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S.W.R. – Crash Test Honeys

Written by LustMonster :: [Friday, 10 June 2016 14:12] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 18:12]

Special Weapons Research Base CRA AVSec (California Republican Army, Antelope Valley Sector)

The base buzzed with fevered activity.

Commander Barbara Wallace scanned status reports on the holographic display that floated several inches above her granite-topped desk. The text and images cast flickers of color and shadow across her face as they slid to the left with each casual wave of her index finger. Her lips pursed in concentration.

After the last page slid by, she gestured with her hand, and the hologram vanished. She leaned back in her huge leather chair, laced her fingers behind her head, and smiled.

Everything is on schedule. We can do this. Even my lieutenant …

The corners of her mouth turned downward.

Ah, my delicious Wendy. What’s it going to take to bring back my loopy lieutenant?

The Commander sighed, and sat up straight. With another flick of her hand, the holographic display returned.

A few minutes later, lieutenant Wendy DeKalb entered the Commander’s office. She sat down in one of the comfortable chairs that ringed the far side of the Commander’s desk.

“Welcome, lieutenant.”

“Thank you, Commander.” Formal tone, all business.

The Commander sighed again.

“Everything’s coming together nicely, lieutenant. Ground mapping sonar units, mobile cocoon processing, rescue transport, abbie extermination, support teams, the whole shebang. We should be able to mount our first expeditionary force later in the week.”

The lieutenant nodded, not looking directly at her Commander but gazing out the window behind her.

“Lieutenant, look at me.”

Wendy did so. Her gaze was cool, measured. The blissful, lusty, so-happy-it-hurts gleam in those deep blue eyes was just not there. Switched off. Tucked in a box and stashed on a shelf.

Dammit, Wendy, open the box!

“We’re going to find them, lieutenant. Find them, rescue them, and destroy the abbies. Then we’re going to find where the abbies are coming from, and destroy that too.”

Wendy nodded. “Yes, Commander.”

Now it was the lieutenant’s turn to sigh. Her eyes glanced downward, unable to hold the Commander’s gaze.

“I’m sorry, Commander. I’ve been kind of a dick, haven’t I?”

The Commander barked out a hearty laugh.

“Lieutenant! Oh, my love. You saved nineteen civilians …”

We saved nineteen civilians, Commander. You helped a little.”

The bigger of the two sexy muscle goddesses laughed again.

“… so you just had to get back out there and try to save the entire world. All by yourself if necessary.”

Oh, the argument they had just a few nights ago, after they had returned with the trailer full of cocoons. After the cocoons had been painstakingly opened with massive cutting lasers (aided by the brute strength of the two superwomen). After nineteen sleeping captives had been examined, then reawakened by the med team. Nineteen extremely grateful civilians, nineteen emotionally scarred civilians, nineteen men and women and children who knew more men and women and children that had been captured as well. Entombed, then gathered up and carried away by unspeakable horrors.

Wendy had been ready to head right back out there again, to find them and carry them back to base. She had become a bulldog tugging frantically on her chain, lunging forward, so eager to attack. To crush and rend and bite and smash her way to victory.

It had been no small victory on the Commander’s part to talk her down. She had to drown her steaming lieutenant in facts and logic, carefully explaining the futility of a headlong charge into the unknown, with no support, without the proper equipment, without a plan.

Wendy had backed down, but she had also come down.

Down from that seemingly endless high she was on, that cloud of bliss, that simple pleasure of her own super strength, as well as her seemingly endless worship of her massively muscled Commander. She had gone stone cold, all business …

“Lieutenant. You’ve been pushing yourself and the others too hard. You’re cracking the whip too much. Everybody on base is behind you one hundred percent. They’re all busting ass, getting the expedition ready. Ease off, okay?”

Wendy’s lips were trembling now. Was that a tear on her cheek?

Oh no, not THAT, stop stop STOP!

Five seconds later, the Commander’s sumptuous executive chair was a smashed heap on the newly buckled floor, its ruins forming the lower bun of a Commander sandwich. The top bun was a bawling lieutenant, clutching tightly at the Commander’s bulging shoulders, with her tear-streaked face buried in the Commander’s massive chest.

The muscle goddess who wasn’t imitating a tropical rainforest awkwardly held the other and caressed her heaving V-shaped back.

