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S.W.R. – Expedition, Part 3

Written by LustMonster :: [Monday, 27 June 2016 16:02] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 20:00]

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb moaned softly, and slowly expanded her chest.


Ohhhhh yes …

She bit her lip. Then she slowly, carefully pumped her muscle-packed thighs.


Overstressed steel links wailed and groaned as they stretched dangerously close to their structural limit.

Fuck yes YESSSSSSS …

The lieutenant stood in the middle of a cave, essentially a large gap within a great pile of boulders buried in the hillside. She was naked, but little of her bare flesh was presently visible, as she was practically mummified inside a coil of tungsten-steel chain. Her arms were pressed tight against her sides, and the massive chain was tightly wound around her chest, torso, arms, and thighs.

wendy in chains by lustmonster dafx5u0
Image courtesy of Plinius

The extremely taut chain dug deep into pancaked titflesh. One segment of the chain stretched tight across her sensitive clitoris and plunged deep between her thick labia as it traveled from her tummy to her back.


She had not meant to pump her muscles any further just then, but her self-control was rapidly evaporating. The feel of super strong steel links digging into her flesh, daring to try to hold back her massive muscles, was so fucking incredible …

The link that was pressed against her swelling clit had already split on one side. The jagged edges of the broken metal dug deep into her succulent protrusion.

Super muscles bulged against their steel prison. Forearms slowly moved outward, diamond-hard biceps piling into masses of unstoppable power …


wendy bursts chains by lustmonster dahmtit
Image courtesy of ArtbroJohn

The chain detonated, shooting great gouts of deadly shrapnel outward in every direction at nearly the speed of sound. The chain could just as well have been wrapped around several tons of high explosive, instead of one insanely horny muscle goddess. Boulders that formed the cave walls crumbled as they were blasted by the hurricane of shredded steel. Also completely obliterated was the semi-autonomous robot infantry unit that Wendy had brought along to assist her in wrapping the chain around her body in the first place, and also to hold up a lantern so she could see.


The luscious lieutenant bellowed her trademark celebration of the chain’s (and robosoldier’s) utter annihilation.

But it was not enough. The lust was strong with this one. Every muscle fiber in her body hungered for more destruction!

wendy smash by lustmonster daieakn
Image courtesy of Hqadd

Her massive thighs launched her whole body forward against the cave wall, her fists raised high above her head. She tore into the solid rock with mindless wrath, practically vaporizing any solid matter that had the misfortune of being in the direct path of the jiggly juggernaut. Huge boulder piles were hollowed out from the inside, and nearly a hundred feet of pulverized rock came thundering down on the rampaging musclebeast.

Having no clue now as to which way was “out”, Wendy simply continued to rampage underground, tunneling deep into the heart of the hilly desert landscape.

Pounding, beating, bashing, obliterating everything she could reach, the lieutenant muscle-nuked the world immediately surrounding her until she stopped dead on her feet, panting from multi-orgasmic overload, within a newly formed crater full of finely crushed rock.



Expedition Vehicle Zero-Zero-One, three hours later

Wendy sat in the Commander’s office, which occupied the rear half of the Expedition’s lead vehicle. The Commander had her feet propped up on her massive desk, and she was leaning back in her luxurious executive chair. The chair’s left armrest was missing, but the lieutenant didn’t ask about it. She knew full well that some things, even things made of cold hard steel, tended to lead less than a long life around the Commander.

Like I’m one to judge!

“So, lieutenant.”

Wendy maintained a properly hangdog expression, as befit her present situation.

“According to the quartermaster, you requisitioned a valuable SARI unit and over sixty meters of our strongest tungsten-steel chain.”

“Yes, Commander.”

“And where are they now, lieutenant?”

“Um, well, um, mostly pulverized into the ground, I think …”

“As is a kilometer-long, hundred-meter-high mountain ridge. Which, according to our topo maps, used to exist a couple of klicks south from where we are now sitting.”

Wendy just sucked her lower lip into her mouth and said nothing. Her twitching muscles, however, betrayed their guilt.

