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Crimson High

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Crimson High

By dkc

Smallville High wasn’t the only High school in Smallville, but it was the largest. There were over 700 students that attended the school that ranged from Grade 10 to 12. While there had always been a diversity of different ethnic students, this year Naveen Castro happened to be the only African American student enrolled.

In school Naveen mainly kept to herself, she had only a few friends but friends is perhaps too generous of a word. Naveen had associates, people who she knew indirectly. She’d smile at them or chat for a moment in passing, but no real friends. She used to have friends, but they no longer attended Smallville High. Naveen was attending Smallville high as a returning grade 12 student, so everyone she had been friends with had already moved on to college or work in Metropolis.

Naveen was a thin girl with long flowing midnight black hair which she had usually done up in a ponytail. Her skin was a natural golden dark brown that would make any sunbathing Caucasian jealous. She had a defined feminine jawline, heart shaped thick lips and a petite and slightly upturned nose, and besides a few blemishes, her darker skin was flawless. However, she did quite often bore an unattractive sneer. Her glasses, besides being large & round and completely unfashionable, were also extremely thick and strong. Perhaps not strong enough as Naveen always had to squint at, and by default sneer, whenever she looked at the chalk board. Really, anything that required half decent vision she would squint her eyes, curl her upper lip and show her teeth, albeit beautifully straight and white. It really was an unattractive look.

Naveen also wore clothes that were quite loose and frumpy and especially considering that all the girls seemed to be wearing tight shorts or ultra-tight jeans. They wore Crop tops and outfits which would make even the slightly overweight girl self-conscious. Naveen’s outfit would often be the subject of ridicule and slur’s in multiple different teen corners.

The first three years of having gone to the school, Naveen and her nerdy friends had been left alone from any sort of ridicule or bullying thanks in large part to her friend Jacob, who had been the star running back on the football team. This year however, she was starting to get teased. At first by the jocks and cheer leaders who often made impressions of her trying to look at something. Then regular students who seemed to get a positive reaction with the cooler crowds by trying to mimic Naveen’s sneer or hunch.

It was customary that returning Grade 12’s had been left alone, regardless of their previous social status. That actually had been the case for Naveen as well, until one day she accidently walked into a prank that had been set up for Clark Kent.

Clark was a year her junior. He wasn’t popular like some of the jocks, nor was he unpopular. The best way to describe him was well liked and well respected. The jocks loved teasing him, but not in a malicious sort of way. Perhaps it was his self-deprecating nature, his ability to take a joke in stride, or be pranked and have fun with it. Either way, everyone seemed to love Clark Kent. On one particular day the Jocks had set up a water balloon at the top of the door. They called Clark into the class, Naveen simply by accident, entered the room before Clark. A large water balloon collapsed directly over top of her head. The result drenched Naveen her from head to toe. Naveen gasped as the cold water soaked her. Which revealed her secret. Despite being thin, Naveen had a very large set of breasts. Now the frumpy white sweater she was wearing clung to her wet body, revealing her impressive proportions. In that one moment, she was looked at differently by all the guys. The boys could see that she had a sculpted figure. Her waist was tapered and her breasts were especially large given how petite her waist line was.

From being somewhat of a loner, now she was targeted by the jocks and curious boys who would otherwise have to wait years to see a body like hers. Being young and immature they flirted with her by teasing her. The cheer leaders didn’t like the attention she was getting and started rumours that Naveen stuffs her bra to get attention. Or that her parents bought her boobs because she was otherwise too stupid to be successful. Whether they were flirting with her or not, Naveen never did see it that way. She saw it as malicious bullying, plain and simple, and the teachers never did a thing about it.

It was spring, and Naveen sucked up nearly an entire school year of bullying. She handled her tormentors well, but it was taking a toll, and her marks reflected it. She would have to do exceptionally well during the diploma’s to graduate. For if she didn’t, she dreaded another year in High school. She was already teased for being stupid, if she had to three peat grade 12 it certainly would be far worst. She swore to herself that she’d drop out rather than go through another year in Grade 12.

The thought of not graduating was heavy for her. Naveen’s grandparents visited her a week ago, they had given her money and a necklace for her graduation. The year prior they had also given her money and gifts for her graduation. She didn’t want to accept it until she officially graduated but her Grandparents insisted. Perhaps it was their way of saying they were confident in her. Or, it was their way of adding just a little more pressure for her to graduate. The necklace they gave her was really quite beautiful. It was just a thin silver chain, with a small Crimson emerald pendent attached to it. Naveen’s grandparents said that they had bought it a market, and that it was the only one of its kind, that it would bring her luck. The person that made it, custom made all of his jewellery from unique looking rocks he’d find on his long walks around and outside the city limits.

Naveen never did wear it. She felt guilty for wearing something she hadn’t yet earned, but for some reason on this particular day she decided to wear it to school. She thought, maybe she could use some good luck. Naveen’s day was a disaster. It started while she was walking to school. What appeared to look like a beautiful morning changed rapidly. As soon as Naveen was out of the house it started to rain and then pour. Naveen ran to the school and a car going the other way blasted a puddle right into her.

At school a Dustin, the resident ginger idiot, pretended to fall into her and in the process groped her chest, drawing a few laughs by nearby students. It seemed as though every class and every hour of that day something bad happened to her. She bombed another exam. She had been called to the chalk board to demonstrate a solution, she fumbled with the chalk and drew an incoherent waving line through a graph, which drew more laughs from her fellow classmates. She was teased by other girls. Mocked by complete strangers. God, she was done with this. In what felt like the longest day of her life, it finally ended.

Naveen walked home with her head down, it just wasn’t fair. She hated her life. Her terrible vision. Her stupid brain. Her huge tits which were already responsible for a slight hunch in her spine. Naveen blamed the world for her life sucking and during her self-loathing reflection, she became oblivious to her surroundings and crossed the road.

A truck honked its horn and turned hard to avoid hitting her. Naveen snapped out of her trance only to see the head lights of the quick moving vehicle. She froze in anticipation of the collision. The truck veered and missed her but struck an electrical beam that collapsed. The wire snapped and spun wildly before striking Naveen. Naveen shook in agony, and then Superboy showed up. Superboy grabbed the cable with one hand and Naveen with the other. They were both electrocuted but only briefly as Superboy quickly fried the cable at its source with his laser vision.

Are you okay?” Superboy asked

Naveen’s eyes wearily opened. All she saw was the S symbol on Superboy’s chest. Then she looked into his eyes and shook off the cob webs “Yeah … I think so.”

Can I take you to a hospital?” Superboy asked

No, I think I’m okay. Thank you, you saved my life.” Naveen said and hugged Superboy.

There was a deep red glow in Naveen’s amulet as it touched Superboy’s body.

Now Superboy felt somewhat strange and his eyes glowed an aluminous red before returning to its original color. They looked into each other’s eyes, feeling something that was not previously there. However, the feelings Naveen had paled in comparison to that of Superboy’s.

Allow me take you home.” Superboy offered.

No, it’s okay, I really am okay. Besides, I kind of created a mess here. Cops probably have some questions for me.” Naveen could tell Superboy wasn’t looking at her eyes as she spoke. He was clearly looking at her chest. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was x-raying her “Ummm, I should go … but thank you.” Naveen said uncomfortably.

Superboy smiled. “I’m afraid I’ll have to insist.” And with that he took Naveen into his arms and flew into the sky.

Naveen nervously held onto to Superboy, “My house is right there.” She pointed below.

I’d like to show you something.” Superboy said as they flew past her house and beyond the city limits.

They landed in the woods, near a creek.

Umm, I really have to get home.” Naveen said nervously.

Are you cold?” Superboy asked “I could tell that you’re cold. Let me start a fire.” With that Superboys eyes lit up, his heat vision blasted into a lump of wood.

Naveen was getting nervous, she needed to make it clear that she did not want to remain with Superboy “Thank-you for saving me. But really, I have to go.” Naveen said. As soon as she turned to walk off, she was met with the classic red S symbol.

He had used his super speed to get in front of her and now he smiled at her cockily “You know, most girls find me to be quite a catch.”

Naveen looked at the costume Superboy wore. Bright red Spandex pants secured with a yellow belt along with the bright blue spandex top with the Red and yellow S shield. Naveen was unimpressed “I’m not most girls.”

Superboy smiled and put his hands onto her waist. “Come on, you must be a curious … a girl like you.” Superboy’s hands climbed higher along her waist until his thumbs rested on the sides of her breasts.

Stop this!” Naveen said angrily as she could feel that Superboy’s desire was growing.

Superboy grabbed the center of her sweater and casually ripped it open as if it were made of tissue.

Naveen slapped Superboy in the face and then clutched her hand in agony.

Superboy gave her a smug smile, squinted his eyes and shot a narrow beam into her belt. With her belt snapped, her baggy pants fell down to her ankles.

No, you can’t …” Naveen pleaded.

I’m Superboy, I can do whatever I want.”

Naveen tried to stop him, but his arms were like iron and his skin was like steel. She even bit him at one point which had no effect other than giving her a loose tooth. Then, he entered her. She gasped in shock and then pleaded with him to stop.

Afterwards Superboy just looked at her. Naveen didn’t look back but if she had, she would have seen the look of remorse and regret. Superboy said nothing and then flew off.

Naveen had walked home that night in tears. Superboy had violated her, even worst, nobody would ever believe her. When she came home she kept her mouth shut and went straight to her room and cried until it was time to go to school the next morning.

Day 1

1. At school she was withdrawn and furious. She snapped at the teacher for scolding her for not doing her homework. She violently pushed a cheer leader for simply smiling at her. Her emotions were wild with fury sadness and contempt.

In the next class room over, Clark Kent used his xray vision to spy on her. He had never before experienced guilt as he had during that day. What the hell was wrong with him? How could he be capable of such a horrendous act? That was all he could think about. Never in his life had he even thought about doing something so despicable, never mind acting on it. There wasn’t much he could do to change things now, but he had to find a way to make it up to Naveen.

Naveen was walking back from school when she was confronted by Clark. “Hi.” he greeted her. “It’s Naveen isn’t it?” Clark asked.

Yeah.” Naveen replied uninterested as she continued to walk, keeping a 4 pace gap between Clark and herself.

Clark Kent.” He introduced himself, “I think we have a class together.” Clark stated as he increased his pace to keep up with her.

English.” Naveen stated as she continued to walk.

I heard that you were struggling with sciences. Thought, maybe I can help tutor you.”

Naveen half laughed mockingly, “You, want to tutor me?”

Umm, yeah … If you’d like.”

What’s in it for you?” Naveen asked.

Just trying to be friendly.”

Naveen stopped walking and turned to face him, and was about to say no when something changed. As Clark came closer a feeling, an almost insatiable attraction overwhelmed her. She could feel it all over her body. Her definitive “no.” of an answer changed. “Sure. Meet me at my house for six?”

Clark felt it as well and stopped walking with Naveen and allowed for some distance.

Naveen turned to Clark who stood still, several feet back “You okay?”

Clark was distracted, he was feeling his desires for her grow again. This time he was able to fight them off. “Yeah, I’m fine. 6 oclock sounds good.”

Naveen told him her address and the two went their separate ways. It wasn’t long after, that Naveen started kicking herself. Why the hell would she let that punk over? She was probably going to be pranked again. When he arrived she was intent on telling Clark to leave.


2. 6 oclock came and the doorbell rang. Naveen thought about not answering it, but passive aggressive wasn’t her style. She opened the door for him. “You know I’ve changed …”

You’ve changed … What?” Clark asked.

Naveen couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She was feeling attracted to Clark. More attracted than she’d ever felt for any other person. Her previous intentions changed and she smiled “Nothing.” She replied “Come in.”

The two went to her room. Clark started small chat by asking how long Naveen had lived in Smallville and if she watched football.

Naveen made the conversation awkward with her silence. She was resisting her desires for Clark, but she could do so no longer. “Do you find me … attractive?” Naveen asked.

Clark became nervous, “I obviously think you’re a very pretty girl, but that’s now why I’m here today.”

So you don’t find me attractive?” Naveen asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

No. Like … I mean. You are very pretty. I just … You know … Not in that way. I’m mean … That’s not why I came by.” Clark fumbled awkwardly.

Naveen looked angrily at Clark but only for a moment. Then her demeanor softened “I’m glad to hear that. I hate wearing these silly frumpy sweaters all day. It’s nice to be able to take it off and not be concerned about perverts, you know … staring at me?”

Umm yeah … sure.” Clark watched Naveen take off her Sweater and then she walked up to him. She was wearing a purple bra and despite her having a skinny body, her breasts were quite sizeable. Her cleavage was vast. Clark caught himself looking right into the vastness of her cleavage before looking down quickly at a text book.

So? You wanted to help tutor me?” she asked as she walked up close to Clark. The stone on her neck began to glow as they neared.

This time Clark saw the pendant glow and became suspicious of it. “Your necklace, it started glowing.” he pointed out.

Naveen smiled and put her hand on Clark’s shoulders and pushed him onto his back onto the bed. She crawled overtop of him, hovering her large breasts overtop of Clark’s face. “Have a closer look, my Grandparents bought it for me. Do you like it?”

Clark’s suspicions and concerns were immediately drowned out by his desires. His hands slowly grabbed the sides of Naveen’s breasts. She moaned playfully. He then embraced her passionately and began feverishly making out with her. Even when Naveen’s mother came home, they ignored the risks of being discovered and pumped into one another until it was done.

Clark looked at Naveen, remorse and regret began swelling within him.

Naveen looked at Clark with disgust and contempt. “Get the fuck out! My Mom is home!”

Clark made her way to the bedroom door.

No you idiot! Through the window!” Naveen snapped

Clark fled through the bedroom window and cursed himself the entire way home and all night long.

Day 2

1. Naveen woke up the next morning feeling wide awake and refreshed. She had even woke up before her alarm clock sounded. She wondered briefly if her mood was somehow influenced by her experience with Clark. The thought then gave her sickening cramp. She did it with Clark Kent! What the hell was wrong with her? She thought. She did her best to dismiss the thought as she got out of bed and reached for her glasses. Then she stopped and then looked back at the time again. It was a digital alarm clock that she’d struggle to see even if it even if it was 5 feet in front of her. Now the clock’s time looked crisp and tight. She put on her glasses and found she needed to squint to see through them. “Wow.” She said, she kept the glasses with her but didn’t bother wearing them.

School was uneventful, Naveen wasn’t teased that day. She was daydreaming in class a fair amount, but strangely she always heard and retained what the teacher was saying. Not only that, but she retained what other people were saying as well. Even stranger was that she began understanding the teacher’s lessons, it was incredible. She felt incredible.

Chad, one of the jocks, came to her locker while she was collecting her things. He put his forearm on the adjacent locker and just stood there.

What is it?” Naveen asked annoyed.

Just wanted to say hi.” Chad said innocently.

I’m sure.”

Just wanted to tell you, you look really good without glasses. Did you get contacts?”

No, my vision miraculously improved overnight.” She said sarcastically.

Just wanted to say that you have pretty eyes, that’s all.”

There was an uncomfortable pause between the two of them when finally, Naveen let her defences down “Well, thank you Chad.”

Chad smiled at her and left.

Naveen packed her bag and headed out. Clark approached her from behind.

Hey Naveen.” Clark greeted.

Naveen sighed uncomfortably “Clark, I don’t know what happened last night … but

It was strange, wasn’t it? You regret it? Right?”

Yeah, something like that.” Naveen confessed.

Right before it happened, your necklace, it glowed. Can I see it?”

Naveen’s necklace was tucked under her sweater, “Wish I could take it off to show it to you. The clasp is sort of welded together.”

Right.” Clark nodded, “After you got electrocuted?”

How’d you know I was electrocuted?” Naveen asked.

It was in the news.” Clark answered nervously

It was?”

Yeah, and Superboy saved you.”

Oh … he saved me alright.” Naveen rolled her eyes and began walking away.

Clark followed her to the courtyard just outside of school. “Naveen, can I have a go at the necklace?”

Naveen turned to Clark, “Sure Clark, have a go.” Naveen began pulling the thin necklace from behind her sweater.

Clark saw that the chain was too short to be pulled over her head. “Do you mind if I break the chain?” Clark asked as the Crimson stone was revealed. The stone glowed momentarily. So too did Clark’s eyes. Naveen was affected as well. They stared at each briefly before Clark stepped back from her.

Naveen stepped closer to him, “What? Didn’t you have fun last night? I seem to recall you couldn’t get enough of.” Naveen placed Clark’s hand on her breast “These.” “Their impressive.” Naveen said with a smile “Aren’t they?”

Clark couldn’t take it anymore, he guided Naveen to a corner so that their actions would be less obvious and pulled his pants down.

Naveen’s legs straddled Clark’s body and she used her firm buttocks to pump into him.


2. Naveen paced around her bedroom, “Again!?” She yelled at herself. How could she have done that again! What was wrong with her? She once read that women who experienced some form of sexual trauma are affected in a number of ways. But had she turned into some Nympho Maniac. She tried to take her mind off things, she began to study. At first she doubted that she’d be able to focus but the formulas she once struggled to understand or memorize were firmly planted in her brain. She flipped page after page and found that every question seemed to be an easy one. Her high school teacher, Mr. Benny once told her that once you get it, it’ll just click. That certainly seemed to be the case.

Naveen studied for an hour, going through pages and pages of material like a champ. Afterwards, she went downstairs to get something to eat, watched some TV and then went to the shower. Naveen took her sweater off and looked at the crimson necklace. She had already tried to remove it. At one point, she even tried to rip it off herself. The last step was wire cutters, unfortunately she didn’t have any in the house. Naveen briefly looked at her body, traditionally when she got stressed she ate more and she gained weight. She certainly was stressed this school year, more stressed about school and life than she’d ever remembered being. Yet, her tummy never looked more flat and toned. Her booty which had always been large was more rounded and seemingly curved to perfection. The trace of cellulite she was once self-conscious about was all but gone. Her breasts, which had always been large, too large if you asked her, seemed higher on her chest and more rounded. She was looking fine, and she knew it.

Naveen took a shower, and went straight to bed. She wasn’t tired, not even in the least. She closed her eyes and attempted to force herself to sleep. Try as she might, she couldn’t. After about two hours, she sat up and began getting a head start on a book assignment.

Day 3

1. She opened the book. Grapes of wrath, and began reading it. Not realizing how fast she was reading, every few seconds she would turn the page. At 5 in the morning, she finally put the book down and muttered “That was a terrible book!” Naveen heard the front door open. Her mom was home. Her mother, Joanne Castro worked alternating shifts at the Smallville hospital as a nurse, now she was on nights and usually came home at around 530AM. Is it 530 already? Naveen panicked. Naveen had to be up in nearly an hour and she still hadn’t gotten any sleep. She still wasn’t tired but she was sure she’d feel it later in the day.

Naveen got up off the bed and went down stairs, “Hi Mom.” She said sweetly and hugged her mom.

Naveen’s mom returned the hug “What are you doing up so early Angel?”

I can’t sleep.” Naveen pouted.

Aww sweetie, can you miss your morning classes?”

No I have a physics exam first thing.” Naveen stated as she went to the fridge.

Nervous about the exam?” Her mother asked.

No actually, I think I’m finally getting the stuff, kinda looking forward to the test.”

So what did you do all night? Study?”

Naveen poured herself some cereal, “Yeah, studied and read Grapes of Wrath.”

