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264 Days Since Last Disturbance


"This next song is called: 'If you ask me to marry you, I will interpret it ironically,though we both know its probably not'" Said Jennifer Watlers as she readied her ukulele.

This produced a clap from the audience. Jennifer was at a cofee house with about 30 people in Park Slope. It wasn't an open Mike, but a concert her band "the Ultimate Universe" and another band called "Sayer". She was going first and thus could technically speaking be considered the opening act but an informal poll of the audiences would suggest 20 or so of the people where here for them...and thus win.

The fact that a large portion of these 20s may in fact be friends of her, or her three bandmates: Ellen(also on Ukelle), Janet(tambourine occasionally some other percussion) and Roy(keyboard). didn't phase her They where here for a show, and they whould give them a show-she was being paid to make music and thus was a professional musician.

As she broke into her joke song about ironic attraction in the internet age with its medly about a guy who wanted to marry her after she praised some ducklings, and her laughing it off-though the chances of this being the most emotionally fulfilling relationship of either of there lives.

it was one of there hits. It had gotten a lot of play in the more obscure hours of college radio. you could download it on iTunes and everything. No Band Camp for them thank you. Though they did have a band camp page.

After the last strum of ukulele died down they got a good aplause.

Jen brushed some of her short black hair out of her face. She was a small woman-5'1 in her socks. she weighed 105 pounds in her fat periods. but she had cute fairy nose and a cute pixie haircut.. In her sack like dress that somehow complimented if not her curves if her likes it made her look something out of a manic pixie dream girl montage of a movie, ready to make a young uptight lawyer discover the truth of happiness and how to live life for the better.

Except ironically she was a lawyer.

Well she was going to make about 40 bucks from her portion of the concert, and was plannign to spend a good portion of it on some wine afterwards, maybe some nosh. She wanted to splurge a little bit.

Roy looked up at her and smiled " you want to play "My trust fund is larger then your trust fund"

"You know it"

And so they went off into another slightly less popular song.


Jennifer felt the headache the next morning as she went into work at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway It was located on the 20th floor of a big Manhattan building and had about 50 associates, she being one of them.

It also had one of those mirrored elevators. in the morning light it seemed to be a little much for her aching head. it was so damn bright so damn.. at least when she got to the office she could close the door and keep quiet.

"Good morning Walters" said a voice walking in it. Was Holloway with his Grey hair and perpetually stern expression

oh no.

Walters pushed herself and gave him her best smile.

It should be noted that. Goodman was dead, Kurtzberg had left the company and was dead, Lieber had an office but was and semi lecturius semi senile, which left Holliway. He didn't technically speaking run it completely-there was a stock system that she should understand as she was a lawyer and all-but well he acted the big shot anyway. He was in charge, with his upright ivy degree and his perpetually preponderance for perfect suits. He looked the image of the slightly mean slightly crabby master lawyer. "Hows the Roxon Case going". he expected an answer

"I still expect its going to settle" said Jennifer Smiling "the chances of it going to trial are slim"

"See that it does" said Holloway "Hes a close contact. and i don't want to disappoint him.

Roxon Oil was a midsize oil and energy company (midsize in this case meant just over a billion. small industry). They where dealing with a nasty dispute among its three of its partners for who controlled what and how things where to be managed. Two of these partners where Mr. Dancy and the former Ms Dancy who had been divorced 5 years ago. The third was there former business partner Haller who was playing them against each other.

"Its not so much trial i am worried about" said Holloway " As discovery, what snooping around can discover. lets find a way to get Haller out of here, make sure he can't interfere any more"

Walters nodded. "Well lets hope he doesn't figure that out"

this produced a small laugh out of Holloway. "good point. I like you Walters. Your Young, but you have a good head on your shoulders. your going to go far in this business"

The door opened and he walked out.

She however stayed. Walters gasped as she let her knees down a second. God that hurt just to seem normal for 20 seconds. Sometime that what her life felt like.

"Hi" said Lieber walking into the Elevator "do you work for me?"


Across Town Hugh Dancy sieved. He hated to be in this situation. He hated it.

