belt, and linked with the hosts mind. It was determined that Nova Star could not absorb those powers and take for her own.

Barrett gave that belt to his daughter, who had no extraordinary abilities. So a second war was fought, and with an army of God like men by her side, Barret’s daughter Kalia faced Nova Star and ultimately lost. Barrett’s daughter died, with the link broken her army of men’s powers were gone and the rest was a slaughter.

The belt was eventually passed to another woman, known as Ultra Girl. However, eventually he made peace with Nova Star who had appealed to Brimstone to assist her in ending the great war. The World War began in 1914 and continued until 1937. America had stayed neutral and out of the conflict. Britain was on it knees and an island of rubble and the island of Newfoundland had just been invaded by the Germans. With rumours of bombs capable of erasing cities. Nova Star appealed to Brimstone to assist her in ending the war. The Germans capitulated and surrendered in 1959.

Barrett observed another piece of debris and asked himself a question, could his powers and experience be enough to defeat Nova Star now? She was young, inexperienced and likely had no idea what Nova Star was truly capable of. But what if he lost? What happens when she realizes what she can do?

Barrett made his way out of the bunker. He needed to find Ultra Girl. If she is in fact dead, he needed to re-acquire the belt. It may be the only chance he had against Nova-Star. He left the bunker and went to the streets to get some answers.


The next day Brent heard a knock at the door. He answered it, It was Peggy. “Now’s not a good time.” he said to her.

Peggy simply opened his door and walked past him. “I need to drop off this luggage … .Why is everything in boxes?”

“Look, I had an incident yesterday. Bella’s a bit upset.”

Bella came around the corner, “Peggy!..Oh my God it’s so great to see you!” Bella hugged her, “You look terrific, let me take your coat.”

Peggy smiled, “Ummm, I can’t stay. But I’ll visit soon … I promise.” as Peggy passed by Brent, she whispered her into his ear “Just tell her.”

Peggy left, and Bella looked at Brent. “Just tell her?” Bella repeated.

Brent became uncomfortable. “It’s not what you think.”

Bella crossed her arms and looked at Brent. “And exactly what would I think?”

“That … me and Peggy … You know.”

Bella’s demeanour changed and she began to smile “Relax goof, you don’t have a chance in a billion with Peggy. So tell me what?”

Brent shook his head, “What? I’m a good looking guy, I’m sure if I was single …”

“Brent you do know that Peggy likes other girls … right?”

Brent was stumped for a response “I thought that girls just liked girls to impressive other guys.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “So tell me what? What’s in the suit case?”

Brent opened it, and even he was surprised how much money it contained “Holy … shit.”

Bella looked at the stacks of 100 bills “Brent! What is going on?”

Brent thought for a moment and then just said it. “Alright, I know this is going to seem hard to believe but somehow Peggy became Ultra Girl. She’s been using her powers to win at the casino.”

Bella blinked several times, not really knowing how to respond. “Peggy … .is Ultra Girl?”

Brent nodded, “I am actually not lying to you.” Brent looked at the time, “Listen, I’ll have to explain everything to you later. I have to meet someone today for an interview. So stop panicking and relax, I’ll be home in a few hours. I’ll explain everything.”


Kam and Maya walked together and then notified a receptionist that they had arrived. They sat down calmly, but neither of them were calm. Kam prepared Maya for the meeting, the best he could. At the end of the day, he would be doing all the talking. What he was about to propose could get him killed.”

Maya looked confident, in her white blouse and high heels. Inside though, she felt anxiety. Her father had compared these men to demons. Warned her that she needed to be cautious as to not say anything.

“They’re ready for you Mr. Sunjay.”

Kam smiled and grabbed Maya’s hand and they entered the room. It was a large board room, with an elongated table. The Kings sat on one side, there was one chair for him to sit, on the other side.

Kam took a deep breath as he sat down and looked at them. Two of the kings, Frank Giovanni and Paul Esposito were both there, both were looking at him. There was entourage of men standing beside them. There was a very long pause.

Paul Esposito was a thin man in his early 50’s with slicked back black hair “You want to talk? Talk?”

