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S.W.R. – Playing the Villain, Part 3

Written by LustMonster :: [Wednesday, 01 June 2016 04:39] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 17:40]

Wendy sat on the curb and bit off another chunk of peanut brittle.

A river of debris choked water flowed past her feet. The source of the river was a broken water main several dozen feet away, spouting its geyser between mounds of finely pulped wreckage. The delectable destructress had taken advantage of the water raining down to shower off the filth that had caked her entire naked body. If not for her super-strong fingernails, she would have had to wield a jackhammer to remove the stone and metal dust that had compressed and fused into the deep valleys between her abdominal muscles.

Around her, fires raged and explosions continued to lob flying chunks of concrete and steel between great mountains of rubble.

The area of total destruction would likely have encompassed the entire decommissioned base, if not for the surprisingly intact box of peanut brittle that had flown out of a desk, which had itself been tumbling end-over-end through the air. The savage destructress had caught the boxed candy in one meaty fist, gazed at it longingly, and everything just stopped.

The poor meek helpless lieutenant was a slave to the stuff.

The commlink in her ear chirped, then her Commander spoke. The background noise sounded different, as if the Commander had moved to a new location since their last communication.

“So, the planet Earth is saved by a box of candy! Good to know what your Kryptonite is, evil villainess.”

Wendy smiled as she bit off another tasty morsel. “I’m only taking a little break, Commander. I promise I’ll get back to destroying the planet real soon.”

She looked up at the camera drone that was hovering nearby, and flexed a massive boulder bicep for the benefit of her viewers.

“Your assignment is specifically limited to the old base, lieutenant. I forbid you from annihilating the entire planet. Life would be really fucking boring just floating around in empty space.”

“Aw come on, how can I just stop with one itty bitty little base? Smashing the whole planet with my super body would be so much more fun. Besides, you tried to cook my cunt with a laser!” The lieutenant stuck her lower lip out in a convincing pout.

“Fat lot of good that did,” the Commander said with a deep sigh.

“If I ever actually slept, I’d want that to be my alarm clock.”

Wendy looked around again at all the incredible destruction she had wrought, as she devoured the last piece of her snack. Her massive muscles bulged and rippled even when she was just sitting placidly on the edge of the battered sidewalk. She casually flexed a huge bicep again and licked it with her brittle-flecked tongue.

“Mmmmmhhhhhh, my lovely bicep, are you having fun?”

She pumped it twice (BAM! BAM!) in the affirmative, then giggled.

Fuck, lieutenant,” the Commander rasped in her ear. “You are so damn hot when you wreck whole city blocks. I’ve already managed to personally destroy several pieces of perfectly good furniture while observing you.”

The all-destroying muscle goddess giggled, then stood up. She was definitely ready for some more delicious devastation.

“But you’re not going to succeed, foul villainess! I’m signing off now. Enjoy the rest of your now very short life!” A chirp signaled that the Commander had cut the link.

Hmmm, so where is the rest of the freakin’ army? Where are the BIG GUNS? Come hit me with everything you’ve got!

If this defense exercise had a scoreboard, right now it would be displaying something like WENDY 397 ARMY 0.

Fuck, if there were a scoreboard around, I would have smashed it to itty bitty bits by now.

A distant rumbling sound caught her attention. She looked around for the source – it was difficult to pinpoint. Finally, between two huge piles of rubble, she could see movement.

It was something huge.

Wendy whistled softly as she watched the thing emerge.

It was a tracked vehicle, easily forty feet long and several stories high. The armor covering the thing must have been insanely thick and heavy – she could see the treads crushing everything they drove over, including the asphalt itself (in the few places where there was still intact asphalt remaining). The sides and top of the behemoth bristled with gun turrets as well as other protruding things that she could not identify, but looked equally deadly.

Oh yessssss, now this is more like it, oh baby, come to Mama, yesssss … 

Wendy stood in the middle of the street, fondling her nipples and abs as the armored beast approached.

There was a second one behind it.

And a third.

If it spread any wider, Wendy’s grin would have split her head in half.

