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Touch 'N Go – Introduction

Written by thedoc9 :: [Tuesday, 07 June 2016 04:35] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 20 August 2016 19:15]

Touch And Go – Introduction

Author's note: This is a story that takes place in a universe where the Legion of Super Heroes exists in the present day, rather than the distant future. Power Girl is one of their members, and I've re-written one of their villains as a hero in a small role. In short, I'm taking a bunch of liberties, and this story doesn't exist in any one canon universe. Also, this is my first submission, so I'm interested in feedback, but please be gentle!

– thedoc9

As Liz sat in the passenger seat of the sexiest sports car she'd ever been in, she thought that she couldn't believe her incredible luck. She was finally on a date with a real-to-life superhero! Of course, he wasn't one of the Big Guys in the JLA or anything like that, but Absorbency Lad was still a pretty cool guy, and was definitely deeply this side of cute. Stuffing that ballot box at the Daily Planet for a week had paid off very nicely, she had decided, flashing the blonde-haired hero a smile.

Much of Liz's pre-adolescent life was spent reading the comic adaptations of the heroes of Metropolis and Gotham City. She fantasized about being a super-powered girl, jumping off her bed with a towel pinned to her shoulders when she was eight, and then sewing custom spandex outfits as she grew older. Now that she was seventeen, her maturing body had blossomed, and her growing collection of custom-made costumes were getting more refined and expertly put together.

About a year ago, Liz had been wearing one of her latest body-hugging creations to bed, and half asleep, daydreaming about discovering a wishing stone that endowed her with super strength and a centerfold physique, her hand drifted between her thighs and began to stroke the sensitive skin down there. She felt the warm, orgasmic energy wash over her, and imagined that this must be what it's like to be Powerful. The tension built up in her quickly, as she surrendered to the fantasy entirely. She was strong, and voluptuous … and unstoppable … and tall … and beautiful … and Mighty … She could almost hear an audible pop as she climaxed, gasping for breath, her hand working back and forth, gently but quickly across her clit.

Liz snapped out of her reverie at that moment, her cheeks red with a blush. What was this guy's real name again? Kirt, that's it! “I'm having a great time, Kirt. This is a great car.” She arched her back, pretending to stretch, watching his reaction carefully. Yes, he was definitely noticing, and he was definitely straight. If nothing else, Liz thought, she had won a side-bet with her sister, Cass. She almost wished she was wearing one of her spandex costumes right now, under her blouse and jeans. She always felt sexier when she did so, pretending she was just disguised in her secret identity as a normal girl.

Kirt pulled over to the side of the road at the top of the rather long hill they'd been climbing for the last several minutes. “Come on,” he said calmly, “I want to show you something.” He got out of the car, and she followed him to the edge of the road. The view was spectacular from up here. The city lights glowed brightly below, and an electrical storm was brewing in the sky above them. The sky was purples and reds, and lightning crossed from cloud to cloud, the thunder rumbling like drums at a rock concert. The rain hadn't started yet, and the air was electric.

Liz hugged Absorbency Lad (Kirt, damn it, call him Kirt, she reminded herself), automatically moving her body so he could easily wrap his jacket around her. The leather smelled great, and Liz wondered briefly if he wore his spandex uniform under his street clothes … and if she'd get a chance to see it up close and personal. She decided to be bold. “So,” she asked casually, “if you wanted to, could you absorb all of my strength right now, leaving me so weak that you'd have to hold me in your arms?”

He laughed, obviously enjoying her innuendo. “Well, um, actually I can only absorb super-powers, so you'd be safe as long as you weren't some super-powered evil sorceress or something, trying to catch me off guard.” His hands were around her waist, and she rather enjoyed where this conversation was going … and his hands. They were definitely sliding down below her belt level, and she was in no mood to try to stop him.

Hmmmm,” she said, remembering her adolescent fantasies of empowerment. Deliberately or not, he was stirring her up in ways she had had only had the faintest of hopes for. “I see … She used a cheesy cartoon-villain voice and turned to face him as she continued, “Absorbency Lad, you haff fallen into my trap. Now you will know what it's like … to be sucked dry.” She reached up to his face and kissed him gently at first, and then felt his mouth open, his tongue touching her lips. She opened her mouth eagerly, tasting him as she felt his body press closer to hers.

Thunder rumbled overhead suddenly, shaking the ground beneath their feet. Just as Liz started to think what a funny coincidence it was to have such dramatic sound a light accompanying this spectacular kiss, her brain was suddenly on fire. Her ears exploded, and she felt herself being thrown through the air, and she lost all sense of up or down. When she landed, at first she thought how lucky she had been to land softly. Her eyes opened halfway, and through the darkening haze she could see that the lightning bolt that had destroyed the sports car had come very close to killing them both. And then, the darkness was complete, and she slumped to the ground, unconscious.


