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S.W.R. – Eggs In One Basket

Written by LustMonster :: [Tuesday, 07 June 2016 17:52] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 18:02]

Author's Note: This story continues where Perimeter Patrol left off. If you have not read that one yet, please do so first.

Underground cavern, several miles from Special Weapons Research Base

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb lay within her tight cocoon and thought about peanut brittle.

She had not gotten any since that day in the old base a month ago. The really good stuff in the white box was nearly impossible to find now – the See’s Candies company had most likely ceased to exist decades ago. The boxes of it that occasionally turned up had probably been stashed in cryovaults for eventual consumption by the super-rich warlords and their extended families and friends.

The thick material that completely encased her now felt a bit like peanut brittle. But it lacked the nuts. And it was a lot harder. Most likely not as tasty. But probably still brittle, when she decided it was time to indulge in her herculean strength and burst out of this very annoying prison.

Wendy was itching to do that right now.

It always feels so damn good

Deep breath, girl!

Um, wait a minute. I’m breathing. How am I breathing?

Wendy sucked in a deep lungful of the cool, slightly fetid air. She should not have been able to do this, because the foot-thick shell was pressing hard against every contour of her face, practically bulging into her nostrils.

Very interesting! I bet the Commander is going to want to take some of this stuff back to base for study.

The jostling of her cocoon had ceased several minutes ago, and she was now standing upright again, but leaning a bit backward, as if the cocoon was propped against a wall.

Wendy squirmed within the extremely tight shell and smiled as it crackled and groaned.

So strong, so very STRONG …

The lieutenant moaned softly as she pumped her muscles, flexed them, bulged them. Her breasts mashed slowly outward against the shell. The popping sounds became louder and more continuous, winding up to a staccato screech of tortured material. She could feel the very strong stuff fighting back, trying to maintain its integrity, but her super muscle body would not be denied. The whole mass blasted apart, shooting heavy projectiles outward in all directions.

Wendy stood in the remains that now rose only as high as her calves, her muscles still fully pumped, as she reveled in her always amazing strength.

Nothing can hold me!!” she yelled happily.

Then she took a look around, her eyes adjusting to the unexpected illumination.

The pile of rubble that was her formerly elongated-egg-shaped cocoon formed a break in the long line of cocoons that stood against one wall of a large cavern. They all looked basically alike, except that the surfaces of the pods to either side of her were cracked and pitted, presumably from the debris that had blasted outward from her own former prison. Each cocoon emitted a dim bluish glow, but it was not uniform - there was a vague shadow in the middle of each one.

She had no idea which one held her super-muscled lover.

“Um, Commander?”

She started walking down the line, rapping her knuckles against the sides of the cocoons.

escape from cocoon by lustmonster dae40j6
Image courtesy of CylenX

When she reached the fifth one down, it erupted in her face.


The Commander gleefully tore her way out of her own prison. Then she stood triumphantly in the rubble, her huge chest thrust out, her arms outstretched, biceps and triceps engorged, her monster thighs pumped. Her eyes gazed down at her own stupendous body as she grinned lustily.

Wendy remained where she had been standing, her fist still raised, knuckles poised to rap against the cocoon that was no longer there. Jagged bits of hard shell material rained off her body.

The Commander’s feet easily tore through the helpless sections of shell that were still trying to imprison her lower legs and feet, and she stepped out of the rubble, now glaring hungrily at her subordinate. Wendy thought her superior might have been ready to grab and devour her right then and there…

The Commander visibly straightened as she banked her inner fire. Her lusty expression was replaced by a scowl.

“That did not happen, lieutenant.”

“What didn’t happen, Commander?”

The massive musclebeast just nodded in approval, and Wendy stared back with a big stupid grin. The Commander’s scowl was replaced by a thoughtful expression.

“Did you notice anything interesting while we were entombed, lieutenant?”

“Um, the breathing?”

“Yes, very definitely the breathing. Air passes right through this stuff. We must bring some of this shell material back to base.”

Wendy giggled.


“It’s nothing, Commander.”

The two of them looked around again. Other than the line of cocoons along the one wall, the cavern appeared to be empty.

Wendy bit her lip as she gazed at the strange shadows within the glowing cocoons. A chill crept over her as she realized they were vaguely human-shaped.

“Um, I think there are people trapped inside all of these things.”

Hands on her hips, the Commander sighed heavily as she gazed down the line of cocoons.

“Yes, lieutenant, you are correct. And right now the best thing we can do for them is to leave them here. They are safer inside these things than out running around with abbies nearby. We need to find out where we are, get back to base, and arrange a proper rescue mission.”