She held her arms straight out, then blasted two huge biceps as she bulged and flexed her massive thighs.

“Look at me!” she yelled. “Look at this body. You can’t hurt me. Nothing can hurt me. BEHOLD THE MIGHTY DESTRUCTRESS!!!”

The super muscle goddess raised her fists high, then blasted them down into the street.

Waves of destruction rippled out through the very earth in all directions. The three approaching behemoths bounced slightly on the undulating street, but continued their lumbering approach. The ragged remains of surrounding buildings did not fare so well, however, as they tumbled down into fresh piles of rubble.

wendy vs tanks by lustmonster dabu7uh
Image courtesy of Uzomistudio

Wendy plowed her hands into the street again, and lifted up a huge chunk of it, four feet wide at least. Lifting it over her head, she heaved it at the nearest of the approaching behemoths.

The massive chunk of asphalt and rock blasted apart against the sloping front of the machine, causing it to jolt backward about a foot before it resumed its slow forward crawl. No other damage was visible on its rather menacing front end.

Mmmmmmm baby, it’s STRONG … 

Then it came to a stop. The other two slowly pulled alongside.

Wendy flexed her muscles again, glorying in the sight of those giant machines facing her.

So much POWER necessary to take ME on … 


Wendy tried to suppress a giggle, but failed. Despite the electronic distortions inflicted on the voice being broadcast, it sounded an awful lot like …

The Commander?

She grinned again as she started to walk toward the menacing machines.


Wendy puffed out her chest and continued walking.

Several turrets on the center tank spun around, and nasty-looking barrels protruded from them, aiming at a slight downward angle toward the approaching muscle goddess.

There was a whining noise that rose in pitch until it passed beyond the range of human hearing. Then the two barrels opened fire.

This time it was not hails of jacketed lead blasting against Wendy’s super strong body. Rather, a pair of brilliant white energy beams struck her on the left shoulder and the right nipple. Their path through the air seemed to burn the very atmosphere around them. Where they impacted Wendy’s skin, blooms of blinding white plasma jetted away from her in all directions. She felt herself driven down and backward, her bare feet smashing down into the ravaged asphalt, tearing twin gouges as her forward walk became a backward slide.

She gritted her teeth, not from pain (there wasn’t any, just a mild sensation of heat), but from frustration for not being able to get enough traction to continue her forward march. Her huge legs worked like pistons as her feet dug further into the ground.

The beams switched off. Wendy was now embedded knee-deep in the road, with crushed asphalt heaped up against the rear edges of her thighs. Grinning from ear to ear, she climbed out of the trashed asphalt and resumed her relentless forward march.

This time, all three of the monster machines delivered lances of deadly energy against her succulent body. Six blinding white beams crashed against her boobs, her thighs, and one even struck her clitoris. Her body was propelled down and back much more rapidly, propelling a fan of blasted asphalt outward from her feet and legs as they were hammered down into the ground. Backward and down, down, down she went, the street behind her piling up against her ass, then her back, as her body was driven into it with unbelievable force. Asphalt and rock flowed around her V-shaped back, around her massive thighs, across her super hard abdomen.

The beams switched off one after another. A snarling Wendy leapt out of the deep pit she had been stuffed into, brushed the dirt off her magnificent physique, and dashed forward toward the machines she wanted so badly now to annihilate.

She launched herself into the air, arms outstretched, ready to rip and tear and shred thick metal as soon as she landed …

Something shot out of turrets on the two huge vehicles to either side of the first one. Steady streams of some dark material caught Wendy in midair and held her there as more streamed onto her. It was a strange substance that seemed to be composed of tightly woven threads of some super dense and strong material. It landed on her skin and then flowed around her in lengthening tendrils, wrapping around her arms and legs, flowing over her breasts, and smothering her face. One tendril sliced between her thick labia, across her clitoris, then merged with another around her waist and squeezed tight. Then it all solidified into a solid mass, incredibly hard and strong.

