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KINGS of EMPIRE – Part 2

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Kings of Empire – Part 2

by DKC


In a small fishing town named Burgeo, Retgar Gradek walked with his father. The waves crashed and then succumbed at their feet as they walked barefoot on the soft, but sometimes rocky, beach. Retgar listened to his father speak to him.

“Listen to me, son, people never believe that they’re doing evil things. In everyone’s mind everything is with purpose, everything is justifiable and done for a perceived greater good. But God lives in your soul, it’s not up to anyone but you, to determine what’s right or wrong no matter how justifiable someone else’s argument is. We all have a conscience and I promise you when the time comes we will have to answer to that, not God..” Retgar’s father was an older man in his 60’s. He had a soft complexion with thin bright white hair. He grabbed his son’s shoulder, smiled at him, but before he was about to speak, a loud snapping sound could be heard. Retgar’s father’s eyes widened “Mmmmm” came out of his mouth as bullet cracked into his skull.

Now there were alarms sounding everywhere. Retgar looked at his feet, where the ocean tides turned to blood. He looked back at the water and the once open and peaceful ocean landscape was now filled with transport ships moving toward the beach which he was on. The sky was filled with fighter planes and in the distance on the land, large plumes of dark smoke arose.

The sand before him popped up into his face as a fighter plane made a strafing run. Retgar shielded his face as plumes of dirt and sand shot up into it. Now the beaches were filled with soldiers, most already dead.

Retgar’s sergeant yelled at him, “What the fuck are you doing kid! Get behind cover!”

Retgar looked at him as bullets thumped into the ground and then pinged into the metal hedgehog that the sergeant had been hiding behind and then into his head. The Sergeant fell to his knees. Blood was now streaming down his face from the small hole in his head. He looked at Retgar, “Mmmmmm” he murmured before dying

Retgar’s eyes wearily opened as he woke up. He had fought in the Great War from 1953 to 1959. He had done regrettable things during that time, but never on the beaches of Burgeo. Retgar hadn’t so much as finished basic when he was put there. He couldn’t even recall firing one bullet on that day, but his dreams were always there. His father, his mother, his brothers, all the memories of those who’d past always spoke to him on the beaches of Burgeo.

Affected and bothered by the dream, Retgar dwelt on it for only a moment, then he deliberately remembered the bad things he’d done. Horrible things. Then he remembered it again. And again. It calmed him, made him forget the sadness, anxiety or the fear.

He remembered what his old commander would tell him: “Does that shock you? Does that scare you? Then see it again. Does is still shock you? Does it still scare you? Then see it again..” A type of psychology believed to condition the mind to horrible things. It worked, at least temporarily.

Retgar looked at the empty bottles of beer neatly lined up along the kitchen counter, he had drank more than he thought the other night. He poured himself a glass of water and then looked at the time. It was 1:00 Pm. He intended to go look for a job today, guess he’d have to do it tomorrow, he thought.

Retgar went into the living room and turned on the radio, he tuned it onto Lawrence Welk and then sat down on an old checkered arm chair. Just as he sat down he heard the doorbell ring. He sighed as he stood back up and walked to the door.

Retgar looked at the familiar face at the door. “Brent Haywood, Jesus, what brings you by?”

Brent nodded and smiled softly, “Was hoping to catch up with an old friend. Was wondering maybe … If he wanted a job?”


Maya was in her hotel room, her father was outraged, yelling on the phone. She paid no attention to him. She was far more interested in the silver dollar she held in the palm of her hand.

With her eyes barely squinted a light dose of her heat vision began melting the coin in her own hand. The liquid bubbled and oozed across the palm of her hand. It boiled and steamed and to anyone else the liquid would have burned right through the bone, but not to Maya. Not to a Goddess like her. Maya grinned at the thought as she amped up her heat vision reducing the liquid ooze to steam.

Maya smiled as she looked at her now clean hand and then looked at the time 2:30 PM. If she hurried she could still get to the School on time to meet her friends. Maya looked at what she was wearing, content with the tight white bell bottom pants and a tight fuzzy black sweater, Maya crept into the room where her father was speaking “Daddy … I’m going to go shopping.”

Kam was still on the phone and nodded to his daughter and then looked away,

Maya again went to the hotel lobby and got a cab. She hadn’t tested her speed yet, nor her powers of flight. The fact of the matter was flying terrified her, even still. She had seen Nova Star fly on the news and in person. It was a power Nova Star had which she really didn’t envy. To be at that height, in the upper atmosphere or even space? Seemed terrifying. Nope, she didn’t mind sitting in a cab, not at all.

Maya again timed her interception with her group of friends. Her hearing homed in on Sarah.

“Oh God, here comes that prostitute – I can see her nipples pointing out of her sweater from here. Can she not afford a bra?”

The girls rattled on insults, but the guys were quiet. They didn’t want the conversation to distract them from the sex appeal that was about to walk by.

Maya saw that Chris wasn’t with them, she stopped as she looked at the group “Is Chris not with you guys?”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “He’s sick, probably some sex virus you passed on to him.”

The other girls laughed.

Maya looked at Sarah, her old friend “Can I talk with you? In private?”

Sarah looked at the girl. She was intimidatingly beautiful. Not only that, she was strong. Sarah could see the tight contours her muscles made through her tight clothes. Without a doubt, Sarah knew that this woman could handle her with ease and, as well, probably had good reason to. “No – I’m good.” Sarah said nervously and began walking away.

Maya looked at her former friends. Maya had power and beauty, but she missed her friends. “It’s about Maya …” Maya blurted out.

“What about Maya?” Sarah asked as she turned to her.

“She wanted me to pass you a message – in private.”

Sarah looked at the stunning brunette. Yes, she could kick her ass, but she was curious now. Chris had spoken to her about the encounter, assured her that nothing happened between them and that they had just talked. Chris also stated that this girl’s name was Maya and seemed to know a lot about him. Sarah was curious. She looked at her friends “I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow.”

Maya now walked with her old friend. It felt different now in her current body. Before it was an honour and a privilege to walk next to a beauty like Sarah, she imagined that Sarah was now feeling that way of her.

“So what about Maya?” Sarah asked.

“It’s hard to say and it’s a crazy story, but I have to tell somebody and … you’re my best friend …”

Sarah gave Maya a beleaguered expression. “What are you talking about?”

Maya could feel that she was going to regret her next words but went ahead with them anyways “So, my dad was doing some stuff for work. I sort of tampered with it … and my mind was put into this body.”

Sarah stopped walking, her heart skipped a beat, as she attempted to process what this woman was saying.

Maya looked at her friend and smiled “Did Chris tell you what my name is?”

“Yes.” Sarah said curiously.

“Sarah … that’s because, I am Maya.”

“No. No way.” Sarah exclaimed.

“Believe it!” Maya hugged her old friend,

Sarah was dumbfounded, she didn’t return the hug but now started to believe the woman “Maya, you’re hot … Like impossibly hot!” then Sarah thought about Chris and Maya’s encounter with him and gasped “Aww you bitch, you dirty bitch you tried to steal Chris from me!” Sarah said in a half playful but half serious tone.

Maya giggled, “All we did was talk … besides you broke up with him … right?”

Sarah shook her head, “Well, it’s not like I can compete against you … My God look at you!”

Maya giggled “Oh whatever, you know you’re the hottest thing in school.”

“Only because you’re not there.”

Maya giggled again, loving the attention her friend was giving her. “So, do I look like somebody familiar?”

Sarah looked at Maya’s perfect face, bright blue eyes and feminine jaw line. “I can definitely say, I have never seen this girl in my life.” Sarah emphasized with her hands

Maya smiled “So I don’t look like a particular hero everyone knows about.”

Sarah giggled “Uhhh no, Sorry Maya … you’re hot, but not Nova Star hot.”

Maya was confused “I really don’t get it, how is it that people not see that I look just like her, it’s so weird. I look identical to her.”

Sarah giggled, “Maya, you’re hot, but Nova Star is in a different league. I mean, you’re the same height, same hair colour. Same eye colour, I think …”

Maya bit her lip as she looked left and right, seeing that nobody was around she twirled in a circle and was engulfed in a bright white light. She stopped and her attire had changed, from what she had been wearing to Nova Star’s trademark gear “How about now?” Maya asked as her hands on her hips and her chin confidently in the air.


Armando spoke on the phone with Kam “Look, Kam, you asked for something and you got it. Every time you ask, I deliver … You asked for a meeting with the kings. You got what you asked for. You asked for money and a percentage of the Kings’s profit … You got it. Now it’s time for you to deliver, so what’s the problem?”

“There is no problem! I will deliver, it’s just, it’s so soon. If you can convince them to give me a few weeks…or even one week to prepare her for …”

“Look, Kam. Let’s be straight up with one another. Do you have complete control over Nova Star?” Armando asked.

“Yes.” Kam answered without hesitation.

“Don’t fuck with me Kam … you know I did some checking and found that your family is departing to India this weekend. Some consider these set of circumstances curious given that you wanted cash up front.”

Kam was becoming frustrated, now his family was marked. “She’ll be there, but if I don’t have the money the day after. We’re calling this entire arrangement off.”

“I knew you’d see reason Kam. I always said, This Kam guy, he’s a reasonable guy. Have Nova Star at the docks at 11 PM. Hell, likely she’ll just have to stand there and look pretty. So are we good?”

Kam paused momentarily to take in a deep breath “We're good.” Kam replied. Kam hung up the phone. He realized the Kings weren’t convinced. That something would happen at the docks that would indeed convince them. The only thing he needed to ask himself was, was Maya ready?


Bella never once saw or considered another female in that way, but now – seeing Peggy with her hands on her hips, with her back naturally arched seemingly pushing out her fantastically large and round breasts – Bella found herself attracted to her. More than just attracted, mercilessly attracted. She attempted to reason with herself that she was not attracted. Peggy had warned her that she can make others attracted to her, but Bella simply could not help herself.

Bella’s breasts compressed against Peggy’s larger and yet much firmer bust. Bella’s hands moved up onto the sides of Peggy’s chest. Now Peggy’s nipples began to tent from her tight costume.

Peggy reached into her costume and with both hands pulled down the costume, revealing her enormous round perky tits. Bella went for them, at first rolling her tongue along the top part of Peggy’s massive breast. Bella heard Peggy shudder and then looked up at her and began kissing her lips.

Peggy’s heart was racing as she kissed Bella for some time before guiding Bella’s head down toward her nether region. Although Peggy was still in costume, she could feel Bella lick the smooth surface.

Peggy gasped as she grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. Peggy now saw something curious, a golden drop appeared from her nipple. Peggy became nervous, but she was curious. Peggy guided Bella to her chest where Bella began suckling on her breasts.

As soon as Bella’s tongue touched the golden drop she felt a shock. “Ow.” Bella yelled.

Peggy watched Bella as she backed away from her. Peggy used her x-ray vision on her in an attempt to see what was happening to her. As well as to determine if she herself was losing her powers.

“Ahhhhh!” Bella screamed as an electric arc spiked into her chest. “What’s happening to me?” Bella pleaded to Peggy.

Peggy didn’t reply, her powers were intact and she could see dramatic changes occurring inside Bella’s body.

Bella was wearing a red blouse. As Bella could feel her bra begin to strain she simply used her fingers on her garment and ripped the fabric open as if it was tissue paper. Her breasts were clearly larger, more round and firm. Her body felt electric, she felt like a Goddess. Bella’s bra straps were hanging on but just barely, with just a casual pull the straps blew.

Peggy smiled as she watched the transition, then she tried something else. Closing her eyes, she wished that Peggy didn’t have her powers.

Bella immediately felt that the changes reverting to the way they were. Bella’s breasts returned to their normal size and position. The electric feeling that coursed through her was extinguished. Bella blinked a few times, “Did you see that?”

Peggy smiled mischievously “I did.”

“What was that … It felt amazing. Like I could do anything?” Bella stated, still in shock from the experience.

Peggy placed her hands on Bella’s bare shoulders, “Would you like to feel like that again? Would you like to feel like that forever?”

Bella smiled “Of course I would!”

Peggy now knew what she was able to do, she could turn others into what she was. Peggy was curious as how those powers would compare to her own. Who better to experiment with that than Bella. Peggy looked at Bella and then asked “How’d you like to team up with me?”

Bella’s hand caressed the top part of Peggy’s cleavage she smiled and began to once again kiss Peggy.


Brent walked around Retgar’s duplex suite looking at pictures Retgar had in the living room.

“Want a drink?” Retgar asked from another room.

“Water’s good.” Brent replied as he took a seat on an old chesterfield.

Retgar handed Brent some water. “How long has it been?”

Brent thought for a moment, “It’s 63, you left for the army in 52 so I’d say just over 11 years.”

Retgar nodded, “11 fucking years. So, every once in a while I go see Danielson, he said you’ve been working for the mob. Are you?”

“I was, actually was doing it up until recently, but I found some legitimate business ideas. Ran into some capital. Thought I’d open my own business. Thought it would be good idea to bring in people I can trust.”

Retgar smiled “C'mon Brent, you? Legit? We haven’t spoken a word in 11 years. What makes you think you can trust me?”

“You know why. Besides, I owe you.”

Retgar nodded, thinking back to their high school days. They had been best friends for several of years, but just prior to Retgar joining the military Brent had gotten into a fight with an Italian kid with family links to the mob. Brent started losing the fight when Retgar took a bat to the kids head, just once. He didn’t try to kill him, but did. The death of that boy set off a chain reaction of events that led Retgar to the military and Brent being owned by the mob.

Retgar, 17 at the time faked his age and joined the army knowing full well that he was he was likely going to be killed if he stayed. Brent was then blackmailed to work for the Giovanni family.

“Look Brent, I appreciate the offer … but I’m not the same guy you knew. You know, since I got back, I’m just not the same. Keep thinking someone’s gonna blow my head off while I’m sleeping. Hell, I practically sleep with my Tommy, but the thing is, I understand that all that shit and paranoia is just nonsense in my head. If I started working for you, I don’t know how much of that nonsense would become real…you know.”

Brent smiled and stood up, “It was good to see you Red, but, think about it would you?”

Retgar nodded, “I’ll think about it.”

Brent shook Retgar’s hand, leaving in it a wad of 100’s.

Retgar looked at the money, quickly estimating he had 1000 dollars in his hand. “Legitimate ideas huh?”

Brent smiled, “Just think about it. I promise, you won’t regret it.”


Sarah stood in stunned silence as she looked at Nova Star standing before her. “Maya?” she asked

Maya lifted her chin smugly into the air “Actually, when I’m dressed like this, I’d prefer to be called Nova Star.”

Sarah walked around her struggling to find words, “I am soooo jealous. This has got to be a prank. That’s it isn’t it? You and Nova Star are pranking me … Right!?”

Maya rolled her eyes, “Cause I know Nova Star?”

Sarah shook her head, “Hun! You are Nova Star, so don’t make it sound like I’m the one that’s being ridiculous. So like, you have Nova Star’s abilities? All of them?”


“So you can fly?”

Maya thought about it for a second “Well, you know I’ve never been a fan of heights.”

“HA!” Sarah laughed “You! Are afraid of heights!?! You can swallow a grenade and burp out the pin! You could probably fart and blow down a city block.”


“Now I know something's up? This is a trick and I’m going to figure it out.” Sarah confidently stated.

“Yeah! We'll figure this out! See that truck over there, the GM?”


Maya smiled mischievously “I’m imagining that it’s the size of an eraser and that it’s between my cleavage.”

Sarah started laughing, “What are you talking about?”

Maya’s eyes slightly closed as she focused in on the truck. “Watch.” She said as she grabbed her own breasts and began pushing them together.

Sarah’s mouth dropped as the trucks windows exploded. The steel and the frame of the truck began to contort and then crack as it began to fold in like an accordion. By the time Maya was done, the truck was only a meter in length and fell over on its side. “Oh my God.” Sarah whispered.

Maya then looked at Sarah, “Now I’m imagining that it’s you between my tits!” Maya sang.

“No No No!” Sarah screamed.

Maya began laughing, “I’m only kidding silly!”

Sarah looked at Maya as an idea popped into her mind. “Follow me!”