You mean started to read Grapes of Wrath.”

No, I read it.”

Naveen’s mom smiled politely at her, obviously not believing she had in fact read the entire book in a matter of hours. “Well, I’d suggest you read it again if you have a book assignment on it.” Naveen’s mom then clued into the fact that her daughter wasn’t wearing glasses. “When did you get contacts?”

Naveen smiled nervously, “I didn’t. I woke up yesterday morning and … I could see.”

What?” Her mother said with surprise.

I know, weird right?”

Joanne took a closer look at her daughter. “Are you pulling one on me? Your wearing contacts, aren’t you?”

Naveen smiled and then looked at the time. “I gotta get ready for school.” She hugged her mother and went up to her room.

Naveen went to her closet and grabbed a sweater, as she grabbed it she looked at another sweater. Naveen wore sweaters, all the time. The sweaters were always extra-large and hung over her like a big blanket. She wore them for a few reason, one- because she was always cold, but primarily it was because she didn’t want to get any extra attention due to her exaggerated curves. Now though, with her hair out of its pony tail, looking at herself through the mirror without glasses, it seemed as though a frumpy sweater didn’t quite work. She pulled out a black sweater with leather like black ribbings. It was a nice sweater, but she never wore it. It was too form fitting and she was too self-conscious of her body. Naveen put it on and looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. She had to confess, as she looked at herself at different angles, she was looking fabulous.

Was it losing the glasses? Was it that she was shapelier or her hair was let loose? Naveen’s face closed into the mirror so she could have a better look at her face. She seemed to be blemish free. Even the scar she had received from chicken pox so many years ago, which nobody could notice but her, had completely vanished. Naveen, feeling pretty for one of the few times in her life, started to treat herself. She applied lip gloss, a bit of blush and eye shadow. The time was nearly 730 AM. She’d have to hurry to school if she wasn’t going to be late. Naveen stole one more glance in the mirror. She couldn’t help but ask herself if she really wanted to present herself like this? She reminded herself, that she was simply wearing a sweater, jeans and boots. Although the sweater was form fitting, she had nothing to be embarrassed of. She had nothing to hide.

When Naveen got there, everyone eyed her. She walked confidently to her locker and listened to everyone talk about her. They seemed as if they were trying to keep their voices down. Naveen picked up on their every whisper.

Holy shit, Naveen looks smokn!”

Look at that tramp, her daddy buys her a set of tits and she thinks she’s all that?”

Actually, she’s always had big boobs. My sister went to school with her in Junior high, says they used to make fun of her during gym class.”


Who knew that Naveen was a super model?”

You mean super hussy? Who dresses that way?”

Naveen couldn’t help but smile as she walked through the hallway. As soon as she got to her locker Chris Fields, the school quarter back approached her. “Hey Naveen.” he greeted.

Naveen was grabbing books from her locker and so her eye roll wasn’t obvious. “Hi Chris.” she returned.

Chris seemed a little nervous, and not his usually cocky self. There was an awkward silence. “Naveen, you look.” Naveen turned to him and Chris’s eyes went to her chest, for perhaps too long. He finally found her eyes and finished his sentence. “Really good.”

Naveen nodded, “I have to get to class.”

Do you want to … go out sometime?” Chris asked with apprehension.

Naveen was about to brush Chris off when her hearing detected Leah, Chris’s ex, say some racial slurs to a friend a she walked by them. Naveen looked at her in irritation, it seemed as though everyone was talking loudly enough for her to hear. She almost preferred them saying stuff behind her back. She returned the favour by saying to Chris in a voice loud enough for Leah to hear, “I’d love to go out with you Chris.” She regretted saying it as soon as it came out of her mouth.

So tonight?” Chris asked.

Naveen waited for Leah to turn the corner before facing Chris, “Mmm, not tonight.” she added before walking away. Naveen’s first class was physics, they had an exam which she aced. She didn’t even need to see her mark to know it. The answers seemed obvious and easy, in fact, the teacher’s dictations which had the effect of going way over her head were easily discerned.

Naveen began thinking about the fact that she still hadn’t slept, yet she felt wide awake. Not only that, but she had read an entire novel overnight. Although her mom didn’t believe her, she knew it to be true. Something was happening to her. Enhancing her. Naveen began reflecting on her experience with Superboy. She began to wonder if her current experiences had anything to do with the encounter. And although she loved the fact she didn’t need glasses or that she could actually retain information she received, it didn’t change the fact that she hated Superboy. That if she could, she’d tell the world just what kind of monster he was.


2. Superboy was flying through the sky, he felt almost like a sprinter who hadn’t ran for a while and had gained 25lbs. He was flying fast, but instinctively knew that his top speeds were marginalized. His powers seemed to be intact, but weakened. Clark was deep in his thoughts as he flew through the sky when suddenly he fell from it. It was only for an instant, and he recovered quickly, but now he knew something was terribly wrong. It was time to visit Dr. Menzies at star labs.

Clark landed in front of Star labs located inside Metropolis’s city core. He entered a lobby where he looked at the receptionist. To her right, there was a vaulted door.

Hello Superboy.” She greeted “Come to see Dr. Menzies?”

I am, is he available?”

When is he not?” The receptionist entered a key code into her computer and the vaulted door began to rise open. Inside was a long hallway and walls made of thick glass. All the research conducted seemed to be transparent. All except Dr. Menzies office. He knocked at his door.

Come in, it’s open.” Dr. Menzies called out.

Super Boy entered the laboratory, “Hello Doctor.”

Dr. Menzies was a short older man. He wore a white lab coat and his hair was white and always messy. “Clarky, what can I do for you?” he greeted in his usual upbeat voice.

Clark got right to it. “Hi Doctor, I’m concerned that I might have been exposed to kryptonite.”

Why do you think that?” The Doctor asked curiously.

There’s a girl that I had saved and she wore a red crystal that seemed to glow when I got too close to her.”

Red Kryptonite?”

Maybe.” Clark said with uncertainty.

Okay, when it glowed, how did it make you feel?”

Now Clark became nervous, under no circumstances did he want to tell the Doctor what he’d done. “It’s hard to describe.”

Well you’ve been exposed to red Kryptonite before, did it feel like that?”

Clark nodded “In some ways, I suppose. But, afterwards I felt as though my powers were being drained. Like I’m weaker.”

You mean, when you’re around the amulet?”

No, I haven’t been around it all day, and I nearly fell out of the sky. My powers feel as though they are somehow depleted.”

Fascinating.” The doctor said. He thought for a moment and then got off his chair and walked inside a clean room just adjacent to the one Clark was in. Clark could still see the Doctor through a glass window. The Doctor then walked toward what looked like a massive tool chest with sliding drawers. He pressed a button on a display. “Clark can you hear me?”

Yes.” Clark answered. Not that he needed a speaker to hear him anyways.

So Clark, there are many forms of Kryptonite. Much like when stars explode, heavier elements fuse and create elements like lead, platinum and gold. When Krypton exploded, it had a similar effect. Kryptonite fused with other elements creating different types of Kryptonite. You said the colour was red, right?”


There are only two different types of red Kryptonite that I’m aware of. Red Kryptonite and Crimson Kryptonite.” The Doctor opened a drawer with a sample of each.

Clark looked through the protected glass and spotted the very same stone that was on Naveen’s neck. “That’s it, that’s the one.” Clark said.

The doctor grabbed the stone and then closed the drawer and closed the cabinet. He walked into the room and tossed the Kryptonite to Clark. “Catch.” he said

Clark was startled and let the kryptonite miss him, it hit the wall and fell by his feet.

It’s perfectly alright, that Kryptonite has no effect on you.”

Clark looked at Dr. Menzies, at first unconvinced. After seeing a reassuring smile on his face Clark reached down and picked up the stone, “Doctor, I was under the impression that all Kryptonite has some sort of effect on me.”

Apparently not that one. Do you remember when you were young, we conducted an experiment on you. Much like giving a child an allergy test, we put a trace amount of each Kyrptonian element onto your arm. You might remember what happened when we tried it with Red kryptonite.”

I remember.” Clark said embarrassed.

But Crimson Kryptonite had no effect on you.”

Clark looked into the Kryptonite trying to compare it to his memories of that of Naveen’s amulet. “It really does look like this. But, I don’t know, maybe it’s not.”

You said you saw it glow?”

Yeah, it definitely glowed. It glows every time I’m around it.”

You saved this girl, you said.”

Yeah I did.”

From what?” The doctor asked curiously.

At the time she was being electrocuted.”

The Doctor nodded his head, “Interesting.”

What is?” Clark asked.

Well - elements change their composition if they are exposed to extreme temperature changes or electric currents. I’ll run some experiments. In the meantime, see if you can bring me that necklace. Or if you prefer, have her drop it off.”

Will do Doctor.”

Day 8

1. The days past on, Clark never did have the nerve to approach Naveen. He saw her several of times. In English and around the hall ways but he made sure he kept his distance. Still, he could see a change in her attitude. The way she walked, the way she looked and dressed.

Clark had started to believe his powers were back to full capacity. During the weekend he left earth to bask in the sun’s rays for hours. He felt rejuvenated, and that his powers had returned to its full potential. Although he’d never be able to forgive himself for what he’d done to Naveen, he hoped that normalcy would return at the end of the school year. He hoped he’d never have to confront Naveen again.

All that changed yesterday, when he nearly fell out of the sky. Now he knew he’d have to confront Naveen. He tried to convince himself that with a strong enough will power, he could overcome his desires. Today, he would confront her.


2. In just over a week things had rapidly changed for Naveen. Her test scores had dramatically improved in all subjects. She had gone from an outcast to one of the most desirable girls in the school, and all this in just 8 days. She had finally gotten a good night sleep, and although she had only acquired 4 hours of sleep she felt wide awake and eager for the day. It was a Tuesday, and if the day prior was any indication, she certainly looked forward to her day.

Naveen put on purple panties and a matching purple push up bra. Her breasts seemed firmer and rounder, even more so than the day before. Naveen then looked for something to wear. By far, the majority of clothes she owned were extra-large, loose and frumpy. She did find a nice white flower patterned summer dress. It was a great fit for her body, it showed off her curves quite nicely. The dress was also low cut. Her triple D push up bra certainly amped up the wow factor. She was almost self-conscious about wearing the dress. She tossed her insecurities aside, she felt renewed, sexy and confident and it was about time she acted like it. Naveen applied a touch of make up and went to school.

Teachers and students did double takes as they watched Naveen walk the hall ways. While most of the teachers disapproved of her deliberate display of her assets, they remained quiet. As she got to her locker, Leah engaged her. She was with a few other girls from the cheer leading team.

Hi Naveen, I don’t know if we’ve actually formally met. I’m Leah.”

I know who you are.” Naveen said coldly.

Leah smiled, “You know, I couldn’t help but notice that by getting contacts, showing off your boobs and dressing like a slut, you think you can talk to our boyfriends. I just want to give you some friendly advice. There is less than 2 months until graduation, if you don’t want the next 2 months to be a living hell, you might consider backing off.”

Naveen placed her hands on her hips and squared off with Leah, who was shorter and skinnier than her. “Oh? And what exactly do you have in mind? What can you do, that you haven’t already done to me?”

Leah smirked, completely unfazed by Naveen’s taller and better built stature. “I’m just giving you a friendly warning. All I can promise you, is that if you don’t back the fuck off? Your previous bad experiences? Will feel like a relaxing day at the beach compared to what I have in store.”

Chris was walking by and interrupted the group “What’s going on here?”

Naveen smiled at Leah and then turned to Chris “Leah was kind enough to give her blessing for our date. Still wanna go out?” She asked him

Uhhh sure, tonight at 7 work?”

Perfect.” Naveen said with a smile.

So, You girls good?” Chris asked as he looked suspiciously at the group.

Couldn’t be better.” Leah smiled and watched Chris walk away “Oh that was cute. Life for you just ended.” With that Leah walked away.

Naveen rolled her eyes and continued the rest of the day. It wasn’t until the end of school did Clark approach her. She had been avoiding him for some time.

Naveen, can I talk with you.” Clark asked and then tucked himself into the entrance way of an empty classroom.

Sorry Clark, can’t talk now. I have a date.”

A date? Wow, umm, with who?”

I’m going out with Chris.”

Chris Fields?… Football quarter back?… That’s quite the, umm.”

Naveen was getting irritated, “look Clark, you're nice but …”

Clark interrupted her “Don’t you find it strange that whenever we get within an arm’s length of each other we can’t resist one another?”

Naveen gave Clark a sympathetic look “Don’t mean to punch a hole in your ego but, I can resist you. It’s like I said before, you’re not my type.”

Okay.” Clark added, “Prove it.”

Naveen was nervous at first, she looked at Clark momentarily and was absolutely convinced nothing would happen “Fine, Come nice and close so I can break it to you gently.”

Clark focused, he concentrated hard and as he stepped forward he could see the deep red hue of Naveen’s necklace. He wanted to point it out, but he was distracted by his lust for Naveen.

Naveen had a difficult time focusing as well. Her dress was a thin cotton and as a chill went down her spine she could feel a tingle in her nipples which erected underneath the dress.

The amulet grew bright again “Do you see?” Clark stated with some difficulty.

Naveen tried to focus, tried to break out of what she was feeling, but she relented. Naveen stepped closer to Clark so that her chest was pressed into Clark’s. Naveen was besieged with an overwhelming desire to be with Clark. She closed her eyes tightly and then reopened them “Fine.” She conceded “After this, we stay away from one another.” She said as she brought her lips closer to Clark’s

We can snap out of this, we just need to focus.” Clark begged.

Naveen’s breath became laboured as he body pressed against Clark’s “Mmmm Yes Clark, you definitely need to focus.” Naveen said softly. “You need to focus on these.” With that Naveen pulled her dress down exposing her purple bra and her considerable breasts.

Clark practically begged himself to stop and yet he found himself French kissing Naveen who began disrobing right in the middle of the hall way. Naveen pushed Clark into the empty classroom behind them. They were now on top of the teacher’s desk. Naveen was on top. Naveen unzipped Clark and then began pumping down hard into him.

For Clark, there was something different about the experience this time. Her body felt even firmer than last time. Her chest rounder. Her strength, much more significant. Finally, what can only be described as a booty drop, Naveen lifted her ass and smashed it down on Clark’s erection breaking the legs of the teacher’s desk

They both let out a gasp and moments later Naveen began collecting her things. She couldn’t believe she’d fallen for Clark again. He was right, something strange was happening, and her necklace more than likely was the culprit. Something unnatural was happening. But how was it even possible? And why Clark and no one else?”

I need that necklace off of you! Naveen? Naveen please.” Clark called out.

Naveen looked back at Clark.

Please, Naveen.” He looked at her sympathetically “I’m afraid I’ll have to insist.”

Naveen turned back to the door and hurried away


3. Naveen got ready for her date. She wasn’t at all excited for it. Chris Fields was popular with the girls but simply put, Naveen wasn’t into white guys. She justified her actions with the belief that if she could date the most popular guy in school, her social status would change. As a returning grade 12 student, she was quite embarrassed of her situation.

There was also the fact that a popular guy like Chris Fields was into her. For the first time in her life a guy was publicly into her. She remembered last year being with Jacob. She had a huge crush on Jacob which she had kept secret from him. Jacob was popular and one of the few black guys in her grade. One night, after a group of them hung out he alone came over to her house. Naveen’s mother was on nights and so the house belonged to them. She had one of the best times of her life but the next day he never did admit to anyone what happened between the two of them. She knew he was embarrassed, and their friendship was strained for months before they finally had the “Just friends.” conversation.

Naveen thought about what Leah had told her, maybe she was making life more difficult for herself by going out with Chris. Leah and Chris had an on and off relationship. Right now they were off, Naveen was sure her date with Chris would drive Leah crazy. But, she had to admit, it felt good to be desired for once in her life. Or at least have someone else be jealous of her for a change.

The problem she was having was what to wear. Naveen had only a few nice things to wear in her wardrobe, and she had already worn them to school. Naveen went into her mother’s bedroom. Her mother was in her early 40’s, she was a skinny woman and had a far better fashion sense than she did. Naveen found an elegant white, backless dress. The dress was tight, and unlike her mother, Naveen’s breasts were quite sizeable. She squeezed herself into it. The dress pressed tightly across her bust, which emphasized her cleavage and displayed the contours of her body quite nicely.

Chris had been early picking her up. When Naveen opened the door for him his jaw dropped. In high heels Naveen was his height, maybe even taller. Chris had dated many girls in high school, but for the first time in his life he felt he was on a date with a real woman.

Chris ended up taking Naveen out for dinner at a local diner. Naveen felt a little overdressed for where they had gone out to eat, but Chris had been the perfect gentleman. She found that she actually enjoyed her time with him. Next they went to a drive thru movie and then Chris took her just outside of the city on a hill top over-looking the small city. They struck up a natural conversation that went on for nearly half hour, and during a lull Chris looked at her sweetly and said “You really do have nice eyes.”

Naveen smiled, “Thanks?” she said uncomfortably.

Seriously, just makes me wonder. Why now? You sort of hid in the shadows for all this time. At any point you could have revealed yourself and totally owned this school. So, why now?”

You’re a flatterer.” Naveen replied shyly

I’m serious.”

Naveen looked outside as she thought about it, “I don’t know. Lately I just feel … It’s hard to describe … I feel free. Like, almost empowered.”

Chris and Naveen looked at one another for a moment and then Chris made his move. Chris kissed Naveen and she returned it. Naveen liked it more than she thought she would, they kissed for nearly a minute and then Chris’s hands found Naveen’s chest. As soon as he felt her warm large breasts, his kisses became erratic and sloppy. He was overcome with desire. His fingers reached inside the seams of the dress and he pulled the tight dress down so that her breasts were exposed.

Chris stared at Naveen’s breasts for a moment. They were perfectly rounded, magnificently perk, large and tipped with darker nipples. He couldn’t control himself. His underwear felt tight, he removed his belt and then began awkwardly began pulling up Naveen’s dress while she sat in the passenger side seat.

Naveen was done. There was no chance she was going to sleep with him. “Umm, maybe let’s continue this another time.” Naveen said as Chris moved in for a kiss. She then pulled her dress up covering her chest.

What? Are you kidding me right now?” Chris stated angrily.

Chris, this is our first date? Did you really think I was going to have sex with you?”

You’ve been rubbing your tits against me all night, you dress up like a skank, flirt and tease and then cut me off like that?”

Dress up like what?” Naveen asked in shock

Fuck that!” Chris said angrily.

Okay, I’m leaving.” Naveen stated annoyed.

The fuck you are!” Chris stated and grabbed Naveen’s arm aggressively as she attempted to leave the car.

Naveen grabbed Chris’s hand and then squeezed. Chris let out a scream.

Listen! You are not allowed to touch me! Got it!” Naveen stated sternly.

Fuck! my hand! My fucking hand!” Chris yelled before Naveen let it go and then left the car.

Naveen got out onto the gravel road and began walking home. She could here Chris’s vehicle start up. It sped for her quickly. As it passed her it braked hard and slid past on the gravel road. Chris’s window was open and he screamed “Fuck you! Slut!” With that he put the car into first gear and hit the gas. Gravel and dirt blasted from the tires and straight into Naveen.

