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Supergirl and Superwoman

Written by ace191 :: [Saturday, 30 July 2016 09:47] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 23 June 2018 09:39]

Supergirl and Superwoman

By Ace191

For the Summer 2016 Workshop


Inspired by two Marknew742 stories

Chapter One

Kelly paused for a second and watched the cute little girls dressed in their pink, blue and white leotards as they piled out of their mom’s cars and headed into the

Dance Fever studio. The straps on her tattered backpack were digging into her shoulders so she slipped them off and sat down on a raised planter that paralleled the sidewalk. She remembered back to a happier time when she was one of those girls.

But that was before her mother, a successful business manager was diagnosed with breast cancer and her father was still gainfully employed. Unfortunately, her mother’s malignancy was quite advanced and did not respond to treatment. Her father could not accept it and took to drinking. In less than two years her mother was gone and within a year after that, her father was in prison for a felony DUI. Since then, it had been one foster home after another for her. “Why did life have to be so cruel to me”, she pondered as a tear slowly worked its way down her cheek.

But crying wasn’t going to get her home any faster, and being the oldest girl in her foster home she needed to get dinner on and then do the dishes before she could start on her homework. School was the only bright spot in her life. She was a very smart girl but very thin and was only a few inches over five feet tall. She could not afford to wear makeup, and her clothes were all hand-me-downs or thrift shop fashions. The few girls that even spoke to her usually did so just to call her Raggedy Ann or some other name and no boy had ever even bothered to so much as ask her out to a school dance. Her only shot in life was to get a college scholarship and then land a good job and she was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish that.

She was almost home when she heard the convertible Mustang GT turn the corner and come screaming up the street with the sound of laughter coming out of it. She had a sick feeling in her stomach, one of overwhelming dread. Just what she didn’t need, an encounter with Tina, Becky and VERONICA!

The GT’s tires screeched as Veronica wheeled the Pony car into her driveway a hundred feet in front of Kelly. Becky tossed a beer can out onto the lawn while Tina popped the top on another. Maybe they won’t notice me, she hoped. No such luck. “Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in,” piped Tina.

“Well if it isn’t Raggedy Ann. Want a beer honey? I understand your family just loves to drink,” Becky said sarcastically.

“No thanks,” she said. “It would spoil my dinner.”

Veronica got out of the car and walked out to the sidewalk directly in front of Kelly. “Why don’t you stop and hang with us for a while? I have just been dying to show you my new backyard.”

“Thank you very much, but I really don’t have the time,” she replied.

“It will only take a few minutes,” Veronica replied while Becky and Tina surrounded her.

“Well ok, but I really need to get home and start dinner soon,” she replied

Veronica led Kelly through the gate while Becky and Tina brought up the rear eliminating any chance of escape. “Put your backpack on the table and take a seat and make yourself comfortable,” Veronica said in a sickly sweet fashion. “What do you think of it?”

“The lawn is beautiful, but that pool is absolutely fabulous,” Kelly replied trying to hide her jealousy. No sooner did she get that out before Tina grabbed her arms while Becky got her legs.

“How would you like to try it,” Veronica asked with a hint of mischief in her voice as her two partners in crime carried Kelly to the edge of the pool.

“No please, it is way too cold and I can’t swim.”

“No time like the present to learn,” Veronica replied. “On my count,” she said as the girls started to swing Kelly. “One, two, THREE!”

“Noooo,” Kelly screamed as she splashed into the water and started fighting for her life. “Help me please, I can’t swim, I can’t swim!

Veronica calmly walked over to the shed and picked up a long aluminum pole with a brush on the end. “Grab this,” she said. Becky and Tina were right beside her and she whispered something to them. Once Kelly was near the edge of the pool, Veronica quit pulling and pushed her under the surface. After a few seconds, she let her up.

“What are you trying to do, kill me,” she screamed.

“No but if you tell anyone what happened here today, I will and everyone will think it was just an accidental drowning,” Veronica replied.

“I promise I won’t tell a soul. Please let me go, I have to get home to make dinner.”

“You had better not or you know what will happen. Tina and Becky will help you out.”

Shivering, Becky and Tina pulled her from the water but instead of helping her up, they carried her to the edge of the yard and threw her down the ivy covered embankment where she landed with a thud. “And don’t forget your designer purse,” Becky shouted as she tossed Kelly’s backpack right at her.

Kelly reached for her backpack but felt a smooth metal ring next to the strap. She picked it up and wondered if it was worth anything. Most likely not, she thought to herself as she put in into the one pocket on her backpack with a zipper and headed home.

Chapter Two

In a few days, the weekend came. By 10 am Saturday morning Kelly had all her chores done. She went up to her room and remembered the ring which she pulled out of her backpack. It was a dingy dented tarnished gold that looked way too big for her ring finger. She closed her eyes and imagined that Prince Charming had arrived to ask for her hand in marriage. She slipped the ring on her left index finger and felt an undisputable sense of wellbeing. I wonder what brought that on she pondered to herself. It is the ring on your finger, a soft voice in her head replied. Startled, she immediately took the ring off and went back to feeling the way she did before she had put it on. What’s with this thing she wondered? She took out a small magnifying glass from her desk drawer and closely examined it. There were no markings, numbers or letters on it. It appeared to just be an old tarnished ring. She put it back on her finger and once again sensed the feeling of wellbeing. I wonder what else this ring can do besides make me feel good she thought to herself. “It can do anything you ask of it,” the soft voice in her head replied.


“Yes anything,” the voice replied.

Kelly looked at the white vase in her room. She said out loud, “I wish that vase would turn blue.” To her amazement, the vase turned blue. “No way,” she shouted.

“Is everything ok in there Kelly,” her foster mom asked from the other room.

“Yes mam,” Kelly answered, and then she softly said, “I wish my step mom would forget what I just shouted and stay out of my room for the next hour.”

Kelly again looked at the vase and said, “I wish the vase would turn back to white,” which it instantly did. And then she realized what an incredible gift she had received. But what if she made a bad wish without thinking or during a horrible nightmare? If she took her ring off at night to prevent that, someone might steal it from her. What to do?

Kelly pondered the situation and then got a pencil and paper and began writing.

After a few minutes she was satisfied with what she had written and said, “Ring, you will only grant my wishes when I say the word I wish followed by the request and then within 10 seconds I say the words, “make it so ring. Make it so ring”

Kelly again looked at the vase and thought; I wish the vase would turn blue. Nothing happened so she tried again without any luck. On the third try, she added the phrase make it so ring and the vase immediately turned blue. Yes! And then she read her next phrase. I wish that no one but me could remove the ring from my finger. Make it so ring. “I am sorry,” the ring said, “but you cannot alter in any way the properties of the ring.

“Very well, then I wish that my first knuckle on my left index finger would become large enough so that no one could pull the ring over it and that no one would ever notice that it was larger than my other knuckles. Make it so ring.”

Kelly walked over to her mirror and took a good look at herself. She looked 3 years younger than she really was. “That’s going to change and right now.”

Kelly closed her eyes and said, “Ring, I wish to be 5’5” with a 32 inch chest along with 2 perfect c cup sized breasts with a 20 inch waist and 32 inch hips. Make it so ring. I wish that I had long beautiful blonde hair with curls at the ends along with a beautiful face with big blues eyes and long sexy eyelashes perfect teeth and complexion. Make it so ring.”

Kelly opened her eyes and could not believe what she was seeing. “Why, I must be the cutest girl in the world,” she said.

“Not quite,” the ring answered, “but you could be.”

“I wish to be the cutest girl in the world,” she said. “Make it so ring.”

Kelly was ecstatic at her new appearance, but how would she explain it? “Ring, I wish that everyone in the world will think that I blossomed to this appearance over the past two years. Make it so ring.”

And with that, she headed out of her room down the stairs and to her front door.

“And just where do you think you are going young lady,” her stepmom asked.

“To the woods for a hike,” she replied.

“Not by yourself you are not,” she replied.

She immediately thought to herself, “I wish that my stepmom will let me go out by myself and not have to be home until 10 PM. Make it so ring.”

“Well, on second thought, I guess the exercise would do you good. Just be sure to be home by 10.”

“Yes mam.”

Chapter Three

Kelly arrived at her favorite spot in the woods, a small clearing with a meadow and pond that deer often frequented. On the way over, she had pondered the multiple possibilities that she could use her new powers for. She could cure cancer, prevent hunger and even end all wars. But all of those might have potential unwanted consequences. No, she would start small with this. Small, and weak, two things she had been all her life but not for long. She would never be those two things again. She knew exactly what she was going to do first.

She remembered reading her father’s old DC comics when she was just learning to read. Her favorite had always been Superman and his cousin, Supergirl and now she could actually become her. She closed her eyes and said, I wish to have all the powers of Superman as depicted in the early 1960’s comic books without any of his weakness like red suns, large planets, kryptonite, phantom zone projectors or magic of any kind except for my ring’s magic. Make it so ring. An unimaginable rush came over her body as if her entire body was screaming, Yes! Yes! Yes!

“I also wish to have a complete understanding of my powers as well as perfect control of them. Make it so ring.” She opened her eyes and could not believe what she could see and hear. She saw a butterfly a mile away as if she was looking at it under the microscope. She glanced at the pond and she could see all the microorganisms in the water. She heard a squirrel 3 miles away chewing on a nut and was able to see it as if it was right in front of her.

She looked down at her tattered clothes and thought these simply won’t do for a Supergirl. I wish to have an indestructible blue minidress with a red and yellow super emblem on my chest along with matching blue panties and bra with a yellow super belt just like Supergirl wore in the comics. Make it so ring. And I wish to have red super boots with a 2 ¾ spike high heel similar to Supergirl’s along with a red super cape that stops just even with the helm of my dress with a yellow super emblem on the back. Make it so ring. And lastly, I wish that I had a pair of indestructible super red gloves that will protect my ring from any harm that fit me perfectly and go half way up my forearms and can only be removed by me or by the magic power of the ring. Make it so Ring.

Kelly looked down at her chest where her two pert super breasts gently warped her “S” shield. She brought her now gloved super hands up to her chest and slowly started downward feeling every curve of her new super body. She made a few turns around her breasts before moving down to her waist and then on to her hips. She took several trips with her hands around her new super cute super buns.

A huge smile came over her as she thought back to the events of the day. A short while ago she was the small flat chested Raggedy Ann. Now she was the cutest and most powerful girl on the planet! Time to go up, up and away.

Kelly leaped into the air and stayed sub sonic until she arrived at 20,000 feet where she came to a hover. Despite the cold air, she was completely comfortable as she took in the breath taking view. I wonder what the terrible trio is up to. She quickly focused her super vision on Becky’s house and found her still in bed hung over from the night before. Veronica was doing her hair color along with some platies, and Tina was playing with her personal toys. Now there was a memory that she wished her super brain would let her forget. She turned and quickly accelerated upwards to Mach 5 before entering space and heading for Alaska at well over 200,000 miles an hour.

Chapter Four

Kelly slowed to subsonic speed before reentering the upper atmosphere. Her destination was now just twenty miles below her. In less than two minutes she was hovering over Mt. Denali, the highest peak in North America. To the West she could see Anchorage, to the East Fairbanks. She spotted a large remote glacier valley in the Brooks Range filled with boulders. That looks like a perfect place to start.

She landed next to a huge boulder that was more than 4 times her height. With some trepidation she approached it from the downhill side, wondering if it started moving if it would crush her. Maybe I should try a little one first, she pondered. Twenty feet away was a 5 foot diameter boulder. She walked over, bent down and tried to pick it up. Before she knew what happened, the boulder was 100 feet in the air. She quickly flew up and grabbed it. It felt almost weightless to her. She hurled the boulder at a nearby mountain peak and watched as the granite rock turned bright red. Almost instantaneously, she flew ahead of the boulder and caught it and brought it to a stop. Wow, she thought to herself. How strong must I be to do this?

Kelly thought for a moment what she should do with the rock. And then it came to her. She once again fired it towards the peak, but this time she flew ahead and stopped directly in its path assuming her fists on hips power pose. She closed her eyes just before the rock struck her. There was a tremendous boom as the rock shattered into thousands of pieces, but Kelly had not bunged an inch. Invulnerability, check she thought to herself.

But the boulder had filled her hair with dust and shards as well as coating her super uniform with grey powder. In the distance, Kelly spotted a large lake and quickly flew towards. She dove in and then accelerated to super speed. At the end of the lake, she pulled out straight upwards with her beautiful breasts sitting high and proud on her chest while her stunning blonde hair glistening in the sunlight. A quick flight to the stratosphere and back dried her off completely.

On the way back down, she spotted an old abandoned gold mine with a steam shovel and several other rusted metal structures around it. With ease, she lifted it up into the air and then gently set it back down. Trying out her heat vision, she cut off the bucket arm quicker than a hot knife would slash through a slab of butter and then warmed the metal which she quickly twisted it into a perfect heart. Nonchalantly, she tossed it into the air and then reduced it to liquid metal.

Kelly hovered over the cab and remembered how some kids moms used to write their names on their toys when she was little. She reached down with her right index finger and put it through the thick metal cab top as if it were Jell-O and then carved the words Kelly’s Toy.

Using her x-ray vision, she scanned the ground and mountains around the mine and spotted several gold veins that had been missed. If I didn’t have this ring, I could mine all the gold I wanted she thought to herself. Bored, she took back to the sky to see what else she could find to play with.

She flew at high speed just a few feet above the terrain taking it all in. She could see it all, the meadows, the mountains, the lakes and streams, the flowers and grasses, rabbits, birds, deer and moose. And then she found something that caught her eye.