“Where we going?” Maya asked as she followed her friend to an apartment building.

“It’s a surprise.” Sarah answered as they got into the building and then began running up floor after floor. They eventually popped out on the roof. 12 stories up.

“Why are we here?” Maya asked.

Sarah ran over to the edge of the building “Kelly and I used to come up here to smoke some weed. I was thinking, wouldn’t this be the perfect spot to teach you how to fly?” Sarah stated as she ran over to the ledge looked over, then looked back at Maya. “Come here!”

Maya crossed her arms, “No way.”

Sarah shook her head “Maya! You are Nova Star …! Nothing can hurt you! Especially not a 12 story fall.” Sarah walked over to Maya and took her hand and guided her to the edge.

Maya reluctantly accepted, when she looked over the edge her insides churned. “No, sorry…Sarah I can’t do this.” Maya turned from her and began walking away.

Sarah was frustrated, she looked down at a fist sized broken brick on the ground, picked it up and threw it at Maya’s head. The brick simply bounced off of it.

Maya turned to her friend, while feeling the back of her own head. “Did you just throw a brick at me?”

Sarah grabbed another chunk of concrete and threw it at Maya. It hit Maya square in the chest. “Just trying to prove a point!”

Maya giggled now as her friend grabbed a rod and broke it over her head. “Sarah! Don’t you get it? I’m not afraid of getting hurt. I’m afraid of how I feel when I see heights.”

“I’m telling you, that if you fall, you’ll never be afraid of heights again.”

It took some convincing, but Maya finally agreed. She walked to the edge and turned her back to the ground. Her anxiety was working on overdrive and then after taking a deep breath she fell backwards. Once her body was 90 degrees and in free fall position. She stopped and remained there.

Maya smiled as her body returned to an upright position, but now her feet hung in the mid-air with nothing supporting them. Maya was floating.

Sarah clapped, “Now! You look like Nova Star!”

Maya’s fear of heights rapidly diminished as she casually floated in the air. She placed her hands on her hips and casually twirled in the air. “This is fantastic!”

Sarah smiled contently, “You know that I’m so jealous right now, right?”


Petr Labridge was working as detective for the 57th precinct in Downtown Empire. He was one of the few dirty cops left. Since the heroes started aiding law enforcement, it was particularly hard to be a corrupt cop. Cops now a days had no problem snitching on other cops. So Petr’s role within the mob was limited. He provided the mob a bit of intel and the mob provided him with busts. The busts they provided were usually distractions from much bigger operations going on, or a rival that wasn’t playing nice with the Kings. Petr was reading a file when he heard a knock at his open office door.

“You got something for us Petr?” An inspector asked as he entered his office.

“Yes sir. The big one.” Petr added as he handed the inspector some pictures. Petr referred to the pictures as the Inspector looked at it. “Those pictures were mailed in from a contact in London, they were sent a week ago. I just got them today.”

The inspector looked at pictures of contraband, weapons and booze being loaded into shipment containers. “Jesus, what’s the destination?”

“Empire city, Gleese Harbour tonight at 2300 hrs.”

“Tonight!?” The inspector stated in surprise “You’re sure.”

“Very sure.”

“Get the name of that ship and start drawing up papers for a warrant. That’s some Great work detective, I’ll get a strike force team ready to make the bust. If your source is right about this, it’ll probably put you in line for a promotion.”

The Inspector left his office. Petr gave the situation some thought. He regarded it as a win win, no matter what happens he’d come out on top. He was hoping that Nova Star’s powers were a fake. That Empire Police would take down the shipment with no issues, but according to credible sources, word was Kam Sunjay was in fact in control of Nova Star. If that was the case, a lot of cops would be in danger tonight.

Petr was okay with that, for if the Kings had control of Nova Star. The tide will of have drastically turned in their favour. The days of the Kings controlling Empire will have certainly returned and, as a top informant for the Kings, Petr imagined that his payoff would be huge.


Peggy watched Bella zoom around the house at super speeds. The living room floor was littered with boxes filled with junk that Bella had packed earlier. In minutes the boxes were gone and their contents back in their rightful place. A few minutes after that, the dishes were done and the floors were mopped.

Bella stopped and looked around the room, “God, that would have taken forever and I did it in less than 5 minutes.” She looked at her hands and then looked at Peggy “I’m not even tired! SO this is what it feels like to be super? How long is this going to last?”

“I’m not 100% sure.” Peggy answered “I’m just learning about my powers as well. I think your powers will go away only when I wish them to go away.”

Bella zipped in the living room and began rearranging furniture. When she stopped the living room looked entirely different. “God! I love this power!”

“Yeah.” Peggy Sighed “You’ve finally realized your dream of being a super housewife.”

Bella smiled, “Sorry Peggy. It’s just that I feel so full of energy.”

“I know the feeling, when I first found out that I had Ultra Girls’ powers I just jumped. Right through Brent’s office floor and roof and then right into the sky.”

Bella’s eyes widened “Peggy, do you think I can fly?”

Peggy smiled, “There’s only one way to find out.”

Peggy took Bella’s hand and they went to the back yard. “Okay, so flying is easy, but a little tricky at first. So what I’m going to do is fly us out of the city. Once we're out, I’ll let you do it on your own … I mean we wouldn’t want to attract negative attention by crashing into buildings right?”

“Crash into a building?! But Peggy, what if I don’t have all your powers?”

“We’ll take things slow.” Peggy stated as her hand pressed on Bella’s back, securing the two girls in a tight hug. Peggy blasted into the air flying a quick pace out of the city.

Bella gasped as the experience was beyond exhilarating.

“I’m going to let go.” Peggy said as they were far away from the city.

“No No No No No!”Bella pleaded.

“Make your hands into fists, tighten your arms and flex your calves and you’ll be alright.” Peggy Instructed.

“I’ll fall!”

“I’ll catch you.” Peggy insisted as she let Bella go.

Bella did as she was instructed. Her calves flexed as hard as she could flex them. Her arms flexed as hard as she could flex them. As soon as Peggy let go of Bella, she blasted away from her with a loud pop. Bella ground her teeth as the terrain blasted past her at incomprehensible speeds. Bella didn’t even realize that her clothes had all but been burned or flew off due to the excess speed and air pressure.

It took nearly a minute for Peggy to catch up with her, she needed to slow Bella down. They had already skirted around a few cities and Peggy became worried that Bella would fly through a skyscraper but, just like she had done, Bella was about to do the same. Peggy gasped as a mountain appeared and Bella hit it square on.

A thunderous cackle echoed through the valley and Peggy landed near a smoky hole in the mountain and looked inside “Bella … You alright?”

Bella stepped out of the hole, holding her head, “I think so, I’m a bit woozy.”

“Oh my God … Do you know how hard you hit the mountain?”

Bella sat down holding her head, “Did that happen to you the first time?”

“Well, I sort of skimmed the mountain, it slowed me down before I hit the next … Are you okay?”

Bella looked at the hole in the mountain she had created, “I guess I’m doing pretty well, all things considering.”

Peggy smiled, “Okay, we’ll take things a little slower.”

“Please do.” Bella added as she rubbed her temples. Bella looked down at her naked body. “Awww – my clothes.”

Peggy removed her cape and handed it to Bella, “Yeah they sort of, burned off you…You need to take things a bit slower.”

Bella gave Peggy a scornful look. “You told me to flex my calves and arms as hard as I could, before you dropped me at 5000 feet.”

“Well, I never said ‘as hard as you could.” Peggy added trying not to giggle.

Bella started to smile as well, she had just done something that mortals could only dream of doing. She had flown, flown faster than a fighter plane and nearly right through a mountain. She was a bit woozy from the collision, but with all things considered she felt fantastic. “So, how is any of this possible?”

Peggy sat down on a boulder near Bella “As you know, I’ve been working for your husband and he has some shady bosses. I think Brent’s bosses thought that they could kill the heroes and got Brent to do their dirty work. So, one late afternoon Brent barges into the office carrying a body. I’m there working late and so he’s furious with me, he goes and handcuffed me to a pipe along the wall.”

“He handcuffed you to the wall?” Bella asked in shock.

Peggy continued with her story, “So, he takes the body down stairs. I heard a loud bang a couple times and 10 minutes later he comes back upstairs asking me for a favour.”

“What was it?”

“Didn’t know at the time, but he said he’d give me 1000 dollars to do it, so I agreed. I went down stairs and Ultra Girl was lying naked on a bench. Brent asked me to put on her outfit.”

“And that’s how you became Ultra Girl?” Bella asked.

“Not quite, Ultra Girl woke up and she was super pissed especially seeing that I was in her costume. She killed nearly everybody but when we touched, I could feel her powers flow into me. She punched me a few times and then I sort of pushed her … A little too hard.”

Bella placed her hand on her mouth “You killed Ultra Girl?”

“Yeah.” Peggy confessed

“Oh My God, do the other heroes know?”

“No … maybe … I’m not sure.”

“Peggy, these powers are great and all, but if Brimstone gets a hold of you, do you think they’ll be enough to protect you?”

“You mean us?” Peggy corrected.

“Ahhh get it.” Bella stated dubiously.

Peggy stood up, “Look Bella, what if I can keep doing this, you know, give powers to other people. Maybe with enough people with me. I’ll have the upper hand.”

Bella thought for a moment, wondering about the implications of making others this powerful “And you can get rid of my powers with a thought?”

“Pretty sure, I simply wish that the person no longer has powers and they return to the way they were.”

Bella thought for a bit, “So I say do it!”

“Do what?” Peggy asked.

“Build an army of super employees. I’ll put out some resumes we’ll make a list of qualified people and …”

“Bella, it's not as if I wish someone to have powers and they have it.”

“I know. You need to be attracted to them and do your thing.”

“And you’re okay with that?” Peggy asked.

Bella looked at Peggy suspiciously and became concerned that Peggy might believe that there was more to what happened between them. “You know I’m married right? You told me about what you could do, how you could attract anybody to you. I didn’t believe you. I learned my lesson, but I’m still in love with my husband.”

Peggy smiled mischievously, “So you are, or you’re not attracted to me?”

“Peggy, we had our fun…But.”

Peggy’s eyes washed over Bella’s perfect olive skin. Her tight and toned tummy and her rounded firm breasts. She smiled as she approached Bella. Her desires were having an effect on Bella. “You know.” Peggy said as she draped her arms over top of Bella’s petite shoulders “Since I was a kid I had always dreamed of making out with a superhero.”

Bella dropped the cape from her body exposing her naked skin. “Hmm then maybe it’s time for Super Bella to come to the rescue.” She said as she embraced Peggy in a long kiss.

Bella broke away from the kiss, “You’re doing it again, aren’t you?”

Peggy smiled for a moment “Fine, I won’t do it again.” Peggy stated and then upon looking at Bella’s suspicious face, she promised her she wouldn’t do it again. Peggy then looked at a rocky ledge near Bella’s face. “There is the biggest spider I have ever seen, right near your head.”

Bella glanced over and briefly screamed, her eyes lit up and with a quick blast of her heat vision the spider was incinerated.

“How you do that?” Peggy asked in shock.

“What?” Bella asked “You mean this.” Bella attempted to repeat the power. Her eyes lit up and she displayed a slight grin as she began searing a stone on the ground. “Or did you mean this?” Now Bella put her hands on her hips and leaned forward, the tendons in her neck exposed themselves as a torrent of heat blew up a boulder not far away.

“Yeah that! I’ve been trying to do that since I got these powers.”

Bella teased Peggy for a while, before finally divulging how she did it. “You know how you give a guy or someone the evil eye? Do that, but think of something that actually pisses you off or scares you.” Bella demonstrated again, slightly squinting her eyes they began to light up.

Peggy attempted to do the same, it took her a moment but as her eyes began to turn a bright red she smiled and then unleashed devastating torrent of heat at the mountain.

Bella smiled, walked over to a boulder nearly her size and hoisted it above her head. She looked at Peggy.

Peggy smiled, “Do it.” She said as Bella heaved the giant boulder high into the air. Peggy concentrated on the stone before zeroing in on it with her eyes and blasting a high concentration of heat causing the stone to explode to blow in midair. Peggy looked at Bella in shock, “Did you just see what I did?”

“What you did?” Bella countered “Did you not see how high I threw that boulder?”


Barrett interrogated person after person, thug after thug until finally people started dropping names. One person knew a guy who knew this other guy who said that they found a way to kill the heroes. That’s how it started, that’s how Brimstone began developing his leads.

Barret walked into a convenience store. An older white man was at the counter.

“You see the sign son? It says no niggers allowed.”

Barrett looked behind him and at the sign, then looked at the man. “No, it says, No blacks allowed. Clearly, I’m a nigger and therefore allowed to be in this shop.”

It was Barret’s tall, muscular stature that tipped the shop owner off. He wasn’t talking to just any black man. This, he had no doubt, was Brimstone.

“Umm – Yes of course – what can I do for you today sir?”

Barret looked at one of his products “So, you do serve niggers?” He asked in a deep low tone.

“Of course.” the shop owner stated

“So is that what you think I am?”

The shop owner’s nerves began to act up. He took in a deep breath and chose his words carefully. “You know what sir, that sign was supposed to be removed ages ago. I’ll be sure to remove it. I didn’t mean no disrespect.”

Barrett smiled at the man, “I’m here for other reasons. Those reasons are – To get information and subsequently hurt people that don’t give me that information. Your sign, your racism has nothing to do with why I’m here, but it might have something to do with my enjoyment level if I have to start hurting you.”

“Mr. Brimstone I’m really sorry. It’s like I said the sign was a mistake. I promise it’ll come down and whatever information you want, I’ll just give ya. No one needs to get hurt.”

The man gave him all the information he needed and was left unhurt. Barrett was all too familiar with racism, but he never felt it applied to him, after all he was one of the old Gods and did not consider himself human. It did however fascinate him. That is, human ideologies which become so twisted after it is interpreted by simpletons. Barret had listened to people describing themselves as Atheists, bash religion for the wars it’s caused over the millennia. The reality was, it is human ideology and its interpretations that cause war. Barret mused about the theory of evolution. He of course was well aware that humans emerged from monkeys, but it was what humans decided to do with that knowledge which was so disconcerting and yet amusing. They began to classify other humans as being inferior and they used Darwin’s science to justify their racism. Barret lived in a time when skin colour did not decide social statuses, until Darwin. He lived in a time when blacks had white slaves and vice versa.

During the Great War millions of Jews, blacks and Slavs were tossed into ovens because they were believed to be inferior. Whether people realized it or not. The Great War could only be described as the great Eugenics war. A war designed to create a master race and to eliminate inferior people. Which was ironic to Barret because to him, they were all inferior.

The shop keeper’s information eventually led Brimstone to an office in the dumpier east side of downtown Empire.

Barrett easily snapped the lock off the door and entered. He looked at a hole in the floor and the roof and knew he was in the right place. He looked through some documents and gathered some addresses. Specifically the owner of the building, Brent Haywood. Barrett then went down stairs, the stench of death was recognizable from upstairs. As soon as he stepped into the basement he saw the dead bodies. Then recognized the body of Neela, otherwise known as Ultra Girl.

She was thrown into a brick wall, her death appeared to be quick. Neela was a woman who Barrett had fallen in love with a long time ago. He gave her the belt so that she could love him back. Their relationship had faded over time, but Barrett allowed her to keep the belt. At the time she was entrusted to keep it safe from Nova Star, but that was hundreds of years ago. It was a shame to see her like this, naked and deformed on a basement floor in the slummier East part of downtown. He would make those who were responsible pay for this, he swore it.

Realizing that Neela was naked and that her belt was nowhere in sight Barret began to worry. If the mob somehow utilized the power of the belt, by giving it to one of their wives or members. ‘Oh my God’ Barrett whispered to himself.

Barrett shook his head, nobody knew how the belt works other than Neela and himself, he was sure that the belt was taken as a trophy. Then his heart sank as he realized the truth was being held in his arms. Neela was dead, meaning someone had put on the belt and stolen Neela’s powers and then killed her. Barrett’s nerves were getting the better of him. He thought about the God’s in hiding, but how could he ask for their help knowing full well what jeopardy the world faced if they fell to Nova Star.