Naveen gasped as dirt, mud and pebbles blasted into her before the car took off down the gravel road. Naveen stood there for a few minutes and collected herself. It was a huge mistake to go on the date. She knew it now more than ever. She was furious, more so with herself than anything. She felt as though she should have been smarter. Only 2 months left of school she thought, why did she have to make life even more difficult for herself?

Naveen began her long walk home, after her rage simmered down. She began thinking about how she easily thwarted Chris’s advance. He screamed in agony when she grabbed his hand. She felt stronger and just like she had told Chris, she felt empowered. What was somewhat gratifying was that, despite having a pleasant evening with Chris she in no way felt compelled nor wanted to sleep with him. For whatever reason, the same could not be said about Clark. Although arguably, as far as white men were concerned, Chris was more handsome of the two. For some reason she couldn’t resist Clark. In her mind she certainly could. Geeky white nerd with glasses, like gross. So why couldn’t she resist him when they were near one another? She thought about it the entire way home. She then reminisced to that fateful day, when Super Boy violated her. She envisioned Super boy’s cocky smile as he looked at her.

Then in Naveen’s imagination she saw Clark with the same grin, looking at her and saying “I’m afraid I’ll have to insist.” It finally dawned on her. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen it earlier. Could Clark Kent be Super Boy. She dismissed the idea, but like a buoy the idea always resurfaced until finally she became convinced. Clark, that little twerp! Was Superboy! Naveen was filled with anger, how could she willingly have sex with that monster. If it was the pendent that was causing her to have a sexual interest with Clark then it had to go. At first Naveen tried to pull the necklace over her head, but it was too small and she couldn’t pull it over her chin. Then Naveen tried to rip it off her with her hands. The chain was a thin and silver, but try as she might she couldn’t break it. When she got home she intended to cut it off, but for now, she thought about how she’d make Clark pay for what he’d done. Perhaps reveal his identity? Tell Lana Lang what Clark had done? The two of them seemed close, they might even be dating. Wonder what she’d think of her Rapist boyfriend.

Finally, Naveen thought about Chris and what story he’d undoubtedly make up. She strongly suspected that tomorrow she was in for the worst day of her life. If her marks had been any worst she’d just drop out. Take an adult learning course through correspondence, she was done with high school. Sadly, for this year, that wasn’t an option.

Day 9

1. The next day on her walk to school she thought about Clark, and how she’d confront him. As angry as she was, she knew her anger would subside if she got close to him and other feelings would rush in. More than likely she’d have to confront him over the phone. She entered the school thinking about Clark. Her date with Chris was a distant memory.

Is your name Naveen Castro?” A grade 10 female student asked as soon as she entered the school.

Yeah – it is.” Naveen said politely.

The girl had something behind her back, she pulled it forward and tried to swipe Naveen with it. At first Naveen thought it was a weapon and then realized it was a paint brush. She dodged the first swipe, not noticing that two other girls snuck up behind her and dumped an entire bucket of black paint over top of her and then ran off. The rest of the students around her began laughing at her.

Naveen was about to give chase as she muttered the words “You little fucking …” She realized that if she chased them, she’d be creating another scene for students to laugh at her for. Instead, she hurried to the washroom where she was followed in by another student.

Are you okay?” Christina asked as she handed her a wad of paper towels.

Naveen was too angry to say anything, she grabbed the paper towels from Christina and brushed off gobs of paint that were still on her head. Naveen turned the water on to wash herself off.

Don’t use water, it’ll spread the paint.” Christina advised “I’m guessing that your clothes are ruined? I have an extra shirt in my bag, I was going to use it for gym, but I’ll just use the extra one I have in my locker.” Christina opened her bag and pulled out the plain white shirt.

Naveen’s anger began to subside, “Thank you Christina.”

Here.” Christina offered, “let’s carefully take your shirt off.” Christina helped take off Naveen’s shirt and then she looked at Naveen’s body. Unlike Christina’s body, Naveen’s was lean and fit, she couldn’t help but stare at her flat belly and the slight formation of ab muscles “You must work out hard core.”

Naveen had never worked out ‘hard core’, and hadn’t done her regular work outs for several of months, “Umm from time to time.” She lied. Christina helped Naveen put on the shirt. It was surprisingly tight on Naveen’s body considering how large Christina was. Naveen genuinely thanked Christina and then went her separate way to her locker. As she walked to her locker she was met with smirks and people muttering the word slut.

Someone Naveen had never even met called out to her. “Hey Naveen! I’ve got two dollars! What do I get for that?”

Naveen’s insecurities were now starting to pile up on one another. She began dragging her feet, her shoulders began to slouch and she avoided eye contact with students.

A teacher grabbed her shoulder and turned her toward him, “Naveen!?” the teacher said angrily, “What’s with the shirt?”

Naveen panicked and twisted the shirt so she could see what was on its back, ‘Proud to be a slut. I’ll fuck you for a dollar’ it read. The hallway erupted into laughter.

The teacher escorted Naveen to the principal’s office. Naveen tried to explain what happened, but the teacher seemingly dismissed Sarah’s actions by saying Kids can be so cruel. The principal then excused Naveen to go home and change.

As Naveen was leaving she saw that Leah was being escorted to the principal’s office. As they passed Leah smirked at her and whispered “And this is only day one.”


2. Clark missed classes that day. His feeling of periodical weakness was now a frequent occurrence and he knew something was wrong. He decided that he needed to pay Dr. Menzies another visit. The Doctor had advised him that he would contact him if he found something, and although he had not yet called Clark, he needed to know if the Doctor had any clues what so ever.

As Clark flew over Metropolis he heard a series of car horns, a screech and then a loud crash. His head turned to where he had heard the crash. Two vehicles had been damaged on a bridge, but a third had sliced through a guard rail and was inching its way to toppling over.

Superboy wasted no time, he flew as fast as he could to the bridge, but just as soon as he arrived the SUV and its occupants toppled over. Superboy flew underneath the vehicle and attempted to catch it. He did, however, they were still falling and so he used his flight power to begin pushing the vehicle back up. To his shock he was still descending. He put all of his strength into pushing the car back up. His neck strained and his muscles flexed but still he descended albeit at a much slower pace. Realizing he would not be able to get the SUV back onto the bridge he began floating sideways in order to get the SUV onto the shore line. He did it, just barely. Exhausted he let the car down and its suspension bounced due to the hard impact.

A middle aged woman rushed out from the driver side and hugged him and thanked him. Superboy smiled at her and repeated some rehearsed statement about it being his sworn duty and then he jumped into the sky. Now more than ever he was convinced that he was losing his powers and that Naveen’s amulet had something to do with it.

Superboy landed in front of Stars labs and entered the facility. He walked up to the receptionist. “Is Dr. Menzies available?”

The receptionist looked at Superboy, “He did say he did not want to be disturbed today, but I’m sure he’d make an exception for you. Give me a moment.”

In a few minutes the vault like door was opened and the receptionist politely advised Superboy that Dr. Menzies could see him.

Hello Clark.” The doctor greeted him but not with his usually upbeat tone. “I was actually planning on contacting you.”

Clark looked at him with a look of concern and got right to it, “My powers Doctor, it’s not in my head, I am losing them.”

Clark.” The Doctor said in a serious tone. “I ran some experiments using electricity and crimson kryptonite. Using mice, I electrified the mice while one was attached to the kryptonite. Oddly, it seemed that the mice wearing the kryptonite was becoming stronger. As the two mice were of comparable size it was hard to say for certain. So I conducted the exact same experiment with two different breeds of mice. One was extremely fat and lethargic, the other was bred to be fit, fat burning exercising machine. The result was a complete transferal of genetics. There was one catch though, and so Clark I need you to be honest with me. Are you in regular contact with this girl?”

What do you mean Doctor?” Superboy asked trying to play dumb.

My results aren’t fully completed, that’s why I wanted to talk tomorrow about this. But since you’re here, I need to ask … are you at all intimate with this woman?”

C'mon Doc.”

The doctor nodded “It’s just that according to my findings DNA plays a major role in the transferal process. More the DNA the faster the transferal. And something else Clark, the transferred DNA is improved by the host. I don’t know how, or why … It’s almost as if the two biology’s work together to create something far better.”

Superboy needed to give up the goods. Based on what he was hearing his DNA was transforming Naveen into something far more powerful than he was. “After I was electrocuted, I had contact with her.” Clark confessed.

You kissed her?”

No, I had sexual contact with her.”

The Doctor seemed confused. “I didn’t realize you could have sexual contact with an earth girl without …”

Clark shook his head and interrupted the doctor “Neither did I.”

Was it just the one time?”

No.” Clark said in dismay “Every time I get near her. Doc, it’s as if I don’t even have a choice in the matter. I’d have told you earlier but

Has she begun exhibiting any abilities …” Dr. Menzies cut him off.

I don’t know, I guess she seems stronger, more fit but I haven’t seen her fly or anything.”

The Doctor thought for a long moment. “Maybe it’s not too late. Back when you were infected with red kryptonite I discovered a neural inhibitor which enabled you to clear your head for up to a half hour. More than enough time for you to remove the red kryptonite. I suspect the same would allow you to fight off any desires you have while you’re with this other woman. Maybe just long enough for you to remove the necklace or bring her here?”

I can try that.”

Good, let me go get the vial’s.”


3. Naveen walked home to go and change, her head was down and she had tears in her eyes the entire way home. She felt passionate swings, between rage and sadness, or even a compilation of both, she couldn’t help but think of things she wanted to do to Leah. She also thought about dropping out of school. Then she thought about getting herself expelled for beating Leah to a bloody pulp. Knowing violence had never been in her nature, Naveen eventually settled for feeling sorry for herself. At home she showered and changed back into her old clothes. The clothes she was used to wear. A frumpy loose fitting sweater and baggy sweat pants. Then Naveen realized what was happening, Leah had damaged her self-confidence and made her feel insecure about herself. Masterfully, Leah managed to do it within the first hour of the first day. As upset as she was, she knew she couldn’t give in. She had to go back to school and be confident and proud. Naveen had decided, that what happened next would decide her fate after high school. Would she be the insecure little girl in awkward frumpy clothes for the rest of her life? Or the confident beautiful woman she knew she was.

Naveen put on her favorite black bra, her breasts in the past few days had been looking fantastic. They seemed much rounder, and rested naturally high on her chest as if gravity suddenly became an assistance rather than an inconvenience. In fact, It seemed as though she hardly needed a bra. She decided to wear one anyways to give her chest a little more umpf. She again went into her Mom’s drawer and found a red v-neck low cut crop top and some tight shorts. She applied more make up than usual and made sure her long hair was brushed and styled beautifully.

Naveen returned during lunch hour. Again all eyes were on her. Naveen was proudly displaying her body. Her flat stomach, smooth and silky long dark legs and vast volume of firm cleavage that turned every one’s head.

Naveen was making her way to her locker when she saw Christina walk into the girl’s bathroom. She followed her in.

Christina looked up, surprised to see that Naveen was in the washroom.

Naveen smiled smugly at Christina “Well well, look who it is. Glad I found you, I really wanted to thank you for the shirt.”

Whatever.” Christina said and made a B line for the door.

Oh don’t leave on my account.” Naveen stated as she stepped in front of Christina’s path.

Look.” Christina stated “You fucked with the wrong bitch, and it’s only going to get worst … So change schools or commit suicide. It’s really up to you.”

Naveen smiled, “I had a third option in mind.” Naveen grabbed the front of Christina’s shirt and scrunched it in her hand.

Let go of me bitch!”

Or else what?” Naveen asked “You want fight me?”

I said fucking let go!” With that Christina slapped Naveen across the face.

The sound clapped throughout the washroom but Naveen’s face hadn’t even turned, she didn’t feel a thing. “That’s the hardest you can throw?”

I said let go of me!” Christina said in frustration as she couldn’t remove Naveen’s closed fist from her shirt. “LET'S GO!” Christina yelled and this time delivered a closed fist punch straight into Naveen’s face. Christina gasped as soon as she made contact.

No one was more surprised than Naveen, she expected to be nursing a cracked or even broken nose but she barely felt a thing. She smiled and her eyes emanated satisfaction and then she hoisted Christina into the air.

Christina gasped as her feet left the ground “Wh-Wh-What! What! What the fuck? What are you?” Christina stuttered her words as she looked down at her dangling feet.

Fuck with me again, EVEN look at me again! You’ll find out exactly what I am, and what I’m capable of.” Naveen put Christina down and Christina hurried past Naveen and out the door.

Naveen was just as surprised as Christina, she knew by following Christina into the washroom there would be a confrontation and maybe even a fight. She didn’t know that she’d be able to handle her so easily. Even take a few shots to the face and not have a blemish for it. She certainly got her message across with minimal violence, but Naveen came back to the question of how? How was any of this possible? Was Clark responsible for this, was she somehow gaining the powers of Superboy? And how much of his power did she already possess. She was eager to try out the theory.

Naveen cut class and was leaving the school but was followed outside.

Naveen.” Clark called out, insuring he kept his distance from her.

What is it Clark?” She said annoyed.

How have you been feeling … lately?”

Me?” Naveen asked as she flashed him a smile “oh I’ve been feeling just super lately.” she responded with some contempt in her voice “How have you been feeling?”

Clark missed the connotation “So, I spoke with Dr. Menzies, he believes he can remove the necklace from you. Actually, he said he’d pay a lot of money to you if you allowed him to inspect the crystal on it.”

Mmm I don’t know, I’m starting to become fond of it. I’ll think about it.” Naveen started walking away from him.

Clark followed but kept his distance. “Naveen, please you have to …”

I don’t have to do anything!” Naveen shot back and turned around to face him. “You can’t make me do anything! Do you understand? Superboy!”

Clark put his head down in defeat, “Please Naveen, I wasn’t myself. And you know that, you know exactly what happens when I get near that thing. What it does to me, but what it also does to you.”

Fuck off Clark.” Naveen stated angrily and began walking away, she looked back indiscreetly and could see that Clark wasn’t following her,

Naveen walked for nearly an hour to an abandoned junk yard, near a quarry just outside of town. She was eager to find out if her theory was true. She inspected a rusting 67 Oldsmobile, a rather large car. She bent her knees and grabbed the bottom of the frame. ‘Here goes nothing’ she thought as she attempted to lift it. The Car creaked and began to lift off the ground. Naveen’s mouth was wide with shock as she even managed to lift it over her head. “Holy shit, holy shit holy shit.” she muttered as she easily held the car above her head. She threw the car away from her and it smashed into a stacked pile of cars which tumbled down. Naveen looked at her hands in shock. ‘Of course’ she thought. The changes to her body, her strength, her vision, her intelligence. She was becoming super, maybe she already was super?

Naveen picked up a piece of scrap metal and then began moulding with her bare hands. Naveen became excited with the prospect of having super powers. She wondered if she could fly, how it even works. Could she shoot lasers out of her eyes? She was eager to try and find out.

Naveen.” a voice called out

Naveen turned and saw Superboy dressed in his traditional super costume, “Hello Clark. Don’t you have classes to attend?”

I need you to come see somebody with me at Star labs.”

I don’t think so Clark, I mean, why would I go see a Doctor when I’ve never felt better?” Naveen practically sang.

Naveen those are my powers, and those powers need to be controlled …”

Naveen laughed, “SO it’s true! I am stealing your powers. Well that’s some Karma, don’t you think?”

Naveen!” Clark pleaded “I saved your life. What happened afterwards was beyond my control.”

Yup! Just keep telling yourself that.”

Clark opened his hand and looked at the Vial Dr. Menzies had given him. The doctor estimated that he had a half hour or so to resist the Crimson kryptonite. Clark approached Naveen and then swallowed the vial. “Naveen, I don’t want to hurt you.” Clark pleaded.

Naveen looked nervously at Superboy who was walking toward her. She could lift a car, sure, but this was Superboy. She was very familiar with how powerful he was. Still, she remained defiant, “Clark! I’m warning you! Back off!”

In an instant Superboy appeared in front of Naveen, before Naveen even had time to react Superboy grabbed her necklace and yanked it off. Or, at least attempted to. The necklace didn’t break and another human being would have been decapitated by the violent tug. Naveen’s head jerked forward and smashed against Superboys red S.

AAAH!” Naveen screamed.

It was obvious now to Superboy that he needed to get Naveen to Dr. Menzies. “I’m sorry Naveen, I hope one day you can … what the!?” Superboy gasped in shock as Naveen had picked him up, raised him over her head and then threw him as hard as she could, straight into the ground.

A huge plume of dust and chunks of dirt arose from the ground. Superboy began to get to his feet, but while he was still on all fours, Naveen punted him, right in the stomach. Superboy was launched 50 feet in the air before he stopped his ascent and hovered there. He was about to speak, but soon realized that something was wrong. His breathing was laboured and he felt a pinch when he breathed deeply. He felt his rib where Naveen had kicked him. It was cracked, or worst.”

Naveen had her hands on her hips. Her confidence was souring. “Leave!”

Superboy looked at her in dismay, “I can’t do that.”

I don’t want to hurt you.” Naveen pleaded.

I feel the same.” Superboy’s eyes began to light up. Naveen didn’t have time to shield herself before she was doused with a warm glow. Superboy, deliberately kept the intensity low. “Naveen, just come with me and we can end this nonsense!” he pleaded.

Naveen looked at her body, she could see her clothes were beginning to smoulder. But she felt no pain. She began to smile “That’s all you got?”

Superboy turned up the heat. Like a match stick, Naveen’s green tank top burst into flames. Naveen looked at her torso in amazement. Flames licked her body, destroyed her clothes, but she felt only slightly warmer. She casually turned from Superboy and walked toward a tire rim that lay on the ground meters away from her.

Superboy could tell his heat vision was having little effect. He turned it up a notch nearly to his full power.

Naveen could feel it now, she felt uncomfortably hot. She assumed that Clark was not using his full power, she considered relenting but before she did, she reached for a tire rim and launched it at Superboy.

Superboy could tell she was in discomfort. He was giving her everything he had, but he wanted to make it seem as though he wasn’t even trying. He didn’t even see the tire rim come hurdling toward him. It smashed into his face with a loud “Ping!’ His head whipped backwards and he blacked out momentarily as he fell to the ground. Superboy shook off the cob webs. He reached for his nose and found that it was bleeding. He looked at the blood in shock and then looked up to see Naveen running toward him. Her burnt shoe kicked him in the head. His body jerked up into the air but was redirected violently as Naveen smashed him back into the ground.

Superboy’s head whiplashed into the ground. He could not remember being hit harder. It was a jarring blow that caused him to momentarily become disorientated. “Stop!” Superboy pleaded.

Naveen was too incensed. She jumped onto Super boy and punched him in the face. Then punched him in the chest. Superboy deflected many of the blows, but some landed cleanly. Each blow felt like he was getting struck by a Kryptonian sledge hammer. His face was starting to show the effects of the devastating hits.

Naveen could feel the amulet working on her, the sexual frustration she felt coupled with the anger she had for Superboy made her fight that much more fanatically. Naveen finally missed with a clean attempt. Her fist smashed hard and deep into the ground just beside Superboys head. The miss caused her to lose her balance just enough for Superboy to buck her off of him. He attempted to fly away but Naveen grabbed his cape and then began spinning him. With his cape firmly secured within Naveen’s iron like grip, Superboy felt like a ball at the end of a chain. She smashed him into a car, his body flattened it like cardboard. She smashed him into the ground, causing another massive plume of dirt. She smashed him over and over again before spinning him and then launching him into the side of a canyon wall nearly a mile away.

