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Special K

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Special K

“Why am I here?” Kara Leighton asked herself, looking around at the other special-ops now trapped with her in the sealed room. It was clear to her that there was no escape. It was particularly galling that this particular mission had pitted her against men and women just as dedicated to the safety of her country as she was. Post 9/11 this simply was not supposed to happen. Now she was caught in a political fuck-up: destined to be killed by the same people she had sworn to protect.

And fair enough, too, Kara thought. She glared at Smith, the team leader. “What the fuck are we here for?” she demanded. The other three ops echoed her sentiments.

“This,” Smith replied. He held up a small canister, and the team could see an ice-blue liquid inside. “My sources – our employers – have told me that this is a berserker serum. Once exposed to the atmosphere it will evaporate, and breathing it in will trigger any number of switches coded into our junk DNA. We will mutate. We will become much bigger, much stronger, much tougher, and much smarter than usual. It-”

“What do you mean we?” Kara interrupted.

“It only lasts a little while,” Smith continued, as if Kara hadn't spoken. He turned toward her and his eyes were unblinking. “It's the only way out,” he said. Then he smashed the canister onto the floor.

Kara felt the power flooding through her body. At first the pain was indescribable as her muscle fibres twitched, collapsed, and rebuilt themselves with incredible speed. The process was repeated multiple times each second, and each time she let out an animal gasp. Kara realised that her physical power was increasing exponentially, doubling, then doubling again, with each agonising contraction.

Over time, the sensation changed; no longer was it painful, it became pleasurable. Her hands began to roam over her body, cupping her breasts as they increased in volume. Soon even both her enlarged hands could barely surround one of her tits; and they were incredibly firm. Kara could squeeze them easily, but she knew no-one else could.

Kara finally opened her eyes and looked across to her left, where the other members of the team were going through similar transformations. Kara, though, knew she was different. Two of the men had died; their bodies unable to withstand the potency of the retrovirus coursing through their systems. The final two members of the team were going through a transformation that, again, was of a different type than Kara's.

Smith had survived. He rose to his feet. He was now a giant, over 7 feet tall. Enormous muscles had destroyed his uniform, and they pulsed with power. He was no longer, though, a handsome man. Kara realised that being too close to the broken canister was dangerous. She had been far enough away for the negative effects to be neutralised. Smith, and the other members of the team, had experienced a metamorphosis too intense for their bodies to handle. Smith was a caricature of his former self; a hulk whose physique and countenance had moved beyond human.

Nonetheless, she realised that, due to her own power, no normal man would be enough for her. She noticed Smith's enormous cock, easily a foot in length and as thick as a baseball bat. She wanted it, and she knew Smith needed to give it to her.

Smith and Banner, the other survivor, began to walk towards Kara. Both men now sported enormous erections. Kara licked her lips; despite their grotesque appearance, she wanted more than anything to dominate them, bend them to her will, fuck them with the power she possessed. She had not previously been a dominant woman, but she now had an overwhelming sense of superiority.

As the men approached, Kara looked outside the enclosure for the first time since her transformation. The humans, and that was all they were to her for the moment, were looking at her mesmerised. She realised that she was now the ultimate woman, and her physique was such that they would do anything to please her. Kara watched each of the men as they gazed at her in rapt attention. Two soldiers were openly masturbating, and all five of them were drooling.

At that moment Smith reached her and removed the remnants of her own clothes. Without any attempt at foreplay he grabbed her incredible tits and squeezed them roughly. Kara realised intuitively that his grip was strong enough to crush steel. To her though it felt like a light gentle tickle. “More,” she demanded. Smith quickly mounted her and began to thrust into her frantically. As he pounded into her, her own body was pressed against the glass enclosure. The enclosure had been designed to prevent a missile-based attack, but it was clear that it would not long withstand her body repeatedly pounding against it.