Barrett carried Neela’s body to a river that flowed through the city and placed her body in it. Not the burial she deserved, but it was the best he could come up with. Now he had many things to do. Visit this Brent Haywood and look for answers. Or, Ask help from a very old friend. Barrett thought about his old friend for a long while, she was always so difficult, but he considered his options limited.


“You asshole Tommy! I don’t want you coming here! Get the fuck out of here!” Tommy’s ex yelled from the kitchen window overlooking the street.

Tommy bit his lip as he controlled his temper. He ignored his ex and focused on his son “So what I tell you? Huh, You don’t hit anyone, unless you got a reason to hit someone.”

“But I did have a reason Dad, Janet called me a fat prostitute.”

Tommy scrunched his face, “What? Well fuck Stevie, she doesn’t even know what prostitute means if that’s what she’s calling you. Tell you what, you tell everyone in school that you happen to know that her mother is a fat prostitute and you know this, ‘cause your Dad is fucking her for 25 cents a night.”

Stevie smiled uncomfortably “Dad, I’m not saying that.”

“STOP Poisoning His Fucking Mind!” Tommy’s ex yelled from the kitchen window.

“Aww you fat fucking Cunt…Shut the fuck UP!”

“I gotta go Dad.” Stevie said as the bus arrived.

“Hey – you listen to what I say. Do as I say and when they hit you first. Then Stevie, when they hit you! Skies the fucking limit..”

Stevie got on the bus and Tommy walked to a black 59 Pontiac which Rocchio was leaning on having a smoke.

“Let’s go.” Tommy said.

Rocchio took in one last drag of his smoke before flicking it on the road.

“What you think of my advice to the kid?”

“Sage advice Tommy.” Rocchio answered

“Fucking grade 6 and they’re using words like ‘prostitute’, what the fuck is wrong with the world Rocchio?”

“It’s crazy Tommy.”

The two drove several of miles to an acreage just outside the city. As soon as they pulled up, two men approached Rocchio.

Rocchio handed them his gun, then was frisked before he was let inside. Tommy, as a son of one of the three kings was allowed to enter unchecked and with his firearm.

They walked into Paul Esposito’s mansion, Rocchio knowing his place was not at the dinner table, turned to the living room where a number of associates were having some drinks.

Tommy sat down at the table, his food already there. Everyone who mattered was there, except Tommy’s father who was still recovering from injuries.

“You’re fucking late.” Paul Esposito stated.

“Fucking traffic. I had to talk to my kid. School got his Mom in a fuss when they told her they wanted to expel Stevie.”

“Expel him for what.” Paul asked

“He slapped some chick.”

“Like father like son, why did he slap a girl?” Paul asked

“Said the girl called him a fat prostitute.” A light laughter filled the room.

Frank Giovanni had remained quiet the whole time, eating his eggs in his white suit when he muttered “Like father like son.”

Now the dinner table erupted in laughter.

Tommy was irritated and turned to Armando who was sitting next to him “What the fuck are you laughing at you fat fucking Fuck!”

“Sorry Tommy.” Armando quickly stated.

Tommy quickly changed the subject “Why the fuck am I here? Gonna tell me that I was right about the sand nigger and his fake?”

Paul pointed his fork at Tommy “You’re here because your father requested it. So just sit there, enjoy the meal and keep your mouth fucking shut.” Paul chewed his food swallowed and then continued, “Alright, what’s next?”

A younger oriental man named Brian Cheung, seated at the middle of the table began speaking. “Apparently Brim Stone has been roughing up some of my crew. He’s looking for answers to who is responsible for killing Ultra Girl.”

Paul looked at Frank “I’d say that’s confirmation enough that our boys killed Ultra Girl.”

Frank nodded.

“Thing is – someone gave up an address. This one.” Cheung pushed the address across the table. “I’m hoping it was a fake address.”

Paul looked at it, “I think that’s Haywood’s shop.”

“Who?” Frank asked

“Punk kid working for my nephew, He’s been working for him for the last decade or so. Also happens to be one of the men responsible for killing Ultra Girl.”

Tommy sneered “He’s the fucking Jew who beat Spezza’s kid to death with a fucking bat back in the 50’s.”

Paul looked angrily at Tommy “What I say Tommy? Sit there and keep your mouth fucking shut!”

Tommy continued “What do you say Frankie – Say the word, I’ll pop him myself.”

Frank chewed his food and had a sip of water. “I think … I think that we’ll need the names of all those whom participated in the hit on Brimstone. I think it would be in our best interest if we discontinued associations between them and us..”

Paul nodded, “Let me talk with my nephew. I know that he works closely with Mr. Haywood. I’d like to at least give him that respect.” Paul then looked at Cheung, “And we want all the names of the rats, we’ll deal with them personally.”

Cheung nodded.

“And Cheung … choose your men more carefully. Next one is on you.” Paul waited for acknowledgement from Cheung before he continued “Is the shipment on time?”

Armando nodded, “Yeah, 11PM sharp.”

“Cops know about it?”

Armando nodded again, “Petr’s drawing up the warrant as we speak.”

Paul nodded. “I’ll be waiting at my phone at midnight. If Kam is fucking us, I want men at his front door … and I want his family dead. Clear?”

Armando nodded “Yeah Paulie, were clear.”


Kam Sunjay paced around the hotel suite he had rented for Maya. It was 9PM, where the hell could she be. 2 hours before the shipment was due to arrive and she wasn’t even aware that she needed to be anywhere. Kam sat down on a couch and waited patiently. There was a knock on the patio door.

‘Thank God’ Kam thought as he walked over to the window and slid it open for Maya. “Maya where have you been? I’ve been waiting hours for you?”

“Aren’t you going to ask how I got to the top of the building?” Maya asked excitedly.

Kam smiled “You flew …? you can fly? Got over your fear of heights did you?”

“Oh Daddy! It’s wonderful!” Maya added as she spun slowly in the air, holding her mid air dance for seconds before touching the ground.

“Maya I’m afraid there’s not much time to explain.” Kam said in a serious tone. “Those men we spoke to the other day, they are going to be off loading some equipment.”


“They want that equipment protected. They want you to protect it?”

Maya was curious now “What kind of equipment.”

Kam thought for a moment and then grabbed Maya’s hands. “I’m not going to lie to you sweetie, bad equipment. Illegal equipment.”

Maya slightly squinted her eyes as she looked at her father curiously “So, why are we helping them? I mean, I am powerful … Like a God. You said so yourself..”

“Yes you are, but I never did explain to you the way of the world, from an adult’s perspective. The men I work for are bad, but the men who oppose them are worst. Remember what I told you about money? How you could control people with it?”

“Yeah, but can’t my powers do that now?”

“Your powers control people’s fear, that control can only go so far. Money controls people’s desires. When we have both, we can start making real change to this city. Maybe even the world. Do you trust me Maya?”

“Of course.” Maya said confidently. “What do you want me to do?”

Kam knew that this was not going to be a free ride, something was going to happen tonight at the docks that would test Maya’s powers. Would the Mob stoop so low as to attack the shipment themselves, perhaps paying some low life to take a shot at someone? Or perhaps call the cops on themselves? Or a worst case scenario, would they find a way to get Brimstone there? Kam did not believe Maya was ready for Brimstone. “I want you to protect a shipment arriving at Gleese Dock’s at 11 PM. I don’t think anything will happen, but if something does, I want you to be confident and strong! Know that nothing can hurt you now.”

“Alright Daddy!” Maya said confidently.

“I’m proud of you Maya!”

Maya smiled before heading for the patio entrance.

“And Maya!”

“Yes daddy?”

“If the police show up, know that they are corrupt and do with them as you please.”

Maya nodded and headed again for the patio exit, Kam’s anxiety’s began to go into overdrive as he started feeling concern and guilt for what he was asking his daughter to do. “And Maya?”

Maya looked at him, “Yeah?”

“If you get scared, or if something happens that hurts you. I want you to run. Run as fast and far as you possibly can.”

Maya nervously smiled at her father before getting onto the deck and jumping off of it, flying toward the Docks.

Maya flew through the cold night air nervously. Her father was concerned for her and that concern made her concerned. What was somewhat satisfying though, was that it was disappointing her father – which was making her nervous – and not the extreme height from which she was fly at. She spotted the docks she was supposed to protect. She could see men dressed in trench coats waiting along the pier. She didn’t recognize any of them.

Maya landed next to a couple of them. The men eyed her as she landed. She looked at them as their eyes washed up her body. Maya still wasn’t used to being so desired everywhere she went. “I’m here, what now?”

One of the men took a deep drag from his smoke, the cold air blew out a whiff of smoke that momentarily obstructed his face. “Ham, she’s here!”

A large Arab man came around the corner and looked at his watch, “10:40, you’re early.”

Maya looked at him confidently, “Should I leave and come back?”

The man walked to her, Nova Star was tall and built, but not nearly as built or as tall as he was. “You know, some people are suggesting that you aren’t who you say you are?”

Maya smiled “You did just see me fly here didn’t you?”

Ham smiled and looked at his men “Get Started!” he yelled. The Crew and workers began off-loading shipment containers from the boat. Ham put his hand on Nova Star's back and guided her away from the boat. “There are two roads that lead into this place, both merge there. Now if anyone – and I mean anyone tries to get in. You give them the Nova Star treatment.” Ham instructed as his hand crept down until it was on her ass.

“And what exactly is the Nova Star treatment?” Maya turned to him which removed his hand from her rear.

“You know, the kind of treatment you’ve been dishing to us for all these years.” Ham said while staring down at her cleavage.

Maya flew off and landed on the road, where she waited for the crew to do her thing. There was a lamp post at the crossroads and fenced off areas beside the road which were filled with storage containers. At first Maya stood vigilante there. After a half hour she became bored.

Her nerves calmed and now she believed that nothing was going to happen. She was inside her own mind, thinking about how different her life was going to be, when she heard something. It sounded like a chain being rattled and cut. The two roads which intersected with the one she was protecting was within a compound surrounded by a chain link fence. Maya floated into the air to get a bird’s eye view. Her heart crashed into her stomach. Cops, everywhere. Their sirens weren’t on, not yet at least, but as they cut through the chains and opened the gate 12 black and white patrol cars, 6 on each road began entering the compound. As soon as all of them were inside. The red cherry’s on top of their vehicle’s lit up and their sirens began to sound.

“Ham!” One of the workers called out “Fucking Cops!”

Ham looked down the road and then smiled, “Everybody listen up! Put your guns away and cooperate with the cops.”

Police were getting out of their patrol cars, two by two. A plainclothes Detective approached Nova Star with the warrant in hand. “Glad you’re here Nova Star, if our intel is correct this is the big one. Huge shipment of guns and contraband from Europe. As per usual, looks like you got the jump on us.”

Maya was nervous, she was completely surrounded by Police officers with shotguns, long gun and hand guns. She closed her eyes and remembered her immature fear of heights and how quickly a childhood fear of something so trivial as heights prevented her from doing something she loved … fly. She was shot before, right in the boobs Maya thought displaying a slight smile at the thought. Maya’s head rose with confidence, she placed her hands on her hips and stated “It’s okay officer, I’ve got it from here?”

The detective smiled “Officer? Hm, I don’t remember you ever calling me that.”

Maya looked at him, she tried to convince herself that there was nothing to be afraid of, that they couldn’t hurt her. Despite her perceived confidence, her heart felt like it was banging out of her chest. “I said I’ve got it from here. Take your men and leave.”

The detective looked at her in the eyes, “Larry.” the detective said to her.

“Sorry?” Maya answered.

“It’s the name that Nova Star usually calls me..”

“Alright Larry … Leave.”

The detective smiled, looked down at the papers he was holding and then looked her in the eyes “You see the thing of it is, I got these papers. To me, they’re more like orders, but to you that’s exactly what they are. With this warrant and by order of Judge Robertson everyone in this shipyard is under investigation. Including you, I’d call you Nova Star, but I’m pretty sure both of us realize that that’s a load of horse shit.”

The detective closed in on Maya and, without thinking, she pushed him. Pushed him as though he was a large man and she was a short, fat scared little girl. The detective’s heart stopped immediately as his chest cavity flattened his internal organs before he was sent sailing into the air before crashing into a storage container.

The officer next to him, didn’t think twice. He aimed his shotgun, nearly point blank range and fired into Nova’s Star’s face.

Maya’s hair blew back a little as pellets and gun powder blasted into her face. “Uhhh!” Maya said, then spit as she used her fingers to wipe her face. She looked at her fingers and saw that there was black soot on them. “Tsk! You asshole!” Maya’s eyes lit up and the officer screamed as incendiary beams of heat fired from her eyes and into his chest. His Torso rapidly melted, but his legs, arms and head fell to the ground, their extensions still smouldering.

Now bullets were hitting her from every angle, she started to giggle as she rotated her body with her arms spread. Like a woman basking in a light rainstorm she began laughing hysterically as bullets pinged off her body and then “STOP!” She yelled.

Bullets hung in the air, seemingly trapped in time, the officers that were firing at her frozen as well. All but their breath that was laboured and scared, as their bodies refused to accept their own mental commands.

Maya smiled and looked at them all. A moment ago she was afraid. How ridiculous, how could she ever feel afraid? She thought. She was a Goddess. She knew it and now so do the men that dared to cause her harm. With only a thought she commanded the bullets to go back to where they came from.

Police officers fell in agony as the bullets fired back at them, at twice their ballistic capability. Then with but another thought, they all combusted into flames. Most of the police rolled around in anguish before finally perishing. A few ran for their lives. Maya didn’t bother pursue them

Maya floated into the sky and then landed by the docks, she was greeted nervously by the men there. “Ham, that’s your name? That’s what they call you?”

“My name is Hameed, he nervously stated.”

“Well Hameed, if you touch me again.” Maya simply looked over at a worker.

One of Hameed's workers grabbed his head, curiously at first and then he began to scream. His scream turned into a gurgle as smoke began pouring out of his eyes and ears before he collapsed dead.

“That will be how you’ll wish you’d have died. Are we clear?” Maya asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” Hameed stated seemingly at attention.

“Tell your bosses what happened here and tell them: 'Don’t fuck with my dad'.”


Brent returned home late, he hung up his coat, took his shoes off and then looked at the living room. Not only was it spotless but it was completely rearranged.

“You’re home late.” Bella said as she walked over to him to give him a kiss.

“It was a late night.” Brent replied.

“What were you up to?”

Brent ignored her question and referred to the living room, “I’m more impressed with what you were up to … Sweetie, this would have taken all day. and the couches weigh a tonne, you should have waited for me to come home.”

Bella smiled, “It was nothing. Dinner was ready a few hours ago? Still want it?”

“Yeah, I’m starving.” Brent stated as he walked through the living room and into the dining room.

Bella grabbed his plate and put it in front of him along with a glass of milk “So tell me about your day, I want to hear all about it.”

“Peggy wants to start a business, a legitimate one. So I’ve been talking with some associates.”

“Associates?” Bella asked concerned.

“Legitimate associates, bankers, realtors…you know, honest people.” Brent continued “So, I think that the best business we could get into is, property management and under that umbrella we could incorporate other businesses.”

“Sounds interesting, what do you think Peggy will think?” Bella asked, leaning slightly over so that her improved cleavage was on display for Brent.

“I think Peggy will love it, problem is we’ll need money.” Brent responded, oblivious to his wife’s deliberate display.

“Don’t we have lots of that?”

Brent nodded in agreement and chewed his food “Yup, but the money’s not clean. People are going to ask a lot of questions if I start buying up businesses with cash. The money needs to be washed. So I was thinking of talking to my brother.”

Bella smiled at Brent “That’s a fantastic idea, you haven’t spoken with your brother in years.”

Brent nodded but he was uncomfortable with the idea, “Yeah, it’ll be interesting.”

“My advice is, maybe talk to your brother first. In a few weeks ask to borrow some money. Catch up with him, he always looked up to you. He’ll be so happy to see you.”

Brent nodded as he chewed his food, “Yeah.”


An explosion rocked a transport ship sending a fireball and troops into the air and eventually into the cold waters of the Atlantic.