Superboy’s eyes wearily opened, disorientated and groggy. It hurt to stand, in fact, he doubted he could. He was lying on train tracks and barely heard the blasting horn of a train before he was run over by it.

Naveen’s anger subsided and her hands clasped her mouth in shock as she watched the massive train plow into Superboy. His body bounced 20 feet in front of the train and then he was run over. His body was being twisted and turned as the gears of the train smashed into him over and over again. A full 3 minutes had gone by when the train’s caboose finally went over him.

Naveen ran over to him. She looked at the once mighty Superboy, his body was in a heap. She immediately felt guilty for what she had done to him. Naveen turned Superboy toward her. He was beaten battered cut and bruised and his eyes were closed. Some of his limbs appeared to be broken, certainly his left ankle. But he was alive. She couldn’t leave him like this. She hoisted Superboy onto her shoulder and she began walking into a nearby forest. She could feel the effects of the amulet. In an attempt to fight her desires, she began running with him into the woods.

After nearly 10 minutes of trying to find a spot for him, she found an abandoned cabin surrounded by brush and trees near a pond. The cabin must have been close to 100 years old. The wood was all but rotting and you could smell the scent of fungus throughout. Naveen laid Superboy down on an old dirty mattress and then looked at his wounds. She worried he wouldn’t survive. She needed to get him to a hospital, but worried what might happen to her if she did. Naveen inspected his body and decided that the only way out of her current predicament was to tend to his wounds herself. His tight blue shirt and pants looked to be intact, which was remarkable considering what he’d been through. She could tell that underneath his costume his joints were swollen, perhaps broken. As she closely inspected his body there was a glow on her necklace and she became irresistibly attracted to him.

Not now!” She said angrily as she shut her eyes tight, but the more she tried to resist him the more her desires grew. Her desires began overtaking her better judgement as she unclasped Superboy’s yellow belt and pulled down his pants. Drunk with desire she sat upon him. Although he was passed out, the gentle swaying of her hips was having glorious effect. Even in his unconscious state, he could not resist her.

Naveen made her way home later that night. She needed to read her mother’s nursing books on how to treat broken bones and cuts. She arrived into town very late. She still had no clothes on, after Super boy burned them off with his laser vision. So she had gone through back alley after back alley, and into several of back yards before finally arriving home.

Naveen’s mother was still at work. She opened the door to her study office and began reading some of her nursing books. Most books were calculus and stats and history books. Naveen couldn’t help but wonder why a nurse would need to know that stuff. She eventually found a book on wound care and began studying it.

Naveen read through chapter after chapter before succumbing to her long day and falling asleep.

Day 10

1.Wake up sleepy head.” Naveen’s mother said.

Naveen woke up in a panic, “Oh my God what time is it?”

It’s 6:30, why are you reading my book on wound care?”

Umm I was just interested in it.” Naveen lied.

Did you hurt yourself?” Joana asked concerned.

No Mom, honestly I was just curious.”

Your Principle called me. He said that you roughed up a girl at school and then missed the remaining of your classes.”

Naveen rolled her eyes. “Did he also tell you what that girl did to me?”

He did and said that the girls responsible were suspended for two days. He also said you’d be suspended as well.”

For what!?” Naveen asked annoyed.

He said you choked a girl and broke her knuckle.”

Oh my God, she broke her knuckle by …” Naveen stopped herself.

By what?” Joana asked concerned

Naveen was becoming frustrated “Look Mom, they pranked me, I was upset and maybe I over reacted.”

I understand. No, I really do.” Naveen’s mom emphasized “But next time, could you just tell the principle what’s going on? He seems like a reasonable person.”

Naveen rolled her eyes “I will.”

Joana continued to look at Naveen unconvinced.

I said I will!” Naveen said annoyed.

Joana nodded. “I have another late shift tonight and then I’m going to Metropolis for the weekend to visit your Grandparents. Would you like to come? Maybe visit some of your old friends while you’re there.”

Naveen would have loved that, but she had a situation she needed to deal with. “I’d love to Mom, but finals are less than 2 months away. I have to study.”

Joana nodded, “And You’ll go to the principle next time?

Yes Mom.” Naveen stated trying not to sound annoyed.

I have to get some sleep baby, enjoy your day off. I’m sure the little witch deserved it, but you need to be better than that.”

Yes Mom.”

Joana left the room and Naveen waited for her to go to sleep. When Naveen felt a sufficient amount of time had passed she went into her drawer and pulled out some track pants and a hoodie. She planned on running back to the cabin. She grabbed a duffel bag and loaded it up with medical supplies. She stepped outside of her house and began running. Her pace was unnaturally quick. When she noticed that she was keeping pace with a car that was in a 30 mph zone she took it down a notch. At least until she was out of the city.

Naveen ran to the outside of the city and onto a gravel road East of Smallville. She looked back to see if any cars were coming and then she turned on the speed. Her sprint was incredibly quick. Her surroundings blasted past her and despite her phenomenal speed she felt she could go even faster. She was moving so fast that she overshot the cabin by miles. Realizing she needed to turn around, she stopped and slid along the gravel road. Looking back down the road, she couldn’t help but smile at the dust trail she made along the road which extended for miles. Naveen travelled back down the road for less than a mile before heading into the forest.

Naveen finally found the cabin and hurried inside. Clark was still there and still unconscious. She remembered what would happen if she got close to him. The desires she’d feel. Desire’s that her sober mind would tell her she could resist, but failed every time she got too close. This time was no exception. She concentrated hard, even thought of undesirable and reprehensible things to get her out of the mood. But, just the same as before, it happened again. However, after she had committed the act, she was no longer controlled by it. It was as if the necklace had no effect. She was able to take care of Clark’s wounds. She stayed with Clark for the day applied compresses to his wounds and washed him up the best she could. Hours later Clark woke up with exasperated Gasp.

What’s wrong Clark? What can I do?” Naveen asked panicked by Clark’s struggle to breathe.

Clark clawed at the red S on his chest. “My costume …” He muttered. “It’s crushing me.”

Take it off!” Naveen replied.

Clark gasped again as he tried to pinch the costume away from his body, “I can’t!” he replied in panic.

Naveen got her fingers under the tight long sleeved shirt and carefully took it off of him, then she helped him take off the tight red pants. “There, is that better?”

Yeah.” Clark breathed deeply trying to recover his breath.

What happened?” Naveen asked curiously as she looked at the shiny material.

Clark swallowed, having finally recovered his breath. “I had that suit since I was 13 years old. The Material is made from Kryptonian based fibers. It’s now returning to its original size. My body is too weak to prevent it from shrinking.”

Naveen felt the material between her thumb and fingers. “It feels just like spandex, but smoother.”

Clark nodded, “It is … well … A Kryptonian version of it anyway. If you were to stretch that shirt overtop of an engine block, in a few days the material would squish the engine block into 1/10 its size and eventually the shirt would return to its original size.” Clark paused for a moment as he thought about Naveen’s close proximity and without the usual consequences. “How is it that you can be so close to me, without us … You know?”

Naveen looked at Clark awkwardly “I think it’s because the effect of the Crystal is intermittent. As long as we’ve had contact with each other …”

Contact with one another?” Clark asked confused, “how long has it been since we …?”

Maybe a few hours.”

Clark practically choked, “You did it while I was passed out!? What’s wrong with you?”

Don’t look at me like I’m the bad guy!” Naveen countered. “You raped me!”

Not when you were sleeping!”

Oh and that makes all the difference?” Naveen shot back and then shook her head knowing full well that she was just as much in the wrong as Clark was. “Fine, I get it! We can’t stop whatever this amulet is doing to us. I’m sorry I judged you. I’m sorry I took advantage of you while you were sleeping.”

Clark knew he couldn’t be mad at Naveen. He knew exactly what the amulets effect were. “Naveen, I know a Doctor. I’ve known him for a number of years. He can reverse this. He can undo everything.”

Naveen nodded, “Thing is, I don’t know if I want this reversed. The way I feel, God Clark, it’s terrific. Like an entirely new way of looking at the world and every day I feel better and stronger.”

Naveen, these are not your powers. You don’t have the right.” Clark stated pleadingly.

Naveen nodded, “I know. I know that. But I was thinking, maybe it would be better if I had these powers instead of you.”

Clark looked at her in shock.

Think about it! You have a secret identity!? How much time do you waste trying to protect it? How much time do you waste in school? I wouldn’t do any of that! And really, what have you done with your powers? Not much if you ask me.”

Clark rolled his eyes, “How about saving the earth, oh, about a half a dozen times.”

Yeah, so what? What about all the social injustices that exist. What have you done about that?”

It’s not my place …”

Because you’re a male and you’re white.” Naveen countered immediately.

No, because humanity needs to figure it out on its own. I can’t dictate to them what they should or should not do.”

Well.” Naveen said as she thought about what she was going to say “Maybe I can.”

Clark looked at her in shock as to what he was hearing.

Naveen thought for a moment “Maybe not right this second, but if I acquire all of your powers. Maybe I can do a better job than you can.”

Naveen please listen to me.” Clark attempted to get up, but his ribs reminded him of how bad a shape he was in. “I get it. I know you’re a good girl and you want to do good things. But, there are things, much like the crystal on your neck that will have an adverse effect on you. Things like Kryptonite, which can take your powers away all together. If I don’t report back to Stars Labs people with Kryptonite will come looking for me. Ask yourself, when that happens. And it will. If you want me to tell them that it was all one big mistake that you helped rectify? Or that you deliberately did this to me.”

Naveen thought about what Clark was saying, he was right. Unfortunately, he was right. As fantastic as it might feel to have power. It wasn’t hers. It was a harsh truth. Superboy wasn’t the villain. She was. Or at least in danger of turning into one. She looked at Clark and nodded.

What do you want me to do?” Naveen asked.

Clark drew a sigh of relief, “There’s a laboratory in Metropolis, it’s called Stars lab. Talk to Doctor Menzies. Tell him that Superboy sent you. He’ll know who you are and exactly what to do.”

Naveen nodded “Okay. I’ll do it.”

Thank you Naveen.”

Naveen smiled politely and covered Clark up and washed some dry blood from his face and nose.

Ah!” Clark grimaced in pain. “Is my nose broken?”

Naveen looked at his nose and smiled awkwardly “Sorry.” Naveen compassionately stated.

Clark smiled as he felt the tingle and numbness along the rim of his nose, “You pack quite a punch.”

Naveen smiled at him “Well, I am Superwoman.”

Yes you are.” Clark agreed. “How much time do you suppose we have before you know what kicks in?”

I don’t know.” Naveen answered and looked down her shirt to see if the amulet was glowing, maybe a few more hours.”

Clark was so tired. He could feel himself nodding off, his eyes began to close. “Can you promise not to come too close to me while I’m sleeping?”

I promise.” Naveen said as she tucked him in and stepped away from him. She watched Clark close his eyes and finally nod off to sleep. Naveen began cleaning the place up. There wasn’t much she could do about rotting wood and broken boards, but using an old broom she swept nails and debris off the floor. Naveen then looked at the costume she had taken off Clark, it was lying beside the bed. She grabbed it and felt the material, it felt smooth as glass. There was a cracked mirror near her and a thought came to her head. How would she look as Superwoman? She dismissed the idea, but as her thumbs felt the smoothness of the big red S, she began to wonder.

She looked at Clark again, he was fast asleep. It couldn’t hurt to wear it, maybe just for a moment, she told herself. She took off her sweats and grabbed the tight long red leggings. Clark was right, the costume seemed to be returning to its regular size. It was apparent that the costume would be an ultra-tight fit for even her. Naveen inspected the shimmering tight red pants. The fabric felt smoother than anything she had ever felt. She put them on, she had a difficult time pulling it over the curves of her ass. Finally, after wiggling her butt, she pulled them all the way up. They fit like a second skin. Naveen’s long nails scratched the smooth surface of her incredibly tight red pants. They felt good and they certainly looked sexy.

Next was the long sleeved Blue shirt. It too had shrunk substantially. It felt tighter than the pants. Every time she attempted to pull it over her chest it would pull down her bra. After multiple attempts, Naveen gave up on the bra. She removed her bra and again attempted to put on the Super shirt. It was as well incredibly tight and seemed creak ever so quietly every time she moved her arms. The big red S pressed hard against her chest, but her breasts fought back and certainly seemed to be winning. Naveen then clipped on the yellow belt that locked her shirt down with her pants. She kneeled as she put on the boots and finally the cape. Naveen looked at herself in the mirror.

Wow.” she muttered out loud. Her body looked outrageously fit in the costume. While her proportions certainly remained feminine they were also quite clearly defined. Her muscles on her legs abs and arms quite clearly showed themselves through the tight fabric. If anything the costume exaggerated them.

Naveen turned her body so she could see her ass in the mirror. It was big tight and round. She snickered thinking that it looked as if she did a 1000 squats a day. Naveen then looked at her chest and the giant red S that strained but failed to flatten her impressive bust. She drew in a breath of satisfaction, ‘So this is what super looks like’ she thought to herself. She smiled as she rotated her body so that she could see all angles of her super self.

Naveen then looked at Clark who was peacefully sleeping. What harm could come of trying out her powers, none at all, she suspected. After all, she didn’t believe she had any nefarious agendas to keep Superboys powers. She just planned on enjoying them and just for a short while. She stepped outside the cabin and into the night. It didn’t even dawn on her that she shouldn’t have been able to see, but she could. Just as good as she could see in the day time.

She began imagining circumstances outside the cabin that she’d perhaps had to confront as Superwoman. She came across a toppled tree and imagined it had collapsed across the road. Naveen moved the massive tree with ease. Next she looked at the pond and imagined that a damn had breached, she took in a deep breath of air, pursed her lips and blew.

A sharp whistling like sound echoed through the forest as a stream of condensed freezing cold air blew out of her pursed lips. She barely expected to make a ripple, amazingly the Pond began to freeze. Within seconds most of the pond was frozen. “Holy shit!” she said out loud. Curious now, she looked across the pond and began blowing at trees across it. A hurricane gale blasted out of her pursed lips and like a child blowing on a dandelion the leaves from the trees blasted off and eventually the roots of the tree’s began to uproot.

Never in her wildest imagination did she ever imagine being dressed like a Superwoman much less having that kind of power. It felt so good, so wonderful. She couldn’t help but snicker at the idea of blowing Leah down the hall way along with her friends. She imagined them coming up to her, insulting her and all she’d do is pucker her lips and blow. Oh God that would feel good, she thought. As dismissive as she had been of clothes that were form fitting, she’d love to stand in front of the class in this outfit. She’d love to show the world that there was a new superwoman in town and her name was Naveen Castro.

Naveen pranced around in the woods, snapping branches and brush as they harmlessly smacked against her body. She blew on things at her leisure and crushed things with her hands. She’d never imagined how fantastic it would feel to have power. She spun in a circle and danced like some Disney character in an enchanted forest. She spun one more time but this time her breast struck a tree. The tree didn’t fall, but she did see that it was slightly uprooted. She cupped her mouth with one hand and felt her breast with the other. Then she began giggling, sure she had nice tits. But now she literally had Super tits. Naveen put her hands on her hips and pushed the S symbol on her chest into the tree. Her breasts compressed and then the tree was ripped from its foundation and fell to the earth.

Oh God does it get any better than this?’ Naveen asked herself and then looked at the moon. As she looked at the moon and the clouds trying to hide it, she envisioned herself in those clouds and her body silhouetting the moon. ‘No way, no chance’ she thought, surely she couldn’t fly? But then again she didn’t think she could cool a pond into a block of ice with just her breath. It certainly was worth a shot. Naveen bent her legs until her ass was nearly touching the ground, and with all her might she jumped into the air. Naveen gasped as she easily jumped over the trees. She ascended even higher before she started to return to earth. She crashed hard into the ground, and like a giddy little kid she jumped up to her feet and tried again. This time she began running and then jumping. Naveen floated in the air for nearly 10 seconds before returning to earth. She continued running and tried it again with the same result. Naveen smiled brightly, she was confident she had figured it out. She picked up the pace. Branches and trees broke against her body, hardly slowing her speed. She found an open patch of field and really turned on the heat. When she got to the top of a hill she leapt. As soon as she got into the air there was a loud pop, and she was gone.

Naveen’s hands were balled into fists as she attempted to maneuver herself as she got further and further away from the ground. Her adrenalin was working over drive. She’d never so much as seen something travel at her current speed much less travelled it herself. Worried she might end up in space Naveen relaxed her body, placed her hands slightly away from her body and bent a knee. Just as she had imagined, Naveen popped through the clouds and stayed there. Nothing in her life had felt better or ever felt so exhilarating. She looked at her red boots and the earth miles below her. It just gets better and better, she thought.

Curious Naveen decided to ascend higher and higher, until she was in the upper stratosphere. It all felt surreal. She took in the image of the earth below her and space above her, she soaked it into her mind so that she would never forget how the most incredible moment of her life felt. After nearly an hour of basking in the amazing and surreal view, Naveen flew back down. She had caught on to flying quite well, but when it came to landing, Naveen was a disaster. Often she came in too fast and skidded on her feet before barrel rolling to a stop. She practised several times to get it right. Despite the hard crashes and awkward positions Naveen never had so much fun. She almost felt like a cartoon. When a cartoon falls off a cliff, or gets blown up by TNT or an anvil hits them in the head. Sure, it’s a bit disorientating, but it didn’t hurt, not one tiny bit. Whether it was hitting a tree face first. Slamming into the ground at nearly Supersonic or skidding on her ass on gravel, every experience was a fantastic one. She’d just brush herself off and get ready for the next.

Naveen was back in the air again where she relaxed for a moment. She criss-crossed her fingers behind her head and flew comfortably backwards. After nearly 15 minutes of floating effortlessly in the air she thought she should head back, but just as she finished the thought she could hear alarms ringing. She half expected to see Smallville but when she looked down, to her shock, she was gliding high above Metropolis. Her eyes quickly picked up the source of the alarm and in fact there was a burglary in progress.

Was she ready for this? She just learned to fly, what if she messed things up. She thought long and hard, it didn’t look as though any of them were armed. Hell, she thought, if she could only be a superhero for one night, then let tonight be it.

Naveen motioned her body toward Metropolis’s east side and then blasted toward it. Not realizing how her speed would affect the buildings, she shattered windows she passed by without even noticing it. She then turned her body downwards, and adjusted her body so that she’d land on her feet. She hit the ground at near supersonic speed. The concrete blasted away from her and a shock wave followed which bowled over the robbers.

Naveen looked down at her feet, which were ankle deep in concrete. The entire road was cracked as if a meteor had hit it. Naveen was so mesmerized by what she had done, by the time she noticed one of the robbers pull out a side arm and quickly point it at her, it was too late.

Naveen heard the loud popping sound of the gun and froze. She followed the bullet with her eyes and had she not been so terrified of it she likely could have grabbed it with her thumb and forefinger. The bullet hit her with an audible smack right in the chest. It dimpled her breast before rebounding off of it. Naveen gasped, “I’m bullet proof?” she muttered under her breath. Naveen smiled and then looked up at the gun men who then prepared to unload on her. Naveen gave the most confident look she could muster, feet spread slightly apart, her fists pressed firmly to her waist and her chest puffed out. The bullets whipped into her, sparking off her tight costume then cracking off the pavement or deflecting high into the air. When she heard the click of his weapon all she could do was smile. Even though she had super hearing, she didn’t even notice the police sirens behind her.