Wendy looked crestfallen.

“But to just leave these poor people be—”

“Lieutenant! It can’t be helped. There is no way we can protect them from another attack like the one we just dealt with. Now grab one of these chunks and let’s get out of here.”

“But they’re breathing, and they could be awake, terrified …”

The Commander bent down and picked up one of the larger chunks of cocoon shell. She turned it concave side up and held it in front of Wendy.

“Look closely, lieutenant, and run your finger lightly over it.”

Wendy did so and observed that the inner surface of the shell was dotted with tiny needles, barely visible to the naked eye.

“These needles are why it was so damn uncomfortable in there, lieutenant. Normally they would poke right through the skin and inject something to put the prisoner to sleep. Our skin can’t be pierced like that, so they just poke us incessantly. Now grab a chunk of this stuff and let’s get out of here.”

The lieutenant sighed and picked up one of the heavy chunks of cocoon shell. Together they headed for the sole exit that was barely visible at the far end of the cavern.

The tunnel they entered now was much larger than the one they originally came in, back at the wall. They could comfortably walk with several feet to spare above their heads. The Commander rammed her free hand into the wall and tore out a chunk of the hard lining.

“I want this stuff studied too, to see if it’s different from the cocoon material.”

Wendy nodded silently and trudged onward.

As they walked further from the cavern, the light dimmed, but it did not completely go away. The two girls could see why when they held up their respective chunks of cocoon material, observing their faint yellowish glow. The stuff from the tunnel wall, by contrast, had no such illumination.

Wendy looked down the tunnel extending away from them, then up at the ceiling.

“I’m sick of tunnels. Can’t we just jump straight up and blast through the dirt? We can’t be that far underground.”

“That’s not a bad idea, lieutenant. We're not that far from the base, so it's very likely to be open desert up there. Then we can see where we are, and mark this place at the surface for a rescue.”

Clutching the two pieces of hardened abbie secretion, the Commander crouched down, then hurled herself upward with a fierce shove of her mighty thighs. Her head crashed into the ceiling, followed by her huge muscle body, and kept right on going.

Wendy positioned herself where her Commander had been standing, and jumped straight up.

Her head and shoulders smashed briefly through the dirt and sand and rock. Then she found herself sailing through the air, bathed in the hot afternoon sun.

She landed back on the ground about a dozen feet from her Commander.

“We were closer to the surface than I thought, lieutenant. And look over there!”

The Commander pointed.

The two busty beauties had rocketed from the ground in the middle of a dry dirt field dotted with sparse scrub. In the direction of the Commander’s finger, however, Wendy could see what appeared to be a cluster of trees, with some low buildings in between.

And in their midst, a half dozen tractor-trailers were parked.

“Commander …” Wendy said, her voice full of fresh hope. She set down her chunk of cocoon shell, hoping they wouldn’t be needing it any longer.

“Yes, lieutenant. If at least one of those trucks is in working order, we could load the trailer with those cocoons and drive them back to base.”

Wendy clapped her hands gleefully, a smile returning to her formerly downcast face.

“Commander, even if the truck doesn’t work, we could pull the trailer back to base ourselves. Hell, we could carry it! Probably faster than the truck can. We can rescue those poor people!”

Now it was the Commander’s turn to grin. “Being this strong rocks, doesn’t it, lieutenant? Let’s go inspect those trailers.”

“Um, shouldn't we mark this spot first? Otherwise, we may never find it again.”

“Nothing around here but flat ground and dry bushes.”

“Mmmmmmhhhhhhh,” Wendy moaned. “With these muscles, that won't be a problem.”

Wendy and Commander Desert cropped
Image courtesy of Plinius

The lieutenant raised her fists, then crashed them down into the ground. A great gout of dirt and rock exploded out of the new crater.

Her fingers splayed open and dug firmly into the newly exposed slab. With her huge shoulders, V-shaped neck, biceps, and triceps ballooning, she tore out a massive slab. Smiling as she easily hefted the incredibly heavy mass, she carried it several yards, then set it down near the hole from which they had emerged.

The Commander just stood nearby with her huge arms crossed beneath her massive chest, watching her super sexy human earthmover. Her eyes lustily devoured the sight of Wendy’s rippling muscles, and the simple joy with which she performed the task brought a big smile to the Commander’s lips. Very little gave as much pleasure to Commander Barbara Wallace as watching her beautiful lover revel in her seemingly infinite strength.