He was a tall man-almost 7 feet tall, and at at parts of points of his life he would have been called d as wide-that was a joke but a joke with truth . He was a strong man of muscle-he had played college football and whould have gone pro except he played at time when in the offseason most of them worked construction jobs or something. Instead he went into oil instead.

Oil had made him a millionare, close to a billionare. Oil was simple. Yes there was a lot of chance in digging and getting it out of the ground cost more then you think and ocasionally more then the oil had been worth-but it was simple. For close to 30 years he had been in oil and made his money digging up colarado and the desert.

Then his wife left him. She got a large part of the fortune. fair enough. He was no longer quite angry at her. She was a pawn. Always had been-something to look pretty at parties or in bed. When she went...well she went. She got 45 percent of company, he got 45 and Haller who had been a partner from way back got 10. He had since come to realize that money was just how you kept score.

Which is perhaps why he had chosen to expand into a different area. Which is perhaps how the

trouble began. Actually that was exactly how the trouble began. When the first dgredged it an oil field in New Mexico .It was a secret-but the real secret was they kept it That was the problem with secrets. . if they had just turned it over to some university there would have been o problem. But they kept it. and he was in a hell of a fix because of it

It was the subject of conversation with Burr one his vice presidents . it was that of most converstions now.

"Speaking as an attorney if not your attorney-There going to start discovery with in 2 or 3 months. I mean we can hide things in it, but its only hiding. A smart Accountant is going to notice somethign unusual, and if they notice something unusual"

he walked to the window. Dancy rarely sat down he he could avoid it. "And i know they have smart accountants"

"This isn't going to end well" said Burr"we can try to settle now, but its how much he sniffs"

just then the door opens. Hugh wasn't quite the type to fire someone for interupting his meeting. He was a tad more tolerant-but that was not a good idea. Even his secretary new better.

But not of course Mary. Mary was his daughter, his pride his joy and looking at her gave him a subtle smile.then he saw her. True she had took her mothers name, of Mcpherson but he gave her long ago. except...

Dancy as mentioned was a very tall man 6'9 . His wife a former model was 5'11. Mary was 5'3. She was a small fat dumpy looking woman. He had hired of course dieticans, physical trainers, buetificans-but well they tried. And the sad part So had Mary. She wasn't off sneaking hagen daz or anything she was...

She smiled at him. She was a basically nice young woman. Basically, as a total nice one would be a chump but he could respect the basic. she looked down though. He had to.

"I just wanted to say good bye. i am heading off for school tommorow, and i am not sure your going to be home tonight"

"I will" said Dancy "Will have a big dinner in your honor

"I don't want a big dinner a big fuss"

"Well then..will"

"order pizza" offered Burr " do kids still like pizza"

"Excellent idea" said Dancy "this is why hes my vice president"

"I'm not hungry" said Mary. "its nice seeing you..but i think i am going to spend it out tonight with friends "

Burr walked forward. one of the advantages of not having a desk was he could hug people "Sure honey. what ever you want" She walked out smiling and nodding. he sighed.

"To the matter at hand" said Burr "i say we donate the object to a museum-something academic. anonymously or something. the costs we have spent we can spin any number of ways-no harm. We can't.."

"never” said dancy "Were close burr, real close. and we can fix her. fix her right."

Burr looked own. He privately wonder Why did she need to be fixed?


Jennifer separated her underwear from her non underware-or more properly her whites from her colors, but who was she fooling. most of her white clothing was underwear. Since the incidenit.

"Really looking forward to the gig" said Roy. "this is going to be the big one"

She and roy where in a laundrimat sorting various laundries apart and doing it-well she was doing it. he was sitting around and talking about laundry. "It hold 100 people.not sure whee going to fill it"

"Well yeah. oh yeah afterwards i am going to lagos for a couple of months"

"What" said Jennifer

"lagos. Nigeria. I am going on some backpacking in west africa for awhile see what it does"

"But the band" said Jennifer "where starting to devolop a following"

"I think playing a facility with fixed seats" said Roy "i s a good time to call it quits. or at least a hiatus=you can get another keyboarder if you want. maybe even a competent one"

"Well......we could do that" said Jennifer pausing. "no no that wouldn't be in spirit"

Roy giggled.He and jennifer had been friends since college, where she got her degree in Psychology then in law, and he got a degree in philosophy then in nothing. They had the kind of friendship people constantly associated with having sex, but had never technically speaking had sex.

