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S.W.R. – Perimeter Patrol

Written by LustMonster :: [Sunday, 05 June 2016 10:04] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 17:55]

Special Weapons Research Base, East Vehicle Storage Facility, Level 3C, late evening

A row of tanks sat side-by-side with their rear ends against an interior wall of the cavernous parking structure. They were currently mothballed, as their diesel engines were obsolete and practically useless in the present oil-starved world that demanded all such things run solely on electricity.

Two naked women stood in front of one of the tanks, with their butts pressed against its sloped front and their legs spread slightly apart. Two pairs of breasts slowly rose and fell, nipples already erect in the cool air.

Their wide eyes locked on the mighty muscle goddess who slowly strode toward them. One of them lustily licked her full lips as she anticipated great upcoming pleasure.

wendy tank girls 3 by lustmonster dadd60a
Image courtesy of Plinius

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb stretched her arms forward like a superhuman forklift, slipping her hands between her sexy playthings’ spread thighs. Her fingertips made contact with the thick armor behind them and kept right on going. Thick metal wailed as Wendy’s fingers sank deep into the dense armor plating. Her thick forearms pressed upward against moist dangling labia. The two women threw their heads back and moaned loudly.

With a deep metallic groan that provided a nice bass line for the muscle worshippers' moans, the front end of the huge tank began to rise up. Wendy’s massive arms rippled and bulged with unspeakable power. Each of her biceps bunched into a hard peak that pressed forward and upward against her playthings’ thick pussy lips, mashing and spreading them. Four dainty feet left the concrete and slowly rose upward, kicking and swinging as their owners straddled the crooks of Wendy’s mighty arms and rapidly went out of their minds with sheer ecstasy.

The lieutenant leaned her head forward to press her lips and tongue into one mouthwatering tit. That lucky tit's owner wrapped one arm tight around her muscle mistress's head, crushing titflesh all over her face. Wendy's mouth opened wide to suck in one helpless nipple and its surrounding areola.

The tank’s front end (and the long barrel of its main gun) began to bob up and down as Wendy playfully curled it like a giant barbell. Steel howled as her fingers slowly mangled the tank's innards. Her upper arms glistened with rivulets of love juice – both helpless playthings had already been seized in the iron grip of orgasm as their bodies bounced and swayed on the lieutenant’s pumping arms.

Wendy continued to manhandle the tank directly behind her squishy toys, slowly tearing its thick armored snout apart in several directions, opening it up like a great big flower. The loud pops and squeals of the tortured metal mixed with the constant moans and shrieks of the two love dolls writhing on the lieutenant's massive arms. Their wet mounds ground even harder against her bulging biceps as they rapidly approached another climax.


Steel screamed as the super muscle goddess slowly spread her hands further outward, ripping the tank apart straight down the middle. Juices spattered against Wendy’s upper arms as her helpless playthings dove into their own personal maelstroms of body-wracking orgasm.


The massacre of the poor suffering tank stopped as the lieutenant slowly turned her head to look behind her.

An even bigger muscle goddess, standing with her arms folded beneath her enormous bosom, glared back at her.

“Having fun, lieutenant?”

Wendy slowly lowered the mangled tank back down to the ground, then turned around. Her gasping, panting love toys remained perched on her outstretched arms.

“These tanks are parked here for a reason, lieutenant. They are scheduled to be converted to electric drive. They are not toys to be wantonly shredded.”

The lieutenant gazed sheepishly at the bare feet of Commander Barbara Wallace. The dazed love toys on her arms also stared at the mighty superwoman, probably wondering if they were in trouble too, but too mentally exhausted from all their cumming to muster much more than mild concern.

The Commander stepped forward and held out her hands. Wendy sighed as she handed her nervously giggling playthings to her superior.

“Report to punishment room Mike in one hour, lieutenant. I’ll put away your toys.”