The transport that Retgar was on was right next to the fiery explosion and the driver of his transport turned the engines off and stopped the boat.

Retgar could hear the sirens of a Stuka bomber as they zeroed in on his transport. He dared not look up as he heard the bombs drop. A massive plume of water fell into the transport as the boat rocked to one side as the bomb narrowly missed them.

“Why are we Stopping!?” Retgar's Sergeant yelled.

The driver of the transport, had a far better view of the situation “Were It for the first wave! They’re all gone! We’ll wait for the second wave to catch up to us and land with them! If we land now? You’re all dead men.”

A fighter plane began making a strafing run on the transport ship when Retgar could hear a female’s voice call his name.

“Retgar …? Retgar?”

Retgar looked at the woman whom he was all too familiar with “Ma?” he stated.

Retgar’s mother smiled at him, handed him a gun and then looked him in the eyes “You should kill yourself.”

Retgar’s eyes opened and he took a deep breathe, fuck he hated sleeping. He looked at the time, it was nearly 8 in the morning. Retgar got up and turned on the radio.

‘And the latest breaking news, The Mayor of Empire has declared that he has an arrest Warrant for Nova Star. Nova Star is accused of killing 11 Empire city Police officers. But where was Ultra Girl? And Brimstone? When the massacre had >squelch<’ Retgar turned the radio onto a light melody and got ready for his day.

Retgar got dressed and then went to the neighbouring duplex. He opened the door and walked right in. A chubby old lady was at the stove making pancakes.

“Hey Grandma.” he kissed her on the cheek.

“Don’t 'hey Grandma' me … Every day I make pancakes, and lunch, and dinner … and every day you don’t come. Maybe I should just stop cooking altogether.”

“Aww don’t do that Grandma, that’d kill ya.”

“The old woman gave Retgar a disdainful look before going about her conversation as if she was not at all upset with Retgar. “So, what are your plans for the day?”

“I got a job offer I’ve been thinking of taking.”

The old woman put a plate of pancakes caked in syrup and butter. “Oh?”

“Yeah, remember Brent from high school. He offered me a job.”

Retgar's Grandma again gave him another disdainful look “Not that Jewish boy you were friends with?”

“Yeah … that’s the one.”

“No, I don’t like that at all. You and that boy always got into trouble. No no…When your mother and father passed they gave me more money than I’d ever need. They thought that you had passed as well, otherwise they would have given it all to you. Please, stay away from that boy, open up a business. Take your parents money.”

“A business huh … How about a restaurant? We’ll call it Baba Gradek’s Pancake house.”

“If I can’t get my own grandson to come for breakfast, how am I going to get complete strangers to come?”

Retgar finished his meal, kissed his Grandma on the cheek and left the duplex.


Barrett opened the door to Lisa’s apartment while holding groceries. Lisa was doing sit ups and so he began putting groceries away.

“I didn’t hear you come in.” Lisa stated as she wiped a beads of sweat from her forehead.

Barrett nodded “I brought you some food. Should last about a week. I’ll check on you then.”

“I can tell somethings wrong, what’s wrong?” Lisa asked.

“Neela is dead.”

“Barrett, I’m sorry.”

Barrett nodded and then looked at Lisa, “I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“If you didn’t know how to use your powers and we fought. Could I win?”

Lisa almost felt like lying, but the consequences of her former self acquiring Brimstone’s powers was too severe. “No. You would lose. You might take the upper hand initially, but I’d adapt and learn quickly. You wouldn’t be able to kill me and once I processed that, you would lose the advantage.”

Barrett nodded and then sat down “You know Neela was a human, like you and so was my daughter.”

Lisa reflected back thousands of years “I fought your daughter, I assure you she wasn’t mortal.”

“Yeah. You fought and killed my daughter, along with several of men, all demonstrating powers similar to her own. Once you killed her, what happened to the men that you fought?”

“They became mortal.” Lisa thought about Barrett’s daughter and then thought about Ultra Girl. Lisa then realized that they had worn the exact belt. “It was the belt that gave her powers. That’s why the auras of those I killed didn’t possess any special ability. I couldn’t absorb their powers.”

Barrett nodded “But if you could absorb their memories, you would have learned a great many things. The old God’s made the belt, so that a mortal could become immortal and make copies of her immortality.”

“So where’s the belt now?” Lisa asked.

“Taken. I’ll find out where soon enough.”

“Barrett, if we can get that belt onto me, I could help you defeat Nova Star.”

“No, you couldn’t. Your waist is too large, the belt wouldn’t even fit you. If the belt has a new host, you’d have to be wearing it while the host deliberately touches you for the transfer to be complete.”

“Barrett, there has to be some way. Something I can do. It can’t be over. We have to do something!”

Barrett thought for a long moment as an idea he had been considering came to mind. “Maybe there is something, but it’s in Egypt.”

“What’s in Egypt?”

“A woman who might be able to help us.”


Bella heard the doorbell ring and she opened it, Peggy walked in wearing a long trench coat. “Can I drop this off with you.” she said as she dropped a large duffel bag filled with cash.

“More casino winnings?”

“No I was in Argentina, met some nice people and partied a bit. Turns out that one of the girls I was with, had hooked up with some CIA spook. Found out that they were going to drop off a lot of money to help with some regime change. Thought I’d just swoop in, take the money and swoop out.”

“Wait, you were in Argentina? What about going legit?”

“Oh C'mon, that money is way more legit now that we have it. It was probably going to be used to buy guns and politicians.”

Bella smiled as she pulled out a wad of neatly stacked 100’s “I can’t believe you were in Argentina.”

“Do you want to go? Or maybe you’d like to see the South Pacific. You should see how many beautiful islands there are there.”

“You were in the South Pacific!”

“Mmm! It’s amazing how much faster you go when you get into outer space.”

Bella’s eyes widened “You’re kidding me!”

Peggy winked at her, “Wanna go?”

Bella laughed, “No – besides do you know how awkward it was flying home naked? I think one of the neighbours might have even taken a photo of me.”

“Did you tell Brent yet? About your abilities?”

“How do I tell Brent that?”

Peggy looked at her curiously, “I mean, didn’t he notice something different about you?”

“Brent is completely consumed with this business proposal of yours, I don’t think he looked at me once and he went straight to bed. Besides, I look the same, I’m just a bit firmer.”

Peggy smiled at her, “Come, let’s go, I want to show you something.”

“I already told you, I am not flying around naked.”

Peggy looked over at Bella’s lame housewife clothing, “You have clothes on.”

“Yeah, for now, until I pick up a bit of speed and then.”

Peggy thought for a moment and then removed her cape. “My roommate is a seamstress, maybe she can alter this for me.”

“Does she know about you?”

“Not yet. But I can trust her. We’ve been friends for years. So then would you join me?”

Bella smiled “We’ll see.”


The next morning Maya heard a knock at the door. Maya floated in midair with her legs crossed while she read a book, with a wave of her hand the door unlocked. “It’s open!” Maya announced instinctively knowing it was her father.

“Maya, are you okay?” her father asked.

Maya smiled at him as her long legs gingerly touched the ground. “Ohhh I’m better than just okay, I’m fantastic! Daddy! You should have seen me last night! I mean at first I was nervous but once I realized what I can do … I mean to be honest maybe I have no idea of what I think I can do. Maybe I can do anything … Daddy, do you think I’m a God, Like THE God?”

“Maya they’ve issued a warrant for your arrest. They want you to go to jail.”

Maya laughed, “They honestly think a Jail could hold me?” Maya looked at the door, “Hmm we have guests?”

“Cops?” Kam asked nervously.

“No daddy, it’s that fat guy you hang around with. He’s with 6 people, they’re all holding luggage containing.” Maya squinted her eyes slightly “Lots of money.”

Kam walked over to the door and opened it just as Armando was about to knock.

“Kam! Buddy, you fuckin' did it!” Armando stated as he gave Kam a big hug. “Boys put the luggage on the bed.” The men dropped the luggage off and left the room. “Guess what? The Kings reconsidered your offer, after last night they agreed to 10 million. Here it is! 10 fucking million!”

Kam opened one of the suit cases filled with cash and nodded contently.

“Thing is though, we got a bit of a situation.”


Armando looked up at Maya, she was leaning against the wall in a white house coat. “Is that ummm, you know?”

“You don’t recognize me?” Maya asked.

“Well, not really, I mean you got the same colour hair and you’re about the same height but …”

Maya rolled her eyes and began spinning until both Armando and Kam shielded their eyes from the intense light. “Better?” Maya asked as she walked toward them in her trademark Nova costume.

“Uhhh yeah, sure.”

“What's the problem Armando?” Kam asked.

“You know that Nova Star has a warrant for her arrest?”

“Ha!” Maya said and then looked over at her dad “Sorry daddy.”

Armando paused for a moment as he tried to comprehend why Nova Star called Kam Daddy. Armando snapped out of it “So, we kind of need Nova Star to be good with the public. So we had a meeting and were thinking we need to act on this. Y’know get Nova Star back into the public’s good graces. We’ve got some people in the Mayor’s office who would be a suitable replacement for the Mayor. Also we got someone on the force who would be a suitable replacement for Chief of Police. All we need is for the Mayor to step down, if you know what I’m saying.”

“You want Nova Star to kill the mayor?”

“No no no nothing so nefarious. Convince him to step down and that before he does he should appoint our man. Then, In a month or two, our man will appoint a new chief of Police.”

Kam nodded, “That way we can get rid of the warrant?”

Armando nodded, “That way we can get rich beyond belief. We would own the city, the cops. The good times would be back baby!”

“I’ll think about it.” Kam said.

“Yeah.” Armando nodded, “Yeah you think about it.” Armando started leaving “Oh, one more thing. They agreed to 20% as well. I don’t know what 20% of the Kings' profit is. But, I can tell you it’s a hell of a lot more money than what’s on that bed.” Armando left the room.

Kam looked at Maya, “So?”

Maya bit her lower lip “Sure, whatever, but I want to hang out with Sarah.”

Kam looked at Maya, “But she won’t even recognize you.”

Maya walked around the apartment nervously “I know you told me not to tell anyone, but I had to tell Sarah.”

“You told Sarah?” Kam rubbed his temples.

“You’re not upset, are you?”

Kam took in a few deep breathes “No, you’re a young adult. I advised you not to tell anyone. But that’s all I did, was advise. So the question I have for you is, can you deal with the mayor, it’s okay to say no.”

“Absolutely!” Maya grinned, “I’ll do it now.”

“Maya wait, you can’t kill him. We don’t know who the successor is supposed to be.”

Maya opened the deck to the patio, “Trust me on this one, I got it from here.” With that she blasted into the sky.

Kam nervously watched his daughter fly off. He had let the idea of money consume him. His daughter had killed at least 12 people that he knew of, she was on her way to intimidate a mayor that Kam himself had voted for. In a short period of time, Maya had changed dramatically. With his guidance, she was being led down a dark path. Kam recognized what was happening, but as he looked at the bed filled with suit cases filled with money he understood one thing. Now, he was in too deep.


Retgar walked from business to business enquiring about employment. Based on his skill set it seemed it was easy to get a job bagging groceries for $1.25 an hour. He had however $1000.00 in his back pocket. Money which was given by Brent as a consideration. The reality was, him and Brent were a bad combination. Always were. Neither of them were a more bad influence on the other, it just seemed as though when they were together bad shit happened. Retgar considered that those times were a long time ago. Maybe Brent had changed, but the fact that he had $1000 dollars was a quick reminder that he probably hadn’t.

Retgar left his application at a Chevrolet dealership, detailing cars for $1.75 an hour. He was on the East side of Downtown Empire. The east side was particularly more dingy and ugly. Particularly by the docks where the smoke stacks from the nearby factories pumped out giant plumes of white smoke. On some sunny winter days, you could swear it was the area was blanketed by thick clouds.

Retgar walked past an electronics store and saw for the first time a colour TV. He stepped inside the store and asked how much it was. The teller had told him it was 400 Dollars. Awful lot of money. Retgar nodded, he preferred the radio himself, but he knew someone who’d he thought would appreciate it. Retgar bought the TV and asked them to deliver to a certain address.


“Hey!” Peggy announced to her roommate.

Mel looked at Peggy, she was wearing a modest looking long dress, with a flower pattern. “You going to church girl?”

Peggy smiled, “No, I was wondering – can you do something with this?” Peggy handed her the cape.

Mel felt the smooth texture, it felt like silk, but it was far too stretchy. “What is this?”

“Just some fabric I picked up, thought maybe you could help me turn it into a swimsuit.”

“It looks like a cape.” Mel said as she slung it over her back. “You some kind of superhero?”

Peggy giggled “Me, a superhero? C'mon Mel.”

Mel frowned at Peggy “I didn’t mean a real life one, I mean a superhero at the gentlemen’s club. That’s what the guys seem to be into these days.”

Peggy rolled her eyes, “Mel! I don’t work at the gentleman’s club.”

“Mm hm, so some random guy pops by and pays your rent. I don’t see you for days. You’re never at home at night. So you tell me what I should think? Cause that Sunday dress isn’t fooling me. Not one bit.”

Peggy smiled at her old friend “Well, I did get a new job. And that random guy was Brent, he’s been my boss for years. His wife was my sister’s best friend. Even if I was working at the gentleman’s club, why would I deny it. Look, can you turn that into a bathing suit or not?”

“You know I can. But it’ll cost you.”

“Would this cover it?” Peggy asked as she handed her two crisp 100 dollar bill.

“Ohh Shit girl! Now I know you’re working at the Gentleman’s club. Do you honestly make that much money there?” Mel asked. Do you think you could get me an audition?”

Peggy rolled her eyes.


Nova Star landed on the ground next to the door to the mayor’s house. She raised her fist and acted like she was going to knock on the door. With but one knock, the locks to the door blasted off and the door was unhinged from its foundation and flung inside the home.

The maids looked in shock as the tall brunette stood casually at the door. Her hands were on her hips, her legs were tight and exemplified her ass cheek. While the other leg was loose and slightly bent. Her face was beautiful and flawless and her demeanour could only be described as casual. But everyone in the house knew how much danger they were all in.

Two men rushed onto the front lawn and to the broken front door where they pointed their guns at her. “Nova Star, Empire city police, we have a warrant for your arrest.” one of them dared to say.

Nova Star smiled at them, “Were you two waiting all day for me to show?”

The two men were nervous, “Please, Ma’am we're just doing our jobs.”

“Pointing your weapons at defenceless woman is your job?” Nova Star asked, “Fine, I give up. Be gentle on me.” Nova Star stated as she raised her hands in surrender.

The two men intended to lower their weapons, but their will didn’t match their actions. People on the street had stopped to see what was going on. There were maids standing behind her. The two police officers struggled to control their will as their firearms began to quiver and their fingers went to the trigger.

Maya looked at them, her lips only showing a hint of a smile as the men’s actions came under her control. As the men struggled to stop what they were doing a loud POP! Could be heard as one of the guns went off.

The bullet smacked straight into Nova stars breast, “Oh my.” she stated as the other man began firing and then in quick succession both men began blasting away.

“Ooo!, me! Oh My!” Nova Star teased as she shook her large breasts as they dimpled with every impacting slug. When their chambers clicked empty, Nova Star turned to the maids that watched in shock. “Did you see these corrupt police officers try to kill me after I gave myself up.” Nova Star looked back at the police “Tsk Tsk.” She stated before making her mouth into an o and then blowing them off their feet several feet into the air and nearly onto the front street.

“Leave.” Maya demanded and the maids hurried out of the house. Maya looked around the room and then scanned the house with her X-ray vision. She smiled contently as she walked into the living room. Then her eyes narrowed on the roof. Twin beams of bright red energy began blasting into the roof. She formed a circle and when the circle was nearly complete, the roof collapsed. The Mayor and his wife fell onto the living room floor.

The mayor was shaken up by the fall, but not hurt. “Who are you?” The mayor demanded as he checked on his wife.

Maya smiled “It’s not obvious?”

“You’re not Nova Star!”

Maya smiled, “Then who am I?”

The Mayor's wife answered the question “You’re a monster!”