At length, some of the watching soldiers managed to regain a small degree of composure and decided to flee. As they did so, the commander pressed a small button which brought down a further metal shield barring exit or entry from the room. For the time being, Kara didn't care. Banner was now positioned so that he could suck on her tits, while Smith continued pounding her from behind. Inevitably, the enclosure broke and they crashed into the floor. Almost simultaneously, Smith climaxed sending an enormous wad of come inside her. Banner was overcome simply by Kara's incredible tits. He came almost uncontrollably. There was no time for any afterglow, Kara's body was sufficiently magnificent that the superhuman physiques of both Smith and Banner were instantly recharged and ready to go once more. On this occasion they swapped positions. Kara revelled in the incredible power she had over not only the supermen but, she realised, all men. Ultimately though it was too much for both of the ops. Not only had the retrovirus damaged their internal systems beyond repair, but their own desperate lust forced their bodies into meltdown. After their fourth orgasm within 10 minutes Kara felt Banner, and then finally Smith, collapse and then die. She realised with perfect clarity that she alone in the world was a superior being and it was now time for her to fulfil her destiny.

The soldiers now moved outside into the corridors surrounding the enclosure. It had become apparent at the early stage of the mercenaries attack that their communications had been effectively cut; they would have to fight it out on their own.

Kara smiled as she easily pried apart the 2 feet thick steel door meant to contain her. This is so easy she thought. And it was true; the technicians watching on the closed-circuit camera were in awe. Her arms were unbelievably toned but there was no sign of stress whatsoever as she pushed through a wall that should have been able to withstand anything. The two men in the recording room developed raging erections themselves even though the grainy recording was a far cry from seeing her in the flesh.

Kara moved cautiously down the hall. The humans would doubtless be well-organised and would be waiting for her in the shadows and darkness of the facility. Not that mattered any more to her. She could sense their presence by their smell and she could hear their hearts beating; with minimum effort it was possible for her to identify that there were 10 individual soldiers waiting to ambush her. She stamped hard on the ground; the floor was able to absorb the shock only to a limited degree and the reverberations caused some of the soldiers to cross her path. Once exposed, the soldiers began to train their small arms on her. This was a futile gesture. Before either of the two soldiers had moved halfway towards focusing on her they had been disabled. Kara hit each of them with a short jab in the chest. This was not intended to be killing blow, but nonetheless, the force caused both soldiers to drop their weapons on impact and they then moved backwards 20 m airborne and then continued to slide along the floor until hitting the wall at the far end of the corridor.

“She's here,” another soldier cried, superfluously. Kara knew where he was perfectly from the sound of his voice and before he had a chance to warn his comrades, she was upon him. She watched the man's reaction; but by now familiar combination of extreme lust and terror. She lifted him by one arm and slammed him against the side of the corridor rendering him unconscious immediately.

The soldiers now realised that there was no longer any pretence in trying to keep their whereabouts secret. Kara was already aware of them. She heard the commander say fire at will and the men opened fire on her from all directions. She laughed. The impact of the bullets barely tickled her. Nothing could penetrate the new silky smooth armour her skin had become. She turned and began to attack the soldiers. They were powerless against her. She was gentle though. She still made no attempt to kill what were now inferior beings. She simply mowed through them. As soon as they came into contact with her they were slammed mercilessly, though carefully, against the steel surrounds of the corridor, or the far stronger steel of her own body. Quickly, there was only one soldier left. From Kara's perspective, information only was important.

“Please don't hurt me.” the soldier said cowering before her.

“Hurt you. I'll do nothing of the kind.” she laughed and brought the soldier close to her. The soldiers eyes began to glaze over as he gazed at the perfection of her face and despite his fear his erection returned as he felt her soft breath passing across his face. Almost instinctively his resistance ended; involuntarily his hands reached up and try to squeeze Kara's incredible breasts. She laughed again. “Now little man. Tell me what I need to know.”