Roy was a handsomish very thin guy of about 6 feet . he looked like he should either workout or eat-or maybe both. He wore glasses, but he was not a nerd. Not even in the way hipster could describe a nerd with airs not him. What he was was a free spirit. He had a decentiish trust fund and no particular ambition in life-he did a lot of traveling played in bands occasionally wrote stories for websites. It was a life.

And one Jennifer shook her head at a lot.

"Want to come with me?" he said.


"Go to Africa for awhile.. i heard the chinese food in africa is like nothing you ever tasted-and its real big there- see am elephant, some trees-you know go out and live life."

"I have work tomorrow" said Jennifer

"Oh right"

"Got a bunch cases, things to get right, make the world a better place"

"When you first went to law school" said Roy "You where so concerned about justice, about

making the world a better place like you said-you know being a champion or what ever for the poor the victims, the what well you

"don't start like that" said jennifer putting her undies in a the wash "I am trying to be responsible, take care of my life"

"Working for oil companies'

"Its not like i am representing them as they steal the earths ozone from kittens-its corporate transaction law-its...

Jennifer sighed.

"i work hard. i like my life"

"I'll treat on the Africa trip" offered Roy

"You can't do that your entire life.. i gotta..i gotta be a part of the world, this normal strange mass that i am in..and be..and be this smart capable lawyer....but is that who i am..or be this hipster indie chick who does comedy ukulele albums-but is that who i am

"who are you" asked Roy

"Sometimes..when i close my eyes, and i look i really look. i see her, i see what shes like". Jennier paused. and paused.

"Well" said Roy.

"You wouldn't like her. "


Bruce banner looked into the window of AO Swartz. He thought it was neat. it had these little toy robots and dinosaurs that looked a lot more advanced then when he was growing up. he wondered. He had heard that the space age had indirectly lead to the development of the slinky the wondered what the kind of stuff he saw would come up when it filtered down to toys.

A shadow went across the window. Bruce looked around it was a habit-though a very odd habit these days. Bruce had spent most of his life as everyone else did-just a man everywhere-he had even been to Disneyland three times. Then it had happened and he had spent which seemed like five times as long being a fugitive a man in the run in America, in Brazil, even in Europe for awhile. That was terrifying all the more for knowing what just behind him always the thing.


Now he was somewhere in between. He was offically one of the most wanted men in the worldbut well the government wasn't actively doing much about it any more. After saving the world once, and arguably saving the city of New York--he was in a kind of a werid limbo. A strange space. He couldn't go back to his old life, but a new life was pointless. so he lived.

It was weird.

But the kind of weird that he could go into a store and maybe buy a dinosaur. though he didn't precisly know what what it would be use for. it was one of those one with three horns on top that looked neat that the name he was kind of blanking on at the moment.

Then he realized as he was walking in who he was buying it for-not him-he wasn't that kind of nerd to buy a toy for himself. It was for his cousin- Jenny. He hadn't seen her for god was it 8 years. She was going to graduate high school about a month before the first time he decided to possibly maybe smash stuff- and since then..

well it wasn't the end world for it for her-she probably understood.

He and Jennifer had kind of raised together. After problems with his parents he had lived with his mother sisters the Walters- who after he was born had her. She was about as close to family as he had really-and she was 13 years younger then him but well..that was life. he remembered buying her toys growing up with money from gardening packing hardware it was a teat for him as it was her..yeah

she was what 26, 28-yeah probabbly not going to like a action figure dinosaur.

He went to the back and bought it anyway-cause, i donno.

Was she in new york?if she was-well the world possibly wouldn't mind seeing her-if she wanted to..he could find her if she was..and if she was....

Triceratops. The name of the dinosaur was a triceratops.