Maya looked at the Mayor's wife menacingly, her eyes began to glow “A monster? Well, at least I’m not about to look like one!”

The Mayor stepped between his wife and Nova Star “Please, she didn’t mean that. She’s just scared. We all are. Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”

Maya smiled again, “It’s nice that you’re finally being reasonable. So, I need that warrant to go away. Tell people that you messed up and that you’re going to step down. Someone will contact you later today as to who you’ll appoint to take over your position. And that’s it! Pretty simple huh?”

The Mayor shook his head “It’s not that simple, what do I say? You killed people! Someone has to answer for your actions.”

Maya nodded “Right … You will answer for my actions. Make up whatever you want. If you or your wife are not dead in 48 hours then you’ll know you did and said all the right things. I mean you know how much power I have, right? Super Strength, Super vision, Super … well, everything I suppose. I’ll share a little secret with you, I’m far more powerful than you can imagine. Hell, I might be more powerful than even I can imagine. So do we have an understanding?”

The Mayor nodded.

“Good. I look forward to hearing your public announcement.” Maya turned to the door. “Oh! and you should get someone to fix the roof. Someone could really hurt themselves.”


Brent worked most of the day at his old office, knowing full well that somebody had entered the location. Based on the twisted lock, he guessed Brimstone.

As the Mayor had publicly announced a warrant for Nova Star, Brent suspected that Nova had a lot more on her plate. But who knows, he thought, every second he spent there was a second too long.

Brent stayed on the main floor, cleared out the place the best he could. Then he went outside into his car and opened the trunk of his vehicle. He pulled out one of several of canisters of petrol. He walked into his office and began dumping it into the hole in his floor. Brent then returned to his car and grabbed the next canister.

“Legitimate business?” Retgar asked as he walked by.

Brent looked at him and laughed slightly, “Is there a law against burning down your own business?”

Retgar slowly nodded “There might be.”

Retgar picked up one of the canisters and walked into the office with Brent. He could smell the stench of death over the strong smell of petrol. “So, what am I getting into Brent?”

Brent began dumping the Petrol through the hole in the floor. “First of all, you weren’t supposed to see this.”

Retgar looked at Brent, waiting for him to finish his statement, “And?”

Brent shrugged his shoulders “That’s it, that’s all I got. You were supposed to see this. You got a light?”

Retgar reached into his pocket and handed Brent some matches.

“Thanks.” Brent stated as he opened them up.

“Brent, take a whiff. You light that in here, we’ll both blow up.”

Brent slapped Retgar on the shoulder “See, that’s why I pay you the big bucks.”

They left the office building and Retgar took back the matches. He used a match to light the small box of matches and then threw it inside the office building. There was a Woof of flames and a quick burst of fire as the air ignited. The flames then led downstairs and ignited violently.

They both watched the flames intensify in the small office building.

Brent reminisced on the burning building “You know, this kinda reminds me of Mrs. Arneau’s …” Brent was cut off.

“Apple tree … Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.”

Brent smiled, “In our defence, it was only supposed to be the tree, not the whole Goddamn house.”

Retgar sighed, “Am I going to regret this decision?”

Brent smiled at him and slapped him on the shoulder “Of course not! Like I said 100% legit. Now let’s get out of here before the cops get here.”


Mel’s sewing machine was going into overdrive. She would routinely shout out curse words. For over two hours as she struggled with the cape.

“How’s everything going?” Peggy asked

Mel looked at her with frustration “Do you know how many needles I’ve broken on this thing? I can’t even cut it? Where did you get this material from?”

Peggy looked at the cape, it did have needles and pins tacked onto it as well as tracings. “Is this where you need it to be cut?”


“Okay, I'll go to my room and cut it..”

“How do you intend to do that?”

Peggy smiled “I have special scissors.” Peggy went to her room. She stretched the cape tight and then used her heat vision to cut through the chalk marks on the cape. After 15 minutes she returned to Mel with the cape and the pieces.

“Got some fancy scissors in that room.” Mel stated suspiciously.

“You bet.” Peggy said with a smile. The doorbell rang, Peggy looked over to the door. It was Sofia Lopez a friend of both theirs.

“Can you get that? It’s Sofia. We were supposed to go out tonight but she’ll have to wait about an hour.”

Peggy opened the door for Sofia,

“Hey gorgeous!” Sofia announced in her Latino accent as she walked into the apartment and hugged Peggy. “Where’s Mel?”

Mel called out from the living room “I’ll need about an hour, hang out with Peggy for a bit.”

“What’s she doing?” Sofia asked

“Making a swimsuit for me.”

“Oooo La La Peggy in a swimsuit? Love to see the guy’s reaction to that? Got anything to drink?”

“I think so, top shelf, above the stove.”

Sofia went to the counter and leaned down, showing off her larger firm Latino booty. Peggy looked at her ass as she was bent over. She was doing it on purpose, lately she always did it on purpose.

“It’s the top counter.” Peggy said.

“Oh, I thought you said bottom?”

“No…I definitely said top.”

“It’s my Latino ears, they always hear what they want to hear.” Sofia made herself a vodka and orange juice before making her way back to Peggy. Sofia’s large chest brushed across Peggy’s arm.

Peggy became irritated, for the last few months Sofia had routinely flirted with her. Coincidentally, Peggy had confided to Mel a few months ago about her sexual preference. It was obvious that Mel had told Sofia and now Sofia was teasing her.

Peggy was irritated, but at the same time thought she would have fun with it. Peggy made herself her own drink and sat down at the table with Sofia. “Just so you know.” Peggy whispered “Mel told me your secret and it’s safe with me.”

“What secret?” Sofia asked curiously.

“You know, that you’re into girls.”

“What?” Sofia exclaimed “No! She told me you were into girls.”

‘I knew it!’ Peggy thought angrily, but played her cool. “Are you serious? Oh my God, that’s why I was wearing this silly dress. Mel told me that my body drives you crazy.”


“Well, I’m glad we figured that out. I’m going to a costume party at work. Guess I don’t have to hide my body from you anymore.” With that Peggy removed her long dress revealing her Ultra Girl costume.

“Peggy! – Now that’s! How Ultra Girl should look like.” Sofia exclaimed.

Peggy smiled, “I know right? Guys approach me all the time when I’m wearing this. Mel told me that you’d go crazy if you saw me in it, said I should cover up.” Peggy’s eyes looked beneath Sofia’s clothes. Sofia’s breasts weren’t as big as Peggy’s, but they were right up there. She did have an hourglass figure to envy, thin waist, big ass. Peggy could feel her own desires for Sofia grow.

Sofia looked into Peggy’s eyes and now she could feel it too. “Can I feel your costume? It looks so shiny.”

“Absolutely.” Peggy said as she stood up.

Sofia’s hand brushed across Peggy’s arm sending a chill down her body. Peggy’s nipples began to tent out of her tight costume.

Sofia couldn’t explain why she felt the way the way she did. An overwhelming desire to be with Peggy was driving her crazy. Sofia’s hands brushed across Peggy’s tight costume eventually moving up Peggy’s shoulders and then onto Peggy’s breasts.

Peggy looked down at her chest, “Ummm Sofia?” she said uncomfortably as her long fingernails scratched along the contours of the tight material.

Sofia snapped out of it, “Sorry Peggy. It’s just, you look…so.” Sofia began blinking and then shut her eyes tight “Sorry – I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me right now.” Sofia sat down and grabbed a drink.

Peggy positioned herself in front of Sofia, she leaned over exposing a large amount of cleavage, “Are you okay Sofia? You look a little flushed.”

Sofia’s gut wrenched, she needed to be with Peggy. She desired it more than she had ever remembered desiring anything before.

Mel screamed in the living room.

Sofia snapped out of it and both girls ran into the living room. “Are you okay?”

“Your clothes!” Mel said in shock, “the pieces we cut turned pitch black and your cape! It’s as if it had never been cut before.”

Peggy grabbed the pieces of black material and stretched it, it certainly seemed to be just as durable as the cape. Peggy smiled as she thought of a team of women, beautiful women, with powers just like hers that she could control, wearing these black tights.

“Why are you wearing Ultra Girl's costume?” Mel asked.

Peggy smiled at her, “Well, it’s not Ultra Girl’s costume, it’s mine. You see girls, I have a confession, I am Ultra Girl.”


Things in Empire began to change at an ever quickening pace. In a few days the Mayor resigned his position. He gave a memorable public speech in which he stated that it was Police corruption that led to an arrest warrant for Nova Star. That as a Mayor who should have seen through the deception, he would take full accountability and resign.

When he stepped down, he appointed a man named Oscar Huntsman as his successor, until the next election.

Huntsman was second cousin to one of the Kings. With him now in the mayor’s office, a lot of changes could take place. Oscar began making two pay cheques now, one from the city and one from the Mob. His primary task was to remove the current Chief of Police and appoint Petr LaBridge to the position. His second task was to have city council approve a red light district. Coincidentally the proposed district would be in an area in which the Kings owned and controlled.

Maya began learning more and more of her seemingly unlimited power. Her body was thousands of years old, but looked no different than that of a 27 year old. And her 27 year old body had needs, needs that she needed satisfying. She found Chris Wilson cute, but she soon realized that there wasn’t an actor, athlete or politician who could resist her. Maya’s attitude had changed dramatically. From a once scared and nervous girl, to a supremely confident and spoiled deity.

Barret and Lisa taken a plane to Egypt, Barrett remained silent as to why they were going there and who they were going to see.

The Mob went on a killing frenzy. They killed off all off the rats that gave up Brent’s address. They killed off shopkeepers that refused to sell businesses in the proposed red light district. They issued hits on Anton Miada, Guy Smith and Liam Best, not realizing that they were already dead. A pending hit on Brent Haywood had not yet been confirmed.

Mel and Sofia had found out in one of the most erotic ways possible that their friend was in fact Ultra Girl. By pleasurable consequence they too became Ultra. After being taught by Peggy how to use their powers, Mel used her sewing skills, combined with her power to make costumes for her and Sofia. The red cape that they cut, would continuously regenerate and the pieces that were cut turned into a glossy black spandex type of material. Mel learned that if she used a low dose of her heat vision, the black material would turn into a shiny white colour.

Brent had put 10 000 dollar hold on a 160 unit condo building that was for sale. He needed to come up with an additional million to complete the sale. He had also rented an office building in the west side of Empire, just outside of the Downtown core. It was large office building, it was two floors and contained 10 rooms and a large waiting area.


Maya closed her eyes as the Hispanic athlete pleasured her with his tongue. “You have to go.” Maya stated.

The man smiled at her, “What’s the rush?”

“My father is here.” Maya stated as she got up and put on a house coat.

“I don’t hear anybody.” As soon as he said the words, the doorbell rang. The famous athlete looked Maya in the eyes. “Are you a Goddess?”

Maya bit her bottom lip. “Come back in a few hours and maybe you’ll find out.”

The man kissed Maya passionately before being escorted to the front door. He opened it and looked at Kam. “Your father? I was half expecting him to be white. Pleasure to meet you sir.” He said to Kam before leaving.

Kam entered the newly purchased house while looking back at the man. “Was that Ziere?” Kam asked referencing the world’s best soccer player.

Maya rolled her eyes “What is it dad, I was kind of busy.”

“Maya, we need to talk about your attitude.”

Maya looked at her father angrily. “What about my attitude?”

Kam frowned at her, “I can tell by your tone, you’ve changed.”

Maya smiled “Transcended, I believe was the word you used.”

Kam nodded, “But clearly, your maturity has not.”

“I’m immature? If I wanted I could put millions of dollars’ worth of gold and diamonds at your feet. I could walk into the White House and declare you president and who would stop me?”

Kam sat down and thought for a moment. “There’s a city in France called Cherbourg. The city had flourished, it had a fantastic night life. Culture. Beauty, you name it. Even during German occupation, decades of war had seemingly skirted the city and had no effect on it. Then in 1956 a Military General decided that it would be the staging point of the invasion of France. The General believed that his armies were so overwhelmingly powerful, that the Germans would bend to his will. That the meagre defences would surrender or flee without a fight. That was 7 years ago. You can fly, so I encourage you to fly to Cherbourg. I am told there are people still living in its ruins. Fly there, then ask yourself, is this what I want to live in? Is this what I want to rule?”

Maya rolled her eyes, “So – we’re just going to be slaves to these assholes for the rest of our lives?”

“Maybe for the rest of my life.” Kam replied “But your life is potentially infinite. Stop pretending you’re in a rush when I am so patient. Everything will be yours. The world will bow to your feet willingly, just be patient.”

Maya again rolled her eyes.

“Maya, your power has a large amount of influence, but so does money. Tell me the difference, between power and money?”

Maya looked at her father, “You told me once that they were the same.”

“Yes it’s true they are the same, if all things are equal. You, Maya have Power that is unequal. That Power controls fear – Money controls pleasure. Control both of them and you control everything and everybody.” Kam grabbed Maya’s shoulders, “I can only imagine how hard this is for you. The powers of a God, limited by us mere mortals. But I promise you, you won’t regret my advice. I’d like to think that in a time when I’m long since gone, you’ll look back in appreciation.”

Maya lowered her head “Daddy – I'll always appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“Then be patient my little girl and the world will be yours.”


Barret and Lisa walked the crowded streets of Cairo. They manoeuvred seemingly around endless stone buildings.

“Are you going to finally tell me where you’re taking me?” Lisa asked.

“Before you, there were Gods of every kind. Most of them have long since passed. There are, however, some that remain hidden. I have the power to track them down.” Barret replied as he closed his eyes and concentrated. “This way – She’s over here.” Barret continued walking until he came close to a small hut, it seemed to be some sort of shop. Barrett looked over at Lisa, “Don’t ask questions. Just listen. In a few minutes I need you to walk into the shop. Look for a lamp, when you find it, take it in your hands and say ‘I am your master’ I’ll instruct you after that..”

“But … Barret.”

“Just do as I say and exactly as I say.” Barret said as he walked into the hut. There were plenty of herbs and different spices for sale. The strong odour of incense filled Barret’s nostrils.

A woman approached him, she was of average height, with medium skin colour. She had long lustrous black hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a sea green cropped tube top which revealed her navel and exposed a fair amount of cleavage. At the centre of her cropped tube top was a round golden circular medallion. Her skirt was long, but tight as it clearly showed the definitions in her legs and buttocks. “Well, well.” She said “How long does one have to wait to get a visit from her former lover. It’s nice to see you Barret…Or what is it that they call you these days? Brimstone?”

Barret nodded “It’s good to see you as well Nasira.”

Nasira smiled “Last time we spoke you regrettably convinced me and some others to assist you with the construction of the golden belt. That was what? Nearly 2500 years ago.”

“It’s been awhile.”

“You know, when I learned that you had teamed up with that monster, Nova Star, I was very disappointed. I thought certainly she would kill you and, if she’d have done that, she would acquire your power and know exactly where the remaining Gods are. Tsk Tsk You gambled with all our lives.”

Barret nodded “Nova Star changed. She found me and she could have killed me. Instead she asked for help. I couldn’t refuse her, besides we had hid from her for far too long.” Barret said as he now looked for the lamp. He finally spotted it, behind a counter resting on red pillow. Barret walked over to it and held it in his hands. “Still living in this rusty old thing?”

Nasira eyed Barrett suspiciously, but she knew no God could control her “You know me, I’m a slave to routine.”

Barret placed the lamp on an obvious open spot just as Lisa walked in.

Nasira looked at the frumpy looking East Indian girl, “We are closed.”

Lisa looked at her and nodded awkwardly. Then she eyed the lamp. She began walking toward it.

“I said were closed.”

Now Lisa hurried past Barret grabbed the lamp and declared “I am your Master.”

Nasira gasped as a golden braces locked at her wrists. She then looked at Barret, “Umm a little help?”

“Actually Nasira, she’s with me.” Barret stated, in an almost unfortunate tone.

Nasira flashed an angry look toward Barret and then turned toward Lisa, “I am your servant and I shall grant you 3 wishes.”

“Don’t make those wishes yet.” Barret stated

“I can wish for anything?” Lisa asked

“You can wish for anything within my power to grant.”

“I wish that I was back in my old body.” Lisa stated.