The whole ball of thread, with Wendy inside it, landed on the ground in front of the middle vehicle with a heavy thud, embedding itself several feet into the asphalt. Material from the turrets continued to blast onto it, completely wrapping her naked body in at least two feet of the stuff.

It hardened and gleamed in the midday sun.

Then it started to wobble.

It swelled.

It grew wider and wider, accompanied by a great tearing sound.

Then it exploded. Huge chunks of the super dense material blasted away from Wendy’s bulging muscles, slamming against the massive machines and leaving sizable dents in their armor.

Wendy screamed in defiance as she leapt onto the front of the middle vehicle.

Her scream ended abruptly as her mouth crashed against a protruding part of the machine’s thick armor plating. She bit down into it, and with a bulldog growl she tore off a huge strip of the incredibly thick and strong armor. Powered by savage destructlust and incredible strength, she stuffed the whole mass into her mouth and chewed the heavy metal, annihilating it with her lashing tongue and crushing teeth. Then she spat the whole mess at one of the other machines. The moist wad of masticated metal crashed against that vehicle’s thick side hard enough to make its tread lift a foot off the ground before slamming back down. Wendy could feel the resulting shockwave reverberate through the tank she presently had her arms, legs, and tits rammed into.

The lieutenant proceeded to enjoy her favorite hobby: tearing and ripping and shredding her way through the strongest, thickest metals. Huge muscles shoved fingers and arms and titflesh through everything in front of her, obliterating a wide swath of the massive machine’s front end. Like a tunneling machine she bored into it, until she found herself in some sort of crew compartment. The robots inside were quickly converted into metallic paste. Then she kept right on tunneling through the far wall.

The engine of destruction that was Wendy’s super sexy body encountered the engine that powered the giant vehicle. The former completely overwhelmed the latter, reducing the five-foot-high engine block to ribbons and shards. Something sparked, and a vast explosion filled the relatively tight compartment, creating a blazing ball of heat and pressure that drove Wendy backward through the destruction she had just made.

The heat and flames touched off more explosions, which in turn touched off even more. The entire vehicle went up in a vicious series of fireballs and flaming wreckage. Within this hellish inferno Wendy went into another savage rampage, grabbing and crushing and tearing and flinging handfuls of hot burning metal.

When there was no more of that vehicle left to destroy, she launched herself at the next one. The wanton destruction was incredibly joyous – she wanted it to never end. Her muscles were truly unstoppable – the second machine was quickly reduced to a shredded mass of steel spaghetti.

The third vehicle was trying to beat a retreat, but Wendy easily caught it and tore into it like it was a wet paper bag.

As she demolished its innards, something she broke seemed to make something else go haywire. The machinery that produced the dark gooey thread she had encountered earlier started emitting the stuff uncontrollably. It poured into some other compartment that Wendy could not see, but she assumed it was the crew compartment with more hapless robot infantry inside. She left them to their certain entombment as she proceeded to rip apart the rest of the huge vehicle.

When that delightful task was completed, Wendy stood in the furiously burning rubble and noticed the dark sphere. It must have been the result of all that substance pouring into that compartment. Poor widdle wobots … 

Wendy kicked her way through the smoking rubble as she approached the sphere. She reached out and lightly touched its surface.

Suddenly the whole thing bucked.

A deep groaning noise emanated from within it. It bucked again, and then it swelled.

Its sides pushed slowly outward, as the groaning became a great screeching and tearing. Wider and wider it grew … 

Then it exploded.

Huge chunks of super-dense material blasted outward, some of it striking Wendy in the face, chest, and thighs, knocking her flat on her back. Other chunks sailed far in the distance, utterly obliterating whatever they eventually struck.

A savagely beautiful (and completely naked) muscle goddess stood where the sphere had been, her massive chest heaving, her arms outstretched, biceps and triceps bouncing and flexing, enormous thighs and calves pumped.

Wendy’s jaw dropped. Then she clapped her hands to her own huge breasts and let out a whoop of utter delight.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Commander Barbara Jean Wallace moaned. “That felt so fucking GOOD!”

