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Aphrodite Can't Swim

Written by AuGoose :: [Thursday, 09 June 2016 11:38] Last updated by :: [Monday, 13 June 2016 08:35]

Aphrodite Can’t Swim

by Au Goose

A work of erotic fiction (NSFW). Any resemblance to anything or anyone in the real world is too much to hope for. No running by the pool. Oooo! Nanites! Caution: very, very slipery when wet … Like most fun things.

The one-piece suit was black with vivid yellow panels down the center. It was also dowsed with a miraculous cocktail of de-activated nano-bots and a concentrated solution of fat- and sugar-analogs that would serve as their fuel. In other words it looked and smelled like it had been splattered with about two gallons of chocolate chip ice cream.

The slightly sticky thing was being worn by the lovely but petite Tatiana Deniken as she made her way to the outdoor showers at the SoCal pool party. There, the mutagenic goop would soon be washed down the drain, never to be seen or heard from again. The suit was noticeably too large for her, but that had only made slipping into it under her long, smock-like shirt easier, and she’d bunched up great handfuls of the stretchy fabric and tied the excess into a slip-knot at her lower back, making it presentable if not flattering. Whoever actually owned it was huge compared to her. Tatiana could only imagine the figure it would take to fill the contoured cups properly. ‘38F ?’ she wondered enviously. She wasn't lacking in the bust department, but daaaamn …

Why was she wearing a suit that fit her so poorly? Because she’d decided enough was enough, and tonight she was going to actually try to join the fun. Her twin (but far from identical) sister had dragged her to this campus hillside party and she’d never felt so alone surrounded by all the gregarious pretty people. She’d been gnoshing a mini-gyro off a tray of Greek-themed munchies when her sister offered her the suit with a wicked grin. With a rare twinkle in her eye, she’d taken the unspoken dare to put it on and join in the just-this-side-of-sex grinding going on in the pool. Two of the guys drifting in the water … So hot! She had to make some sort of effort to sidle up to that! But the suit had proven too sticky to jump into the water without washing it off first, something she’d discovered only after she was in it.

But where had Ekaterina gotten it? Truth be told, the larger twin’s light fingers had helped themselves to the suit, still wrapped in two layers of big resealable bags, where it had been sticking out of a seemingly forgotten satchel, laying by a potted plant at the edge of the large terrace overlooking the city lights. It was a beautiful LA night, the crowd a seething, swaying mass of half-drunken college students. Even if the togas about half the guys were wearing were silly, this was shaping up to be a really good party and her short, shy, beautiful other half definitely needed to lighten up. So when she spotted it she'd taken the chance. It was a miracle Tatiana had come at all. But miracles do happen from time to time.

So while Ekaterina could have said where she’d gotten the suit if her oh-so-trusting sister had asked, she couldn’t have said where it came from.

That’s why ‘Kat didn’t known she’d pilfered the belongings of one Lauren Breckt, who was not only one of the tallest women at the party, but one of the smartest. Earlier that day Lauren had been planning to wear the custom suit herself to the sunset deck party, but she’d had to change her plans. Because the lovely thing was far too dangerous to wear now … or even touch, ungloved. In fact she’d double bagged it for exactly that reason. That afternoon she’d had a bit of a spill, upending a rack of beakers containing not only the freshly decanted batch #7 of her female-only variation on the professor’s experimental ‘optimizer’ nano-bots, but also their sugary fuel solution. In those awful moments as she watched months of untested work running across the countertop, the only thing she’d had at hand to stem the flood had been her brand new swimsuit still stuffed in her satchel. With only seconds to spare before the gunk ran over the edge and drenched her lab computer, Lauren had pulled out the black-and yellow garment and mopped up the mess. Better to sacrifice the suit than ruin 6 months of research and a multi-thousand dollar computer she reasoned.

Embarrassed at her clumsiness, she’d hidden the accident and snuck her $300 designer washcloth out of the lab in her day bag. Totally against the rules of course to remove any nano-bots from premises, but it was the only way to hide all the evidence. She’d have to try and recover as much of the nanotech as possible tomorrow when the lab would be empty, probably by rinsing and wringing out the gummy fabric and putting whatever washed off through a centrifuge. For now the experiment was ruined. She’d hoped to tune the machines’ limited awareness so they could better optimize the female test subjects, making them more reproductively vigorous and correspondingly more attractive to the males. She'd been only days from turning ordinary bunnies from small and cuddly into ‘Maximum Bunnies!’ Once they could scale it up to larger mammals the revenue potential in the dairy industry alone would be worth billions.

