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S.W.R. – Playing the Villain, Part 1

Written by LustMonster :: [Monday, 30 May 2016 07:53] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 17:31]

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb stood naked on a low hill overlooking the abandoned military base. Her exquisitely muscled body glistened in the sunlight. Torpedo breasts capped by thick nipples pointed directly at the place where the road met a wide gate in the base’s perimeter wall. She gazed down at her impressive chest, then at the gate. A lusty smile played across her beautiful face as her whole body tingled with anticipation.

“Your mission for this exercise is simple,” the Commander had told her an hour ago. “We will be conducting a defense exercise at the decommissioned base nearby. A very strong ‘super villainess’ will attack the base. Robot infantry will stand in for humans, playing the role of the defending soldiers. Using every weapon at their disposal, the base defenders will try to stop this rampaging villainess before she completely lays waste to the entire installation.”

Wendy could not help grinning like a maniac when the commander had continued: “As you’ve undoubtedly guessed, you will play the role of the villainess. Use your super strength to its fullest. Don’t hold back – the defenders won’t.”

And now here she stood, flexing her muscles and digging her fingers into her heaving breasts as she gazed down upon the base she had been ordered to annihilate.

Ohhhhhhhh, she moaned softly in her mind. I think this will be the most incredible experience of my life.

She raised one arm and flexed a huge bicep. Sticking out her tongue, she lovingly licked that incredible peak of muscle. Her massive thighs flexed and rippled with amazing musculature.

“So strong,” she breathed. “So STRONG!”

“Are you ready, lieutenant, or shall we just watch you pose for an hour?”

The stern voice in Wendy’s ear startled her. She was so lost in her reverie that she had forgotten she had activated the tiny two-way commlink pressed deep into her left ear.

“I’m ready, Commander!”

“Well then, don’t just stand there looking so fucking sexy. We’ve got eyes on you from the drones above and security cams all over that base, and a large audience here. They’re all waiting with great anticipation. I promised them an exhilarating show.”

Wendy dug her fingers harder into her huge breasts, her arm muscles rippling with every movement.

“I won’t let you down, Commander,” she replied huskily. “This old base is toast.”

“I’ll have the butter and marmalade ready, lieutenant.”

Lacing her fingers together behind her back (making her triceps bulge outward), the lieutenant strode down the hill and onto the road. She began her unstoppable march toward the base’s perimeter wall.

As she neared the very tall gate, two humanoid infantry robots stepped out of the gatehouse next to it.

“HALT!” one of them shouted. Wendy assumed that the voice (and control of the robot) belonged to some desk jockey back at the new base.

The lieutenant just grinned wickedly as she proudly thrust out her chest and continued her death march toward the gate.

“I SAID HALT!!” the guard robot shouted again. The two of them drew out automatic rifles from their hip-mounted holsters and pointed them directly at the approaching muscle goddess.

“Ohhhhh, I’m so scared,” she growled, and turned slightly to walk directly toward them.

wendy at the gates cropped by lustmonster daatsvf
Image courtesy of Plinius


The automatic rifles unleashed their fury upon Wendy, hitting her naked chest and rippling abdominal muscles with round after round of steel-jacketed lead.

Each slug simply deformed into a lead pancake as it struck her super strong body, then deflected off her invulnerable skin. Nearby glass shattered and metal pinged as several of the deflected rounds impacted against a helpless parked vehicle.

Wendy’s smile grew wider as she exulted in her invincibility. She reached the first guard robot and grabbed it by its metal throat. “You tried to KILL me,” she growled menacingly, then flung the hapless thing aside, where it crashed right through the wall of the guardhouse and collapsed in a sparking heap of scrap.

“You can’t stop me,” she said in a throaty growl as she grabbed the second guard ‘bot and held it up in the air, feet kicking uselessly. With amazing ease, she crushed its metal throat. Tubes and wires sparked with crackling energy between her fingers. She flung the dead thing away, then strutted right up to the entry gate.

The gate had been designed to resist a direct assault by a ramming vehicle. Most of it was solid steel, with narrow sections of thick mesh through which the base beyond could be seen.

Oh my, she thought with a savage smile. Look at this gate. Guess I’ll have to turn back now.

She started to turn away, then lifted her fists above her head and brought them down against the metal surface of the gate.

