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S.W.R. – Playing the Villain, Part 2

Written by LustMonster :: [Tuesday, 31 May 2016 14:29] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 17:37]

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb strode along the military base’s main street, leaving considerable rubble and carnage behind. Her naked, supremely muscled body showed not even a scratch from all the wanton destruction she had caused. The wolfish smile on her face betrayed her lust for more ripping, more tearing, more annihilation.

She had to admit: villainy is certainly a lot of fun!

Time to pour it on … 

Stopping for a moment, Wendy flexed her massive arms and thighs and lovingly admired them. Then she took another look around at all the potential targets of her swelling destructlust.

There. Ohhhhh, that looks delicious!

She gazed up at a particularly tall building that loomed above the others in its vicinity, several blocks further up the main road. At least ten stories high, it did not appear to have any windows. It gave off a very solid and impenetrable vibe.

Wendy looked out along her outstretched left arm and asked it for a vote. “Do you want to go play with that building?” she asked her eager bicep. Then she slowly flexed that musclemound into a mind blowing twin-headed peak. Clearly, that was her left arm’s equivalent of a thumbs-up! She turned her head to gaze adoringly at her right arm, and repeated the question. The delicious ball of muscle that formed there in response provided the unanimous vote she was hoping for.

Giggling, she started walking again, with her fingers laced behind her back and her big breasts thrust defiantly forward.

The tiny commlink in her ear chirped, followed by the Commander’s rumbling voice: “Kiss those cow udders goodbye.”

There was a great WHOOSH, and suddenly Wendy’s super suckable torpedoes (as well as the rest of her body) were engulfed in a explosion and fireball. The blast knocked the muscle goddess flat on her ass in the middle of a brand-new crater.

Wendy stood up in the fresh rubble and dusted herself off, then looked up just in time to see something streaking down at her from above. Another WHOOSH, another explosion (this time centered on her left breast), and she was thrown against the wall of the nearest building. Her thick arms and flaring V-shaped back embedded themselves in the reinforced concrete. Streaks of oil on her body were literally on fire, with flames licking up around one engorged nipple.

Through the smoke she could see a pair of figures on the roof of the building across the street. They appeared to be working furiously to reload the rocket propelled grenade launcher that one of them was carrying.

Snarling viciously, the super muscle goddess expanded her back and shoulder muscles, pulverizing the wall around her and freeing her body from its pathetic grasp. Her powerful thigh muscles gathered and bunched. A casual leap propelled her onto the roof next to her attackers.

Cow udders???” Wendy hissed. “Watch these ‘cow udders’ destroy your pathetic tin men!”

The lieutenant smashed her hands into the torsos of the two robot infantry units. Their own metal fists slammed uselessly against her thick arms and shoulders. Gripping their mechanical innards, she yanked the robots hard against her chest. Her huge breasts tore through their mechanical innards, engorged nipples slashing through rods, gears, servos, and power cells, creating small explosions and hot electrical arcs that felt wonderful against her bare titflesh. Then she lifted the mangled ‘bots and crushed them together over her head. Finally, she heaved their wrecked metal carcasses away, sending them sailing far across the rooftops to come crashing down who-knows-where, hopefully causing lots of damage.

From the rooftop she was standing on, Wendy had a clear view of the tall building she wanted to, um, visit.

She planted her hands on her hips, then thrust her torpedoes of terror directly toward the doomed building. Movement above caught her eye, and she glanced up at the hovering surveillance drone that was currently providing the Commander (and likely everybody else back at the new base) a lovely overhead view of her delicious naked body.