Wendy’s brief grin was quickly replaced with a properly chastened expression as she strode out of the parking structure, stopping to pick up her discarded leotard off the ground along the way.

When her lieutenant was well out of earshot, the Commander walked to a padded bench near the elevator, carrying her newly obtained playmates on her hips. She sat down on it, with the two worshipful civilian lab workers piled on her lap. They immediately started grinding their fingers and breasts and tongues into the deep valleys between the Commander's bulging muscles, eagerly exploring and caressing. The huge muscle goddess peeled off her leotard to give them unfettered access.

I hope the lieutenant hasn't completely worn you out, my new pets, because I'm hungry too.

Grabbing the hips of the girl on top of the pile and effortlessly lifting her sexy body up so that her very wet mound was within easy reach of the Commander’s tongue and teeth, the superwoman started to feast.

Special Weapons Research Base, Main Operations Building, Top Floor, the next morning

“Lieutenant! Report to my office at 0830. Wear your new uniform.”

“Yes, my Goddess.”


“Yes, Commander.”

The Commander sighed as she punched the button on her console to disconnect the call.

She leaned back in her huge leather executive chair, hooked her hands behind her head, and placed her bare feet up on the granite surface of the enormous desk in front of her.

Gazing down at her massive thighs, she playfully made their muscles pulse and ripple. She allowed herself to imagine having massively thick steel beams folded tightly around her pressed-together thighs, and then pumping those delicious thighs hard, ballooning the muscles outward against the squalling metal until the steel ripped

Woman, get a grip! You are NOT your loopy lieutenant! You have standards to maintain …

The Commander swung her legs back down and slid her chair forward.

Several minutes later, precisely at the specified time, her luscious lieutenant entered the office.

Wendy DeKalb strode up to the far side of the Commander's desk and stared at the hugely muscled Commander, smiling blissfully. Her fingers were twitching, and soon they were sliding up the sides of her own body.

“Lieutenant, get a hold of yourself! Wait, don’t get a hold of yourself. Oh for crying out— SIT DOWN!!”

Her still-grinning subordinate plopped onto a chair, gazing dreamily back at her superior.

The Commander stood up. She too was wearing her new field “uniform”: an army green leotard made from a new, very durable nanofiber. It was a thin second skin, looking more painted on than worn, that allowed every rippling abdominal muscle to show right through and be devoured by hungry eyes. Not to mention the thick protruding nipples at the tips of her monster globes.

“Perhaps last night’s punishment was not enough. Am I going to have to discipline you again, lieutenant?”

“Mmmmmmhhhhhh, please do, oooohhhhhh yessss...” Wendy moaned.

The Commander rolled her eyes as she strode around her desk to stand next to her seated subordinate. Wendy reached out and pressed her fingers against her Commander's bulging thigh, then lovingly caressed it. The Commander did nothing to stop this flagrant behavior.

Wendy just closed her eyes and moaned softly as she played back the memory of last night’s “punishment”. The room she had been sent to was the base’s largest machine shop. Once there, the Commander had ordered Wendy to strip naked, then to lie down on her back on a huge steel slab underneath a massive hydraulic press, which was normally used with various attachments to stamp foot-thick armor plating.

wendy pressed by lustmonster dabjvn8
Image courtesy of Shonemitsu

Then the Commander had activated the press, and watched with a feral grin as the six-foot-square steel ram had slowly descended down onto her naughty lieutenant's delicious body.

“Mangling machinery to impress your worshippers is so childish,” the Commander intoned. “Now let’s see what happens when the machinery fights back! This should keep you pinned down nicely and out of trouble for a while ...”