“Aren’t you going to help, Commander?”

“As your superior, I’m choosing to simply observe and oversee. Carry on, lieutenant.”

Wendy blew a loud raspberry, then tore another great hunk of rock from the newly tortured ground and piled it on top of her makeshift marker. Knowing her Commander was greatly enjoying the view, she made sure to add extra flexing and bulging of her mighty arm and thigh muscles to her performance.

“Don’t you think the marker is high enough now, lieutenant?”

“Just one more, Commander.”

“If you say so.”

Wendy had to throw the last massive heap of rock up on the hill. It crashed down on top and sent many bits of itself cascading down the sides.

“I give you: Mount Wendy!” The raven-haired superwoman patted the side of the hill, taking care not to do so too vigorously and threaten its uncertain structural integrity.

“If you’re done playing, we’ve got maybe four or five hours of daylight left. Let’s get over there and look at the trailers.”

As they walked toward the oasis of trees and buildings, their hearts began to sink. The place looked decidedly trashed, with wood and metal wreckage strewn about. The walls of the buildings were riddled with bullet holes, or completely torn out in places.

The trucks weren’t in any better shape. Windows smashed, headlights gone, metal dented or riddled with holes.

Not an intact tire among the bunch.

“Carry a trailer then?” Wendy asked.

“Looks that way, lieutenant. Let’s see if we can find one that won’t just fold up between us when we pick it up.”

The two of them strode from trailer to trailer, examining their structural integrity – what little of it they could find.

Rust and corrosion seemed to be endemic. Hands gripped steel frames under each trailer and experimentally lifted. In almost every case, the squalling of bending and ripping metal fill the air with peals of hopelessness.

Finally, they came to one that seemed to be reasonably intact. Positioning themselves at each end, they were able to lift it straight up with no apparent ill effect.

“I guess this is the one, Commander!” Wendy called out.

“All right, then. Walk your end carefully to your left, yes, slowly, that’s good, um, did you hear someth—”

The abbies attacked.

From somewhere in one or more of the ruined buildings they came, screaming their banshee wails, whipping tentacles, clacking claws, and gnashing mandibles. The flood of terrors quickly split into two columns: one heading for Wendy, one for the Commander. The busty beauties whirled to face their respective onslaughts head on, dropping the old trailer with a huge crash.

The column of abbies piled against the lieutenant so hard that they rammed her body upward and through the trailer’s rear doors. At least a dozen of the creatures poured into it with her, and the entire trailer started rocking on its decayed tires. A scream of feminine fury rent the air, and fingers speared through the trailer walls, curling inward to clutch fistfuls of tortured aluminum. A huge section of the trailer wall was suddenly yanked inward, violently torn from its frame. Then, accompanied by enormous metallic thunderclaps, the entire trailer was horrifically deformed, wrenched left and right, up and down, sometimes in multiple directions at once. Gouts of abbieflesh exploded through tears and rips in the mutilated steel and aluminum. A huge chunk of the trailer’s floor folded upward as a monstrously strong hand grabbed one of the trailer’s main crossmembers and wrenched it up into the mangled guts of the trailer itself. That beam tore loose from its welds, then whipped around through all four walls, shearing off the entire top half of the trailer and sending it toppling over to one side, where it rolled and folded up pitifully on the ground. Also sheared in half was every remaining abbie that had dared to lay a claw or tentacle on the delicious super muscle body of the rampaging lieutenant.

The Commander, meanwhile, was shoved away from the trailer, her back driven into the side of one of the adjacent truck cabs. A battering ram of screaming terrors shoved against her, each one trying to tear through its brethren to sink claws and fangs into the Commander’s delicious muscles. The poor old truck she was pressed against became a weapon, as the Commander reached around behind herself and wrenched huge chunks of helpless truckmeat around her own body, tearing it away from the main mass behind her and slamming them together again in front, over and over, pulverizing abbie after abbie between the two jagged metal sledgehammers that completely surrounded her clenched fists. The exultant superwoman marched forward, using her massive arms and the great clumps of metal scrap impaled on her fists as savage jaws, smashing and chewing through the aberrants in front of her.

As the Commander reached the rapidly imploding trailer, the twin hellstorms of carnage merged into a single greater one. Metal ripped apart, slammed together, and disintegrated into finer and finer bits, mixed with tumbling shreds of abbie gore, inside a ferocious whirlwind driven by two twirling, snarling, screaming muscle goddesses.

com and wendy scene 2 by lustmonster daee28m
image courtesy of Gammaknight

A few minutes later, the two of them stood side-by-side, brushing carnage off each other’s bodies as they came down from their muscle rampage high. Then they gazed glumly at the pulverized remains of the one trailer that had offered them hope.