It was no contest. Those fists, backed by her massively muscled arms, crashed downward through the thick steel with a glorious ear-splitting shriek of tearing metal, leaving a huge vertical gash in the supposedly impenetrable barrier. Wendy hurled herself forward and plowed through the gaping wound, enjoying the feel of the jagged metal scraping against her bare skin and swelling nipples.

So unstoppableI LOVE my body!

Once inside the gate, she looked around and licked her lips.

Oh my, so much delightful metal and concrete to obliterate. Where to begin?

The decommissioned base stretched out before her seemingly forever. The road she stood on was lined with buildings of various sizes, with even bigger buildings visible beyond them. For the purpose of this exercise, she knew that there would be weapons scattered around the place: mobile gun units, tanks, and who knows what else for the defenders to use against her.

“We’ll be testing new weapons, top-secret things you haven’t seen yet,” her Commander had informed her during the pre-mission briefing. “You’ll be getting a nice workout.”

She flexed her massive muscles again. Bring them on! Bring them ALL on!

Alarms were already blaring all around the base. Wendy could hear activity: huge doors opening, engines firing, sounds of metal feet slamming against pavement. She imagined the large room full of soldiers back at the new base a few klicks distant, wearing VR goggles and gripping joysticks, feverishly operating these supposedly strong and durable infantry ‘bots.

Well, their little toys aren’t going to last all that long. I hope they’re not too attached to them.

Wendy strode forward, eager to bring her might to bear against helpless steel and stone and pathetic weaponry. To unleash her super strength, to grab and destroy.

Where to begin?

The answer presented itself in the form of a half dozen heavily armored infantry vehicles that quickly appeared from some side street up ahead. They gathered onto the main road, a few short blocks from the ruined gate.

Wendy placed her hands on her hips and waited for them to come menace her delicious bulging muscles.

The vehicles came to a stop about a block away and lowered their rear ramps. Squads of robot infantry poured out. Scampering on their metal feet, they quickly took up positions behind each vehicle. She could hear more infantry pouring out of similar vehicles to her left and right, having just arrived on the ring road that hugged the base’s perimeter wall.


The lieutenant’s fingers went to her thick swollen nipples and played with them as she thought: Oh yes, you have me surrounded. Now give me all you got.


Wendy mashed her fingers deep into her huge breasts and moaned.


The horizontal rain of heavy lead bullets that crashed against her delicious naked body was glorious.

Her skin was pockmarked with hundreds of little indentations where heavy weapons fire blasted into her, deformed, and ricocheted away. Shards of lead and steel jacketing flew off her body in a steady spray, smacking into surfaces all around her. Wendy let go of her huge breasts and allowed them be crushed backward against her bulging pectoral muscles by the lead hailstorm.

Wendy snarled and marched toward the main group of infantry that was trying to shred her sexy body into tiny bits. As she approached the closest vehicle, ‘bot infantry started falling back, taking up new positions behind vehicles further back in the line. The hail of lead continued to pelt her body from three sides.

And now the real fun begins, Wendy thought with great pleasure as she raised her fists above her head, then brought them slamming down on the hood of the lead vehicle.

The impact was tremendous. Her mighty fists crashed all the way down to the ground, crushing a considerable amount of the armored carrier’s front end under them. The front wheels splayed outward to either side. The rear end bounced upward so high it nearly stood the vehicle on its nose, before gravity grabbed it and yanked it back down. The road underneath the smashed front axle was cratered and fill with smoking fluids and shreds of metal.

Wendy raised her fists in the air again, making muscles bulge all over her body as she bellowed in defiance. Weapons fire still pockmarked her flesh, ripped against her stiff nipples, and blasted her glistening labia and protruding clitoris.

The luscious lieutenant slammed her fists down again and again, pulverizing the heavily-armored vehicle as though it was being fed into some kind of giant shredder. Wendy absolutely reveled in the wanton destruction. She savagely pulped the thick armor and mashed the mangled metal deep into the ravaged asphalt.

Still under heavy fire from three sides, the snarling superwoman plunged her hands deep into the tangled mass of wrecked metal and got a good grip on its boiling hot guts. Yanking her arms outward to the sides, she ripped the whole mass in half and hefted two huge chunks over her head. Bits of metal rained down on her outthrust boobs and bounced off. Then she spun on her heels and let go of each handful of wreckage, sending the huge masses flying like giant cannonballs into the defending infantry and mowing them down like dry grass.