The resulting screeches and groans as the giant press tried to force the ram further down, with Wendy's huge breasts pancaking under it before starting to dig upward into its super hard surface, her swelling thighs crushing upward into the enveloping steel, the whole fucking ram surging and bucking as her luscious lieutenant heaved and writhed and moaned in sheer ecstasy before slamming her hands upward to tear into the gigantic mashing beast – all of that had sent the normally tough-as-nails Commander into a writhing, orgasmic heap on the floor. Her suddenly savage lieutenant, meanwhile, had proceeded to rip and shred the whole damn press into a pile of shredded scrap, while triumphantly declaring her body’s absolute superiority over the pathetic machine that had tried to squash her out of existence.

Then the two of them had made insane love right there in the pile of rubble, sending chunks of mangled machinery flying in all directions and causing yet more damage to that corner of the shop.

Apparently her Commander was remembering the same thing as she said, “oh well, we can make good use of the scrap metal you had so much fun making. And that press was obsolete anyway. We have a new, bigger one on the other side of the machine shop.”

Wendy bit her lip. “Will you discipline me there next time?”

“I would prefer not to lose the new press as well, lieutenant. Besides, I’ve plenty of other punishments in mind for your future transgressions. Now get up and come with me. We actually have important matters to attend to.”

Wendy happily bounced up onto her feet and followed the magnificent musclebeast out of her office.

Five minutes later the two of them were standing side-by-side outside the main command building, bathed in the bright sunshine and the dry desert heat. Even at this early hour, it was already close to 90 degrees.

Wendy gently rubbed a fingertip against her Commander’s army green leotard along the side of her massive breast. Her own leotard was cherry red, nearly matching the color of the Commander’s hair.

Red for STOP and green for GO …

She giggled again as her Commander pursed her lips.

"By the way, lieutenant, after they regained consciousness Carol and Leigh asked me to inform you that they'll be free again this evening, and would very much welcome your company."

"Who? Oh, um, right!"

The Commander rolled her eyes. "You didn't even know their names?"

Wendy just gazed sheepishly at the ground, sliding one bare foot slowly from side to side on the hot concrete.

"You should at least make an effort to learn (and remember) your worshipers' names, lieutenant. I remember all mine. And I think my muscle worshiper score is still way ahead of yours."

The lieutenant grinned. "Only because you intimidate them until they decide they better jump on you, or else. Me, I just flash my sexy body at 'em and they come running to me willingly!"

The Commander just glared at her lieutenant, who giggled in response.

“Um, where are we going, Commander?”

“Perimeter patrol, lieutenant. There is something I need to see, and you will be helpful to have along.”

Wendy's grin widened. I bet you mean I’ll be FUN to have along!

An open-top jeep silently pulled up in front of them, and its doors swung open. There was no driver – the autonomous electric vehicle had driven itself out of the parking bay at the Commander’s request.

The two muscle goddesses climbed into the jeep, their heavy bodies making it sink noticeably down on its all-terrain suspension. Some internal mechanism automatically adjusted to compensate, and the vehicle rose back up a few inches.

The Commander assumed manual control of the jeep, and swung it onto the base’s main north-south road. She headed south, toward the perimeter wall.

It was really quite impressive, at least forty feet to the top. Much higher than the one surrounding the old decommissioned base that she had enjoyed dismantling a month ago.

Wendy’s body tingled as memories of that glorious day flitted through her ever-horny mind.

They arrived at the base of the wall, then turned right and drove along the ring road until the came to a small parking area. The Commander parked there, and they hopped out of the jeep.

A plain, unmarked door was set into the base of the wall. It had no knob or lever, but the usual wall plate was set into the wall next to it, at about shoulder height.

The Commander waved at the wall plate and said, “After you.”

“Is it coded for me?”

“News flash, lieutenant: every door on base is coded for you now. A locked door couldn’t stop you anyway.”

Wendy just blushed as she pressed her palm gently against the plate. The door swung open on squeaky, seldom-used hinges.

A dimly-lit stairway led upward inside the wall. The muscle goddesses started up the clanging metal stairs. The door swung itself shut behind them.

They reached another door at the top, and Wendy palmed it open.

“It’s more fun just smashing through the doors.”