Just above a little lake in a small stream there was an 800 pound grizzly bear taking a drink. A mischievous grin came over her face as she landed right next to him. Startled, he lifted a massive paw and took a swipe at Kelly. Instinctively, she dodged it and then realized there was really no need to do so. Perturbed, he let out a massive growl and stood up on his hind legs with his front paws up and ready for action absolutely dwarfing the tiny female next to him. Kelly slowly drifted upwards until her head was just above his and put her arms out and tried to look as menacing as possible. The bear responded by trying to slash her with his right paw, but Kelly grabbed it and pushed him over backwards onto his butt. Furious, he got up and charged her with his mouth wide open.

The Maiden of Might offered up her forearm which he immediately clamped down on. Kelly flew slowly upwards as the grizzly flailed his claws at her but he could not hang on and had to let go. He stood right back up on his hind legs, but the Princess of Power took a quick breath in and then blew it out sending him tumbling over backwards. At this point, the bear turned and ran but after only two steps, his nose collided with the Girl of Steel’s invulnerable chest and he fell down stunned. He slowly got up and started walking away. “Not so fast,” Kelly said out loud as she flew over him and landed on his back. In an instant, her tiny yet mighty thighs were pressing hard against his rib cage. He took off running with Kelly on his back. He tried to buck but to no avail. He rose up on his rear legs and Kelly shouted out, “Hi Oh Silver, away.” She tried to use her legs to steer him back to the lake but he kept resisting. She finally forced him to the ground, a prisoner of her thighs of steel.

The Maiden of Might clamped down hard with her mighty legs and turned the Grizzly back towards the lake. Exhausted and defeated, this time he followed her commands. Back at the lake, Kelly got off and scratched Silver’s head and said, “Now wait right here boy.”

She quickly skimmed over the lake and came back with a nice salmon that she gave to him. “See, I am not all bad,” she chuckled. “And if you are nice to me, there are plenty more where that came from.” She grabbed another fish out of the lake for him. He got up and started walking away. Kelly got on his back and went for a leisurely jaunt.

She thought about how much fun it might be to train him. Of course she could just order the ring to let her control any animal’s or human’s mind, but where would the fun be in that? An interesting idea, but Kelly had a lot more of Alaska to see and it was starting to get a little late.

Chapter Five

At 9:55 Kelly walked back into her house dressed as she left.

“Did you have a good time,” her stepmother inquired.

“Oh yes mam. I always do when I go to the woods.”

Kelly hurried back up to her room, changed into her PJ’s and jumped under the covers. “Wow, what a day,” she thought to herself.

“Thank you ring for all you have done for me,” she whispered to the ring.

“There is one more thing that you need to know about the ring,” the soft voice spoke to her in her head. “If you do not take a life a day, before the second sunset, you will lose the ring and all it has done for you.

“You mean that I will lose all my powers and looks if I do not kill one person a day?”

“That is correct,” the soft voice in her head replied.

Kelly was in shock. In the back of her mind, she knew this was way too good to be true, and now she knew the catch. But how could she give up her new powers and abilities? To have them only for a day would be the cruelest torture ever. She needed to think, and her room was not the place to do it. She jumped out of bed, stripped off her PJ’s and thought, I am Supergirl. Make it so ring.

Instantly, she transformed back into the Girl of Steel. If anyone comes into my room, they will see that I am fast asleep in my bed and they will not try to disturb me. Make it so ring. Kelly opened her window, flew outside and closed it and then streaked skyward. She was not sure where she was going or what she was going to do as she picked up speed. Within a few minutes, she was over the city of Chicago as she slowed to a crawl. What to do, what to do? Think Kelly, you have a super brain now, use it. If someone has to die, who should it be? Someone who is already close to death, someone whose life does not matter? All of these options repulsed her. Maybe it should be someone who does not deserve to live or whose death would make the world a better place? Yes, then maybe she could consider killing that person a good thing. But could she take a life? Is this ring from the devil and will she be condemning herself to eternal hell? Is God testing her? What should she do? What could she do?

She picked up her speed a bit and started cruising around in a very industrial part of town. She was scanning and listening but for what she was not sure. There were a few bars on the edge of the area with hookers and patrons coming and going. None of these people seemed to fit the bill. She continued searching until she came across 3 men behind a large factory. They were standing next to a large black sedan. With her super hearing, she started eavesdropping on the conversation.

“Please, don’t break my other arm. I will get the money,” the smallest of the men pleaded.

“That’s what you said last time asshole. So where is the money?”

“I can get it by Tuesday,” he said

“Sure you can, and I can be the heavyweight champ of the world by then as well,” the large man replied. “It’s nothing personal, but it is really bad for Big Mike’s business when little weasels like you don’t pay. Other folks might get the idea that they don’t have to either.”

“No please, I will get it.” The man stopped in mid-sentence as the large hunting knife penetrated his abdomen, went up into his thorax and right into his heart.

Kelly could not bear to look anymore. She quickly flew behind a building and started to cry with dry heaves. Some Supergirl I am. I just watched a poor man get killed and I stood by and did NOTHING!

The large man cleaned his knife on the deceased man’s pant leg and the two of them put him in a black body bag and then placed him in the trunk of the grey sedan. He took the dead man’s keys and drove off with his car while his partner in crime drove off in the grey sedan.

From high overhead, Kelly followed the large man. She didn’t know what she was going to do if anything, but she couldn’t leave either. After a short drive, the man parked the car in front of a garage and left the keys in the ashtray and the car unlocked. He got out and started walking. He seemed to be walking towards a large apartment building. With her x-ray vision, Kelly checked his wallet and confirmed that he did live in the complex. She knew what she had to do, but she could not bring herself to do it. She flew out ahead of the man and landed inside his complex staying in the shadows. She closed her eyes and started crying. No, No, No, this is not what a Supergirl does! Kelly had only a few minutes left to regain her composure before the man would arrive. And then it came to her. I wish to become a large man, 6’3”, 240 pounds of solid muscle while retaining all of my powers. Make it so, ring.

Kelly waited until the man started walking down the corridor and then he confronted him. “I saw what you did tonight pal, and you are not going to get away with it.”

“Who are you, the cops?”

“No man, I am your worst nightmare.” Kelly started to reach into his pocket like he was going for a gun, and instantly, the man pulled his knife and tried to stab Kelly, but it was like trying to put a steel knife through armor plating. Stunned, the man had no time to react as Kelly put his hand over the other man’s and jammed the blade into his heart. He screamed, as Kelly heard numerous people awaken and start heading for their windows.

“I wish to be invisible now. Make it so ring.”

Several windows and doors opened, but all people saw was the man who lay dying on the ground with the knife in his chest.

Kelly was so sickened by what he had done he could hardly move, but somehow he shuffled out to the courtyard trying his best to suppress his nausea. Once there, he slowly flew up into the sky and landed on a nearby rooftop. He was so disgusted with himself that he fell to his knees and started balling. “What have I done, what have I done,” he cried out loud.

After a few minutes he regained his composure and said, this is not me, this is not who I am. I am Supergirl, make it so ring, and instantly, he changed back to the Princes of Power and felt much better. She streaked up into the sky and made a beeline back to her favorite woods.

Chapter Six

The next morning came early for Kelly. “Rise and shine,” her step mother yelled through the door, “It’s time to help me make Sunday brunch.”

“Yes mam,” Kelly replied. She got up and brushed her hair, put her clothes on and went down the stairs to the kitchen. She quickly got engrossed in preparing the meal which helped her to put aside the events of last night. Soon the meal was ready and she started to think about what she would do today. Right now, her living situation was her number one priority.

After the meal, she washed and dried the dishes and then got ready for church. She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth and put on her best hand me down Sunday dress with her white flats.

During the sermon, the pastor keep talking about do to others as you would have them do to you. Yea right, she thought. I sure did that last night, not! Oh well, maybe what she did was for the greater good of all. Time will tell. Her mind drifted back to her living situation and she came upon a great idea. She could hardly wait for church to be over.

After she got outside she told her stepmother she was going to walk back home by way of Cindy’s house. “Be sure to be back in time to start diner,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I will.” But that was not what she had in mind at all.

Once alone she asked “Ring, are there any couples in this town that have lost an only child in the past ten years?”

“There are three,” the ring replied.

“Tell me about them,” she said.

“Well the Smiths lost their 3 year old son when his father accidently backed over him. The Reynolds family lost their infant daughter when she drown in their bath tub and the Whites lost their 9 year old daughter to leukemia about seven years ago.”

“Show me where the Whites live. Thank you,” she replied. A quick peek with her super vision revealed that Mrs. White was home. It was a long walk from the church, but that would give Kelly plenty of time to figure out what she was going to say.

It was a beautiful home in the nicest part of town. A long driveway led up to a large three car garage. Kelly rang the doorbell and waited for Mrs. White to come to the door. The door opened and Mrs. White said, “Can I help you”

“I sure hope so. Are you Mrs. White,” she asked.

“Why yes I am.”

“I was just at church and I was explaining a problem that I have to one of the counselors and they suggested that I come see you.”

“Why did they tell you to come see me,” she queried.

“I guess it was because you have had to deal with similar issues in the past.”

“Did you walk all the way from Church?”

“Yes I did.”

“Then you must be tired and thirsty. Come on in and sit down and tell me your troubles while I make some lemonade.”

Mrs. White was a very attractive lady who looked to be in her late thirties or early forties. Kelly sat down and told her all about her life with her parents, what happened to her mother and father and how she had bounced around from foster home to foster home. Mrs. White listened closely to every word that she said. After hearing it all, she sat down on the couch next to Kelly and said, “I too know how much it hurts to lose someone special to me, but I never talk about it with anyone.

Kelly closed her eyes and thought to herself, I wish Mrs. White would talk to me openly and freely about this. Make it so ring.

“I don’t know why I am talking to you about this. Perhaps because having lost someone yourself, you will understand the unbearable pain that is involved.”

Mrs. White told Kelly about how wonderful life with her daughter Anna was and how happy she and her husband were. And then she talked about how things were when Anna got sick. How she and her husband argued because she was unwilling to accept the prognosis. She also shared that after Anna’s death she could not be intimate with him, and he turned to other women. And lastly she asked, “why did you come here today?’

And Kelly could not hold back any longer. Through a flood of tears she said, “Because I was hoping to find someone who could love me as much as my mother did.”

Mrs. White hugged Kelly tight and said, “I would love to be that person, but I am afraid it is too late for me. My husband is divorcing me, and I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer,” and then she began crying.

Kelly’s tears dried up almost immediately. Please don’t cry Mrs. White. I can assure you that everything will be all right. And then Kelly closed her eyes and thought to herself, I wish that everyone in the world knew that the Whites adopted me two years ago and that Mrs. White is now one hundred percent cancer free. I also wish that Mr. White is madly in love with his wife and that they enjoy a wonderful sex life together and that he never filed for divorce. Make it so ring.

“Thanks for the lemonade mom,” Kelly said. It was all she could do to not use her super speed to run up the stairs and see her new room. She opened the door and to her amazement, it was the room of her dreams. The carpet was pink, her four poster bed white with a pink canopy, just as she had dreamed it so many times. The walls were pink and her desk and dresser were white as was her vanity. And it was so big with her very own TV hanging on one wall. Her walk-in closet was filled with beautiful new stylish clothes. And best of all, her room was connected to a Jack and Jill bathroom. She walked through it only to find a game room complete with pool table, video games and a giant flat screen TV. She was in seventh heaven. Coming back to reality, she plopped down on her bed and started to think about what she would have to do tonight.

Chapter Seven

Her parents were out for the evening to dinner and a late movie. She had made a wish that they would never worry about her or where she was which would give her freedom to come and go as she needed to. She was recounting her mistakes from last night and vowed never to make them again. And then it came to her. Yes! This would be the perfect solution to her problem.

I wish to become a 5’9’ 23 year old Superwoman any time I wish it. I will have a 36 inch chest with perfect DD breasts along with a 22 inch waist and 34inch hips. I will wear an indestructible super outfit composed of a long sleeve back top that showcases my breasts with a large silver “S” shield on the front along with matching bra and black panties. There will be silver trim around the neck and at the bottom of the blouse which will end just below my breasts leaving my perfect 6 pack visible for all to see. I wish to wear a very short black miniskirt that has a silver belt and S shield buckle with silver trim at the top and bottom of the skirt. I wish to wear a black cape that stops even with my hem line that is trimmed in silver all around in the front and back with a silver S shield on the upper back. I wish to wear black super boots that stop just short of my knees with 4 inch stiletto heels along with silver gloves that come half way up my forearms. The outfit will showcase and cling to my very buff deltoids, biceps and triceps. I wish for my hair to be brown and come down to just below my shoulders. I wish to have the most sexy, alluring face of any female on the planet with high cheek bones and full lips.

Make it so ring.

It was now 8:30. Kelly had stalled as long as she could, but it was time to get down to business. She got up out of bed and said, I am Supergirl, make it so ring.

Immediately she transformed into her blue and reds. She opened the window and flew outside towards her favorite clearing in the woods. She landed unseen and then said, “I wish for a full length mirror. Make it so ring.” She stood for a long time in front of it looking at her reflection and then she took three deep breaths closed her eyes and said, “I wish to be Superwoman, make it so ring.”

Instantly she felt the power rush to her chest, arms and shoulders. She clenched her fists as tightly as she could as she tried to imagine how much force she was generating. She felt power like never before. She opened her eyes and could not believe the image in front of her. Immediately, she struck a power pose which showed off her abs, arms and shoulders. “I can’t believe how intimidating I look,” she marveled to herself. But there was business in Chicago, time to get to it as she flew off into the night sky.