“See that building my ‘cow udders’ are pointing at?” Wendy announced to her rapt audience. “I am going to fucking obliterate it, and no one can stop me! MUAHAHAHA …”

With that crazy laugh, she launched herself into the air again with her mighty thighs. Sailing across the gap between the two buildings, she smashed her chest right through the thick outer wall of her target.

wendy breaktrough cropped by lustmonster dabff75
Image courtesy of Plinius

Wendy’s grand entrance did not quite go as planned, for the inner surface of the wall was inch-thick steel. Her bodacious breasts smashed through the outer concrete and into the inner layer of steel, punching deep tit-shaped impressions. With the two dents in the steel stuffed full of her titflesh, her whole body was caught and held there on the outside of the building, dangling by her tits four stories up, her feet swinging freely in the air.

The delicious destructress let loose another maniacal laugh at her crazy situation as she reared back her fists and sent them rocketing into the concrete and steel. Those unstoppable sledgehammers easily punched through, accompanied by more wonderful sounds of concrete exploding and agonized metal tearing. She turned her palms inward toward her embedded chest and clawed at the tortured steel, tearing huge gashes in it with her fingers, freeing her breasts from their captivity. Then she blasted her hands outward to either side, pressing the steel away from her body and tearing a huge gash through which she could easily step. The incredible sounds of metallic tearing and shrieking made her pause afterward to collect her senses. She was damn closed having an honest-to-goodness orgasm right then and there.

Not now, not yet, ohhhh let it build up more and more!

She found herself in a hallway that was completely lined with steel. Huge doors were set in the wall opposite the one she had just blasted through. No knobs or entry keypads were visible, just smooth metal doors with tight seams around them.

Wendy grabbed her heavy breasts and lifted them upward, turning them into tit pancakes spread out across her splayed fingers. Her nipples were stiff knobs now, more engorged than she had ever seen them before.

“Ohhhhh my poor, poor babies,” she cooed at them. “My poor helpless darlings, so tormented and abused …”

She licked her swollen nipples, then pinched them and stretched them forward. Wrapping them all the way around her index and middle fingers, she gave them the tender loving care they craved, by violently ramming them into the thick steel inner wall of the hallway.

The agonized scream of tearing metal filled the air again as her fingers shoved her nipples and areolae into the shredding innards of the thick steel, slashing a continuous gouge along that helpless wall (and the doors set into it) as she shuffled sideways along the hallway. With her eyes closed in sheer bliss, she knew she had reached the end only when her shoulder crashed into the wall and mangled the steel there. At that point she forced her titflesh-covered fingers down the wall about a foot. Then she made the return trip back up the hallway, cutting another gouge parallel to the first one.

Wendy reached the opposite end of the hallway (happily mangling the wall there too), then shoved her nipples back up a foot and completed the rectangle.

She stepped back for a moment to observe her handiwork (nippliwork?), then dug her fingers into the steel between the upper and lower gouges and gave the whole mangled mess a good yank.

The thick steel tore out of the wall in a continuous foot-high strip, all the way from one end of the hall to the other, bringing with it chunks of steel from the middle of the doors as well. Wendy gathered the metal up against her breasts, crushing more and more of it into a ball of increasingly dense, hot steel that ground savagely against her swollen nipples. She kneaded her titflesh around the ball, moaning aloud as the screaming of the suffering steel drowned out the sounds of running metal feet that came from below and inside the building.

As soon as the muscle goddess had reduced the great steel strip to a white-hot ball of super dense metal, she hurled it though the gap in the wall in front of her, and delighted in the sounds of crashing and breaking that followed. Explosions and electronic screams told her that she must have mowed down more than one of the rapidly approaching robot soldiers like tenpins.

At that moment an explosion blew open the remains of the door at the far end of the hallway. Heavily armed robot infantry poured through the opening.

Wendy turned toward them and flexed huge muscles all over her body, laughing wickedly.

“YES!!! Come on! Come GET SOME!!!!”

The ‘bot soldiers pulled dark green egg-shaped objects from clips on their utility belts. They pulled pins from the ends of the metal eggs, hurled the heavy things at her, then quickly retreated as far back in the hallway as they could go.