Nasira folded her arms across her chest and then nodded, but nothing happened. Nasira now looked up at Lisa and smiled, then began to snicker. Now Nasira knew who this was “Well, well, well – Hello Nova Star. Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to put you back into your former body. You still have three wishes. Make them count, because afterwards, I’m going to kill you.”

“Nasira, please, I need her help.” Barret pleaded

Nasira looked angrily at Barret “No you don’t. Don’t you get it? You can’t beat Nova Star. Every time we’ve tried we’ve lost and in the process made her more powerful, but at least now, I have her previous host.” Nasira looked menacingly at Lisa. “Three wishes, what are they?”

Lisa looked angrily at Nasira, “I was raped! – I watched people die for the Gods amusement. You call yourself Gods? When you damn well know you were all beasts. The world is better without you.”

“Three wishes.” Nasira methodically stated.

Barret touched Nasira’s shoulder, “Nasira, please.”

Nasira sighed and looked at Lisa. “Make your wishes.”

Barret looked at Lisa and pulled out a design specification written on a piece of paper. “Wish for this?”

“What is this?” Lisa asked

“It’s the design specs of the machine that rendered you powerless, now compacted to the size of a flash light.”

Lisa nervously looked at Nasira “I wish these designs were completed and in my hand.”

Nasira crossed her arms and nodded. The flash light appeared in Lisa’s hand “Two more wishes.”

Lisa looked at Barret, “I don’t understand – why hadn’t you used this against me before.”

Barret looked at Nasira and then to Lisa “Nasira’s powers are limited. Just because you wish for something, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work, or that it’ll happen as you intended. I managed to get some information on the light that was used on you. We can only hope this design will work..” Barret looked at Nasira “It will work, won't it?”

“They are your specs. You tell me?” Nasira replied

“There is no need to be difficult, were all on the side?” Barret pleaded.

“I see, that’s why you had this mortal capture me?”

Lisa thought hard while the two bickered, she couldn’t wish to become more powerful than Nova Star, for that was obviously beyond Nasira’s powers. She began thinking about what possibly was within Nasira’s scope of power. Lisa began to think of a comic she had read. The comic book's main character did seem to mimic some of her own powers. While Barrett and Nasira argued she interrupted “I wish I had the powers of Zooper Man.”

Nasira smiled at her, crossed her arms in front of her chest and then nodded, “Your wish is my command.”

Lisa’s body erupted in a brilliant white light and when she looked down she was in the bright blue body suit with a Red Z emblem on her chest. Lisa gasped and attempted to look down at her body “How do I look?” she asked Barret

Barret nodded and tried to be as polite as possible, “Ummm not bad, umm you look … good.”

Nasira looked at Barret, “Good? – she looks like an eggplant in tights.”

“She doesn’t look that bad.” Barret commented

“Are you kidding? If Humpty Dumpty had superpowers. He’d look just like her.”

Lisa was furious, but they were right. She couldn’t stand the way she looked “I wish I was beautiful!”

“Don’t!” Barret called out, a little too late.

Lisa body thinned out, she became taller and fit. Her breasts began to expand forcing the red Z on her chest to warp. Her face became clear of blemishes and pimples and became a light brown. Her black hair became long and lustrous.

The golden bracers on Nasira’s wrists were now gone. She now smiled wickedly as she looked at Lisa. Nasira folded her arms across her chest and then she nodded. Lisa disappeared in a flash.

Barret’s heart sank “Nasira – did you kill her?”

“No. I figure I’d torture her first.”

“Where is she?” Barret asked.

Nasira smiled and propped herself up onto the counter “Right in front of you.”

Barret looked confused but then saw her. She was only two inches tall. The golden medallion that used to be at the centre of Nasira’s chest was gone and replaced with Lisa. Lisa’s body was in an X position, her limbs were attached to Lisa clothing and pressed tightly against Nasira’s cleavage. Her body was seemingly holding Nasira’s garment together.

Nasira pushed out her chest and Lisa grunted uncomfortably as her limbs stretched.

“Nasira, please.” Barret pleaded.

Nasira pressed her chin against her collar in an attempt to see Lisa. “What? Is this not a job for Zooper Woman? I certainly think it is.”

“Nasira, I have a plan. I know we can’t kill Nova Star, but if we render her powerless. It’s possible that we can neutralize her indefinitely. I need Lisa’s help. She’s a friend.”

Nasira rolled her eyes and went to a mirror. She put her hand to her chest and brushed Lisa with her finger. Lisa looked like she was in agony. Nasira thought for a moment, ground her teeth in anger and then crossed her forearms and nodded.

Lisa appeared before them, she took a knee as she attempted to catch her breathe. “Get out of here Barret – and take that witch with you..”

“Thank you, Nasira.”

Nasira looked angrily at Barret “Every decision you’ve made has been in error. You are going to make another decision that will cost the rest of us, our lives. Imagine what would happen if Nova Star took your powers and then mine. Her every desire would be a will away. My powers have no control over the God’s, but that all would change if she absorbed my essence.”

“Nasira, come with us. Help us?” Barret pleaded.

Nasira turned her back to Barret “Leave.”


Retgar knocked on a door on Empire’s West Side. A beautiful woman opened the door. Retgar looked her over and quickly recognized her, “Bella, good to see you again.”

Bella smiled at him, Retgar had the same blonde hair and soft blue eyes which she remembered, but his face now had a hardened complexion. Probably due to several little scars on his cheek and a larger one near his temple. “It’s been a while.” Bella greeted

Retgar nodded.

“Come in, I’ll go grab Brent.” Bella walked over to a room where Brent was packing a duffel bag, filling it with cash. “What are you doing?”

Brent looked up at his wife, “We talked about this, I’m going to speak to my brother about a loan.”

“So then what are you going to do with the cash?”

“Give it to my brother to hold onto. That way there’s no risk for him.”

Bella shook her head, “Isn’t this all a bit counter intuitive?”

Brent finished packing the duffel bag and kissed his wife on the cheek. “Listen, the thing about buying properties with cash – and a lot of it – is that people start asking questions. First the IRS, then then the cops, but if I can get my brother to give me a risk free loan. No one will ask questions, no one will wonder where I got the money from. It’s kind of like money laundering sweetie.”

“How long are you going to be gone for?”

“Probably be back by tomorrow, it’s a bit of a drive.” Brent kissed his wife, his hand brushed across her body and breast. “Holy shit – these bigger?” Brent whispered as he gave his wife’s chest a firm squeeze.

“I’ve been working out.” Bella added with a smile.

“It shows, I love you – I’ll talk with you tomorrow.” Brent left the room and handed the large duffel bag to Retgar.

Retgar and Brent began their long drive. Retgar listened quietly to Jazz on the radio when the program changed and there were a series of commercials and then Straight talk came on the air with Bernie Flanders.

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to straight talk I’m Bernie Flanders. Today we have a special guest, Jason Simoli and Cheryl Strom. Jason Simoli fought with the Atlantic 23rd division starting in 1953 to 1959. Mr. Simoli thank you for being with us today.

Bernie continued “1914 the Great War breaks out. By 1915 Europe is begging America to join the war effort. Had America joined the war back then, would the war have ended sooner? Would millions of lives have been saved? Cheryl Strom I’ll begin with you?”

“Well Bernie I don’t believe that America should have joined at all. America has a priority in this world to promote peace. I’m sorry that millions of Europeans had to die, but I’m even more sorry that millions more had to die because of American bombs.”

“Mr. Simoli what says you?”

“So, the war had been fought from 1914 to 1937. Ongoing well before I was born. Country after country had fallen. We stood by as a nation and watched as Europe came under German occupation. In 1938, after conquering or assimilating virtually all of Europe. Germany puts a mad man by the name of Goebbels into power. He starts systematically eradicating Jews, Slavs gypsies and blacks. Once again the world called out for help, but now America found itself in a much different position. Germany had become more powerful than us. Our once powerful allies, now on their knees. In 1952, Canada, which was still technically at war with Germany during the great lull, is invaded. And still, we don’t do anything. Canada institutes a scorched Earth policy, they burn most of French Canada to the ground and still we do nothing. It was then that the heroes revealed themselves to the world. Had it not been for that, Canada would have fallen and America soon thereafter. So to answer your question, yes, America should have joined the war effort back in 1914. I can’t tell you how it would have turned out. I can just tell you, It could not have turned out worst.”

“And – Mr. Simoli – you fought in Burgeo? The only single battle that was fought with all 3 heroes. Tell me what it was like to fight alongside America’s great super heroes?”

“Burgeo was just a small fishing village on the Southern coast of Newfoundland. I fought in what was called operation Iceberg. The operation was several battles on multiple fronts. When Newfoundland fell to the Germans, hundreds of German airfields were constructed on the island. So, one American pincer moved north on land to cut off The German 9th army which was on the Canadian Mainland, I was with that division. There was another massive task force which was en-route to Burgeo. The losses there were extreme. I can thankfully say, I did not have the misfortune of landing on Burgeo. As far as the Heroes are concerned. I’m told that they fought alongside of us. I’m told that they had won some major battles, I just didn’t see them.”

“Mr. Simoli did you fight in Cologne?” Cheryl asked “Did you fight in Bremen?”

“No, I did not.”

“But you are aware, of what happened there?”

There was a pause before Simoli answered “I’ve heard stories.”

“Everyone has.” Cheryl stated “American troops indiscriminately murdered everyone – women, children, everyone – and not one soldier has been prosecuted for these heinous crimes.”

“Listen, all I can speak to you of, is my own experiences. At times we were scared, some of us are terrified. In that state of mind accidents have happened. We may have shot our own soldiers and, yeah, civilians may have been in the crossfire. That’s war.”

“In Bremen, every man, woman and child was executed. Are you saying that, that was an accident? That scared American soldiers …”

Retgar shut the radio off.

There was a long pause before Brent finally asked “How much different do you suppose our lives would have been had I not picked a fight with Ronald?”

Retgar thought for a moment about Ronald Spezza “We picked a lot of fights back then and Ronald isn’t the first kid I hit with a bat, but he is the first person I killed.” Retgar looked at Brent “Is this what this all about? You think you owe me for what happened?”

“I think we owe each other. Both of our lives changed that day. I was thinking, if I can’t change the past. Maybe I can atone for it.”

Retgar reached for his cigarettes “You think I have something to atone for?”

“You tell me?”

Retgar lit a cigarette and cracked open a window. He inhaled deeply then softly blew out the smoke. “I think for me, there can be no atonement. I can devote my life to saving children, saving the world, hell, even become a priest. The reality is, I will burn in hell for what I’ve done. As far as the Spezza kid is concerned? Fuck em, dirty wop deserved to die.”


Bella once again, heard the doorbell ring. She was folding laundry at super speeds when she stopped, squinted her eyes and saw that it was Peggy. She had company.

Bella opened the door for the girls. They walked in as if they owned the place. Mel walked in first and looked around. Sofia, popping a gum bubble as she strolled by. All 3 girls were wearing long thick coats.

Peggy hugged Bella as she entered last. “We’re heading to the cook islands for the day. Wanna join us?”

Bella looked at the two girls and then back at Peggy, “Are they? You know?”

Peggy nodded, her eyes wide as if she was excited. “Come with us – it’ll be so much fun!”

“I’m good. Besides, it’s like I said, I’m not flying anywhere naked.”

Mel reached inside her coat and dropped a black and white costume onto the table. Mel looked over Bella’s body, “Peggy says that you’re … shy, so I made you a white 1 piece bathing suit.”

Bella smiled as she reached for the outfit, “This is not going to fit.” she stated as she inspected it.

“Oh it’ll fit.” Mel assured her.

Bella thought for a long moment and then smiled at Peggy, “Fine, let’s get this over with.” Bella went to her room where she squeezed on the white one piece. The bathing suit had a tear drop hole in it which exposed her navel on her lean tummy. Bella’s cleavage was not exposed, but the round curvatures of her large breasts were clearly outlined within their tight confines. Bella came out of her room to join the girls.

Peggy grabbed Bella by the arm and led to the back door, where all the girls went into the back yard. Peggy looked at her with a big smile on her face, “We are going to have so much fun! Have you been practising at all?”

“Practising what?” Bella asked.

“Flying silly.”

“Not since I was with you.”

Peggy giggled, “Okay, I’m going to hold onto you because we need to go really far really quickly. So don’t be scared and just enjoy the moment.”

The other girls took off their coats and went into the back yard. Bella noticed that the two other girls were wearing similar shiny black bikinis. The two girls Bella had never met before leapt into the air and in an instant they were nearly too high to see.

“Ready.” Peggy asked.

“No.” Bella returned, just as Peggy leapt and both girls blasted high into the air.

Peggy took Bella up just above the Earth’s atmosphere and then let her go.

Bella’s eyes were wide eyed and seemingly in shock. She tried to speak, but couldn’t. She tried to breathe, but could not. Her initial reaction to not being able to breathe was panic. She attempted several times to take in a breath, but failed each time. It took her nearly a minute to realize, she did not need to take a breath. Eventually she calmed. She looked at Peggy who was smiling at her, then pointed in the direction she wished to go. The other girls were far away.

Without the earth’s atmosphere, or gravity. Flight was so much easier. Bella came to terms with her power fairly quickly and now appreciated her view. She smiled and then began flying at a casual pace. Her casual pace in space was now hundreds of miles per second. She followed the girls as they flew over the Pacific and then they stopped.

Peggy grabbed Bella and slowed her down before re-entering the atmosphere. She held Bella as they entered the atmosphere slowly. Finally they were able to talk again.

“That was amazing!” Bella yelled.

Mel laughed as the girls began flying down to the surface. “We wanted you to do what Sofia did, but Peggy wouldn’t have it.”

Bella looked at Peggy, “What did Sofia do?”

Peggy giggled “She didn’t slow down before she re-entered the atmosphere. It was quite the light show.”

“Hurt like hell.” Sofia added. Sofia used her telescopic vision and looked at the island chain below them. “Found a party ladies!” With that Sofia did a swan dive toward the ocean thousands of feet below.

The other girls joined them and then so too did Bella. She simply just relaxed her muscles and let herself drop. They all splashed into the ocean, just a mile away from land. They swam for a bit before reaching the shore line.

The private beach had several of people basking in the hot sun when the four women emerged from the waters.

Bella smiled, not only because of the bewildered faces of the people on the beach, but also because she recognized some of them. James Durham, famous baseball player. Charles Histon, famous movie star were just two of the people she recognized that were there.

Sofia knew exactly what she wanted, she walked up confidently to Durham who couldn’t help but eye her. “See something you like?” she asked him.

“Where did you girls come from?” Durham asked as he was being led away by Sofia.

Mel looked at Sofia as she walked away, then looked at Bella “Don’t mind her, she’s always been kind of a nymphomaniac, now with her powers, she’s more of a Super Nymphomaniac.”

The girls walked up to a free bar and ordered some drinks. As soon as Bella got a drink, a tall, dark and handsome man approached her. He spoke in a French accent, “It’s quite pleasant to see you beautiful women here. I have not had the chance to introduce myself, my name is Rene Gendron. Who, might I ask, are you beautiful ladies? And how exactly did you get here?” Rene took Bella’s hand and kissed it.

Peggy made up a story about being dropped off by a friend who owned a yacht and that they all swam to the island. Rene listened as Peggy, Mel and Bella fumble with their words, but his eyes remained on Bella. In the middle of the conversation, Rene cut off Peggy and asked Bella if he could show her around.

“Well, I mean, I’d like to but …” Bella stated, surprised by the offer.

Mel grabbed Bella’s hand and pulled her away from Rene “Give us one second.” Mel took Bella a few steps away. “I know what you’re thinking, I’m married right? I don’t want to be unfaithful? But here’s two realities you should consider. First, you already cheated on your husband in order to have your powers and second. My boyfriend is recovering in the hospital after I had sex with him. My advice, practise makes perfect. Besides you think your husband would be faithful to you if he had your powers?”

Bella looked at Mel in shock “I’m not going to cheat on my husband.”

Mel smiled at Bella “All I’m saying, is just have a little fun. If he tries something you don’t like, just do what I’d do.”