She arrived within minutes and started scanning the city with her super vision for the second man who had helped with the murder last night. It did not take long to find him at a low life bar. But how would she get him alone and out of the bar? She scanned his wallet and discovered his name was Edgar. She looked at the waitresses in the bar and said, “I wish to be dressed like the waitresses. Make it so ring.”

Superwoman flew down to the back door but it was bolted from the inside. A quick blast from her heat vision fixed that little problem. She opened the door and then walked inside and approached Ed. “Hey are you Ed? Some guy named Mike in the parking lot wants to talk to you.” She didn’t wait for the response. She just turned around and walked back outside.

“Oh shit,” Ed thought to himself. “This can’t be good. Since Tom got it last night everyone in the organization had been on edge.” Ed pulled out his snub nose .38 and checked that all five rounds were loaded and then put it back in his pocket. With his hand on his gun, he carefully exited out the back door.

Once outside, he saw no Mike, but the same chick that had approached him moments earlier was there, but now she was dressed in a black outfit with a silver “S” on her chest. “Where’s Mike,” he asked.

“He couldn’t make it so he sent me instead.”

Dame or not, Ed had been around long enough to know this was a set up. He immediately pulled out his gun and fired three rounds at her unbelievable chest.

To his amazement, she just stood there with a smile on her face. “Little boys shouldn’t play with guns,” she said as she snatched the weapon from his hand, crushed it and sent it flying towards the lake. Before he could react, he felt himself passing out as he was being carried rapidly upwards.

Superwoman climbed to 20,000 and flew several miles out over Lake Michigan before she tossed the still unconscious Ed into the air and reduced him to elemental carbon with her heat vision. A feeling of relief and relaxation came over her. She flew back over Chicago and took in the sights. The Cubs were playing at Wrigley Field and were actually winning. Everyone was having a good time. She hovered high above the park and thought to herself, I guess my work her is done, time to head back home. “I am Supergirl, make it so ring.”

Chapter Eight

Kelly woke up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed eager to start the last week of school before summer vacation. But how would she get there? Walking was definitely out as was flying there as Supergirl. And then it came to her. “I can drive myself!” But what should she drive? Maybe a Corvette or a Porsche? Why stop there? Let’s make it a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. That would really show up Veronica. But no, she always hated the rich girls who flaunted their wealth. She didn’t want to be one of those. A brand new bright red Mazda 6 would do nicely. That would give her plenty of room to drive her new friends around.

“Ring, I wish to have a driver’s license along with all the driving skills of the world’s top ten car racers. I also wish to have a brand new bright red Mazda 6 to drive. Make it so ring.”

Kelly popped out of bed, took her shower, did her hair and makeup and then walked into her closet. Decisions, decisions she thought to herself as she looked over her vast wardrobe. She settled on a cute frilly top that left her midriff bare along with a bright red miniskirt that was belted at the waist. She completed the ensemble with 2 inch high platform sandals which showcased her silky smooth gorgeous legs.

She arrived at school just in time to beat Veronica out of the last place in the close parking lot. The look on her face was priceless. Veronica zoomed out of the lot while Becky and Tina flipped her the bird. With all the recent excitement, she had forgotten about the wicked trio. Payback’s a bitch, as Kelly made her wish.

“Listen guys, you gotta help me. I just don’t know what to do,” Becky said desperately.

“What is it this time,” Veronica inquired uncaringly.

“I’m pregnant,” she replied.

“Big deal,” responded Tina. “I got busted for driving drunk last night on a suspended license. My Dad’s Lawyer says I may have to go to juvie for it.”

“What’s with you,” Veronica replied to Becky. “Didn’t you use protection?”

“Of course I did, but clearly it didn’t work,” she replied.

“Well then I guess you need to go with Plan B”.

“What is your Plan B,” she inquired.

“Not my plan B, the plan B,” Veronica snapped back. It kills the little thing before it gets too big.”

“It only works if you take it within three days of intercourse. Did you have a positive pregnancy test,” Tina inquired.

“Yes, I checked three different ones.”

“Then you are as doomed as I am. I guess you will be heading off to the convent this summer while I go to Juvie,” Tina replied.

“You two are idiots. Now what I going to do all summer by myself,” Veronica replied.

“Hang out with that hunk boyfriend of yours until he dumps you,” Tina replied.

Kelly walked into the school building and was promptly stopped by Matt, Veronica’s boyfriend. “Hey Kelly, you look absolutely fabulous today.”

“Thanks Matt, you look pretty good yourself,” she responded. “Have you been working on your tan?”

“Yea that and a few other things,” he said as he held up his right arm and flexed his biceps. “Listen the reason I stopped you is because my car is in the shop and since we live pretty close, I was wondering if you could give me a lift home?”

“Sure,” said Kelly. “It will be my pleasure.”

“Great! I will meet you here after school.”

“See you then,” she said as she walked off to class.

Just then Veronica walked in and saw the two chatting. She walked up to Matt and said, “What were you talking to that little child about?”

“My car is in the shop and I need a lift home today. Since we live close, I thought I would ask her for a ride.”

“Well you can text her that you don’t need one as I can take you home.”

“How would Tina and Becky get home then?”

“They are big girls. They can find their own way,” replied Veronica.

“Thanks a bunch Ronnie,” Tina said in disgust. “And by the way, you had better stop by the ladies room and take care of those zits on your face before anyone else sees you.”

“I have never had a zit in my life,” Veronica responded angrily.

“Well I guess there is always a first time,” Becky chimed in.

A smile came to Kelly’s face. She had been listening in with her super hearing. You had better get used to them Veronica, because every time you get jealous of me, you are going to get several more, she chuckled to herself.

Chapter Nine

“Thanks Kelly,” Matt said as she dropped him off at his house.

“My pleasure,” Kelly responded. “Do you need a ride to school tomorrow,” she asked.

“That would be great,” he replied.

“OK, I will pick you up at 7:30.” Kelly blew him a kiss and headed back to her house in her snazzy red Mazda. I can’t wait to see the look on Veronica’s face tomorrow when she sees Matt and I driving together.

Kelly pulled into her garage and hit the clicker to put the door down. She walked into the kitchen where her mother was sitting at the counter looking at her phone. She looked up at her just as Kelly said, “Mom, there is something important than I need to talk to you about.”

“Why sure Kelly. You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Not here, let’s go up to my room,” she replied

They both climbed up the stairs and entered her room. “Mom, why don’t you sit on my bed. There is something I want to show you. “Kelly walked into her closet and came out a few seconds later. “Well, what do you think?”

“I think you are about four months early for Halloween, but the costume looks great on you and really fits well.”

“No, you don’t understand. This is not a Halloween costume. This is my indestructible Supergirl uniform,” she replied.

“Oh Kelly,” her mom replied while trying to suppress her laughter which very quickly changed to a very serious tone when she again said “Oh Kelly,” as she watched her daughter slowly rise off the ground and rotate ninety degrees. It looked like she was lying on her side with her right arm propping up her head as if she was on top of her bed except she was just floating in midair without any visible means of support.

“Come check for wires or try to push me down. You will not be able to because I have all of Supergirl’s other powers as well.”

Her mother looked at her in shock. “How long have you had these powers? What are you planning to do with them? Where did you come from?”

“Well, let’s just say that I am not from anywhere near here. I have been keeping my powers a secret, but now I think that I am old enough and wise enough to start using them for the greater benefit of mankind but first, I want to take you out and show you what all I can do. But you have to promise me one thing, that you will never reveal my secret to anyone, including dad.

“That may be a very hard promise to keep, but I will try.”

‘I am sure that you can do it mom”, Kelly answered back encouragingly.

Silently, Kelly wished that her mother would keep her secret and commanded the ring to make it so. “Now go put your ski suit and jacket on and meet me downstairs.”

“Ready to go,” Kelly asked her mom.

“Yes,” she answered apprehensively.

“Really mom? You think that you need your lucky rabbit’s foot?”

“How did you know that I had it?”

“X-ray vision, remember? Here at Supergirl airlines, we always prescreen our passengers.”

“Are you expecting it to rain,” her mom inquired as she wondered why Kelly had on her light tan trench coat?

“No, I just didn’t want anyone to see us driving together while I am in my uniform. Let’s go up to the edge of the woods.”

After a short drive, her mother pulled into a small dirt parking lot. Kelly scanned the area and said, “Looks like the coast is clear.” She took off her coat and produced her father’s motorcycle Helmet. “The face shield should keep the wind and bugs out of your eyes. Now are you ready for the time of your life,” Kelly asked.

“I guess so, but please don’t go too fast.”

Kelly swept her mother up in her arms and started flying forward, accelerating very slowly. Once above the trees, she picked up the speed a little more. “What do you think of the view,” Kelly asked her.

“It is truly breathtaking,” she replied.

Kelly slowed down and landed near an old rusted out car than had all its windows broken out. Gently, she put her mother down and then made a large shallow pit in the ground.

“Watch this,” Kelly said as she walked over to the car. “There are just so many ways I can destroy it. I can use my finger to cut the steel like a knife,” she said as she cut through two door posts, “or I can just squeeze the metal and reduce it the thickness of tin foil and rip it off like this. If I don’t want to get my hands dirty, I can cut it up with my heat vision like so.”

Kelly’s mother was astounded. Her daughter really was a Supergirl.

“But this is taking way to long, so I will use my super speed to finish the job.”

For a few seconds, all Mrs. White could see was a purple blur. Then she saw Kelly standing over the large pit filled with metal. In no time, the metal became red hot and then liquid as Kelly focused her heat vision on it. Then she placed her fists on her hips, took a big breath and cooled the liquid metal with her super breath.

Satisfied with her work, she bent down and picked up the large metal disc and said, “Now that’s what I call a Supergirl sized Frisbee,” as one flick of her wrist sent it flying away at tremendous speed. Before Mrs. White could say a thing, Kelly was gone and a few seconds later, the Frisbee was flying right at her. She started to duck when a blue and red blur appeared and caught it with one hand. “Don’t worry mom. As long as I am around, you will never be in any danger.”

Kelly turned to her mother and said, “Watch this.” She flew up to the top of the largest Pine tree around and karate chopped all the braches off in just a few seconds. She then ripped it out of the ground and flew it high up in the air and let go. She streaked to the ground and got into her power pose with fists on hips, chest thrusted out and a big smile on her face.

Her mother saw that the tree was going to hit her and she screamed, “Kelly, look out, but the Girl of Steel did not move as the huge tree slammed down on her head and split into thousands of pieces. Kelly brushed herself off and then twirled at super speed to get rid of the last splinters and then casually walked over to her mother.

“I thought you were dead for sure,” she said.

“Like I told you before, I really am Supergirl, and there is absolutely nothing on this planet that can harm me, including nuclear weapons. Have you had enough for the day,” she asked her mother.

“I’ll say,” she answered.

Heading home in the car, Kelly turned on the radio. “And to repeat our top news story tonight , several miners in Kentucky are trapped five hundred feet underground in what may be the worst mine disaster in the past 30 years.”

“Sounds like a job for Supergirl,” her mother said.

“Do you really think so,” Kelly responded eagerly.

“I know so.”

Chapter Ten

Within minutes, Kelly landed at the command center at the mine. “Is there anything that I can do to help,” Kelly asked meekly. The incident commander turned and looked at her and asked, “Are you for real? Don’t you know that men are dying down there? This is no joke missy and this little stunt of yours is in extremely poor taste.”

“Excuse me for a second sir,” she said. To the astonished gasps of the crowd Kelly flew over to an old backhoe bucket and tore it into five pieces and then fused them together with her heat vision. She stood up straight and pushed the heavy slab into her chest and then flew back to the commander. “I am so sorry sir. I forgot to give you my card,” she said as she showed him the slab with two perfect indentations in it. “I am Supergirl and I am here to help. Now what is the situation?”

The shift foreman was the first to regain his composure. “We think there’s been a cave in on one of the lower levels and it spewed into the elevator shaft knocking it out. This has trapped all of the men on the lower levels as well as the men on the level where the cave in occurred.”

Supergirl flew up 20 feet in the air and started looking intently at the ground.

She could see the damaged elevator car and the dead men in it. But the good news was that most of the men on the lower levels were alive and safe for the moment. But things were much worse on the level with the cave in. She needed to get to them fast.

“Ok sir, here is the situation. The cave in damaged the elevator car and the men who were in are all dead. Most of the men on the lower levels are ok for now. My plan is to go down the shaft to level four and then tunnel down to level five from there. I will put the dirt in the back of level 4 and then bring the men out. How does that sound for starters?”

“Sounds like a terrific plan to me if you can do it. God’s speed Supergirl,” said the foreman.

In a flash, Supergirl flew down the elevator shaft to level four. She got to the midpoint of the tunnel and then put her arms out and started rotating at super speed. The rocks started heating and cracking as she went. After twenty feet she stopped and cleared out all the broken rocks above her and placed them towards the end of tunnel. Kelly kept repeating this process over and over.

On level five, many of the men were crying and moaning. Several had been injured, some were dead and all of them knew that soon they would be breathing their last. And then they heard a sound like no other. Men started screaming assuming that it was the sound of a soon to be fatal cave in, but some of the men realized that it was too rhythmic for that. Could it be a drill of some kind? But what kind of drill could it possibly be?

The louder it got, the more fearful some of the men became while others started to hold out a little more hope. They moved as far back from the noise as they could when suddenly, rocks crashed down from the roof and a faint breeze could be felt. A high pitched voice then asked, “Is everyone all right?”