The general sat in his office. It had been an extremely frustrating day. For the first time in his memory, the division had come under attack. And it had been a good attack as well. At present, he was still trying to establish communications to the outside world. He was happy enough that the situation, despite the bizarre initial reports had received, was under control.

Abruptly there was a knock at the door. “Go away. I said I was not to be disturbed.” To his annoyance, the general saw the handle office door jiggling. He had taken the precaution of locking it as soon as the command was under attack. “Leave now.”

The door suddenly burst open; in fact that was inadequate to describe what happened to it. The entire steel mass had been ripped off its hinges, and propelled across the desk. It thundered into the wall behind the general, barely missing him. He looked up in shock and saw the most incredible woman he had ever seen entering into his office. “Who are you” he demanded, trying to assert himself despite his innate desire to submit and worship this incredible being.

Kara smiled. “I am your goddess. And you will pleasure me.”

The general began to object, but before any words could escape Kara had reached across his desk and lifted him by his neck into the air. The general was too shocked to speak and for a moment could only listen to Kara. “I can see why you are a general. You have more resistance than most of your men. But not enough. On your knees.”

Kara felt a now familiar warmth rush through her as the general complied. He quickly began to attack her clit with his tongue. His hands reached round to grab the warm steel of her ass, and as he did so, he shuddered in orgasm for the first time. She watched him dispassionately; his submission was complete. There was no lack of focus in the general's performance. He simply had to obey, and 20 seconds later, he came again.

Kara herself was now aroused. This had nothing to do with any attraction to the human humiliating himself before her. Rather, it was due to overwhelming dominance. Her clit stiffened; although it was now bigger than it had ever been and as indestructible as the rest of her, it still remained its femininity. Certainly, the general seemed to think so. He attacked it feverishly, damaging his teeth in his desperation. The pleasure of a third orgasm rocked his body.

Kara knew she didn't have unlimited time before the special-ops original containment of the facility would be compromised. She required the general's help immediately. “Enough,” she commanded.

The general was hesitant; his need to obey conflicted with his overwhelming lust. Kara grabbed him by his neck, raised, him and then slammed him onto his desk. The force of the blow caused the desk to collapse, and broke three of the general's vertebrae.

The impact did, however restore the general's focus. He glared at her balefully. “I'm not telling you anything,” he said.

Kara smiled. “Yes – you are. I know there are secret ways out of here. You are going to show me where they are, and give me any access codes I need.”

The general snarled his response, and Kara laughed; the mere sound instantly causing the general's cock to twitch. “You want to tell me,” she said, rubbing her hands over her stupendous breasts. The general was instantly mesmerised, and his breath became ragged as he again struggled against overwhelming arousal.

Kara walked closer to him, and the general didn't know what part of her to look at. The cobblestone pavement of her abs; her long, toned legs; her sensuous face; or her tits, which were so firm they hardly jiggled as she moved. All were perfect. He shot his load once more.

“It's quite simple,” Kara said. “The carrot and the stick. Pleasure,” she purred, drawing the word out. My god, the general thought, that voice. His eyes rolled as he dry orgasmed again. “Or pain.” Kara's fingers jabbed into the generals windpipe as she effortlessly lifted him by one hand again. The general's rapture had instantly turned into agony, and his limbs convulsed. “Pleasure,” Kara repeated, relaxing her grip and breathing into the general's ear. “Or pain.”

She dropped the general onto the floor. He quivered uncontrollably, and then threw up. “Please,” he begged. “No more. My access card's in the drawer in the desk. It will open any door you need.”

As the general divulged all the secrets her knew about the facility, Kara retrieved the card. She realised her nails could probably pick the lock, but she still revelled in her raw physical power. The scream of the reinforced lock's failing was the only hint of resistance as she ripped open the drawer, and took what she wanted of its contents.