After a few minutes, the middle of the sandwich shoved the top bun upward so she could look into her eyes …

And paid for it with a sudden, intense kiss that could crush a dwarf star, if said star had been sufficiently dwarfish and gotten too close.

The Commander’s eyes rolled up in her head. The smashed chair was reduced to even smaller pieces. The floor beneath buckled a little further down.

“Wendy, oooohhhhh, stop, STOP! The building can’t take much more of this.”

The lieutenant gazed into her Commander’s eyes and grinned.

Oh that look is back, oh YEAH!

Despite her lesser rank, it was Wendy who took charge now, lifting her huge Commander up and carrying her out of the office and down a long corridor. The lieutenant smashed through a particularly thick steel door at the far end, leaving a huge ragged hole in the shape of Wendy’s hulking body plus the Commander’s head and legs on either side.

wendy and commander wall smash by lustmonster daf0cyg
Image courtesy of CylenX

The two of them tumbled into a room lined with thick steel walls. A queen-size mattress lay on the floor. Other than that, the room was bare.

If mattresses could tremble, this one would have been well beyond that by now, fleeing through the wrecked doorway in intense inner-spring terror.

The two muscle goddesses tore off each other’s leotards, then proceeded to annihilate the poor mattress, along with the entire room, as they ate each other alive.

Out in the hallway, the base personnel who occasionally walked by the ruined doorway nervously gave it a wide berth.

An hour later, Wendy and Commander dug themselves out of the wreckage, two floors below where they had started. Like the room they had started their lovemaking in, the rooms below had been reserved (and reinforced) expressly for that purpose. It would take the repair crews a week to repair the damage on all three floors. Fortunately for all involved, there were several other “reserved multi-level recreational facilities” identical to this one, located in widely scattered areas of the main building.

The muscle goddesses retrieved and donned their self-healing leotards. The Commander had to put a hand on her lieutenant’s shoulder for a minute or so to steady herself, as she was finding it unusually difficult to stand.

“Jiminy Christmas, lieutenant! What the hell were you hammering me with down there? Tactical nukes?”

Wendy giggled as she put her own hand on top of her Commander’s. “I suppose you could call it that. My little ‘nukie nubbin’.”

“Little, my steely ass! I think you just discovered my Kryptonite.”

Wendy laughed, then switched to her chillingly authentic villainess voice.


She’s back, my luscious loopy lieutenant is BACK, yes yes YES!

The Commander brought her hand to her forehead and closed her eyes for a moment, clearing out the last of her dizziness. Then her expression changed as she put on her all-business Commander Face.

“Follow me, lieutenant. We have some actual work to do today.”

Wendy walked with a bit of a limp as well, as the two sexy goddesses exited the wrecked room. They passed a pair of nervous guards who snapped salutes as the ladies staggered by, and headed for the elevator at the end of the hall.

Special Weapons Research Base, Vehicle Assembly Building 2

Ten minutes later, Wendy and the Commander stood in a cavernous room inside a building a short walk down the base’s central thoroughfare. The building was one of the several factories that assembled the base’s growing fleet of armored personnel carriers, cargo trucks, and various mobile weapons platforms.

The vast space was lined with several dozen large trucks, and Wendy could see even more being driven in through a large doorway from what she presumed was the factory floor where they were assembled.

“Um, they kind of look like... garbage trucks?” the lieutenant asked, puzzled.

“Not a garbage truck, ma’am,” a man behind them responded. Wendy turned to face him. He had appeared out of nowhere so quietly he could have been a ninja.

Good thing I’m not the jumpy sort. I might have flattened the poor guy otherwise!

“A scrap recycler, and a quite advanced design, if I may brag a little. I’ve already thought of a suitably long military name for it: ‘Scrap Separation, Compaction, and Transport’.”

“’SSCAT’. I like it,” the Commander said approvingly.

The nearest of the huge, heavily-built trucks loomed over their heads. With the large hopper on top, it did indeed look something like a garbage truck, but more futuristic in appearance.

“I’d like a demonstration,” the Commander said.

“Certainly, ma’am!” The engineer looked around. “Hmmmm, we’re going to need some scrap to put in it.” He eyed the lieutenant with a knowing smile.