Every miner’s light was turned on and directed towards the voice. A petit girl in a blue dress appeared out of the shadows. One miner immediately recognized the uniform. “Am I dreaming this? Am I dead, or are we all about to be rescued by a real live Supergirl?

“I see her too Steve.”

“So do I,” Mike chimed in.

“What I would like you to do is to come back with me to the new shaft I have drilled. I will fly you up to level 4. Once there, I want you to walk to the elevator shaft and wait for me. I will fly you up two at a time from there.”

With nothing to lose and no other options, the uninjured men helped the walking wounded make it back to the shaft. One by one Supergirl flew the men up the narrow shaft back to level four. After she took the last man up, she flew to the end of the shaft and took the first two men to safety.

The incident commander was talking to the foreman in hushed tones. No one really believed that a little girl could cut through solid rock and rescue anyone. They were trying to come up with another plan to send men down to level 4 somehow and then maybe drill an air hole down to level 5 when all of a sudden the hushed crowd broke out in joyous adulation.

Supergirl flew just over the crowd and landed next to the foreman. The grateful men were too shocked to thank the Maiden of Might, but the foreman more than made up for it. “Thank you, Supergirl, Thank you! Is there anything that you need or that we can do to help you,” he asked.

“Yes, I need several basket stretchers and a whole lot of luck. Keep praying for the guys, there is still much work to be done. “

“Arnie, Joe, bring those baskets from the shed and bring them to our little angel Pronto,” the foreman yelled out.

“You got it boss,” they both chimed in unison.

“And keep them coming,” the Girl of Steel added.

After several quick trips all of the uninjured and walking wounded were on the surface. Supergirl had six basket stretchers on level 4 and now it was time to use them. She quickly moved three of them down to level 5 as she made her way to the more severely injured and still trapped miners. With the rest of the men out of the way she went to work digging out the first cave in that separated her from 8 trapped miners. She cleared the rocks in no time and took 5 of the miners up to level 4. The sixth was injured badly. A quick scan revealed two broken legs and a broken arm, but no internal injuries. She put him in the basket and took him all the way to the surface and then took the five other miners up. That left two on level five still alive. The seventh had a ruptured spleen, but was hanging on. She placed him in the basket and took him all the way up to the waiting ambulance and told them to take him code 3 to the hospital. That left just one miner on level five.

Back down she went with a basket. Carefully but quickly she dug the man out. Both his legs had been crushed along with his Right arm. He had a fractured skull and was going in and out of conscious. His left chest was full of blood making it hard for him to breathe and four of his ribs were broken. One was within a quarter of an inch of penetrating his heart.

He is not going to make it, Kelly thought to herself. She started to reach down to his rib with her finger. Just one little push would put him out of his misery. No one would ever know, and she would have made her quota for the day.

Her finger touched his skin, but stopped there.

No! I can’t do this! I am Supergirl! I don’t take lives, I save them. She quickly transferred him to the basket stretcher and flew him out of the mine directly to the local hospital. Once there, the doctors and nurses took him in while she returned to the mine.

She went over her plan to dig out the elevator shaft and put the rocks on level 4 and then rescue the rest of the men. Both the commander and the foreman thought it was a great plan so she executed it quickly. After she brought up the last man alive, she stopped by the command station.

By the time she was finished there were more TV, radio and newspaper reporters than she had ever seen in her life. The local police were having a hard time keeping them back away from the command station. The cave in was a big story, but the presence of a real live Supergirl who had rescued them was just about the biggest news story of the Century. Kelly was really in no mood to talk to them.

All the cameras and their lights were trained on her with incessant flashes from photographers. Reporters were shouting questions left and right that she pretended not to hear.

The commander spoke first. “Supergirl, on behalf of all the miners that you rescued tonight and their families I just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What you did was amazing, and had you not stopped by, most likely all of the men you saved tonight would have perished. We owe you a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. If there is ever anything that we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“There is one thing. I really don’t want to talk to the press tonight. Do you suppose that you could tell them that my name is Supergirl and that I am here to help?”

“Of course we can Supergirl. It will be our pleasure,” the foreman responded.

Supergirl flew slowly upwards while the crowd cheered and roared drowning out all of the questions coming from the reporters. She paused for a moment and waved, and then quickly disappeared. She swung by the hospital and looked for the man with the broken ribs. He was lying in a corner of the Emergency Department with a sheet over his head. “Damn,” she thought.

Chapter Eleven

She flew Westward with mixed emotions. It had been a great debut, but unfortunately she was unable to save everyone. And she still had more work to do tonight. No point putting it off any longer.

“I am Superwoman. Make it so ring.” Instantly, her red and blues were replaced by her black and silver uniform. She shot up in height and her breasts expanded while the feeling of incredible power flowed through her upper body. “God this feels great,” she thought to herself. She changed course slightly and sped up. She was over Chicago within just a few minutes. All right Big Mike, where are you hiding?

I wish to know where Big Mike is. Make it so ring. In an instant, she was focusing her X-ray vision on his place. He was sitting in a chair watching TV with a pump shotgun on his lap and a .45 auto a shoulder hoster. Two of his goons were outside guarding the front door. He looks like he is expecting company, Superwoman thought to herself. Smart guy but it’s not going to help him.

Moving at Super speed she came up behind the two thugs and crashed their heads together. Both passed out and hit the ground. Gee, I always wondered if that really works and now I know that it does, she chuckled to herself. Amazingly, the door was unlocked so she quietly walked in and approached Big Mike.

“Who the hell are you,” he asked while pumping a round into the chamber.

“I’m the gal who payed your crony Ed a visit last night.”

“And just where the hell is he?”

“Same place that you are going to be very soon, sleeping with the fishes,”

Superwoman said while assuming her power pose.

“Like Hell I am,” he said as he shot her at point blank range.

“You are going to have to do a lot better than that,” she said with a big smile on her face.

“What are you wearing, a bullet proof bra? Let’s see how that pretty face of yours holds up,” he bellowed as he shot her three times in the head.

“You only have one shot left Mike, better make it good,” she quipped.

Furious, Big Mike pumped his Winchester’s last round into the chamber and jammed the barrel under her skirt and up between her legs and pulled the trigger.

“My, you are quite the gentleman, aren’t you,” Superwoman said in a mocking tone. “My turn now.”

The Woman of Steel grabbed him by his ankles and had him out the back door and heading skyward before he knew what hit him. Less than a minute later she dropped him on the asphalt of a deserted marine salvage yard.

“Listen sweetie, I don’t know what your angle is, but I can get you anything you want. I got friends, connections and plenty of dough. How would you like a nice diamond and 10,000 bucks right now? “

“Do you have it on you,” She asked.

“No but I can get it,” he answered.

“Isn’t that what all your customers say,” she inquired.

“Well yea, but unlike most of them, I really can.”

“Sorry, I only deal in cash. Nothing personal, just business.”

“You fucking Bitch,” he shouted as he pulled the .45 from its holster and fired all seven rounds at her.

“You certainly are a slow learner,” the Maiden of Might responded. She casually opened up her hand revealing all seven slugs. A quick touch of her heat vision melted them all together and then using both hands she rolled them into one large lead ball.

“What are you going to do with that,” he asked

“Just this,” Superwoman answered as she flicked the ball into his testicles.

He screamed as the lead projectile hit him in his private parts, but the Princess of Power was nowhere to be found. And then a few seconds later she appeared with a chain attached to an anchor. “Nice night for a swim, don’t you think” she said as she attached the chain to his ankle and picked up the anchor and flew over the lake with Mike in tow.

Ten miles from shore she dropped Mike in the water. He went under but somehow he made it back to the surface. Treading water as fast as he could, he was just able to keep up with the weight attached to his ankle.

“I would like to say that it has been fun, but really it has not,” Superwoman said. “Give my best regards to the fishes.”

Mike watched as the beautiful woman started to slowly fly away. “No, wait, please! I got money, lots of money. Please let me make you an offer.”

“It’s going to take a lot more than ten G’s for me to double cross my current employer, she replied.

“How does a hundred grand sound?”

“I’m listening. Where is it?”

“First you get me out of this water.” He responded.

Superwoman floated down to the surface and then pushed his head underwater with her boot. After ten seconds, she let him up. “Last chance, where is it,” she demanded.

“In a floor safe in my office.”

Superwoman flew up a thousand feet and trained her super vision back on Chicago.

“You lying asshole,” she said. “There is barely forty thousand in there.”

“It will be a down payment on the rest,” he said.

“No it won’t. That is going to be the last lie you ever tell.” The Maid of Might flew down and grabbed him by his wrists. She put her boots on his clavicles and began increasing the pressure on his arms. Within a few seconds his left shoulder became dislocated followed by his Right. “Let’s see how long you can tread water now.”

She let go and Mike quickly slid under the water. He tried to keep his head out but the pain was tremendous. He was going down fast and made one last attempt to get back to the surface, but he could not stand the pain. That fucking Bitch! Who was she? Who sent her? And those were the last thoughts that Big Mike would ever have.

Chapter Twelve

Superwoman cruised back into Chicago and landed outside Mike’s office. She went around to the back door and surveyed the scene. “Might as well make this look like a forced entry,” she thought to herself as she balled up her fist and gently tapped the door over the deadbolt splintering the door jam in the process. She sauntered in and moved the heavy file cabinet that was sitting over the safe. Using her X-ray vision to watch the tumblers, she opened it in mere seconds and took out the 43K that was just sitting there. Not bad for a night’s work, but how to spend it? And then it came to her. She stowed the money in her cape and started rocketing eastward.

She reached The Big Apple in no time at all. She had always wondered what a real New York nightclub was like, but which one should she go to? Which one would be the best? Why, the one with the longest line of course!

Using her super vision, she quickly scanned all the clubs in Manhattan and the one with the longest line turned out to be Excelsior. She landed in a nearby deserted alley and thought, “I wish to be wearing Black suede boots with 4 inch spike heels, suntan panty hose, a matching short Black suede miniskirt and Jacket with matching purse and a golden blouse that zips in the rear. Make it so ring.

Instantly, the sexiest woman in the world was ready for her first time in a night club. She turned the corner out of the alley and started walking past the nearly block long line to get into the club. All eyes turned to look at her as she passed.

The most commonly heard phrase was, “Oh my God!”

Men were quickly becoming aroused. Women were all insanely jealous. A buzz started throughout the line. Everyone wondered who she was. She walked up to the bouncer, a former NFL offensive lineman who asked without really looking at her, “Are you on the list?”

“If you really think you need to ask that question then you probably should not be working here,” she replied.

The bouncer looked up from his clipboard and scanned her head to toe. He had seen a lot of fantastic women in his life, but this one was in a whole nother league.

Recovering from his prior mistake he said “Ah, I see your name right here Miss Drop Dead Gorgeous. Please allow me,” he said as he lifted the rope and opened the door for her. “Manuel, our best table for this very special guest.”

All eyes in the club focused on her as she walked in. She felt both apprehensive and excited at the same time. And then she had an idea. I wish I knew everything there is to know about seducing and pleasing a man. Make it so ring. She immediately felt a wave of confidence come over her. She stood up straight and thrusted out her chest while slowing her pace and swinging her hips. She made eye contact with most every attractive man in the room and left them with a memory of her alluring gaze. And then she saw him. An absolute hunk who was impatiently looking at his watch. His date must be late, she thought to herself. He looked to be 6’3” 200 pounds of solid muscle with a 44 chest, a 32 inch waist, washboard abs with incredible buns. His full thick hair was a beautiful blonde shade and he had a nice tan with a chiseled jaw. She was in love.

She stopped at his table and said, “It’s really crowded in here and these heels are starting to get to me. Do you mind if I join you?”

“Well I am…,” he started to say until he looked at her face and then her upper chest. At a loss for words, he finally got out, “Sure, please do.”

“I’m Kerry. What’s your name?”

Still recovering from the initial shock of this incredible female joining him and thinking about what might happen if his girlfriend shows up, he managed to say,

“I am Ben, Ben Walker.”

“Well Ben, is this your first time here?

“No, I have been here a couple of times before.”

“Well tell me all about it because this is my first time. Oh Waiter, could you bring me a glass of white wine. What would you like to have Ben?”

“Oh, you don’t have to get me anything.” He replied

“Sure I do. You rescued my feet from these heels. It’s the least I can do.”

“In that case, I would like a Martini, shaken not stirred.’

The waiter returned with their drinks and Kerry took out a 100 dollar bill from her purse and said, “You can keep the change.”

“Thank you Miss and I must say you both make a very lovely couple.”

Kerry blushed at the waiter’s comment.

“Well he should know,” replied Ben. “After all, he is a professional.”

“You are just too funny Ben Walker,” she said while smiling and looking right into his eyes. “Now tell me what it is like here.”

She listened intently as Ben told her all about the club, his work and some of his funny stories about New York. The lights dimmed a bit and the DJ said, “And now we are going to slow it down a bit. Here is a special treat from the Police. Every Breath You Take started playing out of the speakers.

“This is one of my most favorite songs. Will you dance with me Ben,” she asked sweetly.

“It would be my pleasure Kerry.”

All eyes in the room followed them to the dance floor. Every guy wished they could be Ben, and every gal wished they could look like her.

Every breath you take and every move you make

Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you

Every single day and every word you say

Every game you play, every night you stay, I'll be watching you

Kerry and Ben began dancing slowly to the music while they gazed into each other’s eyes. Slowly they moved ever closer.