Kam took in a breath, looked up at his daughter who stood next to him and then began. “I wanted … I’m here to propose a new type of arrangement.” Kam looked at Maya and nodded.

Maya twirled into a brilliant ball of light, and then presented herself confidently as Nova Star.

The Kings were nervous, and their men drew their guns.

“Wait!” Kam pleaded “I have managed to take control of Nova Star, she will do as I say, when I say it.”

The men nervously lowered their guns.

Kam continued his pitch “For years you have been in hiding? Paying off the cops has become increasingly expensive. Lately it seems that some people can’t even be bought off. For 30% of your revenue, that, my friends, will change.”

“Do you have any idea what 30% of our revenue is? How do I know you’ll maintain control of Nova. She snaps out of it, she’s gonna be mighty pissed.”

“Prove you got control of her.” Tommy said “I’ll pull out my dick, have her suck it.”

There was light laughter that filled the room.

“I assure you gentlemen, I have complete control. The 30% that I am asking for, is a protection fee. You will have the powerful Nova Star protecting your interests. You’ll no longer have to pay people off. I’ll take care of all that. You will have complete protection to operate as you once used to. All that I ask is a small fee of 10 million dollars to solidify our arrangement.”

Again there was laughter in the room.

“I’ll need it in cash, by the end of today.”

The Esposito and Giovanni looked at each other for a moment. Paul then looked at Kam “30% percent? 10 million dollars? Seems like an awful lot.”

“I am providing an awful lot.”

Paul nodded, “you’ll get 20%, 5 million dollars … Non negotiable.”

“Are you fucking Kidding ME!” Tommy Spinoza blurted out. “You’re gonna give this fucking Sand Nigger and his fucking fake! 20% of our entire profits plus 5 million cash. You’re all being fucking duped.” Tommy pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Kam.

Maya’s heart was racing she didn’t know what to do.

“Why don’t we settle this?” Tommy asked, “I put a bullet into this Fake’s head.” Tommy gestured now to Maya with his gun. “And if she dies, I get to fucking shoot you in the head and if I lose, you have my permission to kill me.”

Kam looked at Tommy and then nodded “Deal.”

Frank Giovani was an old man in his 70’s, who rarely spoke at meetings. He usually would just sit there in his white suit and eat, occasionally he would give one word answers. “Sit the fuck down Tommy.” He said in a raspy voice.

Tommy had his gun on Nova Star, he could feel that she was nervous. He had seen Nova Star before, he believed in his gut, that this wasn’t her. His finger went to the trigger.

“Tommy? Apple don’t fucking fall far from the tree. Your Dad is stupid, and that’s why he’s in a wheel chair. You tell him I said that. Your Grandfather was a smart man, so I have no fucking idea why he had such stupid children.”

Tommy nodded and smiled at Kam. He lowered his gun and then walked past them. He slapped Nova star on the ass as he walked by.

Maya remained still, as her father had instructed.

“You’re all getting duped!” Tommy said as he left the board room.

Frank nodded “Kids these days, you know? Difficult, but that one’s fucking retarded. Unfortunately, his father pulls some weight around here and I’d hate to see him irrational during a rational times. Mr. Sunjay, do you agree with our arrangement?”

Kam was startled by the encounter, he was about to negotiate but then agreed to the arrangement.

“Excellent, and how soon can we expect Nova Star to provide us protection?”

“Just as soon as I collect the 5 million dollars.”

The men shook hands and Kam and Nova star left the room.

Paul looked at Kam, “What if Tommy is right, what if were getting duped?”

Frank nodded, “I can always tell what card a man is going to play before he plays it.”

“And what card is that?”

“It’s the truth card, powerful card to have in these uncertain times. Get him his 5 million. That shipment still on time?” Frank gestured to Petr.

“Yeah Frankie. Tomorrow night 11 pm.”

Frank continued to nod, “Call your friends at the bureau, tip them off.”

Petr looked surprised at Frank “Jesus Frank, theres over a million dollars in contraband in there?”

Frank nodded “That’s correct, let’s see how our protection deals with that.”

Petr nodded, “Alright Frankie.”