“Thank you.” Kara eyed the general, who lay curled in the foetal position. “I think you deserve a reward.” She lifted him up, pressing her tits into his back as she did so. This physical contact, the most significant the general had felt with her, caused the general to straighten up, rubbing his back against Kara's chest. His cock stiffened again, becoming harder than he had ever experienced. As Kara rubbed the general's body against her, she could sense the euphoria rushing through him. Despite the abuse the general's body had suffered, he shuddered into orgasm; a continuous eruption of unimaginable intensity. It seemed as if his soul was being sucked out, and as the rush hit his brain he passed out.

Kara dropped the general to the ground and left the office without giving him a second thought. She had one more place she needed to visit.

Kara made her way to the facility's server room. She passed over 20 soldiers, all still unconscious. It was amazing; since she had left the original enclosure after her evolution, only six minutes had elapsed. In that time she had eliminated all opposition, and the facility's leader was near comatose after a closer encounter than most of the others had enjoyed.

Kara knew she had made a mistake. In her initial euphoria she had simply overpowered any resistance. However, she now needed a technician to help destroy the hard evidence of what had happened. She had seen the high-definition cameras recording every point of the facility. Kara knew that the original special ops incursion meant no recordings had left the facility; but she needed to destroy the on-site recordings before outside access was restored. There would always be eyewitnesses but she hoped to avoid any incontrovertible proof of her existence.

She walked into the room. There were three unconscious soldiers; they hadn't had time to get up from their desks before Kara had disabled them. Two were the men who had been overwhelmed by her feminine perfection when watching her escape earlier. The third was a woman?

Kara quickly made her way to the slight technician slumped in the corner of the room, and eyed her closely. Very pretty, she thought. Conveniently, Kara could tell that the women was on the verge of regaining consciousness. She leaned in closer and gently kissed her.

Rachel Lee woke suddenly, warmth rushing through her. Her eyes opened, and then quickly widened in shock. “You,” she started. The goddess in front of her placed her fingers on Rachel's lips. Rachel immediately relaxed, and then moaned, her nipples tenting the outline of her blouse as Kara's sexuality erased her resistance. Rachel's fear vanished; the flawless vision in front of her imposed her will simply by her presence. Rachel felt drool form in her mouth. She's utterly perfect, she thought. What would it be like to have such power, to be fucked by such a creature, unable to muster any semblance of resistance? Rachel's pussy tingled and her face slackened as she pondered these thoughts; her brain's workings interspersed with flashes of the woman's invulnerability as she had destroyed the soldiers minutes earlier.

Kara observed her, able to sense Rachel's thoughts through her body's reactions. Elevated heartbeat and respiration, rapid increase in body temperature, extreme signs of arousal bordering on distress. It seemed her erotic perfection disregarded any gender differences. The woman was having the same reaction as every man she had encountered.

Kara made her decision. Formally, the mission was a failure. Informally, she had gained more than she could ever have imagined. Why shouldn't she take a treasure away with her?

“Look at me,” she said to the woman. “Help me now, and I'll take you with me. I know you want that.”

Rachel didn't bother fighting. “Yes. What do you want?”

Six minutes later they were ready to leave. Rachel had explained that there were 32 high definition cameras recording continuously onto two servers. Every day the servers were replaced; other than when this rotation took place every stream was recorded twice. “It's simple. All you have to do is destroy the feed over there,” she had said pointing at a thick cable that separated as it approached the servers. “And then destroy the servers themselves. That way there will be nothing recording us leaving, and if the hard drives in the servers are ruined there will no video to recover.” Kara had then broken the connecting cable, and then watched as Rachel's deft fingers removed each hard drive from the server.

Rachel, for her part, could barely focus. Each hard drive was removed and given to Kara, the brief contact of their hands threatening Rachel's remaining self-control. A nanosecond later Kara would close her hand, and the hard drive would cease to exist.

“Let's go,” Kara said. She lifted Rachel, her 6 feet 4 frame dwarfing the smaller woman. “Hold tight,” she said, and then began to run.