The song that followed was Take my Breath Away by Berlin

Watching every motion

In my foolish lover's game

On this endless ocean

Finally lovers know no shame

Turning and returning

To some secret place inside

Watching in slow motion

As you turn around and say

Take my breath away

Take my breath away

Kerry let go of Ben’s left hand and put both her arms over his shoulders. She rubbed her incredible double D’s against his chest and then laid her head on his left shoulder. Her nipples were erect and her vagina was warm and moist. She wanted him inside her so badly. She had never felt like this before in her life.

Ben could not believe what was happening. He had the biggest hard-on of all time.

This girl was nice, beautiful and seemed totally into him rather than herself. He wanted to take her right there on the floor. And he was pretty sure she was thinking along the same lines as well.

The song ended and Kerry gave him a nice kiss on the lips. “Thanks for the dances. They were wonderful,” she said. “Would you like to go outside for a walk and show me the sights?”

“I would be delighted to,” he responded.

Ben helped Kerry with her coat and purse and the two of them walked out arm in arm. After a block Kerry said, “My feet are bothering me again. Why don’t we go in there so I can rest a bit?”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Ben said as they walked into the lobby of the Sheraton Arms Hotel.

Kerry sat down and opened up her purse. “I just had a thought. Why don’t we rent a room so that I can lie down and rest my feet,” she said as she handed Ben four hundred dollar bills.

Chapter Thirteen

Ben opened the door for Kerry. She walked in and sat on the side of the bed crossing her left leg over her right. She unzipped her left boot and then reversed her legs and unzipped her right.

Ben could not help but notice how her legs seemed to go on forever. She was truly a goddess of the boddess. Kerry stood up and walked over to Ben and said, “Why don’t you take your jacket off while I freshen up?” She picked up her purse and a hanger and headed for the bath room. She flicked on the fan and the light while closing the door. The Woman of Steel took off her jacket and then removed her gold blouse and bra and placed them neatly on the hangar which she hung up on the shower curtain rod. A quick glance at the mirror revealed that a lipstick touchup was in order. Looking at her chest in the mirror, she could not resist the temptation to bring her hands up to her breasts and feel them. God they felt great. So firm, so sensitive and so very real. She slipped her pantyhose down and used her heat vision to burn out the crotch area. While pulling them back up, she thought to herself, I wish that I would never get pregnant or contract or transmit any STD. Make it so ring. Satisfied that she was now ready for Ben, Kerry put her suede jacket back on and zipped it all the way to the top and walked back out into the room.

Ben had taken off his jacket and his shoes. He stood up and met Kerry in the middle of the room. She stopped as well and put both hands on his chest. “Ummm,” she uttered. “Mind if I see what’s under your shirt?”

“Be my guest,” Ben replied.

Slowly she brought her hands down his arms stopping at the wrists to remove his cufflinks. She then backtracked up to his shoulders and moved her hands slowly across his chest to unbutton his shirt.

Ben was rock hard and was starting to get impatient but at the same time, he was trying not to show it.

Kerry opened his first three buttons and then put her hands inside and felt his pecs. “Ohhh, nice,” she cooed. She slowly opened the lower part of his shirt and then pulled the tail out of his pants. Using her index fingers, she started making little circles and slowly moved up to his ripped abs. The tactile exploration continued to his pecs. Once there, she put her arms on his shoulders and pressed her lips against his.

Ben could feel her pelvis up against his as she kissed him. She made some slow circular gyrations which was stimulating an organ that really didn’t need any more at the moment. He felt her two huge breasts press up against his chest just before Kerry backed off and looked at him with a huge smile. “Is there anything that you would like to see,” she asked innocently.

Ben was fixated on the zipper on her jacket. Trembling, he brought his hand up to the zipper and started pulling it down towards her skirt. The jacket finally opened, and Kerry moved her arms back and downwards while the jacket fell to the floor leaving Ben with an unobstructed view of the most incredible breasts on the planet.

“See anything that you like,” Kerry inquired seductively. “Don’t be afraid to handle the merchandise,” she added.

Simultaneously, Ben bent down and kissed her while grabbing one breast in each hand. Her lips were delicious, and her breasts were incredible. At that moment in time, he had to be the luckiest man on earth.

She led him over to the bed and said, “Let’s turn it down, and why don’t you get out of those pants and make yourself comfortable.” Ben did as she asked in record time. Slowly she walked around the bed and sat down next to him. She leaned over and kissed him while sliding over on top of him.

Kerry was more than ready for this. She sat up straight and carefully slide his member inside her super vagina. She folded her arms behind her head while simultaneously arching her back and thrusting out her breasts. Her mighty vagina tightened up while her super thighs gripped Ben tightly.

Ben was going through the worst case of blue balls in his life. He tried to thrust up and down inside her, but he could not make his penis move. He looked up at the Goddess that was atop him. She had a gorgeous face. Her shoulders were round and powerful. Her guns were amazing, but her breasts were just incredible and right now they were calling out to him. He reached up with both hands and starting squeezing one while he ran his fingers over her nipple on its twin. He thought he felt her vagina loosen just a bit so he started squeezing her breast as hard as he could as his other hand raced over her nipple.

Kerry was getting more and more excited. She began gyrating her hips while making slow small thrusts which gradually built into longer and faster movements. Ben could feel his distress going away with every push.

He was just about to come when Kerry stopped thrusting. Her super vagina clamped down and started powerful rhythmic contractions. She bent over Ben with her breasts just inches from his pecs while her hands moved to the sides of his chest.

The pleasure was so great that Ben couldn’t stand it. He tried to push her off his pelvis, but it was impossible. He made a last ditch attempt by grapping her breasts as tightly as he could while using all his strength but alas it was to no avail. He might as well have been trying to bend a steel girder. With no other option, he grabbed her buns of steel and pulled as hard as he could.

The Maiden of Might was in heaven. She was experiencing pleasure that she never could have imagined. Waves of ecstasy washed over her. It finally ended with a wonderful afterglow that she hoped would never end. She straightened out her legs and put them between Ben’s while her mighty vagina clamped down on his member entrapping it inside her. What a fabulous night this was turning out to be.

Several hours later Ben was exhausted, but Kerry was fresh as a Daisy. She got dressed and sat down next to him. “Can I call you next time I come to New York,”

she asked.

“Is that a trick question,” he answered. “My number is 555-867-5309. Do you need me to write it down?”

“No, I am quite sure I will never forget it.”

Kerry walked out of the room and entered the stairwell. I am Superwoman, make it so ring, she thought to herself. Instantly she transformed and flew up to the roof. She took a quick last look at the City and rocketed upward. Arriving at 65,000 feet she leveled off and rolled over on her back and started gazing at the stars. She wondered if there were as many studs in New York as there were stars in the sky. She slowly ran her finger up her thigh and then made a few circles around her pleasure palace. She used both hands to outline her hips, and then she felt her washboard six pack. Continuing upward, she cupped her breasts.

“Thank you ring for giving me this incredible super body,” she said aloud.

Chapter Fourteen

Kelly woke up eager to start the day. She couldn’t wait to get to school to hear if there was any buzz about Supergirl. It was all over the morning news on the radio.

And she didn’t know how she was going to last until the 1 PM early release time.

She had so many plans for today now that “Supergirl” was out in the open.

Kelly walked into her school building and turned up her super hearing. She was not disappointed.

“Wow, can you imagine what it would be like to have powers like that?

“I wonder where she came from?”

“I would not kick HER out of bed for getting cracker crumbs on the sheets!”

The hallways were absolutely buzzing with talk about her. A big smile came to her face. You guys haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until I get out of school.

Kelly strongly considered asking the ring to speed up time but she was afraid if she did, it might really screw something up. Why kill a good thing, she asked herself.

Finally, the last bell rang. Kelly practically ran out the door to her car. Once home, she immediately thought, I am Supergirl, make it so ring. Instantly she changed and turned herself invisible as she made a beeline for Chicago. In just a few minutes she was there and turned herself back to being visible. She started scanning the city with her super vision looking for any criminal activity.

After five minutes, she had not found any and was getting discouraged. I wish to know if there are any bank robberies going on right now within 50 miles of here. Make it so ring. “Yes there is one a mile south of Wrigley Field,” the ring replied in her head.

Kelly spotted it in an instant and flew there rapidly. She was so excited that she could hardly contain herself. She landed discretely and walked up to the sergeant in charge.

“Can I be of service,” she asked the officer.

The hardened veteran looked at the petite girl and said, “Nice Halloween costume sweetie, but this is serious business.”

“Yes I know officer. There are three men inside with guns and they have hostages,” Supergirl replied.

“Mel, can you escort this little lady out of here and back to her home?”

“Right away Sarge,” he answered. “Come with me missy,” he said as he reached out and grabbed her arm.

Supergirl quickly withdrew her arm before the officer could get a good grip.

With her arms crossed under her breasts she said, “I know you think that because I am a small girl that I must be frail and weak, but I assure you I am not which I will prove to you right now.”

Before either man could react, Supergirl reached down and put her little pinky under the police car’s bumper and lifted it three feet in the air. She held it for a couple of seconds and then rapidly set it back down. “Now I am going in there alone, and I will take full responsibility for anything that happens. Don’t try to follow me.” Both men were speechless as they watched the Maiden of Might stride across the street and enter the Bank.

She opened the door and walked in. The leader of the group turned and looked at her and said, “Now who in the Hell are you supposed to be,” he asked.

“I am not supposed to be anyone. I am Supergirl,” she replied.

“Right,” he answered. “And are you armed, Supergirl?”

“Yes, I have two,” she replied.

“Well if you would like to keep them intact, I suggest that you get on the floor face down with hands on your head now!”

“And if I don’t,” she inquired while slowly sauntering towards him.

“Then you are going to become Deadgirl,” he said as he aimed his AR 15 at her chest.

“You don’t have the guts to shoot me,” she replied as she stepped ever closer.

She didn’t stop until she was toe to toe with him.

“You are one crazy bitch, I will give you that,” he said as he swung the butt of his rifle around and slammed it as hard as he could into her left check.

The Girl of Steel didn’t even move or flinch. It was like hitting a titanium statue. The perp was stunned and was shocked by what happened next. Supergirl grabbed the rifle from him and crushed the action with her left hand while bending the barrel with her right as if it was a piece of licorice. Then she bent her right index finger into her thumb and flicked it at his jaw. And that’s when everything went dark.

The second gunman was taking all this in. He only had one chance. He opened up on the diminutive blonde at point blank range shooting his assault rifle as fast as he could. Supergirl assumed her power stance and waited for his ammo to run out.

The beleaguered gunman tried shooting her everywhere including her chest, breasts, face, legs and private parts. Nothing seemed to faze her as he exhausted his last round. “Now it you don’t want to end up like your friend here or even worse, I suggest you drop the gun and lay down next to your buddy with your hands on your head,” she commanded.

Kelly turned her attention to the last gunman who was standing with his jaw open and his pistol by his side. A quick scan of him with her X-ray vision revealed that he was more than just a little bit excited about what he had just seen. “Put your gun down,” she ordered, “and march yourself with your hands on your head across the street and give yourself up to those nice policemen.”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered as he quickly scurried out the door.

“Excuse me Gentlemen, but could you two open the doors for me,” she asked nicely. ‘Of course we can,” answered one of the men who was getting up off the floor by the door.

The Maid of Might picked up the two assailants by their jeans and flew them out of the bank and across the street. Mel and the Sarge were watching this unfold with complete disbelief when one of the other officers yelled out, “Hey, aren’t you that girl that saved all the miners?’

“Why yes I am officer,” she said while dropping the two men to the ground, still hovering a few feet in the air. “You can call be Supergirl,” she said as she slowly flew off returning the waves of the cheering crowd.

Supergirl climbed back to five hundred feet and resumed her patrol. “That felt great,” she thought to herself. “I absolutely love being Supergirl.” Within a few minutes, she spotted a little girl all alone crying under a tree. She landed quickly and asked, “What’s the matter honey, did you lose your Mommy?”

“No, it’s my kitten. She ran away and got stuck up this tree,” she said while pointing upward.

“Please don’t cry. I can get your kitten down from you,” replied the Maiden of Might.

“But how?”

“Watch and see.” Supergirl gracefully flew up to the top of the tree and secured the little kitten with one hand in between her breasts.

“Wow, you can fly! Just like Tinkerbell,” the little girl said joyously.

“Would you like to go flying with me,” she asked the little girl.

“Would I? Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Well ok then. You hold onto your kitten and I will hold on to you.”

Supergirl scooped the little angel up in her arms and climbed above the houses and the trees. “What is your name,” she asked the little girl.

“Jeannie,’ she replied.

“Well Jeannie, I bet your mom is plenty worried about you. Let’s see if we can find her.”

It only took a few seconds for Kelly to spot Jeannie’s mother who was looking frantically for her. Jeannie started screaming out, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,

We found kitty,” just as they were landing.

Jeannie’s mother turned around just in time to see them come down out of the sky and land. “Jeannie, where have you been? I was so worried about you. And young lady, thank you very much for bringing them both back. Are you the girl who was on the news earlier today, the one that everyone is calling Supergirl?”

“Yes ma’am I am,” she replied while blushing just a bit.

“Well, would you like to come back to our house and have some milk and cookies with us,” she asked.

“I would love to but unfortunately, I need to get back to my patrol. Up, Up, and away,” she said while heading back up into the sky.

Chapter Fifteen

Supergirl had a busy afternoon in Chicago. She had torn off car doors at accident scenes to rescue injured people trapped inside. She had extinguished vehicle and structural fires with her super freeze breath and had stopped two individuals from committing suicide.