“Don’t fret, lieutenant. I have a feeling we may find something more interesting to smash today.”

Oohhhhhh I hope so...

After a climb up another short flight of stairs, Wendy and the Commander stood on the perimeter wall.

The wall itself was quite thick, its top wide enough to have a road running along it. Several armored robot infantry marched past them, their eyes (and other sensors that Wendy could only guess at) ceaselessly scanning the desert beyond.

The Commander strode to the parapet and gazed at the desert and scrub that extended away from them to the horizon. Wendy stepped up next to her.

Before the Event, before I got so strong, I would have been too afraid to get this close to the edge.

“It looks so quiet and peaceful right now, Commander.”

“As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Come, lieutenant, let’s take a walk.”

The Commander casually stepped onto the parapet and over the edge, plummeting to the hard caked soil far below.

Wendy stared down in surprise for a moment, then did likewise.

She landed on her feet in a small explosion of hard-packed soil next to her Commander, who was now standing with her hands on her hips, her huge chest thrust out in the bright sunlight.

“This way, lieutenant. Let’s go.”

The Commander started walking along the base of the wall, Wendy a few paces behind.

“Perimeter guards have been reporting abbie activity at various points along the wall,” the Commander said as they walked together in the rising sun and heat. “Particularly at points where the wall cuts through hills or large rock formations. We’re heading for one of those now.”

The abbies are here now? Wendy thought. I thought they could not stand the dry desert heat. Only the Wastelands are cool and wet enough for them to thrive.

She voiced her thoughts aloud, and her Commander nodded.

“Our scientists think they have been quickly adapting, and starting to expand their territory. My stubborn insistence that we build this wall may have been vindicated, at least.”

Up ahead, a long, low hill comprised of huge boulders and hard sand ended at the wall and extended far into the distance. Several buildings were clustered here as well, up against the exterior face of the wall.

“Get ready, lieutenant. We might see some action here.”

Wendy grinned and flexed her arms. “Bring ‘em on!”

They reached the pile of huge boulders. The Commander leaped onto one that had a reasonably flat surface on top, and Wendy quickly joined her.

“Reports say that they have taken to digging shallow tunnels under dirt and rocks, to avoid the hot sun and find water. They emerge just long enough to pounce on the unwary for a snack.”

Wendy smiled. “Shall I be unwary?”

“Yes, lieutenant, let’s be unwary together, and poke around these rocks for a bit.”

The muscle goddesses explored and poked and prodded. With their tremendous strength, their “poking” involved smashing fingers into huge boulders, getting a good grip, and heaving them down the pile, where they crashed against the hard dirt or the seemingly impenetrable wall.

Above Wendy, the Commander upended one particularly large boulder and sent it smashing down on the lieutenant’s head.

wendy and commander boulders 2 by lustmonster daflp0h
Image courtesy of Uzomistudio

“HEY!” Wendy cried as the boulder blasted apart into many smaller boulders around her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, lieutenant!”

“Sorry, my steely ass … ”

The two grown women devolved into little girls, gleefully smashing huge boulders against each other.

Wendy grabbed a particularly large boulder and hefted it over her head...

Something shot out of the newly exposed dirt, emitting an eerie banshee wail.

The thing moved so quickly it was difficult to make it exactly what it was. Claws, fangs, thick armor scales, and whipping appendages all crashed into the Commander at roughly the same time. She went down on her ass again as the thing rampaged on top of her, seeking to tear her super muscle body into tiny shreds.

It did manage to tear one small gash in the Commander’s skimpy uniform before a good shove from her massive arms sent it sailing high over Wendy’s raven-black hair to crash against the face of the perimeter wall. The gash barely had time to seal itself before the snarling, spitting, howling terror was back. This time it whipped an especially long tentacle around the Commander’s huge thighs, while a great claw bit down on her chest, intent on ripping out a great hunk of leotard and titflesh.