At least their leotards were proving remarkably resilient: only a few small rips resulted from all that savagery, and those healed themselves in less than a minute.

“Now what??” Wendy cried in anguish as she kicked a dense clump of mangled metal. It went sailing over the buildings and trees, landing with a thump in the naked dirt beyond.

“I don’t believe we have exhausted our choices yet, lieutenant. Come.”

The Commander led her despondent lieutenant between the buildings, to the far side of the tiny town.

A tanker truck lay partially hidden in the dry overgrowth amidst some sickly trees. The truck’s cab was obviously beyond hope, so the Commander reached in between it and its trailer and brutally sheared the two apart with one swipe of her arm.

“If we can pick this thing up without breaking it, I think it will serve our purpose.”

The muscle goddesses positioned themselves at each end of the trailer, grabbed a (hopefully) strong, thick part of its frame, and lifted.

A loud crackling sound, like automatic weapon fire, emanated from within the overstressed structure, but the entire trailer lifted straight up on their palms and stayed intact.

“Slow and easy, lieutenant.”

They took turns walking backward, forward and sideways, easing the long tanker trailer out of the tangled grasp of tree branches and brush. Then they carefully made their way back to Mount Wendy, about a quarter mile distant but still plainly visible.

They arrived back at the hole in the ground just as the sun was touching the horizon, and gently set the trailer down on the dirt.

“Well, we’re losing our light, but we’ll have a nearly full moon tonight, so we’ll still be able to see well enough to carry this thing back to base. Now let’s get down there and get those people.”

“Um, aren’t you forgetting something, Commander?”

Wendy glanced at the trailer.

The Commander smiled. “Yes, we need to open it up. Just removing the back end should be fine, then we can just slide the cocoons into it from the rear. Have at it!”

Grinning, Wendy sunk her fingers into the thick steel of the trailer at a point along its back edge. She worked them around the back wall like a can opener. The tearing steel howled deliciously, and the Commander couldn’t help touching herself in certain strategic places as she watched.

As soon as Wendy's tearing fingers completed their circuit, the back wall of the trailer toppled like a huge end cap, hitting the ground with a deep thud.

Wendy peered in and scrunched up her nose. The tanker reeked of unidentifiable chemicals that had simmered in the desert sun for who knew how long.

“Uh, there are things in there. They’ll get in the way.”

“Let me see … Oh yeah. Baffles. To keep whatever liquid they carried in here from sloshing around too much. Get in there, lieutenant, and rip ‘em out.”

“Aye aye, Captain!” Wendy giggled as she hopped in. Then she proceeded to have her way with the metal plates and bulkheads that protruded into the tank at various angles from its curved inner wall. There was a lot of ripping and crumpling (much more than necessary to get the job done), accompanied by moans and delighted squeals. Then a stream of jagged metal wreckage jetted out of the trailer’s open end, crashing down onto the heap of steel already lying there.

“Awww, no more!” Wendy climbed out, her lips twisted in a mock pout.

“All right, lieutenant, let’s get this done,” replied the Commander.

One after the other, the two superwomen stepped into the hole in the ground, returning to the tunnel below.

Over the next several hours, as the sun slipped beneath the horizon and the moon rose to provide replacement illumination, they shuttled the cocoons from the cavern to the surface. This required not only great strength but some ingenuity as well, as each eight-foot-tall pod had to be brought up the vertical shaft to the surface. One muscle goddess had to heave it upward (not too hard!) from the tunnel below, while the other goddess stood at the edge of the hole to catch it. Then the cocoon would be shoved lengthwise into the back of the trailer, and stacked inside. Some tearing and bending of the trailer walls proved necessary so that every cocoon could be stuffed inside, which Wendy happily volunteered to do.

Then they grabbed the ends of the trailer and slowly lifted. Steel screamed loudly, punctuated with snaps, crackles, and pops. But the overall structure held, stiffened somewhat by the tightly packed cocoons.

The Commander gazed up at the moon and stars, guesstimating the direction they would need to go to return to their base.

“All right, lieutenant! Time for a nice little evening stroll. Let’s hope we don’t encounter any more of the new wildlife.”

With the Commander in the lead, walking forward with her back against the front end of the trailer and her fingers dug into the thickest part of the frame beneath, the two super muscle goddesses carried their steel basket of eggs home.

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