A police officer opened his door and shouted “Police! Drop your weapon! Get down on the ground!”

The gun man did as he instructed and the police officer ran by Superwoman and cuffed the robber. The police officer stood the man to his feet and escorted him to his car. Naveen just stood there, unsure as to what to do or say.

Thanks for your help.” The officer said and then looked at the S on her chest “Superwoman I presume?”

Naveen smiled, “Umm yeah. It was no problem.”

The officer looked at her awkwardly “I don’t know how this works, never been in a situation where a Superhero did my job for me, but is it possible to get a witness statement from you?”

Naveen had a confused look on her face “Maybe … ummm … bye!” she said as she jumped into the air and flew away. ‘Oh my God!’ so awkward she thought, but reminded herself that it was only her first time. She’d do better next time and besides, what really mattered was that she was shot! Right in the boob. It bounced right off of it. Didn’t even hurt. She did a barrel roll in the air, she was so excited. ‘And the officer even called her Superwoman!’ How awesome was that!? She thought

Naveen spent the entire night, flying, swimming and exploring. Before she knew it she could see the sun rise. ‘Shit’ she thought as she made a B line back toward Smallville. There was no time to drop the costume back with Clark, she needed to get home before her mother checked in on her. If the sun was rising, she only had moments to get home.

Naveen landed right on her front step. She could hear her mother inside but had no idea where she was in the house. X-ray vision would come in handy right about now, she thought. She refrained from attempting it, worried that something far worst could happen, afterall Super boy did have laser vision. She couldn’t help but worry about frying her mother while trying to look through a wall. She opened the unlocked door. She hoped her Mom was on her room getting ready for bed. She creeped through the front door and right before she was about to her room, her mother saw her.

Where have you been? And what on earth are you wearing!?”

Naveen looked down at the big S on her chest, “Umm Mom I can explain.”

Oh this ought to be good?” Her mom stated and crossed her arms across her chest.

Naveen made a story up in her head, it wasn’t half bad “Jacob wanted me to go to a costume party in Metropolis. He picked me up and we went to it, but it got late and we both fell asleep.”

Are you and Jacob dating?”

No Mom.”

Did you?… with Jacob?”

Naveen rolled her eyes “No Mom. We were talking and we fell asleep. That’s all.”

Naveen’s mother disapproving eyes scanned her attire “Could you have picked a tighter a costume?” Joanne stated obviously annoyed as she looked at her daughters curves in the tight costume.

Probably not.” Naveen said embarrassed.

Let me guess? Did Jacob pick out the costume?”

Ummm … Maybe?”

Get changed and go to bed.” Naveen’s mother said angrily “We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

Yes mom.”

And Naveen.”

Yes mom.”

I don’t approve.” Naveen gave her daughter another once over “but you look beautiful.”

Naveen smiled, “Thank you Mom.”

Joanne went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. ‘Good lord, when did her daughter develop those curves?’ She wondered. Joanne had a feeling she was going to miss her once shy and insecure daughter, God knows it takes confidence to wear something that.

Naveen took the costume off and went straight to bed, she was exhausted. She cuddled up next to her pillow and past out.

Day 11

1. Not long after closing her eyes, Naveen’s eyes opened again. She felt like she had slept for an entire day. She looked at the time. To her amazement she had only been asleep for 45 minutes. Naveen had to double check to ensure it wasn’t the next day. It was shocking that she could be so well rested after only 45 minutes. Not only that, but It had seemed her senses had dramatically increased. Naveen could hear the world around her. She could hear the next door neighbour snoring. She could hear the paperboy peddle his bike and the sound the paper made as it landed on pavement. She would have thought the experience to be overwhelming, but it wasn’t. It was refreshing and peaceful. At least until she heard a couple arguing and her senses zoned in on the argument. It was coming from a block away. The woman was furious with her husband, presumably for losing thousands of dollars gambling. She could even hear her slap the man a few times. She couldn’t help but smile. Naveen got out of bed and decided to go check on Clark. She pulled out the costume again. I guess putting it on one more time couldn’t hurt all that much. And besides she still had her clothes at the cabin.

Naveen snuck out of her house again, she quickly looked left and right before blasting into the sky. She was flying fast, faster than before. God she felt even better than before, more powerful as well. In less than a minute she slowly drifted down to the cabin and walked in as quietly as she could.

Clark was already awake, “Have fun?” he asked

Naveen looked nervously at Clark as he looked at the costume she was wearing, “I just tried it on, you can have it back.”

Did you see the Doctor?”

No, I thought that I’d wait for you to get better and we’d go together.”

I’m not getting better anytime soon. If anything my powers are almost depleted. Can you fly?”

Naveen wanted desperately to change the subject, she saw that Clark’s cut on his head was slightly bleeding. She grabbed a rag from the duffel bag she had left there and began walking toward Clark.

Stop.” Clark pleaded “Don’t take another step.”

Clark, you’re bleeding. Let me help.” Naveen continued until she sat on the bed next to him.

Naveen, you have to stop this.” Clark pleaded.

Stop what, helping you?” Naveen asked as the Crimson amulet began to glow. She carefully washed the wound on his head.

It’s starting, I can already feel it.” Clark said in dismay.

Naveen could already feel its effect and it was far more substantial than what Clark was feeling. She fought as hard as she could. “If I can resist it. Just one time. Then I’m sure I’ll be able to resist it …” Naveen went silent.

While the amulet was having somewhat of an effect on Clark, it wasn’t nearly as much as it did before. To Naveen she was drunk with lust. Her nipples became erect and tented out from the Blue super suit.

Clark couldn’t help but look at them.

See something you like Clark?” Naveen asked as she brushed her hand across her large bosom and traced her finger along the big red S. “Did you know someone shot me?” Naveen poked her finger into the S symbol just above her left nipple. “Right here.” her finger dimpled into her breast far deeper than the bullet had. “Tell me Clark? Have you ever been with a Superwoman?” Naveen climbed over top of Clark making sure the S symbol on her chest was hovering above his face.

Snap out of it Naveen. You need to focus.” Clark pleaded.

As she lay on top of Clark, Naveen could feel Clark was getting excited. “Oh I’m pretty sure it’s you who needs to focus. Naveen unclasped her belt pulled her tight red pants down and pulled Clarks blanket away from him. She sat down on him and his penis deflected and bent off her sex.

Clark grimaced in pain.

Naveen giggled “Mmm … Not exactly as Super as you once were, here, let me help with that.” Naveen guided Clark inside of her and then she began bouncing. Slow at first, but her speed increased, faster and faster until all Clark could see was just a blue blur of Naveen. He grinded his teeth as he tried to discern if he was feeling pleasure or agony. It was over in just over a minute. They both felt an immense amount of pleasure before confronting the inevitable wave of guilt.

Naveen casually got off of Clark and began to change.

Clark had to catch his breath before looking at Naveen and pleading with her “Naveen, go see Dr. Menzies. Please, we have to stop this.”

Naveen, feeling guilty for what she had done, nodded, “Okay. Where do I need to go?”

Stars Lab, You know where the Luthor corp building is?”


It’s a block East from there. The building from above looks like a star so you’ll have no problem finding it.”

Naveen put her head down and thought for a while. “Okay, I’ll do it.” Naveen was about to change back in her track clothing.

No, wear the costume. That way Stars Labs will know exactly who they are talking to.”

Naveen nodded, “Okay, I’ll go.”


Naveen nodded “Right now.”


2.Naveen flew through the air to Stars Lab, she wasn’t in any rush to get there. If it was up to her, she’d keep the powers. Having sex with Clark was a minor inconvenience when compared to the feeling of power she felt as Superwoman. The unfortunate reality was, if Clark was telling the truth, and this Kryptonite could render her powerless, then she needed to ask herself if a life time in jail is worth a few more days with super powers.

She got to Stars lab much too quickly for her liking and floated down to the front door. The streets were crowded and gawkers stopped and stared in amazement. Naveen acted as though she hadn’t noticed. She opened the front door to Stars Labs and walked up to the receptionist.

The receptionist froze as she stared at a woman in the exact costume as Superboy. She looked at her nervously as Superwoman approached the front counter.

Naveen asked for Doctor Menzies. The receptionist nodded, “Uhhh, I’ll contact him now. Care to take a seat.”

Naveen looked at the chairs and then looked at the receptionist, “I’ll stand, thanks.” Naveen went to the window and looked outside. She could hear a muffled shouting sound. It wasn’t coming from outside but rather from somewhere in Stars Labs. Naveen brushed her dark hair away from her ear and listened carefully, she could hear at least some of the conversation.

It was a private server! So how could my work end up in the hands of Lex Corp? I know that they are a Government contractor, but what does that have anything to do with me or my private drive?How long has this been going on for?I won’t stand for it, in the wrong hands my work could be used … What?No!… No I will not. I’d sooner resign.”

Doctor? She’s here.” the receptionist interrupted.

Doctor Menzies acknowledged the receptionist and returned to his phone conversation. “I have to go, we’ll discuss this later.” The doctor hung up the phone “Send her in.”

A vault like door opened and the receptionist took Naveen down a hallway where she knocked at the door.

Come in, Come in.” Doctor Menzies looked up and saw the girl in Clark’s costume. “You must be Naveen.”


Come come please sit. It was good of you to come, where’s Superboy?”

Naveen looked around the office but did not sit. “He got hurt, nothing serious, but he told me to come see you. He said you can help him by cutting my necklace off.”

Dr. Menzies nodded and walked up close to Naveen. His hands moved to her neck where he stopped, looked at her and asked “May I?” Naveen nodded “Curious, you have all of his powers?”

Naveen nodded again. “I think so.”

The Doctor smiled at her. “I’m sure it was a difficult decision to come here. Having the powers of Superboy would be tempting for anybody.”

Naveen sighed, “It is … I mean, It was.”

I can cut the necklace off of you Naveen, but I’m afraid I’ll cause you a great deal of discomfort by doing so. Did Clark tell you about kryptonite?”

Naveen nodded.

Kryptonite will drain your powers very quickly. It’s the physiological shock of losing those powers so quickly that causes discomfort.” The Doctor walked to a desk and grabbed a black container. “So, in this lead case I have a pair of cutters. The blades are made with pure kryptonite, so that when I pull them out it will cause you pain. Just know that you are in no immediate danger. I’m going to quickly pull them out and snip off the necklace and were done, understand?”

Naveen nodded nervously.

Okay, let’s get this over with, in 3, 2, 1 …” The doctor opened the lead box and pulled out the snippers. He quickly put the blades to Naveen’s body. Naveen braced herself to feel pain but she didn’t feel anything. The doctor snipped the chain but could not cut it. “Impossible.” he muttered. He tried several of times with negative results.

Naveen looked at him trying to cut the necklace, “I thought you said I’d feel pain from the kryptonite.”

You don’t feel pain?” the Doctor asked

No, not at all.”

Remarkable. Do you still have your powers?”

I think so.” Naveen said, as she listened to the many voices inside Stars Labs.

Interesting.” The doctor went over to a drawer and pulled out a glowing pool ball sized rock. He approached Naveen with it. “Tell me if you feel even the slightest of discomfort.” The Doctor got right up to Naveen and placed the rock in her hand. “Anything?”

Naveen looked at the Rock in her hand, “I don’t feel pain, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

Use your heat vision, on the floor. Just a quick dose. You see heat vision is the first power to go when confronted directly with kryptonite.”

Naveen looked down and then looked up at the Doctor, “It’s just that, I don’t know if I ever had heat vision. I’ve never used it before.”

The Doctor nodded, “I see, I see … Okay, so humans need light to see, get rid of the light and you can’t see? Right? Kryptonian’s on the other hand emit radiation from their eyes, you can’t see the radiation unless it’s in a concentrated dose, but they are always emitting radiation, that’s in fact how they see so well, so …” The Doctor took the kryptonite away from Naveen and put in a lead box. Then he flicked the light switch off and pulled out a piece of paper with small writing on it. “Can you read this?”

Naveen could easily see what was on the paper, she began reading the memo.

The Doctor flicked on the light switch, “You have Heat vision.”

So how do I use it?”

The doctor thought for a moment, “Let me go get something.”

The Doctor left the room, leaving Naveen all alone. She stood there for a moment when a thin paper binder caught her attention. It was entitled ‘Crimson Doc.’ Naveen opened it, and it discussed in the opening pages Crimson Kryptonite. She knew the paper was describing her necklace. It described Crimson Kryptonite’s composition, its description and what its effect/affect was on Kryptonians. It described the Crimson Kryptonite existing in two different forms. The Doctor described it as Crimson Low, and Crimson High. Naveen began reading faster and faster. There were only 23 pages as the document was not yet complete but in less than a minute, Naveen memorized it. She heard that the doctor was returning so she put the document back where she had found it.

The doctor opened the door and smiled politely at Naveen, “Could you give me a hand with this?”

Naveen could see the Doctor was struggling with a steel plate. She casually grabbed the plate from the doctor. It was almost 6 inches thick of solid steel.

Could you place it in the holder on the wall?”

Naveen looked at a cut out in the concrete wall and placed it there.

Good good.”, the Doctor said, “now concentrate on the metal plate, now try to see into it. Not beyond it, but into it.”

Okay?” Naveen said, still nothing was happening.

Now, continue doing what you are doing. But now think of something, that draws some sort of emotion. Anger usually works best but …”

Naveen thought about Leah, about how fantastic it would feel to show her exactly who she was and what she was capable of.

The Doctor could see her eyes were beginning to sparkle. “Okay Stop!”

Naveen stopped. “Why?” Naveen asked.

Because you were about fry the wall, and before you do that, I’d like to see if you can do it while holding pure kryptonite. “Here.” he said, as he opened the lead box and gave her the Kryptonite sphere, “Try again, exactly like before.”

Naveen’s mouth was half open as she stared into the wall. She again thought about Leah, imagined she did have laser vision, and imagined Leah’s smug face. Her eyes began to glow and then two beams of heat blasted into the wall.

Okay Stop!” The Doctor screamed.

Naveen looked amazed with herself as she looked at the smouldering steel, now dripping on the concrete wall. “I have laser eyes?”

The doctor opened the door to the office, her short burst of heat had made the room unbearably hot. “Not only that my dear, it would seem Kryptonite has no effect on you.”

Naveen continued looking at the steel, still smouldering, still leaking down the wall and onto the floor.

The Doctor seemed concerned. “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you. But you can just as easily help yourselves.”

How so?” Naveen asked

You have Clark’s DNA inside of you, so it’ll take time, maybe a few months, but eventually your body will expel that DNA. In doing so, your powers will depreciate and Clark’s will return. All you’ll need to do is just stay away from Clark. So what I think would be prudent is that we move Clark to a different town for now. I’m sure when your powers have been depleted from your body that necklace will easily snip right off.”

Naveen was curious, “But Kryptonite is Super boy’s only weakness? Isn’t it.”

Well, it’s certainly one of them.”

So why isn’t it effecting me?”

That my dear girl is a fantastic question. I suspect that it’s your human DNA that protects you from the exposure of Kryptonite. That being said, the Kryptonite on your neck is clearly having some sort of effect on you. I mean, you do have the powers of a Kryptonian because of it. I’ll do some research, I would ask for a blood sample from you, but for the time being I suspect that that would be quite impossible. But, may I take a DNA swab?”

Okay.” Naveen replied with some uncertainty. She opened her mouth and the doctor swiped the insides of her cheeks with something resembling a q-tip.

The Doctor put the Dna sample in a sealed dish. “I’m sure I’ll find some answers, but more likely a dozen more questions.”

Naveen had a hundred questions as well, but most related to what she read in the binder. She decided to not to say anything.

Where is Clark? Perhaps I could send for someone to come pick him up?” The doctor asked.

He’s in a cabin, just outside of Smallville. There’s really no address.”

The doctor nodded “I see, then maybe we can go to my car, you can take me there yourself.”

I would.” Naveen said nervously “But I can’t right now.”

Surely whatever you have planned can wait.” The Doctor stated suspiciously.

Naveen smiled at the Doctor, “It really can’t, sorry.” Naveen left the office and then went outside and blasted into the air. She was giddy with excitement, Kryptonite, Superboys one weakness that renders him powerless had no effect on her. Meaning, quite possibly, she was unstoppable. And if what the findings in the Crimson document suggested, she possibly is far more powerful than Superboy could ever have become. Nearly twice as strong. So the question was, how powerful was she? Was she more powerful than Superboy at his strongest? Or did she still need a little extra from Clark. And the cherry on the top, she thought as she smiled wickedly, Heat vision. Naveen smiled and blasted her heat vision harmlessly into the air. Then a thought crossed her mind. The Doctor had stated that distance and time would neutralize her powers. The longer she was away from Clark, the more power she’d lose. It was an infuriating dilemma. She was certain that she could be twice the hero Clark ever was. Not only was she more powerful, but she also had no known weaknesses. If Clark could just see the benefits of her taking over his role, surely he’d understand. Naveen sighed, there was no way Clark would go along with that idea. He’d resist her for the rest of their lives. And really, is Clark the guy she’d want to be with for the rest of her life? She smiled as she hovered, now over the ocean. The cool air blowing her long hair back, the sensation of flying and the feeling the powers that coursed through her body gave her. She certainly could think of worst things.


3. Joanne checked her daughter’s room before planning on leaving to Metropolis. She wasn’t in her room, nor was she in the house. She made herself some lunch and turned on the TV and sat down. As she flipped channels she came across the news.

Who is Metropolis’s newest hero? Security images from the bank reveal only a distant look at the caped crusader. We know that she’s African American, approximately 5ft10.” tall …’

Joanne looked at the TV, the image of Superwoman was blurry but a thought came to her mind as she reflected on Naveen’s costume. Was it Naveen? No, no chance. If Naveen had Superpowers, she’d know. It was just a coincidence.

Joanne postponed her trip to Metropolis and instead waited for her daughter to come home. She did at 5 in the afternoon.

Hey Mom, I thought you were going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house today.”

I was, but I wanted to speak to you.”


I think you’ve been through a lot lately, I’ve noticed you’ve changed a little.”

Naveen smiled nervously “Changed?” She half laughed “How so.”

For one, you stood up for yourself.”

Naveen shook her head in frustration “Look, I’m older than these mean girls. And it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a returning grade 12 get picked on so relentlessly. It’s embarrassing for me. I’ve seen it with freshmen, I’ve seen it with new students but I’ve never seen it with a 4th year student. Honestly, I should have stood up for myself long ago.”

I know.” Joanne agreed with her “I’m proud of you for sticking up for yourself. As long as you know where the line is.”

Naveen nodded, “I know.”

I also noticed some of my clothes missing? Particularly a tight evening gown, which I’d imagine would look even tighter on you.” Joanne said with a playful smirk.

Naveen went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge, “It’s at the dry cleaners … I went on a date.”

Oh?” Joanne asked curiously.

Don’t ask. It was terrible.”

Joanne could see her daughter didn’t want to talk about it. She felt distance between the two of them. She was working so much lately and knew her daughter needed her more than ever. “I want you to come to Metropolis with me for the weekend, spend some time with your Grandparents and me of course.”

Naveen closed the fridge and instead grabbed a bag of cookies and began eating them. “It’s like I said before Mom, I’ve got a lot of studying to do.”

Take your books with you.” Joanne insisted.

I can’t. I’m sorry Mom. Next time.”