The lieutenant flexed her muscles as she happily declared, “making scrap is my specialty!” She looked around the vast space, then asked, “um, what around here is expendable?”

The Commander snorted and rolled her eyes. “When did that start to become a concern of yours, lieutenant?”

“Owwww, you wound me,” Wendy pouted. “I would never-”

Her gaze landed on an elderly-looking forklift sitting against the wall in one corner of the room. If it was alive, it would now be trembling and trying to sneak away.

“Yummy,” the lieutenant said breathily as she strutted toward the helpless machine, muscles rippling all over her body.

The Commander assumed her relaxed watching-Wendy-play stance, arms folded beneath her massive chest, and enjoyed the sight of her sexy lover strutting toward her intended victim. The engineer also watched with wide eyes, feeling both excited and a little nervous.

The lieutenant leaped onto the forklift like a starving lioness onto a wounded wildebeest. Her mighty fists plunged into its metal guts and tore out great chunks. Steel beams crumpled against her thrashing body. Her thighs closed like a vise around anything she could wedge in between them. Metal howled horribly as Wendy obliterated the forklift with savage glee.

When all that was left was metal ribbons and shards, Wendy kicked her way out of the wreckage and blasted her muscles in a most muscular pose.


The Commander rewarded her with a polite golf clap. The engineer had disappeared, but the stain in the crotch of his trousers had not escaped the Commander’s notice as he had surreptitiously slipped away.

The lieutenant merrily returned to her Commander’s side.

“Lots of scrap metal to put-- uh, where did that guy go?”

“I believe he had to make a quick dash to the nearest restroom. Start tossing the remains of your latest victim into the hopper, lieutenant. I will see if I can figure out how to start it up.”

As the Commander climbed up into the SSCAT’s cab, Wendy began flinging forklift remnants up into the hopper.

A minute later, machinery within the SSCAT came to life with a lot of banging and crunching noises at it began to perform its magic on the metal scrap. The Commander exited the cab just in time to watch her lieutenant leap up on top of the truck with her arms full of the last of the scrap metal.

Wendy dropped the scrap into the hopper, then held onto its edge as she peered down to watch the massive crushing mechanisms suck the remains of the forklift down.

The Commander let out a heavy sigh, knowing all too well what was coming next. Her loopy lieutenant could be so predictable at times …


The lieutenant “tripped” over her own feet and tumbled headlong into the hopper. The huge truck lurched. Massive thuds and thumps ensued as its internal mechanisms tried to do to Wendy’s succulent body what it had been successfully doing to the metal scraps: rip it all into fine shreds, identify and divide the shreds by material composition, heat everything to many hundreds of degrees, and compress the resulting molten masses into neatly stackable cubes.

wendy bursts from sscat by lustmonster dafctoo
Image courtesy of Gammaknight

What the truck got instead was the world’s worst case of shredder indigestion, as the lieutenant became a destructlust-crazed beast. Snarling and bellowing her absolute superiority over everything around her, she shredded the shredder, tortured the torturer, mauled the mighty mauler. With another loud “ROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!” she exploded straight out the top of the ruined SSCAT, blasting pieces of it in all directions, many of which impacted against the other shiny new trucks parked alongside. Fortunately, their thick armor was able to shrug off the shrapnel attack with only minor dings and scratches. Several large, jagged pieces also impacted the delicious body of the Commander, bouncing off her massive breasts and rippling abdomen.

The lieutenant landed cat-like on her feet directly in front of the Commander. Bits and pieces of truckmeat continued to rain down for a few seconds all around them.

Wiping the grin off her own face, the Commander planted her mighty fists on her hips and glared.

“For want of a SSCAT,” the bigger muscle goddess intoned, “the scrap went uncollected. For want of scrap, the steel was not made. For want of steel, the tank went unbuilt. For want of the tank, the battle was lost. For want of a battle, the war was--”

Wendy beamed and clapped her hands together gleefully. “Oh, poetry! I love poetry!” She plopped down on her super sexy ass, crossed her legs Indian-style, and gazed up at her Commander like a little girl. “Well? Go on!”

The Commander buried her face in her hands and made a show of sobbing uncontrollably. Then she uncovered her face, looked up at the ceiling, and yelled, “we’re all doomed! DOOMED! The world will end in a great flood of abbies and an endless rain of hellfire. All because of my lieutenant!”