Back on patrol, she by chance flew by The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. She stopped in midair as she scanned the building with her X-ray vision while tuning in with her super hearing. There were so many sick and injured children inside that she started crying as she looked at them and listened to their tales of woe and cries of pain. She decided right then and there that she was going to stop in and see if there was anything that she could do to help.

Quickly, she flew down to the entrance and walked in. She saw a large round desk in front with a sign that said information. She approached the desk and was greeted with a big smile by a middle age lady who said, “How may I help you today?”

“Well actually, I was wondering if there might be something that I could do to help you,” the Maiden of Might answered.

“Well, we are always looking for volunteers. Why don’t I take you up to our Director of Volunteers? I am sure that she would be willing to meet with you.”

“That sounds great,” Kelly answered.

“Cover for me Brenda. I need to take our guest up to the Volunteer office.’ the information lady said.

Listening with her super hearing, Kelly could hear the buzz going on in the lobby.

“Do you think she is the real Supergirl?”

“Nah, probably just some high school girl that they hired to cheer up the kids, you know, just like Santa Clause. Besides, if she were Supergirl, why would she need to take the elevator?”

The two of them arrived at the Volunteer’s Office and were greeted by the Director. “Supergirl! How nice to meet you,” she said as she reached out to shake her hand. “What can we help you with today?”

“I was just flying by when I wondered if there was anything that I could do to help the children that you have here,” she replied.

“I am sure that we can find something. Let’s move across the hall to the conference room. There is someone that I would like you to meet.”

She picked up the phone and dialed a number. “I don’t care who she is with. Please put my call through. Rachel, it’s Peggy. Yes, right now. Why don’t you bring him with you? Ok, see in a few.”

The Girl of Steel and Peggy walked across the hall to the conference room that had a beautiful view of the city. Peggy walked to the window and looked out. “The view from here is really great, but I imagine that it is nothing compared to what you get to see when you fly over the city.”

Supergirl blushed at the comment but quickly recovered. “You do get a great view when flying over the city. Do you suppose that is something that the kids would like to do?”

“I know I would,” Peggy replied, “and I am sure the kids would as well.”

Just then the door opened. “Supergirl, this is Rachel, our head of Public Relations and this is Dustin Otter’s manager Mr. Dan Queen.”

“Pleased to meet you Rachel, and Mr. Queen,” Kelly said.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Mr. Queen responded.

“Supergirl stopped by to offer her services to the hospital to help with the work we do here as well as to cheer up the kids. I thought between the two of us, we could brainstorm some ideas,” Said Peggy.

“We do a lot of fundraising activities here and I am sure your presence at them would greatly increase their popularity,” Rachel chimed in.

“And I am sure that regular visits by you to the wards would greatly lift the children’s spirits.”

“Say I have an idea,” piped in Mr. Queen. “As you may know, Dustin is doing a concert tomorrow night in Hawaii. Maybe we could have you escort a child from the Hawaii Children’s Hospital to the concert. We could provide you with front row seats and then Dustin could donate a portion of the proceeds to the Hawaii and Chicago Children’s hospitals. We could do the same thing again in a few weeks when he comes to play in Chicago. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Rachel chimed in.

“What do you think Supergirl,” Peggy asked.

“Sounds like fun,” the Maiden of Might answered.

Supergirl said her goodbyes and flew up the stairwell to the roof. She was looking over the city contemplating what to do next when her super hearing picked up something.

“That’s right Dustin. She bought it hook, line and sinker. No more half empty venues for you. By this time tomorrow not only will your concert be sold out, but tickets will most likely be going for twice face value. And if you could just put the moves on her like you did that Disney babe, you’ll be back on top once again.”

“So Dustin is only in this for the money? I think that someone needs to teach Mr. Otter a lesson and I know just the Supergirl who can do it,” she giggled.

Chapter Sixteen.

Kelly was having a great time telling her mother about all she had done today. Her mother was absolutely beaming as she related the day’s events. Her mom gave her a big hug and said, “Kelly, the world is so lucky to have such a wonderful Supergirl like you.”

“Speaking of that, it is time for me to start my evening patrol,” she said. Kelly went up to her room and changed and then came back downstairs. Supergirl gave her mom a kiss on the cheek and said, “Don’t wait up for me,” and then she disappeared in a flash. Once over the woods she thought, “I am Superwoman. Make it so ring.

Instantly she was transformed into the ultra-sexy Woman of Steel. She shot up into space and headed for NYC. Several minutes later she arrived over the Big Apple. Business before pleasure she thought to herself. Now whose life shall I take? She drifted slowly over the city as she scanned the streets for possible candidates. And then it came to her. I wish to know if there are any serial killers in New York City. Make it so ring. There are seven men who have killed more than two people. “I wish to know who of the seven is the worst offender along with everything there is to know about him. Make it so ring.” The worst would be the man known to the police as the butcher because he rapes and then chops his victims up.

Kerry could see him in her mind. She knew exactly what kind of woman he liked, where he liked to hunt them and how he got off torturing them. She quickly spotted him getting into his van heading out on the prowl. I wish to change into his perfect victim while retaining all my powers and the ring. Make it so ring.

Instantly she was transformed into a hooker with thigh high spike heeled red vinyl boots with matching elbow length red vinyl gloves and red mini shorts that hugged her toned posterior. Her midriff was bare while a knotted small white blouse barely covered a small portion of her very generous assets. She had big blue eyes with long eyelashes and heavy eye makeup. Her pouty lips were covered with bright red lip gloss while her perfect blonde hair came all the way down to her shorts. She was the living image of a high class hooker.

Kerry flew down to an alley and then walked to a corner where she knew he would pass by shortly. She was there less than a minute when another lady of the evening approached her. “What do you think you are doing Bitch? This is my corner,” she said.

“I am working, same as you,” she replied.

‘Not on my corner you’re not. If you don’t haul your ass out of here right now I’m going to have my man stop by and beat the shit out of you,” she threatened.

“His funeral,” she replied

“Girl, you are about to become one crazy dead bitch,” she said as she pulled out her phone and fired off a text.

In just a few minutes the butcher arrived. He rolled down the window and asked

if she would like to go out with him.

“Here’s the deal. It’s $350 and you wear a condom, cash up front.”

“$350! I have never paid more than $250 in my life.”

“The discount bitch with the sweet disposition is on the other corner. Make your choice.”

$350 it is, but you better be really good.”

“I think you’ll find that I am absolutely super,” she said with a coy smile on her face.

“I hope he cuts you up real good,” the other hooker yelled as Kerry got in the Van.

After a short drive they arrived at his home. It was an old small house with an attached garage. He stopped and raised the door with the remote. Once inside, he closed the door and turned off the engine. As she opened the door to get out of the van, Kerry felt something hit her in the back of the head. Time to pass out I guess.

When she “Awoke”, the Woman of Steel found herself with a ball gag in her mouth. She was strapped down to a table inside his basement. There were all kinds of saws and drill with parts of residual human flesh on them hanging from the walls. She pretended to wrestle with the restraints while trying to scream but she could only make soft sounds. The butcher was holding a meat cleaver in one hand and a butcher’s knife in the other. He started running the knife blade up and down her midriff. He moved up to her blouse and cut the knot off exposing her breasts and then moved down to her mini shorts and cut them off as well.

“Now you are going to get what you deserve, you filthy whore,” the butcher yelled.

He put the tip of the knife into her vagina and said, “I should gut you like the pig you are. Of maybe I should cut off those breasts that you use to corrupt men’s minds,” as he moved the knife up to her melons. “May God’s work be done and your eternal soul be sent to Hell.”

Kerry was tired of the rantings of this psycho. She bit through the strap on the gag and spit out the ball. “Oh Lord, give me the strength I need to save myself from this monster. I pray to you Lord, please give me the strength.”

“How dare you take our Lord’s name in vain, you slut! I will silence you forever,” he said. He raised his right hand and attempted to plunge the knife into Kelly’s throat. She broke her left hand free of the restraint and grabbed his wrist stopping the knife. He quickly brought his left hand over to help push the knife into her throat. She broke her right hand free and grabbed his left wrist.

“Yes Lord Yes! Please give me more strength so that I can defeat this monster and send him to Hell!”

The butcher could feel her strength increasing. He knew it was time to go. He tried to pull his hands away and run, but he was caught in a death grip that was increasing by the second. Soon, Kerry freed one leg and then the other. Now she was able to sit up and jump down off the table still maintaining her vice like grip. Once on the floor, she drove her knee into his groin causing him to drop the knife. She followed quickly with a left hook to the jaw which put the butcher out cold.

When the bastard awoke, he found himself strapped down to the table with a gag in his mouth. Kerry had a bag of large zip ties in her hand. “Ace hardware. Good choice,” she said as she removed several from the bag. Methodically, the Angel of Justice put two zip ties about two inches apart on both his wrists and ankles. “I am sure that you know what I am using these for, don’t you. We wouldn’t want to make a mess or have you bleed to death now would we,” she said.

The butcher was turning white and breaking out in a cold sweat. He never thought this would happen to him! He figured that maybe he might get caught and go to prison where being a serial killer he would be a star. But to be a victim? Holy shit no!

The Woman of Steel picked up a hack saw and gave the Butcher a coy smile. In less than a minute, she cut his R foot off and threw it at him breaking his nose. A minute later, his left was gone as well.

The butcher was screaming in agony, but all his cries were muffled and fell on deaf ears. “Oh does that hurt,” Kerry goaded him. “I hear that they do marvelous things these days with artificial legs. I don’t know how good the hands are though,” she said as she started cutting his off.”

The pain was almost unbearable. He wished that he would just pass out, but he couldn’t. “You know, I have seen people with hooks for hands and they do pretty good,” she said as she took four more zip ties out of the bags. “We wouldn’t want you to do pretty good, now would we” she said as she placed two zip ties well above both elbows. A few agonizing minutes later, both his forearms were off as well.

Kerry took two more zip ties out of the bag. “I bet you can’t guess what I am going to do with these,” she said as she waved them in front of his face. After a few minutes of taunting him she placed them loosely around his upper and lower neck and then just slightly tightened the upper one. “This should cut off your venous return and give you the worst headache of your life. And you thought I was going to use them on your genitals. Silly boy, that is what this knife is for,” she said as she raised it up and plunged it through his private parts pinning him to the table. She watched him suffer for a few more minutes before he finally passed out. Kerry pulled both zip ties tight as it was time to end this and check out the club scene.

Chapter Seventeen

Kelly was ecstatic as the final bell of the semester rang. Now she would have all summer to be Supergirl. She raced home, parked her car and ran up the stairs. In seconds, she was back in the kitchen in her Supergirl attire.

“Oh Mom, I am so excited! I have the whole summer to be Supergirl all day long. What would you do if you were me?”

“I would go to Hollywood and see how many young studs’ hearts I could break. Then I would go to a movie studio and get a job as a star.”

“Oh mom, you know that is not for me,” the Maiden of Might responded.

“Yes I know. You are much more interested in helping others than doing things for yourself. That is what people love about you. What I think you should do is to learn several languages like French, Italian, German and Spanish and then spend some time in Europe seeing the sights and helping people over there.”

“That’s a great idea mom. But I have a busy day today. First I need to patrol Chicago and then I am going to Hawaii to take a girl with cancer to a Dustin Otter concert so don’t wait up for me tonight.”

“Have a good time dear,” her mom said as Kelly literally flew out the door.

The afternoon in Chicago just flew by. From convenience store holdups to interstate traffic accidents, Kelly had been one very busy Supergirl. But now the sun was going down and time to head west to Hawaii.

The Girl of Steel rocketed up into space and headed west. In no time at all she was re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and descending for the Big Island. Her first stop was the Kilauea volcano. Kelly hovered above it and thought long and hard about taking a little dip but decided against it as she wanted to look her best tonight and lava might be tough to get out of her hair. Her next stop was Maui where she cruised over the seven scared pools of Hana and Lindbergh’s grave. From there she flew over to beautiful Kaanapali beach and checked out the action.

The Maiden of Might flew low over the ocean and waved to the people in the water and on the shore before accelerating upwards and heading northwest to the beautiful Island of Kauai. She arrived at Poipu Beach and took a few minutes to take it all in before heading west to Waimea. There she turned north and flew up the Grand Canyon of the Pacific towards Bali Hai, also known as the Makana Mountain overlooking the stunning Na Pali Coastline on the north shore of Kauai.

She flew down into the crater that is the wettest place on earth and waved to the mainlanders in the tour helicopter that was thrilling its passengers with the gorgeous views. She couldn’t resist diving down from the mountain into Fantasy Island aka Wailua Falls.

She spent a few moments under the water looking at the fish and back up at the sky. She could not get over how green and beautiful Kauai was, truly heaven on Earth! She put her hands over her head, arched her back and headed for the surface. She stopped just a few feet above the water and did a super spin to dry herself off. She turned into the wind and let the island breeze blow her long beautiful hair backwards as she put her fists on her hips, closed her eyes and felt the radiant sunlight on her face. The world was such a big place and now this summer it would become her super playground.

Coming out of her euphoric state, Kelly realized that she had a job to do and needed to get on it. She looked back at Bali Hai and made a promise to herself to return soon as she flew up into the air and back to Oahu and the Kapi’olani Women and Children’s Hospital in Honolulu.

“Supergirl, we are so thrilled to have you visit our hospital this afternoon,” said Dr. Young Chief of Oncology. “And no one is more thrilled about it than Julie, the girl who lost her leg to a sarcoma who you will be taking to the concert tonight.”