At about the same time, there was another eruption from the disturbed earth nearby, another ear-splitting wail, and Wendy found herself underneath another flailing horror.

Ignoring the claw digging into her tit, the Commander sunk her fingers deep into the thick, armored tentacle that was futilely trying to crush her thighs. Tearing the thing away from her skin, she hurled big chunks of abbie to the ground on both sides of the boulder ridge. The monster screamed in rage and tried to crush its claw even harder into her chest as its four elongated mandibles telescoped forward from its face and tried to tunnel directly into the snarling Commander’s cheekbone.

Wendy’s new dance partner seemed to have similar predilections: it wrapped a long appendage around her thighs as it sunk a pair of nasty claws into her heaving bosom. Its bizarre telescoping snout shot forward from its face, opening up like a four-leaf clover to reveal huge fangs and some kind of scaly, spiked tongue. That tongue slammed against her face, and the four jaws slammed inward, trying to drive the razor-sharp fangs into her cheeks, chin, and forehead.

“Ewwww!! Ewwww!! ICK!!!!”

The lieutenant cried out in disgust as she punched her fists directly forward into the horror’s abdomen, then yanked them sideways, effectively tearing the creature in half. Nasty fluids erupted from its mouth and torso, splashing all over Wendy’s head, shoulders, and chest.

The Commander meanwhile had done something similar, although she had started at the top: grabbing two of the creature’s four jaws and yanking them apart, tearing the creature in half from the face down like she was pulling apart a zipper.

Great gobs of carnage fell to the ground around the two muscle goddess, who were now covered in a rather nasty and stinky multi-colored slime.


Wendy pawed at her body maniacally, trying to brush off the nasty stuff, only partly succeeding. The Commander did likewise, in a calmer and more methodical manner.

“That wasn’t fun, Commander. Can we go back now?”

“Sorry lieutenant, not yet. This is just starting to get interesting.”

“That’s not the word I’d use. Ewwww …”

“Calm down, lieutenant. Squeamishness doesn’t suit you. It’s just abbie blood and guts. It's not going to hurt us.”

“Yeah, but eeeewwwww …”

“Aberrants don’t rip apart as cleanly as rock and steel do, I’m afraid. You better get used to it.”

“So what now?”

“Let’s see where these bad boys came from.”

Wendy made a scrunchy face as the two of them approached the large hole in the earth between several boulders. A cool and slightly fetid breeze wafted from it.

The hole was about four feet in diameter, very ragged and partly caved in at the surface, but seemingly smoother and rounder as it progressed under the ground. The Commander reached in and felt the tunnel wall.

“Smooth and solid. Like they secrete something as they dig, to line the wall and shore up the tunnel.”

“But what happens to all the dirt?”

The Commander shrugged her massive shoulders. “I don’t know. Eat it, I suppose?”

“Um, Commander, if they can tunnel like this, couldn’t they get into the base, under the wall?”

“Hmmmm. The wall goes pretty far down. Fifty feet in some places. But yes, if they can dig deeper than that, then it is a possibility. I think if they were doing that, though, we’d have heard or seen some sign of it by now. Lots of motion sensors around the base. But I’ll assign a team to perform a sonar ground scan along the ring road when we return.”

“So, um, what about this tunnel?”

“I want to explore it a bit, see which way it’s coming from.”

“But don’t we need …?”

“Yes, lieutenant, I forgot to bring them. Hang tight, I’ll be right back.”

Wendy sat down on one of the large rocks that had been displaced when the creatures had blasted out of the earth, as her Commander dashed away at super speed. Less than a minute later she returned, carrying a pair of headlamps. She handed one to Wendy, who slid its flexible band around her temple and adjusted the small but very bright light to shine forward and down.

“If we get into another fight, these things are going to get trashed.”

“We’ll burn that bridge when we get there, lieutenant. Follow me.”