Wendy gazed up at her Commander adoringly. “Such a lovely poem,” she said with a happy sigh.

The Commander stood for a moment like a massively muscular statue, then she put on her all-business face again and looked around. “I want a demonstration,” she growled. “These recyclers will be playing an essential role in our expedition. Where did--”

Still seated on the floor, Wendy pointed at the wrecked SSCAT, then at its nearest neighbor. “Big pile of scrap there goes in the truck there. Perfect demonstration. I planned it all along!” The lieutenant grinned.

“Fine. Get up off your sexy ass, lieutenant. Gather the scrap and start feeding it in. I’ll start the recycler. Oh, and please try not to ‘trip’ this time!”

Special Weapons Research Base, Main Operations Building, thirty minutes later

Satisfied that the recycling truck performed as desired, the Commander returned to the base’s main building with her lieutenant in tow. She led her companion to a particular elevator and pressed her palm against the wall plate next to the door. When the elevator car arrived, they stepped in, and the Commander punched a code into the keypad. The door slid silently shut, and the car began its descent.

Wendy quietly pressed her body and her mouth against those of the Commander. The ensuing kiss was deep and hungry. Tongue lashed against tongue with a force that could tear through the door of a bank vault. Breasts pancaked together hard and swelled outward.

And descended, and descended …

The Commander tore her lips and tongue free. “Jiminy Christmas, lieutenant! Don’t get me started again. We’ll destroy this elevator! What’s gotten into you today?”

Wendy smiled as she dreamily gazed into her Commander’s green eyes. Their massive arms remained tightly wrapped around each other.

And descended …

“All the way to the center of the Earth this time?”

“Not quite,” the Commander replied.

The elevator lurched to a halt, and the door slid open. The lieutenant released her mighty lover and turned around.

“Yay! Another hallway!”

Wendy skipped out of the elevator as her Commander strode behind her like a lumbering ox.

“Is this the same level that you brought me to last time? The one with the useless prison thingies?”

“We’re thirty meters below that, lieutenant. Presently this is the lowest level beneath the base.”

This hallway just seemed to go on and on, all smooth metal walls, floor, and ceiling.

“I want to smash something again,” Wendy moaned as she hungrily eyed the delicious steel around her.

Finally, they came to the end, stopping in front of a huge door.

“Yay, a door! Can I--?”

Wendy spun in circles in front of the door like a little girl about to pay a visit to the lollipop factory.

“Really, lieutenant? Again?? Haven’t you destroyed enough for one-- Oh, fine. Obliterate the damn door. It’s not like we really need one here anyway. I order you to destroy it!”

The Commander folded her arms beneath her chest again, readying herself to enjoy the brief frenzy of destruction that would surely be over in mere seconds. But her lieutenant apparently had other plans.

Wendy stood before the massive metal door and gazed into it as if it were a full-length mirror, and she was admiring her own amazing physique. She struck a double-biceps pose with her huge thighs pumped and her abdominal muscles slowly undulating.

“Insignificant door, you better open right now,” the muscle goddess moaned softly. “You have no chance against the might of this unstoppable body. Haven’t you heard what happened to your cousin, the dearly departed forklift?”

The Commander barely managed to suppress a giggle as she watched her lieutenant flex and preen before the doomed door.

“This is your last warning, you pathetic slab of tissue paper pretending to be a door,” Wendy moaned huskily as she stepped forward to press her twin torpedoes against its cool hard surface. The thick steel began to groan under the pressure. Behind her, the Commander slid one hand down between her own thighs, without even realizing she was doing so.

“You had your chance, you sad excuse for an obstacle. Now feel my WRATH!”

Suddenly, Wendy snapped her arms out wide, angled her fingers forward, and jammed them into the millimeter-thick gaps to her left and right, between the door and its surrounding frame. The metallic moans became anguished wails as two-inch thick steel deformed around her fingers.

commander wendy door by lustmonster dag0n0d
Image courtesy of Shonemitsu

Very slowly and deliberately, Wendy peeled the heavy door out of its frame, and started to squeeze it like an accordion. Rather than a sweet musical melody, however, the resulting sound was a terrible squall of absolute alloy agony. Muscles all along Wendy’s mighty arms ballooned, and her back fanned out into a vast V shape.