“Thank you Dr. Young, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this trip and how much I look forward to going out with Julie tonight.”

“Are you ready to meet her? She has been dying to meet you all afternoon.”

“Let’s do it,” the Maiden of Might said. As soon as they stepped out of Dr. Young’s office Supergirl was mobbed by a hoard of children and their families. Kelly took her time and greeted all of them, signed autographs and answered as many questions as she could. Finally she made her way to the conference room where Julie was eagerly waiting. “You must be Julie,” Supergirl said. “I have heard so much about you.”

“I can’t believe you are really here and we are going to a Dustin Otter concert together,” she shrieked.

“And if it is ok with your parents, I thought I would take you on a little super aerial tour of the island first.”

“Mom can I go, can I go,” Julie pleaded.

“Of course you can dear. I am sure that Supergirl will take good care of you.”

The Maiden of Might walked over to the window and opened it. “I think it is best that we leave this way or else we may never get out of here.”

Dr. Young nodded her head in agreement and said “That is probably your best option.”

Supergirl took Julie up in her arms and stopped at the window to give her family time to take pictures and video of them flying off. When they were finished she slowly flew out the window and said, “Up, up and away!”

Julie was grinning from ear to ear. Her friends would never believe this.

“I think we will go counter clockwise around the Island, Supergirl said. “If there is anything than you would like a closer look at, just let me know. That is Diamond Head off to our left and we are coming up on Hanauma Bay which is an excellent place to snorkel.” Supergirl swooped down low and Julie waved to all the people on the beach. She climbed back up and headed for Sea Life Park.

Once there, she stopped in midair and hovered over the Dolphin Show. “Do you like dolphins Julie?”

“Do I ever. But I have never gotten to pet one.”

“Oh, I think that can be arranged,” the Princess of Power responded. Kelly quickly scanned the ocean to the north with her super vision and spotted a pod of Spinner Dolphins just off of Kailua Beach. She dropped down within a foot of the water and Julie reached out and petted a pair. This is soooo cool,” Julie said beaming ear to ear.

“Are you up for some real adventure,” the Maiden of Might queried.

“You bet” The young girl answered enthusiastically. “What do you have in mind?”

“You’ll see.” Supergirl headed back to the coast line and flew along the shore until she rounded the most northern tip of the island and landed on the beach at the Banzai Pipeline. She walked up to some surfers and said, “Hi guys. How are you doing today? I was just wondering if my friend and I could borrow one of your long boards for a bit.”

“What’s in it for us,” one of them responded. “How about a date?”

“How about a picture,” the Girl of Steel responded.

“I’ll take that deal,” the cutest guy there responded as he stood up and brought his board over to the girls. “Why don’t I hold my board up and you two stand on either side of me?”

“What do you think Julie?”

“Sounds great to me.”

The handsome surfer held his board up while the girls stood on either side of him trying out several sexy poses as multiple cameras recorded every second of it. Kelly thanked him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then picked up Julie with one hand and the board with the other and flew out over the breakers. “Now this is how we are going to do it. I will put you up on my shoulders and then drop the board in the water when we are ready to take off. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I will ever be,” answered Julie.

A set of three 18-20 footers came through. Kelly waited for the last one and moved in front of the peak. She dropped the board in the water and stood on it and then used her flight power to start it moving forward. They rose up nearly to the peak and then dropped in. Supergirl made a nice left turn at the bottom as the tube started to encase them. She had to kneel down to keep Julie’s head from hitting the top. Using a little bit of flight power, she moved out of the tube and pulled out of the wave. “Wanna try that again,” she asked Julie.

“You bet!” was the response.

After 30 minutes of fun the girls headed back in. Supergirl gave the cute surfer a big hug and said, “Thanks for making this such a special day for Julie.”

“Would you two like to go out to dinner with me,” he asked with a beautiful smile on his face.

“Ordinarily we would love to, but tonight we have tickets to the Dustin Otter concert. But thanks for asking,” the Maiden of Might replied as they flew off towards Honolulu.

Dustin Otter was more excited than he ever had been in his life. He had done over a hundred concerts but none had been more important or nerve wracking than this one. The mere thought that Supergirl might show up in the front row VIP seats he had left for her was almost more than he could stand. He tried to stay focused, but all he could think of is what might happen afterwards. He had even put on a jock strap with a cup to try to avoid any embarrassing displays while on stage. It was Friday night and his last concert in Honolulu with the rest of the weekend free. Stay focused Dustin, he kept telling himself, but his mind kept drifting off to what he might get to do if things worked out with Supergirl this weekend.

Chapter Eighteen.

Completing the last leg of their wonderful flight, Supergirl landed at the Stan Sheriff Center and took Julie into the Ladies Room to freshen up. The girls brushed their hair and touched up their make-up. “Would you like to walk in with me or would you like me to carry you,” Supergirl inquired.

“How would I walk with you,” Julie asked.

“Well I thought that if I kept my left arm at my side and my elbow bent at ninety degrees you could use it like a bar. Let’s give it a try.”

“This is great,” Julie said as they walked out of the bathroom and headed for their front row VIP seats. “Have you ever been to a concert before?”

“No this is my first. How about you,” the Maiden of Might inquired.

“It’s my first too. I just love Dustin. I have all his albums and three pictures of him in my room. I can’t believe we are going to get to meet him.”

The auditorium went pitch black and then through a backlit fog Dustin came out and said, “Aloha Honolulu,” at which point all the girls in the audience started screaming. Before long, he was belting out everyone’s favorite song and all the girls were singing along.

Honey, honey, honey oh

Like honey, honey, honey, no

Like honey, honey, honey, no oh

Kelly was really enjoying herself watching Julie scream her heart out.

There was just something about ten thousand young girls screaming that made Dustin look so much cuter than he really was. She could hardly wait until the concert was over to meet him.

The time passed quickly and before they knew it, the concert was over. One member of Dustin’s crew came down to escort them backstage to meet him.

They walked through the door to his dressing room and the crewman introduced them to Dustin. Julie was so excited that she jumped out at him and put her arms over his shoulders and said, oh Dustin, I am your biggest fan.”

“Well, I don’t know if you are my biggest fans, but you two certainly are the

cutest,” he said in a smooth polished tone that he had used multiple times before.

“Why don’t we take a moment to get some keepsake pictures?”

The girls posed with him and then he asked them to pose separately. They took three times as many pictures with Supergirl than they did with Julie.

“Say Supergirl, after you take Julie home tonight why don’t you stop by my hotel? We can have dinner together and discuss my upcoming concert in Chicago.”

“Oh I am so sorry. I have a previous engagement tonight. But I am free all afternoon tomorrow. Would you like to go SCUBA diving with me?

I found a beautiful, very private reef off of Maui where we can go.”

“What time,” he responded.

“I will pick you up at noon,” the Princess of Power replied.

“It’s a date then,” he replied as Supergirl flew off with Julie.

After the short flight, the Girl of Steel landed back at the Hospital with her precious cargo. “Thanks for the best day of my life,” Julie said while hugging Supergirl tightly.

“The pleasure was all mine Julie, but now it is time for me to get back to my patrols,” she said as she flew off to the east.

Once out of visual range, she turned invisible and doubled back to Oahu. Playtime is over, time for work she thought to herself as she said out loud, “I am Superwoman, make it so ring.” In an instant, she was changed into the sexiest, most beautiful and deadliest woman on the planet. “Ring, are there any murderers loose on the island?”

“No Mam,” the ring replied.

“How about drug dealers whose customers have died from overdoses,” she queried.

“How many would you like,” responded the ring.

“Just show me the one who has caused the deaths of the most customers,” she responded.

“He is right there, Mam,” the ring responded.

Superwoman spotted the dealer in his shack of an office. He was counting his money and he had a .357 Magnum pistol on his desk. Still invisible, she entered his office and picked up the gun. Four shots to his head later he laid dead on the floor.

Kerry picked up the cash and put it in her cape and then flew out of his office with the gun. Like they say on those office commercials, “That was easy.” I bet the coroner will rule his death as being from natural causes, at least natural for a drug dealer that is.

Eastbound at one hundred thousand feet she dropped the gun into the ocean. Good luck finding that, Copers! I wonder what the LA club scene is like? No time like the present to find out!

Chapter Nineteen

After her late night in LA, Kelly slept in until 1 PM. She leisurely got up, took a shower and did her hair. Completely naked, she stopped in front of her full length mirror and admired her perfect little bod. Gosh, it’s great to be me, she thought to herself. So much to do today, I best get started now. I am Supergirl, make it so ring. Instantly, she was transformed into the Girl of Steel.

Scanning her town with her X-ray vision she located her parents at a nearby pool party. Nothing ever happens in this boring place, at least anything that requires Supergirl’s attention. Maybe that will change in the future, Kelly thought to herself as she dashed out of the house and made a beeline for Chicago.

She arrived over Wrigley Field. The Cubs were off to a good start with bases loaded and two outs against the Cardinals. She heard the crack of the bat and watched the ball rocket way up in the air. The outfielder ran back to the warning track as a mischievous grin came over Kelly’s face followed by a quick puff of her super breath. The crowd went wild as the announcer said, “And it’s a Grand Slam for the Cubbies!”

Satisfied with her work, she headed off to a local park where she was immediately mobbed by a multitude of children. She pushed them on the swings, sent them spinning on the merry-go-round and gave them aerial tours around the park two at a time. She just loved the adulation, especially from the little girls. With joy filling her heart, she took off and headed west for her date with Dustin.

She flew slowly over the country, taking in all the sights. She flew over Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. She pasted over the Great Salk Lake and then crossed over into Nevada. “It’s sure easy to see why they used that place for nuclear testing,” she thought to herself.

Continuing west, she crossed over the Sierras and paused to take a look at Yosemite Falls. From there, she continued on to Monterey and the 17 mile drive set against the beautiful California coastline. It’s getting late and I don’t want to disappoint Mr. Otter so I better get going she thought as she turned and rocketed up into space.

After making preparations at a seclude spot on Maui, Supergirl flew to Dustin’s private Cabana at Disney’s Aulani resort overlooking the beach. She stopped in midair as Dustin was sitting on his upstairs balcony that led to his bedroom.


“Supergirl, how nice it is to see you again. Would you like to come in and join me?”

“I think I will wait outside while you get into your trunks and wetsuit,” she replied as she drifted over to a nice vantage point where she could look out over the ocean.

A few minutes later Dustin appeared in his full wet suit. “I see you brought your gloves, boots and motorcycle helmet as requested,” she said as she walked over to him. “Are you ready to go,” she queried.

“As ready as I will ever be,” he answered.

He put his motorcycle helmet on and the Maiden of Might took him up in her arms and headed for Maui. “How long will it take to get there,” he asked.

“It depends how fast we fly. At seventy to eighty miles an hour it should take around sixty minutes.

Time went by fairly quickly. Dustin asked several questions that Kelly would not answer so then he switched tactics to talking about himself. Right on schedule, they arrived at the campsite Supergirl had prepared earlier. It was on a secluded cliff overlooking the ocean. The only access was by air. There was a small tent, two foldup chairs with shade and a large cooler. “You can put your stuff in the tent and there is plenty to drink in the cooler,” she said as she removed her cape and gloves.

Dustin was mesmerized waiting to see what the Maiden of Might would do next. He didn’t have to wait long as she undid her buckle and pulled her dress over her head which revealed her perky breasts standing at attention while carefully sheltered beneath a very modest blue bikini top. But her buns were a different story. Oh my God, he thought to himself. Those were the cutest, most perfect little buns he had ever seen in his life, barely concealed by a skimpy blue bottom adorned with a little red and yellow “S” shield strategically placed over her pleasure point. Thank God he had on his Farmer John pants and his jacket as well. It was going to take all that rubber to contain what was starting to grow outside him. Standing there in that outfit with her high heeled boots and the wind blowing her hair back from her face she was every teenaged boy’s fantasy! And she was his for the afternoon, and maybe the night as well.

Kelly didn’t need to use her X-ray vision to know what was going on with Dustin. She could read it in his face and his eyes. Nice to know that my little outfit is having the desired effect, she giggled to herself.

She helped him put his gear on, and then flew him down to the water. Dustin spit in his mask and rubbed it around to keep it from fogging and then rinsed it and put it on. He put his regulator in his mouth as Supergirl asked, “Are you ready to go?”

He gave her the thumbs up sign as she took his hand and submerged.

There was an incredible amount of color in the water. They were diving on a shelf which supported a coral reef. There were so many different fish and plants but Dustin wasn’t looking at any of that. He was focusing on the most beautiful creature on the planet that was just a few feet ahead on him on his right side. He had never wanted anyone or anything as much as he wanted Supergirl in that moment.

They swam along the reef for a bit before the Girl of Steel let go of his hand and then reached into a small hole on the reef. What came out was a Moray Eel that had clamped down on her hand. She grabbed it and wrapped it around her neck as if it was a mink stool. She then put it in front of her face and gave it a little kiss before letting it go.

Dustin could hardly stand it. He wondered if she knew what she was doing to him. He guessed that she probably did.

Before moving back towards Dustin, Kelly used her super vision to scan the surrounding area. Then she made a wish. Ring, I wish that I had all of the telepathic powers of Aquaman so that I can communicate with and control every animal in the sea. Make it so, ring. Soon, two spinner dolphins were headed their way.

Kelly grabbed the two dolphins by their Dorsal fins and let them pull her around the reef. She then led them to Dustin and let him have a turn. He brought them back to Supergirl and she went for another spin with them.