Jenn had a nice office-it wasn't a corner but it had a nice window view of manhatan harbor. she liked her office-it a shame she couldn't always se it to her full advantage.

Jenn shrugged as she got on the conference call with Dancy and some of his corporate attorneys none of whom seemed all that competent but all of whom wanted to keep there job. "I think making an offer is slightly the wrong move here. wait for them to do it even if its outrageous-then talk them down"

"I want this matter dealt with" said Dancy.

Jenn shrugged for no ones benefit other the phone and a large potted plant she had in the corner named Theadore. "How about...i have a meeting his lawyer and him if i can get it..not you..lets not reward him with your presence yet but him and his attorney..Feel him out see where there going. If its its good, we can keep the conversation-even if its outrageous we can be in a position"

"Do it" said Dancy.."only like over lunch or something, a public place. Don't do it in an office

Jenn sighed. She didn't like work lunches. it tended to ruin both lunch and work but what the hell. She was a small woman and couldn't super join in it in the big martini lunch ethos-well if she did she got a lot funner then was appropriate in law.

"I'll see what i can put together"


20 minutes latter she was off the call. Dancy talked with his lawyers for a momment longer who where in another part fo the building.

"Shes trying to save us money-which isn't the worst idea ever, But you know what i am saying"

Right. Dancy wasn't really caring about it at this point.

then the lawyer got off and he was along in his office-well him and his his friend

Carl "Crusher" Creal was a name in his Rolodex. it it had came in several years ago after some unpleasant business in south America. it had stayed there. Crusher was what may be called a mercenary. he had once said he had a private detectives silence. What he really was--well was a Hitman, an assassin-or any number of charming words.

He grunted. He was also ugly. A large ugly man-not as tall as him buy weighed probably more, a mix of and fat and muscle on a strange frame. he looked to a thug, and from his dealings with him Dancy thought that was a good word-but one with a little brains and a certain competence behind it- still his grunting and his piercing animalistic eyes weren't pleasant.

Still he preferred to talk in person-there was a school of thought that said one should leave this to intermediaries and vague references to "Take care" and such. Dancy took the opposite route. He did this in person in his office. No one could see him, no one was listening. If crusher got caught and rated him out(something he suspected he would do)--well it would be his word-a word that was technically speaking inadmissible hearsay. He had an iron clad alibi besides.

"So you want me to plug Haller" said crusher."fair enough"

"The restaurant. its going to be him, his layer, and my lawyer. Kill him-leave the lawyers alive-no maybe hurt the lawyers-especially mine..Walters. Even if the police suspect me i wouldn't kill my own lawyer."

"So kill her"

"No...just in the leg or the gut or something" said Dancy "if she dies you know i am not going to get to angry, but you know what i am saying"

Crusher grunted.

"Will get you the date and location if you want-do something covery if you can but not to big..

"Public restaurant may get some stray targets"

"Avoid it-but again not to angry"

crusher grunted. Grunting at least Dancy thought he did well.


"So whats it like" said said Jennifer

"What, being on a giant helicopter" said Bruce "pretty good. you don't notice it after awhile"

"i mean it" said Jennifer.

they where having a drink before lunch at Jornios a bistro type restaurant.

Bruce shrugged " that s the weird core of it. I am the worlds most powerful being, do you know whats that like? I don't. its beauty and the curse of it all"

Jennifer nodded "Talked to mom?"

Bruce shook his head " i called her..what was it 5 years ago. That was a debacle, not a

government troops come and i end up destroying Denver style debacle-but know."

Jennifer smiled "want to stay with me for awhile?"

"That's very nice of you" said Bruce "Very nice... i mean considering, considering..

"Your not going to destroy my place-and besides its an apartment if you tore the building down"

Bruce chuckled ". I was just commenting on how small places are in New York. But Its just....its so complicated a life i have...Betty..."

