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Isabel Stolen by a Dragoness

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Isabel Stolen by a Dragoness.

The beginning

This is the beginning of Isabel's story, before she started to learn the skills of a battle witch.

And in this story, there is something you may have missed about dragons.

“Everyone knows that dragons are magic creatures. But humans rarely have any opinion of their real powers and even their looks. What they usually see is a big lizard-like ugly fire-breathing creature. Indeed, a dragon would take a shape of that fabulous monster and go scare everyone around, a PR event of this beast’s Machiavellian mind with unclear reasons and indirect outcomes.

Or maybe a fan service?

The Forbidden Book of Dragons


In her 7 years, princess Isabel was not a happy kind of princess. Her parents were gone, and her uncle, the actual ruler, treated her as an irritating insect which prevented him from taking the rule officially. So, when one day, a huge dragon broke into the ruler’s palace and brought away Isabel together with a pile of treasures, the ruler gathered the brave knights to bring back the treasure, not the girl. A dozen of men moved out for the dragon’s cave.

In three days, the team arrived. They entered the labyrinth of corridors and treasury chambers and finally reached a huge hall with a pile of weaponry in the middle, sharp pikes and blades sticking out all around it. They heard a deep roar sending shivers of fear through their bodies. When they entered, the door behind them shut down. Terrified, they drew their swords and approached the pile. And what they saw was really astonishing.


On the top of the pile of sharp steel, sleeping, there was a nude beauty. And there was something very odd about her.

All her young flesh was the embodiment of power, a female version of it. The sinews of her lean bodyscape looked even sharper than the steel of her bed. The men were staring with disbelief as the blade edges were pressing idly into her flesh, whereas her mighty hands were hugging a bunch of swords and axes with a force that made them bow and crumple.

With the power of her hug and under the weight of her resting body, some edges were driven even against her most tender flesh, her breasts. The twins yielded to some extent, but as her ribcage moved with her mighty breath, they seemed to flow between the surrounding blades like between meeting streams of water.


Even the edges that stuck into her face didn’t seem to bother her. And the other bunch of blades squeezed between her clenched thighs was a view, too. The light of the knights’ torches was dancing on the woman’s glistening skin, trembling from her snores, as low as a beast at least of a size of a lion could produce.

It occurred to the ment that this was the monster they came to fight with.


As quiet as they could, the knights approached the monster. Soon the knights felt more confident and began to pass a chain. They wanted to tie the woman while she was asleep. Not too fair, but those were, you know, BAD knights.

Except for one, a sword-bearer, Henrik. The teenager was smart for his age, and although he was admiring the dragoness, he needed to look around. He moved behind a cave stone and saw a little girl hiding. He recognized Isabel. She was holding an unfinished wreathe of flowers and was looking at him like a frightened animal cub.

‘Please, don’t tell them…’

‘But the dragon …’ started Henrik.

‘She’s good.’ whispered the girl.



By that time, the knights hadn’t found any limits of the dragon’s unresponsiveness. They were carelessly touching her and hardily dragging chains beneath her limbs and torso. They enjoyed the feeling of her firm flesh, its power pulsing under their fingers and perceptible even for those who refused to take off their steel gloves. The woman’s body was hotter than that of a human, as if she had a fever. And she was, surely, very heavy, because even four men could merely raise her limb. Her body was the most sound and healthy female body the men have ever seen, the pure power forged into a woman’s shape. So, touching her put the men on the edge of losing their control.

At last, the men believed she was tied tightly, as her body was properly contracted with a chain.

‘What are they going to do?’, asked Isabel.

‘They came to take the treasures back’, answered Henrik hesitatingly.


One of the knights could not stand the desire to grab a huge jewel. He put it into his pocket, and then everyone was struck with the silence. The snore was gone. Deep from under the locks of her hair, the dragon was staring at the knights.

‘Ah-ha-ha, you are awake, at last!’, said the leader loudly. ‘You will pay for your greed!’ Caught by the moment, the knight forgot that he was talking to a dragon. Looking at a beautiful woman, the one that was seducing him badly with just her image, he habitually suppressed his sympathy, as he would do with witches and all other kinds of sorceresses he had to deal with. He raised his hand and gave her a hard punch on her face. ‘No’, said Isabel, afraid for the woman. But Henrik shut her mouth with his palm. He knew he didn’t want Isabel to get captured, too.