Wendy brought her hands to her mouth, stifling a gleeful yelp.

The Commander slammed into a most-muscular pose as she roared at the lieutenant. Though the two muscle goddesses stood roughly the same height, the Commander was built heavier, with bigger muscles and absolutely gigantic breasts.

Wendy felt herself go weak at the knees, and had to grab onto the pile of rubble next to her to steady herself. She stared back at her amazingly pumped superior with an expression of absolute worship on her lovely face.

The bigger superwoman slowly wagged a finger at the lieutenant, then placed her hands on her hips and glared.

“VILE VILLAINESS!!!” she boomed. “You have defeated my soldiers. You have destroyed much of this base, wiped out whole squads of defenders, and even defeated my fancy new tanks.”

The massive Commander thrust out her huge breasts as mind-blowing muscles bulged all over her body. Wendy had to clutch at a beam that protruded from the pile of rubble to keep herself upright. Her fingers sank deep into the thick steel, producing fresh squeals of tortured steel. She fought the nearly irresistible urge to drop to her hands and knees in front of her Amazonian lover and slam her mouth against the huge muscle goddess’s dripping pussy.

“But you cannot defeat ME!!!”

The Commander slammed into a double biceps pose. Her mouth stretched into a savage grin, she turned her head from side to side to marvel at her blasting biceps and triceps. Her upper arms looked like they had somehow engulfed and compressed huge cannonballs within themselves. Her thighs bulged and rippled with unspeakable power. The expression on her face morphed from that feral grin to one of pure, undeniable lust. Radiating from her colossal body was the primal need to completely unleash her incredible strength, to let her huge muscles run free, to utterly annihilate everything in sight.

Oh yes oh yes oh shit shit fuck fuck FUCK, oh look at the Commander, just LOOK at her, yes yes yes YES!!!

If she weren’t so damn invincible, Wendy would have thought she’d died and gone to heaven right then and there.

This time it was the Commander who rose her fists high into the air, her lats flaring so wide they sent shivers down Wendy’s spine. Then those mighty fists crashed down onto the pavement like meteors from space.

Waves of destruction ripped through the ground and tossed Wendy into the air. As she fell back down, a huge chunk of asphalt and bedrock, ripped out of the street and thrown at her by her newly arrived opponent, slammed against her body and blew apart. The lieutenant sailed backward until she crashed into a mass of gnarled metal, the remains of one of the huge tanks she had obliterated. Her back was partially embedded in it, so she heaved her arms backward, expanded her lats, and blasted the thick armor away from her own delicious body.

The lieutenant stood and faced the Commander. The Commander snarled and faced the lieutenant.

Two pairs of monster thighs launched the muscle goddesses at each other, and they collided with an enormous **BOOM** that blasted coarse rubble into fine rubble all around them.

Bulging arms grappled and squeezed. Huge breasts pancaked together, swollen nipples digging in deep. Kicking legs launched chunks of asphalt and rock into the air, causing even more destruction nearby.

Then the Commander managed to plant her hands on her foe’s hips, and lifted the lieutenant high above her head. Like a professional wrestler, she slammed Wendy’s sexy muscle body down onto the ground hard.

The “evil villainess” plowed several meters into the earth before coming to a halt. She scrambled quickly to her feet, and her mighty thighs launched her out of the ragged pit like a missile rocketing from its silo.

As Wendy cleared the rim of the hole, she reached out and wrapped her arms around her mighty Commander’s waist. Her upward momentum lifted the heavier woman skyward. The lieutenant twisted in midair, whipping her foe around her own body before heaving her downward with great strength.

This time it was the Commander who plowed deep into the earth.

Wendy fell back to the ground, landing on her feet with asphalt-cracking force. She stood with her hands on her hips, her mighty lats flaring to either side of her as she gazed at the newest hole in the ground.

The earth beneath her feet erupted, launching her skyward again.