"Well...find your life. Its around there somewhere-if you can't be bruce banner, and you can't be the hulk, be someone else"

Bruce shook his head. "I need to work it all out-and a place to stay isn't the issue"

"Stay connected" said Jennifer "So you fought alien invaders"

"I mentioned that"

"Well i am trying to draw a really terrible parallel-but in law school, it can be 80 100s a week sometimes. First year at firm They do it on purpose. I think they think its romantic-but the point, i tell a giant hulk- was well i took up the ukulele-it really did great job of you know-relaxing, of seeming something you could to do to stay part of something that's not just one thing"

"I think he would get very angry" banner observed "with picking the little strings"

"you see what i am saying" said Jennifer. "Anyway i am sorry i had to fit you in so precipitously- but i have a meeting with a client"

"Oh no problem" said Bruce."Your a lawyer"

"What has that has to do with anything"

"Well it was a time management joke-except i am not sure it was a joke, it needs more material"


Haller waited a second with his lawyer. He didn't like waiting. He was a fairly impatnent man for all of it. An engineer, He had made a fortune in robot design(the kind that makes cars). Then sold it to the Starks. He had seen on screen Iron man walk out robot arms turn him into Tony Stark--well Then he had went and made a fortune in oil well technology- sold it for Roxon. Now he was devoloping a fortune in Hydraulics.

But the second was where the issue was-the sale of that previous company had left him as a minoroity shareholder in roxon-and well he-he thought he could make some money off it. He had talked a lot with Ms. Dancy and while he didn't think they could knock out dancy entirely-well there was money here. You design robots or hydraulics because your clever. You make a fortune of them, because your a difrrent kind of clever

But every second counted

"Lets give her five minutes" said Heller to his attorney Olin. He thought she was pretty smart woman "No need" said Jennifer walking in.

"Your a minute 23 seconds late. Said Heller" don't let it happen agian"

Jennifer smiled. Everyone in this case was so bright and friendly.

He had also given her everything she needed to win this one.

They got a table outside. She didn't know the waiter had been bribed to place them there, but didn't actually mind-it was a nice enough day.

"You should try the pasta here" said Jennifer "The cook it fresh which takes a little longer..

"I want to get out of here" said heller "chicken poll-that cooks fast enough"

"I'll have the hand cooked ravioli" said jennifer.

Jennifer talked of pleasantries-stuff that didn't involve money. She mentioned her album on iTunes to them-she knew Dorlin-she was a former lawyer for NAACP, and she tried to engage her work for southern poverty-she tried to keep it friendly and chatty between two old friends catching up.

Which really visibly annoyed heller.

"Regarding the case... I think we should engage in some discovery for awhile. We want a trial date of at least a year, maybe 18 months to really complete it get through..."

"You know that already" said Heller "Theirs not much to learn"

"Well details of your relationship with Ms. Danny-which isn't illegal probably but want to know how to works out-stock information

"You know all that" said Heller. "public record"

"Well still" said Jennifer "Take some good time to"

Heller sighed. "We don't want ruin- we want money. I can give you controll of the company. The stock i bought it at 5 dollars a share. i want 15. I walk, she walks"

Jennifer nodded "Well i can go back to Mr. Dancy, and see what he will say about that"

"Jesus Christ" said Heller.

Jennifer smiled. She wanted that. She had won. 15 was high=but they could talk it down to 14 or even 12 she though reasonably easy. In any case Dancy had told her 20 was what he was willing to pay so he...wouldn't be happy as he was rarely happy with her, but he would be inwardly glad. Maybe even make a grunting complement Holliway.

She was so happy that she resolved to eat her Ravoli as quickly as she could.

Unfortunately at that exact momment she was shot in the chest , even though there was no longer reason for it. Which was a shame as she never got to enjoy the ravioli.


Her world was instant pain- she dimely noted that heller recived a bullet in the head, and his lawyer...well she didn't quite make out what happened to her

She never quite lost conscious as she fell back. but the shock was instant. It strangely enough didn't feel horrible-just shocking.

She noted this very big red hole in her stomach.

Then a giant roar.

The glass door separating the restaurant and the outside seeting area crashed open and out came a giant green monster. She had seen pictures of the hulk- some videos-he looked..well big . but like a bull elephant you didn't quick get a scale of the size of him, the mass it had.

she turned her head as it flew out.

She wondered where the gun men was and would this turn into a big fight and if..