The grenades rattled around Wendy’s feet and detonated. Thunderous explosions tore jagged chunks of metal out of the floor, walls, and ceiling. Sharp metal shards blasted against the sexy superwoman. She happily looked down to watch it all happen, exulting in her invulnerability and loving the feel of all that destruction against her bare skin.

The soldiers were on their feet again, now firing their automatic rifles at her. Her naked body was pelted with heavy slugs of steel-jacketed lead as she strutted menacingly toward them, her breasts swaying left and right (when they were not being pancaked against her bulging pecs by the incoming storm of tiny missiles).

Wendy roared like an enraged lioness as she reached the first ‘bot and grabbed it in a chest-crushing hug. She spun completely around on her toes, then let go of the partially flattened defender, sending it flying against the others and bowling them down in a metal-crunching heap.

“STRIKE!!!!” she shouted as she pumped a fist in the air. The unstoppable goddess strutted down the hall, kicking through the tangled mess of sizzling robot carnage. She peeked through the foot-high tear that she had made in each door, wondering what was inside the rooms beyond, and how much fun each would be to annihilate. Finally, her curiosity grew nearly as strong as her amazing body, and she stopped in front of the last of these doors before the one that the soldiers had blasted their way through.

Grabbing the ragged edges of the foot-high gap in the door, she shoved upward with one hand and downward with the other, slamming the remains of the thick steel door up into the ceiling and down into the floor. The accompanying screeches of obliterated metal and explosions of concrete were beautiful music to her ears.

Wendy stepped into the steel-lined room, and the lights in the ceiling automatically came on. The room was divided in two by a thick steel wall running down the middle, with a heavy door (currently swung open) and a thick glass window. The near side of the wall was lined with scientific equipment, file cabinets, and a desk. Through the window Wendy could see a very heavily-built metal table with four thick shackles (also currently open) arranged around it. All sorts of rather sinister-looking equipment lined the wall behind the table, and more hung above it.

So much delicious metal to crush against my body … 

She strode through the open doorway into the other half of the room.

The table was clearly meant to hold a person down very securely. Wendy smiled as she imagined herself prone on the table, her massively muscled arms and legs shackled tightly.

Mmmmmm, oh yes, why the hell NOT!

Wendy eagerly leapt onto the table, lay spread-eagled on her back, and stuck her wrists and ankles into the open shackles.

The shackles did not automatically close, as she had hoped they would. She gazed around, looking for some sort of control that would accomplish what she wanted.

“When those shackles close,” the Commander triumphantly proclaimed through the lieutenant’s earpiece, “you are doomed, vile villainess!”

Wendy’s eyes sought the room’s inevitable security camera. Then she gazed right at it and grinned.

“Enjoying the show so far?” She made her huge muscles ripple and bulge all over her body as she continued to lie spread-eagled on the table. Her moist labia glistened in the harsh light.

“The whole damn base is at a standstill over here, lieutenant. Everybody is watching you. This is better than all the porn in our media library.”

Wendy giggled. “Well then, I better not disappoint my fans! Watch these muscles, ladies and gentlemen, and get your stroking hands ready …”

Cheers and laughter erupted through the lieutenant’s earpiece. Wendy could hear the Commander punching buttons and softly cursing, then asking someone for help with gaining remote control of the lab’s equipment.

A few seconds later, the thick shackles snapped shut with loud clicks. The heavy steel door leading into that half of the room also slammed shut, and somewhere nearby an alarm started blaring.

The lieutenant’s breasts moved slowly up and down with her steady breathing. Between her spread thighs, her thick protruding pussy and exposed glans glistened in the harsh light. She looked left and right at her massive arms, seemingly secured by the thick shackles around her wrists. She could not even see past her bulging thighs, but definitely felt the shackles clamped tight around her ankles.

Wendy wished there was a mirror nearby, so she could see her shackled body laying spread-eagled and “helpless” on the table.