Now she was taking fire from only one direction. She looked around and smiled maliciously as she gazed upon the wreckage and robot carnage in the other directions. Personnel carriers lay on their sides or backs, with ‘bot soldiers crushed underneath them or smashed against the walls of the nearby buildings (which had also sustained quite a bit of damage from all the flying metal and ricocheting lead).

Wendy screamed with mock rage and flexed her muscles again, then marched defiantly toward the remaining infantry.

The gunfire became erratic as the robot infantry spent more time falling back and finding safety than actually aiming and firing. The superwoman leapt onto another armored carrier and eagerly tore into it, ripping off huge chunks of metal and flinging them in all directions. Sharp metal tore against her naked body from the front and sides as she blasted through the carcass of the vehicle, tearing the poor thing mercilessly until there was nothing left but bits of metal debris scattered around for dozens of yards.

She was eager to grab and rip apart more vehicles, but unfortunately she had run out. The flying debris from her last fit of destruction had utterly shredded them, along with the fleeing defender ‘bots.

Wendy stomped her foot in the rubble with genuine frustration, sending more wreckage flying.


Fuck, lieutenant,” the Commander’s voice whispered through her earpiece with a distinct note of admiration. “I think you already sent several of my staff out of the room with stained crotches.”


The lieutenant cackled gleefully as she kicked chunks of wreckage through nearby walls. Then she looked around and wondered which way to go next.

They must be getting ready to send bigger guns against me. Ooooohhhh I want them so BAD!!

In the meantime, she had her role to play. Big Mean Villainess was here to wreck the joint. She piled her biceps into portable Mount Everests, enjoying the glorious sight of them bursting upward. Then she started walking again, in a random direction. It did not matter which way. Nothing could stop her anyway!

Thrusting her chest out, Wendy marched up to the nearest building and, without hesitation, plowed right through its exterior wall. Concrete and rebar crushed against her body, tearing around her chest and thighs as she bulldozed right through. Her nipples and clitoris greatly enjoyed slashing through all that delightfully rough and hard material.

Brushing the rubble off her huge breasts with her fingers, she gazed around the cavernous room. It appeared to be a warehouse, stacked with rows of crates that reminded her of the closing scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Light filtered in through large skylights in the ceiling, and also through the hole in the wall that she had created with her super sexy body.

The ceiling of the vast room was supported by thick reinforced concrete pillars spaced every hundred feet or so. They looked very strong and sturdy.

The nearest one called to her.

wendy in the warehouse 1b cropped by lustmonster daatsu7
Image courtesy of Plinius

Hug me. Squeeze me.

Grinning, Wendy skipped over there and embraced the pillar. Her arms, abdomen, and thighs all bulged with rippling muscles that dug into the rough surface, and her breasts mashed tight against the solid concrete.

Very slowly she squeezed, pretending it was more difficult than it really was. Muscles rippled and flexed as loud cracking noises reverberated around the huge warehouse. Fissures shot up the pillar, and small chunks of concrete flew off of it. Her bulging pecs crammed soft titflesh into the concrete and rebar. Ballooning biceps and forearms plowed in deeper and deeper, and the cracks became BOOMS as huge chunks of pillar blasted in every direction.

Her arms and thighs inexorably drew toward each other, crushing through the concrete and steel that futilely tried to fight back and stay whole. Her pussy and clit ground into the pillar as well, sending juices dripping down inside one of the growing fissures. Finally, the poor pillar could stand no more, and it exploded in a huge spray of debris.

With its support gone, the section of roof directly above her collapsed. Steel girders crashed down upon her head and chest. A great avalanche of ruined warehouse followed, pouring down on her body until she was completely covered. And still it rained and poured, a deluge of destruction that formed a mountain of rubble which appeared to completely erase the luscious lieutenant from existence.

A few seconds ticked by as minor rubbleslides flowed down the sides of the newly formed and still rather unstable mound. Then … 

With a thunderous “ROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!” that issued from within, the mound of rubble blasted outward in all directions, shredding all the crates stacked nearby, along with whatever thingamabobs they contained. At the epicenter of the blast stood a super-pumped Wendy, bellowing her absolute superiority over anything that dared challenge her incredible body. Her fists clutched the ends of long steel girders, which the wickedly grinning superwoman proceeded to use as giant clubs to smash the living hell out of everything that remained intact in the warehouse.