Rhe hulk reached down and picked her up in her arms. oh deer this probabbly wasn't helping

and did he have purple..

She cried out as she went into his hands. she saw his face-it wasn't a horrible face all things considering-a massive mask of rage and anger-but well...

He roared as he hold her

A group of shots came from somewhere, it hit the hulk in the stomach. she thought he was invulnerable-that was the deal but the bullets him with a loud clang which caused him to roar in something that sounded maybe of pain-but crucically not stop him

The blood fell down... his chest in spatters and mingle with hers on her stomach as that happens the pain hit. the incredible pain of it all it felt like like nothing she had ever felt as if pain was in her flowing in her veins, even as the monster up-probably to use his own arms as if something to shield her from more blows, holding her up like a baby-which caused his wound to mingle with her wound some more...which made it hurt more.

It felt like agony for a moment...then as an instant stopped. she yelped at the loss of sensation then breathed easy when she realized she was still alive.

And then lept half a mile in the air...this was....

And then she blacked out.


Jennifer waked up in a hospital. that much was clear.

"What happened?" she said to no one initially.

Sitting in a chair was a smartly dressed man. He got up.

"You are Jennifer Walters"

"I got insurance" she offered " i think my card is in purse--which i don't know where it was

"You where found about 7 hours ago in prospect park. You where severely dehydrated. Reports indicate you where involved in altercation about an hour before that with.... subject 340"

"oh that yeah" said Jennifer. to an untrained ear that could be determined to be sarcasm but it wasn't. she was really out of it.

"Your at the Brooklyn naval hospital, under evaluation for"

"Am i okay?”

Jennifer paused and looked at herself. she was wearing a hospital gown

"Yes" said the Functionary "but that is perhaps the problem. Because according to reports you where shot. shot twice in the chest-and in fact there are two bullets lodged in your lower stomach cavity. However..

Jennifer pulled up her hospital dress to look, and her flat but complelty normal looking stomach.

"The flesh around them is completely healed"



1 Day since Last Disturbance


"I was in a car 50 yards away- he never even saw me." said Crusher " hes big and hes green but he ain't that smart. Shot him a couple of times, but he wasn't the target and then he flew away"

Dancy paused drinking a cup of tea as he met with Dancy.

"Well the monster was a complication-but well in someways not a bad one. It drew attention, but it confuses- yes actually i am pleased with how it went. You killed his attorney, buts thats acceptable. Walters is apparently in the hospital, which is what i asked..yes. this worked well enough okay"

crusher grunted.

Dancy when he was alone sighed. He didn't like these kind of transactions-something for the morality, something for how dirty they seemed which he supposed was a form of morality. he got up and opened a door to the side office

he had moved it up here a week or so ago to an old side office he never used. when it was down for testing he felt its loss-because by now he could barely stand to be away from it more then 10 minutes. yes the people like crusher the things they did the indignities.

he saw it under glass watched it glow ever so slightly in its majesty. yes it was worth it.


The next 24 hours where a maze of tests and cat scans and what ever. Jennifer appeared to be in good health-minus the bullets inside of her, which in and off itself a doctor said wasn't a major problem.He recommended surgery at some point to remove them, but that was something could wait. Jennifer nodded huh. she now would likely set out metal detectors.

But they and the functionary who she never got the name of let her sleep eventually a cold sleep.

which in the middle of the night she wasn't to happy to be woken up by to see the man above


"please don't do that" said Banner. "please"

So she didn't.

Banner was wearing a doctors coat a stethoscope and looking at her chart. he in short looked like a doctor. He was a doctor but not at..

"what happened?" said

"I don't really remember but its kind of easy to peace out, he showed up thought you where in danger and carried you away to safety..then i woke up in new jersey" said Banner.

"To me!"

"That...well i am looking at your chart. huh, they found samples of my blood on your chest and increased radiation and chemicals in my blood. i am guessing...huh. I am guessing that maybe you got..a certain amount of my...huh that's interesting-blood in your system, a wound to wound transfer."

