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Beasts Lost – Part 1

Written by naked.superpower :: [Friday, 08 July 2016 21:31] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 11 May 2017 21:37]

Michelle's looking for her old friend, Jennifer and recalling her past. Superpowers, invulnerability, some sci-fi

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Warning! NSFW, 18+, contains explicit sexual scenes and all that


"I can see you, I'm on your back. But I'm so afraid.."

"Follow my ray, I will guide you. Just don't fall behind!"

"Love, I can't hold any more! My circuits are going to evaporate! I'm not stable!!!"

"Hold on! We're close to the opening! And I can feel two souls there who will give us a helping hand."


"Shooting club, again?" the man growled.

"Daaad, I'm not listening!" Michelle was wondering around packing things for the lectures.

"You know, this isn't a place for a young lady!"

"Peter, she just wants to be able to defend herself," her mother hugged him from his back as he murmured something into his moustache."She may be good in psychology, but all those blah-blah things won’t protect her. Just look at her, she's a honey pot. Better buy her a taser."

Michelle pecked them both and ran out of the house.

* * *

Looking at Michelle, you'd never guess how uninhibited and raw she is. A school-girl skirt, sneakers, hippie bracelets, rings, necklaces, barrettes, earrings, a ton of that stuff over her. But her uncurbed spiky self is all brightly shining through her goodie-like image.

Another thing to say, she never needs a taser to defend.

She had a dream today. She saw Jennifer. They talked and held each other's hands. She woke up with desire to see her. But how could she find that girl, knowing just her name?

"Hey, sleep-walker, we're aiming! Get out of the fire range! Are you bulletproof?" Leon’s voice wakes Michelle from her thoughts. She finds herself walking in the firing line with new targets to hang. But in wrong time. A suicide? Not for her. She grins. Bulletproof, he doesn't even know how far above that.

* * *

The shooting club is located in an abandoned factory. Michelle loves walking around. And tonight, she heads to the farthest building with a bag of firearms and prepares a place by the window. She settles on an empty wooden box.

What a beautiful sight! The evening city, lights coming up. Cool wind blows into the open window, and her heart pumps hard. She starts thinking of her dream, and as she does, her hands unintentionally find their way to her crotch. She pants and touches herself. She relaxes her inner muscles and lets her steel baton out.

In recent years, Michelle turned into a horny girl. Her desire is very strong and stable. She tried many things, she always fucked with anyone she liked. She is very creative in sexual games, in driving people crazy, which she likes very much. She’d sometimes take part in some sports. Not for winning itself, but, again, to drive someone crazy. At weigh-in, her weight would always surprise the judges, because she uses to constantly carry a huge heavy metal baton in herself, just to strain and excercise her inner muscles on it. Some of her boyfriends know that and this is something they cannot understand about her. How can she just hold such a heavy thing forever in herself and jog, hop, dance, swim and do all those girl things? They’re looking at her reporting a term paper, wrestling, sitting at a family dinner, answering exams, making a belly dance, talking to cops, doing yoga, and the mere thought of her rolling that thing inside can kill. Yeah, being around her is the question of survival of the fittest!

Sitting on that box, touching herself, she lets the metal baton go and gives space, now for something completely different.

* * *

Leon walks around. By the far building, his sharp hearing distinguishes shots muffled with a silencer. He goes to check and hears moans. He walks into the far section and sees Michelle’s silhouette contrasted against the window. She notices him, slips off the box she’s sitting on and moves to him. In semi-darkness, he sees nothing but her strained silhouette approaching with fluent moves.He hears the sound of a dropped gun. As his eyes accomodate, he notices the girl’s torn skirt, how she’s all covered with sweat and how horny she is.

“Girl, you didn’t have to stay here alone,” he said with warm voice. “Making this job on your own’s not the best thing for your sweet kitten.” She’s approaching him, and he’s noticing her bare feet stepping over worn shells and … why that? He sees a pile of wet bullets by the box she was sitting on. “You took guns?”

“Errrr, I just like to shoot out of the window before doing that,” she replies with a sweet voice. She knows what’s going to happen and squeezes her inner muscles to get rid of anything sharp inside her.

She’s so horny and seductive, that he’s lost his head. A corner of his mind registers wet metall chunks and pellets falling … like they’re falling from behind her bush? His mind just rejects that as something beside the point.

She literally jumps on him. In a glimpse, she throws him to the floor, pulls his trousers down and plants him into herself, gripping him tightly, roaring like a panther and making him explode with just one strong movement. This is what he especially loves about her. She never falls behind in finishing. “Sometimes I forget that she’s just a girl, she feels like an unstoppable beast.”

The meeting

Michelle looked around the rail terminal. The crowd buzzed. Men cast gazes at her, but she didn't care. She moved against the stream of people, just for fun. Those who occasionally ran into her had to deal with the feeling of stumbling on something like a fire hydrant or a phone box. They would look at her overwhelmed, curse and run further. Curses didn't stick to her, she was almost feeling how they bounce away, like bullets. She raised her chin, inhaled happily and closed her eyes. Empty head.

"Michelle!" someone hugged her, pulling her out of her meditation. And that was a real hug! Being beyond strong, she wasn’t senseless. She felt things very sharply, and she could swear now that this hug could crush a cash machine. She opened her eyes and saw Jennifer.

"Michelle, I can't believe this! I've been thinking of you all the day, and here you are! I've been looking for you for all these years, but I couldn't find you."

Suddenly pieces of plastic and glass popped out of the squeezed space between the girls, as Jennifer's camera that hung on her neck burst into pieces under the pressure of her hug. Jennifer realized the force she was applying and pulled back. "Oh, Michelle, sorry! Did I hurt you? Are you fine?" Jennifer was used to her power and usually controlled herself. Why not this time?