Kara's speed was incredible, despite the increasingly narrow passageways of the hidden exits her speed was well over 100mph. For Rachel it was exhilarating; a crazy roller-coaster ride in the dark, at the complete mercy of the goddess holding her in a gentle, but unbreakable, hold.

Before Rachel knew it, they had reached the apparent end of a corridor. Kara stopped and looked at the wall.

“Why are we waiting,” Rachel whispered.

“This is the exit,” Kara replied. “I know this is the back of a covert retail shop. I don't want to hurt anyone, but at the same time, I don't want any chance of being filmed.”

“Design flaw,” Rachel said. Kara raised one eyebrow, that simple gesture making Rachel wet again. Once she recovered, she elaborated. “We couldn't risk anyone walking into the store and seeing too much equipment. Their video feeds are linked into the servers we destroyed. Nothing's being recorded.”

“Presumably the soldiers here will have realised that something's happened then?”

Rachel blushed, on this occasion out of professional embarrassment rather than due to her arousal. “I think the response time is three minutes.”

“Stay here,” Kara ordered, struggling to keep the frustration out of her voice. She placed Rachel on the floor, and Rachel felt an almost loss as the physical contact ceased. “How many soldiers will there be?”

“Just two,” Rachel, responded. Her voice was weak and timid. She knew she had let the goddess down.

Kara placed her ear against the wall. Her hearing was so acute that she could could confirm Rachel's advice. She placed the general's access card against the door, and burst into the room.

Mike and Dave had been apprehensive. It had been five minutes since they realised they couldn't contact the facility. They weren't certain how long had elapsed before they noticed. It was, after all, 3.30 in the morning. Regular contact between themselves and the facility was uncommon at that time, and initiating contact was supposed to be reserved for emergencies. Nonetheless after a brief discussion they had followed standard operating procedure. Within three minutes back-up would arrive. In the meantime, the pair had hidden in the back of the store. Each was armed should any intruder attempt to escape their way.

Almost immediately after making the call, Mike and Dave heard the rear access lock disengage. And then a woman beyond their wildest fantasies entered the room, and that woman became their world.

Kara didn't waste any time. Neither soldier raised their weapons before she she was on them. She had deliberately used a full pheremonal onslaught; Mike and Dave were totally defenseless. Their faces went slack, their cocks stiffened, and then exploded; their independent will extinguished in microseconds. Kara looked at them; they were so overcome she believed she could use them to cause further confusion as to what had happened in the facility.

“Look at me, boys,” Kara said. Her voice, supernaturally seductive, had its usual effect. Mike and Dave gasped, and shuddered again in simultaneous orgasms. Then they obeyed.

“My eyes, boys.”

The heads of the two men rose, puppets on strings. They looked into Kara's eyes, seeing in their brown depths warmth, beauty, calmness, and power. The intensity of Kara's gaze increased, and as it did so, she rewrote their reality.

“I know you're going to miss me, boys. But it is better for me if you don't remember seeing me, not in the real world anyway. Sleep, now, and forget.” She then whispered to them, before both men dropped to the floor unconscious.

Kara carried Rachel through the door of the shop and outside. She stopped for a moment, not needing her superhuman hearing is the cold night air. Kara could hear the ominous roar of SUVs and other heavy vehicles, but they were sufficiently far away that they were never going to be a threat.

“Come on, Rachel. It's time to go.”

The reinforcements never found Kara or Rachel. They did find plenty of traces of unusual activity. Mike and Dave were interviewed at length, but couldn't remember anything after they had called in reinforcements. Although they were suspect in what had occurred, subsequent investigations failed to reach any satisfactory conclusions as to what had happened at the facility. Mike and Dave never worked together again; as a consequence they never realised they shared similar dreams every time they went to sleep. Dreams of a mocha superwoman, her flawless face, her ripped abs, her phenomenal tits. Every night they shot their load dreaming of Kara as soon as she commanded them to come.

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