Her super body was nearly a blur as she heaved the tortured girder round and round, tearing through crates and pillars and walls and stairs and whatever she could see that looked fun to smash.

Then the nearest exterior wall exploded.

This latest blast wave caught the lieutenant by surprise and actually knocked her off her feet. Quickly standing up, she gazed through the clearing dust and smoke, wondering what had caused the explosion. That was her job!

On the street outside, a huge Abrams tank aimed its main gun directly at her amazingly swollen nipples.

“So you wrecked a warehouse,” the Commander’s voice taunted in her ear. “Big whoop de doo. Let’s see you take on a fucking tank, lieutenant.”

Wendy snarled in mock fury.

“HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY FUN?????” she screamed at the armored beast.

But what she really felt was pure joy. YES, BRING IT!!!

The armored behemoth complied with Wendy’s desire, belching a 120mm armor-piercing round with a huge roar that shattered what few windows remained on the buildings within several blocks. The sabot struck Wendy right between her breasts and sent her flying off her feet, right through several rubble piles and the wall behind her. Sailing across the road, she crashed through the exterior wall of the neighboring building, and slammed into the side of an armored personnel carrier that was parked inside.

After happily tearing her way out of the wrecked personnel carrier, Wendy screamed in pretend rage and ballooned her muscles in a most-muscular pose, doing her best imitation of the Incredible Hulk. Then she launched herself forward, her huge leg muscles propelling her through the gutted walls and tearing through piles of rubble in the decimated warehouse.

The Abrams tank fired its main gun again.

Racing forward with super speed, Wendy’s body met the round head-on. The sabot crushed into her left breast, mashing half way into it before blossoming into superheated shreds and blasting apart. The force brought her almost to a complete stop before her bare feet could find fresh purchase deep in the ravaged concrete floor to propel her forward again.

Before the tank could fire another round, the snarling superwoman was upon it. She wrapped her fingers around the main gun right at its midpoint and brutally tore the barrel apart. Then she wielded the broken-off part as a club and started battering the front of the tank with it. It did not do much damage, other than breaking off little protruding bits of equipment, so she tossed the wrecked and useless club away and used her massive arms and unstoppable fists instead. They blasted right through the thick armor, making the whole tank bounce on its treads from the intense forces. Wendy dug her hands and arms deep into the tank’s innards and grabbed whatever she could sink her fingers into. Squealing with delight, she tore out huge chunks of heavy metal tankflesh and flung them away, enjoying the sounds of great masses of shredded metal obliterating helpless objects nearby.

Wendy went into another delicious rampage of destruction, ripping the huge battle tank apart from inside and sending great gouts of tortured and shredded metal flying everywhere. She wasn’t sure afterward if she had even encountered the robot drivers that were presumably inside it, or if they had managed to escape her wrath. She didn’t care. The glorious destruction of super strong metal was so damn fun!

At some point during her rampage, she smashed into the compartment where the remaining ammunition was stored. Her hands and body tore right through it in an orgy of destruction, setting off the remaining charges. Huge explosions engulfed the remains of the tank, propelling her sexy muscle body downward into the hard ground.

A giggling Wendy clawed her way out of the finely pulverized rubble. It rained out of her hair and off her big breasts, and she even had to dig some metal shards and concrete bits out of her moist pussy.

She stood in the middle of the mess she had made, poking a dainty foot around in the ruins.

“Look at what I did to your fucking tank, Commander. My super strong body did this.”

Wendy picked up a jagged mass of crumpled armor and crushed it savagely into her huge breasts, reducing the squalling mass into finer bits as the sharp edges tormented her swollen nipples.

“Nothing can stop me. Nothing at all.”

“You’re driving me crazy here, lieutenant,” the Commander moaned in her earpiece.

Wendy smacked her palms against her tits, pancaking them hard against her pulsing pectoral muscles.

“I’m just barely getting started,” she snarled.

The lieutenant looked around ravenously.

Mmmmm, so much left to destroy ... 

The savage “super villainess” kicked her way out of the rubble and resumed her relentless march.

More delightful fun to come for Wendy’s delicious muscle body in Part 2 … 

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