Jennifer paused "And this"

"Well when i was first working on this entire..well thingy- i was doing it on a theroy of regeneration-and it works- really when you think about it, its not turning into a 10 foot tall monster that's the impressive part, its turning back when it done. “

"but the other part?"

"Well when people touch my blood, or inject my blood-normally its very dangerous, people go to the hospital for weeks nearly die kind of thing-its like when anyone touches something radioactive-its not good--but"

Jennifer sighed "have i turned into lady monster"

"no, no highly doubtful-i mean even now your radiation is like...1 50th of my own. teats not because your a girl or anything, you didn't get that much in you. they did tests already when they cut you apparently, and its healing faster but not instantly like with me-you maybe got a quick dose and its just wearing off. i mean for me the trick is the interesting trick is-why you. your more or less exactly what i intended my research to produce"

Jennifer sighed.

"so am”

"Fine" said Banner "probably, in a week a month your going to be entirely fine, let it wear off"

"So i am not a superhero then" said banner

He put his hand through her head "well where all heroes".

Just then a noise went off. Bruce turned

"oh sorry i have to break out of here" he said " i am not suppose to be here. its not that not had"

She nodded

"these are exactly the kind of adventures i am missing out?" said Jennifer drooly.

"Well if you ever do..." said Banner "Remember fire exits are your friend"

He then ran out into the night


The next morning, jennifer woke up to see the functionary again

"I saw that you had a visitor last night" he said "naughty. we do have a video feed of the room

"This is day 3" said Walters. "I know under new york i can be held 72 on a medical quarantee if needed, unless a court can prove i am a public danger to the populice-so when is my hearing set? cause i want to review all the pertinent files and information on this, what evidence-becuas according to my sources i am not radioactive or any risk of contamination or spreading any kind of viirious or other cuminical diseases...hmm mm?"

the man looked at her. he clickedh is lips.

"And if you don't provide this i am going to sue you" said Walters " As a lawyer i hate saying that, cause i am lawyer and all that and its a bit cliche"


Getting home from a hospital is always a strange thing. you discover the milk has gone bad, the house plants need water-or are fine, and you didn't own any milk as Jennifer did. she sighed.

She felt ever so slightly weird. She wasn't sick or wounded-but werid. She got a cab home and her foot got caught in the cab door. It hurt...for like a second. When the hospital tried cutting her-or injecting her..the little spots went away pretty quickly- it was like a delayed thing a slight plink..and

But that wasn't all of it-at the edge of her-like something was 1/20th of step off in her mind-it wasn't bad per-say, just there a kind of weirdness like she had taken a shot of alcohol 10 hours ago and was still feeling th effects wore. off it was odd. But well..

Here she was. she looked out the window. A woman alone in the big city, not a guy or a cat, a job she didn't super like, and an extremely minor superpower at least temporary-her life was going....well on paper well enough-the healing faster was pretty cool for as long as it lasted. But still.

she got her ukulele out and started to sing.

"Sometimes life gives you those kind of lemons that you buy at the farmers market, and are really exotic looking with the weird arms and such.. .but realllllllllly taste the sammmmmme"


"Jesus Christ" Dancy said "The nerve of the world. but i am so glad you survive "

his voice Walters suggested was telling the truth. in this statement

Walters paused sitting in his fancy office. he was standing. it made him look even bigger

"Sometimes the world is very werid- i was lucky..but

"But Heller died" said Walters

:Terrible tragedy" he said. "terrible"

this was a lie. she was good at hearing them. bt she offered a tight lipped smile.

"This puts his share in probate or in trust-that's always complicated"

"I am not sure this has been told you-but while you where in the hospital i talked to my wife. i am buying out 50% of her share giving me 75 of the company. She doesn't want to continue her proxy fight with out him"

"For what?"

"17 a share"

Walters paused. she was still his attorney "Heller offered 15 just before he died".

he looked at her for a second. this was probably about 40 50 millions dollars the quickness of the math filled her head and his in that second. he shook his head.

"Well its a larger share" said Heller "thats in grand scheme of things a good thing"

Walters nodded "This is a terrible tragedy"

"Not the money of course" said Dancy.