Liz could feel lips against hers again, but this time they were not so gentle, and the tongue action was replaced with rather heavy breathing. She quickly realized that someone was giving her mouth-to-mouth, and not being very gentle about it. Liz instinctively coughed, gasping for breath, and at first she thought that Absorbency Lad had saved her life. Then when her vision cleared, she saw that it was a woman … and not just any woman, but one of her childhood heroes, Power Girl! Her beautiful blonde hair, red cape … and of course, her voluminous cleavage barely held in place by her white body suit. Two very large breasts hovered over Liz's face briefly as Power Girl noticed her regain consciousness. Liz sat up quickly, not sure what to say or do, gasping for breath, and trying to shake off the dizziness.

She looked past Power Girl and saw yet another hero, one she didn't recognize at first, bent over the prone figure of Absorbency Lad. He also had a long blue cape and wore a red and black outfit. He turned to face Power Girl. His voice was deep, and was practically dripping with authority and confidence. “He's alive, but only just barely. I'm going to risk flying him back to Legion Headquarters.

“Go, Mon.” Power Girl said decisively. “I'll stay here with the girl.”

The other man leaned down and picked Absorbency Lad up effortlessly, then leaped into the air, one arm extended in front of him. He flew off, getting faster and faster as he moved towards the city. Of course! That was Mon-El! One of the most powerful men in the Legion of Superheroes. Liz had always written him off as a cheap knockoff of Superman before, but his finely toned body was worth at least a second look, she decided. But of course, by now, he was long gone.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Power Girl asked, snapping Liz out of her reverie.

Liz turned to face her and felt dizziness envelop her immediately. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she collapsed. Faster than the eye could follow, Power Girl's gloved hands were catching Liz and lowering her to the ground slowly. Liz's eyes fluttered open again, and she reached up to grab Power Girl's arm to steady herself. Something wasn't quite right – she felt strange … like butterflies in her stomach. Not bad … just strange. She felt Power Girl's hand touch her own.

“Easy now, no need to panic.” Liz let go and stood on her own. Power Girl rubbed her arm absentmindedly as she continued, “do you remember anything?”

“We were kissing, that's all. The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air, and landing on my head. I think.”

“You mean he threw you?” Power Girl's voice became stern and alarmed, and her eyes narrowed. Liz got the impression that there was a nasty feminist attitude ready to come forward if left unchecked.

“No! No, nothing like that! Kirt was a perfect gentleman.” Power Girl's eyes softened slowly. “I think a lightning bolt or something hit near us, that's all. But I feel fine now, really.” Truth be told, she felt better than fine now. She felt like she was shooting past “normal” and almost to euphoric. Maybe it was the chance to talk to Power Girl in person, or maybe that kiss … or something else. The butterflies in her stomach were migrating south to her nether regions. Liz realized that she was actually feeling a bit horny now, in spite of all that was happening.

“Lightning, eh?” Power Girl said, turning to the sports car. Or rather, what was left of it. “I guess that would explain this.” The metal of the engine hood had actually been melted where the lightning had struck. Power Girl turned to face Liz, her cape twirling dramatically behind her. “Well, you're obviously not going to be able to take this home tonight. Can I offer you a lift?”

A … lift?” Liz almost whispered in disbelief. It was like she was living out one of her lifelong fantasies, flying with Power Girl! “Oh, oh definitely!” she blurted out.

Power Girl laughed genially. “What's your name?”

“Liz,” she replied.

“Well, come on, Liz. We'll take the scenic route, if you're feeling up to it, that is.” With that, Power Girl spread her arms wide, her voluptuous body moving in ways that made Liz more than a little envious. Liz was in pretty good shape if she said so herself, but Power Girl's physique was famous for being … well, super … in every way imaginable. Liz walked up to Power Girl, and awkwardly stood while the blonde super heroine lifted her into her well-muscled arms. The butterflies fluttered in her stomach again, and she involuntarily squeezed her thighs together. “Hang on,” Power Girl said with a smirk, and leapt into the air. Liz inhaled sharply with excitement.

The view from up here was astonishing! Liz wrapped her arms around Power Girl's neck and watched the hills fall behind them as the ocean filled the western horizon. Liz let out a whoop, not caring what she sounded like. Liz caught a glimpse of Power Girl's swelling cleavage as the heroine focused on her flight path, and Liz was hard pressed not to stare. It was exhilarating being up here, and on a wild impulse, she extended her right hand forward like Power Girl's, pretending she could fly too. After all, when would she ever get a chance like this?