The sad episode was why rather than keeping a close eye on the bundle and its large fraction of a million dollar contents, she’d been pounding back the rum and coke with her best friend at the bar, hoping to work up the courage to tell her mentor what had happened. She imagined he’d be furious with her. He was totally going to flunk her for this if he found out before she did tell him. Possibly kick her off the program entirely.

Despite her fears, Professor Zolenski would have been quite forgiving. Accidents will happen, as he well knew. He’d have been thankful first and foremost knowing no one had been hurt. Handling live mutagens carried serious risks. As to the expense of lost nano-bots … Well, though he always complained about their limited budgets doing animal husbandry work instead of taking military contracts, he’d made enough progress that he could replace them easily enough now. All it took was the right fuel and that wasn’t all that hard to come by; the stuff was practically ice cream. In a pinch you could use refined alcohol - the little machines could burn that too. He’d once done a class demonstration of their ability to seek out fuel by pouring a can of beer into a working crucible. He’d only given that particular demonstration once: it had worked a little too well. As noted before: accidents will happen, even to him. He was just glad he hadn’t used something with higher alcohol content … Drunk nano-bots went into turbo mode.

What he’d actually have frowned upon was allowing his ‘free-agent evolutionary builders’ to leave the controlled conditions of the lab. The technology did, after all, have unpredictable effects on mammals even before Lauren's brilliant adaptations. Some quite grotesque. Turn those little buggers loose in the wild and you could end up with a colony of super-rats or mega-raccoons or some other kind of over-sized varmints with 4.7 times their normal strength and an insatiable urge to breed with ordinary specimens which they easily overpowered. The machines took what elements they understood, and optimized them. Instilling dramatic muscle tone having been one of the first puzzles he’d solved. They were still in the primitive stages of course, but one day the project would revolutionize the food industry with bigger, more muscular, and likely tastier animals. They hadn’t gotten past rats and bunnies yet, but the potential was clearly there.

Even knowing of Lauren’s breach of containment protocol, the Professor still wouldn’t have been too worried - his nano-bots were stored in a ‘safe-mode’ and it took a considerable concentration of chlorine atoms to arm the molecular machinery - enough to kill any smaller organisms that the nano-bots might otherwise start to alter. It was an excellent safeguard if he did say so himself. He was a cautious mad scientist as mad scientist go. He had tenure after all. In fact he had never considered human trials. Who needed bigger, tastier people?!?

Zolenski had also never considered human parties or complex chemistry to be found there. Social or atomic.

All of which brings us back to the present:

“Bart! Don’t you dare! BART—!” Ekaterina was a practiced party girl, well known on the scene and with a finely tuned sense of the Brownian motion that ordinarily manifested in a crowd of this size. She felt more than saw one of her more vindictive ex-boyfriends abruptly change course and head directly towards her sister still shyly edging along the pool towards the showers. Tatiana, concentrating only on not bumping into anyone, was oblivious to the threat.

Rather than heed the warning, the dumb jock son of a bitch flashed Ekaterina an evil sneer and went right ahead with his nefarious plan: he half shoved, half launched the much smaller Tatiana out over the deep end of pool. ‘Dump me, will you?’ his gleaming eyes crowed.

It’s a hard call who was more startled - Tatiana, still rapidly sinking; the two guys she’d been hoping to cuddle up to at the shallow end of the pool; or Bart … Because only seconds after the black-and-yellow clad slip of a girl hit the water she suddenly ERRUPTED in a blast of fizzing bubbles like someone had dropped 70-pounds of effervescing seltzer tablets in the pool. Thin white foam geysered out of the deep end almost to the eye level of the stunned jock. The sharp chemical reek of pool-cleaner momentarily overwhelmed the healthy sweat-scent of the many dancers and lower odor of alcoholic beverages. He’d meant to give her a dunking as the smallest possible payback to her bitch sister, not to make the little hottie explode!