The Commander’s right hand shot out sideways, seeking the support of the wall beside her. Super strong fingers tore into the helpless steel. The fingers of her left hand, meanwhile, yanked aside the crotch of her leotard and sank deep into her very wet pussy.

Wendy’s palms pressed together, with steel between them crushed so hard that it was oozing out between her fingers in superheated rivulets. Above and below, the door was now shaped like a wrinkled hourglass.

“You tried to stand in my way,” the luscious lieutenant said solemnly. “NOTHING stands in my way.”

She slid her hands up and down, sank her fingers into the ravaged steel again, and slowly squeezed the door vertically. Loud pops and bangs punctuated the continuous howl of tortured doorflesh as the thick metal was steadily crumpled, folded, MASHED.

The Commander’s back was against the nearby wall now, pressing into it and buckling the thick steel, as she slid down onto the floor. Four fingers stretched her labia and jackhammered the moist pink flesh in between, as her thumb applied superhuman grinding force against her swelling clitoris. Even over the howling of the tortured metal, Wendy could hear her Commander moaning and hammering herself, reveling in the joy she felt from giving her massive muscle goddess so much pleasure, so she flexed and pumped muscles all over her body even more as she pulled the hot metal mass against her rippling abs and squeezed.

Molten steel flowed out between her fingers and ran down her huge thighs. Wendy’s fingers and palms worked the remaining scraps into a glowing sphere of super-dense metal. Then she began to elongate it into something more like a giant cucumber. Or a dildo…


Wendy suddenly found herself lifted into the air, then sent crashing down onto the floor on her back. The force propelled her into the floor, blasting chunks of steel and concrete in all directions. A savage fuckbeast leaped on top of her and straddled her hips with huge, pumped thighs. The Commander gazed down at the gasping lieutenant with absolute hunger as she grabbed the tightly compressed remains of the door from Wendy’s hands. Unstoppable fingers tore away the thin fabric covering Wendy’s thick labia. Then the still-glowing steel dildo, clutched in one huge Commander fist, plunged into the lieutenant’s moist sex with enough force to crush the steel against her vaginal wall with renewed metallic wailing.

The lieutenant arched her back, driving her shoulders down into the ruined floor and blasting out more rubble, as her lust-crazed superior mounted the upper end of the door-dildo and drove her own cuntflesh down against Wendy’s with a loud, wet SMACK.

Wendy’s entire body became a jackhammer that tore down into the bedrock beneath the hallway, which was fortunately at the lowest level currently existing in the base. The super muscle bodies of both goddesses were barely visible within the erupting earth as the Commander rode her lieutenant like the world’s craziest bucking bronco. The poor makeshift dildo did not last long, as superhuman vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed it until there was nothing left but white-hot plasma mixed with steaming love juice. Around them, nearby walls came crashing down into the new crater. The rubble completely covered them, then most of it was propelled right back out as the two lovers cuntfucked each other with ever-increasing savagery.

Ten minutes later, four dirt-stained hands appeared at the lip of the new crater. Fingers sank into the ravaged concrete, and muscle-packed arms lifted out two panting, gasping musclebeasts. They rolled onto their backs at the edge of the large hole and stared at the ceiling, their massive chests heaving up and down. The nanofabric of their leotards flowed back together over their sopping wet cunts, repairing the considerable damage to their outfits around their nether regions.

“Lieutenant,” the Commander wheezed, “you are definitely my Kryptonite. If you ever do turn evil, the world is doomed.”

“Flood of abbies? Rain of hellfire?”

“Mmmm hmmmm.”

Wendy giggled, then intoned in her deep villain voice, “I WILL BRING YOU TO YOUR KNEES, PATHETIC WEAKLING, AND THEN I’LL RULE THE WORLD!”

“When you do, lieutenant, I will be the first in line to grovel at your throne.”

“I want the throne you showed me a picture of once, with all the pointy things sticking out of it.”

“Wendy is coming,” the Commander groaned under her wheezing breath as she got to her feet. She reached a hand down to help her lieutenant up.

“Huh? I’m already here ...”

“Never mind, lieutenant. Now can we please get on with actual work?

Wendy just grinned as she followed her delicious lover out of the blast zone.