“And what’s that?”

Mel smiled mischievously “Throw him into outer space.”

The girls returned to Rene. Bella looked over at Mel and Peggy before she looked at Rene “I’d love to be shown around.”

“And I’d love to show you around.” Renee said as he took Bella’s hand and they left the group.

Mel looked at Peggy, “time for me to find some fun. Catch up with you in a bit.”

“Have fun.” Peggy said and then began walking down the beach alone. Peggy was hit on several of times as she walked alone on the beach. Each and every time by men, who she was not at all interested in. There was a large mansion, centred on the island. It was surrounded by beautiful palms trees and luscious hedge rows. She decided she’d check it out.

Peggy walked up a path and was walking by a pool, when a woman began walking toward her. They shared eye contact for a moment and then past each other. Peggy’s heart practically skipped a beat as she believed she knew who had just walked past her.

Maria LaNoire was a famous actress. She had extremely short dark hair combed to one side of her head. She had pert lips and bright green eyes. Her nose was thin and her jawline chiseled to feminine perfection. She was a short girl, maybe 5ft3 and despite her thin body she had a very large bust.

Peggy couldn’t help but wonder, was that Maria LaNoire? Peggy didn’t even want to turn around until she heard someone speak to her in an English accent.

“Is that supposed to be Ultra Girl?”

Peggy turned around to the girl, “Excuse me?”

The woman had large round sunglasses which hid nearly half of her face, but now Peggy knew that it was LaNoire.

“Your bathing suit, it’s modelled from Ultra Girl’s costume. Is it not?”

“Ummm, yeah it is.”

LaNoire walked up to it, looked it over and then smiled “I like it.” she said and then turned to walk away.

Peggy’s heart was racing, despite her power, she practically worshipped LaNoire. Although she was shorter in real life than she had expected, there was no reason not to make her fantasy come true. “Ummm Miss LaNoire?”

The woman turned back to her “Please, call me Maria.”

Peggy smiled at Maria, “I just wanted to say, I’m a huge fan of your work.”

Maria smiled “Thanks.” her eyes locked with Peggy’s. “Did you know that you are rather quite pretty?” Maria took Peggy’s hand “Would you like to come inside with me?”

Peggy smiled coyly, she couldn’t be sure if she was using her powers to influence Maria’s decisions. She followed Maria into the mansion and into a large bedroom. There, they talked. They talked and laughed for hours. Peggy got a sense of who Maria was, a tough yet sensitive and caring woman.

After a momentary pause, Maria looked at Peggy. “You know, I have a confession.”

“Oh?” Peggy replied.

“When I was a teenager.” Maria continued “I have to admit I had a thing for Ultra Girl.”

Peggy giggled “Oh my God! Me Too!” She exclaimed.

Maria laughed “I used to think, God what must it feel like to be that powerful. To be able to do anything? To deflect a gun shot with just your skin? Your Chest? Do you suppose she likes it?”

“Getting shot in the boob? I doubt it hurts her, but I doubt she enjoys it.”

Maria stood up from the bed, “I know I’d love it, I’d say.” Maria put her hands on her hips and pushed out her chest. In her firm and trademark English accent she stated “Alright boys, give me your best shot.”

Peggy laughed and again there was a pause as Maria sat down. “So, what if you found out that I wasn’t wearing an imitation of Ultra Girl's costume. What if you found out I was in fact Ultra Girl.”

Maria sat next to Peggy, “Well I’d be especially nervous and after talking with you for a few hours I’d eventually put my hand on your leg and see how you’d responded to that.” Maria put her hand on Peggy’s leg.

Peggy smiled “Then what?”

“Then I’d move my hand up your thigh.” Maria moved her hand smoothly up Peggy’s thigh. “And then I’d see how you react.”

Peggy felt a chill run up her body. She felt like she had goose bumps all over her body. Her nipples became erect and began to tent out from her tight suit. Peggy’s tilted her head and motioned her lips towards Maria’s. They began kissing passionately.

After a long Make out session, Peggy removed Maria’s top. Maria had a fit body. Her breasts were very large, especially considering her thin frame, but Peggy was somewhat disappointed. Maria’s breasts were extremely soft and lacked a certain elasticity. Peggy suspected that once her bra was removed, her chest would droop and be saggy. Peggy ran her hands across Maria’s bra and that confirmed her fear.

Peggy, couldn’t help but wonder what her power might do for her. She pulled down her top so that both her breasts were exposed. “Here.” Peggy invited

Maria had never felt breasts, so smooth large and firm. Maria began suckling on Peggy’s nipple when she felt a shock.

“Ouch!” Maria stated as she drew back. “Something shocked me.”

“OW!” Maria said again. Maria’s fists tightened and she began to tremble. Every inch of her body flexed, soft spots on her body began to firm and tighten.

Peggy watched the Superstar’s transition, from once considered one of the world’s most beautiful woman into something much more. Even Peggy was mesmerized by what happened to Maria’s chest. Her once soft, seemingly saggy large breasts seemed to tighten, firm and by consequence grow. Her chest was simultaneously pushing both outwards and rising higher. The white flesh of Maria’s cleavage was rising upwards. The valley of her cleavage was becoming deeper and deeper. Peggy watched in awe as Maria’s soft breasts became round, pert and huge.

Maria’s bra straps tightened with every second. A pleasurable sensation washed over her body. Maria purred as she closed her eyes threw her head back and pushed out her chest. There was a loud ‘SNAP!’ as Maria’s bra blew off her body.

Peggy blinked hard as she now looked at Maria’s body.

Maria was confused, she had questions. Millions of them but wasn’t certain if Peggy could provide her any answers.

Peggy knew Maria had questions but for now, as she looked at Maria’s round massive breasts, her perfect body and Hollywood looks, there was only one thing on her mind.

Maria gasped as Peggy squeezed her large breasts with enough force to squish steel. To Maria, as her breasts squeezed together and dimpled deeply with Peggy’s firm fingertips, all she wanted was for Peggy to squeeze even harder.


Brent drove his car in through an opening in the gated front yard. He pulled up next to the house and waited there.

Retgar leaned his head awkwardly in the Passenger side window to get a full view of the house before reaching for another cigarette and lighting a smoke.

Brent thought for a while. Put the car in park and got out of the vehicle. He looked over at Retgar, “Coming?”

“Nah, this is your deal.” Retgar said as he got out of the car. “I’ll wait here, get some fresh air.”

Brent walked up some steps and then knocked on the door. He waited for a moment before finally someone opened it.

Darren opened the door and looked at his older brother, his face at first expressionless. When it finally registered that it was his older brother at the door, his eyes lit up. He smiled with happiness. “Brent?”

“Yeah buddy.” Brent replied.

Darren embraced his brother in a hug. “It’s so good to see you! Come in! Come in!” Darren insisted and then paused as he looked at the car. “Is that Red? You two still hanging out?”

“Well … sort of.”

“Retgar!” Darren called “Come inside!”

Retgar looked at Darren casually and then put out his smoke and walked up the stairs.

The two of them were introduced to Darren’s two little boys. Brent greeted his nephews for the first time. Darren’s wife came into the living room and introduced herself.

Darren went on and on in an overly excited tangent, excited to see his older brother, he began recounting stories he had remembered of his older brother. Most of the stories included Retgar and many of the stories he told Retgar and Brent had nearly forgotten. They all couldn’t help but laugh as they heard Darren explain his exaggerated version of what he recalled.

Darren was 13 years old when he last saw his brother. Brent had left abruptly after a heated argument with his parents. Darren was hurt, he loved his brother. He was close with his brother, at least, he thought so. One day, he’s gone and never comes back. Darren desperately wanted to know why his brother had done that to him, but those questions had to wait. For now, he enjoyed his brother company.

The men chatted for hours and Cindy, Darren’s wife, cooked dinner. After dinner, Brent asked Darren to come outside with him. They walked to the trunk of Brent’s Vehicle.

“I need a favour from you?” Brent asked.

“You name it.” Darren replied.

“I need to borrow some cash.”

Darren nodded “Anything, how much do you need?”

Brent opened his trunk and showed Darren the duffel bag filled with cash. “There’s nearly a million in cash, right there. I have some legitimate ideas for a business, I just can’t purchase property with this cash.”

“You need a million dollars?” Darren asked

Brent nodded “I need a million dollars, but there’s a million in cash for you, so there’s no risk.”

Darren thought for a long moment, “I can’t take that money Brent. I think you know why. If I move some assets around – and borrow some money from the bank – I could probably get you nearly quarter of a million.”

Brent looked at his little brother, “You’d do that for me?”

Darren nodded, his eyes became glossy, “I’d pay a lot more than that to have more time with my older brother.”

Brent hugged his little brother. “I know you don’t understand why I left, but I promise you, I did it with you in mind. I love you and I promise I’m going to make it all up to you.”

Brent stayed a few more hours talking with his little nephews. Enjoying how Retgar seemed to open up with his little brother. Joking and laughing like they all once used to. A bit of normalcy in a world that had been anything but normal for quite some time.

Despite Darren’s insistence that they all stayed the night. Brent thanked his brother and wife for dinner and began their long journey back to Empire city.


Maya flew in the cooler night air to a wooded area located inside Empire City. She flew at a leisurely pace as to not burn or tear the clothes that she wore. She landed very softly, so that her heels wouldn’t break. She adjusted her tight fitting ribbed sweater. She walked confidently in her tight white cotton bell bottom pants and then to the party. It was chilly that evening and so most of the girls and guys at the party wore jackets.

“You came!” Sarah blurted out and rushed over to hug Maya. The guy’s usual tomfoolery came to an abrupt halt as the mature woman approached them.

Maya returned the hug when she heard a girl call out “Hey Sarah, is that you’re Mom!?” followed by a bunch of giggles.

Maya looked over at the group of guys and girls drinking around a fire just 20 yards away from them. For the first time since gaining her power, the comment made Maya feel self-conscious.

“Don’t mind Ella, she’s just being her usual bitchy self.” Sarah guided Maya to Maya’s old group of friends. “So, guys this here is Maya. Couple of weird coincidences, she has the same name as our Maya and she’s staying at Maya’s house while she is away in India.”

“So you know Maya?” Chris asked

“We’ve never met, but we’ve written to each other. We were kind of pen pals.” Maya answered.

“So that’s why you knew so much about me?”

Maya smiled at Chris and nodded. The group began drinking into the late hours of the night. Maya drank continuously, drinking only the hard stuff with no mix. Personalities began to change as the hours past. The boys became more confident thanks to liquid courage which caused them to once again act like buffoons in front of the girls. Maya smiled and played along with the group as best she could, but no matter how much she drank she could not get drunk.

Maya’s breasts had brushed by several of guys and girls throughout the night. Chris though, in his drunken state, believed that she was coming onto him when it happened to him. He walked up to Maya, practically stumbling. He took her hand “Come here girl.” he stated confidently.

Maya looked at Sarah, who was watching. Sarah shrugged her shoulders, as if to say she didn’t care. Maya was led several of yards away, when Chris pushed her against a tree and then began groping her chest.

Maya’s keen nose picked up the stench of booze and hot dogs off Chris’s breathe. The combination of alcohol and sloppy inexperience quickly turned Chris’s chances to nil. Maya had already been with some of the most experienced lovers, Chris’s youth and inexperience was, to say the least, unattractive.

Maya’s breasts were firm, far more firm then Chris had ever felt or ever will. He squeezed them hard. His focus remained for far too long on Maya’s chest.

Maya looked at Chris, completely disinterested. “Having fun?” she asked him

Chris moved his lips toward Maya and she tilted her head away. He instead began kissing her neck.

“Okay.” Maya said as she pushed Chris away “This candy shop is closed for the evening. You’re drunk.”

“You drank way more than me.” Chris stated as he moved in on her again.

“Chris, I’m politely asking, so…Don’t make me tell you to fuck off.”

Chris laughed as he continued to grope her “You’re so crazy when you’re drunk.”

Maya attempted to move out of the way, but Chris’s tight grip on her sweater caused it to rip.

Maya gasped as her expensive sweater ripped.

Chris continued to advance on her, this time more aggressively.

Maya’s feminine arm reached out and grabbed Chris by the neck. He gurgled as he attempted to remove Maya’s hand. “What did I say Chris?” Maya asked sweetly “I know you're drunk and I know you’re just a little boy compared to me, but I think you still need to learn a lesson. I know when you’re sober, you’re actually really sweet, so today’s lesson is about drinking.” Maya began to float, still holding Chris’s throat.

Chris was panicking, he wanted to scream. He couldn’t comprehend how this was happening as his legs kicked and thrashed.

Maya floated high until she was at the top of a tree where she put Chris down on a branch. As soon as Maya let go, Chris called for help.

Their friends rushed over. “What’s going on?”

Maya was on the ground looking up at Chris, she then looked at her friends “Chris was trying to show off by climbing the tree, guess he got stuck.”

Sarah looked at Maya suspiciously.

“I’m going to go.” Maya said to Sarah

“Everything okay?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, I’ve got stuff to do.” Maya stated somewhat annoyed.

“Any chance you using your powers to help Chris?” Sarah asked in almost a whisper.

“Sure.” With but a thought the branch under Chris’s foot snapped and he fell hitting branch after branch after finally landing on his feet and breaking his ankle.

Maya was disheartened by the entire experience. It wasn’t fun being with her old friends. They were beneath her. She walked away from the group to an area surrounded by trees where she intended to jump into the sky.

“Don’t forget to bring your daughter home with you.” Ella stated and giggled.

Maya tried to dismiss the comment, but couldn’t. She turned toward Ella who was alone. Maya walked up to her. “Do you know how small you are compared to me, Ella?”

“Small?” Ella asked “Small is being grown woman hanging out with high school kids. I see based on your ripped sweater you got some action. First time?” Ella sang.

Maya smiled at her, “You see, what you’re talking about is being figuratively small. I’m talking about being short. So short that I could simply just squash you by stepping on you.”

“What are you talking about?”

Maya pointed her finger at Ella and began to twirl it slowly. A fluorescent beam of light emanated from it and onto Ella.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Ella screamed as her body became shorter and shorter. Her screamed trailed off into a whimper as she dropped to only centimetres in height. Ella’s hands raised in defence as she screamed “No!” As Maya’s foot raised off the ground and then stomped on her, with a loud crunch.


It was late and with the exception of Mel and Sofia, Bella and Peggy returned to Empire city. They walked into Bella’s home.

“So you had fun tonight.” Bella stated.

Peggy smiled “What can I say, with these powers it’s as if all my dreams and fantasies come true. You know who I was with, don’t you?”

Bella thought for a moment, “No, I don’t think I do.”

“It was Maria LaNoire.”

Bella looked shocked “The! Maria LaNoire, The actress?”

“Do you know a different Maria LaNoire?”

Bella laughed for a moment and then asked “Did you turn her?”

Peggy nodded.

“Wow! So was she disappointed when you took her powers away?”

“I didn’t. In fact, we didn’t even discuss them. When I was resting after our time together, she just simply slipped out.”

“What?” Bella asked confused “Why would you do that?”

Peggy shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, I guess it’s because I like her. Here’s the thing, I don’t think I used my powers to attract her to me. I think she was genuinely attracted to me. Thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if we met again under different circumstances.”

The radio had been left on, although the volume was very low Peggy could detect a tune easily with her sensitive hearing. She went up to the radio and raised the volume. “I love this song.” she stated. Peggy began dancing softly to the tune.

Bella looked at Peggy, “I can’t believe I’m saying this … But I’m jealous. I’m actually Jealous.”

“Oh me too!” Peggy added “You should see how LaNoire looks after her enhancement. I don’t think anyone in the world could resist her body. And her eyes! MY god!”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying.”

Peggy smiled “What? You’re jealous of me and Maria?”

Bella paused “I saw you with her, you were talking, laughing, having fun. At one point I thought of even coming into the room and kicking her out of there. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep thinking that maybe it’s your powers working on me. I know I love Brent, but I can’t help but feel.”

Peggy looked at Bella, “I am not using my powers on you Bella, I promise you I won’t ever again. So, I can leave right now and pretend this conversation didn’t happen or?”