You are such an asshole! She can't swim!” Ekaterina yelled, not seeing the foamy detonation in the pool as she bulled through the crowd. She hooked one of Bart’s legs out from under him and bitch-slapped his ass to the flagstones with a vicious backhand as she stormed past him to leap in after her sister. Unlike Tatiana, she was neither short nor slender, her athletic form honed by near incessant clubbing and a well-earned track scholarship.

‘She'll be ok, she'll be ok …’ Ekaterina thought, as she plunged into the strangely bubbling pool. Had some other dumbass dropped dry ice in the pool? It was maybe overkill to jump in and rescue her, but Kat was as much afraid as angry. Tatiana would have been fine in the shallow end - but she was still a dog-paddler at best in greater depths.

Picking himself up after getting pasted with a single slap by his half-Amazon ex, Bart seethed with humiliation. Eyes drawn by her shouting, the whole crowd had watched Ekaterina man-handle him in passing without breaking stride. “Kicked his ass!” and “You go, Kat!” echoed around him in half-hidden guffaws. He slunk away to plan further revenge after his first try had gone so wrong. Where was Bobby? He needed a wing-man before trying again, and another beer …

Tatiana on the other hand was feeling far from humiliated. Still tumbling around underwater in the plume of bubbles gushing from every inch of the soiled suit, no one could see precisely what was happening to her. Her whole body tingled as tens of millions of nano-bots plucked the chlorine they needed out of the pool water and found themselves in a sea of sweet sugary fuel, smeared across mammal cells in dire need of their special brand of optimization. The now active evolutionary agents didn’t particularly understand “human”, but with Lauren’s adjustments they certainly knew “boy” from “girl” when they saw one. And they definitely knew how to enhance “girl”.

So they enhanced … Bigger! And enhanced … Stronger! And enhanced … Optimum reproductive fitness! (that’s lab-speak for “fucking sexy!”, FYI.) Compared to lab rats and test bunnies, the horde of eager nano-machines found there was just so much more to Tatiana to work with. Lauren's adjustments were working precisely as designed … dialing up Tatiana's whole body from ‘small and cuddly’ to Maximum Bunny! Only this ‘she’ wasn't a rabbit …

Finally righting herself, Tatiana made her way back towards the shallow end, the upwelling of fizzy bubbles following her as her toes at last found the bottom.

As heads began to swivel towards the action at the pool even the DJ caught on, turning all the multi-colored spotlights at his command from the temporary dance floor out into the churning waters as he cranked up the stripper-pole beat. College is a chance to get a classical education, so there’s no doubt a few of the onlookers realized they were seeing a reenactment of the birth of Aphrodite from the sea foam - assuming the re-cast Goddess of Beauty was being played by a blisteringly gorgeous blond Russian girl with seashell pink lips, deep blue eyes, and porcelain skin. Oh. And big, big hooters packed into her swimsuit as they would soon discover. So sort of a modern re-interpretation then, not that anyone minded the changes in the script.

First a long delicate hand came up out of the foam, then the top of Tatiana’s golden head broke the surface, then her arm and her always lovely face now sculpted into perfection. Tatiana's trek towards the shallow end continued to unveil her. Wide smooth shoulders followed the angelic face, then a magnificent décolletage of fresh white skin framed by the plunging black-and-yellow neckline, the rippling pool-light playing over subtle curves and hollows. Finally the foam began to part around two— …ok, right there many of the fine young gentleman in attendance either experienced severe nose-bleeds or an epic case of frontal pelvic swelling. Lets just say there was no question Tatiana was a highly developed mammal. Thankfully through the miracle of pocket-cameras the whole world would be reviewing the rising of two full moons over Los Angeles that evening for many years to come.

Even as she was rising from the cauldron’s heart Tatiana felt the suit growing tight across her body. She belatedly realized that was even after the knot she’d made had come undone. She was in fact more than amply filling out a suit sized for the more than ample 6-foot Lauren Breckt. So much so the once oversized suit was straining to contain the now 6’2” 38H beach goddess Tatiana had evolved into. But measurements weren't enough to describe her. She was now sporting a scientifically perfect body every guy at the party would later testify was a solid ‘10’. Sure, Tatiana was a ‘10’ … Right after they'd adjusted their scale so the hottest model they'd ever jacked off to was an ‘8’.

In short, she was stunning.