The Commander switched on her headlamp, then crouched down onto her hands and knees and slid into the tunnel. Her lieutenant reluctantly followed.

The tunnel descended at a shallow angle for several dozen feet, then straightened out. The two goddesses crawled along the tunnel for a seemingly interminable amount of time without encountering anything to break the tedium.

“Commander, I--”

“Shhhh, I heard something.”

They stopped and listened.

There was definitely a sound, faint and unidentifiable, coming from somewhere ahead.

They moved forward again. The sound grew louder and more distinct.

The tunnel started to widen. Four feet, five feet, six …

The muscle goddesses rose to their full height and walked.

The general murmur ahead of them resolved into distinct clicks and squeaks.

A LOT of them.

“Ummmmmm …”

The tunnel quickly widened further, essentially becoming a long room, easily twenty feet wide and high, stretching farther than the headlamps could illuminate.

The room was crawling with dozens more of the nasty armored terrors.

Seemingly of one mind, they turned to face the two interlopers. Their clicks and squeaks turned into howling wails that would have shattered the thickest glass, if there was any nearby. The abbies flung themselves forward, claws outstretched, spiked tentacles whipping, razor-edged mandibles snapping.

Snarling viciously in return, pumping their huge muscles, the superwomen crouched side-by-side and met the seemingly endless wave of attackers head-on. Their headlamps were quickly extinguished, forcing them to do battle in pitch dark.

There was nothing to be done but rampage.

Absolute carnage ensued as Wendy and the Commander grabbed fistfuls of whatever crashed into their unstoppable bodies. They ripped, tore, mauled, decimated the screaming abbies, and flung huge chunks of them against the next ones in line. The confined space was thick with screeching and wailing, the rending and crushing of flailing terrors, and the nasty stench of abbie flesh and blood. Thick tentacles repeatedly wrapped around their arms and legs, trying to sink sharp spikes into smooth goddess skin and yank their super sexy bodies apart. Bulging biceps and triceps and thighs and calves blasted through said tentacles and powered fists and feet into their unfortunate owners. Wendy soon had enough of using the abbies’ own feeble flesh as weapons against them, so she turned to the tunnel wall and plowed her fists deep into it. Tearing out an immense slab of rock nearly as tall as she was, she gleefully whipped it around her, becoming a human bender in the confined space.

“What’s ICKY and GROSS and SPINS AROUND???” Wendy yelled maniacally as she whirled round and round on her toes, plowing the slab through abbie after monstrous abbie. Suddenly the huge rock exploded between her hands as she smashed it against an unstoppable force in the pitch blackness that yelled back, “watch it, lieutenant!!!”

“Sorry, Commander!” She giggled, then paused, trying to take stock of the situation.

Other than the sounds of sand and pebbles raining down from the damaged tunnel walls and ceiling, all was quiet again.

“Super goddesses TWO ZILLION, nasty abbies ZERO!!”

Wendy’s triumphant yell reverberated up and down the tunnel, echoing for a second or two.

“Well lieutenant, I think I’ve had enough this party for today. Let’s head back and--”

They were suddenly bathed in a horizontal storm of thick goo. Several steady streams blasted against their super muscle bodies, covering them head to toe in the same substance that lined the tunnel walls. As the streams continued, the goop formed a steadily thickening shell that hardened from the inside out.

“Lieutenant, can you hear me?” The commander’s voice was very muffled and barely decipherable.


“Don’t fight it! Stay still!!”

“Uh, okay …”

When the streams finally subsided after a few minutes, each muscle goddess was encased in a translucent prison, nearly eight feet tall, shaped like an elongated egg. Wendy experimentally nudged her arms against the dense shell. She found it to be definitely strong stuff, with no "give". Nothing she couldn’t easily overcome, she was sure, but orders were orders.

The two cocoons toppled over on their sides. Then, something (or some things) lifted them up and carried them further into the tunnel, to a destination unknown.

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