She closed her eyes and smiled, and let her mind briefly wander back over the past couple of hours, playing back all the amazing sensations as her unstoppable body withstood attack after attack. Every bombardment against her skin, every explosion that pathetically tried to rip her body apart, each of those things brought her only more pleasure. The screeching and squalling of thick hard metal as she utterly annihilated it … the feel of the hard materials crushing between her fingers and bending helplessly around her body, ohhhhhhh this “super villainess” wants more, more, MORE … 

A low moan escaped her luscious lips. On the table her body started to writhe, and the shackles creaked and groaned as her arms and legs inadvertently tugged at them. Her labia glistened a little bit more.

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!” the Commander shouted exultantly through the writhing lieutenant’s earpiece.

“Mister, uh, who? What?” Wendy paused her writhing and gazed at the security camera again, genuinely puzzled.

“Never mind,” the Commander grumbled in her earpiece. “We definitely need to schedule more movie nights together.”

The lieutenant’s acerbic retort formed on her full lips, but it was interrupted as clicks and whirrs emanated from the cluster of equipment suspended above the table. Something long and cylindrical slowly lowered down from within the tangle of cables and pipes. A long sinister-looking barrel appeared.

Wendy’s eyes widened as she watched the huge industrial laser angle itself downward. Then it blazed to life with a deep throbbing hum that seemed to make everything in the room vibrate. A brilliant beam lanced out, aimed directly between the muscle goddess’s massive thighs. An acrid smell and a waft of smoke accompanied the sound of sizzling, as the laser began to cut into the thick steel surface of the table. Waves of heat radiated against her inner thighs.

wendy laser orgasm cropped by lustmonster dabff6c
Image courtesy of Plinius

The barrel of the laser shifted, moving the beam slowly upward between Wendy’s thighs, closer and closer to … 

The lieutenant screamed.

Not with pain, but with the most intense waves of pleasure transmitted from the nerves within her thick labia and swollen clitoris. Flowing juices sizzled and evaporated in the intense heat of the cutting laser. Wendy’s body bucked and heaved, her huge breasts flailing about, as she moaned louder and louder. Her massive muscles flexed and bulged as she rapidly lost control. Wrists and ankles tore free of their restraints with loud snaps of instantly overwhelmed steel.

Wendy turned her palms downward and clawed her fingers into the surface of the table. She brought her hands together behind her lower back, crushing the huge slab of steel beneath her. Her breasts rose and fell faster and faster. Her fingers swam through the shrieking metal as they laced together. Her chest heaved upward as even greater waves of incredible pleasure blasted throughout her body, centered on her glowing pussy. Then the tidal wave of absolute orgasm slammed into the eroding shore of her sanity.

The screaming lieutenant snapped her arms outward, tearing the entire table in two lengthwise. Her body dropped down onto the mangled pedestal beneath. The savagely grinning muscle goddess rolled off of it and got to her feet, clutching half of a mangled tabletop in each fist.

Boiling juices dripping down her pumped thighs, smoke still rising from her dangling folds and protruding clit, the crazed goddess brutally attacked everything in the room, smashing the ragged chunks of steel against every expensive-looking thing she could see. The laser beam whipped around the room, leaving scorch marks on the walls and ceiling, before it was snuffed out as the savage musclebeast rapidly disintegrated the big metal cylinder that had emitted it. Then the lieutenant launched herself at the thick door that had dared to slam shut a moment ago, as if it could actually trap her in here! Pieces of metal exploded off the mangled masses that she battered against the poor helpless door, which savagely bent outward before blasting right off its hinges and sailing across the other half of the room to embed itself in the opposite wall.

The “super villainess” stepped through the mangled doorway, flexing huge muscles, ready to rip and tear and destroy … 

The entire building shuddered as a series of explosions shattered its foundation. Blast after blast hit along all four walls down below at street level. The metal floor underneath Wendy heaved and buckled. Steel and concrete cracked and groaned all around her with sudden strain, then everything started coming down.