Truly glad to have made it out of the deeps, her laugh was golden. It elicited cheers from the confused but delighted audience, no one quite understanding how the magic trick was done. Tatiana hadn’t missed that she was now standing firmly on the bottom of a portion of the pool that previously she’d have been treading water over. “Finally, I’ll be the tall one.” She whispered, wanting to show Ek’ the new and much improved her.

But before she could peer around the patio and find her sister, a hand tapped her gently on the shoulder. She jerked, spinning around with a liquid slosh, only to find Ekaterina was standing in the pool with her grinning … and 6’5” tall.

“Almost had you …” Tatiana hmmphed.

“Sorry!” Her sister said with an insincere shrug but a genuine smile. “But look at the bright side: you did catch up … a lot!” While Ekaterina had been well within the blast radius of rampant optimization, there was no question who had been the epicenter.

They were much closer in height now, Tatiana reluctantly agreed. Chest to chest in the water, she also realized they’d both acquired substantial new real estate. Of the heavily fruited orchard variety. Grapefruit trees. Or something. In that at least she was still considerably ahead of her sister. Tatiana had always been distinctly more … Rounded.

As the bubbling tapered off, other party-goers in the pool began to cautiously wade towards the two sun-haired Amazons. Some hoping to press up against their awesome curves. Others craving a repeat of whatever magic trick had turned the pretty but shy new girl and her well-loved sister into sleek mega-babes. Unfortunately for them, the nano-bots had devoured all their fuel and were for the moment quiescent.

Tatiana saw the crowd approaching and instinctively flinched. “Do you think we sh–”

“Fuck you too, ‘Kat!” Bart and his crony Bobby pushed through the tightening lines to dump a huge bowl of party-punch over the sisters from the edge of the pool. A sweet, creamy punch that had been made from about 10 gallons of hard liquor … and an equal amount of melted ice cream.

Tatiana FoamThat particular slick and sticky deluge was a thousand time worse than throwing gasoline on a bonfire. Bart had sealed his own fate. The pool began to foam again, far more violently than before. In moments the tops of the two sisters’ heads shot up another six inches out of the water, their formidable bust lines rising proportionately after. The abused swimsuit at the heart of the matter and Kat’s white halter-top dress both burst under the spherical assault from within. Again the crowd cheered.

While Tatiana swooned, her half-naked body buoyed up several feet into the evening air by the column of churning white foam still centered on her, the fiery Kat was having none of it. She surged up out of the pool, drawing herself on to the edge in a single powerful motion. The crowd gasped: she was perfect and unashamed as water streamed down her seven-foot length. If Tatiana had been cast as Aphrodite for the evening, then Ekaterina made a formidable Artemis. She growled low and throaty, sending a few muscle-fans in the crowd to their knees. Grabbing Bart with both hands around his waist, she lifted him to her shoulder, then palming his ass she spun once and heaved with her whole beautifully muscled body like a Olympic shot-put thrower, tossing Bart onto the third story roof of the adjacent villa. Everyone laughed as they watched him scrabbling on the red tiles and screaming bloody murder in frightened surprise. Then the new Goddess of the Moon turned on his accomplice still holding one side of the empty punch-bowl with a predator's glare that said, ‘Run or die, boy. Choose now’. Bobby ran.

Pausing only to be sure she hadn't actual killed the jerk now bawling on the rooftop, Kat turned and hopped feet-first back into the fizzing pool. She was already too late though as her buxom ‘little’ sister outgrew her at last, Tatiana's rampaging sex-appeal still scaling up with her height.

As the good professor had feared, mammals affected by the nano-bots would have no problem overpowering unenhanced mates. The newborn Aphrodite already had the two hunks she'd been eying pressed to her chest, cleverly using their faces to cover her exposed modesty. Or something.

Quite a few of the more cagey co-eds dived in after ‘Kat, realizing what might be in store for them too as the bubbling nano-bots continued to burn through gallons of super-fuel. This time they weren’t too late to get in on the fizzy fun. While there were only two Goddessess, the pool was soon filled with a flock of cavorting bare-chested Naiads and their now-shorter boyfriends in what was universally hailed as THE Pool-Party of the Century.

It would be a hard act to top, but Lauren was already considering improvements to batch #8. It turned out she would get an ‘A’ on her lab work after all. After a stern talking to about control groups and informed consent of course.

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