The Commander bellowed a mighty roar as she propelled herself out the mangled bedrock. Landing on her feet, she reached down and tore out another huge boulder, then hurled it at the falling Wendy. It slammed against her muscular ass and exploded into pebbles and dust, changing Wendy’s trajectory from downward to sideways. The lieutenant soared for an entire block before her body smashed through the thick exterior wall of one the few relatively undamaged buildings in the vicinity.

With a feral grin on her face, the Commander stomped toward that building, her monster thighs and huge tits crashing through whatever they encountered along the way. Everything in front of her was fair game for annihilation. The thickest walls and strongest metals were nothing but tissue paper against her wonderful muscle body. And when she got her mighty hands on the vile villainess, she planned to use that arrogant cunt’s body as a club to pound everything still standing into tiny morsels … 

When she arrived at the side of the building, the Commander enthusiastically smashed her way in with her fists, chest, and thighs. The maniacally laughing muscle goddess used so much force that half of the exterior wall came crashing down, exposing the building’s interior as high as the fourth floor. Fists and breasts and thighs pulverized everything that dared to get in her way as she looked for that annoying villainess who had dared to inconvenience her. Even the thickest steel girders and reinforced concrete pillars stood no chance against the Commander’s massive muscle body as she erased from existence whatever looked the most enjoyable to obliterate.

When she saw the door of what must have been a really massive vault, the Commander felt such an intense wave of utter destructlust that she had to stop and get control of herself before she had a mind-rupturing orgasm right there on the spot.

A vault, a fucking VAULT! I want to RIP it to SHREDS!!!

After catching her breath, she turned toward that huge steel door and strutted forward, her chest thrust out and her muscles pumped to their most gargantuan dimensions, so very eager to show that huge vault who was boss here ... 

The entire door of the vault exploded out of its massive frame, sailed across the room, and crashed directly against the Commander’s super suckable titflesh.

The enormous square of two-foot-thick steel took on the shape of the Commander’s amazing figure as her body plowed deep into it. Embedded within the mangled steel, the Commander was carried along as it continued to fly across the room, crashed through several thick pillars, and plowed into an exterior wall, lodging halfway between inside and outside. Without the supporting pillars to support them, several floors came crashing down from above, piling heavy debris on top of the vault door.

From inside the vault itself came an exultant yell.

“Yes! YES! Take THAT, strutting goody two-shoes BITCH!”

The lieutenant strutted out of the vault, her boobs bouncing and her legs and calves flexing deliciously. Behind her, the jagged Wendy-sized gash in the vault’s back wall gave evidence to the delightful manner in which she had entered the steel-lined room.

The pile of rubble against the vault door shifted, then there was a wrathful scream as the door was violently ripped into two enormous halves. With fists clutching the guts of those halves (each of which must have weighed several tons) the Commander emerged triumphantly from the rubble pile.


The commander slammed the two halves of the vault door against Wendy’s sides, crushing the thick slabs of steel all around her. Massive hands powered by mind-blowing arm muscles crushed the steel against Wendy’s body, making a steel statue in her shape, engulfing the lieutenant completely. Then she picked up the statue and hurled it with savage intensity. The statue rocketed across the room and into the vault. As it slammed against the remains of the vault’s back wall, its weight and momentum tore the entire vault out of the building. The gigantic steel cube slid across the street and crashed through the wall of the next building over.

The Commander launched herself toward the mangled ruin even as the “super villainess” burst out of the steel entombing her, screaming defiantly and grabbing huge chunks of the remaining vault. Tearing off a long strip of six-inch-thick steel, Wendy quickly straightened it out and hefted it as a huge javelin. She rammed it forward with all her might, straight into the Commander’s left breast.

That huge tit pancaked against the bulging pectoral behind it. Ballooning titflesh swallowed up the end of the steel strip. Wendy’s arm and leg muscles flared as she shoved the steel forward, crushing it into that massive flesh melon. Chewed-up shreds of steel cascaded onto the floor. The Commander roared as she dug her feet deep into the vault’s steel floor, holding her ground as the steel javelin compacted between Wendy’s fists and the Commander’s crushing titflesh.

Before she had too little of that javelin left, Wendy pulled it back, then hefted it as a club. Giving it a mighty swing, she smacked her Commander’s sexy hip.