“There seems to be nothing there now but a deep gouge in the desert.”


“I’m very disappointed in you, lieutenant.”

Wendy looked down at her folded hands on her lap.

“Why didn’t you invite me???

“Um, I thought you were busy, Commander.”

commander lifts wendy by lustmonster dahmpo9
Image courtesy of Hqadd

The Commander suddenly got to her feet, strode around the side of her desk, and stood in front of her lieutenant. She shot one hand forward, sinking her fingers deep into one of Wendy’s huge breasts. Using it as a grab handle, she lifted her lieutenant right out of her chair and held her up in the air, Wendy’s feet dangling above the floor.

Still gripping the lieutenant’s boob, her fingers completely engulfed in mashed titflesh, the Commander yanked the luscious lieutenant downward so that their mouths fused together in a barely-controlled crash. The Commander’s long tongue plunged into Wendy’s mouth like a locomotive entering a tunnel.

Several minutes later the two of them came up for air.

“Lieutenant, I am never too busy to spend quality playtime with you.”

Wendy responded with a long throaty moan.

The Commander deposited her lieutenant back in her chair, then returned to her own.

The torn nanothread fabric of Wendy’s leotard sealed itself across her naked breast, covering up her very erect nipple. Wendy just sat and stared dreamily across the desk at the massive muscle goddess she adored.

“I hate to dump cold water on our fun,” the Commander said after a minute of thought. “But I need to update you on the continuing misadventures of our new Russian friend.”

She made some gestures with her hand to activate her desk’s holographic display, bringing up the urgent message that she had viewed the day before.

The floating image was visible from both sides, so the lieutenant had no problem viewing the carnage taking place, even though it was for her a mirror image.

Wendy bit her lip as she watched the blonde musclebeast gleefully destroying a huge tank while taking heavy fire from automatic rifles as well as some sort of energy beam. The lieutenant unconsciously pinched one thick nipple right through her leotard and twisted it hard. “That was taken by a Swedish surveillance drone about a week ago,” the Commander said after the video abruptly ended. “That’s a military base just north of Moscow. The ‘Tsarina’ has been cutting a swath of destruction down from Saint Petersburg, subjugating or annihilating whatever she encounters. By now she probably owns Moscow, assuming she hasn’t just wiped it off the face of the earth to get her kicks. If she’s managed to leave at least some of the local military intact along the way, the world could be faced with its first rising military superpower in decades. Along with one extremely dangerous super.”

Wendy continued to stare at the floating holographic image, even though it was now just showing a blank window where the video had been. She still had her swollen nipple trapped between thumb and forefinger.

“Earth to Wendy?” The Commander reached out to wave her hand in front of the lieutenant’s glazed expression.

The lieutenant shook her head, snapping out of her reverie and letting go of her delicious nipple. “Sorry, Commander, just lost in thought.”

“Well, think about this instead: I intend to capture her. Figuring out how is going to be my mission in life, as soon as we finish this mission and return to base. So when I’m trying to crush you or blow you up or imprison you, to ‘punish’ you for some silly indiscretion, it’s not just for our mutual amusement. I’m dead serious about coming up with weapons that can at least temporarily incapacitate a super, and a prison that can hold one indefinitely. The only way we’re going to accomplish that is to test the hell out of the new stuff we’re coming up with, on you and me.”

Wendy nodded and grinned. “Yes, Commander.”

“Your body is going to take one hell of a pounding, I promise you. Mine too, most likely.”

Wendy closed her eyes and moaned softly. The metal within the armrests on her chair began to howl pitifully.

“So keep on polishing your evil villainess acting skills. You will be called upon to employ them again. I’m sure it pains you greatly to hear that.”

“Yes, Commander! I mean, no, Commander! Hell, I mean—”

“I think your meaning is clear, lieutenant,” the Commander interrupted with a smile. “Oh, I have a name for the crazy supervillainess you play so delightfully.”


“Entropy Girl.”

Wendy giggled. “I was thinking of ‘the Destructress’.”