"Of course"

Walters looked up and smiled at someone she knew was in fact willing to kill people for it-she had meant plenty of people in her line of work who did -people who will shoot you for a 100 bucks. He was doing it for billions-but well same principal in the end. He was htat kind of person. He was a dirty penny anty crook and she gave him the exact smile that was worth it.

"Well my secretary will of course send over are firms bill for our time-but it looks like this case is more or less closed" said Walters. "We don't always get the ends we want"

Dancy nodded.

Walters walked to the front of the room. nodded picking up her briefcase as she did..when she opend a door. and walked in .

It wasn't the Outter office with his secretary.

She looked in .

The room was largely empty like a private library or something-some books on shelves on the wall and art-and in the middle a large display case with a glass box like art. she looked at it for a second walking forward with interest at the strange site.

It was a crown. not like a modern idea of a crown, with perfect points and well preserved- fillagere-but a crude object- a metal band with some iregular points going up from it in a very crude design-it looked like something thousands of years old like something you would see in a musuem made in ancient rome and with that much decay. Old, but still somehow with the lighting. Tt had...incredibly just extruded power.

She wasn't supose to be here. .this was a mistake

"Oh i am sorry, wrong

When she fell over on her knees.

Something was overwealming her like a force from it. was overpowering her filling her..

Dancy came forward

"Are you okay?"

Walters got to her feet as he offered a hand


She walked out of the room and the feeling left her of. "just probabbly something from the assult"

"its okay" said dancy. she saw his eyes go back ot the room. to make sure his artifcat was okay, that she hadn't done anything..and the instant anger in his eyes as he did.

Jennifer however felt she could walk and did so as fast as she coold out of there. she asked the secretary where a bathroom was and spent a few minutes there feeling as if she was going to throw up but ended up not.

Dancy in the other hand looked out the window. What he hadn't told her, was a police detective had already came by asking questions on walkers death. that was understandable. She whould have to die now, that was for certain-but not right away. That would be to suspicious give it a couple of months to get some space of it all. a good couple of months.


Walters was at home that night. Roy was over and they where drinking some wine and working on lyrics

"they didn't let me visit you in the hospital" said roxy at his kept noodling " i would have gone but..”

"Yeah yeah”

"hell i went too the hospital to did you know..they give a lot of vaccinations when your going to hospitals-rubella , typhoid- all that fun stuff"

"Boo hoo" said Jennifer. she was wearing a tank top and jeans."your such a strong big man"

"Well it took like an hour and they gave me like a dozen arm is still swollen

"i would offer to kiss it and make it better" said Jennifer "but we don't have that kind of relationship

"Hey" said roxy " i saw this video on youtube of a a dog licking it owners cut.. i'll show it to you"

He went to his laptop turning his head "Hey a song about youtube cat videos would be pretty

He heard a moan.

Then a rip.

He apused for a second wanting not to turn his ehad. as he started hearing noises from a horror movie.

but he did.

He turned and looked at jennifer. she wasn't talking or anything which was a bad sign.

She stood mass of muscles started to form on her body-he watched as her legs elongaged. he watched as her arms grew to match. sinew and snappingmoving as her arms kind of shook from the strain. thats what he noticed.Iif you where to imagine a woman turn into a godess you would imagine grace. Instead she shook like she had a palsy or stoped as her muscle froze unable to do anything or moved in twitch. he watched her clothes rip and bellowed. her body weazing as every inch of her transformed into a huge mas of sleek muscle-her quads her thighs it all transformed and became.. a mass. her hair lengthened and darkened..her eyes turned red..

Her skin.

iI turned green

She had skin the color emeralds, skin that almost looked slightly translucent, skin that glistened and almost but didn't glow.

She was 8 and half feet tall as it was over her clothes rags on her, her body this strange mass of transforming goo..

And she was a monster

A beautiful beautiful monster

She looked at him

He fell backward. and it was he who screamed.

"Please please”

She looked down at him and bent her back at him looking

"Don't hurt me..Jennifer, Jennifer are you in there?"

"Of course I am in here" said the She-Hulk " who did you expect to be in here. Donald Duck?

She looked down.

"Well i am not wearing pants"

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