Limping even more than before, the two superwomen stepped through the former doorway and into an enormous cavern, even bigger than the one she had visited a while ago in the level above. Scaffolding and construction equipment hugged the walls, and the floor was lined with slabs of reinforced concrete. Whatever this vast room was, it was not yet finished.

“Um, did you make this place with your bare hands too, Commander?”

The huge muscle goddess smiled and nodded. “Yes, lieutenant. And I’ll admit that I enjoyed every minute of it. But it was not as enjoyable as what you just did to me.”

“Even so, let me help next time!”

“Don’t worry. I am certain the base will be expanding again soon-- Ah, here he comes now.”

“Here who comes?”

A large six-wheeled utility vehicle had emerged from a large opening in the far wall of the cavern and was now speeding toward them.

“I could obliterate that with one punch!” Wendy flexed an enormous bicep and kissed its peak.

“That one is not on today’s ‘things for my lieutenant to smash’ list. Please keep your fist holstered.”

It stopped up a few dozen yards away. The driver-side door swung open, and a man climbed out and strode toward the muscle goddesses.

“Hey Alex! Lieutenant, you remember Alex Brody, from the lab where we picked up our new leotards?”

“Hi Alex,” Wendy said with a big smile. The man just blushed sheepishly in return.

The Commander glanced at her lieutenant with suspicion. “Why do I get the feeling you two know each other more than I’m aware of?”

“Oh, I’ve, uh, entertained him and his girlfriend a couple of times, Commander.”

“Ah, my inveterate storyteller strikes again?”

Both Alex and Wendy just grinned.

“Fine. But lieutenant, do not put this plaything in the infirmary. He’s a valuable resource to this base, and he bakes a really good lasagna. His lovely girlfriend is proving to be quite valuable, too. Where is Miki, by the way?”

“She’s busy upstairs, dealing with the usual last-minute issues in testing. She really wanted to be here for this demonstration, as the Mike Foxtrots are really her babies. I hope you ladies plan to be gentle with them!”

Alex glanced nervously at the ruins of the cavern entrance (and the hallway beyond) that the two superwomen had arrived through.

Wendy snorted. “’Gentle’ is my middle name!”

“Mine too,” the Commander said over a suppressed giggle. “Now then, I believe you have something for me, Mr. Brody?”

By way of reply, the engineer fished a small device out of his pocket and handed it to her. Holding the metallic cylinder close to her lips, the Commander thumbed a button on the side and said, “Mike Foxtrot One, Mike Foxtrot Two, form up!”

Somewhere in the dimness at the far end of the cave, four vertical shafts of blue light appeared and began to lengthen upward as well as move horizontally across the ground. Wendy looked up to see what was emitting them.

“Lieutenant, I’d like you to meet Minnie and Maggie.”

“Oohhhhh, Transformers!”

“Sorry honey, they don’t turn into cars.”

“Flying mechs!”

“Yes, lieutenant. Well, not really flying, more …”

The tall, heavily armored, distinctly humanoid mechfighters lowered themselves to the floor on their beams, directly in front of the two busty goddesses.

“… pushing off the ground, or whatever reasonably solid surface is within range.”

“Like those beams that pushed me into the prison sphere that I utterly annihilated with these sexy muscles?” Wendy ballooned her upper body and grunted.

“Mmmmm hmmmm, like that.”

The Commander bit her lip.

Calm, steady breaths, girl. Do NOT let her get to you again, not THIS soon…

“So, do I get to, um, test these mechs?”

Wendy bunched her delicious biceps and flared her huge V-shaped back.


The Commander gasped, “well yes, lieutenant, but probably not the way you’re hoping.”

“Oh?” A hint of disappointment colored Wendy’s voice.

“Come around to the other side.”

The Commander circled around the side of one of the standing mechs, until she was facing its rear. Wendy did likewise around the other mech.

Holding up the metal cylinder and thumbing its switch, the Commander said, “Mike Foxtrot One, Mike Foxtrot Two, rear access!”

The entire rear surface of each mech bloomed open. Petals sprang outward along their outline, accompanied by a series of metallic clicks.

The Commander held her arms to match the positions of the mech’s arms. Then she stepped forward, walking into it from the rear.

Wendy gulped and did the same. She had to step upward a few inches to clear the mech’s thick soles and line up perfectly with the distinctly Wendy-shaped opening.