Peggy arrived back at her apartment. Her clothes were once again in tatters. Flying, even at low speeds wreaked havoc on her clothes. She went to her closet and spotted the Ultra Girl costume. She looked at the costume and thought about a great many things. She obviously couldn’t bask in her powers in Empire city and probably not in America but what about a beach in the south pacific. She smiled as imagined herself on a resort beach.

The costume, without the cape, boots and domino mask was kind of like a bathing suit. Sure she just spent a few nights in Sin City, but that was work. She was talking about a real vacation. Peggy put on her costume, with the exception of the domino mask. Peggy looked in the mirror, smiled and then laughed. She placed on a long winter coat, one that she didn’t particularly like and didn’t care if it got destroyed. She was ready to go, she just needed to tell Brent and maybe grab a little extra cash.

Bella was unpacking boxes, when she heard the doorbell ring. She answered the door, it was Peggy.

“Hey, Bella I need to get something from the suit case I dropped off. Is Brent still here?”

“No, he left … and he told me some things, before he left.”

“Oh?” Peggy replied.

Bella was looking at Peggy, her boots were red and shiny, but she was wearing a long winter coat which covered her up quite well. “Why don’t you stay a while, take off your coat.”

“I really can’t.” Peggy insisted.

Bella smiled “You know, Brent has always been a bit of practical joker. So, he told me something that I don’t necessarily believe. But after looking at your boots has gotten me curious.”

Peggy smiled at her, She sucked in her lips trying not to laugh and then took off her coat.

Bella’s hands went to her mouth. “Are you kidding!”

Peggy smiled and twirled for Bella, “How do I look?”

Bella smiled “You look great! Your boobs look outrageous! Did they get bigger?”

“I’d say they’re just firmer.” Peggy replied as she gave them a physical inspection.

The two girls spoke for an hour, Bella was best friends with Peggy’s late sister and so they already knew a great many things about one another. Peggy found it easy to talk to Bella about everything. She explained how her and Brent were making money at the casino’s, that she was afraid to show herself off too much because of Brimstone and how it seemed that everyone she found attractive found her attractive.

Bella laughed at the notion, “C'mon, you were in Sin City. You’re going to get some action looking the way you do.”

Peggy tried to explain “Guys, yeah … They check me out. Other girls, not really. It seems, well it’s like … If I’m attracted to them they become attracted to me.”

Bella giggled “Can I let you in on a little secret?”

“Su-ure.” Peggy said suspiciously.

“Before your sister passed, she told me that you found me irresistible. She asked that I stop wearing certain clothing around you.”

“Oh my God!” Peggy covered her face in embarrassment. “I can’t believe she told you that.”

Bella began laughing. “And I happen to know on good authority that I’m way hotter now than I was 3 years ago. Just saying so … all I’m trying to say is that don’t think it’s your powers that attract people to you. You’re an attractive girl but.”

Peggy nodded “But you don’t find me attractive.”

Bella smiled “All I’m trying to say, is it’s you that attracts others to you, not your powers.”

Peggy agreed, “Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. But do you want to test that?”

Bella began laughing, “Peggy, how could we possibly test that?”

Peggy stood up, “It’s simple, stand up.”

Bella did what Peggy asked. “Ooookay what now?”

“Look into my eyes, and try and resist me.”

Bella laughed, looked Peggy in the eyes for a moment and then said “You’ve been resisted.”

Peggy bit her lower lip, hold on for one second. Peggy’s eyes ran up Bella’s body. Her xray vision had peeled away the curtain and exposed her smooth olive skin. Peggy’s eyes ran up her flat stomach and onto her chest. Peggy desired Bella and then looked into her eyes.

Bella was still smiling when Peggy looked at her again. This time something changed. Like the way she felt about Brent the very first time she saw him, but far more powerful. Bella looked at the costume that Peggy wore, her tall stature, her tight curves, and large breasts. Bella inched closer to her and placed her hands on Peggy’s hips all the while staring deep into her eyes.

Peggy was convinced and the experiment needed to end. It should have ended. But as Bella’s breasts pressed against Peggy’s and Bella’s lips moved in close for a kiss. Peggy found that she simply could not help herself.

To be continued.

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