But something was wrong. As soon as Liz extended her fist forward, they seemed to hit some turbulence. “Whoa, please don't do that,” Power Girl said, her voice shaking noticeably. Liz turned to look Power Girl in the face. Her expression looked worried, almost panicked. She seemed to be straining for some reason. “I-I can't” Power Girl said, her eyes blinking way too fast.

Oh my God, Power Girl! What's happening?!” The question was really just an instinctive reaction. They were clearly losing altitude, and suddenly the voluptuous heroine's grip on Liz seemed to falter. Liz held onto Power Girl's neck more tightly, not wanting to fall. “Power Girl?!” Liz practically screamed.

Liz saw the ocean rushing up to meet them, and screamed. She did not want to die this way, and her brain raced. Instinctively she willed them to regain altitude, hoping against hope that Power Girl was playing some kind of strange joke on her. “Up … up … UP!” Liz said, louder and louder. Then, gradually, their descent slowed, and they started to gain altitude again, slowly at first. Power Girl's arms were still holding her very loosely, so Liz adjusted her own arm so it went under Power Girl's arm. For the briefest of moments, Liz noticed that their breasts were pressing against each other in their new position, but there wasn’t time to think about homo-erotic fantasies now.

Liz saw a stretch of beach ahead, and thankfully they turned towards the sandy area as soon as she noticed it. As the pair of women came down for a landing, Liz instinctively lifted her legs so Power Girl could plant her feet without them getting tangled up. Power Girl's legs failed her on the soft sand, however, and they rolled and bounced in the sand clumsily, their limbs intertwining. Liz picked herself up, and dusted sand off of her knees. Well, at least she hadn't been hurt. Liz looked up to see Power Girl, sprawled on the sand. Her hand was on her forehead, and she was breathing in gasps. Liz ran over to her. “Power Girl! What happened?”

The blonde beauty looked up at her, and said between short breaths, “Don't … know. I suddenly … felt weak … couldn't fly …” Power Girl's eyes fluttered shut and she slumped to the sand, breathing heavily as if she had run a grueling marathon.

This wasn't making sense, Liz thought. She needed to get help somehow. Liz remembered that all of the Legion members had special rings, but after locating it on Power Girl's gloved hand, she had no idea how to activate the communicator – or even if there was one. The sound of approaching voices caught her attention.

Up the beach, walking towards them were three men dressed in t-shirts and shorts. Beach bums, Liz thought. Not exactly the cops, but at least they'd be able to help out…

Well looky what we got goin' on here. A couple of lesbos acting out some sick little fetish fantasy.” The other two laughed derisively. They were all holding cans of beer. Liz's heart started pounding in her chest. This was NOT good.

“Please,” Liz said, “she needs help. Do you guys have a cell phone? She may need a doctor.”

The leader, a tall blonde with a day's worth of facial hair growth looked down at Power Girl's prone body. “Whoa. I know what this one needs. She needs a nice big injection of heterosexuality.” He grabbed the crotch of his pants and adjusted himself mockingly. Liz knelt next to Power Girl, trying to shield the heroine's spandex-wrapped body from their leering eyes. The leader continued, “Man, with a body like a porn star, it's a damn shame she's wasting time sharing it with a little girl like you. What she needs …” and with that, he unzipped his pants, “is a man to show her what she's been missing. Hold her, guys!” With that, the two other men moved around Power Girl's body in both directions, converging on Liz.

The two men grabbed Liz's arms, but she noticed they didn't seem to be holding her very tightly. She thought, they apparently don't consider me much of a threat. The leader stood between Power Girl's boots, kicking them apart, spreading her muscular but limp legs apart. “Damn, this is one authentic looking Super Babe costume.”

“That's Power Girl, jerk!” Liz said, correcting him out of some strange sense of nerd rage that she immediately regretted.

His voice got low and menacing. “Whatever. I take it she's the butch and you're the bitch.” With that the four men laughed more loudly than before.

Liz felt her anger well up in her faster than she could control. She flung her arms apart, trying to break free of the two men. Their hands fell away from her and she stood up to confront the leader. She was about to scream at him when she heard two loud thumps on either side of her. The leader's eyes were wide with shock for some reason. She followed his gaze to her left, and saw one of the men, laying on his back, about ten yards away. Liz turned to her right, puzzled. The other man was even further away, sprawled on the sand like he'd fallen from the sky. He was moaning in pain.