Out of the corner of his eye Dustin spotted something. He turned to look and saw a ten foot Galapagos Shark barreling down on him. He put his hands up over his head to protect it and screamed waiting for the inevitable pain that was going to follow, but none came.

He opened his eyes only to see the shark thrashing around a foot in front of his face mask. Holding on to the tail of the shark was a petite girl in a blue bikini and red boots. Thank heavens for Supergirl. She started to move to the surface and motioned for him to do the same. He surfaced just in time to see the Girl of Steel whip the shark around in circles and then toss him two hundred feet away. “I don’t think he will give us any more trouble,” the Maiden of Might said as she went back underwater.

Dustin hurried to her side and grabbed her arm and held on tight with both hands. She put her other hand on top of his to let him know that everything was all right as they headed down the shelf.

Dustin’s heart was pounding hard and fast, not just from fear, but from seeing Supergirl in action. “What incredible powers she has,” he thought to himself jealously. They continued to see all kinds of fish from sea bass to barracuda as there was always something new to see behind every rock. And then he saw it. Supergirl did too.

A 16 foot Tiger shark was circling them at about 50 feet. Supergirl broke off and took an intercept course. At the last second, he turned towards her and in a flash, she was inside his mouth and caught in a death grip. The man-eater rolled his eyes back and started thrashing about trying to rip her in two while the Maid of Might flailed her arms about. Dustin about swallowed his regulator watching this and decided that it was high time for him to get out of the water. He made a beeline for the shore until his path was blocked by the shark still hanging on tight to the Girl of Steel. Finally his path was clear and he took off as fast as he could.

On reaching the rocks by the cliff, he surfaced only to see Supergirl standing there waiting for him. “Hey,” she said. “I thought the first rule of diving was never leave your buddy. What happened to you,” she asked.

“What happened to me? What happened to you? I thought you were supposed to be invulnerable and all?”

“I am,” she replied.

“Then why couldn’t you get away from him?”

“Because he had such a tight grip on me that if I used my super strength to escape, it would have broken his jaw and then he would die of starvation. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“Oh no of course not,” Dustin thought sarcastically to himself. “I see your point,” he said convincingly.

“Wipe that scowl off your face. Let’s go up to camp and get a bite to eat and something to drink and then I will tell you what all I have planned for the rest of the day.”

Chapter Twenty

Back in her red and blues, Supergirl was flying Dustin to a point eight miles south of Hana. They landed next to an old church beside a beautiful garden with a terrific view of the coast. “Do you know who is buried here,” Kelly asked Dustin.

“No who,” he asked.

“A very wonderful man, Charles Lindbergh. It was so sad. His baby was kidnapped and killed.”

A tear came to her eye as she related the story to Dustin. “You lost someone very important in your life too, didn’t you,” he said. Supergirl just nodded her head. Justin wondered if it was a parent, a sister or a whole world. He gently put his arm around her and said, “If you ever want to talk about it I would be happy to listen.”

“Thank you. That is a very generous offer.” A smile came back to her face. “I can’t wait to show you the seven sacred pools of Hana,” she said as she picked him up and headed north.

She showed Dustin the pools and told him that they weren’t really sacred, it was just something that was made up to bring in the tourists. She also said that these were the easy ones to get to, and she knew of a couple others that were virtually impossible to find unless you could fly which of course, she could. They flew over a ridge line and down into a beautiful and very private pool complete with water fall. The Maiden of Might quickly removed her cape, dress and gloves and dove into the water. Dustin jumped in right behind her. They both swam over to the waterfall and looked up right into it as the cool clean water rinsed the salt from their hair.

They swam back to the shallow area and Dustin asked Supergirl if she would like to be taller than she is and she said “of course, who wouldn’t.” He went under the water and came up between her legs with her buns on his shoulders. “Well now you are eight feet tall,” he said. They both laughed as Dustin said, “Why don’t you see if you can stand on my Shoulders?”

Supergirl got up on her toes while Dustin held on to her arms as she stood up for a few seconds before he fell over backwards and they both hit the water. Supergirl came up to him and put her arms around his neck and laid her head on his chest and said, “I don’t know about you, but I am having a really great time.”

“So am I,” he replied.

They talked for a while as the sun was starting to set. “Oh Dustin,” Kelly said, “There is one more place that I want to show you, and we need to go now.”

Supergirl got out of the water and did a super spin dry and changed back into her red and blues while Dustin put his boots and motorcycle helmet on. She took off and started climbing.

Dustin’s ears were popping as they continued to climb and the air was getting colder as well but he was still comfortable in his wetsuit. Finally, they reached the top of Haleakala Summit, ten thousand feet above sea level as Supergirl gently touched down. “They say that some of the best sunsets in the world can be seen from here. Look, you can see all the way from the Big Island to Moloka’i.”

Dustin looked around and yes the views were incredible, but nothing could match the orange glow or the beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair of the goddess standing next to him. He gently put his arm around her as she put hers around him. He started to turn toward her just as she turned towards him. She put her free hand over his shoulder as their lips met. It was the sweetest, most wonderful kiss Dustin had ever experienced in his life. She brought her other arm over his shoulder and pressed her breasts into his chest and laid her head against this shoulder. “This has been the absolute best day of my life,” she said to Dustin.

He responded by holding her as tight as he could and wondered if he would be getting lucky tonight.

Chapter Twenty One

Wearing only a robe and her red high heeled boots, Supergirl said, “I am going to take a shower now. No fair peeking,” she said as she carried her bag into the bathroom and closed the door.

Dustin was so nervous that his hands began to tremble. Every picture he had ever seen showed Supergirl with her red high heeled boots on. And if she did not need them, why did she wear them all day today even while swimming with her Bikini on? Could they be the source of her powers? Are they magic like Dorothy’s slippers in the wizard of Oz? He heard the shower come on and the door shut. It was now or never. He walked up to the door and picked the curtesy lock with ease. There were her boots, right by the door. He carefully reached in and removed them and then closed the door silently. Quickly, he tried to put the boots on but try as he may, he could not pull them up over his feet. He heard the water turn off and the shower door open. A last thought flashed through his mind. “Maybe I need to have the rest of her uniform on to put on her boots,” he thought to himself. He raced to the closest and grabbed her uniform. He was able to pull her dress with the cape attached over his head and get his arms through the sleeves and put on her gloves

He sat down on the bed and grabbed a boot. Using all his strength, he was able to put the first one on and then the second. He could feel the boots starting to meld to his feet.

“Dustin, where are my boots,” he heard her shout.

“I am right in the middle of changing. I’ll get them in a second,” he said.

A strange tingling sensation began in his legs as he stood up to look at himself in the mirror. He put his fists on his hips in a typical Supergirl power pose as he felt the tingling rise up into his groin. His thoughts of becoming super were interrupted when he heard Supergirl say, “Dustin! What in the world are you doing? I had absolutely no idea that you swung that way. Please take off my uniform and boots right now.”

He turned to look at her and dropped his jaw when he saw her camera phone recording what he had been doing.

“And now to post this to my Facechat account,” Supergirl said through a giggle.

Regaining his composure he said, “No, I am not going to give them back! I am going to be the super one from now on!” In less than a heartbeat he felt severe pain in his left ear as Supergirl grabbed it and forced him down to his knees. Reflexively, he reached out and tried to alleviate the pain but he ran into a hand of steel.

“If you don’t do as I say, I am going to rip both your ears off and make you eat them,” Supergirl said in anger.

The strange tingling left him immediately. If was replaced by a feeling of impending doom. “Supergirl, it’s not what you think.”

“Yes it is,” she replied. “You don’t care anything about me. All you care about is my powers which you tried to steal. And did you just want to be super, or did you really want to become a Supergirl?”

Dustin was at a loss to answer that question. He really didn’t know himself.

He quickly got undressed and handed Supergirl her outfit and boots. She disappeared into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later with a clean uniform. “You can forget about me coming to your concert in Chicago. As a matter of fact, I suggest you cancel it,” she said.

The Maiden of Might took to the air and was out of sight within a few seconds.

Poor Dustin, she thought. He really fell for my little trap. And all I had to do was place one little suggestion in that tiny brain to get him to show his true colors. Serves him right for the way he has treated so many girls in the past including Celina. Oh well, time to get down to business.

Chapter Twenty Two

Superwoman was cruising over Honolulu when she decided to land on top of Diamond Head. From her perch, she had a commanding view of the city. She pondered who she should take out tonight. “I wish to know if there are any serial rapists in the city. Make it so ring.”

“There is one awful one who disfigures the woman’s faces after he does his business,” the ring told her in her head. “He prefers small and weak females. His name is Richard Bond and here is where he is right now.”

Superwoman could see him hiding in the bushes on the pathway to the dorms at the University of Hawaii. She flew down off the peak and silently approached him from the rear. In one quick motion she put her hand over his mouth and jaw and accelerated so quickly upwards that he briefly passed out. Once over the ocean, the Woman of Steel let go and then grabbed him by his ankle.

Richard woke up very disoriented, unsure if he was dreaming or if he was really awake. He looked at the ocean below and he could see Honolulu upside down growing smaller in the distance. He finally looked up only to see a woman in a black miniskirt and black cape with silver trim. Now he knew he must be dreaming, but the sensation of the wind, along with the sound of the sea told him otherwise. “Am I dreaming’” he asked out loud.

“Unfortunately you are not,” came the answer from the sexiest voice he had ever heard.

“Who are you? Where are you taking me? Why did you do this,” he asked in succession.

“I am Superwoman, and I am taking you out to dinner,” she replied.

“But why?”

“Isn’t it obvious? To keep you from raping and disfiguring any more young girls.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he replied.

After several more minutes, Superwoman came to a stop and dropped Richard in the water. She scanned the ocean intensely and then had a few thoughts to herself.

“Now do you mind telling me why you were hiding in the bushes on the pathway back to the girls dorms?”

“I was just admiring the view.”

“No, you were looking for a young weak female to rape and disfigure.”

“Prove it.”

“I don’t need to. I can just fly away and leave you here.”

“You can’t do that as Hawaii does not have capital punishment and everyone knows you super types have a strict code against killing.”

“Where did you get your law degree, the University of Phoenix? We are not in Hawaiian waters, we are in international waters. And I think you have read one comic book too many.”

“So what are you going to do, fly away and leave me to die from exposure?”

“No, that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment which would be way too good for you.”

Kerry slowly removed her right glove revealing her razor sharp nails. She floated down to his level and then laid open his left upper arm all the way down to his biceps using just one nail.

“You God damn Bitch! Do you really expect me to talk?”

“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die,” she said as she casually put her glove back on.

The Woman of Steel closed her eyes and concentrated. “Oh look. It seems that our dinner guests have arrived.”

Richard wondered what this crazy chick was talking about as he struggled to stay afloat in agony with the salt water flooding his wound. And then he saw them. Two shark fins circling him about 30 feet away. “What are they, Makos?”

“Hammerheads,” Superwoman replied.

“Ok, Ok, you got me. I will sign whatever you want but let’s get out of here now!”

“What good would signing anything do,” she asked as the sharks had tightened their circle to twenty feet. “Will that heal their faces? Will it remove the horrific memories of your attacks from their minds?”

“Who the hell are you,” he screamed.

“I am the Angel of Justice,” she answered

The sharks were within 10 feet now and both went down under the water.

Richard dropped a load. He knew he was done for. He felt an incredible pressure on his left arm and then two seconds later unbearable pain from where the Hammerhead had torn his arm off above the elbow. He took a big breath to scream but before he could get it out he was pulled underwater as it felt like one hundred knives had just been plunged into his R abdomen.

Kerry was watching from above. The water was churning as if it were boiling with rapid flashes of grey fins. A sickly red slime soon appeared on top of the water spoiling the pristine blue liquid.

“Well my job here is done, time for fun,” she thought to herself as she brought her legs together, pointed her toes, arched her back and let the cool ocean breeze run through her hair which sparkled in the moonlight.

Dustin was sitting on the upstairs balcony of his exclusive cabana looking at the waves crashing against the shore nursing his third beer of the night. “Gosh, who would have thought that Miss Goody Two Shoes would pull a stunt like that on me?” It had been a long time since he had released a hit record, and almost all of the comments on SG’s Facechat page were negative with most calling him a washed up pathetic loser. Things just could not get any worse.

“Rough night”, inquired the sexy female voice that seemed to be coming from up and to his left. He turned to look and was shocked by what he saw. The sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world was descending from the Heavens towards him.

“You might say that,” he dejectedly responded unable to avert his gaze from the magnificent superwoman before him.

“Yea, my little sister can be quite the tease at times but I am sure that with a little help from me we can fix this situation. Did I mention that I am quite the fan?”

“What do you have in mind?”

Taking his hand and leading him into his bedroom she replied, “I am so glad you asked.”

An hour later the two were sitting at a table drinking 300 dollar a bottle Champaign at the outdoor bar while flashes beamed from everywhere. The sexy Woman of Steel stood up and said “This has been one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life,” as she put the Champaign bottle in her right hand and wrapped her left arm around Dustin. They walked several feet in the direction of Dustin’s Cabana when she turned back to the adoring crowd and said, “And the night is still very young.”

Several hours later Superwoman was lying on her back with Dustin’s head nestled between her two incredible orbs. He was exhausted and had passed out from the alcohol and the earlier robust but delightful activities. Gently patting Dustin’s posterior, she started thinking. That little twit Supergirl can’t do anything for herself other than show off and pull juvenile pranks. She needs me to do all her dirty work for her. But I don’t need her for anything!

Ha ha.

Ha Ha Ha.


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