As soon as the muscle goddesses were standing completely within the mechs, the petals snapped shut.


Wendy was momentarily blind, until a complex array of high-definition holographic displays activated in front of her eyes.


She giggled, her voice and laughter sounding weirdly reverberant. Then she tried, very gently, to move her limbs. They did not budge.


An electronic replication of the Commander’s voice blared in one ear.

“You don’t need to shout, lieutenant! Your call sign is Mike Foxtrot Two. Address your mech and command it to unlock.”

“Um, Mike Foxtrot Two, unlock!”

Whirring and clicking noises briefly emanated from mechanisms all around her. Then she was free to move.

“Woah …”

Wendy stumbled and nearly fell over, but the mech sensed it and gently corrected her awkward movements. Quickly she was back on her feet, about a dozen feet forward of where she started.

“Be careful not to overpower it with your own strength. Use its strength instead, and just guide it. Practice walking and using your hands for a few minutes, lieutenant, while I do some housekeeping here.”

Getting the hang of it took her a surprisingly short amount of time, and soon Wendy was skipping around nearly as easily as if she was not inside a mech at all, occasionally picking up rocks and throwing (or crushing) them.

She spanged one rock off the back of her Commander’s metallic head.


The Commander scooped one up and hurled it back at her lieutenant. The hapless rock exploded against her expansive metal chest.

An all-out rock fight ensued, punctuated by electronic laughter and raunchy insults.

Finally, Wendy stopped and asked, “What about flying?”

In response, Mike Foxtrot One soared over her head on its repulsor beams, landing with a thud in front of her.

“That will take a bit of learning, lieutenant. Now listen…”

Five minutes later, Wendy was whooping like a little girl as she soared to and fro through the air.

Ten minutes later, Wendy was whooping like a little girl as she soared to and fro through the air.

Fifteen minutes later, Wendy was whoop—


The little girl landed on the rock ground.

“Now can I smash it?”

“These are not for smashing, lieutenant! You told Alex you would be gentle.”

“But they would be like big pieces of wet cardboard against my super body. So strong…”

Wendy went into a most-muscular crouch, momentarily forgetting where she was. Thick metal groaned all around her.

“Oh crap…”

“Any red indicators flashing in your display, lieutenant?”

“Um, no.”

“All good then. Be careful, though! There’s only so much room for your mighty boulders in there.”

“How can you even breathe in yours then?”

“I ordered mine extra large. Now, lieutenant, it’s time for our next test. These are not just flying tin cans – they have some punch of their own.”

At that moment, the air around them swarmed with drones.

“Where did those— HEY!”

One of the drones had fired some sort of electrical discharge straight at Wendy. It blasted against her metal thighs, making a loud snapping sound but otherwise doing no noticeable harm.

The Commander raised her metal hand, palm outward, and fired an energy beam at the drone. It vanished in a cloud of particles and smoke.

Wendy swatted at the buzzing, zapping things with her metal fists, managing to bash a few that came within range. “Uh, how…?”

The Commander relayed to her the necessary instructions, and soon Wendy was taking some delight in death-raying the annoying drones out of the sky with both hands.

“You’re pretty good at that already, lieutenant.”

“Yeah, and it’s pretty fun, too. But, um, Commander, why do we need these?”

“We don’t, lieutenant. They are not for us. There is an infantry platoon training in these as we speak, in preparation for the expedition. I just wanted you to see an example of the firepower we will be bringing with us. Now, let me show you one more feature you might like.”

The Commander lifted her arms again, palms outward, turned to point them straight at Wendy, and fired something, well, familiar.

Mike Foxtrot Two was quickly entombed in a ball of that happy fun nanothread she was getting to know so well.

“Good for capturing enemy combatants or really hot playthings,” the Commander said, as Wendy experimentally nudged her mech’s limbs to see if their own mechanical strength could break free of the squeezing threads. After some coaxing, they succeeded.

“Impressive, but I still want to smash it.”

“You want to smash everything, lieutenant. Patience! You’ll get to have some more crunchy fun soon.”

“What about you?”

“You know I don’t share your childish desire to destroy and smash and crush and obliterate and destroy …”

“You said ‘destroy’ twice.”

“Fuck you.”

Inside her mech’s head, Wendy grinned.