The snarling Commander (now an erstwhile baseball) blasted through the wall, then another wall, through six thick pillars, yet another wall, more pillars…

Two more buildings folded inward and pancaked down to their foundations.

Wendy plowed straight into the newly formed rubble piles, wildly tearing through them, sending debris flying nearly a mile. Even from within the debris she was annihilating, she could hear the mighty BOOM and enraged ROAR that meant her Commander was free again. That incredible body, those huge muscles, free to pound and crush and destroy … 

The super muscle goddess poured on the speed and power, wanting very badly to get there even faster.

Like two particles being slammed together inside an accelerator, Wendy and the Commander smashed into each other inside another pile of rubble.

The ensuing battle became a rampage.

Buildings came down, one at a time, or sometimes in twos or threes as particularly large chunks of steel or stone were hurled and deflected. Loud taunts and roars punctuated the crashes and screams of tearing steel and iron and stone. Wendy came up with insults she didn’t know she was capable of, hurling them at her Commander as hard as she did the massive blocks of ravaged wreckage. She received both in kind, and the battle went on and on, as the entire decommissioned base dissolved into the earth in a great plume of dust, smoke, and ash.


An enormous crater rent the landscape where the old military base once stood. Flames and smoke still shot into the sky from hundreds of burning piles of ravaged cityscape. Circling the crater was a ring of hills formed of compressed rubble that had been blasted there by the greatest single battle yet recorded (before all the cameras were wiped out, anyway, except for the few drone cameras that managed to avoid all the flying missiles of metal and concrete). The recorded footage would become legendary in the new Special Weapons Research Base’s media library, making the lieutenant (and her Commander) superstars for solitary late-night viewing.

One rubble pile in particular continued to smolder, as something else smoldered next to it. A battered sofa that somehow managed to retain its general shape and reasonable comfort sat on the ground at the base of the rubble. On it, two superwomen lay pressed together, breast to breast, pussy to pussy, mouth nestled against massive neck.

After at least a dozen mutually-induced orgasms, which were partly to blame for the creation of much of the vast crater, Wendy finally found her voice to speak.

“Was this, um, ‘defense exercise’ a success?”

Her Commander turned her head so that her lips brushed Wendy’s lips.

“Yes, lieutenant.”

Wendy chuckled, making her breasts quake against the Commander’s huge globes.

“But, um, the ‘villainess’ succeeded! She destroyed the entire base. And she enjoyed it.”

“Like I said, the exercise was a success.”

Wendy giggled.

“We have miles of scrap materials all around us, ready to be transported to the new base and recycled. We tested robot infantry technology, our new nanofiber subjugation weapons, and an all-new heavy battle tank. Of course none of those things could stop you. Look at you! Not a fucking scratch anywhere.” The Commander’s fingers groped her lover’s delicious thighs.

The lieutenant smiled as she pressed her fingers deep into her Commander’s massive melons, kneading them against her own.

The Commander sighed. “After watching you all that time, I could not help myself any longer. I had to come lend a personal hand, to help move things along a bit.”

Wendy’s fingers traced the amazing curves, ripples, and bulges of her Commander’s body.

“My darling Commander, you love to destroy things as much as I do! Maybe even more!”

“Mmmmm hmmmm. But don’t you dare tell anyone! It’s our little secret.”

Wendy grinned, her mouth still pressed against her Commander’s massive inverted-V neck.

“I won’t tell if you promise me more missions like this.”

The Commander just growled at that. Wendy could feel that growl reverberate within their mashed-together titflesh.

“More tanks and buildings to destroy with my sexy body …”


“Maybe next time you can be the villain, my delicious Commander …”


“But you know I’ll still win …”

“OH YEAH???”

With that booming bellow, the heavier of the two superwomen rose up, flipped a shrieking Wendy DeKalb on her back, slammed her own thick wet mound down between her succulent subordinate’s spread thighs, and initiated a new rampage.

That poor old sofa had only seconds more to exist.

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