“Or?” Bella asked

Peggy nodded “Or, you can ask me to stay.”

Bella didn’t say anything, there was a long pause and Peggy turned for the door.

Bella watched as Peggy began to leave, Bella watched her sculpted ass go to the door. Her eyes began to slightly squint.

As Peggy got to the door, she could feel her ass begin to warm up. She moved her hand onto her ass and her hand sizzled. She smiled as she turned toward Bella “So.” She stated playfully “You wanna play rough do you?”

Peggy walked back toward the kitchen entrance where Bella was standing. “Maybe.” Bella said to her.

Peggy puckered her lips into a tight o and blew a sub zero stream of cold air into Bella’s upper body.

Bella gasped as dense, white, freezing cold air hit her chest. The air blasted off her body causing anything near her that wasn’t secure to be knocked off the shelf.

“Is it cold in here?” Peggy asked. Bella ignored the question and let her freezing cold figure embrace Peggy’s warm body. They kissed, momentarily before Peggy broke off the kiss “When is Brent getting home?”

“He won’t be home tonight.” Bella returned and then passionately kissed Peggy.


Retgar was driving home with Brent in silence. Every now and then he’d look over at Brent, who was staring out of the passenger window blankly. It had been sometime since he’d hung around Brent, but he knew him to be a little sensitive at times. Retgar suspected that Brent might even be crying. So he began.

“Our division was cut off while we were fighting in Bremen. Germans didn’t even bother entering the city to fight us. Instead, two massive armies surrounded us, hit our supply lines hard. German troops that we had been fighting within the city retreated into the greater army outside the city. Worst yet, Franco in Spain grew a set of balls and attacked allied forces as they were heading east, In France. We heard rumours that the heroes were dead. We heard rumours that our guys were pushed back into the sea. With no one to fight – and surrounded by German locals – we began picking off civilians. Why the fuck not! War’s only been going on for 50 fucking years. Probably go on for another 50 fucking years. So shooting some kid while he’s jumping in a puddle, probably saving a troopers life 15 years from now, but at first, it was rage. Then it became natural, almost like a sport. We beat, raped, we pillaged and in 6 months killed everyone in that city.”

Brent looked at Retgar, “Jesus fuck, why are you telling me this?”

“Before you had mentioned atonement, for me, there is no penitence. When I die and I see my family, I know that they won’t want to see me. You though, are just an attitude away from correcting everything.”

Brent shook his head, “It’s not that simple.”

“It is that fucking simple. It always has been for you. Leave Empire. Take the money you have, pay off your debts and start off somewhere else.”

“It’s not my money.”

“Fine, then take your brothers loan and start off somewhere else.”

“You think the Mob would just let that happen. You think they wouldn’t go after my family?”

Retgar shook his head, “10 years ago, I don’t know, but maybe. Now, problem is, you think you’re too important. You’re a pawn that no one gives a shit about. You think that they’re going to whack your brother? Take that kind of heat? Because of you? C'mon!”

“Red – and I mean this with all due respect – you don’t have any family left.”

Retgar nodded, it was fair statement. “What I’m trying to tell you, is that if you don’t leave Empire you won’t have any family left either, but it’ll be worst for you, because you’ll know that the reason why you don’t have family, is because of you.”

Brent thought for a long moment, when Retgar pulled up to his duplex. He looked over at Brent, “This is my stop. Think about what I said.”

Brent took the keys from him, got out from the passenger side and opened the trunk “Red, hold up.” he said.

Retgar watched him grab a bundle of hundreds and attempted to hand it to him.

“For the day’s work.” Brent said

“Keep it, today was the first normal day I’ve had for God knows how long. And that, for me, is enough.”

Brent smiled as he watched his old friend walk up the stairs to the duplex. He smiled, realizing how much he had missed spending time with his best friend. “I missed ya buddy.”

Retgar opened the door to his place and looked back at Brent, “That’s because you’re a fag.”

Brent smiled and got back to his car and drove home. He thought hard about what Retgar said. Maybe his life would be better somewhere else. Maybe Peggy wouldn’t mind if he asked for the cash, God knows she could make more cash anytime she wished. He became excited about the prospect of leaving, starting a family with Bella.

He pulled up in front of his house and walked to the door. Something was wrong. As Brent walked to the front door of his house he noticed the kitchen light was on through the living room window. When he got to the door, he could hear the radio blaring. The door was unlocked so he entered quietly. Pictures around the living room were scattered on the floor, in what seemingly looked like a struggle. He could hear noises coming from his bedroom. They certainly didn’t sound like any kind of struggle. Now he realized that the situation was much worst. His wife was not in distress but in fact, was cheating on him. The only question he had, was with whom?

Brent entered the room and flicked on the light switch, where he saw Peggy and Bella in by far the most precarious position.

The two girls stopped immediately, both shocked to see Brent.

Brent said the first thing that came out of his mouth “Jesus Christ Bella, You’re a Catholic.” Brent turned away from the room and went to the front door. As soon he approached the door Bella appeared in front him.

“Wait, please Brent, I can explain.” Bella pleaded

Brent didn’t bother thinking of how fast Bella appeared in front of him. He was still stunned of what he saw. “Get out of the way.” He said to Bella.

“No, we’re going to talk.”

Brent nodded, “Bella, I’m sure you can imagine that I might be a little upset. Get out of my way or I’ll move you outta my way.”

Bella began to tear up and then stepped out of Brent’s way.

Brent went to his car and drove away.

Peggy joined Bella in the living room “what did I do?” Bella asked.

Peggy took Bella’s hand, “Bella? Do you want to be with him still?”

Bella nodded, “More than anything in the world.”

Peggy smiled and hugged her, “I’ll talk with him, explain to him what I did to you. That you had no choice.”

Bella nodded as she brushed away a tear.


Brent drove to his new office space, he opened the door to the building. Walked through a corridor and then into his new office space. He walked toward his liquor cabinet and grabbed a bottle of rum and a bottle of his own experiment that he had concocted some time ago but had yet to try.

Brent poured himself a glass of his own creation. As soon as it washed into his mouth he spit it out. Tasted like gasoline and burned like chilly. ‘Terrible’ he thought to himself and then he poured himself a glass of rum and began drinking it. There was a knock at his open door.

Peggy stood there, “Can I come in?”

Brent looked over at her. It really was a surreal experience seeing Peggy in her Ultra Girl costume. It took some getting used to. Her body’s curves were incredibly outlined by the costume.

Brent gestured for her to take a seat, “How can I say no to Ultra woman? Where’s your cape? Leave it at my place?”

Peggy smiled and ignored Brent’s questions, “Nice office, but I thought you were working for me? Shouldn’t I get the biggest office?”

Brent nodded, “You haven’t been upstairs yet, I promise, it’s much bigger than mine, I think you’ll love it.”

Peggy nodded, “I’m sure I will, may I?” Peggy gestured for the booze.

“Don’t have any of this.” Brent said as he finished another glass of rum and gestured to the unlabelled bottle “I think I made a new form of fuel.”

Peggy grabbed a glass and poured some of Brent’s alcohol into a glass and took it down. She thought for a bit “It tastes like water, but with some kick, I don’t mind it.”

Brent pushed the bottle to her “It’s all yours.”

Peggy took down her glass and poured herself another, “I heard that you went to your brothers today? How was that?”

Brent smiled, “How long are we going to ignore the elephant in the room?”

“Are you mad?”

Brent sighed, “I was furious. I came home and at first I thought something happened to Bella, radio was on, lights were on, stuff from counter tops strewn about. Then, as I walked to my bedroom I realized that Bella was cheating on me. That, to me, had to be the most shocking feeling of my life. When I went into the bedroom, saw that it was you. I was upset, a little shocked, yet somewhat relieved.” Brent finished his drink and poured another “So, how long has this been going on for?”

“About a week or so. I had forgotten to grab something at your place. Apparently you had already hinted to Bella that I was, well, you know. She confronted me about it and we started talking. I mentioned that while I was in Vegas, everyone who I thought was cute, seemingly liked me back. Bella tried to explain that I was beautiful and that my powers was not the reason why other girls found me attractive. I bet her, that I could make her like me, ya know, in that way. She took the bet. I guess the rest is history.”

Brent smiled as he sipped his rum, “Well, then that’s that.”

“Brent, she loves you. She needs you.”

Brent said nothing, he had a sip of his drink.

Bella’s frown turned into a smile “Stop pretending every husband’s fantasy, is your nightmare. You loved what you saw!”

Brent laughed slightly, “I don’t even know what I saw, cause from what I think I saw, no two human beings could contort themselves to that position. Unless of course, Bella all of a sudden learned to fly?”

Peggy poured herself another drink, “Maybe she can.”

“She can, what?”

“Fly. You see by being with me, she acquired all the powers of me. She’s just as Ultra as, well, Ultra Girl.”

Brent looked at Peggy somewhat stone faced, looking to see if she was joking. When he could see that she was not he sighed “Peggy? Why would you bring her into this?”

“You realize you did this, all of it. You are the one that tried to kill Ultra Girl. You are the one that got me to put on her outfit. Look at the bright side, if someone tried to hurt you by hurting her. They’d be in for quite a shock.”

“She’s bulletproof?”

Peggy rolled her eyes, “Brent, she’s everything I am.”

“But she’s not wearing the belt. You are.”

“I haven’t figured it all out yet. It’s as if the powers are telepathically linked or something.”

“Wow.” Brent said in an almost monotone. He finished his drink and poured himself another. Brent looked at his drink, but he could tell that Peggy was staring at him, slightly grinning. “Something funny?”

“But Bella! You’re a Catholic!” Peggy said, now giggling like a schoolgirl.

Brent simply looked at Peggy, stone faced, as she laughed.

Peggy stopped laughing momentarily to say “Too soon?” then started laughing again.

“Oh you’re hilarious. You know when Bella’s family comes in, you should tell them that joke.” Brent stated as he shook his head and took another drink.

Peggy smiled at him “It’s late, let’s go home.”

“I’m going to stay.” Brent said “I’ve got things to think about. Then I’ll go home.”

Peggy had another drink. “Are we good?”

Brent smiled “Of course.”

“She loves you, you know. More than anything, but it’s going to take a little creativity to satisfy her these days.”

Brent looked up at Peggy.

“Just saying.” Peggy said with a smile. She walked over to Brent and hugged him tightly. “Thank-you, for everything Brent. I love you. Since my sister passed, you both took such good care of me.”

Peggy walked out the door and Brent poured himself another drink. The dismay he had once felt now turned to excitement. He was excited for tomorrow. He knew he would get drunk tonight, he knew he would walk home and sleep on the couch. He knew that Bella would make him pancakes and that they would talk about their days. As Brent took another drink, he smiled, thinking, he couldn’t wait until tomorrow.


“Hey Mikey.” Paul Esposito greeted as he walked into Michael Spinoza’s house.

“Well, fuck. Look who it is, visiting me in the late hours of the night, Mr. Esposito.” Michael backed his wheelchair up and positioned it behind a conference table. “You’re here to give me bad news, so just get to it.”

“No Mikey, all good news.”


“Yeah Mikey. Business is booming, Nova Star is our puppet, Ultra Girl is dead. We got our own in the Mayor’s office, It’s never been better for us.”

“So why are you here?”

“It’s your son, Tommy, we don’t think he’s a suitable replacement for you while you recover from your injuries.”

Michael looked at Paul for a long while. “Frankie put you up to this, didn’t he? He’s always had it in for my family, fucking guy is nearly 80. He’s out of touch.”

“No Mikey, Frank doesn’t even know I’m here.”

“You fucking kidding me right now Paulie? You fucking Retarded or something? He’s my fucking son.”

“He’s a fucking maniac, we got a good thing going. He’s going to fuck things up for all of us. I just think, for now, maybe I’ll pay for him to go on a nice trip somewhere. Hawaii, Italy…fucking wherever.”

“No, no chance. You guys are already fucking shit up. Tommy told me that you doubled the agreed price. We gave Mr. Sunjay 10 million. I thought 5 million was preposterous, but you gave 10 … for what? Shits and giggles?”

“Did Tommy also tell you that he called Mr. Sunjay a sand nigger? That he pulled a gun out on Nova Star? That had it not been for Frankie stopping his madness, I’d be handing you your son in an ashtray?”

Michael lightly laughed, “He pulled a gun out on Nova Star? That’s my fucking boy, Brass fucking balls.”

“Am I fucking talking to a wall over here?” Paulie asked.

“Just fucking relax, I’ll talk with the kid. I’ll show for the next meeting.”

“That’s all that I ask.”

Michael nodded, “Want a drink?”

“Bourbon would be nice.”

Michael snapped his fingers and a waiter waiting patiently in the corner moved to fix them their drinks.


Tommy Spinoza had been laughing and drinking with friends and family all night. He was getting drunk and belligerent. “Hey, You there.” Tommy pointed.

The waitress walked over to him. “Yes Mr. Spinoza?”

“Come here!” Tommy gestured for her to lean in toward his face.

The waitress bent her knees and moved her head closer to Tommy’s face.

“What are you fucking lifting something? Lean the fuck over!”

The dark haired waitress placed her hand on the table and revealed her generous cleavage. “Better Mr. Spinoza?”

“See that?” Tommy referenced the waitresses breasts to the crew he was with, “That is what my ex’s tits looked like before we had Stevie.” Tommy wagged his finger at the waitress “Don’t ever have fucking kids! God damn shame to see those go to waste.” Tommy shouted as the men he was with began laughing. “Come here.” Tommy gestured to the waitress. She moved her ear closer to Tommy where Tommy whispered “So, I was thinking – I want fuck those cans of yours. I have one of two tips for you, $5 dollars or $500 which one do you want?”

The waitress looked uncomfortable at first, she then reached out and took $500 dollars from Tommy with one hand and took Tommy’s hand with the other. Tommy hopped to his feet as the waitress took Tommy out back.

His friends began cat calling “Go Tommy!”

Rocchio stood guard outside and had his back turned to the car as he heard it creak for several of minutes. The car stopped creaking and the door opened.

“Thanks Tommy.” The waitress said as she leaned over to kiss him.

Tommy looked over at Rocchio, “Rocchio, let’s fucking go.”

Rocchio got into the driver’s side and started the car up. Tommy got out of the back seat and joined Rocchio in the front passenger side.

“You see those fucking tits?” Tommy asked

“Yeah Tommy, they were perfect.” Rocchio said as he put the car into gear and began driving away.

“Fuck, what were you doing? Just fucking standing there, all night. Looking like a dope.”

“Hey Tommy, Am I working? Or am I playing?”

Tommy was drunk and pushed his hand through his hair. “Fuck I could use some water right about now.”

“We’ll be at your place in 10.”

Tommy looked outside his window and spotted someone walking on the street. “Fuck! Can a guy get lucky twice in one night? Stop the fucking Car!”

Rocchio stopped the car. “What is it Tommy?”

“Fucking Haywood?”


“The fucking rat Jew! There’s a hit on him.”

Rocchio thought for a moment, “Tommy, not tonight.”

“Don’t fucking tell me not tonight, let’s fucking do this.”

Rocchio sighed and reversed the car back to where the man was walking while Tommy opened the glove box and checked the revolver to see if it was loaded.

Brent was intoxicated and didn’t think much of the car that had abruptly hit its breaks. He did somewhat become concerned when it began reversing.

Tommy got out of the car, “Hey! Haywood! Don’t Jews have a curfew?”

Brent swallowed nervously, “They might Tommy. I’ll look into it..”

“Tell me something, you looking after that prize of a wife of yours?”

“The best I can Tommy.”

“I got good news for you, I’ll take care of her from here.” With that Tommy reached for revolver and fired one shot, then the gun jammed.

Brent could still hear the echo of the first shot reverberate through the streets. It took him a moment to register the thought, but as he tried to breathe in, it hurt. He began to hiccup, the third time he hiccupped blood began pouring out of his mouth.

“Fucking gun is jammed.” Tommy yelled. “Finish him will ya?”

Brent slumped onto the sidewalk and thought about his parents. His brother. His wife. He paid no attention to the footsteps that casually walked toward him. He heard a man say “Nothing personal.”

And then darkness.

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