“Are you grinning, lieutenant?”

“Is there a spy camera in here?”

“Spy cameras up down and sideways. Hubba hubba!”

“In these suits, we don’t even need our uniforms on. Would be more fun naked.”

Enough, lieutenant! We have some more business to attend to here. Command your mech for rear egress.”

Half a minute later, they were standing mechless. The two mechfighters had flown back to their storage area at the Commander’s request.

“So, um, what now?”

“Just one more thing, lieutenant. Follow me.”

Together they strode across the vast underground chamber, reaching the far wall and the open doorway through which the mechfighters had come earlier. As she followed her Commander through the doorway, Wendy was amazed to see that the chamber ahead was at least as big as the one behind.

There was one key difference: while the last chamber was mostly empty, this one definitely was not.

It reminded her of the lab up above where they had picked up their leotards from the cute Mr. Brody, but on a much larger scale.

Workers and techies scurried between huge machines in various stages of assembly. Most were unrecognizable in their current state, but Wendy could see some obvious weapons taking shape: heavily-armored tanks, missile launchers, mechfighters, and some four-legged robots bristling with particularly nasty-looking weaponry. Everything here looked more advanced than the stuff she was used to seeing around the base.

“Prototypes, Commander?”

“Yes, lieutenant. This is a playground for our techies, to try out new ideas and technologies. GENTLEMAN!!”

The Commander shouted the last word into the vast room, and everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at the newcomers. Recognizing the two muscle goddesses immediately, they snapped to rigid attention.

“At ease! I’m sure you all know Lieutenant DeKalb. At least you should recognize her from the videos you have seen from the recent ‘defense exercise’.”

Murmurs and chuckles briefly filled the chamber, as all eyes fell upon the raven-haired beauty.

“As of now, she is in command of levels Kilo and Lima: this design and testing facility, and all of manufacturing and materials recycling directly above. Her word here is my word. Am I understood?”

“Yes, ma’am!!” the gathered workers shouted in unison.

Wendy just gazed at her, dumbstruck.

“I, um, I, what???

“Close your mouth, lieutenant, before you drool on your chest. Though I’m sure your personnel here would enjoy the show.”

More chuckles…


The men and women all snapped rigid again, their eyes directly on the lieutenant, who had surprised herself as much as the others in the room with her barked command.

Wendy could not help grinning.

“What now?” she stage-whispered to the amused Commander standing next to her.

“You could make them just stand at attention for hours, and see who wets their pants first.”

“No!” Wendy squeaked.

The Commander whispered, “then I suggest you let them get back to work, lieutenant.”

“Fall OUT!!!”

The techies and laborers quickly returned to their various projects.

The Commander grinned. “Not too shabby, lieutenant.”

“But, why?

“I think it should be pretty obvious.”

Wendy smacked her palm against her head in frustration. “I’m just your bashing, bludgeoning, thick-headed lieutenant! Help me out here!”

“Look around you. Look at what they’re designing. What they’re building. Great big scary machines of destruction.”

The grin that began to spread across the lieutenant’s face would have done the Cheshire Cat proud.

“And it all needs testing.”

“Precisely, lieutenant. Welcome to Wendy’s Playground.”

The dazed lieutenant spun round and round on the balls of her bare feet, trying to take everything in.

 lustmonster sphere sm by lustmonster dafr6m7
Image courtesy of CylenX

Then she stopped, as her gaze landed on …

Up against a distant of the vast chamber, something gigantic towered high above the construction equipment surrounding it.

Something spherical …

Her blue eyes wide, her expression one of dreamy bliss, Wendy ambled across the room to the nearly three-story-high prison sphere, her amused Commander trailing behind. Climbing a metal stairway to a small platform up against the side of the sphere, the lieutenant stretched out her muscular arms wide and pressed them (as well as her immense chest) gently against its cool metallic surface. Closing her eyes, she slowly breathed in the sharp metallic tang of the thick, super-strong alloy. Nothing could possibly break out of this! So the engineers undoubtedly believed, anyway. Wendy’s mind filled with delicious visions of crushing and ripping

“The walls are eight feet thick this time,” the Commander said mildly. “Per your suggestion. And reinforced by strong force fields, I am told.”

The poor lieutenant nearly fainted on the spot from sheer ecstasy.

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