Joanne nodded. “You could visit Jacob, and I’ll take you shopping.”

Naveen looked up at her Mom now somewhat intrigued.

Joanne could see that, that caught her daughter attention “I’ve noticed you don’t like wearing your old sweaters. Come with me and I’ll let you go on a shopping spree with my credit card.” Joanne could see her daughter wasn’t entirely convinced. “Thousand bucks, we’ll call it an advance on your graduation gift.”

Now Naveen was intrigued. She could fly now. Even if she was in Metropolis, coming back to see Clark would be a snap. Going with her Mom would be a good excuse to visit Jacob in college. Naveen smiled “Okay Mom. Sounds good.”

Great, I’m so excited, we’ll leave in an hour.”


4. The drive to Metropolis was just over an hour, with traffic. They chatted the entire time. Joanne worked nights at Smallville’s hospital and made a good wage. That wage however had come with a price as it limited opportunities to talk to her daughter. Naveen’s personality was changing quickly, seemingly before her eyes, she was glad to have some time to talk to her.

They talked, laughed and joked nearly the entire way to Metropolis. At one point Naveen joked about her clothes, and how disgusting she now felt in them.

Her mother then playfully mentioned the Supergirl costume she saw Naveen wearing and that when they went shopping together they’d have to find something in the middle.

But what if I was Superwoman?” Naveen said after a moment of silence.

Naveen’s mother smiled, “A black Superwoman?” she questioned “Imagine that.”

Naveen thought for a while about questions she’d like to ask her mom without drawing any suspicions. She figured any questions she had would not draw suspicion from her mom, after-all her the reality of it was absurd. “Can I ask you a funny question?”

Of course.” Joanne said with a smile “Anything.”

If you somehow got all the powers of Superboy, what would you do with them?”

Naveen’s mom couldn’t help but think about the news report she had watched only a few hours ago. Suspicion crept in her mind, but only for a moment before she dismissed it. “I couldn’t tell you, I mean I’d probably have some fun with them.”

Fun?” Naveen asked curiously.

Yeah, fly around the world, visit places that only my imagination could take me. Maybe go into outer space … And Maybe … find your father and tell him what I think of him.” Joanne said with a mischievous grin.

Naveen smiled, “So, you’d just have fun with your powers?”

Joanne smiled “At first I think and then I’d have to decide what to do about other things. Would I necessarily want to be a public figure like Superboy, or would I want to keep my powers a secret and use them sparingly to help my family and my career.”

So … You’d consider keeping your powers a secret?”

I think I would. I’ve learned that it takes much more than just one Superboy or Superwoman to make any real changes.”

Naveen nodded and thought about her next question, “What about, if you were my age?”

Joanne frowned as she thought about her youth “While I’d say that society has come a long way since I was a teenager. Back in my day, the last person who’d you want to have superpowers was me. I was angry all the time, blaming everyone else for my problems. Blaming white people, all of them. Blaming your father. Blaming … well you get the idea. So, not exactly the ideal candidate for laser eyes.” Joanne raised her eyebrows and looked over at her daughter playfully.

The two chatted, non-stop, all the way to Naveen’s Grandparents house. Naveen Grandparents were thrilled to see her. As per usual they made enough food for 10 people, when it was only just the four of them. Naveen usually ate sparingly knowing full well another course was coming her way. This time, she ate everything. She imagined that her metabolism was every bit as super as she was now. She was right. Even after polishing off several course meals and desert, she didn’t feel bloated nor did she feel full. It was hard to describe, but for Naveen, the only hunger she ever felt was for the sun. It was the only source of fuel she felt she needed.

At around 11 she turned in to go to sleep. In bed she flipped through the pages of a novel her Grandfather had suggested. She was half way through reading it when her X-ray vision and super hearing detected that the house was fast asleep. Now, boredom kicked in. She didn’t want to risk leaving the room. Her Grandmother had a knack for coming into the room and kissing her on her forehead before returning to bed. Last thing she wanted to do was worry her Grandparents with a disappearing act.

Instead, Naveen practised using her powers in her own bedroom. She sat in a cross legged position on her bed and then began floating in the air. When she got tired of doing that, she’d change in and out of clothes as quietly as she could and as fast as she could. Her best time was just under 3 seconds.

Naveen casually removed a sweater she had just put on and then looked at herself in a full length mirror. Her face and appearance was undoubtedly the same, but the feeling she had of herself as she looked at herself in the mirror, was entirely different. Her spine arched rather than hunched and gave the illusion that she was deliberately pushing her chest out. Her body was now defined. Not like some Olympian that lifted massive weights, more like a fit personal trainer. She smiled at the mirror as she watched herself do a double bicep pose. As a consequence of her action her chest muscles tightened and made her large breasts rise slightly on her chest.

She couldn’t help but smile. She literally was every guy’s wet dream. Clenching her fists she flexed her chest muscles one by one. Her breasts bounced in rhythm with her flexes. Naveen stood in front of the mirror and observed and enjoyed her body for hours before hopping into bed and going to bed. She took one last note of the time before closing her eyes and passing out.

Day 12

1. Naveen had woken up a few minutes later. She looked at the time in disbelief. Even though she felt as though she had gotten well over 8 hours of sleep, all she received was 5 minutes. She remembered having the strangest vivid dreams. She was walking out of the white house in her Super costume. There were dead security agents all around her and crowds of people cheering for her along the gates outside the white house grounds. As she walked to the gate, smiling with some sort of strange satisfaction she looked at her cheering admirers. They were all African American. A flash erupted in the daytime sky which caused everyone to lie down in agony. Their bodies were burning and a rumble approached. A monstrous wall of air, debris and people came for them and passed right through Naveen. When it hit her, all it managed to do was blow her hair and cape back but the people around her were entirely wiped out.

She reflected on the dream for a while before getting out of bed. Naveen thought it’d be a great idea to make her family breakfast and so she got right to it. Her Grandparents had woken up first and had the first taste of Naveen’s pancakes, French toast and bacon. They complimented her cooking skills and they weren’t just being nice. Naveen had used an online recipe and cooked it to perfection. Having the ability to fly, super strength and heat vision was fantastic but there was certainly something to be said about having the ability of looking at directions once, and completely getting it.

Her mother finally had woken up and took one bite of her breakfast and could hardly believe that her daughter had cooked it. Naveen chatted playfully with her Grandparents and then began cleaning up. Suffice to say, everyone seemed to be impressed with her.

Ready to go shopping?” Joanne asked Naveen as she was washing plates.

Naveen looked at her mom uncomfortably “Umm, I was thinking I’d like to go with Vivian. I texted her that I was in, and she said she’d meet me downtown at 1. Is that okay?”

Joanne smiled, “Embarrassed of your Mom, is that it? I get it, I get it.” She joked “Sure baby, I’ll drive you there when you’re ready.”

Naveen’s mom had dropped her in front of a Nordstrom. She gave her, her credit card with specific instructions not to go over 1000 dollars. She reiterated that it was her graduation gift and that she was proud of her.

Naveen met with Vivian. They hugged each other as soon as they saw one another. They had been best friends at Smallville high and hung out often over the summer. Vivian was a short Philippino girl, heavier set with a rounded face, brown hair and dark eyes. They chatted so quickly with one another that a passer-by would suspect that they were speaking an entirely different language. They talked about school, their hobbies, their family and finally boys. Boys hadn’t come up until they were shopping. Naveen had tried on some white yoga pants and a shorter black summer dress. Vivian didn’t even wait for her to ask how she looked “Girl, who knew you looked that you are such a hotty? Shit! Look at you?”

Maybe it’s a little too revealing?” Naveen said it with some apprehension.

Yeah, maybe if you were 50lbs over weight and 5 feet tall … But you look, ridiculously fantastic!”

Oh cmon!” Naveen rolled her eyes.

Girl, look out the corner of your eyes? Tell me if every single guy is taking a peak at you right now? Seriously, like, don’t get me wrong I knew you had a nice body … but damn girl!”

Naveen thought about it for a moment, “Yeah, I think I like it.”

You know who else would like it?”

Naveen thought for a moment “Who?”

Jacob. You know he’s been asking about you lately. Just yesterday as a matter of fact.”

Really?” Naveen stated trying not to show her excitement.

Yup. Saw him at school, he was asking a lot of questions about you? I can only imagine how many more questions he’d be asking if he was seeing what I was seeing now?” Vivian said as she raised her eyebrows in approval.

Well, it’s not as if he doesn’t have my number.” Naveen insinuated which grounded her excitement. Jacob and her had been really good friends during high school. During their graduating year, while at a house party, they hooked up. Jacob was the all-star running back, extremely popular especially with the girls. Naveen had never felt anything for any guy as she did with Jacob. So, the next day when Jacob had told her that it was a mistake, and that they should keep quiet about what happened. Naveen was crushed. Jacob didn’t say it directly, but she knew he was concerned about his reputation and what people might say if word got out. She was mad at him, but never did admit it. The worst part was, she still liked him.

The two girls spent the afternoon together, Naveen went slightly over the thousand dollar mark in clothes. All that it bought her was a nice pair of jeans, a few summer dresses some yoga pants a blouse and a leopard spotted long sleeved t shirt. Naveen had parted ways with Vivian and was on her way home when she spotted dark smoke in the distance. She couldn’t see what was burning from her angle, but her hearing homed in on it. She heard a woman screaming for her son. Naveen thought for a moment about what she should do and then was utterly convinced, as if it seemed ridiculous to ask what she should do.

Naveen’s feet lifted off the ground and she floated to the top of a building with shopping bags in hand. She set them down at the corner of the building and looked at the fire. A 4 story condo was in flames. With a good vantage point she could now zoom in with her vision and see how many people were still inside. Everyone had evacuated with the exception of a toddler who was trapped on the third floor.

Naveen leapt off the building, with one fist extended forward she blasted in the direction of the flames. Hardly anyone noticed her blast though a window of the burning building. She entered the condo way too fast and when she attempted to stop her body bulldozed through three rooms before she was finally stopped by a concrete wall. She pulled her self away from the wall and noticed iron rebar that otherwise would have impaled anybody was bent and yielded to her softest of parts. Flames were all around her and her old sweater and track pants were starting to burn.

Naveen got into the child’s suite and looked around. Outside his room the flames were strong and the smoke was thick. Inside his room, with the exception of some smoke coming in through the registers, it was largely untouched. Naveen went into his room and took the toddler into her arms.

The toddler looked at her with care free eyes. Naveen smiled at him and then said sweetly, “Were going to get you to your mom.” Naveen looked through the door she had just came through and could see that the flames were far too intense for her to carry the kid through. She thought up a plan and then acted on it.

She inhaled deeply and blew. The flames on the other side of the door quickly extinguished until Naveen stopped blowing. Then the flames revived to life as oxygen re-fuelled the fire. Naveen heard a vicious roar come from the living room as a back draft blasted back at her. She turned her body and shielded the child from the incoming blow torch.

Shit!” She thought as the entire room was engulfed. She quickly walked over to the wall and kicked it, by the window. Her foot went right through the wall. She repeated the process until she could safely exit with the toddler.

To people’s awe and shock they watched Naveen float safely down from the building where she handed the mother, her child. People began asking her a flurry of questions. How did she save the baby? Was she burned? Did she need medical attention? Who was she? Naveen didn’t want answer any of them and just as she thought about leaving, someone took her picture. Not thinking straight, and not wanting the attention, she simply just rose into the air and blasted off.

She flew back to the building where she had left her shopping bags, retrieved it and flew back to her grandparents. She snuck in through her bedroom window which she deliberately left open and then lied down on the bed. It felt good to help people, she thought. Then she thought about the media that was there? Did they get her picture? Was she going to be on the evening news? She was too nervous to find out.

After lying in bed reflecting on her actions she eventually decided to try on her new clothes. Most of the clothes she bought were too revealing to be worn with the Super suit underneath. However, she did buy a dress shirt and some high wasted jeggings. She figured she could wear her costume underneath that, After all who really knew how long she’d have her powers for, and how many more clothes she’d have to destroy trying to be a hero. She put on her superwoman costume complete with cape and boots. Then she put on the dress shirt and stretchy jeans. She looked at herself in the mirror, the costume was entirely concealed with the exception of the bright red boots. With her jeans tucked into the red boots, they actually looked quite fashionable.

Naveen could smell her grandfather’s cooking and came out to join them. Naveen’s mother was surprised by her appearance but brushed off any follow up questions when Naveen stated that she had walked into the house unnoticed. Naveen was about to sit down for dinner when she received a text on her phone.

Jacob: ‘Hear you were in town. Wanna meet up?’

Naveen looked at her mother sympathetically. She didn’t want to be rude to her Grandparents by not eating their dinner. She showed her Mom the text.

Joanne smiled at her, “Naveen’s got a date tonight.” she said out loud “So, she won’t be joining us for dinner.”

Naveen smiled at her Mom approvingly. Naveen texted Jacob back and he replied that he was in the area and that he’d pick her up in 5 minutes. Naveen didn’t bother changing, her nerves were getting the best of her. She tried to remind herself that Jacob made his mind up last year and that she shouldn’t be so excited to see him. They were still friends and that’s all they should be. A part of her though, really wanted Jacob to like her.

Jacob picked her up in a brand new Dodge charger. Naveen sat in the passenger side of the car and they looked at one another. Naveen had to turn away and laugh as the look was a little too long for her comfort level.

When did you lose the glasses?” Jacob asked as he put the car into drive.

A few weeks ago.” Naveen said still looking away from Jacob.

Well, you look really good.”


Jacob decided on taking Naveen to one of his favorite restaurants. The two were seated in a private booth and ordered food and wine.

Naveen took a sip of the wine “Mmm, I guess College football has its perks.”

Jacob smiled and nodded his head “Yeah, there’s some perks. But on the down low, they aren’t technically allowed to give me money … So they give it to me by other means. How about you? What’s new with you?”

Naveen rolled her eyes “Still in highschool … Yay.” she said sarcastically.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Guys I know who should be in the same spot as you are dropped out of college. Another year of highschool would have done them some good.”

I guess.”

There was a bit of a silence when Jacob got to it, his curiosity seemed to be too much to hold back. “So, you’ve changed a bit … right?”

Naveen smiled brightly “I don’t know, I think I’m the same girl.”

Well, I remember a pony tail, glasses, No make-up, Baggy sweaters and Mc Hammer pants.”

Naveen started laughing

Jacob smiled “That’s how I remember you. And now you look really good. Stunning, some might say.”

Well, I think it was time for a change.” Naveen replied “But thank you, it means a lot.”

Jacob nodded and then began his next brand of questioning. It was the reason why he needed to see her in the first place, especially after he saw tonight’s evening news. He took a sip of his drink “So, did you hear about Metropolis’s new superhero?”

Naveen nodded “Who hasn’t?”

Craziest thing, when I looked at the picture, I thought about you. I know it was blurry and all … but weird right?”

Naveen drew in a nervous breath, she tried to go along with it “I guess, I mean the girl is black and she is about my height. Who knows you might be having dinner with Metropolis’s newest Superwoman. Which means you’ll have to be on your best behaviour tonight. Still hang out with Cody?” Naveen said trying to deflect from the current round of questioning.

Jacob smiled, wanting to stay on point he made up a story about Cody. “Funny you should mention him, he called me today and asked me to watch the evening news. He wanted to know if the girl, you know the one, she saved the kid from the burning building? looked familiar.”

Naveen pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, “Yes, you got me. All this time you were hanging out with Superwoman and you had no idea. Happy now?” Naveen said sarcastically.

Jacob half laughed, “Then when you came out of the house, in those red boots. I knew for sure.”

Could we stop talking about this? It’s making me feel uncomfortable.”

Jacob nodded and smiled and the two began discussing old memories and good times from years prior. They finished their food, paid their bill and exited the restaurant.

I had really good time.” Naveen confessed.

Me too.” Jacob agreed “You don’t have to go home yet do you?”

I guess I can stay out for a little while longer. What do you have in mind?”

I’m thinking, a movie? Or a scenic view from Metropolis tower?”

A view from metropolis tower seems nice.” Naveen said as she looked up at the tallest building in the sky.

Too bad the building is closed, so, I guess you’ll have to fly us up there.” Jacob said with a smile.

Are we back on this again?” Naveen said annoyed.

Jacob started laughing, “Look! I just know it’s you. I don’t know why you’re hiding it. It’s okay … I know. I won’t tell anyone.”

Jacob …” Naveen said annoyed.

Fine.” Jacob cut her off, “We’ll drop it. Just prove that you’re not who I think you are.”

Fine. And how do I do that?”

At dinner, I noticed you brushed the side of your hair back with your right hand, I saw that you were wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath. If you unbutton your shirt, and show me that it’s a regular blue shirt and doesn’t have a big S on it. I’ll be convinced.”

This is ridiculous.” Naveen started laughing “You want me to show you my chest.”

No. I want you to show me the shirt that’s overtop of your chest. Big difference.”

Naveen turned away from him, thought for a few moments and then turned back to Jacob. She undid her top button on her dress shirt and then the next and so on until Jacob could see the top part of the red S.

Holy shit, I knew it!” Jacob exclaimed. “I fucking knew it! When? How … For how long?”

Naveen looked around uncomfortably. Seeing that no one was around she pulled Jacob into her and flew into the air and right onto Metropolis tower. Jacob’s grip tightened around Naveen’s body but she hadn’t even noticed. She set him down gently on the roof top.

Jesus what a rush! Like, your Super … Like actually Super.” Jacob said as he walked around her. Jacob thought for a while, “But I was with you? I would have realized? Wouldn’t I? Can you do everything that he can?”

Naveen was trying to contain her smirk, “Why does it feel like I suddenly went from dorky Naveen Castro to Celebrity status in 10 seconds or less? Yes, I can do everything he can, or he could, I should say.”

Could? What are you talking about?”

If I tell you something, can I trust you won’t tell anybody?”

Of course Naveen, you know you could always trust me.”

Naveen took in a breath, “Do you know who Clark Kent is?”

Yeah, he was a year our junior. Think he was a water boy for the football team at some point.”

He raped me.”

What!?” Jacob said, shocked by the statement.

Naveen used her finger to wipe away a tear from her face. The fact was there was more to the story but Naveen didn’t want to complicate things. Much of what she was saying was truthful, sort of. “So Clark saved me after I had been electrocuted, he started walking me home. He took me to secluded area, and then he forced himself onto me. Afterwards, I started changing … Developing powers. It turned out, that Clark Kent was Super Boy.”

Clark?!Is Superboy?”

Naveen’s sad demeanour changed to a somewhat mischievous, “Was. You see, something about the electricity and our contact transferred all of his power into me.”

Jacob got over his disbelief and nodded “Good! The bastard got what he deserved. I’d fuck him up myself if I ever saw him. Is he still …”

Alive?” Naveen answered. “Of course. Do you really think I could kill anybody?”

No. Of course not.” Jacob agreed “I think it’s awful what happened to you. But, I think this might of happened for a reason … Don’t you? The world’s strongest hero is not only a woman … But black. Think of all the good you can do.”

Naveen nodded, “I know, but I don’t know if the powers that be, will allow me to have this power. We are working on a way to reverse the process.”

What? Naveen! You are the powers that be! You kidding me right now?”

It’s difficult to explain. I really don’t want to talk about it.” Naveen stated as she walked over to the ledge of the building and looked over it.