“Hmmm, yes, that certainly fits. But ’Entropy Girl’ rolls off the tongue easier. And it fits as well, to a tee. Everything around you, um, I mean her, tends toward chaos, one way or another. The more chaotic things become, the more pleasure Entropy Girl feels.”

wendy daydreams by lustmonster daiieh0
Image courtesy of Lufidelis

Entropy Girl smiled dreamily, as visions of unstoppable rampagery and steel-crushing villainy flashed through her lovely head …

“Can I have a sexy red supervillainess outfit?”

“I’ll have Alex look into it when we get back to base.”

The Commander’s expression turned serious again.

“Now, we have another little task to accomplish before our big happy family presses onward. Wipe that evil grin off your face and come with me, lieutenant.”

The two muscle goddesses exited the convoy’s lead van, and Wendy followed the Commander down the line.

The several-kilometer-long convoy was currently parked with its head at the turnoff from the westbound Route 58 onto Route 223. Overnight, batteries had been recharged, scrap metals from Wendy’s rambunctious road-clearing had been sorted and processed, soldiers and civilians had slept (in some cases, together), and a certain lieutenant, never needing any sleep, had gone wandering off into the night to alter the local topography.

As an added bonus, several scientists and techies had stayed up all night trying to figure out how to unwrap the present that the lieutenant had delivered to them the previous day, conveniently gift-wrapped in a foot-thick shell of crushed steel.

They had finally declared defeat, and had begged the Commander for help.

The superwomen walked nearly a kilometer down the line before reaching a particularly heavily armored van nearly two stories high and double that in length. One side of it was mostly a huge door, hinged at the top, that was currently swung open. Inside, Wendy could see the nine-foot-wide, nearly spherical cocoon that she had so enjoyed creating from the remains of a helpless tanker truck.

She could not help grinning as she reached up to place her hand on the sphere’s cool, jagged surface.

“Mmmmmhhhhh,” she moaned softly. “I made this. It was easy, so easy, ohhhhhh, I’m so fucking strong …”

The whole thing heaved, clanging loudly against the metal floor and far side wall of the van.

“It’s still alive and kicking,” the Commander said approvingly.

“I didn’t hurt it much,” Wendy huffed. “Just kind of mashed the ends of its tentacles. The creature dared to wrap them around my poor helpless body!”

A nearby soldier in full battle gear tried unsuccessfully to suppress a laugh. It came out as a loud snort.

“What was that, private?” Wendy shouted as she whirled on the man, who suddenly snapped to rigid attention, along with his squad mate standing next to him.

“N-nothing, lieutenant!”

Wendy scowled at the two soldiers, then pointed at two locations a dozen yards away from the open door. “You two, take up positions there and there. Rifles on full auto, aimed right at our new pet. The Commander and I are going to bust it out of this shell and lock it in the van. We can’t close the door until the cocoon is removed – it’s too wide to fit inside. So if the abbie manages to slip away, take it down with extreme prejudice. Don’t worry about hitting us.”

“Yes, lieutenant!” The two soldiers hurried to their positions and drew their M4A1 carbines, fitted with grenade launchers for extra abbie-stopping goodness.

The Commander nodded at Wendy as she turned back to the great sphere of steel, which was kicking around now like a giant Mexican jumping bean.

“Sure you don’t want a couple of mechfighters covering us?” the Commander whispered.

“I’m just giving those clowns something to do,” Wendy quietly responded. She bunched her biceps as she pressed her fingertips into the surface of the sphere, causing it to emit loud shrieks as thick metal yielded helplessly. “One of them was definitely staring at my tits. Anyway, this pathetic creature is not getting away from me.” Her voice had more than a hint of the wanton destructress that lurked within.

The Commander just smiled. “If you say so, lieutenant. Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

Together, the super muscle goddesses sank their fingers deep into the savagely crushed steel and began to tear it away as easily as peeling the skin off an overripe banana.

As the steel screamed in agony, the creature encased within began to howl, and the whole mass shook and heaved with the abbie’s renewed efforts to escape its imprisonment.