Six stories of steel and concrete, along with all sorts of extremely heavy military equipment that had evidently not yet been moved out of that particular building, caved inward and pancaked down on top of the delirious superwoman, mashing her flailing body down along with the remaining four stories into a new, very large crater.

The roar of collapse subsided, and the soldier ‘bots slowly came out of their safe cover, gathering around the huge smoking pile of rubble. Behind them, rows of Abrams tanks idled, their turrets pointed at the enormous rubble pile, their robot infantry crew watching intently for any unexpected movement.

You will play the role of the villainess. Use your super strength to its fullest. Don’t hold back … 

Somewhere deep in the pile of ravaged metal, something shifted. Just a little bit. Then another sound, a long low sound, something like a growl …

With a thunderous BOOM, the rubble pile erupted like the summit of Mount Saint Helens. Huge chunks of concrete and steel blasted in all directions, crashing into surrounding buildings and onto the surrounding soldiers and tanks. In the epicenter of the explosion, the super sexy naked body of one Wendy Anne DeKalb bulged with incredible muscularity as she bellowed her rage and defiance at all who would DARE try to destroy her.

Then she became nothing but a blur as the real rampage began.

An entire Abrams tank was suddenly airborne, one side of it caved in from the mighty punch that had launched it. Another tank shot sideways against a third tank, shoving that one into the side of a building with a mighty crash. The first tank returned to the ground, and something unspeakably powerful pounced on it. Huge biceps and triceps drove crushing fists deep into helpless armor. Wendy screamed with savage joy as she tore off huge chunks of tankmeat and flung them everywhere, hoping to hit and destroy as much as possible. After that tank ceased to exist, she ran to the next one as its driver was trying to back it away. She seized it, lifted its front end up over her head, then flung it downward as hard as she could. The tank’s front end plowed into the asphalt as its rear bounced skyward. Before it could fall back down, the rampaging goddess was under it. Ear-splitting sounds of tearing and grinding could be heard as the tank suddenly started folding in half, as if it had been dropped belly-first into some kind of gigantic crushing machine. The tank’s main gun spasmodically rose up in the air like a huge hardening cock. The front and back ends of the tank both rose up with it, while the tank’s belly was drawn downward. Exultant shouts accompanied the tortured howling of fracturing metal as the tank was inexorably folded and crushed against Wendy’s heaving chest, washboard abdomen, and bulging thighs.

Something deep inside the tank ignited, and all the tank shells and ammunition went off, making the entire crushed carcass explode in a fiery rain of deadly shards. Wendy, her whole body ablaze from burning fuel, emerged from the explosion and flexed her huge muscles again for everyone to see.

“SO STRONG!!!” she bellowed at the retreating robot infantry and the surveillance drones buzzing overhead. “YOU CAN’T STOP ME! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!!!”

She launched herself at the next available tank and consumed it with her huge muscles and all-crushing body. It was obliterated faster than the last one, culminating in another delightful explosion of ravaged tank shells.

Then she jumped onto the next tank.

Then the next.

The tanks became food for Wendy’s super body, rapidly succumbing to her hunger for more metal to annihilate. They tried to flee, but stood no chance -- they might as well have been riding on a huge conveyor belt pointed straight at her scrap-crusher chest and thighs. Shards of super-sharp metal found their way into the musclebeast’s insatiable pussy, lustfully guided in by eager hands, where they were brutally pummeled into plasma by super strong vaginal muscles. Orgasms ignited within her like a series of bomb blasts.

Far too soon she was all out of tanks, so the lieutenant released the Kraken of her unquenchable hunger for destruction upon the poor helpless buildings around her. A rapidly spreading wave of rooftops pancaked down into great clouds of dust and debris, accompanied by a continuous ear-splitting din and thunder punctuated by the most savage moans and screams ever emitted from a feminine throat. Block after block disappeared into this ever expanding hellstorm of total annihilation.


Can SHE stop it?

Find out when your eyes brutally tear into Part 3 … 

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