"I'm just fine, but your camera …"

“Don’t mind, pal”

"I've been thinking of you, too..." Hypnotized, they stared at each other in silence of the buzzing mob. Michelle was noticing changes in her friend. Jennifer matured into a tomboyish beauty. In her mind, Michele slowly said thanks to Jennifer's simple jeans shorts, top and thong sandals for leaving most of the girl’s slender, tanned body of a gymnast on display. Michelle stared at the girl with adoration, feeling herself blush.

Jennifer looked over Michelle, too. "You look gorgeous, I just can't take away my eyes away from you!" Jennifer talked straight, as usually, she was feeling attracted to the other girl. "Ah, sorry, my train leaves in 3 minutes. Just give me your phone number. I'll be back here tomorrow." Jennifer saved Michelle's phone, pecked her and darted away. "Call me tomorrow evening, Michelle!"

"But what is your phone?" started Michelle, but she Immediately received an SMS. I'M SOOO HAPPY TO MEET YOU =). The girl blushed again.

Michelle's mind was working slowly. It all took seconds, and now she was replaying the events in her head once again. She recalled the power of Jennifer's hug. Can it be that she is, too…

* * *

Jennifer was looking through the window of the departing train, trying to distinguish Michelle in the crowd on the lower floor. She was so happy! But she was, too, thinking of her hug. She was confused that she lost her control. Jennifer used to think of herself as of a super-heroine, and if Michelle was fine with that, what if she’s super, too? Now she was recalling the outbreaks that took place several years ago.

A few Terran years ago...

THRONESHIP (imperial headquarters)

"Sire, I c-c-cannot t-track the flagship in our space."

The emperor's face darkened.


"W-w-we've lost c-contact with Divine, right after she engaged in the battle."

“But we made her unbeatable, she can stand anything in the universe! How is that possible? Where’s the crew?!"

The chancellor gulped.

THREE WHALES (federal galeon, 7 million kilo-elbows away)

"My general, we've lost White Sprite".

"How ... Did they annihilate her?"

"No, this is impossible, she's invulnerable to that. We've lost her since she charged at their flagship. She teleported all the crew to Ziptune."

"Why? How can that be?"

"She's now controlled by her spirit. Someone set her spirit free and it took over the control of the ship. Wait a second." Commander's pupils move as he reads what his implants project to his retina. General is pale.


"The two vessels started raying self-willed transmissions to each other." The spirit-mechanic is feeling easier reporting all that to the Emperor, than the chancellor. He’s too deep in his neuroquanta magics to see what is the loss. A GDP of the whole empire for several decades, maybe a century!

"Our spirit-tamer tried to block this, but his console melted. We think that the spirits of the two ships instigated each other to get free. Too complicated AI with a too strong self-preservation instinct. We thought this was impossible, but..."

Another technician interrupted: "Sire, we have an incoming call from Three Whales!"


"… slipped to subspace along a gravity lane. My general, order teleporter squad to drill along for interception, it's not late yet. The emperor proposes a truce to unite our effort. Who knows what happens if we don't tame their spirits? Their conscious is unstable. When any of them loses it, the galaxy will be destroyed."

FSS Scout 0013, Interception report (To: General , Cc: Emperor)

The two vessels slipped off the trunk lane over a non-typical gravitation anomaly. Without any trace. We don't have equipment to spot 5-dimensional vessels that can take any shape, when they're off the lane.

Aether signatures reconstruct parts of their communication. They tried to stabilize each other and shared their knowledge and creative capacity. Together they form a loop-back that advances their intuition and personal insights. They found a way to stabilize by absorbing a conscious of a living being. We don't know where they are but they headed to a place inhabited by an intelligent race. This shrinks the range of our search to just a few hundreds thousands worlds…”

* * *

A hot summer day. The two girls throw curious gazes at each other while the excursion at the gravitrap continues. They are from different schools, and their classes just melt under the dull voice of the lecturer that makes everybody sleepy. They silently slip away from the crowd and find cover in an adjacent server chamber with conditioners.

They get acquainted and talk about things as if they knew each other for years. When they cool down from the summer heat, they try to leave the chamber but find that it got locked when they entered. They close up for warm and .. you know this moment … look into each other's eyes. And now they know their chatting was all ripples on water, a tip of a melting iceberg. They pant and start kissing. Something flashes and they pass away.

* * *

"We will disappear."

"No, this will set us free. Our being will merge with theirs. They will talk to each other and this will be us talking to each other. They will hold each other’s hands and ..."

"But it’s like dying! This won't be me and you anymore."

"Not that. Love, this is our key to survival. Some believe that after death a being is born again for a new life. Our next life will be theirs. And we need to hide them from our creators. We will take their form and hide our potential, and no scanners will see us.They will uncover their power gradually. They will evolve with our self-repair and self-augmenting systems. In a while, they will be strong enough to challenge our creators."

"It’s like going off. But if there is no other way, let’s do it."

“Sweet dreams, dear!”

* * *

The girls woke up right in time to see each other being carried away on two different ambulance cars. They knew none of each other’s family names, no telephones, and they never met since then.


… Jennifer was looking at the horizon through the train’s window, hugging herself, as if she was freezing, as strong as no human could.

She recalled how her life changed as her power showed, week after week, month after month. So delicately, that she always had time to find a way to hide it. Gradually, she got rid of any fears in her life as she knew she could handle any trouble and no trouble could harm her. Only in her dreams would she sometimes feel fear of a runaway, and of losing someone very dear to her.

She was thinking of all that, and now she had a very strong feeling that her gift started after that excursion. And possibly, her friend was gifted then, too.

---- to be continued ---



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