Jacob was going to try and plead his case when he decided against it. He walked over to her and looked at her, “What do you see?”

Naveen smiled “I can see everything. I can hear everything.”

Isn’t it hard to filter all that information?”

Not at all, it’s like, when me and you were having a conversation at the restaurant. You could hear others talking, right? You could probably listen to every word they were saying if you focused on their conversation, but it didn’t distract you from the conversation we were having.”

Jacob nodded and there was a long pause before he spoke again. “Well, In case today is the last time I see you with super powers, mind if I see you? in the costume, that is?”

Naveen looked at him and smiled. She didn’t answer him with words, instead she continued unbuttoning her shirt and then took it off. She showed a hint of a smile as Jacob took in the curves of her body with his eyes. Next Naveen pulled down her jeans and stepped out of them. Naveen could hear Jacob’s heart rate increase as he looked her over. “So, do I look like superhero?” she asked.

Naveen, you look, you look … absolutely incredible, astounding … I can go on forever.” Jacob gestured to her chest, “Did they grow by chance?”

Naveen laughed as she looked down at her chest, “I’d say they are about the same size, just firmer. Like, check this out.” Naveen began flexing her chest, causing the warped S symbol to bounce. “Wasn’t able to do this before.” she stated as she continued bouncing her chest by flexing. Naveen half opened her mouth and looked at Jacob’s crotch area. “See something you like Jacob?”

Oh God, did you just scan me?”

Naveen giggled, “It’s kind of obvious.”

Jacob licked his lips and then turned his head and smiled “I know we are just friends, but I’ve never been more turned on in all my life.”

Naveen stepped closer to him, her chest only centimeters away from his. “Maybe, the feeling is mutual.” She wanted to embrace him, kiss him right there on the spot. Instead she waited for him. His hands eventually found her waist. Then his chest pressed up against hers and then they kissed.

For Jacob it was a feeling of euphoria. The kiss was deep, long and passionate and made him feel weak at the knees. He kissed her for a long while and eventually his hands were brave enough to explore the ultra-smooth surface of her tight costume. His left hand went downwards and he felt the rounded contours of Naveen’s incredibly rounded buttocks. His right hand moved up onto her breast where he squeezed as hard as he was able.

Naveen playfully moaned to each of his caresses. Her hands went to Jacob’s belt and she carefully unbuckled it.

They returned back home hours later. It would be the most memorable moment of Jacob’s life. Naveen had left him completely satisfied. Naveen, however, felt less so. The reality, which they found out rather quickly, was that it was impossible, if not extremely dangerous for Jacob to try and enter her. One pelvic thrust or tight squeeze could end his life, or permanently disfigure him. Still, she had a wonderful time with him and she dreamed of having more time with him as she entered her Grandparents house and lay down to go to sleep.

Day 13

1. Clark attempted to sit up, he managed to but just barely. He stood up from his bed and slowly started walking to the door and opened it. He had no idea where he was. His super senses were all but drained. The only reason why Clark suspected that he still had some of his powers, was that he was able to walk. His injuries were healing quickly. He looked up at the sun and closed his eyes as he basked in its glow. They yellow sun felt fantastic, and his soreness began to diminish. Not fast enough though. He’d wait a few more hours before hiking out. He sat down, just outside the door in just his briefs and looked around his surroundings. Just beyond the pond, a dozen tree’s had been uprooted. The trees beyond that were all tilted back from him. The pond in front of him still had a giant slab of ice at its center. It was obvious to Clark that Naveen would never give up her powers. He had to get out of her and warn the Doctor Menzies, if not the world. He couldn’t help but contemplate what anybody with his power would be capable of.

There had to be some way of transferring the powers away from Naveen. He was sure, that if he just thought, long and hard, he’d find a way.


2. Naveen confidently strolled into school the following Monday. She was wearing tight black leather high wasted pants and a striped white and red cotton shirt. Her pants were tucked into shin high red boots. Today, was her big reveal, everybody in the school would know who she was. She walked confidently as her legs criss crossed naturally like a model on a run way. Her spine no longer hunched, but rather arched giving the impression that she was deliberately pushing her chest outward. Everyone stopped and stared even the teachers weren’t immune to her beauty.

She smiled as she strolled down the hallways, looking like the enviably and beautiful woman she was. But, she smiled for other reasons, other than just getting reactions. She smiled because she was the most powerful person on the planet. She could make the entire school kneel before her. Hell, she could make the world kneel before her. Correct injustices her people have experienced for hundreds of years. Literally anything. It was ridiculous for a God such as her-self to even attend school, much less high school.

She walked through the cafeteria where she saw Leah. Leah was propped up on a counter top. To her surprise Clark Kent was standing next to her. Naveen looked at Clark curiously, trying to hold back her shock at the sight of him. She walked up to him, Leah showing off a smug grin the entire way to him.

Clark? What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be up! You should be resting?”

Clark looked at her sympathetically “I’m sorry Naveen, it’s just that, I couldn’t allow someone like you to have my power.”

What do you mean allow?” Naveen asked as if Clark had a choice as to what happens with her powers.

Now Leah!” Clark stated.

Leah pulled a pistol from behind her back and blasted Naveen with it. Naveen was hit with a deep green glow.

Naveen squinted her eyes and attempted to blast the gun from Leah’s hand, but nothing happened. It didn’t take her long to realize that her powers were gone.

What happens now?” Leah asked.

Clark looked at Naveen sympathetically “Her powers have now been transferred into the super suit. If my calculations are correct, the suit will snap off of her and onto its previous host.”

Naveen could feel her costume underneath her clothes doing strange things. It began pulling away from her and toward Clark. Her regular clothes began to stretch and finally rip as her cape finally snapped off her body and toward Clark. Except, it didn’t hit Clark.

Leah’s head snapped back momentarily as she looked at the cape that was now on her back, seemingly attached to her body. “What the hell?” Leah muttered.

Then, as if it was beyond her control, Naveen’s right foot extended forward and her red boot blasted off her body and right onto Leah’s foot. The same happened with the other foot.

Leah’s shoes were blown off her body, their torn remnants lay next to her new boots “Oh my God what’s happening?” Leah pleaded to Clark.

This isn’t supposed to be happening!” Clark stated.

Naveen’s waist pushed forward, she tried to resist it and with a loud snap, her jeans blew off and her red tights slapped right overtop of Leah’s legs. Leah’s eyes were wide as she looked down at her legs, now sporting the red tights. Next came the belt.

Naveen grunted as she tried to prevent her blue top from snapping off her body, she managed to look at Clark “Clark! What have you done?” There was a loud snap and the blue top fired off of Naveen’s body and onto Leah’s.

Leah gasped as she looked down at the big red S now on her body. Leah looked confused for a moment and then began to smirk, then giggle and finally laughed hysterically. She began to twirl and as she did so her red boots gracefully left the ground

No … no … No! This can’t be happening.” Naveen stated in absolute panic.

Oh it’s happening!” Leah said gleefully “Get ready for hell!” she added as she puckered her lips and blew Naveen a kiss.

Naveen was easily lifted off her feet and was blown backwards. “NO!” she yelled as she sat up on her bed abruptly and was about to say it again. She swallowed nervously as she looked at her surroundings. She was still in her Grandmothers bed. It was all a dream. A horrifically vivid and realistic dream. But, it was a reminder of the fact that these powers were not hers. That the way she felt in the dream, of Leah having her powers, might be exactly how Clark is feeling. Whether he has his powers or not, Naveen was certain Clark felt a responsibility for them. She thought about, what if Leah was in her exact position? Would she give up this power? No chance. No way. It takes a special person to walk away from this kind of power and control. She was proud of herself, she had entirely convinced herself that she was that person.

It was 630 AM and Naveen scanned the bedroom and saw that her family was still fast asleep. It was time for her to do the right thing. She would go to stars labs inform the Doctor of her plan, fetch Clark and do whatever she needed to do.

Naveen left a note on her bed stating that she went to meet some old friends for breakfast. She changed into her Superwoman outfit. She opened her bedroom window and flew outside. Naveen flew through the skies high above Metropolis and in moments she landed in front of stars labs and pulled at the door. Not realizing that the door was locked or even her own strength she easily snapped the lock. “Oops.” She thought to herself and then walked inside. The alarm was disarmed and she could hear people. She used her enhanced hearing to pick up a conversation and she stopped and listened.

Doctor Menzies was furious, “This is highly irregular! Simply put, I won’t allow it.”

There were two people in Doctor Menzies, one man and one woman. The man was close to 6 feet tall, skinny in stature with short blonde hair. There was a shorter Asian woman standing next to him. She wore black yoga pants and had a red leather coat. Her face was youthful and expressionless.

I’m afraid there’s not much you can do about it. As you can see I have all the necessary paperwork.” Franic Laarson politely smiled at the uncompromising Doctor. “You will vacate this premises and turn over all documents pertaining to Crimson Kryptonite to Lex Corp.”

The Doctor thoroughly looked over the documents which Laarson had handed him. “I will need time to verify these documents.”

Laarson maintained his smile “I’m afraid not. However, I will allow you to contact your superiors to verify these orders, but then you’ll need to leave.”

The Doctor was furious. “How can the Government be so reckless as to turn over all of its secrets to Lex corp? It’s ridiculous, it’s reckless! I’d sooner see this building burned to the ground then to hand it over to Lex Corp.”

Doctor, can you seriously be that naïve? You do know that your research has, and I mean all of it, gone to Lex Corp over the years. I must say it’s proven to be quite valuable.”

Why would my research go to a Bio and tech weapon developer?” The doctor thought for a moment.

Why do you think Doctor? Have you considered what might happen if Superboy went rogue? Or if there were an army of Kryptonians at Earth’s door step? Who might be the last line of defense?”

The Doctor nodded his head, “So, what? You’ve been using my research to create highly advanced Kyrptonian weapons?” The doctor calmly walked a few steps to the back of the room, where a corded Wand hung on the wall. As soon as he got to it he aggressively grabbed the wand. He pointed the wand at Laarson and the Asian woman “You are not getting any of my work! Understand? I’d rather see all of my work burned to ashes then have Lex Corp have even a glimpse of it.”

Laarson looked casually at the Dr. Menzies “Doctor, what do you think you’re doing?”

The Doctor bit his bottom lip and then nervously spoke “This little contraption packs about a quarter million volts. Enough to give Superboy quite a shock. Imagine what it might do to some like you?”

Laarson casually looked over at the Asian girl with him. He nodded at her and she began walking toward the Doctor.

I’m warning you!” The doctor said as she approached.

The woman got within arm’s length of the doctor and simply removed the wand from his hand and grabbed hold of him with the other.

The Doctor was furious, “I’ll tell everyone about this! I’ll talk to the media! I’ll talk with my lawyer. Tell your boss that if he goes through with this, his company and the Government will be headline news all around the world.”

Laarson frowned “The thing is, my employer was worried you might say something like that? Have you met Lucy.” he asked as he gestured to the Asian woman who was holding him.

What? No …”

You see Lucy is somewhat special and unique. In many ways, she sort of a daughter of yours?”

What are you talking about?” The Doctor asked annoyed

Your Kryptonian Genome theory … You know … The theory that Superboy was sent away to repopulate the Kryptonian population. That his DNA was capable of creating other Kryptonians? Well … Meet Lucy.”

He looked into the Asian woman’s eyes, they seemed dead and void of emotion. “Are you saying … She’s a kryptonian.”

The blonde man smiled “Well no, she’s human … More specifically a dead university student that donated her body to science. But, her body accepted the mutated Kryptonian gene with impressive results. You’d be impressed, of all of our other experiments her strength is nearly double of that of Superboys? She’s quite a success story.”

The Doctor sighed “I assume you’re telling me this because you intend to kill me.”

Laarson nodded “You are a brilliant man Dr. Menzies. It’s a shame we couldn’t come to a mutual understanding.”

The Doctor drew a nervous sigh as he pleaded with Laarson one last time “If you use Crimson Kryptonite to give other humans Kryptonian like strength, you’ll have effectively ended the human race.”

Not ended it Doctor. Enhanced it.” With that Laarson looked at the Asian woman “Show the good doctor how many amps that body of yours can take.”

Still holding the Doctor the Asian woman grabbed the wand and planted it firmly on her body before depressing trigger. There was a loud pop. Like that of a large fly being struck dead by an electric bug killer. The Doctor’s white hair was smouldering and he fell stiffly to the ground. The Asian woman spun around quickly and pushed her head forward. She began staring into the wall. “Black female, approximately 5ft10 tall, she has exited the building. She is now flying Southbound toward Smallville.”

Laarson nodded “Good, follow and observe. Don’t engage until you have confirmation from Mr. Luthor. Understood?”

Understood.” With that the woman zipped off at Super speed.


3. Naveen soared at well over Supersonic. She attempted to land by the cabin without even slowing down. The result caused her to crash and bulldoze and topple several of trees before she was slowed by the pond near the cabin. She quickly entered the cabin

We have to go!”

Clark heard her coming in from a mile away. “What why? Did you see Dr. Menzies?”

The Doctor’s dead!” Naveen exclaimed.

What, how?” Clark asked.

We don’t have time.” Naveen stated as she stood Clark up.

Clark Groaned as Naveen moved him too quickly “Naveen, what happened!? What’s going on?”

Naveen turned and looked at Clark wanting to give him a quick explanation. As she was about to, the intense feelings returned as her amulet began to glow. Naveen swallowed hard and tried to focus.

Clark felt it too, but not nearly as much as Naveen. He could see it was having an obvious effect on her. A million little goose bumps filled her dark skin. Her eyes closed as she attempted to focus. Her nipples became hard and tented high on her tight costume.

Naveen, now more than ever, you need to focus.” Clark pleaded.

Naveen gasped as she tried to fight her desires. She tried soothing herself by rubbing her own chest but it just made her desires that much more compounded “Sorry Clark … Only one way I’ll be able to focus.”

Clark knew she was right. He was once a victim of those very same desires. With his powers diminished he could now fight off those very same desires. He doubted very much he would be able to fight off Naveen’s desires for him. “Let’s get this over with Clark said as he took off his shirt.”

It was either his diminished power or Naveen’s growing power but sex with her had never hurt so much. He winced in pain as she vibrated and smashed into him. She had one arm draped around Clark’s back and the other on the back of his head. She pushed his face into her large breast as she climaxed.

Naveen raised her head and used her X ray vision to look up. “She’s here.”

Who’s here?” Clark groggily asked.

I don’t know what to do.” Naveen said in a terrified voice.

Naveen. Who is here?” Clark asked in frustration.

The woman who killed Dr. Menzies.”

What woman? Naveen, you’re not making any sense.”

Naveen thought for a moment, she was crippled with fear. She had overheard that the woman had twice the power of Superboy. She thought about the impending fight, would it hurt? Would she killed? Is this how it ends. She wanted to run, but she knew that if Lex Corp got a hold of Clark, more than just her life would be at stake.

Naveen looked at Clark trying to show him that she was unafraid. “I can’t explain everything to you now, just trust me when I say you have to run, quickly and as fast as you can. And don’t look back.”

I’m going to need more than that.” Clark stubbornly said.

The cabin began to rattle and shake. Naveen grabbed Clark and shielded him from the debris as the cabin was literally blown off its foundation.

Clark Kent.” the Asian woman stated in a nearly robotic voice from beyond the pond “Also known as Superboy. You are in terrible danger. You will accompany me to Lex Corp for adequate protection.”

Clark looked nervously at the Asian. He couldn’t remember testing the full extent of his super breath, but from the Asian girls range and the fact that nothing remained of the cabin, he had to confess it was impressive. He looked at Naveen, “You sure you got this?”

Naveen bit her lower lip, “Do I have a choice in the matter?”

I can help you.” Clark pleaded.

Clark, you know you can’t. Just know that whatever happens you have to remain hidden. The reason why I have your powers is based on our contact with one another. As long as we are not in contact with one another, your powers will gradually return. Now run.”

Clark nodded, and began sprinting away.

The Asian woman tilted her head as she watched Clark run away. Then she methodically looked at Naveen. “My orders are to bring Clark in, no harm is to come to you as long as you don’t intervene.”

You are not getting passed me.” Naveen stated as she placed her hands on her hips.

The Asian woman looked over Naveen’s shoulders, her xray vision scanned through the tree line. Based on Clark’s top speed and the distance he needed to travel to Smallville She assessed a 0 percent probability of escape. She then looked at Naveen and spoke “A cursory scientific evaluation of our estimated power comparison, based off of Dr. Menzies findings, suggests a 3% chance of you surviving this confrontation. Reconsideration of my offer is advisable.”

Now Naveen was more nervous than ever. She simply stood her ground and raised her head

The Asian girl nodded. “Very well.” she stated as her eyes began to light up. Twin lasers fired across the pond and into the S symbol of Naveen’s pushed out chest.

Maybe it was because of nerves, fear or a combination of both, but Naveen didn’t even protect herself from the beams. They were hot, undoubtedly, they burned her chest and made the red and yellow S glow with radioactivity. But most importantly, Naveen realized she could take the heat, which she was convinced was everything this girl could dish and more.

Lucy powered down her heat vision and once again tilted her head methodically as she tried to assess the dilemma. According to her assessment, an unguarded barrage from her heat vision should have, at the very least, caused her target extreme agony. Lucy then calculated her next attack.

Naveen’s nerves were still acting up. Her fists were tightened into tiny ball that were pressed into her sides. Her chest was pushed out confidently. The term fight or flight held no meaning for Naveen, as she did neither. She simply stood there, unsure of what to do and too scared to do anything.

Lucy ran at an unfathomable speed and darted across the pond toward Naveen. Like a trained MMA fighter she used her speed and her body’s mechanics to throw a straight arm punch right into Naveen’s stomach. Naveen’s ab muscles, along with the blue fabric, rippled across her belly like a distortion wave. Tree’s cracked off their foundation for hundreds of yards around Naveen, but Naveen did not move.

Lucy looked at her fist momentarily as she tried to comprehend what certainly seemed like the impossible. Her fist was glowing hot after delivering the punch. Lucy looked back at her target and now began throwing punches at incompressible speeds. Her fists rattled across her Naveen’s belly like a well synchronized drum roll.

Now Naveen’s confidence soared to new heights. She smiled as punch after punch smashed into her belly with hardly any results. Her power, which was certainly beyond her comprehension was evidently beyond everyone’s comprehension. Naveen grabbed the Asian girl’s shoulders.

Lucy methodically looked at Naveen’s hand on her shoulders. Again, Lucy attempted to comprehend why her grip was so tight. Try as she might, Lucy couldn’t budge loose. Then she watched as Naveen’s eyes glowed. Twin beams of heat blasted into Lucy’s eyes which caused her to stiffen. Lucy shook as the powerful beams bored through her eyes until the back of her head began to glow. The back of her head blasted open as the twin beams hit the ground well behind her.

Lucy went limp and fell dead. Naveen looked at her lifeless body. She was convinced that she hadn’t taken a life, but rather stopped an abomination. She tried to comprehend why the fight was so easy. How powerful had she become? Did Luthor Corp simply overestimate the power of their cyborg? Or did they greatly underestimate her own power? She thought about what she had told Clark, about going into hiding. It was now clear to her what she needed to do and who she needed to be. She looked in the direction in which Clark had ran. Her red boots lifted off the ground and she floated above the trees before casually heading off into his direction.