“What the hell is going on here?” the leader said incredulously. He put his hand on her shoulder as if to shove Liz, and she instinctively pushed back with all her might. He flew backwards through the air for twenty feet, hollering at the top of his lungs, and landed on his ass. He shook his head and called out to his buddies, “She's some kind of real super chick! Let's get out of here!” The men scrambled to their feet, and started to run up the beach, away from her.

Liz looked at her hands in shock, then at her arms, and the rest of her body. The butterflies were still in her stomach, and that tingling sensation was stronger than ever. She had never felt more alive, she thought. Well, maybe once. That one time when she was in bed in her costume when she …

She snapped out of her reverie, and looked up at the men, now a good fifty feet away, still running. Her eyes narrowed, and she leapt over Power Girl, at first meaning to pursue them on foot, but then almost by instinct, she was … she was flying instead. Her fists extended in front of her instinctively, and Liz streaked up to the trio of hoodlums, and knocked them down like they were bowling pins. She pulled up, and landed lightly next to them, all the while not giving a second thought to how she was doing this. Part of her casually felt that this was clearly a dream of some sort, and she should just roll with it. But dream or no, this feeling was incredible! She grabbed one of the men, punched him in the face, and he went down, splat! She kicked another in the stomach, same effect! He was out cold before he hit the ground! Even using only half-hearted effort, she was kicking their asses! She grabbed the leader by the shirt, and lifted him up so he was practically standing. She then kneed him in the groin, this time not pulling back. His torso swung upwards, but she held on tight to his shirt. His body swung back down, and his pained, childlike moaning satisfied her.

She dropped him to the sand, and once again looked down at herself. She felt amazing, energized. She clenched her fists, and she could feel her muscles bulging, stretching the fabric of her sleeves. The front of her blouse was also bulging in two other places she hadn't really noticed at first, what with all the excitement. The last time her chest was this big was when she put on a padded bra under her latest spandex costume, and then put her street clothes on over it to see what it looked like as she slowly undressed. But that bra was safely hidden in a box in her closet back home, along with the rest of her costumes.

Liz briefly had an excited thought about racing home that very moment … but then she remembered Power Girl. Liz turned around and saw the buxom blonde sitting up on the beach far behind her. She was talking into her fist, slouched over like a track star who had just run a marathon. Obviously, her ring did have a communicator after all, and she was contacting the Legion. Great, Liz thought. They'd take care of Power Girl better than she could. She'll be fine. Wanting to thank Power Girl, Liz took a step down the beach toward her.

But then, she thought, there'd be all sorts of questions and stuff that she just didn't want to get into right now. In fact, there was really only one thing she wanted to get into right now, and that was the special costume she had in her closet back home. The truth was finally dawning on her; beyond any of her hopes, she had somehow acquired the very super powers she had always dreamed of having. The anxious tingling sensation between her thighs was getting stronger and stronger by the moment, and without another thought, Liz raised her hands and flew up into the sky as if she'd done so all of her life.


Liz flew silently, but swiftly through the air, following the streetlights back to her house, enjoying the experience of seeing them from above instead of from the road. When she spotted her house, she landed lightly in the backyard by the in-ground pool. She was breathing heavily, escited beyond anything she'd ever experienced before! On the way here. She had pressed herself to go faster and faster, and she noticed that her brain had automatically sped up as well to compensate for her increased need for control. It was all she had dreamed of and more. The lights were off, meaning her parents were still out at her father's office party. They'd likely be gone till well past midnight, so she had the house to herself for a few hours. Liz fished her back door key out of her jeans, and let herself in.

She hurried down the hallway to her bedroom, and shut the door behind her. She went into her closet, moving the pile of clothes she used to hide the box of costumes and props she kept there. She pulled the box out and placed it on the foot of her bed, trying to take her time, enjoying the moment. She pulled back the lid, revealing an assortment of sewing needles, thread spools, a glue gun and other crafty tools she used to assemble her costumes. She lifted this section away, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the carefully folded green and black spandex outfit that lay on top of a pile of other brightly colored costumes and capes.

She pulled out the costume, her latest and favorite design so far. She had only worn it a few times before now, saving it for special nights when she felt particularly sexy. She lay it carefully on the bed, and started to undress. She kicked off her shoes, and slid out of her jeans quickly, then started unbuttoning her blouse. At that moment, she finally caught her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door, and stopped unbuttoning. There was a Playboy centerfold looking back at her, but with her face!

