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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 12

Written by Monty :: [Monday, 04 January 2016 12:20] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 09 January 2016 11:04]

Sarah twisted back around to face the trapped Mark after hearing Doctor Slater faint and collapse in the centre of the lab. The doctor had cracked! the side of her head off the hard-tiled lab floor, knocking herself unconscious despite, or more likely because of, the increase in Mark’s screams that rose in a higher anguished pitch at Sarah’s easy movements, putting so much added pressure on his now helpless raised arms.

She begged Mark for forgiveness “I’m so sorry Mark, I never knew these things would happen!” as she glanced down at her super-tight costume. Mark was almost passing out from the pain in his hands and wrists, but he was unable to fall away to the ground below, Sarah’s formidable constraints holding him in place as she didn’t even feel the constant strain he was trying to force on her now superfluous, irresistible mounds.

If only I knew what to do to help poor, weak Mark here!’ she thought to herself.

Almost instantaneously, she could feel an inner warmth rising within her chest. A mild sheen of red light, similar to the cherry glow that had bathed Emma in her transformation in the shower cubicle slowly spread out from her chest, encapsulating Mark’s trapped hands which also started glowing a painful looking red. Sarah and Mark looked on in awe as Mark’s hands were bathed in the red rapture surrounding them! It also appeared to be giving Sarah a somewhat significant boost in the front of her tightening costume.

Incredulously, he pulled his hands and wrists clear from Energize’s costume as she pulled the garment towards Mark so he could release himself, and he wriggled his cured fingers, hands and wrists over and over in front of the two stunned faces!

“Mark!” she exclaimed, “I think I can cure your burn injuries!”

“Nono!… nononono!… st … stay away from me!” he said backing away, his now uninjured hands raised waving toward the unstoppable Energize! Force who was now strolling towards him, hands on her hips.

“Sara … Energi … whoever the hell you are! Please stay away from me, you’re more trouble than you are worth!”

Jeez,’ Sarah thought to herself as she rolled her eyes skywards, ‘you must be thinking about my little sister Emms …’

He backed away, his eyes furtively searched behind him as he sought refuge behind a large steel counter table that was securely bolted by all four legs to the lab floor.

Perhaps it’s the Shower Girl costume that’s causing all this fear in him?’ was now Sarah’s predominant thought. A little more gel was poured from her phial and once again was absorbed by her Energized! breasts, A low murmur to herself once again transformed herself into her knee-high (although button-fronted torn) white lab assistant’s coat.

Maybe now she could make him see sense?

… and help him, cure him. One of her finger’s curled under the nearest corner edge of the solid steel table that separated them. A simple tug of her single Energized! digit and the steel bolts securing the table were ripped apart through the holding tiles that had shackled the large counter to its’ moorings. The heavy table flew high across the lab and SMASHED! into the far wall.

“Oopsie!” smiled Sarah at her single slim finger as Mark backed up against the rear shelving with nowhere else to go.

“P … p … please leave me alone!” he begged her in fear.

“Don’t be so silly Mark! I’m here to help you … come to me …” she sexily beckoned with the index finger of her other hand.

Oh my god no’ he thought, as she leaned herself towards his now trapped neck, his head trying to turn away in vain. Once again a crimson glow rose from Sarah’s lab coat’s cleavage and Mark’s chest and neck were engulfed in a powerful sheen of red shimmering light. His severe burn marks were vanishing as they were absorbed by her new, enhanced powers!

She pushed her lightly glowing super bosoms against his heavily bandaged neck and chest as she tore the bandages from his body.

This is unbelievable, Sarah!” exclaimed Mark, “How … how did you do all this?”

“I have no idea, Mark!” as she gazed down in awe. “I guess I just wanted to make things better and the shower gel on my cleavage did the rest! It seems when I want something to happen with this gel, it kind of just does it for me!”

Sarah turned away from Mark towards the unconscious doctor who lay prone on the floor in the centre of the lab.

“Miss Slater … are you ok?” as she gently shook her boss. There was no response. Sarah easily inflated her lungs like lilos as she pursed her lips and started to blow a steady stream of icy cold superbreath over the doctor below. She maintained the icy blast for several minutes as Mark looked on in disbelief as the doctor eventually started to come round, holding her cold head in her hands.

“Miss Slater! You fainted! Are you ok?”

“Um … um … I think so my dear! I remember arriving for work this morning … what happened?”

Sarah turned her head to face a stunned Mark as she winked at him and blew another steady stream of cold air with a ‘sssshhhh …’ her index finger raised over her pursed lips. A shiver went down Mark’s spine as the icy blast held him in place.

Sarah sighed, “You passed out on the floor! I think Mark and I should take you to the medical centre for a check-up Miss Slater, just in case”

“Yes, yes, of course dear …” came the reply from a confused Slater.

“Mark and I can take things from here, doctor” as she again sexily winked at Mark.

Later, a fully Energized! Sarah crossed the lab car park with Mark towards his car.

“So, your place or mine?” he enquired as he opened the passenger door for her.

A warm blast of her breath firmly slammed the door shut.

“Ma-ark! You are being silly again!”

“Oh,” he muttered disappointedly as he started to shuffle around to his driver’s door. Mark thought he had obviously ‘blown it’ with his Power Girl. Sarah pulled him back to her with a tender grasp around his waist with her left hand as her right palm sought the inside roof of his vehicle through the slightly open window with a similar tender grasp. A glance around the empty car park confirmed her hopes, as she blasted herself into the air with a slight crouch of her powerful thighs with both car and owner.

My place,” Sarah nuzzled into his ear, “and I promise this time to keep the heat down in the shower.”

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