Clark ran faster than an Olympic sprinter, hurdling hedges and uprooted trees like an Olympic athlete. He found a clearing and ran as fast as he could to the nearest tree line. His plan was to get into Smallville and blend in with the population. His plan was spoiled when his leg got tripped up by a tree’s root. Clark spilled into a muddy puddle, and instead of getting back up and running. He laid there, and waited.

Naveen’s vision scanned the area. She couldn’t find Clark anywhere. Naveen began to panic as she used her eyes and her ears to find him. She detected a heartbeat and began hovering over top of the area. She sighed as she honed into a deer that was passing through. Naveen landed gracefully and began leaning forward and scanning the area. She slowly turned 360 degrees before calling out. “Clark! It’s me, Naveen! If you can hear me, it’s safe to come out!” she yelled.

Clark heard her alright, he’d bet all of Smallville could hear that booming voice. But Clark stayed put and very still. He dared not to move an inch for he knew the slightest movement would be detected by her.

Naveen looked frantically for Clark, and perhaps because of her haste she over looked him several of times. She began thinking about Dr. Menzies and the Crimson document. He clearly meant it for scientific purposes and not nefarious militaristic ambitions which Lex Corp was obviously interested in. She rose high in the air and scanned the forest below her, all the way to Smallville. Then she looked in the direction of Metropolis. She would have to find Clark later, she thought as she blasted toward Stars Labs.


4. Laarson’s phone rang. It was from a blocked caller, but he already knew who it was. “Hello.”, he simply said.

Unfortunate news, Yes?” Lex Luthor said.

Unexpected to be sure, Lucy certainly had potential.”

It would seem our bio genetics division greatly overestimated our newest toy.” Lex stated in a calm tone.

Possibly.” Laarson replied.

Lex slightly laughed “Possibly Laarson? Perhaps you haven’t received the same data I have.”

I received the same information as you have. But, I have to ask myself what seems more likely. 6 years of research, tests and Data from the bio genetic research team at Lex Corp? or a couple days of research by Dr. Menzies?”

There was a long pause before Lex spoke “Are you suggesting that the powers transferred into this girl are far greater than what Menzies estimated?”

I’m suggesting that, that scenario seems more likely.” Even though Laarson was in the lobby at Stars labs, he could hear the thunderous crackle of a sonic boom, high in the sky. “It would seem we have a guest.”

Naveen smashed down into the concrete, just in front of the lobby of Stars labs. She landed precisely as she intended as a shock wave caused the windows of the lobby to crack. She casually walked into the lobby and looked at Laarson. “Tell your men to stop what they’re doing, and leave this building.”

Laarson held the phone to his side with Lex still listening in. “And if I refuse?”

Naveen crossed her arms in front of her chest “That would be a bad idea. Dr. Menzies made it clear that he’d rather his research burn, than hand it over to Lex Corp.”

Laarson approached her fearlessly “Well you certainly have a moral dilemma. Because I have no intention of leaving. Further to that, I am operating within the confines of the law. I have authorization to be here. Can you claim the same?”

Naveen stiffened and raised her head “You had authorization to kill Dr. Menzies?”

You know yourself I had nothing to do with Dr. Menzies untimely death. The individual that had, was effectively dealt with by you. I’d say justice has been served. Wouldn’t you agree?”

You are going to take your people and leave. Or you can stay here and burn. Are we clear?”

Laarson smiled at Naveen as he looked her over, “I don’t mean to be rude, but when people see the S on Superboys chest it’s looked upon with respect, admiration and at times fear. When I look at that very same S on yourself … Well, very different things come to mind. I know you want to play the role of hero, but if I can offer some advice, it doesn’t suit you. Do you really think anyone is going to take you seriously?”

You’re pushing your luck.” Naveen said, trying to hold back her anger.

Laarson stepped closer to her, and looked her in the eyes. “I have no powers. You could grab my skull and crush it with your bare hands. Yet I’d venture to say, you are far more nervous than I.” Laarson felt his phone vibrate, he continued to look at Superwoman before checking his phone. The message read ‘let her have the building’. There was a pause and then Laarson nodded, “Alright Superwoman, we’ll do it your way. Give me and my men 5 minutes to vacate, and the building is yours.”

Naveen waited for the last person to vacate the building. She felt that this is what Dr. Menzies would have wanted and she acted on impulse. She blasted through the roof and into the air until she hovered above the 50 feet above the building. Swallowing nervously she looked down on the building, her eyes began to sparkle brightly and then twin beams of intense energy blasted down onto the building and then through it. The roof was seared open by the intense flames as a wave of energy began incinerating the entire structure and its contents. The impressive display took just over one minute. Naveen looked down at her coordinated destruction. The buildings adjacent to Stars labs were undamaged. Small fires were within the debris, but with so much burned the fires had nothing to latch onto and were quickly dying out. Naveen then moved onto her next priority. Finding Clark Kent.

Laarson watched her fly off and lifted the phone to his ear, “Still there?”


Stars labs has been effectively obliterated.”

There was brief pause, “Wouldn’t it be a shame if Starslab employees died as a result of this senseless act?” Lex asked.

Laarson nodded “Understood.”


5. Naveen hurried back to Smallville and looked for Clark. Her sensitive hearing categorizing tens of thousands of voices. Her eyes darting from person to person. Naveen was overwhelmed with frustration as there was no sign of him. She regretted telling him that distance between the two of them was the key to his powers returning. She thought at the time that she may very well lose the fight and she couldn’t risk Clark falling into Lex Corps hands. Now though, her biggest challenge seemed to be, finding Clark Kent.

She looked and listened intently when her hearing picked up a TV news report, “Breaking news, this just in, rumours of a Superwoman were confirmed today when Stars Labs was destroyed. 4 people are reported dead including physicist Dr. Edward Menzies.”

Naveen’s heart fell to her gut as she floated down to the TV facing an electronics shops window. “It’s not true?” she panicked.

Question is, what can anyone do if this woman decides to reap havoc across Metropolis? The reality people need to face is that Superwoman is real and she’s a villain. We have founder of Lex Corp joining us via satellite Mr. Luthor. Thank you for coming on with such short notice.”

Pleasure to be here.”

Mr. Luthor, you’ve been ringing the alarm bells for some time about the Kryptonian threat. Is this an example of what you’ve feared?”

Precisely that Dan. Lex Corp has always been concerned with what would happen if Superboy went rogue? Or if those powers fell into the wrong hands.”

Is that what you are suggesting is happening?”

It’s too early to tell right now, but what I can say, is that with the publics support and the Government’s assistance Lex Corp can start building defences against such senseless acts. The reality is, if this woman decides destroy a school, can anyone stop her? Does anyone else feel unnerved by that reality?”

Naveen’s stress and anxiety began to stack. The voices she could hear around her which she once referred to as background noise was now driving her crazy. An image of her was posted on the right hand side of the screen. Surely her mother would recognize her. What would she tell her or her Grandparents? She needed to think. But the voices, and so many of them were nagging and tormenting her.

IS that her?”

Keep your distance.”

Someone call the cops.”

She’s a monster.”

Naveen wanted to scream, but instead blasted into the air and kept going up. In seconds she was in the upper stratosphere and soon after in space. Now it was quiet, calm and peaceful. She took a moment to relax and reflect. She reminded herself that she hadn’t killed anyone despite what people thought. She had an obligation to her own morale values and not other peoples perceptions. Her flood of emotions and thoughts blinded her nearly of where she was and what she was seeing. She was in outer space, thousands of miles from Earth and the sun silhouetted her body. She prioritized her thoughts, first primarily being to find Clark Kent. If he made it into town he would have seen the news report and it would look bad. Would he trust her after this? She collected her thoughts and went back into action, she’d have to explain things to her family later, right now above all else she needed to find Clark Kent.

Naveen flew back to Metropolis and remained high above it. So high in fact that she could see both Metropolis and Smallville in her sights. Her vision zeroed in on person after person and she continued her exhausting search. She was resolved to stay there for as long as it took in order to find Clark Kent.

Day 14

1. Clark didn’t know what to do after seeing the news reports. Could it be true that Naveen killed Dr. Menzies? That the other woman that showed up at the cabin was in fact trying to save him? While he gave it some consideration, he was not at all about to start trusting Lex Luthor. Clark got on bus and headed to Metropolis. Stars labs wasn’t too far away from the central bus stop. Clark needed to find answers, he knew he would find none in Small Ville.

Wearing a red coat and a red baseball cap and jeans Clark stepped off the bus and made his way to Star Labs. The entire black was surrounded by yellow tape as investigators sifted through what was left of the building.

He tried to remind himself that it wasn’t in Naveen’s nature to kill anybody. He knew the cliché of power corrupting but this was too far. She must have had her reasons for doing what she did Clark surmised the only way to get answers is to confront Naveen himself. If he was wrong, he’d have other opportunities to escape from her. Surely she couldn’t watch him around the clock.

Clark arrived at Stars labs and looked at the debris. There were people all around him, standing behind yellow tape.

Clark?” A voice called

Clark looked back and saw Jacob, “Hey Jake.” Clark greeted “Huge fan, surprised you remember me.” Clark stated as he extended his hand for him to shake.

Jacob approached Clark, looked at his extended hand and then delivered a straight arm punch right into his Clark’s face. Jacob waved his hand in pain.

Clark was in pain as well, having his nose already broken by Naveen, “What the Hell bro!” He yelled.

I’m not your fucking bro you fucking rapist.” With that Jacob swung violently two more times. The first punch missed but the second caught Clark in the Jaw.

Clark felt the hit, and realized that his powers must be seriously depleted if a human can hurt him that much. He was tempted to fight back, but was afraid that too much force could hurt or even kill Jacob. He tried to talk to Jacob. “Jacob I don’t know what you heard, but there’s more to the story than you know.”

More to the story?” Jacob said angrily “Did you or did you not touch Naveen after she told you to stop.”

Clark began backing off from Jacob “I know how it sounds Jacob … but …”

Answer the fucking question!”

People started forming around the pair watching the spectacle. It was clear Clark wasn’t going to talk his way out of this, he decided to run.

Jacob pursued, known for his quick speed and high endurance Jacob stayed right behind Clark, They ran through a back alley where Jacob managed to get his hand on Clark’s back and redirected him into an incoming pole.

The light pole made a loud pinging sound and rattled for a while as Clark fell to the ground.

Jacob pounced on him immediately. “Used your powers to rape girls!” He said as he kicked Clark. “Fucking creep!” He kicked him again. “How’s it feel!” and again.

Clark was taking too many hits, and then end was nowhere in sight. After being kicked again he rolled onto his feet and then angrily shoved Jacob. Jacob flew backwards, much further than Clark had anticipated. Jacob lay there motionless. “Aww Damnit!” Clark said and then ran toward Jacob to check on him.

Get away from him!” Naveen stated as she landed next to Jacob puckered her lips and blew at Clark. The wind easily picked Clark up and threw him the length of the alley. Naveen looked down at Jacob, “Are you okay?”

Yeah, Sorry Naveen. It’s just that I saw him, and I couldn’t let it stand.”

It’s okay.” Naveen said compassionately “I think it’s cute that you stood up for me.” Naveen looked in the direction where Clark laid. He was gone. She sighed as she mentally kicked herself for blowing as hard as she did. The truth though was that she did not want Jacob to see what would happen if she got too close to Clark. “I have to meet someone, you’ll be okay?”

I’ll live.” Jacob said as he got up to his feet.”

She smiled at Jacob and kissed him passionately when a finger tapped her shoulder. Naveen didn’t even need to turn around to see that it was Clark. Their close proximity was already having an effect.

Clark had doubled back and surprised Naveen. “You know what? I think we all got off on the wrong foot. I did things that …”

Naveen shuttered as Clark walked between them, she interrupted him. “Clark, what are you doing?”

I just wanted to apologize.” Clark stated as he played dumb to the affect he was having on Naveen.

Naveen began walking angrily toward him. “Jacob you need to leave!” she said sternly as her chest bumped into him sending Clark stumbling back a few steps.

I kind of want to see this.” Jacob replied thinking that Naveen was going to give Clark a beat down,

Naveen grabbed Clark’s shirt and ripped it open.

Whoah! What the hell!” Clark exclaimed. “That was my favorite shirt!”

Fuck off Clark.” Naveen said in a whisper and then began kissing Clark.

Naveen! What the hell?” Jacob yelled.

Yeah Naveen! What the hell?” Clark repeated. “Naveen I’m not that into you, and I think you need to accept no as my final answer.”

With a quick tug, Clark’s pants went flying and Naveen began undoing her own belt.

Naveen!” Jacob yelled.

Jacob!” Naveen screamed angrily. “Not now!”

Jacob couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he was stunned to what he was witnessing. Naveen was all over Clark, doing things to him right in front of him.

Jacob! Get help! I’m being raped by Superwoman!” Clark stated as Naveen pinned him down.

Jacob shook his head and began walking away.

A few minutes later, it was over. Naveen casually put her costume back on and Clark sat there in the alley in just his underwear looking at his destroyed clothes.

She looked at him angrily “You just ruined my life, happy?”

Oh, I ruined your life.”

Jacob, get help? I’m being raped by Superwoman? Really Clark? Really!”

Clark shrugged “Maybe in the future you’ll learn to be more honest with people. So let’s start today. Why did you destroy Star labs?”

I overheard Dr. Menzies saying he’d rather burn all of his work than hand it over to Lex corp. Lex corp were taking over the building. I didn’t know where you were … I just acted on impulse. But I promise you, nobody was in the building. I didn’t kill Dr. Menzies. You believe me right?”

Clark looked at Naveen as he tried to put on his ripped shirt. “Naveen, I don’t know what to believe.”

Naveen thought for a moment, “Dr. Menzies studied you for years. He believed that you were some sort of Kryptonian genome experiment. That your DNA could actually spawn more kryptonians. That woman I fought, was created thanks in part to your DNA.”

You know this how?”

I was in Star labs when some crony for Lex corp said it. Listen Clark, I know it’s not ideal. But we have to work together on this. If Lex gets a hold of you, they’ll use your DNA to make more people like me. And who will be able to stop them?”

Clark shook his head, “I’ve faced worst odds. I know you have good intentions Naveen, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. But this has to end now.”

So what, you expect me to let you leave? Knowing full well what would happen if Lex corp gets a hold of you?”

Clark thought for a moment, “What’s the alternative? Are you going to guard me around the clock? Are we going to continue this nonsense every day for the rest of our lives? It’s not fair to me and it’s certainly not fair to you.”

Maybe it’s not about us anymore.” Naveen pleaded “Clark there’s too much at stake.”

What about Jacob?” Clark asked.

Oh well, I’m pretty sure you effectively ruined any chances there might have been.”

Clark thought for a long while. “Take me somewhere and hide me. Send me to a jungle or an island or a mountain. Let me hide for a month or so until my powers return. Then I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Naveen thought about it, Clark had given her a great idea. She pulled Clark into her body and blasted off into the sky.

Where are you taking me!?” Clark yelled in the wind.

Naveen didn’t answer, after a few hours of flying Naveen finally was over the Rockies. She was now flying a bit slower as she surveyed the landscape. She found a ledge with a 1000 foot ascent and a 1000 foot decent. She landed on it with Clark.

Clark looked up and then down, then looked at Naveen. The ledge was 10 by 12, certainly big enough for him to safely walk around, but not much else. “I don’t have much room here, and it’s freezing.”

Naveen looked at Clark despairingly “I’m sorry Clark, I just don’t see any other way.” with that Naveen flew off.

Hours later Naveen returned holding a motor home trailer above her head. There was just enough room on the ledge for her to place.

You stole a motor home?” Clark stated in shock

It was the nicest one on the lot. Thought you should be comfortable. You’ll be okay for a while. I’ll come visit you every day, make sure you have enough to eat and that you’re okay.”

Clark shook his head “Naveen the whole point of this is to eliminate our contact until my powers return.”

No Clark. The whole point of this is to keep you safe while I assume your powers.”

It’s not up to you to make that decision. You can’t do that!”

Clark.” Naveen pleaded “I love your powers, I really do … but I promise you, that’s not why I’m doing this.” Naveen’s feet left the ground and she began floating from the cliff side.

Naveen you can’t do this to me!” Clark yelled angrily. Clark looked down and then back at Naveen. “Naveen, do this, and I’ll jump.”

Naveen looked down, and then looked compassionately at Clark “If you survive the fall, I suspect you wouldn’t be walking for a long time. If you don’t survive, then I’ll make sure I dispose of your body.”

Clark watched Naveen fly off and his felt his stomach churn. Was this his life? On the side of a cliff living in a motor home. Clark looked down one more time. The ledges edges were rough and in places quite sharp. There was no way he planned on jumping. His only hope was to talk Naveen out of it. She would obviously have to visit him sooner or later.

Day 1994

1. Clark looked at the specifications for a tree house and then began hammering nails in place. Large waves crashed along the beach not too far from him. Clark looked up periodically to see how the little ones were doing before returning to his project. He really did love carpentry and he was sure the little ones would love their little tree house once he completed it.

Clark grabbed a leveler and put it on a piece of wood and then looked up. The sun was setting which slightly obstructed his view but he could see an older black woman walking toward him on the beach. Clark put his tools down and approached her. He gave her a big hug. “Good to see you Joanne!”

Excuse me?” Joanna looked at Clark disapprovingly.

Clark smiled “Sorry Mama.”

That’s more like it.”

Naveen around? When did she drop you off?”

She had to head back to the states, something important she needed to take care of.”

Let me guess, Lex Luthor?”

Joanne smiled “Isn’t it always.”

Clark shook his head in frustration “Glad she’s in the position she’s in and not me, cause I think I wold have killed that man by now.”

Oh you would not.” Joanne said as she playfully punched Clark

Shayla! Christopher! Guess who’s here to see you.” Clark called out.

Grandma’s here!” Shayla yelled and ran over to her giving her a big hug. “Come play in the water.” Christopher pleaded and grabbed Joanne’s hand and began tugging her.

Let me talk to your father for a bit and then I’m all yours.” They both agreed and ran towards the water. Joanne looked at Clark “They grow up fast don’t they?”

They certainly do.”

How are you holding up?” Joanne asked.

Can’t complain. I’m on a tropical island. Two beautiful kids.”

A beautiful girl friend.” Joanne added.

Clark smiled, “She’s alright.”

Joanne looked at the children playing in the surf. “I bought something for you.” She said as she pulled out a ring box.

Joanne, are you asking to marry me? Yes! Absolutely yes!” Clark joked

It’s for Naveen silly. I figured you’d buy one for her yourself if you ever decided to get a job.” Joanne stated with a humorous disapproval.

Clark smiled, “I’ve sent applications out but between you and I, the seals don’t like me much and I think the dolphins around here are racist.” Clark looked at the ring. “It’s just that …”

It’s just nothing.” Joanne countered. “You two have been through so much together and I know how she feels about you.”

Clark continued inspecting the ring.

I’ll take care of the kids tonight and you guys have a wonderful night and when the time is right …” Joanne heard the thunderous crackle of Naveen’s approach so she didn’t finish the sentence knowing Naveen was well within ear shot now. “You get the idea.”

Clark smiled at Joanne and gave her a hug, then walked to the house to get changed.

Joanne watched Naveen fly right to the kids, where they greeted her and splashed with her in the ocean. Naveen threw Christopher high into the air and then caught him. Joanne shook her head in disapproval as she walked toward her family muttering the words, “I hate it when she does that.”


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