Not only had her figure gotten much more curvy, she had gotten a little taller! Liz slowly finished unbuttoning her blouse, and pulled it open to reveal two pert, round breasts that seemed to be straining to escape their cotton and spandex prison. Liz had only fantasized about having such a figure up until now. It only took a few seconds to realize why she looked both strange and familiar in the mirror. “I'm Power Girl,” she said quietly. “I don't know how or why … but I've got her body.” She stood there in her bra and panties for a few moments, taking it all in. Her legs, her abs, her biceps … they all reminded her of Power Girl's incredible physique. She reached up and cupped her breasts in her hands, gently fluttering her fingers over her nipples, watching them go eagerly erect through the fabric of her over-stretched bra. Her mouth fell open involuntarily, and her eyes closed as the electricity shot from her chest down to her clit and back up again. A whispery moan escaped her lips. Liz eagerly reached back to undo the clasp on her bra to finally unleash them.

Her bra popped – practically exploded – open, and she noticed that her breasts did not do much more than wobble in place briefly. They were so firm and pert that they required no extra support whatsoever. Liz recalled thinking that she had never seen underwire bra lines on Power Girl, and with a skintight outfit like hers, it would be hard to miss. Now she knew why. And speaking of which…

Liz lifted the unitard off the bed, and paused only one more moment to smile in anticipation, as a huge smile crossed her face. She had gotten the idea for this one from a female pro wrestler who had dressed as a super heroine character for a while. It was practical but very sexy, with a short green cape attached to the shoulders, and long sleeves that had a loop of thread that went around her middle finger to hold the sleeves in place like gauntlets. She had started with a basic V-shape pattern to help slim her waist, but then got the idea to add two more lines to the sides to make it into an “M” for Mighty Girl.

Liz slid her feet into the leg holes, and drew the form-fitting outfit up over her now-taut abdomen, and stretched the top over her her breasts, sliding the stretchy fabric over her nipples roughly, making herself gasp quietly with excitement. She slid her arms down into the sleeves, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of the stretchy fabric sliding over her skin. Originally, the V-neck was designed to show a little cleavage, but now with her super-enhanced body, there was an astonishing chasm of flesh under her chin. Liz smirked at her amazing reflection. “Not too bad … Not too damned bad at all.” She slid a pair of thigh-high dominatrix-style boots onto her feet, and clipped a black leather belt around her waist that was more for nice lines than any practical purpose. She finished off the ensemble with a stylish angular mask that covered the upper half of her face. It required a little spirit gum adhesive to stay in place, which she daubed on with a little impatience. These details were maddening at times, but it made the outfit look so much better.

Once everything was in place, Liz checked herself out in the mirror again. She struck a pose, flexing her bicep, and it bulged impressively. “Wow! Mighty Girl has arrived!” She put her fists on her hips, and stuck out her chin and her chest, looking amazing. There was only one problem … she could see panty lines. If she hadn't been so happy about having centerfold quality breasts and not needing a bra she probably wouldn't bother, but … the bar had been raised for the rest of her outfit, and visible panty lines just wouldn't do. She impatiently pulled an arm out of its sleeve, and reached down inside the outfit to the waistband of her panties.

They were black, with a thin metallic belt and hidden velcro fasteners above the hips and in the crotch– she had gotten them at a sleazy little lingerie store, and for a while she looked forward to calling them her lucky panties someday. With a smirk, she gave the waistband a quick tug, and the velcro in the crotch popped loose. She enjoyed the brief tension between her legs as she did so. Liz licked her lips and tossed the panties onto the bed. She hurriedly pulled her costume back into place, not lingering this time at all.

After a final appraisal of her now-smooth look, she opened her bedroom door, and skipped down the hall to the back door. She let herself out, locking the door behind her. The night sky was clear and full of stars, and Liz laughed joyfully as she twirled on the backyard lawn. A girlish impulse came over her and Liz went over to the swimming pool's diving board, and mounted it as if to dive into the pool. The moon shone down on the water, and the air was electric. Her dream had come true; she was Mighty Girl now, and she could fly, and she didn't have to worry about anything ever again.

“Look out world,” she said out loud. “Mighty Girl has arrived!” With that, she bounced off the end of the diving board, and extended her fists to the sky. She promptly flew up into the air … and fell clumsily into the pool with a huge, clumsy splash.

Liz surfaced clumsily, choking on water. She splashed clumsily for a few seconds as she worked her way over to the side of the pool. As she lifted herself out of the water, she quickly realized that her voluptuous body had reverted back to normal. Her powers were gone! But what had happened? How did she get them in the first place?

And how could she get them back?


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