Wendy tore off one particularly large piece of mangled metal, and a truncated tentacle whipped out of the whole and flailed about, beating against the bodies of the two superwomen but unable to completely wrap around either.

“Awwww, da poor widdle abbie want out,” Wendy said mockingly as she continued to tear away chunks of its steel prison.

“Got a leash ready to take it for a walk?” the Commander asked.

“No, but I’m sure I could make one easily,” the lieutenant replied, her eyes briefly (and greedily) glancing around at the thick armored walls of the van.

Ohhhhhh, it would be so much fun to shred this entire van into thin ribbons …

“You are a very hungry goddess this morning, lieutenant.”

“I could tear apart the whole fucking moon right now. So strong, so fucking strong …”

Wendy tore at the cocoon faster now, flinging chunks of ravaged metal carelessly out the van’s open doorway.

“Careful, lieutenant, we’ve got squishies outside.”

“Oh yeah, sorry …”

Another ravaged tentacle whipped out of the expanding hole and flailed around, impotently beating against the Commander’s huge chest.

The Commander ripped away about a quarter of the remaining shell in one massive piece and flung it outside on the ground, where it dug part way into the asphalt. The hole was now big enough that the abbie started to push its way out, giant claws grasping the ragged edges of the hole to lever itself forward.

“Ooooohhh, big boy’s coming out to play,” Wendy said huskily. She positioned herself directly in front of the hole in the cocoon so that the only way out was through her super muscle body.

The Commander simply stepped back to watch and wait.

“Commander, as soon as this monstrosity comes through the hole, can you grab the cocoon and toss it out of here, then close the door?”

The lieutenant made this request as the abbie sank its huge claws into her heaving breasts and bulging thighs, pulling itself against her delicious body.

“Aye, aye!” the Commander responded with a laugh. As soon as she saw the howling abbie climb out of the ruined steel shell and pile itself all over her super sexy lover, she sank her mighty fists into the remains of the cocoon and whipped it away from the maddened horror. Crushing the huge mass of cocoon shell between her massive arms and bulldozer chest, greatly enjoying the loud howls, pops, and cracks of the tortured material, she sent the compressed remnants sailing out the doorway. It flew high over the heads of the wide-eyed soldiers and crashed down far behind them, making its own little crater in the desert beyond.

After hitting a button on the wall to close the big door, the Commander placed her hands on her hips and thrust her massive melons proudly forward. Her nipples stretched her leotard mere inches from the spiky shell of the abbie. Every so often the heaving horror scraped a spike or jagged scale against those thick nipples. The Commander just moaned softly as she gazed down at her gigantic globes, then stepped forward a few inches so that the rubbing became more or less continuous.

Wendy, for her part, had assumed an identical stance: hands on hips, breasts thrust forward. She too had her twin torpedoes centered in her line of vision. She greatly enjoyed the sight (and feel) of the abbie’s sharp claws pressing deep into her soft titflesh, completely unable to harm her breasts or penetrate the invulnerable pectoral muscles beneath. The claws were, however, making noticeable rips in her leotard’s nanothread fabric. She had the feeling her thick nipples and surrounding areolae might very well be fully exposed to the savage beast’s not-so-tender mercies before long.

The beast howled and its whole nightmarish body trembled as it tried in vain to rip Wendy in half at chest level. Its spider-like legs scrambled noisily on the van’s metal floor as it attempted to shove her backward. Wendy dug her feet into the steel floor to lock herself into place. “So, lieutenant, what now?” the Commander asked with some amusement. The abbie’s heaving body continued to grind scales and spikes against the Commander’s titanic torpedoes, and she just stood there enjoying it.

leave wendy to it by lustmonster daiebl7
Image courtesy of Gammaknight

“If I may, Commander, I would like to stay here,” Wendy responded. “I want to play with it for a while. Maybe I can tire it out so our techies can examine it.”

The horror tried to tear a chunk out of Wendy’s bulging neck muscle with its telescoping four-jawed mandible. That earned it a roundhouse punch to the side of its well-armored head, just hard enough to convince it to stop trying to snack on her.