Have you ever punched a horse? Or a rhinoceros? Well, the leader’s armored fist was enough to tenderly pet the woman’s face. The edge of her mouth curled, her eyes sparkling. She made a move which was stopped by the chains, which cracked a bit. She looked down at herself, grinned and sent a wave of contraction through her body. Chains shot outwards, some pieces striking men painfully. The dragon rolled over her steel bed and raised to her feet, staring right into the leader’s eyes, face to face, hands on her hips. She was a bit lower than him, but the confident pose of her nude body didn’t look any more vulnerable that his armor. She brought her torso forward, almost touching his body with hers, as if teasing the men to strike.

‘So, you came to steal from me’, said the woman. The leader delivered another punch, this time having his armored fist stopped dead against her rippling belly. ‘This is bad’, continued the woman, ignoring the strike. When he finally delivered a succer punch into her crotch, she just replied, ‘You know, you are lucky that I’m a female, otherwise you would have broken your knee against my balls’ (at these words, Henrik covered Isabel’s ears.)


‘Arrrr’, roared the man, and the rest knights joined him, rushing a storm of weaponry on her immovable body. Their sharpest stabs were repelled by her impenetrable skin, and their hardest shoulder butts didn’t bring her low. Her breasts were the only part that would yield, but they were confidently standing anything drawn against them. Even her eyes repelled the sharp points, and her groin area proved to be no a weak spot. ‘I like it when you humans destroy you weapons against my body’, she would say, letting them crush their blades and pick the new ones from the endless pile that used to be her bed. ‘But I’m bored with you, and I don’t want anyone of you to escape.’

She opened her mouth, and a fiery whirl started to form in her throat. In a glimpse, she produced a blast that evaporated one of the men. The others dispersed, except for a few. One of them thrust a sword right into her mouth, into the fire whirl, producing a blast in her larynx. The dragoness fell back a few yards and roared like no human could. This was painful, and now she was very angry. Threads of molten steel were running from the edges of her mouth, down her neck and breasts. She opened her mouth and started blasting the knights.


Seeing that the monster is really indestructible, the men were rushing around the cave looking for the escape. The leader occasionally ran against Henrik and Isabel and recognized the girl. He overwhelmed Henrik and grabbed the girl, turning her towards the dragon. If the dragon took away the princess, there need to be a reason for that. Isabel yelled, and the monster hesitated to shoot.

‘I will kill her, if you don’t stop!’. The dragon made a huge jump forward, killing distance, but… ‘I said stop!’ It was too far. The woman froze. It was a dead silence. The remaining men moved slowly to their leader, keeping their eye on her.

‘Open the door! Now!’ shouted the leader.

With this shout, Henrik woke up. He heard a voice in his head saying ‘Henrik! If you want to save Isabel, do what I say.’ ‘Are you the dragon?’ ‘No, but she hears me, too. Just do what I say. Take Isabel’s wreath, finish it and put it on her head. Do it now!’ The boy spotted the wreath on the floor and grabbed it. Her was not familiar with wreathing, but the voice hastened him, so he just put some rough knots.


Following the leader’s order, the dragon opened her mouth and spit a fire blast to the entrance. The door evaporated.

‘Now, good. Stay where you are,’ shouted the leader, holding Isabel’s hand. As everybody were looking at the dragon, Henrik silently approached Isabel and crowned her with the thing. ‘Now, get away!’ said the voice in his head, and he lurked aside to see the dragon blast the leader and the girl. The following blasts finished the remaining men.

Henrik roared in anger and pity for the girl. But when the smoke cleared, he saw her standing there, unaffected by the fire, in her flower crown. Her clothes were partly burnt, but she was fine.

‘Isabel!’ he shouted and rushed forward to hug the girl. ‘How can that be?!’ ‘I don’t know’ ‘’This wreath, it must have protected you!’.


A shadow appeared. ‘Thank you, boy’, said the dragoness, giving him a hand. He hesitated for a moment and then gripped her hand, feeling her power. She was not at all shy of her nakedness, rather proud of it. Like any strong animal. It was him who was a bit shy to stare at her beautiful body, which she was, surely, feeling. But she didn’t mind.

‘My name is Henrik,’ said the boy at last.

‘Call me Flare, my real name is too long for you to pronounce’, smiled the woman. ‘I’m too a sleepy dragon, and if not you, we would lose the girl.’ ‘Who was that speaking in my head?’ ‘It is my friend, Signe, a sorceress. She was a good friend of the old king, Isabel’s father. And she asked me to save Isabel from her uncle, who was going to get rid of the girl very soon. Signe is far away, but she could help us from distance. She enchanted the wreath to protect Isabel.’


The girl was standing by Signe, looking from distance at Flare bathing in lava.

‘I wish I was that strong,’ said the girl. ‘I wish I was stronger than stone. No one would have to risk to protect me.’

‘You will be.’

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