The Commander rolled her eyes and stepped backward, then turned toward the smaller door set into the van’s rear wall. “Very well, lieutenant. I’ll assign a squad of mechfighters to take over your road-clearing duty for the time be— Hell, screw that. I’ll just do it myself!” Wendy casually gave the departing Commander a thumbs-up gesture, her body still under relentless claw and spike attack by the howling terror.

Ah, sweet love, the Commander thought with a grin as she exited the van. Returning to her mobile office occupying the rear of the lead van, she pressed a button on the communications console on her desk.

“Echo Alpha Zero Zero One, who’s my driver for today?”

“Private Andrews, ma’am. Sergeant DiCaprio assigned me to drive Zero Zero One today, before she, um, collapsed in her quarters.”

The Commander smirked. Her own overnight recreation had involved a leisurely liaison between her peaked, throbbing bicep and her worshipful staff sergeant’s thick labia and protruding plaything, with some very long tongue snaked in for added excitement. She briefly wondered how long until the poor sergeant would be walking normally, as well as getting her voice back.

“Well, hello again private! Glad to have you as my driver today. We will be moving out in one hour. Carry on.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Gesturing over her desk, the Commander brought up its holographic display again. She commanded it to display a video feed from the van where her lieutenant was still playfully wrestling the thrashing, wailing monster.

Among other things, Wendy was the Commander’s portable entertainment center. The Commander was not about to miss out on this display of her luscious lieutenant’s strength!

She punched a button on her console, and the creature’s frightening howl filled her office, apparently overwhelming the ability of the lieutenant’s earpiece to filter out background noise.

“Uh, lieutenant?”

“Yes, Commander?”

“Enjoying your chew toy?”

“Yes, Commander! This monster doesn’t tire easily, though.”

“I can see that, lieutenant,” the Commander replied with a smirk. In the video feed, the creature still had its massive claws sunk deep into Wendy’s delicious breasts, determinedly trying to rip them right off her body. The lieutenant, in turn, had the abbie’s head clamped between her hands and was repeatedly banging it against the metal wall hard enough to dent the thick steel.

“Just wanted to inform you that we will be moving out in one hour. Oh, and please try to play gently, lieutenant. I would prefer to bring it back alive and reasonably intact, if that is okay with you.”

“Yes, Commander! Oh, fuck— Oh YESSSSSSS …!!!

The Commander cut off the audio link as she squinted at the video feed. It appeared that the abbie had just jabbed one of its long, razor-sharp claws directly upward between the lieutenant’s massive thighs, and was now lifting the sexy muscle goddess right off her feet.

A red light blinked urgently on her console, and the Commander punched the button adjacent to it.

“Commander, this is Echo Alpha Zero Six One! Our van is shaking something fierce, and there is screaming coming from behind me in the cargo area. The lieutenant may be in terrib—”

“Relax, Zero Six One, I have eyes on the situation. The lieutenant is perfectly fine. She is endeavoring to tire the abbie so it can be properly restrained and examined. However, I advise that you don and activate your noise-canceling headset, and keep a tight grip on the wheel when we move out. Carry on.”

She punched the button to close the link, then leaned back in her executive chair and stared in wide-eyed wonder at the video feed.

The Commander sincerely hoped the robust suspension and foot-thick walls of Echo Alpha Zero Six One would be strong enough to withstand that.

the destructress by lustmonster daiicuq
Image courtesy of GibotiX

An hour later the Expedition was on the move again. A seemingly endless parade made the turn onto Route 223 (though the wobbly sixty-first vehicle in the line nearly missed it), and proceeded southwest. A kilometer ahead of the convoy, a hulking redhead wearing a green leotard whooped with childlike joy as she bulldozed massive roadblocks into piles of scrap. After a particularly delightful and prolonged extermination of a huge armored personnel carrier, the figure rammed her mighty fists into its mangled metal guts. She ripped out two huge chunks and hoisted them above her head.

Reveling in her awesome strength, the Commander thrust out her immense chest and yelled:


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